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#uk politics
ceevee5 · 2 days ago
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We are a seriously malfunctioning country.
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The rumour is we won't have lockdown because it could lead to Boris Johnson facing a leadership challenge.
So the question is, how many people will die to save his political career? And how many of them will be children?
(the other question is of course why Tory backbenchers are that against lockdown).
This country is fucked.
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right-2-rebel · 2 days ago
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Tumblr media
It's slowly happening
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
[Tweet 1/2: More people died of covid in the last 6 hours in the UK than have died since the beginning of the pandemic in New Zealand.
You can come up with a thousand excuses, from population to population density, and it will still show the UK in an abominably poor light.]
[Tweet 2/2: if you're finding the comparison difficult, here's another way of looking at the situation...
UK covid deaths: 139,326 NZ covid deaths: 28
NZ covid deaths scaled to the same population as the UK: 386
So we've had 138,940 more deaths than NZ, even adjusting for population size.]
Don't be an arsehole: get vaccinated and wear a fucking mask.
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I suppose we're all waiting for the government to activate plan b, or whatever the fuck it's called. Why? Why are we waiting? Ignore the fucking government, they're a bunch of useless tosspots. Wear a mask now, whenever you go out. Give up going to pubs and nightclubs for a couple of weeks, it won't kill you. And if you haven't been vaccinated - get vaccinated!
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wetpinkorthodoxy · 2 days ago
Current UK COVID-19 rates (22/10/21):
Average 40,000 new cases per day
Average 115 deaths per day
Average 959 admitted to hospital daily
You can't explain this away with "not enough people vaccinated" because 86% of adults have had at least one jab. You can't explain it away with "the death rate is much lower now" because 115 deaths a day is still too many. This is a virus that people only catch from contact, which means most deaths are entirely preventable.
How we're fixed to handle this:
NHS budgets used to rise by an average of 3.7% year. Over the last decade it's been just 1.5% a year on average.
There is a nurse shortage and 93,000 vacancies existed in August.
Statutory sick pay is still just £96.35 per week, meaning many people with symptoms can't afford to be off work.
We are facing continued shortages of food, medical equipment, toys and other items in the run-up to Christmas.
Five million people already lived in food poverty before the pandemic started.
What the government and the media would prefer to talk about rather than saving our lives:
Making out that British politicians are an endangered species being persecuted by the general public.
Fuelling an outright war against the idea that trans people be treated with basic respect.
The Queen being in hospital.
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morganaspendragonss · a day ago
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'With outstanding student loans reaching £140bn last year, the Treasury is understood to be keen to reduce the number of students in England studying courses producing lower salaries and therefore less likely to pay back their loans.'
'The universities regulator has already confirmed it will be cutting its funding for arts subjects by 50%...'
i'm going to throw something. fuck the tories.
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rosematafeos · 18 hours ago
"Too many students doing arts degrees says prime minister who spent four years reading ancient greek poetry in a gown for free" SCREAM
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angrynorthernerr · 10 hours ago
Well this, this is disgusting and I hope they will get cholera the bastards
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rashfcrd · 22 hours ago
i haven’t been keeping up with covid news atm but i’ve heard that the gov are saying we won’t end up in a winter lockdown so yeah bets on when we enter a lockdown folks?
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northern-punk-lad · 2 days ago
LGB alliance saying that men in kilts are GNC
I’m sorry how are we supposed to take them seriously
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grealishs · 6 months ago
people that act like Britain’s colonial past is ancient history, here are some facts:
Afghanistan’s independence was in 1919.
Egypt was in 1922.
Iraq was in 1932.
Jordan was in 1946.
India and Pakistan were in 1947.
Myanmar and Sri Lanka were in 1948.
Libya and Oman were in 1951.
Sudan was in 1956.
Ghana and Malaysia were in 1957.
Singapore was in 1959.
Cyprus and Nigeria were in 1960.
Cameroon, Kuwait, Tanzania, and Sierra Leone were in 1961.
Jamaica, Uganda, and Trinidad and Tobago were in 1962.
Kenya was in 1963.
Malawi, Malta, and Zambia were in 1964.
The Gambia and the Maldives were in 1965.
Barbados, Botswana, Lesotho, and Guyana were in 1966.
Yemen was in 1967.
Eswatini (Swaziland), Nauru, and Mauritius were in 1968.
