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#um im reeling
bubblegeon · a day ago
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MACHIDA KEITA for josei seven [09.2021]
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ozzzzzie · 6 months ago
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yakuza 3 doodles + some random majimas
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passiveturmoil · a year ago
Oh this was a really cute Brenatto drawing I made, lets post it, maybe-
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(edit 327 WTF??????)
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kingjasnah · a year ago
i didnt realize kahless was like. klingon jesus. i thought he was just like a dude who was real tough. but to be fair my only frame of reference was seeing him square up with abraham lincoln
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subskywalker · a year ago
Y’all I know I sometimes joke about my life being like a goddamn fic but like y’all my life really is like a goddamn fanfic like on god it is. 🌈🌈🌈
So: it was thanksgiving break right? And of course my university is as closed for it and I wasn’t scheduled to work (bc one job is at school and it was gonna be closed for three days and the other job I wasn’t shedyled for any shifts during the break) so I went early back home (the city where my afamily lives bc I live/go to school at a different city.
So anygays I’m in town for the break and I’m with family for like two days since I drove down here. And I met up with my best friend and some other friends bc I haven’t liked see nany of them since August. So I hung out with my best friend on Friday to see the Christmas lights in downtown right. And we’re sharing a Cinnabon and lemonade bc I love cinnabons. And we were waiting for our other friends and sharing the cinnabon and the topic comes up and she tells me “You know I used to like you?”
And I was SHooK like ??????
And I turn my head real fast I thought it was gonna break. And I say “like like?” To which she says yeah like like and y’all I was even more shOOk.
And I said, “You know I used to have a crush on you too?”
And she said “really????”
And I told her “You know when you took me to my first pride when I was 19? And we went to dinner afterwards after buying all my first pride stuff and had on the rainbow shirt and had rainbow paint on my face? I thought you were going to confess to me bc it looked like you wanted to say something to me.”
And we just left it at that and I’m shook and I spent the night at her place to eat pizza and watch Disney movies and horror movies.
(For context bc I’m so dumb and oblivious this was the same friend who made me promise that we would get married if we were still single by the time we were 30 and I know she wasn’t joking bc I had to ask her if she was serious and I said okay when she said yes).
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ch0s0 · 6 months ago
Omg your newest headcannons “would you rather kiss me for 100 dollars or the prettiest girl for 1000” literally is soooo cute!
Could you maybe do a version with all nekoma characters? Or just Kuroo, lev and kenma? 🥺👉🏻👈🏻
“would you rather kiss me for 100 dollars or the prettiest girl in the world for 1000″ with the hq boys pt.2
Tumblr media
with: kuroo, lev, kenma, yaku
a/n: adkjhfs yes bb anything for you, i am living for these headcanons | pt.1
Tumblr media
-> KUROO you both were lounging on the couch, scrolling through your phones when you saw this video pop up on your for you page, and instantly you knew you had to try it with kuroo “hey tetsuro” “yeah?” “i gotta ask you something important” “ok hit me” he says looking up from his phone staring you right in the eye “would you rather kiss me for 100 dollars or the prettiest girl in the world for 1,000?″ “that’s easy babe, you” your eyes narrow at the response, eyebrows furrowing “then who’s the prettiest girl in the world?” uh oh- he knows he’s messed up, attempting a half smile as he tries to answer you “i-uh- you kitten” your frown deepens as you cock an eyebrow at his response “that’s not very convincing now is it?” a smirk begins to stretch his features “ya need me to convince you now huh?” 
-> KENMA “babe, would you rather kiss me or the prettiest girl in the world?” “mhm” he hums, don’t looking away from the video game blaring from the tv “kenma” “mhm” you sigh, hoisting yourself up, walking in between him and the tv “KENMA” “yeah yeah, whatdya need?” “would you rather kiss me for a 100 dollars or the prettiest girl in the world for 1000?” “prettiest girl in the world now- move over just a bit- yeah right there” at this point your just pissed “kenma.” oop- “why not me?” now you finally have his attention, a light pink dusting his cheeks, eyes downcast towards his feet “your the prettiest girl in the world baby”
-> LEV mans is soooo sad you did this to him- he feels betrayed “lev i have a question for you” “yeah baby what’s up?” “would you rather kiss me for 100 dollars or the prettiest girl for 1,000?” “oh wow that’s a lot of money- i guess you then” you’re reeling at his answer, like he’s really going for it huh? “i guess you then? WHAT KINDA ANSWER IS THAT?” “WHAT IM SORRY I THOUGHT YOU WANTED ME TO ANSWER HONESTLY?” um sir? “wait- so am i not the prettiest girl in the world?” adding to the dramatics, you begin to fake sniffle, making lev feel all the more bad as he realizes what he said “oh my gosh, no baby, you know your the prettiest girl in the world, you just caught me off guard” “mhm” ur not convinced
-> YAKU smooth KING “hey baby” you say walking into his out stretched arms “whatchya need?” “would you rather kiss me for 100 dollars or the prettiest girl in the world for 1,000?” “aww baby you know you’re the prettiest girl in the world, how am i supposed to answer that?” he murmurs, leaning to press a kiss to your cheek before pulling back to smirk “what’s that for?” “would you rather kiss me for a 100 dollars or the prettiest guy in the world for 1000″ “well u know im flat broke so i don’t think i could even afford to kiss you” “lucky you get my kisses free of charge” “lucky me”
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requests open
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see you space cowboy
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doinmybesthere · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
pairing: dabi x reader
word count: 6,696
Summary: Dabi hides out in readers apartment, it’s the beginning of an unhealthy obsession. Smut, Angst, idk if it’s comfort, it was comforting for me to write. 
TW: Dubcon, yandere underdones, alcohol, drug use(with a prescription but xanax, percocet, adderall), discussion of suicide, candid discussion of self harm, implied past sexual assult, daddy kink, spitting, tbh i went very dark w this but in my defense im allowed to write whatever i want lol. genuinely if you’re not sure, feel free to send me an ask before reading. Please be responsible w ur own mental health. 
list of crisis phone lines
pt 1/pt 2
Dabi curses as he hops from one rooftop to the next, unable to see in the darkness if the hero behind him had given up the chase yet. He ducks down a fire escape and listens for a moment, for the telltale rustling of a cape. It’s quiet for a moment, but then he hears the creak of someone on the fire escape above him and instinct takes over, he runs down the steps, opening the first dark unlocked window he finds and swinging his body into it, lying down on the floor as the hero runs past him. It’s quiet for a moment, and then Dabi stands and freezes. 
 “H-hello.” You stammer.
And there you are, in only an oversized t-shirt, long enough to be more than modest, hitting just above your knees, holding a mug of something, eyes wide with fear. He can’t blame you, he supposes, he just broke into your apartment, but he’s still reeling from the surprise of you, just greeting him like he was a friend who stumbled in during a rainstorm. 
“Hey, doll.” He drawls. “Gonna scream?” 
“N-n-nope.” You confirm. “Promise.” He collapses on your couch. 
“Good. Then when the heroes clear out I’ll be outta your hair and I won’t have to hurt ya.” You nod. 
“Fine.” There’s a silence as Dabi looks around your apartment, taking in the piles of take out containers, the open books and magazines, the dying plants. “Please don’t-” He chuckles, cutting you off. 
“I’ve seen worse.” He decides to test something, taking out a pack of cigarettes and lighting one up, even though clearly you don’t smoke, and he knows you’ll never get the smell out. You don’t protest, you don’t open your mouth at all. “Did your boyfriend break up with you or somethin’, honey?” He sees you clamp down on your lower lip. 
“No.” You reach for something on the counter, a glass bottle filled with amber liquid. “Do you want a drink?” He blinks a couple times before responding. 
“Sure.” He watches as you rock onto the balls of your feet, reach up and select a plain white mug from the cabinet, place it in the crook of your elbow, and sit on the couch. He joins you, still keeping his distance. He watches you top yourself off, why the fuck were you drinking alone at 2AM anyway. You pour him a hefty serving and hand it to him. “Straight whiskey huh? You hardcore or somethin’?” You shrug. 
“I can’t sleep.” You pause, letting the liquid burn your tongue and throat, the pain was pleasurable in comparison to the numbness. “So you’re a villain, right?” He nods, taking a long drag on his cigarette. “Are you gonna kill me?” He shakes his head. 
“Gonna give me a reason to?” 
“No, I, I don’t think so.” He looks around again, eyes focusing on the number of locks on your door. 
“What’s all that for?” You shudder, tucking your legs underneath yourself on the couch. 
“Your window’s unlocked.” Dabi says, and you nod. 
“The person I’m hiding from they, they wouldn’t come through the window. He thinks, um, he thinks I should open up for him.” Dabi nods. There’s a hard knock on the door and you yelp with fear. Dabi’s up in a flash, whiskey on the coffee table, dragging you across the apartment. He lights up a fist with blue flames that dance and create abstract shapes on the walls in the darkness. 
“One wrong move and you won’t have to worry about lockin’ this door, alright sweetheart?” You look right into his eyes and nod emphatically. 
“Yes, yes, sir, I understand.” He grins. 
“Good.” He watches your hands shake as you unlock the door, it takes a minute and whoever is on the other side is impatient. 
“Police!” It calls. “Open up.” You do eventually and stick your head out, your stutter worsening dramatically. 
“H-hi, can I help  you?” Behind the door, Dabi reaches to take your upper arm in his free hand, but you don’t react as if he’s threatening you, instead, you grab his hand, as if you’re asking him for comfort. 
“Yeah, we had a dangerous villain come through here a few minutes ago. We’re just checking with the people in this building to see if they saw anything.” 
“N-no,” you choke out. “S-s-sorry.” The police officers face contorts in suspicion and Dabi finds himself squeezing your hand, running his thumb over your knuckles, anything to get you to calm down a little. “I, I am sorry.” You say. 
“Can I come in there and have a look around?” The officer asks and Dabi’s grip on your hand tightens. 
“D-don’t you need a warrant for that?” You ask and behind the door he grins. Good fucking girl. The cop sighs and hands you his card. 
“If you see anything, let me know, alright?” You nod quickly. 
“Thank you, h-have a safe night officer.” 
“Will do.” You shut the door, yanking your hand free from Dabi’s and he watches you frantically reset all of the locks before cupping your face in your trembling hands and sinking to the floor. Dabi glances at the window, he supposes he probably could go now, even if it was risky. But with the cops having already cleared this building, it was probably safest to stay for a while. He sighs and squats down next to you. 
“T-th-that’s the m-most I’ve t-talked to another p-person in months.” You burst into tears. Shit. Your hair was long, and tangled in the back, your apartment was filthy. He was curious. 
“Whaddya do to make rent on this place then?” 
“I-I write, stories and edit, and advertising copy. All online. All in cash.” You get out, wiping your eyes. “I-I’m sorry, you d-don’t have to feel bad for me, I-I-I’m fine.” He snorts, eyeing the pile of dishes in the sink, the garbage can full of instant ramen shells. 
“Yeah honey, you seem real fine right about now. Doesn’t matter to me. I’ve lived in worse places than this.” He remembers his first few months on the run, sleeping in empty barns, in the sewers. You push yourself to your feet and practically run back to the couch, reaching for your mug of whiskey, downing it and sighing, letting out the sweetest, hiccupping sobs. Dabi follows, picking up his own mug and sipping it, measuring the flush on your cheeks before settling down next to you on the couch. He’s shocked when you reach for him, setting your empty cup on the coffee table, crying quietly into his blue jacket. 
“W-when are you leaving?” You ask. 
“Maybe in an hour?” Dabi says, slipping an arm around your shoulders. “Tell ya what, ya 
Kept me safe, let me ah, I’ll uh,” it’s been so long since he’s touched anyone affectionately, but you melt into him, laying your head down on his chest and swinging your knees into his lap. “You know I’ve killed people.” He says after a long moment. He feels you nod in the darkness. 
“G-guessed as much.” You pause. “Gonna kill me?” He shrugs. 
“Second time you’ve asked me that, honey.” You twist to look up at him, your profile caught in the silvery moonlight coming in through the window.  
“Answer c-could have changed.” You respond. He nods. 
“It hasn’t.” There are a few minutes of silence and Dabi realizes you’ve fallen asleep. He shifts your weight a little bit, curling you more into him, and he feels you take a fistful of his soft white t shirt. He waits an hour, and another one, but you don’t move. Eventually, he stands, laying you gently down on the couch, frowning as you unconsciously grab a throw pillow and snuggle up to it in his place. He glances at the window. He could leave. But he was curious. He finds himself softly padding into your bedroom, which is just as messy as the rest of your place, clothes littering the floor, a singular stuffed animal laying on your unmade bed. He goes to your bedside table and opens a drawer, finding condoms, a vibrator, a small journal that he pockets. He chuckles, examining a pair of handcuffs that glint in the moonlight when he lifts them out of the drawer. Maybe you weren’t as shy as you seemed. He opens the second drawer and grins, Jackpot. Full pill bottles, of everything you could want, Xanax, Adderall, Percocet. He pockets a Percocet and a few of your Xanax tabs. Judging by the amount, you haven’t been using them anyway, so what does it matter. He stands back up, going over to your desk, covered in papers, looking for more pills, maybe, or some money, you said you got paid in cash. No dice, just some bills it looks like you haven’t paid. He goes to your dresser, would you keep your money in your underwear drawer? He starts going through your clothes and lets out a low whistle when he finds a pair of black lace panties, holding them up to examine them closer in the light and nearly jumping a mile at your voice. 
“I d-don’t even know your name.” You say quietly, leaning against the door. 
“It’s Dabi,” he says, shamelessly pocketing the panties. “Wanna tell me where you’re keeping your money, doll, or should I keep looking?” You sigh. 
“I don’t have much.” He grins. 
“Don’t care.” He watches you go to the closet and stand on your tiptoes, more of your legs visible when you reach up for a shoebox. You open it, carefully, and all of the joy drops from Dabi’s face as you quickly pull out a gun and cock it at him. 
“Get out.” You say, lip quivering, hands shaking. “Don’t ever come back here.” He puts his hands up.
“I could burn this building down.” He snarls. 
“T-then do it!” You snap. “G-get out, Dabi, I don’t want to see you again, I want to forget that you were here.” He glares at you but then obeys, leaving your bedroom and climbing out onto the fire escape, disappearing into the night. You lock the window behind yourself and collapse on the couch, leaving the loaded gun on the coffee table. You hug the pillow and fall asleep with a blanket half on your body. Dabi watches all of this from a nearby rooftop, popping one of the xanax tabs, letting the bitter pill dissolve on his tongue before turning around and heading back to the league hideout. The next night, however, he comes back, squatting on the rooftop across the street from your apartment with a pair of binoculars. He watches you drink and sit on your laptop, wrapped in a blanket, jumping a mile at every noise. He wonders if that’s because of him, or if you have more villains in your life. He stays until you fall asleep on the couch, arms locked around that pillow. He starts coming every night, it becomes a habit, a ritual, an addiction. One night, about a  week into this pattern, something new happens. You get up, like you do every evening a few times, to check to make sure the window is locked, and he sees it, something ruby red dripping from your sleeve. Huh. So you were a cutter. A lonely, dirty alcoholic cutter. Pathetic. Not worth his time. Obviously. He starts swinging by during the daytime. Checking in. He notices that you always have your hair folded neatly over your forehead and that when you do have to interact with people you’re as careful about that as you are about making sure your long sleeves fully cover your arms. Your body is a mystery to him, everything from the knees up always obscured with huge t shirts and sweaters that he assumes dwarf your frame, but he has no way of knowing if that’s true. 
He notices that you shower every day, coming into the living room with wet hair, immediately bundled in the huge fabric. You eat like shit, when you do eat, it’s instant ramen, takeout, fast food. Most days you don’t, though, you just drink, stumbling your way through conversation with the people who drop your groceries off, always dashing back to your apartment and frantically locking the door. That’s not the only gun you have, you have a second, and a third, and knives hidden in nearly every drawer. 
One day he swipes your mail, learning your name, that you hadn’t paid your gas bill yet this month, that you subscribed to National Geographic. He sits on the rooftop that night, thumbing through the pictures of nudibranchs, the colorful slugs on the bottom of the sea. He brought his own bottle, he’s started to think of these insomniac hours as a twisted version of dating, existing in the same space, doing something together but apart. He wonders if you look forward to getting this magazine, if you’ll miss it. Your apartment was so devoid of color, the slowly dehydrating plants that you made no effort to water, empty bottles littering the ground, it would have been almost a romantic scene if it weren’t for the moldy garbage you waited until the last possible moment to take out. Tonight was one of those nights, however, when he supposed it must have started to smell, he’d noticed that you always lit a few scented candles. You take your time unlocking the door and then you must lock yourself out on purpose, a huge ring of keys in one hand and the black bag in the other. Before he knows it, he’s rolling up the magazine in his pocket and rocketing down the buildings stairs to get a glimpse of you outside. It takes all your strength to swing the bag up into the packed dumpster usually, but tonight you’re struggling even more, you seem almost out of it, heavy lidded, did you take a tab when he wasn’t looking? Or had you started drinking early? He realizes it has to be the former when you only gasp and not yelp when he speaks, 
“Need a hand, doll?” You drop the bag and stumble backward. He laughs as you trip and fall on your ass. “You should really wear pants when you leave your apartment.” He chastises in a deep gravel, picking up your garbage bag easily and tossing it into the dumpster. 
“T-thank you.” You say softly, still lying pathetically on the ground. He moves towards you and you stutter, “D-dabi just stay away from me.” He shakes his head. 
“No can do.” He reaches a hand out, staples glinting in the moonlight. You take it reluctantly, letting him pull you to your feet. “Brought you this.” He hands you the magazine. 
“Why d-do you have this?” You say, taking it from him and straightening yourself, arranging your hair carefully on your forehead before almost frantically tugging your sleeves down over your wrists. 
“Went to my apartment by mistake.” He drawls, raking his cerulean eyes over your body. You turn to go and he follows, you whirl on him. 
“What do you want, Dabi?” He shrugs. 
“Don’t really think you’re in a position to turn down company?” 
“Are you g-gonna rob me again?” 
“Gonna shoot me, honey?” He asks. You don’t laugh. 
“M-maybe.” He laughs. 
“Nah, I won’t take anything this time. Promise.” He flashes his palms and a smile. “Plus I’m not gonna give you a choice, I think  you’re a little too xanned out to fight me.” You scowl and hold the door for him as he follows you into your building. You jab the elevator button and he watches your whole body tense when a tall man gets off, not sparing you a second glance, but you almost duck behind Dabi, adorable, before getting into the elevator. He watches you flatten the curved flop of over hair over your forehead again when you stand in the harsh light of the elevator. You look a little different in the light, your eyes, somehow more round and doe-like, and he can see the tangles in your hair, this must be your natural color because there’s no way you’ve been slipping out to go to a salon. “Whatcha drinkin’?” He asks as the door opens and you lead him down the hallway.
“Whiskey.” You say quietly, and he watches as it takes you literally four whole minutes to open your door.
“Whatcha so scared of, doll?” He asks. What could you have been through that made opening your door for him less terrifying? After an eternity, it creaks open and he follows you inside. He’s hit with the scent of pine, a pale green candle flickering on one of the few clean spots on your kitchen table. 
“None of your business.” You whisper, leading him inside and handing him the bottle. “I don’t have any clean cups so I hope the bottle’s fine.” He nods, taking a long swig and sitting on the couch. You look at him nervously for a second. “Are you going to stay for a while?” You ask and he nods. “I’m gonna get another pill then.” He laughs. 
“Do I make ya nervous?” You nod, disappearing into your bedroom and coming out with a sheet of pills, each encased in a plastic bubble. He watches you struggle to open it, then place the small tab on your tongue, wincing at the taste. A few minutes go by in silence. 
“So why are you here?” You ask. “What do you need?” You feel your heartbeat slow and your body warm, a slight flush creeps onto your cheeks, Xanax only needs a few minutes to work, and shit it works well. He shrugs. 
“Don’t have anywhere else to be, I guess.” That wasn’t true. He’d been blowing off league duties occasionally to lurk on the rooftop across the street, tonight was no exception. Shigaraki hadn’t noticed yet, but Dabi thought he would eventually. A smile twitches at your lips, your pupils are huge in the darkness. 
“What did you do with my panties?” He smirks, putting the bottle to his lips before answering, letting the whiskey burn its way down his throat. 
“Kept ‘em.” 
“Why?” He rolls his eyes. 
“You know why. I saw those handcuffs and condoms, you can’t be a virgin.” You squeak with embarrassment. “Yeah honey, you gotta have somethin’ under those t shirts.” You swallow. 
“I don’t have anything good under them.” 
“Huh.” He inspects you for a moment. “C’mere.” He says eventually, lifting an arm.
“I dunno.” You say. “I’m um, I’m okay over here.” He frowns, anger boiling in him. 
“What, are ya too good for me, ya alcoholic fuckin’ shut in?” You shake your head, eyes watering beautifully, tears gossamer in the moonlight.
“The opposite.” You whisper. He rolls his eyes, he’s done listening to you talk. He reaches out and yanks you by the wrist until you fall on top of him, you squirm for a minute, fighting him, but he’s so strong, and he smells like smoke and leather, and you aren’t really capable of feeling negative emotion at the moment, so you let him adjust you. He moves you until you’re lying down on his chest, long fingers tangled in your matted hair, other hand anchoring your thigh across his waist. 
“Comfortable?” He asks, and you snuggle into him. 
“Yeah, Dabi.” You pause. “Is this why you came back?” 
“I came to give you your magazine.” He growls, and you can feel the way his voice vibrates through his chest. You laugh lightly, so medically relaxed that it feels like a joke. 
“No you didn’t. You stole my mail.” He shrugs. 
“Does it matter why I’m here? Not like you’ve got people lining up to take care of you” You freeze on top of him. “What?” He snaps. 
“I don’t need taking care of.” You say softly, so quietly he can barely hear it. 
“Good because I’m not gonna do it.” 
“Good.” He takes his hand out of your hair, reaching it around your shoulder and palms your breast through your shirt. “Dabi,” your breath hitches, “Dabi don’t-” He presses his lips to your cheek, ignoring you, shifting you so that you were straddling him. “I can’t,” You breathe, and he starts pawing at your chest, eliciting a beautiful whimper from your lips when he rubs his thumbs across your nipples. 
“How long has it been since someone wanted you? You’re not fucking better than me, you’re lucky I’m touching you, you’re lucky I’m here.” He snaps at you and your eyes shoot open at the shift in his demeanor. 
“I know,” you sob, dissolving in front of him immediately when he raises his voice. “I know I am.” 
“Then don’t be a bitch about this.” He complains, sitting up, slipping your cotton panties to the side and pushing two fingers into your core. You hiccup a gasp, falling forward, bracing yourself against the arm of the couch,  mouth dropping open as he fucks you with his hand, grinding the heel of his palm into your clit. “Fuckin’ tight, arentcha, how long has it been, huh?” You don’t answer him, you can’t, he’s watching your face flush, and it’s so goddamn satisfying that when he slows, you pick up the pace, fucking yourself on his fingers. Your moans are sweet and virginal, like each wave of pleasure is surprising you. He reaches up under your t-shirt, fingers ghosting over raised bumps he assumes are scars, and you cry out his name softly when he rolls your nipple between his thumb and forefinger, your eyes drifting shut. 
“Dabi,” you moan, “Oh god, Dabi, please,” 
“Please, what, bitch?” He asks. Your eyes open wide, you’re begging, a charictacture of pathos, at his mercy, and his mouth curls into a smile. “What do you want?” 
“Please fuck me,” you beg, “Please Dabi, I want your cock.” His smile widens as he removes his hands from you, you whimper at the loss of sensation, but he sits up a little, undoing his pants with one hand, shoving you backward with the other, so that you fall on your back, air gushing from your lungs, onto the other side of the couch. He watches your eyes widen at the sight of his length and he grins evilly. 
“This cock, is this what you’re talkin’ about?” You nod. 
“Please,” You whine again. “Please Dabi.” He chuckles. 
“You’ve got good manners bitch, I’ll give ya that.” He says, lining himself up at your entrance with one hand, reaching for the hem of your shirt with the other. Your hands fly to his and he immediately scowls. “This is coming off.” He snaps. 
“No.” You say desperately. “No, no I’ll do anything, Dabi, please.” Anything, huh? He could work with that. He arcs into you, cruelly bottoming out on the first thrust, loving the way your face contorts and your hiss with pain. 
“Take it then,” he growls, “Take all of it, slut.” You don’t have a choice, the tip of his cock is kissing your cervix with every thrust, your hands flutter to his arms to brace yourself a little and in response he pins you down, lacing his long fingers in between yours. His eyes are glowing, bright blue in the cool light of the night. Your eyes are screwed shut, that won’t do. “Fucking look at me, bitch,” he snaps, and you do, staring up at his face, “Open your mouth.” You part your soft lips and he spits between them, “Swallow.” You do, looking up at him adoringly, you really were broken. He slaps you across the face and you beam at him even as the redness blossoms on your cheek. “Shoulda known you’d be a fuckin’ painslut,” he growls, and feels you clench around him, “Yeah do you like that, like it when I tell you how fucking worthless you are to me? How goddamn lucky you are I’m even wasting my fucking time on your pussy?” You mewl in response, 
“Dabi, oh, oh my god,” you get out, “I-”
“Holes don’t talk.” He snaps, increasing his pace, fuck he wasn’t going to last much longer, 
“But you can’t,” you breathe as his thrusts get erratic, “Just not inside, please,” He grins, snapping his hips against you.
“I don’t feel like pullin’ outta ya,” he grunts, “So fucking warm and tight, you’re milkin’ me dry.” You gasp. 
“Daddy.” He corrects. 
“Daddy, cum on my face.” You beg. “Please, please I want it, I want your cum on my face.” That’ll work. With a  grunt, he pulls out of your warmth, and pumps his cock over you. You close your eyes and open your mouth, 
“Good girl.” Fuck you look so beautiful, covered in his cum, cowering in the moonlight. He notices you clench your legs together and he rasps a laugh at you. “Whatsa a matter, did baby not finish?” You nod. 
“It’s alright, though, I can just-” you reach for yourself and he catches your hands. 
“No.” You blink up at him. 
“Yeah are you fuckin’ stupid? You haven’t earned the right to cum.” You nod dumbly. “That’s right baby,” he coos, “You cum when I say.” He gets up. “Clean yourself  up. You look pathetic.” You stand and stumble to the bathroom, nearly slipping on a t-shirt that you’ve got on the ground. You wash his release off your face and half expect him to be gone when you come back but you realize with a start that he’s lying in your bed, chugging your whiskey, putting it on the nightstand. 
“I don’t sleep there.” You whisper. He shrugs. 
“I’m not sleeping on the couch.” 
“Why are you here?” You ask desperately. You feel his eyes boring into you. He doesn’t answer, looking out the window for a moment. When he looks back at you he lifts a hand. 
“Get over here or I’ll burn your fuckin’ apartment down.” Your heart quickens and you climb into the cold unfamiliar space. “Was that so hard?” he says, annoyed. 
“It’s been almost a year since I’ve slept here,” you mumble. He lifts an arm and you get under it, tugging the cool comforter up over your body, laying your head on his chest. This time, when you fall asleep, he doesn’t open your drawers, preferring to investigate your physical secrets. The sleeves on your t-shirt ride up, betraying a mess of scars, old and new, some raw and red and angry, some old and dark. He swigs the whiskey, thinking, you were ruined. Just like him. He doesn’t have time to dwell on that, though, because up the block a car door slams and you wake with a start and a gasp, grabbing him around the waist and burying your face in his chest. He pats your head gently. 
“Hey, honey,” he says, “Baby, I’m here.” You look up at him with wet lashes. 
“Why?” You ask, throat raw for some reason. Now, in the silver light, with a little whiskey in his veins, he can’t stop the answer that flows from his lips. 
“Because you’re beautiful.” You look up at him. “Because you didn’t scream when you saw my face,” he says, refusing to look at you. “Even though I just came in through your apartment window, like I coulda been here to kill you.” 
“You still might.” Something Dabi hasn’t felt in a long time twists within him at the hope in your words. 
“Can’t end it yourself, huh?” 
“I don’t have anything left to live for.” You mumble into his chest. “I was gonna do it the night we met. But you stole my painkillers.” He takes you roughly by the shoulders, and you squeal with pain at his grip. 
“If I find out you tried some shit like that again, I will make sure you live to regret it.” His eyes are cold and cruel. “I mean it. Say you fucking understand.” 
“I-I,” You don’t know what to say even though he just spoon-fed you the words, he gets impatient, tossing you on your back on the bed with a thump. “I understand, I understand.” You say quickly. He’s still leaning over you. “Why, why do you care?” 
“I don’t,” he swallows. “I don’t care about you. But I like fucking you. So you’re not allowed to kill yourself.” There’s a long moment. 
“Oh, okay.” You look up at him. “Gonna sleep on top of me like this?” He locks his arms around you, burying his face in your neck.
“So what if I am?” 
“Can I have another pill, please?” You ask. He nods, digging in your messy drawer and pulling out a tab. 
“Open.” He growls, and he places the pill gently on the pad of your tongue. You wait for permission and he practically glows, you were so perfect, so good for him. “Close, baby.” You nod and snuggle into him. “Do you still want to cum?” He asks. You nod. “Say it.” 
“Please let me cum, daddy.” You breathe, eyes wide. He slots a thigh between your legs. 
“Go ahead.” He waits for you to protest, to complain but you just rock your hips up against him, grinding against him, blood pooling in your cheeks, your hands on your own breasts, teasing your nipples through your t-shirt, biting down hard on your lower lip, your sweet high pitched hiccupping moans. When it looks like you’re getting close he says, “Beg, and look at me.” You turn your face to him, eyes huge, lips parted, and he changes his mind, kissing you and growling, “Cum for me,” into your open mouth. Your body twitches underneath him as you ride his thigh through your orgasm. After a few seconds you sigh with happiness and every hair on Dabi’s body stands up. You stretch out next to him after he rolls off of you and you close your eyes, fucked out and high, flushed and giggly. “So fucken cute like this,” he says. You smile again at him, and holy shit, when you smile it’s like the fucking sun. He reaches, more out of habit than anything else, to brush your hair out of your face and you freeze, all the joy melting from your body as your hands fly to your forehead. 
“Dabi, don’t-” It’s too late, he catches your wrists and pins them to the bed while you squirm. He sees it now, thin raised scar, a word, carved into your forehead. Whore. 
“Did you fuckin’ do this to yourself?” He asks and you whimper. 
“No, no they-” 
“Who.” He snarls his grip on your wrists getting bruising. 
“I was in college a year ago,” you sob, “I was in college and I left a party with the wrong people and they,” Dabi consolidates his hold on your wrists and lifts your shirt up, it’s true, there are plenty of cuts and scars probably from your own hands, but they are obscuring words, whore, cunt, bitch, that there’s no way you could have done yourself. He burns through the center of your shirt and you squeal as he peels it back, climbing on top to examine you. He keeps you pinned and you wriggle uncomfortably at his clinical regard for your body. 
“You’re not a cutter.” He says cruelly. “You’re just trying to cover this up.” You nod. 
“I-it does feel good, now, though.” You admit. You’re shocked when he releases you, tugging his own shirt over his head. Your eyes flick to the massive burn scars, to the tissue that’s still purple and raw, barely stapled to him. You sit up and he lets you touch him, let’s you ghost your fingers over the staples holding him together. “Dabi,” you breathe. “Who did this to you?” 
“My father.” He says bitterly. He runs his eyes over your exposed skin, thin lines and raised scars litter your arms and shoulders, some new ones on the inside of your wrist catch his eye, the skin still raw and broken. He takes your wrist gently in one of his hands and brings it to his mouth, kissing it gently. “We’re both fucking ruined, honey.” You swallow, tears prick at your eyes, you know he’s right. “That’s why you’re mine. That’s why I came back.” You nod, and cup his face in your scarred hands, bringing his mouth to yours. He kisses you softly at first, and then desperately, passionately, pushing you back down on the bed, cradling you against his chest. “So the locks are to keep them out?” 
“They come back sometimes.” You shiver. He tightens his arms around you. 
“No one’s but me is ever gonna touch you again. That’s a fuckin’ promise.” You push your face into his warmth, you can’t help it, it feels so good to be close to another person. 
“They broke the door down once.” You say. “I moved, but they found me.” 
“No one else is ever gonna touch you.” He snaps. “When I say shit, I mean it.” He pauses. “Guess you’re quirkless, though, huh?” 
“Uh no actually.” You look up at him. “Wanna see?” He shrugs. You sit up and a pair of small gauzy wings fold from under your shoulderblades, they shimmer and glow in the low light. “I can’t even fly. They’re just there.” He reaches out and runs his fingers along the gossamer and you react like he’s blowing in your ear. “They’re um,” you blush, “Sensitive.” He presses his lips to your forehead. 
“Mine.” He says simply, pulling you back down into a kiss. When you wake up the next morning, he’s gone, but the window is unlocked and you have a text message on your phone from an unknown number. 
Dabi: i own you now. 
You: that’s not saying much. 
Dabi: just don’t damage my fucking property, understood? 
You: yes sir. 
Dabi: be a good girl for me. I’ll come back. 
You: be safe, ok?
The next day you work, writing on the couch, and you feel the urge to pick up a little, so you close your laptop and put some of the garbage in a bag. You leave the bottles but pick up the food containers. You’re thinking, he probably won’t come back, who would, after seeing what they’d done to your body. You were kidding yourself, really, that anyone could possibly love you, with what you were carved into your skin. You open a bottle of whiskey, and take a huge sip, coughing a little so that it dribbles down your chin. You wipe it but some of it gets in your fresh cuts from the day before. It stings, so you take another swig. 
“Easy, honey, save me some.” You yelp, somehow Dabi noiselessly climbed in through the window. He cracks up. “Oh my god, you’re so scared.” You leap at him and he catches you, crushing your soft body against his, he reaches down and takes a swill, then incinerates the back of your shirt. You squeal. 
“Dabi!” he grins at you. 
“I wanna see your body, baby,” he kicks at the smoking fabric on the ground. “I see any more of these, I’m gonna burn em. You’ve gotta have somethin’ else.” 
“You’re not gonna like it.” You protest but he waves his hand. 
“Change. I won’t tell you again.” He watches you walk away, the scars on your back were almost hard to see in the darkness. You go into your bedroom and dig through your closet, looking for the soft dress, the pink dress. It had a sweetheart neckline, and you’d ordered it online when you were drunk and bold, thinking maybe one day your scars would fade enough so that you could wear it in public. You wiggle into it, struggling a bit with the zipper, then walk back into the room, footsteps barely audible on the fake peel up wood floors. Dabi’s sitting on the couch, a self-satisfied smirk on his face. He pats his thighs. “C’mere, baby.” You sit down on his lap and he runs his hands over your body, inspecting every curve, you straddle him so that your chest is at his eye level. 
“I didn’t know if you’d come  back.” He rolls his eyes. 
“Well I didn’t know if you’d be happy to see me. Not that I care.” You kiss him gently. 
“I cleaned a little.” 
“I noticed.” 
From then on, even if it’s just to crawl in bed with you, Dabi makes it to your apartment nearly every night. He has a lot of rules. You don’t mind following them, for the most part. He brings you clothes to wear, has you make a drink for him fifteen minutes before he comes in through the window, he sits very patiently one Sunday afternoon while you brush your hair for the first time in weeks, admiring it’s long waves, how it goes from wiry to soft as you start to eat more than once every few days. You gain weight, but he likes it, he tells you he likes it. And you try hard to believe him. He watches your smile grow as your curves fill out, as your kitchen clears of takeout containers, and is instead littered with bottles, with fresh fruits and vegetables, and too many candles. The cuts on your arms and ribs heal, and scab and scar, and new ones only rarely appear. 
It’s a few months before it happens. You’re sitting on your couch, writing some advertisement copy, when there’s a pounding on your door. 
“Open the fuck up bitch.” Someone calls from the hallway. “It’s been a while since we’ve gotten our dicks wet.” You reach for your phone fumbling to text Dabi. 
You; they came
You: they’re here
Dabi: i’m coming, daddy’s gonna flay them alive. I’m 3 mins away. 
You: I’m gonna hide in the closet. 
Dabi swings through your open window and goes straight to the door, opening it. He cocks his head to one side. 
“Evening, assholes.” He lights up a fist of flames and takes in the three rich looking boys, expensive watches, collared shirts. They were young. So young to be so cruel. “Who’s bitch are you talkin’ about?” There’s a silence, they must recognize him from the news. “Come on, if she’s so fuckin’ willing, where is she?” He lights up a fist, feeling the pain in his hand and leaning forward, letting the anger fuel him. They lean away from him. “Come on, come on in,”  He opens the door wide, grinning. They take off down the hallway and maybe a few months ago, Dabi would have followed them. Instead, tonight, he’s preoccupied with you, and wherever in your apartment you’ve cowered. The closet. Maybe. He closes the door, locking it behind him. He comes to the bedroom, kicking the ever present mess outside the door aside. “Baby,” he calls, “Took care of it, alright, come out, baby.” But you don’t make a sound, so he swings the door open, seeing you cowering in the dress he bought you, or stole you, but who cares, scarred shoulders bare, eyes wet and head bowed. He squats in front of you. “Baby.” You look up at him. 
“I’m gonna be ok?” He nods, reaching out a hand. He pulls you to your feet, holding you against him. “You saved my life.” You say quietly. He kisses the top of your head. 
“You did.” You look up at him, eyes wide. “I don’t care what anyone says about you. You’re my hero.” A lump forms in his throat as he brushes you off. 
“I don't do any of this shit for you.” He says roughly. “It’s for me.” He sits on the bed, kicking an empty bottle across your floor. “Knees.” You obey immediately, and he grins, of course, training you was worth it, of course making sure that you’d eaten was worth it, hiding all of the sharp objects in your apartment was worth it, missing league shit was worth it, all to watch you answer his beckoning finger by crawling across the floor. 
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oddaodd · 6 months ago
can you make one where the reader is the youngest maid in Tommy's house and she's helping serve the dinner for christmas and taking care of the kids and in some point Finn gets closer to her and try to flirt with her (she's just a few years older than him) and the reader don't know how to react but Tommy comes and help her (because he already likes the reader but don't get too close because she's too young for him) and by the end of the night when everybody is sleeping and they have sex
· A Whimsical Tale · 
Author’s note: I know we are no longer near Christmas but I love living a dangerous life so I’m just going to post this now.  
 Anddd I loved writing this story so thanks for requesting! and as always, I hope everyone has a lovely day. ❤️
Warnings: smut, mentions of alcohol and a drunken Finn. 
Christmas Day was a heavy day on Arrow House and despite the numerous staff, there was always something to be done. Y/n was one of the youngest maids so she was never the one in charge of cooking and preparing dinner, instead she helped pour drinks and look over the children, which Y/n was thankful for since it didn’t require as much elbow grease as cooking for an abundance of people.  
“More wine Tomm...” she caught her mistake and made it up clearing her throat “Mr. Shelby?”
“Thank you, Y/n” He politely answered pretending he hadn’t heard her almost call him Tommy.
Y/n poured the wine with shaky hands hoping that nobody  had noticed her mistake and blushing cheeks. She knew Tommy didn’t mind her calling him by his name when they were alone, but she wasn’t sure if he would still be as lax on the topic if there were other people present.
As she poured some for Ada, Polly gave her nephew a knowing stare that indicated she had noticed and knew what it implied, which triggered complex emotions in Tommy.
He enjoyed Y/n’s company when she served him breakfast and lit the chimney in his office and when sometimes she engaged in conversation with him. She told him everything about her life, whimsical tales of mundane occurrences that sounded worthy of a novel. He wondered what kind of character he played in it.
He would be lying if he were to say that he only enjoyed having her around because she was good at her job. Truth was, Tommy felt infatuated with her and her bubbly smile and occasional kind words when he was feeling the world closing in, but he knew he couldn’t do anything about it because she was much younger than him.
Y/n threw occasional smiles at Tommy through the night. She helped entertain the children while the other adults drank and enjoyed the evening. As the night progressed the alcohol began taking tolls, calling some to bed and inciting some others to questionable actions.
“Do you maybe want to go out sometime? Came Finn’s voice while Y/n tidied up around the kitchen.  
“Excuse me?” She asked even though she had heard him loud and clear.
“We should go out sometime” Finn spoke again in boozy confidence
“Um...” she began with an amused smile that disguised her discomfort for she wished the one asking were a different Shelby.
As if summoned by mention in a passing thought,  Tommy’s deep voice interrupted whatever excuse she was  machinating.
“Leave her be, Finn”
“But I’m not doing anything, Tom” he complained in a slur.
“You’re making a fool of yourself Finn” interrupted Arthur before dragging Finn away and out of the kitchen.
She didn’t miss the way Tommy’s eyes lingered on her figure before he left the room after his brothers.
After a while everybody including all the maids had gone to bed, Y/n stayed behind to have a cup of tea in the kitchen so she could mull over her feelings for Tommy in peace.
She had been attracted to him since her arrival to arrow house, but what began like a stupid crush soon turned into more complex feelings. She was always looking forward to seeing him and talking to him at late hours of the night at his office when he couldn’t sleep. She had tried not to think too much into his stares and considerate actions, but her infatuation with him had reached a point in which she couldn’t pretend not to notice.
She wanted his actions to hide a deeper meaning and she believed they did, but she felt her reasoning was tainted by her own wants. Tommy was significantly older than her and she felt immature in comparison.
“I knew you’d still be here”
She knew he would come.
She looked up from her teacup to the kitchen door to see Tommy strolling in. She forced a smile and shoved all her thoughts about him aside.
“Want a cup?” She signaled to the teapot as Tommy leaned against a cupboard.
“Alright” he said and Yn poured him a cup. His eyes following her every move. Her features seemed to be highlighted by the moonlight flowing in through the window making her look more divine than ever despite the tiredness hiding in her movements.
She felt an old wave of nerves creeping up her spine, making her heart beat faster and she didn’t know why. It wasn’t the first time Tommy and her were alone together, but that night’s air weighed differently.  
“Im sorry about Finn” he commented while she poured the tea.
“Its alright” she spoke softly walking towards him “Thanks for coming to my rescue”
Tommy’s mouth curved into a small smile, the way it did whenever she was around.
“Anytime” he said
“You are staring” she commented when she handed him the cup, noticing his gaze.
Tommy hummed taking a sip of his tea before placing it on the counter behind him, not even attempting to deny her accusation. “You look beautiful”
Her cheeks turned a soft shade of scarlet and her heartbeat quickened at his words. She wasn’t expecting him to say that. Still, she couldn’t help but smile at his honest complement.
Feeling comforted by the intimacy that the kitchen late at night provided, he cupped her face as leaned close to her lips. Y/n  did the same in a heartbeat and when their lips came together she felt a thousand matches lighting up inside her body.
She melted into the kiss as it turned more passionate, Tommy’s hands went to her waist, pulling her closer to him.
“Tell me to stop” he murmured against her lips.
“God no” she murmured back.
Tommy felt reassured knowing that she had wanted this just as badly as him and let himself get lost in the  soft moans and blissful sighs he coaxed from her with his wandering tongue and expert hands.  
Y/N hadn’t noticed Tommy began leading her to the table until she felt the cold surface against her lower back. Tommy prompted her up on it and smoothly hitched up her skirt. He ran his index finger teasingly along her clothed folds earning a whine from her pretty lips.
“Take them off Tommy” she pleaded.
Tommy complied and slid her underwear off her legs, his mind clouding at the sight of her, needy and wet in front of him. He kneeled in front of her and spread her legs open with his hands sending shivers through her body. Y/n felt her stomach drop in expectation at the sight of his handsome face close to her cunt.
“Tommy, ple..” Her place came short at the feeling of warm tongue on her sex. A teasing lick first that soon developed into passionate wet strokes and kisses  lapping against her folds and teasing at her entrance.
Her fingers tangled on his dark hair as she became a withering mess, submissive to Tommys experienced tongue. she felt her arousal building up, bringing her closer and close to the edge with each lick. She couldn’t get enough of him but she was eager to have him in her so bad.
“I need you inside me”
Tommy looked up at her with teasing eyes, her juices glistering on his chin and lips and when she felt the absence of his tongue on her she almost regretted being so impatient. But Tommy didn’t give her time to dwell on that regret when he went to passionately kiss her again and she felt his bulge through his trousers against her bare entrance.
Her impatient hands went to fumble with the buttons that held the basted trousers in place and Tommys went to assist her moments after, never breaking apart from the searing kiss, Y/n got a glimpse of Tommy’s cock and she felt like gasping when she felt Tommy guiding his head to tease at her entrance.
She moaned at the feeling and gasped when he pushed into her.
“So fucking tight” he whispered to her ear.
She sighed lewdly at his sinful praise and when he was fully inside her she felt so sinfully full she wondered how she could have lived for so long without this feeling.
She held onto his broad shoulders as he started pumping in and out of her, teasingly slow at first and speeding up deliciously with each thrust.
The table started creaking under her and the teacup and cup she had put there earlier fell off at their movements, loudly crashing onto the floor. She felt a twinge of concern about the noise, trying to break through the dense cloud of pleasure Tommy had summoned around her. However, Said concern became less and less concerning with each thrust of Tommy’s. It was the stuff of dreams.
He felt her clenching around his cock telling her that she was close. He wanted to make her cum, he needed to make her cum.  
He began rubbing circles on her sensitive bundle of nerves and soon after she came beautifully. Her legs tightened around his waist wanting to keep him close, still reeling in the aftershock of her orgasm as Tommy chased his own, which came not long after with a groan of her name. The expression of his face as he came into her was one Y/n knew would never leave her mind.
“What if somebody heard us?” She whispered as she collected her discarded garments with a smile.
“I hope they heard. Maybe that way Finn will know better next time”
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kageyamatobiyogurt · 4 months ago
haikyuu boys as your dates to prom
a/n: this idea popped into my head while i was moping internally about my senior year being wrecked. would have hoped to have been asked to go with someone but.. stuff happens.
summary: anyways, here's how some boys would have asked you to go and maybe what happens that night. if you don't happen to have prom in your country, this could work for any high school dance :))
- includes: kageyama, kuroo, oikawa [let me know if you want a part 2!]
Tumblr media
kageyama tobio:
he asked you pretty simply, it was before one of his home games
he came up to the bleachers while warmups were happening and he was a tad bit nervous
he doesn't usually fiddle with his fingers but he wasn't sure you'd say yes
"tobio!" you'd greet him, waving, you were usually excited to see what he'd pull off every game
you were sitting on the bleachers, but you came down a couple steps to meet him halfway
you were one step higher when he got close enough, so for once you were taller than him, and he seemed shyer than usual when he looked up at you
"y/n, would you um, go to prom with me?"
you feel a blush creep onto your cheeks, but you're flattered and excited nonetheless, giving him a nod
"of course i would," you beam, "let's have fun!"
he's blushing now, and this is the most you've seen him smile too
he tells you he'll meet you after the game once he's stepping back down to warm up
he turns around one more time as he's going back, calling out, "every point in this game is for you! watch me win"
half the gym figured out what just happened and everyone's smiley
you look at the rest of the karasuno team and realize they were all watching, hinata and yamaguchi are cheering and teasing kags but he doesn't care
throughout the the game, you can see this small smile on his lips
he seems perfectly at ease, almost an eager bounce to some of his steps. his sets are flawless as usual and the serves are precise
he gets a couple of aces in and he gives you a quick glance whenever he feels proud this bby pls
when you first saw each other the day of, he looked so good you malfunctioned for a second (but it's okay he did too)
his suit fit him perfectly, the blazer outlined his shoulders and hugged his waist enough to show his lean built
and oh gosH when he took off the blazer. you were internally screaming at the way the white button up strained ever so slightly whenever he moved
he even parted his hair differently, making him look more mature and handsome as heLL
when he saw you he was a blushy mess and he was trying so hard to tell you everything he felt when he saw you
the first words that came out was "wow" followed soon by, "you're glowing, y/n"
your parents took a lot of pictures, and he was a little shy at first wrapping his arm around your waist, he could feel his heart hammering in his chest when you were so close to him
the off-guard pictures all captured him staring at you in awe
he stares at you often that night, and he tries his best to tell you how beautiful he thought you were
he's a little awkward with dancing but as long as you're having a good time he'll grow more comfortable
this baby blushes when you kiss his cheek during a slow dance
kuroo tetsurou:
this cheesy bitch i hate him
i feel like he'd do something that involved the nekoma team but also tried not to put you too on the spot
they gathered at the end of one practice to plan this
everyone was sitting and sweaty while kuroo (also sweaty) stood up, discussing what he was planning
it was going to be an all day ordeal, they planned this kind of meticulously: kenma found your schedule and everyone was assigned a certain point of the day to give you a flower
like they genuinely compared schedules and coordinated aw
it was either in a class if they shared one with you or in between periods, and it all lined up because kuroo had last period with you
he also coincidentally sat in front of you so ;)))
he even made it so you wouldn't see him until that very last period (mans would bolt every time he saw you before your class together)
they were also reminded not to be too crazy and to just give you the flowers casually
kuroo didn't stick to just one flower, he wanted you to have this colorful bouquet at the end of it
you'd be standing outside of your class and at first it was lev bounding down the hall, you'd come to their games pretty often so you knew most of the team
"Y/N!!" and your head whipped sO fast and for a moment you panicked when such a tall figure was coming at you
but he stopped himself as soon as he was in front of you, gently handing you one flower with a smile, "see you later y/n!!" and with that he was off before you could say thanks
you were a little confused (so were your classmates around you), but was it really that out of character?
you had a class with kenma the next period and he did it in a significantly less alarming manner, bending over to the side of his desk and handing another single flower "oh, y/n this is for you"
then after that class, kai found you as you stepped out, handing you another one
with every period that passed, you brought more and more flowers into every classroom. some of your friends had asked you what was going on but you weren't too sure yourself
"uh, the volleyball team has been giving me flowers??"
eventually you really did have a bouquet with you and even teachers glanced more than once
nobody else approached you before last period and you found yourself expecting? but not sure what?
you knew kuroo sat in front of you so maybe he could explain what was going on, but five minutes into class and he still wasn't there
your teacher began to drone and a little disappointment started to set in the longer kuroo wasn't there
maybe he was absent today? is that why the team is being weird?
oh no, but soon enough, there's a knock on the classroom door
your teacher looks over and nods before looking at you. he takes a seat at his desk and by now your mind is reelinG
lo and behold, the dork who sits in front of you walks in with kenma recording the whole thing
how he got kenma to miss part of this period too who knows
kuroo has three more flowers in his hand and he sauntering all the way to your desk. the room is buzzing with excited chatter and he sends you this wink and this smile plastered on his face
you're shaking your head but smiling at his shenanigans anyway
he gets on one knee next to your seated figure, handing you the last three flowers
"y/n," he drawled, "go to prom with me?"
"is this what this whole day was about?" you chuckled
"all for you," he smiled
"well, of course I will," you answered, leaning in to give him a hug
the class was cheering like you all were in a movie. you broke away when your teacher cleared their throat so you wouldn't delay the class any longer. homie still muttered a small congrats though lol
kenma gave both of you a wave before stepping out again
kuroo took his seat in front of you and you could almost swear you could see his grin from behind
oh the actual day of prom..
he wore a three-piece suit but the maroon paisley vest underneath his black blazer caught your eye. when he unbuttoned the blazer you saw how perfectly the vest added a pop of color and cinched his waist. a girl could drool i mean what
he even styled his hair differently. but it was tousled just a bit to keep it from being overly neat
when his eyes landed on you he let out a soft whistle and he was a little unashamed in letting his eyes travel all over
"you look gorgeous, kitten" he said, unintentionally drawing his bottom lip between his teeth -- this made you feel warm under his gaze
he's cheeky
his hand trails to the small of your back or easily wraps around your waist during pictures
it sends this fire on your skin, the way he ever so slightly teases here and there
during prom, he'll hold your waist when you dance together. i feel like he isn't too bad, he has some moves
maybe during a slow dance he'll pull you closer and whisper how breathtaking you are hotly in your ear
most definitely will sneak kisses here and there if you'll let him
idk why this got a little thirsty im sorry
oikawa tooru:
cheesy bitch number 2
he wanted to do something romantic as hell
so he pulled some strings with people he knew and eventually got the band club to help him out
he just asked for a string quartet to serenade you </3
he figured out what exit you usually leave through at the end of the day
you were stepping out with a couple of friends when a classmate from the quartet called your name and motioned for you to come over
you noticed the other 3 musicians and raised your eyebrows
as soon as you got close enough, they lifted their bows and nodded at each other to start
the harmonies of each instrument filled the air and you quickly recognized the song "can't help falling in love"
a crowd began to gather near you as soon as they saw the performance too
you glanced back at your friends and shrugged when they looked at you with questioning eyes
in the middle of the song, you heard the familiar voice, "y/n-chan"
it was softer than usual, the typical playful and teasing tone wasn't laced in it
oikawa came from your left, you didn't notice him sooner because of the instruments and all
he's a little bold and so he takes both of your hands to hold gently oh my god i'm blushing at the thought of this and he's running his thumbs over your knuckles
"y/n," he repeats again. he's shyer than ever and it's a little amusing to see him like this. his eyes are on your hands but he looks into yours when he asks, "would you go to prom with me?"
the afternoon sun is hitting him so beautifully and he's so bashful how could you say no
you grin, "i'll go with you tooru"
he's so smiling so much the corners of his eyes crinkle and he pulls you in for a hug so fast aH
gosh he's so pretty when you see him
his hair is somehow fluffier and his suit makes him look so sharp
he wore a simple black and white suit, looking classy and elegant as ever
he'll greet you with a kiss on your hand like the prince he is
he also has a rose for you awie
"you're beautiful, y/n," he tells you, taking your hand and twirling you
all of your prom pictures come out fucking beautifully
he's so pretty, you're stunning, and you're both just radiating in each other's presence
he holds your hand most of the night, making sure to be as gentlemanly as possible. if you're wearing heels he wants to make sure you have him for any help
i feel like oikawa would know how to dance pretty well. he's confident in how he moves his body, guiding yours when you move together
he isn't too serious, if it's a light-hearted song you two are giggling here and there, he'll twirl you again in an exaggerated way
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multiplefandomsblog · 4 months ago
request; Shuichi and his fem!s/o take each other virginity?
pairing(s); shuichi x AFAB! reader
warnings; post-game saihara, saihara has some PTSD from the killing game but it is not heavily mentioned, cussing AFAB! reader, soft dom! Shuichi, vanilla-ish, intense kissing, mention of marriage, hurt/comfort-ish?, angst-ish?, petty arguments, sexual frustration, they both losing their v-card, shuichi picks you up, shuichi reads porn mags but not elaborated here, established relationship, they've been dating 6 months btw, they're living together, cyring, begging, accidental overstimulation, self-indulgent, irresponsible and unprotected sex(always wrap it before you tap it you fucking idiots), unedited but used spellcheck. OKAY I KNOW 6 MONTHS IS REALLY SHORT AND I HAD A DIFFERENT IDEA IN MIND BUT I JUST DBHSBJHSBD IM SORRY THIS IS JUST SUPER MESSY
note; i rushed the end and this is kind of garbage(god please don't read this), but here's a few songs that i listened to while writing this;
505 - Arctic Monkeys & Cute Panties Soaked In Arizona Iced Tea - Sewer//Slvt & a bunch others idk
wc; 5.8k+
You both dabbled in the idea of having sex, having shared mutual trust and desire for each other within the early stages of your love-filled relationship.
Even so, the obvious statements were left unsaid, and the obvious desire you both have for each other’s bodies had been left alone, never to be picked up again.
Now don’t underestimate yourself, there would be some not-so-rare make-out sessions when you both got into the mood and made sure to give each other ‘the look’, but they’d always end in Shuichi stiffening up and asking if you’d like to stop.
And like an idiot, you had always said the same goddamn thing, the opposite of what you wanted to say. “Sure, y- yeah.” Always praying he wouldn’t hear the disappointment in your voice. You didn’t want him to be upset that you wanted to continue, because wouldn’t that just be selfish of you?
Your prayers always seemed to be answered anyway, though mostly carried by Shuichi’s helplessly obvious nature; he ate it all up.
But maybe you should’ve been praying for the opposite because otherwise, you wouldn’t be here right now.
Maybe it was the stress from the fact that Shuichi’s boss yelled at him today, maybe it was from the fact that he had one of his colleagues accidentally file one of the most important cases, improperly, maybe it was because you both hadn’t fucked in 6 months.
Well, whatever it was, it had Shuichi fuming.
“This? Again?” Shuichi sighed in an attempt to calm himself, his face lacking the patience it usually held.
“What do you mean ‘again’!? I’ve told you this, tons of times before!” To be fair, you had no idea why you had been so angry either, but before you could even think or hold yourself back, random arguments you truly never cared about had been brought up.
What the hell were you two even fighting about?
Despite your mind screaming at you to stop, your mouth continued to act first. “God, why don’t you ever listen to me? You know, sometimes it seriously just feels like I’m talking to a brick wall when I talk to you.” That wasn’t true.
“Is that right?” He didn’t know what came over him. “Well, if we’re talking about our talking habits, I think you sometimes talk too much; it’s hard to keep track of what you’re saying sometimes, and it just- it brings me a headache…!” That wasn’t true either; he was a detective, he listened to every single detail you spoke out from those beautiful lips. Shuichi would listen as intently as he would during an investigation as he gathered information from perps.
But you didn’t know that. You had been too busy reeling from his previous statement to remember all the nice moments you had before this. His words felt like acid on your palpitating heart. Did you talk that much?
You gulped, lip trembling without your consent. “Y- yeah?”
No, I didn’t mean any of it. Please don’t look at me like that. “... Yeah.” Shuichi averted his eyes as he lied for no good reason.
You nodded in feigned indifference, chewing the inside of your cheek as you attempted to walk past him and outside the kitchen — to which he immediately stopped you, an urgency laced within his actions. Sudden anxiety wracked his body, and images of the previous executions flashed in his mind.
You couldn’t go.
With his eyes wide in a slight panic, they narrowed back to their normal width as he took a deep breath, pulling you towards him and suddenly pushing his lips on yours. “Shu-” he blanketed any open space for noise to escape through with his lips, kissing you with desperation you’ve never witnessed firsthand.
Despite your internal concern for him, your hands slipped up his shoulders to the back of his neck, pushing him closer to you than he already was on instinct.
Okay… This was okay. It was better than fighting, that was for sure.
You were confused by the sudden display of physician affection, but you could only get a little of you to care; you missed him. It had only been 5 minutes into the fight, yet you had been pulling him close like you hadn’t seen him in a year. Luckily for both you and him, he missed you too. He didn’t like fights. Especially not meaningless ones like these.
You both didn’t know how, nor when, but before you knew it, you had been sitting atop the kitchen counter, legs wrapped tightly around Shuichi’s waist as his hands gripped yours. A familiar, heavy feeling of arousal pooled up at your stomach, remaining there like an itch you knew only Shuichi could scratch. Shuichi was comfortably close for you to somewhat feel his phone poke at your thigh, but even so, not close enough. Clothes started to feel restricting, and you both shared the same need to just tear them off, but
“S/o,” he muffled on your lips, trying his best to try and pull away from your captivating lips on his, though it was incredibly hard with those velvety lips of yours.
“S/o!” The bad feeling in his stomach grew, and he suddenly realized it had been because he didn’t want such a special moment for the two of you, to be spoiled by a petty fight neither of you would remember in a few days. He didn’t want your shared story to be an argument that leads to sex. Call him a hopeless romantic but, that simply didn’t sit right with him.
Shuichi pulled away abruptly, apologizing under his breath as he avoided eye contact with a slightly puzzled you. “I…” He started nervously, gently nestling his forehead atop your beating heart in an attempt to self-soothe himself.
"I don’t want us to finally, um, do... This out of- of anger and- S/o, you have to know that I love you so much and that I-” That wasn’t what he meant to say, it didn’t come out right, but no matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t think of what he had originally planned to say. His mind was jumbled, words weren’t good enough for him anymore. Shuichi began to prick small unwanted tears at the corner of his eyes as he rambled with sincere intention.
“I don’t want to look back at this day and- Or what if you regr-”
You shook your head frantically before he could finish his sentence, gentle fingertips tapping the underside of his head as you urged him to look into your eyes. You sighed fondly as you swam in those pools of liquid gold, a small, assuring smile contorting onto your face.
“It’s okay, I know, I know you didn’t mean it.” You took another breath as you continued, a deeper inhale. “And I know what you mean but, Shuichi I… No matter what, I could never regret a single thing with you,” His hands tightened around you.
“And frankly, it doesn’t matter how we ended up… Doing this with each other.” It was kind of funny how you both couldn't say the word 'sex'. A three-letter word that may have seemed terrifying to the two of you back then, started to gradually lose its intimidation factor.
“Because as long as you love me, and I love you, that’s all that will matter.” You lightly laughed at how sappy you sounded; wondering if you’d be this romantic when reciting your vows.
You two weren't even married.
But Shuichi would be lying through his teeth if he said he hadn't visualized you in a veil; and wow, did you look amazing.
Shuichi paused, gazing up at you with intense affection, and love for you. You could feel your cheeks heat up from how intently he gazed at you, you couldn't help but slightly shrink underneath his gaze.
Without missing another beat, Shuichi suddenly broke the gaze, and wrapped his arms underneath your bottom, picking you up with a concealed struggle. He'd have thought spending most of his time typing in that office, would give him some sort of arm strength.
Well, you'd find out later, wouldn't you?
Making his way to the bedroom carefully, Shuichi gently set you down on your back, trapping you in between his arms and locking his lips back onto yours soft and slowly, unlike his last pecks.
You could feel your heart rate speed up as he started to run his hand underneath the thin material of your top, and despite the rising anxiousness itching at you, the feeling of love and anticipation easily overpowered the feeling — though not completely.
For a split second, Shuichi pulled away to pull your shirt up and over your head, and the moment his loving, eager golden eyes found their way back to you, he swore he almost suffered a cardiac arrest on the spot.
With your hands resting beside your head, lips swollen and exposed chest heaving; he thought you looked like the most stunning human being that had ever graced this earth.
And he wasted no time showing you how he felt.
Quickly stripping himself of his shirt, you watched in slight amusement as he struggled to throw the material across his room, his eagerness becoming his enemy. He felt the mattress slightly dip and inflate, though he couldn't see anything as his vision was obstructed. Shuichi — despite having a feeling you had sat up and was probably going to help — didn't want to submit into his embarrassment just yet. He could take off his shirts, and he was going to prove it-
His eyes clenched shut in frustration, suddenly shot open as he felt a cool breeze hit his warm face, as well as the sound of quiet laughter.
"C- come on, don't laugh...!" Shuichi complained half-heartedly.
You grinned. "Sorry, sorry," You raised your hands in defence, taken by surprise as
Shuichi pinned the same hands back onto the bed, playfully pecking your face all over before moving down the valley of your neck and collarbone.
You did your absolute best to not laugh as Shuichi had told you to, but you couldn't prevent the huge, goofy smile that broke out on your face. The euphoria of having someone you truly love and trust, showering you with affection, combined with the ticklish feeling of his slightly chapped lips on your neck, had caused you to giggle.
"Is it- Is it really that funny?" Shuichi grumbled, kisses turning into gentle bites as he wanted to get you to make noises that weren't giggles; not that he didn't adore the sound.
Just not in this situation, nor position.
"It's not, I-" You snorted, "I promise! I just, I feel really, really happy right now." You admitted in between laughter.
You felt Shuichi pause against your neck, and your laughter died down as you wondered if you did something wrong.
"Shuichi-?" You squeaked as you felt his warm breath and kisses travel quickly towards your stomach, right above where you wanted it most. You could feel your face heat up, as well as your core, from the mere puff of air.
Your excitement slowly turned to dread as you felt his hands slowly slide down to the waistband of your pants, and without realizing it, you stiffened up. You felt slightly guilty of your reaction; you wanted this, right? You were so excited a moment ago, where did it go? The logical part of you didn't seem to want to chime in and say, 'It's a natural reaction!'
So you settled for chewing your lip in an attempt to distract yourself from the heart-wrenching guilt.
The action hadn't gone unnoticed by Shuichi; he knew that habit all too well. It was a nervous habit, quite often in many people, but it always seemed to drive Shuichi crazy when you did it. He never noticed when others did, as he was constantly too busy staring straight at you like a boy with a hopeless crush.
But look at him now.
Shuichi from 6 months ago probably wouldn't believe the Post-Shuichi, that he had got the chance to be your boyfriend, let alone share such an intimate moment with someone as special as you.
"Hey, look at me," He grinned gently as he caught your attention.
"It's... It's just me here. You don't have to worry, or be nervous because I'm right here, and I... I'll love you no matter what." It was hypocritical to say, as his hands had practically been quivering beyond his control, but he spoke the sincere truth for you.
He watched in slight anxiousness as you stayed in silent, stunned shock. Shuichi started wondering if he should've said something else-
"O- Okay, yeah, you can- You can, um." You didn't mean to sound so awkward, but you hoped the slight eagerness laced in your voice made the message clear enough for him.
Shuichi slipped his thumbs underneath the waistband of your pants, golden eyes focused entirely on your face as to detect any discomfort.
Seeing none, he slipped the rest of it off, growing excited yet also nervous as he saw you for the first time. "You're soaked..." He uttered underneath his breath in stunned awe, unwillingly causing you to jerk your legs shut.
And who's fault is that!? You wanted to say that, but in the condition and position you were in right now, it didn't seem very possible nor ideal.
You let out a small whimper as you felt Shuichi gently encourage your legs back open, a small pout on his face as you hadn't given him enough time to savour the visual.
No words were said, and no words were needed as Shuichi communicated his wanton need for your pussy with nothing but his eyes. Captivated and persuaded by his puppy-dog eyes, you hesitantly opened your legs back up, silently gasping as you felt the cold air hit your glossy folds yet again.
Your momentary shock faltered into embarrassed confusion as you caught Shuichi staring at it with a thoughtful gaze. It was strange; you felt like an animal at the zoo up for display to just... Stare at.
But perhaps the most embarrassing thing about the whole thing was the stars in his eyes as he watched you twitch and shudder. “Sh- Shuichi.” You tried to snap him out of his gaze, face growing hotter and hotter as time passed by with him continuing to stare at your impatient pussy.
“I’m just going to… Put one in.”
If there was anything Shuichi had learned from the numerous articles on how to please your partner during sex, is to always prep them.
“Wait, huh-?"
His finger sunk in easily, prodding finger slipping into a pillowy bundle of nerves; it was like heaven on earth for Shuichi, and he wanted to make sure it felt the same for you.
"Hah- Nnnn!”
Your loud moan snapped him out of his trance, and unfortunately, he had reacted a moment too late as his finger had already been knuckle deep.
Experiencing a mini panic attack, guilt overwhelmed his body, and he moved to pull out, only to be caught by surprise as you caught his wrist right before he could.
"N- No...! It's- It's okay, mmngh- Just- just feels good, is all." You were glad you hadn't lost the complete ability to speak yet; because that'd surely be humiliating, wouldn't it?
Shuichi tensed his hand unintentionally, causing you to jolt slightly as you could feel every single movement. Shuichi's eyes widened in realization and guilt at your sudden reaction.
"A-Ah, sorry! I didn't mean to-" He cut himself off, head tilting as you moaned a little too loud for your taste — but not loud enough for his.
Shuichi shifted himself, so his face was hovering over your blissed-out one, slight confusion taking over your features as he seemed to be watching you carefully, almost as if he was expecting something —
With a sharp inhale, you felt your hole swallow in another finger, the pleasure now doubled up. If this is what fingering felt like... Then you'd have to assume the main course felt 5x as good as this, right?
Your hands shot up to his shoulders to dig your nails into, the pleasure finally becoming too much as he started experimentally moving in and out slowly.
Shuichi would've asked, 'Is this okay?' but judging by your moans and pleas for more, he concludes he has his answer.
Running his thumb down your folds, Shuichi decided he would explore your pussy as he continued his slow thrusts in your clenching hole — and what better way to do that than to accidentally brush his fingers against your clit?
You nearly sobbed, climax rising alarmingly close, before dropping as Shuichi continued with his exploration.
"Shuichi! T- There! Right there! Please!" You repeated like a mad man, nearly jolting up if it wasn't for Shuichi's body that loomed over you.
With a confused, but obedient nod of his head, Shuichi tested the waters yet again, eyebrows furrowing as he pressed around in random spots. "Ah!" His eyes widened in slight achievement as he watched you start to violently spazz out the moment he pressed onto a button-like nerve.
"C- Coming, I'm- I'm comin- Ahnn!" Shuichi began roughly circling his thumb over the bundle of nerves, unknown of how sensitive the nerve was, and unknowingly forcing you into overstimulation.
"Sh- Ah- W- Wait!" You stammered, squirming away from his unrelenting hand, unsure as to why it had felt as strong as it felt. "Wait, please!" Shuichi suddenly pulled away from your clit, panic taking over his body yet again as he carefully picked you up and slipped you onto his lap.
"I- I'm sorry...! I didn't... Are you- Are you okay?" He stuttered, eyes wide with concern.
Had he gone too far? Was he missing something? Maybe there was a spot you didn't like?
You shook your head, doing little to assure the rising storm of worry you knew Shuichi would accumulate.
"I- I'm okay, it felt good. I think you just overstimulated me a bit but," You brought your arms around his neck, scooching your partially numb ass over his erection.
"... Not like I didn't like it." You grinned lopsidedly, leaning up to capture his lips into a passionate kiss, one filled to the brim with ever-lasting passion. He wasted no time to reciprocate, face slightly reddening as he groaned from the slightest pressure of your thigh pressing down against his erection.
"Sorry...-" Shuichi slipped in an apology, before quickly being sent back into the depths of your touch.
"Don't be-" You countered, letting one of your hands run down the crevices and nooks of his scrawny chest and stomach, down to trace his faint V-line.
"Mm-" An unplanned moan slipped out, and the blush on his cheeks worsened. He was sensitive, and that was to be expected for a first-timer. Though Shuichi refused to believe it was his sensitivity, but your soft touch.
Jolts of pleasure shot up his spine, and his pants only grew tighter, to the point where his brain was screaming at him to take them off.
Lucky for him, you complied without another thought.
You broke the kiss, resting your forehead against his chest as you hunched over to unbuckle his pants. The breathy and beautiful sounds of Shuichi panting like a dog-in-heat above you only made your fingers work faster. The sound of his zipper being pulled down hit his ears, and his eyes clenched tight shut as he felt a curious hand fiddle with his boxers.
"Can I...?"
He nodded frantically, an adorable eagerness overtaking control of his actions.
As you slipped your hand into the binds of his grey-scale boxers, you weren't sure what you were going to see, or how he would feel once you got your hands on his stiff length.
Shuichi wasn't sure what he was expecting either, but expectations didn't matter when you were with each other, right?
"H- Hnnnn...!"
Well, even so, he sure as hell wasn't expecting his strained whine he let out the moment your hand coiled around the base of his cock. With his whine unintentionally egging you on, you decided to pull it out all the way, curious to see him.
God, if you were to laugh now, he'd probably die.
The truth was, you weren’t sure if you could physically laugh, nor breathe…. Or even speak for that matter. He rendered you speechless, and as he tried to read your expression, he found himself praying the silence was a good thing. Though before the thick, lust-filled air could suffocate you both, you decided to voice your thoughts.
“W- Will that fit…?” Your face was probably as hot as a pizza pocket fresh out of the oven.
Now, you weren’t sure what a real dick looked like; you hadn’t seen one in real life before, so maybe it was average in dick sizes, but you couldn’t help but shudder from uncontrollable excitement combined with the fear of that thing tearing into you.
Shuichi noticed the look of fear on your face, and his instinct kicked in; nervosity and anxiety went as he focused on your needs instead, something he’d always done, to an almost unhealthy point.
You let yourself fall back onto the mattress yet again, your head that had been lost in its own thoughts, hitting the plush pillows as Shuichi softly guided you comfortably down. It seemed only now did you realize you were completely bare to Shuichi, head to toe, naked. What a convenient time.
Shuichi’s T-Shirt struggles couldn’t distract you now, and so there you sat, avoiding eye contact with the worried boy as you shrunk further into yourself. You were ready, you repeated to yourself. But perhaps your true fear had been, was he ready for you?
His voice broke the upsetting silence, and out came the words you didn’t want to hear. “If you’re having doubts, we don’t have to do this today, or ever, for that matter.” Shuichi was so close to you, you could practically hear the sound of his little heart beating unevenly. Your hand subconsciously lifted and set itself on his chest to try and feel the small hum and vibration of his heart, and for a second you almost forgot what he had asked.
“I… Shuichi, I want this but,” You weren’t sure how to explain, and a part of you wished he could just read your mind and tell you exactly what you wanted to hear. But relationships weren’t that easy.
“I… What if I dissatisfy you? Like, what if I’m too small, or too loose, or- or what if how I look impacts the experience; are you sure you want to have your very first time with someone like me? Like-” Shuichi cut you off with his lips, the desire for you to stop talking about things that would never happen, as well as the desire to kiss you, combining into this moment.
The man wore an expression of pure earnestness; the confidence he had almost scared you. “I love you so much, and none of that matters to me. I promise you, none of that will ever happen.” His voice was heartbreakingly sincere, to the point where you felt guilty for doubting him.
He, honest to god, understood how you felt completely. Shuichi was afraid he would cum too early, or if he wasn’t long enough, or girthy enough- He was terrified of ruining your first experience with him, he just didn’t want to look the emotion because he was afraid diffidence wasn’t sexy.
Maybe it was ridiculous, but to be fair, your assumption of yourself dissatisfying him was even more so.
Not trusting your own voice to speak, you simply averted your eyes and nodded, exhaling slowly as you tried to push your doubts away. Shuichi followed your gaze, using a gentle hand to tilt your head back to face him, wanting you to look at him as he finally puts it in.
“I’ll go… really slow, okay? Tell me if you want me to stop, okay baby?” You went beet red at the new pet name, but before you could counter his sneaky remark, your voice and breath were stolen from you as you felt something warm throb at your entrance. Was that his —
“Sh- Shit...!” You hissed, eyes clenching tightly shut to conceal the small tears prickling at the corners of your eyes. You were right, it was going to hurt.
Shuichi had only slipped in the tip of his cock, marvelling at how easily it sunk in at fault to your slick. He bit back several low moans that threatened to spill out of his mouth, God, you felt so warm inside. Perhaps it was a gross thought, but Shuichi hadn’t exactly been thinking anymore, eyes clouded and nearly crossed from the intense, foreign but pleasing feeling.
“H- How does It feel this good…?” He slipped quietly to himself, eyes lidded as he lost himself in your embrace.
Gulping harshly, he stilled his hips and tore his eyes away from your walls that hugged him so snugly, shifting his attention instead to your pained expression. With a hushed and strained voice, Shuichi voiced several shy but sincere praises and assurances.
His bony hands travelled up from your hips, to lace your hands, fingers shakily lacing your fingers together. Shuichi found himself sighing in relief as he could feel your stiffness slipping away, squeezing your hand as a reminder that he was proud of you for it.
“Do you want me to move?” Shuichi asked, worried eyes darting to your concealed ones.
You pursed your lips, hesitating to shake your head no. You knew they couldn’t stay like that forever — Well, Shuichi probably would’ve if you told him to, but you couldn’t do that to him. Then again, you were still trying to get used to the painful yet filling intrusion in between your legs.
You were on a mental crossroad, unsure of what to say in response to such a simple question. And great, now you left him too long without a reply; the poor guy was just laying there. You could hear your brain screaming at you to just say something! Just fucking say something-!
Shuichi noticed your slight discomforted expression, as well as feeling you tense underneath him. A light bulb went off in his head as he thought of a way to make it all better, and he opened his mouth to speak once again.
“Hey, it’s okay, it’s okay, just um… Just trust me, okay?” You felt him squeeze your hands again, to which you squeezed back, voice caught in your throat.
You trusted him, of course, you did. What if he didn't know how much you trusted him? You would put your entire life in his hands, you would jump off a cliff if he told you it was safe.
Your lifeline spoke up again, "Take a deep breath and then exhale at three. R- Ready?"
You nodded, taking the deepest breath you could.
"One," Shuichi whispered.
"Two," You felt your shoulders relaxing.
"Three." As soon as your entire body sunk into the sheets, relaxing completely, he sunk the rest of his length inside you, pushing harshly against your hands pinned on the bed for leverage. Shuichi had been holding his breath as to not moan too loud, despite the foreign feeling, it almost felt like it was meant to be like this. Would it be cheesy if he thought fucking you was his destiny?
You gasped sharply, eyes shooting open as your jaw dropped, silent screams escaping your mouth as your back arched into him.
"Ah- Ah!" Your strained moans grew louder as the stretch finally registered within you. A bead of sweat formed on your forehead as you squeezed his hands tightly, wanting to pull him closer.
Shuichi didn't say anything, biting down on his lip and nearly drawing blood as he bottomed out, his balls clapping gently on the tender skin of your ass.
You couldn't help but whine uncontrollably the feeling being too much. You could feel everything. The small curve of his perfect cock, the feeling of his tip pulsating into your walls and every goddamn accidental shift of his Shuichi’s hips.
With his hips pressed as close as they could be against yours, you had no choice but to wrap your legs around his waist, heels bumping against his tail bone as you did such.
Everything seemed to slow after a couple of seconds filled with breathy silence, your heart rate slowing down as well. The stretch remained, but the pain slowly melted away with every exhale you took, pleasure and need overtaking it instead. “Sh- Shuichi.” After hearing your voice so brittle, Shuichi lifted his head from your shoulder in urgency and concern. “Y- Yeah? D- Don’t worry, I won’t move until y-”
“N- No, you can- You can move, it- I want it.” You stammered over your words, suddenly shy as you pleaded for him. It was embarrassing to be begging for something so lewd, but you’d soon learn that embarrassment wasn’t valid when you were screaming your lungs out.
You’d wonder why you were both suddenly so timid with each other, treating each other like fragile glass that could break if you arose your voice too high.
Nodding uncertainly at your words, Shuichi gave your hands one last reassuring squeeze unsure if he had done that to assure you or him.
With a shaky inhale, Shuichi tested the waters by rolling his hips against yours gently. Worrying whether he was doing it right, as well as worrying if he hurt you. Though he’d be lying if the worry didn’t somewhat slip his mind the moment he felt that nearly irresistible wave of bliss wash over his body. Not wanting the feeling to stop, Shuichi decided he’d do it again, causing you to moan louder than the first time.
He couldn’t help but feel something strike his heart, and before he knew it, he was thrusting harder, more, aiming in different directions to get you to moan louder.
“Hah!” It was a foreign feeling, but that didn’t necessarily mean it was a bad thing. You could feel your heart pulsating, a thin layer of sweat cultivating on your skin and his, and most of all you could feel Shuichi moving inside you. Every inch of him rubbed against your walls, and all of it just felt so fucking addicting.
“S/o!” His call for your name had lost itself in the sea of your moans as well as his own.
You could only reply in rickety moans, body bouncing as each thrust he granted upon you pushed your head closer to the headboard; the only thing keeping you as close as you were to Shuichi, being your connected hands.
“Sh- Shuichi, fuck!” You couldn’t even remember your name anymore, the name of your lover rolling off your tongue a couple of hundred times as your eyes rolled into the back of your skull, his hard pace driving you to insanity. You couldn’t even recognize yourself anymore, moans that escaped your lips sounded so pornographic you couldn’t possibly assume those were yours.
Shuichi on the other hand had been moaning and grunting like he was in pain; the way your walls clenched around him had brought him closer and closer to his high, but he didn’t want to cum just yet. He wanted to get that sweet spot.
It was so incredibly gratifying every time you called out his name; maybe not-so for the neighbours, but he couldn’t help but feel slightly smug as his neighbours would’ve known that it was — “Shuichi!” — who had been making you wail and moan like that.
Your uncertainty and discomfort from earlier disappeared into thin air, forgotten forever as you lost yourself in this new feeling of being plowed like a cornfield.
Finally finding the energy and courage to pry open your tear-filled eyes, your jaw remained slack, mouth blubbering out nonsense and ‘I love you’s as you made eye contact with Shuichi.
You felt your heart stutter and stop a moment as you saw how pretty he looked at that moment. With his facial expression contorting into one of pure pleasure, and a thin layer of sweat making his skin almost seem like it was glowing, combined with the loving look in his eyes; it was all too much, and before you knew it, you made your own lewd expression as you felt a foreign knot suddenly build up and untie in your stomach just as quick.
With stuttered, pathetic attempts at pleading his name, you attempted to get his attention as you had been slightly afraid of what was building up inside you. “Sh- Shu- Some- Something’s- Mmnhah!” You sobbed out, jaw going slack as screams poured out from your throat.
Shuichi’s eyes widened just a fraction as he realized what was happening, slowing his hips before suddenly going faster than before, grunting as he brought himself back to his high. “It’s- It’s okay baby, just let go- Urk—!” Shuichi wheezed as he felt your trembling vaginal walls clamp onto his throbbing length, feeling as if he had just gotten the air punched out of him. Well, you were only following his order.
Hunching over you, he squeezed your hands as he rolled his hips one last time, slow and deep, causing you to elicit a louder scream from the spot he hit. He had to suppress a thankful smile; there it was. He began to dig his glans especially hard into that spot, causing you to sob and squirm from the intense pleasure he had been putting onto you. “S- So good- I- I can’t-” You stammered, mind fuzzy and misfunctioning as your orgasm had been concentrated by Shuichi’s bold action.
You wondered if this was his first time; he seemed so experience like he knew all the right spots to press and prod at.
When really, he just read way too many porn mags.
Shuichi’s breath hitched as he felt his cock twitch, not long after the mini action, he had finally released inside you, going slack over your body as he nearly cried into your shoulder from how good it felt. Desperate and shaky moans and groans spilled from the binds of his thin lips, and no matter how hard he tried to dig himself into your neck, the moans remained loud.
Time seemed to slow down, Shuichi had gone flaccid inside you and quiet as he tried to catch his breath. Despite the lower half of your body still incredibly sensitive and numb, you managed to switch your positions, shifting him, so he was laying on his side instead of you.
He let himself be cradled by you, sweaty skin sticking together in an uncomfortably comfortable way. It was warm.
“... God, we should’ve done that months ago.” You half-joked, voice gravelly.
Shuichi groaned in response, wincing as he pulled out slowly.
“I don’t think I.. regret waiting.” Shuichi truthfully spoke, smiling a lopsided grin.
“Because it made this moment more special… right?” He hoped he wasn’t the only one to think so.
You nodded, eyes eventually drifting shut. “Yeah… You’re right, you’re.. always right.”
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mizunetzu · a year ago
haha it's me again! could i get iida dating a delinquent male reader? (stuff like he smokes and breaks rules) like iidas trying to get the reader to follow the rules and he's like "i'll do that if you go on a date with me" so he does and the readers actually a really chill guy and they have a fun time, some fluff please?
IIDA DUDE MY GOD. MY RELIGION. MY SAVIOR. ok. Okok so. You said fluff and I delivered. But like-I mayyyyybe sprinkled in some angst. No worries. Fluff ending guaranteed. Also you know I enjoyed writing something when I broke my 1000 words rule. Like sheesh this is 3000 pLUS WORDS-
Also if iidareaders reblogs I’ll eat my shirt in joy
Iida x reader - Selfish Promise
⚠️warnings - delinquent reader? Selfish-y Iida? Idk. None lmao
Pronouns - male, he/him
Tumblr media
(Y/n) wasn’t going to lie. Iida really got on his nerves. He’s always up his ass about sagging his pants down low, or running in the hallways. It’s not like it was his business. He was in class 1-B, for god sakes.
Everyone in 1-A knew him as that “1-B boy” who always liked fucking with Iida. And he did, it was fun to see him get all pissy and red when he unbuttoned his dress shirt to the point you could easily flash him if you tugged hard enough. Iida was pretty, but even more pretty when he’s flustered. He wasn’t going to deny the fluttery feeling in his chest when he sees an opportunity to interact with Iida.
Which is how (y/n) found himself smoking outside the UA dorms, sitting outside on the steps and staring up at the sky. He didn’t smoke much, only when he really needed to destress, but something felt compelling to just pull one out today.
He already heard the engine boosted footsteps hurling his way, a smile growing on his lips. Once the blue haired boy was in sight however, he wiped it off and replaced it with a neutral expression.
“You shouldn’t be smoking on school property, (L/n)-kun!”
“Mm? And you shouldn’t be on 1-Bs dorms. Wait til Vlad or Monoma finds out.”
Iida stumbled back, biting back the scowl forming on his face. He took the cigarette out from (y/n’s) fingers, and stomped on it. (Y/n) clicked his tongue as Iida hiked his glasses up his nose further.
“Stop acting like such a ruffian!”
“Then go on a date with me.”
Iida choked on his own spit. He knew that (y/n) joked around a lot, but this was just excessive.
“(L-L/n), you shouldn’t joke about such intimate matters like that with someone you barely kn-“
“I’m not joking.” (Y/n) stood up from his step, and stood infront of the taller boy. “I’m dead serious.”
Iida opened his mouth, then closed it. “(L/n) it is highly inappropriate for two students, let alone boys, to go on a romantic outing! This is a place for learning!”
“How bout we make a promise then? A deal if you must.” (Y/n) seemed completely calm, but inside he was sweating like a clam. He had said it on impulse, and there was no going back. Either sell it till he declines or hell, he has a date.
“If you be my boyfriend and go out with me for one full day, I’ll stop acting like a ‘ruffian’ or something. I’ll follow the rules and whatnot.”
“B-boyf...” Iidas words got caught in his mouth. “W-WHY?”
“I’m not going to try anything...! It’’s just for my own...reasons...! If...that makes sense...”
Iida ran a hand through his hair. Did (L/n), a delinquent, like-like him? A proper former man from the Iida family? He wasn’t romantically attracted to the shorter boy at all, but this was a good chance! He could finally be set on the right path if he agreed to be his significant other for one day! Easy enough!
Iida pushed up his glasses once more. “Fine. I will do it. But afterwards you better keep your end of the bargain.”
(Y/n) held the tiniest smile and extended his pinky. Iida looked at him confused, before hesitantly interlocking their fingers and shaking it.
“Gimme your number. I’ll text you the info later.” They exchanged phone numbers, and Iida bid him goodbye.
(Y/n) felt like he was on top of the world.
“Oi Iida! Over here!” (Y/n) waved his arms around frantically, trying to get the boys attention. Iida spotted him, and made a beeline towards him. He gave a smile and bowed slightly.
“Good morning, (L/n)-kun.”
“Morning! Haha, I’m glad you came! I didn’t think you’d actually show...and you’re on time aswell! As expected of uptight iida.”
(Y/n) was in a pink, slightly oversized hoodie and black sweatpants. Iida was expecting him to be in full black, ripped clothing with skulls on it. He wasn’t expecting him to look so...soft? If you looked at him, you wouldn’t think he was the same person smoking on the steps of a prestigious school.
“Oh well, what time did you get here?”
“An hour ago.”
Iida deadpanned. Even he wasn’t that extra. “Why...”
(Y/n) rubbed the back of his neck shyly and chuckled. “I was so happy I couldn’t wait, ahaha!”
(Y/n’s) probably smiled more times today then the whole time he’s been enrolled into UA. It was an odd sight, but Iida felt a sort of proudness that he was probably the only one who got to see this side of him. He glanced at his face one more time, this time, looking at his red eyes and cheeks.
“...are your eyes swollen..?”
“Oh I...I couldn’t sleep...”
(Y/n) awkwardly chuckled for the 100th time that morning. Iida was about to go on a tangent about how sleep is important to you, but (y/n) suddenly grabbed his wrist, and pulled him forwards. He was practically dragging the poor boy.
“Is there anything specific you wanna do, Iida?” (Y/n) mused, looking around the plaza.
Iida shrugged.
“No, not really. Today’s more of your day, so I’m fine with anything.”
A bright red painted itself onto (y/n’s) cheeks, as he turned back around to hide it. It was usually iida getting all red and flustered, (y/n) wasn’t used to it. Still, it felt kinda nice.
“Awesome dude!”
(Y/n) went on rambling about places they could go to or eat at, but Iidas ears drowned out the noice as he looked at his smiling face. He didn’t know someone so...rude, could look so sweet. (Y/n) tugged at Iidas shoulder.
“...though I suppose, we could just go to a field and train, right?”
(Y/n) got back up to his feet for the 5th time, and charged at Iida. He knew he couldn’t beat him with speed, so he’d have to rely on his quirk as much as he could. They were sparring in a little patch of grass near a small clearing, with a big tree providing the two boys shade. Iida swerved out of the way, making the smaller boy tumble onto the ground face first.
“Ah! (Y/n)! Are you okay?”
Iida rushed to the boys side and tangled his fingers in his hair. “It’s a little swollen but it’s not bleedi...(L/n)-kun...?”
(Y/n) hid his blush with the back of his hands and tensed up. “You..called me...(y/n)...dude..”
It was Iidas turn to tense up. His glasses fogged up as he swung his arms around madly. “IM TERRIBLY SORRY! IT WAS AN ACCIDENT, I SWEAR! IJUSTGOTWORRIEDANDSAIDITONACCIDEN-“
“Dude it’s fine! I-I dont mind..!” (Y/n) jabbed him lightly on the chest.
“L-let me treat you to some food! As apology for your head I mean!” Iida stood up, pulling (y/n) to his feet aswell.
(Y/n) was rambling on nervously again, with chopsticks resting nimbly between his fingers. Iida couldn’t help but gaze at his face. His eyes were softer than he expected, softer than the mockingly hardened eyes he pointed like a sword towards people at UA. His gentle clad smile could raise the heavens, with one crinkle near his left eye and a dimple dangerously close to the corner of his mouth. He had unusually long eyelashes for a guy, but it made him look even more pretty for a bad boy.
“Why are you a delinquent at school when you’re such a sweet and funny person?” The words dripped out of Iidas mouth unconsciously, quickly covering his mouth too late.
(Y/n) flushed bright red, squeezing his chopsticks a little too tightly. “W-well...I don’t know. It’s not like I’m doing it on purpose. People just think I am because i don’t like socializing with everyone I meet? Like-id rather hang out with someone I know and like than go out of my my way to befriend all of class B, y’know? Does that make sense? Ahaha sorry I’m rambling again. I don’t get to talk much with my few friends. And they’ve pretty much heard everything I have to say so it’s refreshingtotalktoa-“
Iida cut him off before he talked his tongue off. “If you don’t talk to people you don’t know well, then why are you talking to me so openly?”
“Because I like you.”
(Y/n) said it like it was the most obvious thing in the world. He wasn’t tripping over his words, or laughing nervously. He looked at Iida and said it like saying “the sky is blue” with so much certainty, it made a knot tighten in iidas throat.
Iidas question was, why though? Why did his heart thump along the buttery smooth rhythm of (y/n’s) voice? Why did his head reel every time he saw (y/n’s) eyes light up talking about something he found interesting? Why was he at such a loss for words when his gaze fell on him so attentively?
Iida cleared his throat. Maybe he was just excited to have a new friend. He didn’t see him in a romantic light! How could he? He’s just worked up on the fact that this hardass delinquent boy wasn’t who he thought he was.
“Shall we go, then?”
The date went by like a dream. Technically it wasn’t over yet, as the promise was for a full “day”, but window shopping and dicking around while Iida chops aggressively really tires you out. They both ended the day by sparring at the same clearing, before taking refuge on a bus stop bench. The sun was completely gone. Leaving behind the pasty purple and blue sky, washing over and killing the clouds.
“Ahhh, time flies by so fast! Damn, well, the days still not yet over soooo.”
“Yes, yes I know.” Iida chuckled. He thought he was going to have to bear through this day, but it was actually quite splendid. He definitely feels like he’s made a new friend.
“Well, is there anything you wish to do before the day is over?”
“Yeah um, so,” (y/n) cast his eyes down, fiddling with his fingers. “C-can we hold hands..?”
Iida wordlessly set his hand on top of (y/n’s) smaller one, waiting as he interlocked their fingers together. His hand was warm, way warmer than (y/n) was expected. He didn’t know, Iida seemed like a cold hands guy.
They sat quietly under the ambient streetlight, occasionally rubbing a thumb over the others hand, feeling it’s warmth and staring off into the distance. Iida didn’t notice his eyes drooping lower and lower until they were finally closed.
Iida let his thoughts roam. It was something he did when he was going to bed, or simply just resting his eyes for a bit. He thought of his family, what he would do for class on Monday, and finally, (y/n). It was the most prominent thing on his mind, and not because he was unconsciously resting his head on his shoulder, softly but firmly gripping the warm hand underneath his own.
The idea of (y/n) so soft and vulnerable in front of anyone else didn’t sit right with him. He wanted that sweet, kind side all to himself. It was selfish, and even wrong if he thought about it. (Y/n) was so sweet and respectable during this “date” of theirs. Perfect manners for when inside the classroom. If anything, he should be more than glad to have the world share this side of him.
So why was he feeling this way?
He felt a shoulder nudge from under his head, before a hand started vigorously poking at his cheek. He initially ignored it, but once he registered the current situation he jerked up and
“Iida. Iida wake up. It’s 11:40. We should be heading back before midnight. A-at least I want to so we can um...we can still technically legally hold hands by promise-“
Iida rubbed at his eyes in embarrassment. “My sincerest apologies for falling asleep! It was not my intention-“
”oh no it’s all good! I-I kinda fell asleep too. It’s been like...2 hours.”
Iida checked his watch. (Y/n) was right. 11:45 pm. He knocked his glasses up higher on the bridge of his nose and stood up. He extended a hand to (y/n) who tiredly accepted it and pulled himself off the bench.
They spedwalked towards the train station to catch a train back to UA, when (y/n) tugged on his sleeve, halting temporarily.
Iida turned around with a hum. (Y/n) kept his eyes fixated on the ground, but held on to the sleeve of Iidas jacket like a lifeline.
“ almost over.”
“Yes, um, it’s about 11:57 so we should hurry back-“
“Before the day officially ends,...can you kiss me?”
Iida focused on (y/n’s) downcast face. It wasn’t an expression of nervousness or any sort of flustered emotion. Instead it held a look of unreadable shame.
“If you do, then I would have no regrets. My feelings for you will also end here. I’ll try my best to end it. My feelings grow stronger for you everyday when we bicker or when I simply just see you, so I want to end this with a grand fina-“
“I refuse.”
(Y/n) looked up. Iida glasses glared white, preventing him from seeing his cerulean eyes. But he got his answer from the frown Iida was sporting on his face. Even he could agree, it was a silly request, but he couldn’t help by feeling just a tad bit hurt by how quickly he was shut down.
“I understand.”
(Y/n) averted his eyes, flushing with embarrassment. He scanned the area for something other than Iida to look at, before his eyes landed on the parks clock.
12 am.
The date was officially over.
(Y/n) was quick to let go of the sleeve he’d been clutching for a while now. “A-ah! The day has ended. The dates over.”
He stepped back and ducked his head into a 90 degree bow. “Thank you so so much for coming with me today.”
“I’m really happy.”
His expression betrayed his words. If there was one word to describe it, Iida would say it looked dead. Hollow, even. It looked hollow, like the sinking feeling harboring itself in his chest. He knocked against his ribcage multiple times to shake the achy feeling in his chest, but it never went away.
“Well, let’s head back now. It’s late.”
(Y/n) silently walked past Iida. It wasn’t until seeing his watery face drenched in silent hot tears walk by that Iida realized,
He was in love with (L/n) (Y/n).
He was in love with the sweet delinquent boy who smokes and sits on desks, but also has the most hypnotizing laugh. He was in love with the boy who wore saggy pants to school, but also wore an oversized pink hoodie that made Iida reluctantly imagine him wearing one of his own jackets. Oh, how cute he would look.
He was hopelessly, graciously, entirely in love with (L/n) (Y/n).
Iida ran up to (y/n), who had walked past him and kept going with the assumption that he was behind him. His breath crystallized in the form of fog when he ran, faster than he ever did without using his engines. There wasn’t enough time to hike the fabric of his pants up, and he’d rather not burn them to a crisp with the steam from his engine.
He wasn’t sure if he heard him. He was still a great length away.
He was closer now. Close enough for him to hear. He was either lost in his thoughts or outright ignoring him.
The boy whipped his head around so fast, his tears flung into the cold air and landed beside him on the ground. Iida didn’t think far ahead as to brace for landing, choosing instead to glomp (y/n) into a soul crushing hug. Though, it was more of a tackle with the the way they both tumbled over and hit the ground with a thud.
(Y/n) was able to soften the blow with his quirk, but the impact of Iida landing on his chest still knocked the wind out of him. He was waiting for Iida to start swinging his hands and start apologizing profusely, but instead got pulled up to his knees and encased in a more gentle hug.
He was buried in the crook of Iida neck, who in return nuzzled himself into (y/n’s) hair. They stood, or rather kneeled, in a stiff silence, rocking back and forth ever so gently.
“Wah! Don’t apologize! You did nothing wrong, you had the full right to deny my request-“
“No, not for that.” Iida untangled himself from the warmth of (y/n’s) body to look at him seriously. “I’m sorry for breaking our promise. Our deal.”
(Y/n) wiped his stray tears away, all bitterness turning itself into lighthearted confusion. “But you didnt-“
(Y/n’s) words fizzled out in his throat when a pair of lips shut him up. His eyes fluttered closed as he wrapped his arms shakily around Iidas neck, drawing him closer than he already his. After what seemed like forever, Iida suddenly jumped back with fogged up glasses and heavy blush on his face.
“I’m sorry! I’m sorry! I wasn’t thinking! Forgive me!”
“You know, all you’ve done was apologize all day. Is this what you normally do in class?”
“NO!” Iida fell back on his ass, a yelp escaping from his throat. (Y/n) chuckled ironically, pushing himself up to his feet and extending a hand towards the blue haired boy.
“I still don’t see how you broke our deal.”
Iida dusted himself off and adjusted his glasses. “Well-listen I-“ For once in his life, he was at a loss for words.
“I...want to e-extent it. O-Our date, I mean.”
Iida stood rigid as a board as (y/n) blinked.
“Wait-so like, you’ll go out with me tomorrow?”
“And the day after that.”
“Yes I suppose so.”
“A-and how bout a week from now-“
Iida grabbed (y/n’s) shoulders and shook him roughly. And by rough, I mean rough. This boy has enough beef to throw (y/n) into the sun.
Iida has never considered himself selfish. He wasn’t the type to want something all to himself. If his friends wanted to be friends with someone he disapproved of, so be it. If he bought food but a fellow classmate was starving, he’d be eating only half as his classmate would be happily munching on their portion. If it was reasonable, he’d be willing to give up anything. It was the right thing to do.
Surely all of those good deeds would permit him to be selfish just this once. He’d never known the feeling of wanting something so bad to the point you felt like you were boiling. Of wanting no one else to have someone look at them the same way they looked at him. And how utterly satisfying it felt to have someone to claim as your own. Just this once couldn’t hurt anyone.
And by god, the impossibly wide smile (y/n) held was one thousand percent worth it.
“Halt! No running in the hallways, (L/n)-Kun!”
(Y/n) slowed down to a stop and sighed. “Dude, get off my dick.”
“Still pestering (L/n) huh? As expected of Iida!” Mina and Uraraka giggled, as they both disappeared inside the 1-A classroom. The hallway was empty now, making both Iida and (y/n) relax. (Y/n’s) pissed off expression softened, a smile now growing on his face. Iida swears it’s like talking to two different people. It’s kind of scary.
“Good morning, Tenya-Chan~”
“Uh-uh. Don’t ‘Tenya-Chan’ me. You know the rules. You owe me a kiss for breaking a rule. Gimme.”
Iida made grabby hands at (y/n), puckering his lips jokingly. God, he didn’t want to admit it but (y/n’s) sense of humor was rubbing off on him.
(Y/n) snorted at his boyfriends antics, pressing a gentle kiss onto his mouth. “Well-I gotta go, bye bye, Tenya! See you later. Call me, you sexy lamppost.”
(Y/n) timpered off to his classroom, his bad boy attitude returning once he stepped inside. Iida stood there, in utter confusion, before turning around and walking inside his own class.
“Ne ne, Iida, I’ve noticed you’re kinda like...less strict with that 1-B baddie. What’s up?”
Mina followed behind Iida with a curious, shit eating smile on her face.
“Ah. We...became good friends. He’s not as bad as I thought, I suppose.”
Mina looked at Iida unconvinced.
“You know, I saw you and bad boy kissing out there. My god. Iida. You gay liar.”
Iida, along with probably everyone else in class 1-A, collectively choked on air.
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miomio-san · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
mammon is a man (demon) who people tend to not take seriously. he hates it, obviously, but he knows that you will always take him as seriously as he wants to be taken.
you don’t bully him or insult him like those around him. you usually will tease him but nothing overboard because, unlike most people, he takes your words to heart. so, if mans heard you making fun of him with his brothers (& not in a playful manner) he’d feel absolutely betrayed.
mammon, whether he wants to admit it or not, is a jealous person. he hates, hates, hates, people who feel like they can just be casual with you, especially those he doesn’t know.
he gets all huffy and pouty but he’ll eventually (& with extreme difficulty) tell you that he feels like you’ll leave him for someone else.
mammon is hella insecure but he hides it with his bravado and superiority complex that it seems like mans is just a fucking loud mouthed, self-centered, money hungry, scummy idiot. (and while some parts of that are true, that’s not all there is to him.)
but what mammon is great at, that seemingly none of his brothers or any demon are good at, is his ability to show sympathy and empathy.
mammon is quite frankly the only brother that seem to possess an incredibly high emotional intelligence. he’s able to read people, their body language, their faces and actions and try to assess the situation.
while his choice of words are often poorly constructed, the intent by those words and actions are what truly make mammon a one of a kind demon.
and mammon loves his family, despite what he may say about them and what they say about him. he loves them to bits and goes out of his way to check up on them. (i.e. bother them.) its homeboy’s way of showing love without seeming “weak.”
he is trustworthy person—well, not with money, perse but he is—he is someone that you can confide to and know that your secrets are safe with him. (sure there will be times where he almost slips up but he usually reels back in before any damage is done.)
mammon is also protective. (that’s pretty obvious.) he will always drop anything to protect those he deems as a loved one. whether you’re a friend, a lover, or some he deemed as family, he will literally push all his shit aside just to make sure you’re alright.
while he may say some stupid shit and do things that will frustrate you to no end, he doesn’t ever want you to see him as a burden. that’s the last thing he wants you to view him as.
he’s had people tell him how he isn’t worthy of the title of “second-born.” they tell him how he’s a “good-for-nothing lowlife scumbag.” and he doesn’t care.
sure their words hurt sometimes, especially when he’s at his lowest, but he doesn’t let it bother him.
but the day you ever repeat those phrases said to him is the day he will truly believe he is everything they’ve said about him.
he doesn’t like when he isn’t around you at all times. (he just really likes your presence—calms him down.)
he enjoys spending time with you in your room. why you might ask? well, for one, its because your entire scent just fills the room, which kinda puts him at ease because he associated your scent with a feeling of calmness, comfort and tranquility.
he also likes rummaging through your stuff to try and see if you keep the items he gives to you.
oh! i forgot to mention his love languages are definitely physical touch, quality time and acts of service.
he’ll combust if you just hold him, or hang out or you even give him that one keychain that you thought he might like because it resembled a crow.
he hords stuff you give him like its gold or a piece of rare metal. he’s ususlly bad with dates but will never forget when you gifted him that smooth, shiny sea glass when you guys went to the beach with his brothers.
he’s kinda of little shit and will say stuff to tick you off but if you go along with his shit he’ll backtrack and start lecturing you.
“gimme some money, mc!” “alright.” “tha—hey, hey! don’t just agree and hand me your money so easily! do you just hand your money to everyone?!” “no. only you.” “ah. oh, uh, w–well, um, thank you. wanna go get some food at hell’s kitchen?” he’s so cute.
mammon just kinda follows you around everywhere.
and when i say everywhere, i mean everywhere. (except the bathroom of course, he just crouches beside the bathroom and waits until you leave.)
it’s literally impossible to see you without him.
people equate mammon to a lost puppy when it comes to you. and it doesn’t help that he stares at you like you hung the stars.
he shamelessly rubs in the fact that you love him in his brothers faces.
(if you like wearing make up) he’s the type of guy to just stare at you putting your make up with wide eyes (even though he’s a model and has had make up probably used on him) because he just can’t help but find everything you do fascinating. he’ll probably even ask if you can teach him. (“for the next time i model.” he says, with a nonchalant shrug.)
he likes when you depend on him and ask him for stuff, makes him feel wanted. he’ll be annoying about it but what do you expect?
“hey, mammon can i borrow some money to buy some snacks?” “what do you think i am? an atm machine? go bother beel—oi, im just kidding! don’t go mc!” — “mammon, can you get me a jacket just like yours?” “huh?! that jacket was expensive! if you think imma just waste money on y—alright, alright! don’t look at me like that imma buy ya it! there, happy?!” — “mammon, can we cuddle?” “hahaha! i guess ya couldn’t resist the great mammon’s charms, huh? its alright, come here human.”
he’s adorable and i love him.
Tumblr media
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petalsrdead · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
pairing: tobio kageyama x female reader (hinata, yachi, tsukishima, tadashi, two original female characters, and parents of both you and kageyama featured)
word count: 2,209 words
summary: your fathers are business partners, so you two have known each other forever, but have always hated and competed to see who was the best. high school graduation has come and gone, and you and tobio decide to face any feelings and hatred you have for each other one on one
warnings: 18+, smut!!, arguing, angst, swearing, bully!kageyama(kinda???), underage drinking (for americans, not those with 18+ drinking ages), kageyama is smart unlike in the manga & anime, oral (f receiving), praise kink, praising in general, some fluffy aftercare,
a/n: this is my piece for @bakugohoex ‘s rich boy collab. read everyone’s pieces here! congrats on the milestone ria! also thank you to @fallxngstarr for helping me with the title for this and beta reading! also if this seems rushed im sorry! work has been kicking my butt.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
the idea of another party between your two families had your head reeling. tobio kageyama was your worst nightmare, and even though your fathers were business partners and friends since junior high, their two children couldn’t get along to save their lives. kageyama always picked on you when one of your mothers watched both of you. he pulled your hair, took your toys, ate your snacks… your mothers joked it was just a way of showing that he liked you.
as the two of you got older and went to school together, you competed academically. the two of you were born four months apart, kageyama being the eldest, so you were in the same class quite often. you both wanted to prove you could be the heirs of the business your fathers worked so hard to build, and you just had some unspoken competition with one another.
you’re both 18 now and having a joint high school graduation party. you were head of the class, tobio right behind you, so everyone was ecstatic. the party was both of your families, friends, and business partners.
it’s a hot summer day, lemonade and watermelon set out for the guests to enjoy. you smooth down your sundress and stand at the door of the kageyama’s mansion.
though your fathers are the heads of the business, kageyama’s dad is the technical ceo, and since he already came from money, it made sense that they lived where they did. kageyama’s mother greets your family at the door, pulling everyone in for hugs.
“(y/n)! you look so stunning! that dress is beautiful!” his mother beams, smiling at you.
“thank you mrs kageyama! i bought it just for today!” you run your hands down the front of it again and smile.
“tobio is in the game room if you’d like to see him.” his father says.
‘that’s not really a suggestion.’ you think to yourself, but nod and excuse yourself, heading into the game room down the hall.
you can hear him yelling, probably at hinata as you walk through the open door. he’s playing some type of combat game.
“dammit hinata! im down!” he yells, slamming his controller against his thigh.
you stand behind him as he sits on the couch and look around the space. he’s got every gaming console a boy could ever want or need, a huge tv, and an amazing surround sound system. a large sectional fills up the room with a mini fridge in the corner.
you walk towards tobio, your nerves kicking in as you step into his view.
“fuck. gotta go hinata. the bitch is here.” he mumbles and throws off his headset.
you wave and smile softly at him, trying to be friendly. “congratulations tobio… i heard about the volleyball commitment—“
“shut up. gods you’re really annoying you know that? why are you even in here? i don’t want to see your stupid face.” he huffs and stands up, walking out of the room.
your smile instantly falters, as you fall into the couch where he was sitting. you play with the hem of your dress as you try and hold back tears. memories of him pushing you off the swings or into his pool when you couldn’t swim without a life preserver surface your mind.
“why is he so mean to me…?” you whisper.
everyone’s family and friends finally arrive, the adults in the kitchen and on the patio drinking wine, and the kids in the pool. shoyo, yachi, tadashi, tsuki, and kageyama are swimming, splashing each other and playing cliche pool games. you’re sitting in the jacuzzi, relaxing along with two of your friends.
“do you think kei will let me suck him off tonight?” your friend chizo whispers, staring at the blonde in the pool.
you scoff. “i doubt it. he’s as much, if not more of an asshole than tobio…”
“well, i think tadashi and i have a shot before summer ends!” your other friend namiko beams.
“i can’t believe kageyama actually agreed to both of you coming over here…” you say, sliding out of the jacuzzi and sitting on the edge of it, sliding your feet back in.
“well, we are your friends and this is a joint graduation party…” chizo mumbles.
“hey guys!” yachi yells, waving and running over to the jacuzzi.
“you wanna play truth or dare and spin the bottle with the rest of us?! i didn’t think it was fair being the only girl…” she mumbles.
namiko and chizo are practically flying out of the hot tub to dry off and get dressed. you just shrug. “i guess were in.”
yachi jumps up and down and claps. “yay! okay everyone’s meeting in the game room in ten minutes, see ya!”
she runs off again, most likely into the house to go make out with hinata.
“namiko, truth or dare?” tsukishima asks, expression as hard as always.
your group is downstairs in the game room, bottles and cans of alcohol scattered around, playing the first round of truth or dare.
“um! dare!” she bites her lip as she looks at the blonde.
“i dare you to make out with tadashi.” namiko and tadashi both gasp, cheeks flushing as they look at each other.
they’re sitting next to each other and their lips desperately collide, the desire for each other obvious through their actions.
“okay. you two can stop now…” chizo mumbles, rolling her eyes.
tadashi and namiko laugh, looking at each other. “okay, (y/n)! truth or dare?”
you shrug and smirk. “how about a dare?”
namiko smirks and looks at you, then kageyama, then back to you. “i dare you to spend seven minutes in heaven with kageyama. in his bedroom…”
“namiko are you serious?!”
“she’s bold… bolder than i thought…”
kageyama’s nostrils flare as he stands up from the floor. “a dares a dare. let’s go (y/n).”
you nod slowly, still in awe of namiko’s dare. you get up and follow tobio. you’ve been in his room before, but it’s been a while. there’s volleyball trophies and certificates all along dressers and pinned to the walls, there’s not a single object out of place, which is shocking for a teen boy’s bedroom.
his expression is harsh as he motions to his bed. “sit.”
you sit, watching him pull out his phone and set a timer at seven minutes. he sits next to you, tossing the phone on the bed.
“we’re not doing anything except sitting here… cool?” he mumbles, glancing at you.
“i was thinking the same thing.” you say, glaring at him.
“what’s that face for?” his brows furrow.
you sigh and shake your head. “i-i’m sick of you being mean to me! you’ve been mean to me since we were little! why?!”
tears peek at your eyes and he shrugs. “i don’t know! maybe i was jealous of you!”
you stand up and move in front of him, glaring once more. “jealous?! of me?! what on earth are you on about tobio?! i should be the one that’s jealous!”
he stands up now and looks down at you, cheeks flushed red with anger. “you’ve gotten to do whatever you wanted! it was practically set in stone that i was going to be the one to take over the company and you were going to go to college. in fact i overheard our parents deciding that once! i don’t want to take over the stupid company (y/n)! i want to play volleyball!”
“y-you heard them say that?” you whisper, looking down at your feet.
tobio’s hand grips your chin so you look up and into his eyes. “yes. that’s why i was an asshole to you all these years. why i never wanted anything to do with you. because you were free to make your own decisions and i wasn’t. it’s not fair.”
you shake your head. “i don’t want to go down the path i’m going either.” you say. “i’d rather run the company than go to college, at least for something other than a business degree.”
his eyes widen at your words, dropping your chin. “you’re serious? when did that decision come to be?”
“only a few nights ago. you should too. maybe we’ll run it together some day. if we both have business degrees, then…”
“i don’t care about the stupid business!” he practically screams.
you flinch away from him and against his bedroom door, hand going to the knob. tobio notices this and sighs. “shit… sorry… sorry i scared you…”
his expression softens and he sits at his computer desk now, putting his face in his hands.
“our lives… they’ve always been planned for us by our parents. you and i getting married, you going to college for like… a doctorate degree in something, my degree in business so i can continue to run the business… i thought… i thought being mean to you would change things, so i could write my own story…” kageyama lifts his head to speak, before placing it in his hands again.
your eyes widen. “y-you’ve… you’ve never really hated me?”
he looks up and opens his mouth to speak, but the phone alarm goes off. you walk over and stop it, staring at him. “kageyama…” you whisper.
he nods. “i… i like you… i really do…”
your cheeks flush and you step over to him, bending down to his level and kissing his lips deeply. he’s in awe, but wraps his arms around your waist and kisses you back. he soon pulls you into his lap, and you knot your fingers in his hair, continuing to kiss him deeply.
the two of you pull away, gasping for air as you look in each other’s eyes. “s-shit… tobio…” you whisper.
he smirks and picks you up, carrying you to the bed. he lays you down, gently, sliding his hands under your sundress. “(y/n)...”
you nod. “g-go ahead…”
he pulls your dress over your head and looks over your form. “beautiful…” he mumbles, large and calloused hands trailing down your stomach to your clothed sex.
he slides his thumb over the material of your panties, catching your clit which causes you to gasp out. he smirks and runs his thumb over it again. “t-tobio!”
he stops and holds a finger to his lips, shushing you. “we have to be quiet…”
you whimper at his words and nod. his brows furrow as he pulls your panties to the side, exposing your cunt to him. you cover your face with your hands, embarrassed at the predicament you’re in. “this is to make up for all these years, okay?”
you peak down at him through your hands and see him sliding his tongue along your folds. you whimper and he does it again, faster and faster he flicks his tongue through your slit. you push the back of your hand down on your mouth and moan, eyes rolling back into your head.
“feels good? you’re doing so good for me baby…” he whispers against your skin.
he dives back into you, lapping at your clit this time, suckling and teasing it with his tongue. you moan louder this time, bucking your hips up into his face. he then wraps his lips around the sensitive bud, sucking at it harshly. you can’t help but yell out, a hand gripping his black hair tightly.
“t-tobio!! it’s too much!!!” you yell out.
he pulls off and wipes his lips on the back of his hand. “c’mon baby… cum for me… let it out…”
as if he couldn’t get more aggressive, his tongue slips between your folds and inside of you, lapping at your juices that come out once again. you pull his hair and he thrusts his tongue in and out of you.
kageyama takes a moment to stare at you. your hair askew and face contorted in pleasure. one hand over your mouth and the other in his hair. he smirks and continues his quick pace.
“t-tobio!! i-im—!” you gasp out, creaming all over his face and tongue.
he slowly licks at you through the orgasm, helping you down from your high. he pulls away and licks his lips, savoring every last drop of your essence.
he takes a finger and collects the rest from his face, then sliding the finger into his mouth and sucking at it. you sit up on your elbows, watching him closely.
“do… do you need me to…?” you mumble nervously, looking to the tent in his shorts.
he shakes his head. “it was all about you… i’ll be fine…”
you nod and reach for your dress, pulling it over your head. he watches you carefully, unsure of what to say. “we should… we should do that again. not now! but sometime…”
you shrug. “i mean we don’t have long until uni starts… so i guess that’s cool…”
“not just that… i-“ he sighs and yanks at his hair. “let me take you out tomorrow? okay!?”
your eyes widen, but you slowly nod. “sure tobio. just don’t bully me…”
he lays next to you, wrapping his arms around your stomach and pulling you back into his chest. “no promises i won’t tease you, but i won’t be an asshole anymore.”
Tumblr media
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never been in love — single dad!steve (headcannon)
Tumblr media
pairing: single dad!steve x teacher!reader
abstract: the one where steve likes you a lot and his daughter does too. 
warnings: it gets a lil smutty towards the end (18+) not really tho, this is so much longer than i intended jfc, bucky being kind of a dick, hint of daddy kink, cheating? 
[a/n]: this was totally inspired by @marvelouspeterparker​ post. i read it and it pulled me out of my writers block so thank u ! also this is so unnecessarily long but i have no excuse other than im a hoe for steve rogers?? 
*** gif isnt mine — i forgot creds srry :/
                             -ˋˏ ༻✿༺ ˎˊ-  
oh god this one is going to hUrt me
but can you just imagine when steve really gets to see you, not just in passing as he picks up his daughter
he nearly shits himself because how in the hell had he not noticed you before?
one any given day, he’s right on time to pick up shai
he’s always punctual
— until today
not only was he late, but he was an hour late and in his mess of mind he was fully convinced they’d never let him bring her to the school again
to make matters even worse his phone had died and his cable was nowhere to be found in his dying, old pick up truck
not to mention his sweet little angel, more than likely frightened out of her mind
— but he was so wrong
practically in a full sprint, he quickly made his way to shai’s classroom when he found her perfectly peaceful while she talked with her teacher
even though, she was facing him and could see him she paid him no mind. it didn’t faze her that her father was so late because you had stayed to keep her company
“well, it looks like he finally decided to show up.” shai spoke to you, loud enough so her father in the doorway could her. the edge in her tone pushing sassy all the way through
of course as soon as shai found her way in steve’s arms he profusely apologized and graciously thanked you for staying with her saying he would repay you for it
— and it definitely had nothing to do with how attracted steve was to you. nope. not at all
you dismissed his gesture, it was a delight to be with shai and you told him such but you had a feeling he wouldn’t let it go
— and he didn’t
the very next day, when he dropped shai off and handed you a dozen pastries he had made fresh this morning
the way you gushed over it, cheekbones high and happy over his kindness made steve’s heart swell
they were still warm and you just couldn’t believe he made these with his bare hands
it was easily the kindest gift anyone ever gave you and you told him that too before you could stop yourself
then he just started bringing you a pastry or two every other day, even if you’d refused them the next day he would bring double the amount he brought the day before
you stopped refusing him bc you already felt guilt since he wouldn’t let you pay for a single one
after two weeks, steve asked you out. you weren’t shocked he had, he had been buttering you up but no matter how charming you thought he was you couldn’t.
he was a parent of one of your students and you just couldn’t allow yourself to go there
it wasn’t necessarily against the rules, but it was frowned upon
accepting your rejection with grace and humility he grabbed shai before bidding you goodbye that day
you thought that was the end of it, until you saw him the following friday night at the bar you frequented at
— alone
you wanted to talk to him, the tequila in your system giving you an irresistible urge to but you were on a date with on of your friends’ coworkers
james buchanan barnes
he definitely was a smooth taker, those dazzling blue eyes sparkling like they knew something you didn’t
you really wanted to be interested, he was a loose shape of a man you’d dream about. maybe you could even pretend he was the one you really wanted
not when steve was sitting at the bar, alone.
but you left that thought behind and you convinced yourself you really were smitten with bucky
two weeks later, bucky and you had been on a few dates and he seemed to like you but you knew you had to end things.
whatever little fling you had going on
your heart got more of kick when steve used to bring you pastries in the morning before class than when bucky kissed you after your first date.
then he asked if you would come to his house, he was having a small get together and would love if you’d be there
— reluctantly, you went
bucky’s friends were nice, each one of them making you feel welcomed into their tight circle.
it turned into a better night than you thought and bucky seemed to be super touchy, guiding you onto his lap as you sat around the fire in his patio
natasha, bucky’s long friend since high school, had you all in fits on the stories from the past
everyone was too busy reeling to recognize his presence but you had the to be blind not to
there steve stood gaping at you’d like you were a ghost, certainly surprised to see you perched on bucky’s lap
yep you wanted to just crawl under a whole a stay there forever
“Glad to see you showed up, punk.” Bucky gesturing for him to make his way over to you, even when you pulled at the sleeve of his henley to stop him.
— of course your efforts to tame bucky in did nothing
he grabbed a cold one before making his way to the two of you
and dear god was it as awkward as ever
“Honey, this is my best friend, Steve.” Honey? He had never called you anything besides your name. By the way he pulled you even closer to him made you think there was something else entirely going on.
you certainly didn’t miss the way steve’s jaw clenched or as he held his right hand picking at the piece of bark rather aggressively
“Um, we actually know each other. Shai is in my class, actually.” Feeling rather suffocated by the weight of Bucky’s arms now that the man you felt too much for was here. “Really? I had no idea.”
steve’s eyes nearly bugged out of his head, infuriated. it wasn’t just that bucky knew you were shai’s teacher but he knew just how much steve liked you.
he didn’t shut up about you since he you with his daughter — something inside him changing in an instance
it wasn’t just that he thought you were the most wonderful woman he’d me — shai also raved over you
shai’s mother leaving a gaping whole in her heart she didn’t quite understand at the age of five was filled by you
you were kind to her, your patience never wearing thin as you gave her the attention she deserved
it may be your job but you enjoyed every moment with her and steve noticed
“Oh? She’s the one you would wake up an hour early for to make the pastries?” Bucky blurted out.
he woke up an early just to make those for you?
the way steve looked at the ground, grinding his fingertip against the label of his beer made you want to cry. his neck flaring pink at the embarrassment only made you wish you were in his arm instead
— even more than you already did
“You really should have seen the smile on his face when he came back from the school gushing over how much you liked what he had made.”
Bucky tightened his arm around your waist before saying. “Or when you reject him, I still can’t decide which is better.”
“That’s enough, James.” You tone harsh, before you ripped yourself away.
you couldn’t even look at steve, you don’t think your heart could handle it so you practically sprinted to your car
you needed to get the fuck out of here
until you reached for you keys, but they weren’t in your pocket
“Looking for these?” His hands looping through your keys giving it a twirl. “Star Wars fan?” Steve gesturing to you baby yoda key chain. “Maybe just a tad.”
“Thank you, Steve.” He tried to ignore the jump you ignited in his heart whenever you said his name.
handing your keys, he turned away from you, heading back into the house until you yanked him forward
the force so strong he though he was going to body slam into you before he pushing his weight against the car.....and you
“I’m sorry about, Bucky. I never would have gone out with him if I knew you two were friends.” You admitted while Steve just stood there looking embarrassed.
god did you always have to ruin everything
“I-I just, um, have these feelings for you. These very complicated feelings that make me want to throw every morally sound thought I have to the wind.”
“Which thought did you want to get rid of right now?” Stepping outside of his comfort zone, Steve grabbed your hands and just on instinct alone you cradled his face like it was the most natural act in the world. Like you had done it a thousand times.
“I mean, for one I’m telling myself I shouldn’t be this close to you.” Steve taking you by surprise as he tilted his head to the side, kissing the palm of your hand.
did he really just-
“What else, sweet girl?”
oh, you really were a goner
“I don’t know.” You spoke softly. Admitting to not only him but yourself — you couldn’t think when he was this close to you.
“Oh, but I think you do.” Steve diving right in as he latched his plump lips to your neck. Making whispers of his name drip off your tongue.
before you register what was happening steve had you pressed up against the car, rough hands gripping your thighs as your legs clinged to his slim waist
not to mention the ratio from his broad shoulders to his hips had your pussy drowning more
making you forget why you’d ever rejected him in the first place and he had hardly even touched you yet
then his lips met yours and you knew he had ruined you for anyone else. no one would ever compare to him and not anyone from your past did.
“Holy shit.” You whispered, completely in awe of what Steve was capable of doing to you in a matter of seconds. The proud smirk he wore in great contrast to what he felt back by the fire when he saw your body entangled with Bucky.
“If I ever see you sitting on my best friend’s lap again, I will go fucking crazy. Do you understand?” Steve eyes burning with envy.
“Yes, Daddy.”
brb gonna cry that i don’t have my very own steve rogers rip 
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Deep Blue Sea (Shark Merman x Reader) Chapter 1
Pairing: Gender Neutral! Reader/Shark Merman
Genre: Urban Fantasy, Soulmate AU
Warning: None
Word Count: 2682 words
Summary: You have a chat with your soulmate
“So, you want some?”
He  takes your stunned silence as no, checking that the crab is fully dead before pulling off a leg and biting the meat inside. His teeth catch the light of the setting sun, glinting white in between chunks of crab.
“So were-”
“Soulmates? Yeah, looks like it.” He, your soulmate, cracks off another leg and begins to chew. You find yourself transfixed watching him, mind reeling with questions. He uses the sharp claws on the tips of his fingers to dig out more meat. You’re not even sure where to begin.
“What do we do know?”
He shrugs, sucking out the last of the crab leg and tossing it aside.
“Dunno, guess this mystery is solved though.” He taps his wrist and you get a closer look at his soulmate mark.
It loosely resembles a human compass, yet alien in it’s design.There’s eight large symbols, none of which you recognize, and the arrow is slightly misshapen before straightening to a point.
“I always assumed my soulmate was in the Atlantic or something, maybe even a selkie. When that thought always drove my ma up the reef.” He sighs, pressing his chin against his palm as he lays against a rock. “Wonder how she’ll take this. Maybe she’ll turn a whole new shade of blue.”
His chuckle is low, rough against your ears, but not entirely unpleasant.
You can see more of his backside as he scoots closer into the tidepool. The first thing you notice is just how big he is, his tail stretching from his hips to the open ocean. The second thing you notice are the defined muscles which stretch and flex along his back.
Okay, what the fuck.
There’s a pressure building in your temples and you think you're beginning to overload. Your fucking soulmates eyes wander, looking nonchalant as can be beforeperking up when he sees another crab. His body slithering away from you to snatch it up snaps you out of shutdown mode.
“Uh, I guess….what’s your name?” He doesn’t take his eyes off his soon to be snack, only humming to acknowledge he even heard you. “I think that’s a good place to start, don’t you?” That at least gets you a chuckle, followed by a tiny crack!
“Cruz, you can call me Cruz.” You make eye contact as he takes a long, languid bite of crab. Your furrow your eyebrows, face unimpressed. He lights up with a mischievous grin.
“Is that your real name?”
“Nope,” Cruz says, popping the p and breaking open a claw, “But I don’t think you could pronounce my name so…..”
The tension in your jaw tights as he turns away from you once more,humming to himself and letting out a soft “Oh!” as the other leg reveals quite a bit of meat. You rub your brow and sigh.
“My names _____”
In high school, your mom got the yearbook epithet “biggest social butterfly.” Your dad, however, was barely presentable on picture day and a social circle consisting of the three fellow chess-club members. You were a lot like your dad in many ways.
The conversation, to say the least, seemed to float on the water like a dead fish, and you had no idea how to resuscitate it. It wasn’t easy, it wasn’t natural, it wasn’t that missing piece yoru guidance counselor said it would and dammit, it’s kind of pissing you off. You’re pissed off that it’s pissing you off, because when has making first impressions ever been easy for you? Did you think this was going to be different, because what, a stupid mark on your wrist? That has no basis in logic, not even a little bit.
You refuse to dignify any emotions similar to disappointment which begin to well inside you, because it’s ridiculous. You worked hard to get to California, you’ve worked hard your whole damn life, what's stopping you from working now?
“Welp, seems I scared away all the other crabs.” Cruz huffs and places his hands on his...hips? “Been nice chatting _____, but I got dinner to catch.” Cruz looks back at you as he slinks into the water, sending a salute and a wink.
The words bubble up in your chest before you can catch them as he begins to swim away.
“Wait, but, um, I-” Your commands fall clumsily out of your mouth and barely leaves a ripple on the water. Cruz doesn’t turn around.
You feel the heat sizzling up your neck and face as you look at his back. Flashes of him, the arrow, your mom, that stupid guidance counselor paint the inside of your eyelids.
“Will you wait a second!”
The scream barely echoes in the small tidepool, but it’s enough to catch Cruz’s attention. He whips back to you, eyes slightly wide. You realize just how hard you’re breathing.
“I-, just, can you meet me here? Tomorrow?” Cruz's expression stays still, only the slightest bit of confusion crossing his eyes as he raises his brow. “I want to get to know you better.”
“Oh, um, okay.”
“What time….. do you want to meet up?” Cruz looks far less mischievous and much more sheepish, rubbing the back of his neck with a clawed hand and looking up at you from under his eyelids.
“How about 5PM?”
Cruz narrows his eyes.
“I don’t know what that means.”
Ah, right, merman.
“About three hours before sunset. I mean, do you know how long an hour-”
“Yes, I know how long an hour is. I’m not a pup.” Cruz rolls his eyes
Well, the sass returns.
The two of you stay in that position for a little too long. You begin to rub your arms as the cold of the sea breeze and your social anxiety slowly come back to you.
“See you tomorrow, I guess.” With a hesitant nod, his black-blue eyes looking pensive, he submerges. Your breath comes back to you in a wave as your soulmate swims into the open ocean.
The walk back to civilization is a blur, the pounding voice in your head drawing out all other noise yet barely making sense itself.
You’re not sure what you expected of the first meeting with your soulmate, but it certainly wasn’t that.
The next day, Cruz is waiting for you at the tidepool by 4:55 PM, shucking an oyster with one of his claws. He looks up as your feet splash into the tidepool. You wave.
It’s an understatement to say the silence is uncomfortable. You take a beach towel out of your bag and begin to lay it on a large rock. The task helps keep your mind distracted, but you feel Cruz’s eyes burn into your back.
“So, I guess, what are you exactly?” You say, sitting yourself down.
“Merman’s best word I’ve heard you humans use, so that.” Cruz has shifted his focus  back on his oyster, which he then downs with one swallow.
“I see, I see. Are all mer-folk as big as you?” That catches Cruz’s attention. A self-satisfied smirk grows on his face as he puffs out his chest.
“Not at all. I’m a Great White and we’re one of the…” Cruz extends his arms art in front of him, flexing his fingers and his biceps in a decidedly braggadocious manner, “bigger species out there.” He finishes his statement with a playful wink. A tiny smile crawls on your face.
Interesting. Male Great Whites are typically around 12 feet, but Cruz is only about 9 feet. I wonder why that is?
“I can see that.” Cruz shifts, ego now lifted, and lays his weight on his right elbow, facing you. “You mentioned a mother, do you have a clan?” Cruz nods.
“Yup. It’s my ma, my dad, my two older sisters, and me. Plus two other families. My ma’s parents were from this reef.”
It’s difficult for you to fight the instinct to whip out your notebook and jot all this down.Your inner scientist screams to pry into the complex social hierarchy and behaviour patterns of this new species. But the more sane part of you knows that would probably be pushing some boundaries.
“Wow, so you’re a true Californian, huh?” Cruz squints his eyes at you. “Uh, that’s where we are. The territory Santa Cruz lies in.”
He gives a low hum, reaching for another oyster  nearby. This movement is far more natural than his earlier show, but you still get a full glimpse of his cut shoulder muscle and tight abdominals. It stirs something in you.
Would he have the swimmer’s V? Okay, stop, focus.
“Yeah, I guess I am.” He pries open the oyster, staring at the soft meta inside. “A member of the clan, born and bred.” Cruz brushed the pad of his finger on the shell, his voice holding a quiet bitterness, tinted somber.
Should you comfort him? He’s within touching distance, but the thought of grabbing his hand feels too intimate, soulmate-ship be damned.
Before you can make a move, Cruz throws his head back and gulps down the oyster. He shakes his head and lets out a small “Ah~”, then pushes his short hair back against his skull. Whatever emotion that was there before, it’s gone.
“Where are you from?”
“East Coast, bordering the Atlantic. So you weren’t too far off.”
“Well, I’m not just a pretty face.” Cruz winks at you, but his eye catches a scuttling crab nearby. He gets low in the water, moving slowly to catch it by surprise. You don’t hum the Jaws theme, despite how much you want to.
“No siblings, just me and my parents.” Cruz doesn’t look away, even as he kills the crab.
“Lucky. How big's your clan?” The familiar crack of the shell follows.
“We don’t really,” crack “...have those. Humans can-” crack “We typically live near each other-” crack “but don’t get that-” crack “....close.”
Cruz hums contently, but you can clearly see it’s from the crab and not your one sided conversation. He sucks juice off his fingers. Seems you’ve lost him once again.
I didn’t expect this to be so difficult.
“Have you ever had cooked crab?” Cruz perks immediately, slowly turning back towards you.
Got ‘im.
You return with two warm lobster rolls, a bag of crab legs, and some shrimp scampi. Cruz’s black-blue eyes just peak out of the water, suspicious.
“So these two are lobster, actually, but this,” You shake the crab-bag, “is all crab. I thought I ‘d get you a couple things to sample.”
Cruz’s nose (Is it a nose? There’s a ridge but you’re not sure if the slits count as nostrils. Questions for later.) just breaches the water as you set the crab-bag down and settle on your rock. You grab a couple of legs for yourself before nudging it  closer to him. “Have at it, it’s pretty self-explanatory.” You say midst a large bit of your lobster roll. The whole meal was not cheap, so you decided to indulge in this treat as much as you can. You’ve had a stressful couple of days.
Cruz slowly approaches the plastic, snatching it up quickly before looking inside it. His eyes widen and there's a small smile on his lips as he pulls a long leg out. His smile only grows bigger.
“Oh, also!” You clap, pointing towards the bag and jolting Cruz out of his food-induced joy. “There’s sauce, garlic butter, shit like that in those little plastic containers at the bottom. You dip the crab meat in them.” You take another large bit of lobster roll and hear Cruz break into a crab leg. Cruz gets his mouth ready to take a big bite before pausing. His eyes flit between the lef and the garlic butter, before he slowly pulls the lid off and dips the meat in. Cruz then takes the tiniest bite possible.
His eyes, black as they are, light up. He quickly takes another, larger bite. It’s quite adorable, like a baby trying ice cream for the first time. Cruz devours the leg quickly before snapping into another sauce.
“You like it?” Cruz nods, cheeks stuffed with crab meat as you giggle.
“What kind of craf is fiss?”
“Dungeness. That’s commonly eaten by humans. They’ve got some of the highest meat value and they're all over  the West Coast.” Cruz nods, though you’re not sure he understands parts of your sentence. “They’re also pretty sustainable to fish, although ocean acidity is kinda fucking with their babies. It’s also been fucking with Red King Crabs, which sucks because their only found in like, four places and are so beautiful and also sustainable and-” Cruz has stopped eating and is staring at you. After a big, long breath in you realize how fast you were talking. You feel the what of your blush on the base of your neck. “Sorry, I’ll let you eat. I just...really like crustaceans. A Lot of aquatic animals, but crabs especially are… I’m doing it again. Sorry.” You take a large bite so you won’t have to talk for a couple of seconds, avoiding eye contact with Cruz. You’re sure your chest and arms are bright red; It’s an embarrassing symptom of when you get too excited.
Cruz just keeps staring at you. Frankly it’s the longest he's looked at you and not a nearby snack. You chew the slowest you possibly can, the brioche bun becoming mush in your mouth, to fill the silence.
You don’t see it, but a small smile widens on his face. He picks at his empty crab shell.
“I think those facts are crab-tastic.”
You immediately choke on a bit of lobster roll, pounding your chest as you sputter between mouthfuls. When your eyes stop watering, you see Cruz has moved closer to you, hand outstretched and a couple inches from resting on your calf. He jerks it back when you look down at him.
“Wow, thanks, but puns aren’t really part of my vocrabulary.” You obnoxiously wink, scrunching up the left side of your face. Cruz laughs. Not a chuckle, but a full, belly laugh.
“Well I find them quite crab-tivating.” A larger laugh bursts from your chest as he mimics your wink and shoots you another big smile.
The sharp teeth are beginning to grow on you, adding to Cruz’s boyish charm. You feel the hot blush in your chest crawl up your neck once more.
Oh fuck.
Cruz reaches for another crab leg but hits the bottom of the bag, a playful pout now on his chin.
“Here, try this next.” You hand him the second lobster roll. “Probably don’t want to get this one wet, it’ll be soggy.” With no hesitation Cruz digs in, perking up once more and going to town. His teeth serate through the bread like butter. Within 4 bites, the entire roll is gone.
“Dang, I’ll make sure to bring some more food next time.”Cruz pauses, mid-lick of the butter on his claws and looks up at you.
“Next time? You want to meet up again?” You raise your eyebrow.
“Well yeah, don’t you?”
Cruz stays quiet, no sassy comment or a sarcastic look. Just staring, mildly shocked.
Your embarrassment bubbles back, screaming you’ve misread this whole situation and the last few minutes. “I mean, we are soulmates. Shouldn’t we meet up again?”
Cruz's eyes narrow as a barrage of thoughts seem to flit across his head. His smile recedes back into a straight line, that little spark leaving his eye.
“Yeah, I guess we have too.” He crinkles up the plastic bag, shoving it against your calves. “See you tomorrow.”
A pit rolls in your stomach as he quickly moves to leave.
Did I say something wrong?
“Uh, I’m actually busy tomorrow. Can we do Thursday-er, 3 days from now?” Cruz nods, not turning around to face you before slipping back into the water and swimming away.
The pit doesn’t leave your stomach, an empty sauce container rolling across the rocky shore.
What just happened?
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descendantofthesparrow · 10 months ago
I put a Spell on you - Harry Hook x Sanderson! Reader - Halloween special one-shot
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Halloween Harry Hook x reader
basic version of outfit for reader, can be changed as wished
Tumblr media
Halloween night, 2007, on the isle of the lost.
Young 6-year-old Harry Hook sat in the hull of the jolly roger, pouting to himself as he picked at his scarce stolen candy.
The isle never got much in the way of candy, the most they got was during the month of Halloween that the parents of Auradon threw away early for some odd reason.
Though what candy the isle got was little, and the “good stuff” was still on Auradon.
And Harry had unfortunately gotten a bad pick of candy this year, nasty fruit ropes that tasted like death, molding “coconut” chocolate candy that was too mushy to really enjoy, and watermelon looking hard candy.
The best he got was little wrapped hard pieces of candy that looked like brown barrels that had a slight spice to them.
Harry dropped the piece of candy he was holding and sighed, starting to stand and getting ready to turn in for the night after the disappointing Halloween. “jus’ like last year” Harry mumbled, brushing off his horrifically made copy of his father's jacket, he paused, something rang across his ears. “wha’ was-“
Come little children, I'll take thee away
Into a land of enchantment
Come little children, the time's come to play
Here in my garden of magic.
“singing?” Harry quietly asked himself, turning towards where the voice was coming from. It seemed hypnotic or at least was supposed to be, but It had no grab to it as if it had lost its power.
But Harry's curious nature pushed him to seek the voice out. He snuck off his father's ship and followed the voice into the dark forest near pirates bay.
He ducked as he spotted an old slim woman, the one who was singing, waving her hands about and twirling.
“Winnie~” the woman stopped singing, spinning around and crossing her arms, and whining at a hidden figure “It's not working!”
“of course it's not you twit, the stupid barrier blocks our powers, we won't be getting any children tonight!” “wait!” a plump woman stepped into the mood light, her eyes glinting “I smell a child~”
“that’s just (y/n) you idiot!” the hidden figure scoffed, stepping next to the slim woman, and smacking her torso “keep your child inside sister, they will ruin our plans” “But we can use them to lure children! Maybe they can even lure a boy~”
“silence Sarah” the oldest woman scoffed, turning and walking back towards the rackety shack near a pond. “sistars!”
“coming Winnie!” the slim one called back, hiking up her dress and running after the oldest.
“But Winnie! The child!” the plump one moaned, turning her eyes right at Harry.
Harry held his breath and ducked behind a tree, freezing as he heard the woman sniff the air and continue to walk closer to his hiding spot. Wait…shit! he walked right into the Sander-
“Auntie! It's just me!” Harry's jaw dropped as a child, who seemed just around his age, popped up from behind the tree in front of him, a small smile on their face “sorry, but there's no other kids around”
The plump woman groaned and shook her head, stomping back into the shack. “little brat, fooling me”
The child watched until the door closed, slumping against the tree in relief as they looked at him “you shouldn't be here, you don’t wanna know what happens when my mom and aunts get their hands on kids” they walked over to him and pulled at the lapels of his jacket, the hood of their cloak falling as they did so.
They beamed at him “but im not gonna let anything happen to ya don’t worry……sorry I don’t know your name?” they tilted their head at him, their bright (e/c) eyes staring into his.
“H-Harry” Harry stuttered out, gasping as the child grabbed his hand and started pulling him the opposite way of the old shack the old woman were in.
“Nice ta meet ya Harry im (y/n)!” (y/n) chirped, flipping their hood back over their head and continuing to lead Harry out of the forest.
Moments later they reached the edge and (y/n) turned, grabbing Harry's arms, spinning around, and pushing him over the edge “now you have ta promise that you won't come back no matter what, and to never follow random singing” (y/n) pouted at harry, wiggling their finger in his face “it's too dangerous”
“I-um” Harry stuttered again, wringing his hands together before he stomped his foot “they aren’t even tha’ scary! I can take ‘em”
(y/n) just shook their head “doesn’t matter, they’ll eat you if they get the chance”
“e-eat me?!” Harry squeaked, taking a step back from (y/n) “wait aren’t yeh one of their kids- won't yeh eat me too?”
“no!” (y/n) shook their head defiantly, scowling at Harry “that’s just gross, eating kids, Id rather eat rotten candy” (y/n) crossed their arms and tilted their head at Harry “what you think all witches eat kids?”
“well, they-” Harry swallowed harshly “ur mums a Sanderson ain't she? She's known for tha’ “
(y/n)s shoulders dropped “well I’m not my mother” Harry felt slightly bad as (y/n) curled in on themselves, looking off.
“hey-i….thank yeh fer savin’ meh” (y/n) perked up, smiling at him.
“you’re welcome Harry, now DON’T got back into the forest on Halloween night ever again” (y/n) once more shook their finger in his face, pouting at him.
Harry nodded slowly, placing his hand on theirs and pushing their hand down “why Halloween night only?”
“because that’s when they think they are most powerful, and the only time they are brave enough to wander outside the shack….aunt Winnie makes me go out to get food and all that every other time” (y/n) explained, eyes turning to the sky and gasping.
“you have to get home! It won't be long before my aunt gets another idea to get kids, go go!” (y/n) pushed at Harry's shoulders, back towards pirate bay.
“Alright alright im goin’!” Harry yelled, shaking his head at the odd witch, he turned to start walking back towards his dad's ship when he stopped. He spun back around, watching (y/n) walk back into the forest. “wait!” (y/n) groaned and stopped, spinning around to look at him with raised brows.
“what” they snapped, glaring at him.
“will I ever see yeh again?” Harry asked, blinking in surprise as (y/n)s cheeks turned dark and they looked down at the forest floor.
“um-i-maybe…I have to go!” (y/n) turned and ran back into the forest to her home, leaving Harry at the forest edge.
12 years later, on Halloween night, Harry sat in his temporary room at Evie's castle, sitting on his bed while Gil and Uma sorted through their first real batch of Halloween candy.
Most of it had been leftovers from Evie's trick or treaters, but Evie had made them chaperone Dizzy, Celia, and the twins for their first Halloween.
And the younger VKs had somehow roped them into Trick or treating with them, which luckily the people of Auradon were nice enough to ignore that they were technically too old to trick or treat.
Harry could recount Evie scoffing at the “Age limit”, saying that no one is too old to trick or treat.
“Gil hand me that orange one” Uma muttered, chewing on a Butterfinger.
“The Reese's?” Gil asked, holding up the flat packaging and handing it to Uma.
“yep, thanks…Harry you good?” Uma asked, noticing Harry staring out the window.
“hm?” Harry turned back to her, his eyes drooping “ah, sorry Uma, zoned out”
“well, it has been a tiring night….I'mma head in for tonight, night boys”
“night Uma” Harry and Gil called back in chorus, Gil leaving after Uma a moment later, leaving Harry alone in his room.
Come little children, I'll take thee away
Into a land of enchantment
Come little children, the time's come to play
Here in my garden of magic.
Harry perked up, he knew that song…..he definitely knew that song.
Though this time, the hypnotic power it had was present, taking hold of his mind and dragging him out of his room and out the door of Evie's castle.
Harry walked deeper into the forest surrounding Evie's castle, the voice becoming louder as he walked.
Suddenly he was grabbed, the cackling of three women echoing in his ears.
“oh, it’s a boy! Hes Handsome too~I want to play with him~!”
“later Sarah, first we must take him along with the others back to the cottage, he’ll be the first for your child, let them experience the dark art of Magic!”
“ohhh! Yes! Let em’ learn, let ‘em learn, let ‘em learn!”
Harry's vision went black, and he woke later in a chair, something invisible tying him down to it.
“wha’?” Harry muttered, pulling at his arm “where…shit” Harry tried to wriggle his wrist to draw the small switchblade in his jacket sleeve when the three Sanderson sisters walked in, holding two small children in their arms.
“ohhh hes awake!” the thin one, Sarah he guessed, gasped, clapping her hands together.
Harry let out a snarl and thrashed in his chair, the sisters gasped and reeled back. “nasty one isn’t he” the one with the odd lips, Winnie, muttered “perfect for our little imp isn’t he Mary”
“perfect Winnie” the plump one snickered, licking her lips as she separated from her sisters and dragged one of the children over a chair next to Harry, forcing the young girl down into it and snapping her fingers, silver rope wrapping around the girl's arms and legs and binding her to the chair “there we go!”
Sarah giggled and grabbed the boy she had by the scruff of his zombie costume and dragged him over to the chair on Harry's left, pushing him into the chair and binding him with the silver rope that turned invisible like Harrys.
“ohhhh (y/n)~” Harry perked up….he knew that name?
From the door on Harry's right, someone stepped out from the shadows, wearing a long dark pink jacket that tapered off at their waist, a corset type top with fishnet under top underneath it, ripped black jeans with scuffed brown boots, a belt with a pouch resting on their left hip that held two beakers resting on their left thigh.
“yes, aunt Winnie” the teen witch sighed, their hood hiding their face from Harry. Winnie grabbed an odd brown colored spell book with an eye on it and handed it to the hooded teen.
“here, finish the life potion while we go get more children, the…pirate boy is yours to do what you wish with” Winnie patted the teens head and turned “Sistars!” she stormed out of the cottage, the two witches running after their sister.
“coming Winnie!!”
The door slammed shut, the teen watching the door for a good minute before they sighed and dropped the book on the table to their right “thank hades” they tipped their head back, ruffling their (h/c) hair and blowing a raspberry “thought they’d never leave” they rushed over to a cabinet and ripped the doors open, rummaging through spices and herbs. “wormswart wormswart, where are you wormswart-ah-ha!”
They spun around, holding a jar of some sort of liquid and opening it, a hiss of silver mist rising from the bottle, they held the bottle delicately over the cauldron holding the boiling potion of life and poured a single drop of wormswart into the potion.
The potion turned a sickly brown, sputtering into the teen witches face. “ugh” they groaned, leaning back and wiping their face.
They grabbed a large spoon and mixed the potion, stirring until it turned back into a dark green. “there we go, now they can't use it” the teen muttered, looking up and locking eyes with Harry. “now to get you all out of here before they come back!”
With a wave of their hand, a silver pocket knife appeared, and they speed-walked over to Harry, cutting the invisible ropes at his hands. “im sorry about this, I tried to spell them to sleep until tomorrow at dawn but im not very good at potions other than ruining them”
“(y/n)?” Harry asked aloud, the teen stopped, slowly looking up at Harry, their still bright (e/c) eyes widening.
“Harry! What-“ they stood, leaning over Harry and shaking their finger in his face, “I told you not to follow the singing!”
Harry smirked at them and mocked bite their finger, (y/n) gasped and reeled back, pouting at him and smacking his chest. “jerk, im saving you from being eaten and yet you repay me like this?”
Harry chuckled and grabbed the knife from (y/n)s hand, cutting the rope from his legs “sorry love, couldn’t resist”
“l-love?” (y/n) stuttered, backing away from Harry and staring at him oddly.
Harry just looked at them, making their cheeks turn dark “you….you grew up” they muttered, looking away from Harry.
“heh” Harry chuckled, standing from the chair and looking to his right “we should probably get them outta here huh?”
“y-yeah” (y/n) stuttered, waving their hand and another silver knife appeared, walking over to the boy while Harry kneeled next to the girl and started to cut them free. “I’ll need to break the spell my mom put on them before we take them back, otherwise they’ll get their hands on them again.”
Harry nodded, picking up the girl dressed like a princess and setting her on his hip, her head resting in his neck.
(y/n) picked up the boy and walked over to harry, muttering a counterspell under their breath, and with a snap of their fingers, the two kids snapped out of their trance. The Girl leaning away from Harry and looking from him to (y/n), her eyes wide.
“where-whats” her lip wobbled, starting to cry a bit. the boy stared at Harry with wide eyes.
“you’re Harry Hook” the boy whispered in awe, squeaking a bit as (y/n) rearranged their grip on him.
“that's all dandy but we have to get you both back to your homes, the witches will be back soon and I need to be here when they are”
Harry nodded, pressing the girl's face back into his neck and following (y/n) out to the back door.
“come on, the main town is this way!”
Harry and (y/n) dropped the girl off, who told them her name of Sofia, and hurried her inside. “now don’t go after random singing on Halloween okay, it only leads to bad things” (y/n) warned them, handing the young girl a slip of paper with markings on it “as long as you have this, you will be protected from my mother's song” Sofia nodded, unsure but ran into her house, slamming the door behind her.
“alrigh’” Harry sighed, shifting Elijah in his arms and looked at the young boy “where do yeh live?”
Elijah pointed across the street and down a few houses “tha’ close huh?” Harry muttered, letting the boy down and watching him as he ran toward his home.
The boy stopped as (y/n) called his name, turning as they jogged over to him and handed him another piece of paper “thanks” Elijah squeaked, bolting into his house and slamming the door closed.
(y/n) sighed, rubbing their face in exhaustion “two down….however many kids to go” (y/n) rolled their neck and looked over at harry “now lets get you home too”
Harry stared at (y/n) as they walked up to him and held out their hands “I didn’t do this with the kids because I know they would freak but I can teleport us to where you live”
“yeh can teleport?” Harry asked, tilting his head as he stared at (y/n)s hands.
“yep, me, my mother, and my aunts each have a special power, my mom has a hypnotic singing voice, my aunt Mary can sniff out any kid from miles away, and my aunt Winnie can shoot lightning from her hands” Harry nodded slowly, grabbing onto (y/n)s hands.
“so what now?” Harry asked, watching as (f/c) smoke started to rise around him and (y/n)
“where do you live?” (y/n) chuckled, smiling at him.
“uh, im staying at Evie's castle right now”
“oh, I know where that is!” (y/n) cheered, the smoke swirling around them for a moment before it dissipated, revealing them now to be in front of Evie’s castle.
“cool” Harry muttered, not noticing (y/n) look down at their still intertwined hands and hurriedly ripped their hands away from him, Harry turned to (y/n), furrowing his brows as (y/n) looked around with wandering eyes “don’t go back” (y/n) whipped around to look at him with surprise.
“don’t go back, stay here” Harry pleaded, grabbing onto (y/n)s shoulders “yer not happy there, and yer gonna waste away being their slave”
(y/n) just stared at him, sighing as they grabbed his hands and slowly took them off their shoulders “I…..I have to, to protect the kids”
Harry sighed, biting his lip in thought “okay….but!” (y/n) looked at harry, confusion swimming in their eyes “after tonight, come back here, im sure Evie would be happy to accommodate yeh, i’ll even ask for extra measure” (y/n) shook their head, looking over their shoulder back towards the witches cottage.
“…okay” (y/n) sighed, giggling as harry beamed at them and grabbed their shoulders in his excitement.
“okkayy! I'll come back tomorrow after my mom and aunts are asleep” Harry grinned at (y/n), chuckling as (y/n) smiled back.
“but….why do you want me to come back after tonight?” (y/n) asked, tilting their head at harry.
“because you saved meh from them 12 years ago…might as well return tha’ favor?” Harry smirked, snickering as (y/n)s cheeks darkened.
“well…I should get back now….see ya later?” (y/n) stepped away from Harry, (f/c) smoke rising around them. “see ya later” Harry confirmed, waving (y/n) goodbye as the smoke complexly enveloped them and they disappeared.
Harry sighed, cracking his neck and walking back inside Evie's castle, sneaking back up to his room and flopping on his bed, closing his eyes and falling asleep instantly from the crazy night.
Harry sighed in relief as the next morning, when Evie turned on the tv and the Auradon news came up, some breaking news came up about how the Sanderson sisters had been caught attempting their old antics with stealing the life force of children and had been arrested.
And the child of Sarah Sanderson had been confirmed secretly helping the children escaped, as claimed by the many children saved by the teen witch.
“aint (y/n) Sanderson that kid you met on the isle when you were like, 6? Harry?” Uma asked aloud, looking over her shoulder at Harry as he stuck another piece of pancakes in his mouth.
He swallowed and nodded, picking at his scrambled eggs “aye, and I….shoot, Evie I saw ‘em again last night, and might have told them if they wanted to they could come here?”
“that’s perfectly fine” Evie gushed, wiping her flour-covered hands on her apron “I have plenty of room for them here, and-wait you saw them? How?”
“uhhh” Harry stalled, watching as Uma set her fork down and stared at him with raised brows.
“you did a stupid didn’t you?” Uma droned, leaning on her intertwined hands.
“uhhh, yes?” Harry winched, yelping as Uma sent a torrent of water at him “hey! I was bewitched! It wasn’t meh fault!” Harry pouted, crossing his arms.
Everyone went silent as Evie's front door got knocked on, Evie glanced at Harry and took off her apron, tossing it onto the counter and walking over to her door, slowly opening it and peeking around the door.
“oh! You must be (y/n)! Harry told us about you!”
“r-really? He did?” the teen muttered, gasping as Evie grabbed their wrist and dragged them in.
“yep! Now! Are you hungry?” Evie pushed them into the living room that doubled as a dining room that connected to the kitchen, (y/n) stared at all the vks, locking eyes with Harry.
“Great! I'll make you up a plate and you get acquainted with everyone!”
Evie clapped her hands and skipped back into the kitchen, giggling with Mal as (y/n) just stood awkwardly where Evie left her.
“yeh kept yer promise” Harry smiled, standing up and walking over to (y/n), putting his hands on his hips and leaning towards (y/n)
“uhh yep” (y/n) chuckled, rubbing their arm nervously “Im here?”
Harry chuckled at their awkwardness and grabbed their shoulder, shoving them into the middle of the room, in view of everyone “(y/n) this is everyone, everyone this is (y/n), they have saved my ass twice now”
“hi” (y/n) waved awkwardly, a small grin on their face. Uma stood from her seat at the island and walked over to (y/n), slowly circling her like a vulture. “ummm hi?”
Uma hummed, standing in front of (y/n), her eyes dark and revealing nothing….then she smiled, reaching out and patting (y/n)s shoulder “nice to meet you (y/n)”
(y/n) gave a small smile, “nice to meet you too….Uma? right?”
Uma nodded and nodded her head back at the island near the kitchen, where Evie was setting (y/n)s plate full of pancakes, eggs, and bacon. “yep that’s me, and your foods ready”
(y/n) slowly walked over to their food, taking off their bag that was slung over their shoulder and setting it on the floor, hesitantly starting to eat the food Evie had given them.
Almost comically, their eyes widened and they started to scarf down the breakfast. Evie giggled and tapped on the counter, grabbing (y/n)s attention “apple or orange juice?”
“apple please” (y/n) spoke with a mouth full of food, blushing as Evie giggled once more and walked over to the fridge, grabbing the bottle.
She poured the drink and set it in front of (y/n) who gently took the cup and started to drink, turning towards the tv as it went back to the Sanderson sister's arrest.
*they will be stripped of their magic and be sent to the new high-security prison implemented on the isle of the doomed.*
“how many kids did yeh save (y/n)?” Harry asked, turning to look at the teen witch. (y/n) swallowed her mouthful of bacon and shrugged.
“around 20, including you and those two kids, my aunts and mom didn’t get far before the Auradon guard was called on ‘em”
“hm” Uma nodded in approval, smirking at harry “good job”
Harry smirked back, standing and sitting next to (y/n), watching as Dizzy changed the channel to Sunday cartoons
“so do yeh think you’ll stick around?” Harry whispered, (y/n) turned to him, and smiled.
“yeah I think I will” they whispered back, leaning back in their chair and watching the show “Powerpuff girls” as it played.
Harry smiled, happy to have finally repaid his debt to the witch who had saved him all those years ago.
And it was going to be fun to tease them since they went all dark whenever he simply looked at them.
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ashen-crest · 4 months ago
The Stray Spirit: Beach Trip
Okay, so maybe the @monthly-magic​ said Under the Sea, and maybe I wrote something longer than the suggested 1k, but let me have this very dumb scene of the kids going to the beach.
Tumblr media
Synopsis: Surprise! Emry, Cal, and Aspen go to the beach.
Word Count: 1,568 (sorry!!)
TW/CW: ocean, kissing
Tumblr media
Everything about coastal Selj had Emry reeling. He was no stranger to salty breezes, of course, and sure, he had seen palm trees in books and drawings. But no secondhand account could have prepared him for the smells he encountered on the path to the beach. The gentle wafts from flowers the size of his hand, the tempting hints of mango coming from the basket at Cal’s side. He bit his lip as he watched it swing at her elbow, and she gave him an equally delicious side-eye.
  “Wait until we get to the beach,” she chided. Her hand floated to adjust the wide pink flower tucked behind her ear- a gift from Aspen earlier that morning. A glowing pink light bounced off her cheek from the petals. Emry couldn’t help himself- he kissed the bright spot, savoring the scent of the petals that tickled his cheekbone.
  “But what if I’m hungry now?” he said in a low voice. His lips were close enough to feel the vibrations of her soft laughter, and he snaked his arm around her waist-
  “How far is the beach? Are we almost there?” A figure barreled through them, breaking Emry and Cal apart as they sprinted towards the sound of the waves. More tropical flowers, pink and yellow and white, bloomed along the dense foliage framing the sandy path.  “Tell me we’re almost there!”
  “Aspen!” Cal called after them. “Not so fast!” 
Emry sighed and took her hand.
  “Come on. Best catch up before they jump into the ocean without us.”
They had to pick their way through frantically growing flowers and ferns to reach the edge of the path, where white sands took over for the dark soil. Emry squinted against the blinding light shining off the beach. In a way, it reminded him of the brilliant snow in Senne.  
“So I can really walk barefoot on this?” He was already slipping off his shoes. The sand looked nothing like the water-smoothed pebbles of the northern beaches.
  “Yes, but-,” Cal grabbed his arm as he stepped into the sun and dug in his toes, “Emry, it is a little hot.”
  “What do you mean?” He frowned. The sand was soft and warm. It felt so nice and- oh no. There was the burning. “Ouch, ouch- Hara take me- Cal, what do I do?”
Cal passed a hand over her face and pushed on his shoulder.
  “Just get to the shade!”
  “Ow ow ow-“
He sprinted- or, rather, tried to sprint- over to the closest group of palm trees, but the deep sand sucked him down and slowed his stride. After what felt like a year of running, he collapsed into the cool shade, his calves now burning along with his feet.
  “Isn’t this fun?” Aspen, a spirit with no regard for the boiling surface of the sand against their completely imaginary toes, bounded in circles around the palm trees. “The sand is so soft! And there’s so many crabs-“
  “Crabs?” Emry looked around.
  “And look at the water!” They gestured wildly to the ocean. “Have you ever seen so much of it?” Whirling, they tugged on Emry’s sleeve. “Come on, let’s go in-“
  “Let me get Cal settled, and then we’ll go.” Emry staggered to his feet as she approached the palm trees at a more leisurely pace, her shoes still firmly on her feet. Together, they wasted no time in tossing out a blanket, setting up an umbrella, and creating a little space for Cal next to the picnic basket, book in hand. 
  “Are you not going to swim with us?” Aspen folded their arms as Cal opened the book to her ribboned bookmark.
  “Maybe tomorrow,” she said, leaning back against the palm tree. “I always spend my first day at the beach reading.”
Emry sprawled out next to her, gazing up in what he hoped was an enchanting look.
  “And maybe taking romantic walks along the beach later?” 
She smiled and reached for his face- but rather than cupping his cheek, she smeared something across his forehead, thick and smelling slightly of cocoa.
“Hey, what-“
  “It’s just sunblock.” She bit back a smile as she rubbed it into his freckles. “Sit still. You won’t be able to enjoy our week here if you’re burnt to a crisp on the first day.”
Somewhere behind him, Aspen groaned- but waited patiently until Cal leaned back to admire her handiwork. Emry wiped at his face and grimaced.
  “I feel like a piece of toast.”
  “A piece of toast that can swim with me?” Aspen grabbed his arm and yanked him to his feet. He laughed and stumbled out of the shade.
  “Yes, yes, all right!” Emry did his best to keep up with the spirit as they ran toward the waves. “Wait, wait, I haven’t told you about riptides and how to-“
  “Don’t worry, Marley taught me about them!” Aspen raced ahead. “And about the fishes and the sharks and the coral and the-“
Their words spiraled into a gleeful shout as their bare feet struck the waves for the first time. They splashed and kicked through the foam, leaving no footprints behind in the wet sand.
The water here was nothing like the harsh cliffside beaches of the north. Up above the Sea Mountains, the steely, surly waves rejected visitors, tossing them back onto the pebbles at every opportunity. Here, the water beckoned, all shimmering turquoise and gentle foam. Emry had to force himself to stop staring at the color so he could keep an eye on Aspen, who kept swimming further and further out.
  “Aspen!” he shouted, then glanced back at the lute. It was nestled in the sand just ahead of the water line. “Remember, not too far!”
  “I just want to see the coral reef!” Aspen waved, then dove down under the surface. Emry thought he saw a fin poke up out of the waves before they disappeared entirely. As much as he strained his eyes for any sign of Aspen- in human or fish form- he could see nothing until their curly head burst out of the water just ahead of him.
  “Well?” Emry grabbed their hands and pulled them to their feet in the surf. “How was it?”
He didn’t need to ask- Aspen was already chattering.
  “You should see the number of fish- and all the colors! I could hardly count them all!” They gestured wildly at the waves. “Are you sure you can’t swim down and look at them with me?”
  “My eyes would burn first.” He squeezed their shoulder. “You got any spirit friends out there?”
Aspen’s eyes glittered, and for the first time that day, they paused.
  “Not in that reef, but…” They turned to Emry with a breathless smile. “We were right. They’re out there. In the coral, in the seaweed. I can feel them.”
Emry felt a well of pride bubble up inside him.
  “Aspen, that’s…” He ran a hand through his hair, which was now matted against his head. “I mean, we suspected, but…” A burst of laughter escaped his lips. “You realize you’re the first person to discover them, right?”
Aspen’s grin widened.
  “Marley’s going to kill me, isn’t she?”
They splashed in the waves for a bit longer, Aspen weaving in and out of human and fish form, until both of them had run themselves ragged- Emry slouching, Aspen flickering. The growing heat didn’t help. Emry found his shirt and hair already half-dry by the time he reached Cal’s little oasis.
To his dismay, she held up a hand just before he could step into the shade.
Somehow, Aspen was able to breach the arbitrary protocol, and was already sprawled out on the blanket. Emry gestured to the spirit.
  “Why don’t they have to-“
Cal flipped the page in her book.
  “Password, please.”
  “Um- sand. Ocean. Waves. Mango?” Emry felt the sun sap his energy. “I love you?”
She bit back a giggle and kept reading.
“Fine. