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guerrillatech Β· a month ago
Praxis β€” UI/UX Designer Needed
Do any UI designers follow me by chance?
I'm building an open source social network similar to Diaspora or Mastodon where groups can be cooperatively and democratically managed through a variety of mechanisms, such as model of consensus or majority vote. The goal is to make democratic processes familiar and accessible for working class people.
One of the main areas we currently need help is with wireframes, ideally through Figma. If you're interested in joining the project, just shoot me a message and we discuss there or on discord.
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mephistodance Β· 5 months ago
Remote Contextual Inquiry: a research tecnique with lights and shadows.
I just finished reading this text, Remote Contextual Inquiry: A Technique to Improve Enterprise Software, which allowed me to know the details of this interesting form of research.
This investigation technique allows us to study the behaviors and habits of software users in their context. This operation allows us to obtain important data such as personal customization, possible errors or pain points.
The advantages of carrying out this "remote" search are many and very well detailed in the article. I mention only a few such as savings on travel or time.
But the technique gives me some perplexity. The request to be able to log in and record the user's screen could generate a lot of resistance. Users are generally jealous of their working privacy and may not agree to this type of operation. Furthermore, knowing that one is registered could generate a sort of "performance anxiety" and thus distort the quality of the data collected.
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nr1-logo-design-inspiration Β· 10 months ago
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Evolution of instagram logo
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mephistodance Β· 4 months ago
Week 8 - The latest BOSS is always the hardest
It is said that time flies when you spend it well. And this is true for me. The penultimate week of my UX / UI bootcamp ends and I already see the finish line of this fantastic experience close to me.
The last moments are the most difficult ones: tiredness is felt and you can't give up.
As a last project we have been assigned a real client with whom we must deal and coordinate. The project is complex, the dashboard that @mnuels and I have to redesign is vast and difficult to understand. I had several moments of despair but my workmate was able to pick me up and transmit his always good energy.
The end of the race is near. The last test will not see us defeated.
Like Andromeda and Pegasus from Saint Seiya, we climb the steps to face the last golden knight placed in defense of the Great Temple of Athene.
Behind us all the tests already passed are our best weapons.
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nr1-logo-design-inspiration Β· 2 months ago
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Chameleon Logo Design Process β™‘
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mephistodance Β· 5 months ago
A Journey into Darkness
I arrived earlier this week already quite tired.
This is probably normal: we are almost at the end of the bootcamp and all the work done so far weighs a little.
This week and for the next the challenge is big: a solo project of a dashboard, to be presented to a real client. I felt a bit lost, I wasn't able to take the correct path right away. Since the project does not excite me very much, my internal saboteur immediately took the opportunity, making me waste a lot of time by procrastinating.
The week ended with a certain state of anxiety about all the things still to be done and defined but ... usual my classmates managed to completely change things: they organized a virtual surprise for my birthday that really warmed my heart. All those messages, drawings, videos and gifs left for me on that Miro board made me understand how much he managed to communicate so much about me and how much it was received.
Thanks again Manuel, Clara, Meri, Sara D & Sara M, Gisele, Masha, Mabel, Marina, Mario, John, Dani, Miquel and Sabrina!
You have changed the mood of my week! ❣️
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Wonderful veterinary logo design mark β˜†β˜†β˜†
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Griffin logo design β˜†β˜†β˜†
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Eagle logo β˜† A or B?
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Golden eagle logo design concept β˜†β˜†β˜†
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Elephant logo - lineart style design β™‘
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sermarpla Β· 12 months ago
3rd time’s the charm!
After a long, long & long slumber I finally woke up toΒ join (for the third third time) the UX/UI cohort, since Covid-19 seems tooΒ annoying to disappear or give us a break. Thank god the weather is at our side, right??!!....
