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Lina peeked her head out of the bedroom in the hotel suite they were staring in. She walked out innocently, glancing at Kat, then at Joan, who was eating her ninth bowl of chicken noodle soup that day and listening to music as she worked at the bar table.


“You let her have soup again?!” Kat growled.

“Yeah.” Lina admitted openly.

“Why?!” Kat yelped. “She’s going to get a kidney stone! AGAIN! She needs to eat other food!”

“At least she’s eating!”

“But she still needs other food! Fruits and vegetables!”

“There’s actually carrot slices in the soup, so…”


Lina began to laugh at how much Kat was getting working up and Kat glared at her.

“I’m sorry, okay?” Lina said. “She was just too cute to say no to! Just look at that face!”

Kat looked at Joan, and found that she was opening yet another can of soup.


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This idea is even better if nobody really notices that they’ve swapped places. Like, yes, they look different, but that doesn’t really phase them kinda? Nobody realizes it’s a different Joan. But the two of them DO realize that this isn’t their universe, but they don’t think anything of it until they realize how drastically different everyone is.

WE!Joan is wrapped up in so much warmth, while Tour!Joan is alone. And it’s especially difficult for Tour because this production doesn’t move around anymore. So she doesn’t have the usual security of rooming with someone else in a hotel room. She now lives alone and she HATES IT.

And ooooo what if they kinda meet up at a mirror? So WE!Joan has the reflection of Tour!Joan, and Tour is begging to be let back to her universe because she hates it in the WE one. But WE is finally happy, so she refuses.

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More children 🥺

Also just imagine Tour and WE Joan swapping places…. WE!Joan instantly flinches away from Howard when she goes to hug her, which concerns Howard. WE!Joan is confused by Howard suddenly being so motherly…and buff. But she probably bursts into tears when she realizes she has TWO MOMS!!

Meanwhile, Tour!Joan is so distressed in the WE!verse. Kitty just called her an “annoying rat that nobody likes” and she doesn’t know how to cope with that because her Kitty would NEVER. And this Aragon is so scary. Tour!Aragon was scary, but at least funny and warm. This Aragon looks so stern and sophisticated and expects the best out of her. And why is Jane so mean to her????? Why is everyone teasing her??? She doesn’t know what she’s doing wrong, she was literally born in this universe two minutes ago

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Imagine Tour!Joan having to be hospitalized for whatever reason.

And Tour!Aragon is absolutely sick with anxiety. She’s so scared that Joan was going to die, even if Joan wasn’t in that critical of a condition. Even if she was coming home soon, Aragon can’t help but worry.

Howard overheard her crying and goes to comfort her. Aragon can barely speak or breathe over her panic attack and she tells Howard that her baby was going to die, that she’s going to lose another child, that she failed again, and Howard does her best to assure her that that wasn’t going to happen.

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Tour!Kat, when Tour!Joan doesn’t wanna eat: That’s okay, sweetheart. How about this? Instead of eating the whole sandwich, you just take three bites. Can you do that for me?


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[DnD AU with the tour!verse]

I got big plans for this AU! Hopefully you all enjoy it!

Featuring @spooner7308‘s Sixtended OC, EB!

Word count: 2722


Mud slopped around her ankles as the late afternoon rain pattered off waxed robes and soaked into the churned forest soil. The woods around this area were shrouded in thick mist, too dense to see through, so Katherine scrambled up a nearby tree, moving slowly but carefully, swinging higher until she could see clearly around her. Something about being high up relaxed her, even as she surveyed the land. 

War had ravaged the territory outside her province. Straight ahead, thick, billowing tendrils of dark grey smoke twisted high into the air, evidence of another battle fought. She wondered how many died this time. 

To the right, the distant city, Orkpool. The people there were heavily influenced by the celestial gods, too much so for Katherine’s personal taste. 

And to the left, a wall of dark clouds bearing heavy rainfall. The soft grey sky was already being consumed in its mass. The forest would be replenished with its water.

Katherine paced over the stretch of winding tree branches, watching the surrounding perimeter closely. Her village was much too soft to be on guard duty, as they didn’t really believe in violence, so she decided to step up and make sure no threats were trying to come in. With the war going on, they could never be too safe. Her father didn’t seem to understand that no matter how many times she spelled it out for him.

Sighing, Katherine ran her fingertips over the length of the bow strapped to her back. It was made of soft birch wood and carved with small knobs and pointy bits, perfect for her hands. When she first got it when she was just a teenager, she had fantasized about defending the entire village with just the weapon alone, sending down a barrage of arrows down on the enemies and wiping them out with a single attack. 

But now she’s almost thirty and she doesn’t really feel like much of a hero.

She had spent her entire life cooped up in the forest. And it wasn’t that she didn’t like Ghent, she did, she just wished for more freedom to explore. But after the death of her mother, her father tightened the security of the village. Nobody leaves and nobody comes in without an intense security check. Well, at least they moved past killing anyone on sight- now THAT would have caused a war just by itself.

Rustling came to Katherine’s left and she turned, spotting a squirrel munching away on some berries a few feet away. She crouched down, slipping her bow off of her back. She knocked an arrow and aimed for the animal’s heart, hoping to take it out with one shot. It would make an excellent snack for her friend.

Arms muscles tingling with the strength of drawing back the string, Katherine exhaled a breath and–


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One of the reasons why Joan has such a hard time flying is because her wings are shaped like a hummingbirds


They’re small and narrow, but the insides are completely skin like on a bat. So, without those added flight feathers, she struggles to fly for long periods of time.

It also takes a lot of energy to work her wings. Hummingbirds flap their wings much faster than other birds, so they have to eat a lot. That goes the same for Joan. She’s supposed to eat almost half of her body weight every day to keep up energy (she’ll burn off those calories with ease), but she doesn’t eat very often. So she’s left very weak and sluggish.

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