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Pressing J while looking at a Tumblr blog or home feed will scroll up on the page, pressing K will scroll down. This is helpful considering a lot of the Tumblrs feature infinite scrolling.

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Кто быстрее ММА или Бокс ??? 😱 🙈👊🥊@francisngannou @kingryang @caneloteam @zamir.lozano @noboxing_no_life @gymshark @fighthype @finoboxing @salas7878 @diligent_boxing @goldenboy #mma #RyanGarcia #boxing #boxingshoes #boxingnews #hyperko #nikehyperko #боксерки #хайперки #купитьбоксерки #купитьхайперки #boxinggloves #боксерскиеперчатки #купитьбоксерскиеперчатки #детскиехайперки #Ukraine
🏆Заказать экипировку для Бокса и Единоборств на Fighter.Camp
Только Оригинал!🏆 (at США)

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Księżyc ( Polish for “the moon”) is a group that formed in Poland in the 90′s. This song is from their release in 2000 titled “music the world does not see”

Lyrics are below in both Polish and English :


Co chwila na wietrze kiwamy głowami, 

tak, tak, tak… 

 Zaczynamy się kołysać, machając rękami, 

tak, tak, tak… 

 Jak motyl ożywamy, tak, tak, tak… 

 Aż od końca świata… 

aż po końca świata…


Every moment and then we nod our heads in the wind, 

yes yes yes… 

 We start swaying, waving hands, 

yes yes yes… 

 Like a butterfly we revive, 

yes yes yes… 

 Until the end of the world … 

until the end of the world …

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i love just how some of my photos look as a some mistake or even glitch - being so sincerely true. cause this my reality: blury - full of shadows - depends of the point - and being just a small window through which i make effords to see the sunset that always be some mystery. with no completed image.

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