For this week, and after a quick intro on Monday to getting to know each other, we decided to start the project. My team wasΒ my up of Carla and Janine and our first goal was to fins a local small e-commerce business or organization to propose a redesign. After the options, our final choice was to redesign theΒ β€œTennis Club PremiΓ  de Dalt” website and mobile version.Β 
–––––––––––––––––––––––––  Β  1Β   –––––––––––––––––––––––––
The first step we decided to do was to analyze the current website to find some usability problems (which we found a lot) and to define some structure inconsistencies. After that analysis we proceeded to carry out the card sorting to observe what the user's browsing perceptions were and, thus, be able to establish a correct navigation criteria for the future redesign of the website. After all the results obtained, we decided to plan a redesign with much simpler and more logical navigation. The next step was to carry out the tree tests through which the users looked for specific information in the new redesign and, thus, to be able to draw final conclusions on whether the process that had been carried out had been correct or whether there were still some changes to be carried out.
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––––––––––––––––––––––––  Β  2Β  Β  –––––––––––––––––––––––––
The second step was to focus on the layout and find a new style for the website. For that we decided to create an style-tyleΒ where we decided the approach we were gonna follow to do the redesign of the brand. The most important thing was to do a 180ΒΊ change on the branding, keeping it simple and staying away from the coldness of the dark colors. Since the club offers a lot of activities, we decided to focus on some brand attributes reflecting that. The most important was to be Family-friendly, it was a must for us. After that we chose a color palette that resembled those attributes and focused our attention on a communicative minimalist design.
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––––––––––––––––––––––––  Β  3Β  Β  –––––––––––––––––––––––––
After that we centered our attention on the mobile version to see how things will translate to that. We made some clear rearrangements in terms of typography sizes and images display, but the overall feedback we got was really good. We were happy to see that the Family Friendly attribute was translating well across platforms and screens.Β 
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
––––––––––––––––––––––––  Β  4Β  Β  –––––––––––––––––––––––––
The next part was centered on the desirability test to see the perceptions of the users and their emotional or attitudinal responses to our prototype's visual designs. Thankfully for us, Family friendly (18/72)Β was the most chosen attributes of them all, followed by Lively, Appealing and then Inviting and fun.Β 
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––––––––––––––––––––––––  Β  5Β  Β  –––––––––––––––––––––––––
The last part was the coding part where we had to program our home page and the responsive version for mobile using HTML/CSS. This was not our area of expertise so we could use the help of 2 students from Web/Dev. Thanks to them, we finally managed to get a pretty close website coding design from we have envisioned with our design.Β 
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––––––––––––––––––––––––  Β  6Β  Β  –––––––––––––––––––––––––
We work very hard for this project, even though we had to sacrifice some sleep hours. We learn how to trust each others’ process so we could divide and conquer all the challenges Nevan is throwing at us. BRING EM’ ON!
Thanks To Janine and Carla for the great teamwork andΒ be willing to learn and receive graphic design tips. And also, thanks to Sergi and Marina for the great effort they put helping us to do some coding.
And now, getting ready for a long summer brea.....oh’s on-boarding time.......
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ui-designs-123 Β· 5 months ago
Are You Wondering What a UI UX Design Agency Does? Read This First.
Have you ever kept a count of someone explaining how important UI UX design is without explaining what it actually is?
For the uninitiated, UI means User Interface while UX means User Experience. UX design explores the interaction that happens between users and their corresponding experiences. This can involve services or products. The best UI UX is the one that is considered engaging, attractive and intuitive. It provides value in a meaningful way. It focuses on
UX stands for user experience and UX design looks at the interaction between users and their experiences with products or services. The best UX design should be useful, intuitive, and engaging to an audience. To make sure that your audience is able to interact with your product in a valuable and meaningful way, you need to focus on different aspects including:
That is why a UI UX design agency is important and oft underrated piece in the puzzle of product development.
What exactly does a UI UX design agency do?
These agencies indulge in a plethora of activities that involve developing better experiences for end users. On a daily basis, an agency does the following:
Extensive Market Research
Drafting Wireframes
Plotting Prototypes
Performing User Testing
Internal Storyboarding
And much more.Β 
Do I need a UI UX design agency?
Yes. Without a doubt.
The fickle thing about UI UX is that the outsider may confuse it or use the terms interchangeably with web developing or web designing. While there might be some common ground with both, UX designers are more focused to driving conversions via facilitating the customers.
According to a study, if a business spends $1 on UX, it sees a $100 return-on-investment on it. And if that positive enforcement doesn’t convince you, remember, nearly 88% of users never return to a site that has bad user experience.
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