Fiji and Tonga were in 1970.
Bahrain, Qatar, and the United Arab Emirates were in 1971.
The Bahamas was in 1973.
Grenada was in 1974
Seychelles was in 1976.
Dominica, Tuvalu, and the Solomon Islands were in 1978.
Kiribati and Saint Lucia were in 1979.
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines were in 1979.
Vanuatu and Zimbabwe were in 1980.
Antigua and Barbuda and Belize were in 1981.
Saint Kitts was in 1983.
Brunei was in 1984.
In addition to that: Northern Ireland is still a British territory. So are the Falkland Islands and Bermuda.
This is in the lifetime of ancestors we have that are still alive. Many of these countries were left in financial ruination after colonization with their resources drained. Many of these countries have been repeatedly bombed by the UK and their allies since independence as well. The very act of independence often resulted in massive loss of life (see the partition of India and Pakistan which resulted in 2 million people dead, 20 million people displaced, and countless others never recovered). Calling it ancient history or underplaying the sheer cruelty of what the British empire did is such a slap in the face to the people who suffered for centuries.
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itsyveinthesky · 23 days ago
UK government asks German residents to drive lorries even if they never have before
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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yours-evergarden · 6 months ago
going straight to tumblr after learning that prince philip finally died is like hearing the latest gossip in your victorian parlor room and then leaving the house to find your nearest paper boy screaming “hot off the press! prince is finally dead!” just to confirm
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wetpinkorthodoxy · 2 days ago
Frank Field's ideas on welfare were so awful that even Tony Blair thought they were "harsh and authoritarian." Frank Field referred to Margaret Thatcher as his "personal hero" and was so close to Thatcher that the Tories got him to approach her and persuade her to resign in 1990. Frank Field supported Brexit because he said Polish people were making life harder for others in his constituency of Birkenhead. Frank Field had to resign from Labour before his CLP deselected him. Frank Field campaigned for more restrictions on abortion. Frank Field wanted to bring back national service.
Frank Field is terminally ill and now supports assisted dying for people in his position. Fine. They should bring this in the day after he dies.
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comingoutofthecauldron · 8 months ago
to summarise what’s happening, the queen was exposed for lobbying the government to hide her private wealth, and shit is sort of starting to hit the fan.
for those of you who aren’t familiar with how uk parliament works, there are several “formalities” that exist within the legislative process which involve the monarchy - for example, every bill must gain royal assent (i.e. must be approved by the queen) to become law. you might be thinking: wait a second, the monarchy is unelected, that doesn’t sound very democratic. and you’re right! this is an argument that’s been ongoing for years, but mostly it’s been ignored because until recently these formalities were seen as harmless (it’s incredibly rare, as in it hasn’t happened in centuries, for the monarch to refuse to pass a bill that’s gone through parliament into law).
this scandal, however, has brought into light the reality of what these formalities actually mean for uk democracy. see, there’s this fun little thing called “Queen’s consent”. essentially, this is where the government asks the queen’s permission for parliament to be able to debate laws that affect her, and it happens before the debate takes place (rather than royal assent, which is the final stage of the legislative process). it was this procedure that the queen used back in the 70s to conceal her private wealth from the public and save her own arse by having government ministers alter a transparency law. no one has ever paid much attention to it, primarily because most people didn’t know it existed until now.
it seems, however, that the queen has repeatedly used Queen’s consent to privately lobby the government. the guardian’s investigation found that the queen used Queen’s consent to vet over 1000 laws, along with evidence of her lobbying for changes to at least four draft laws, though she might have interfered with way more. the laws she’s interfered with range from wealth and taxation laws (shocker), to laws regarding the nhs and even animal welfare. if it’s still not obvious to you why this is a problem, let me explain:
Queen’s consent is democratically dangerous enough as it is, seeing as its existence basically allows the monarchy to alter and even put a stop to legislation that has the potential to limit its power. the way that it’s being used is worse. the sheer breadth of policy that the procedure covers means that the queen, as we’ve discovered, has access to basically all legislation created by parliament, regardless of whether it affects the crown.
tldr: the queen is using parliament as means of maintaining her wealth and power, and Queen’s consent is an inbuilt tool within our democracy that facilitates that. This Is A Problem.
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variantslokis · 6 months ago
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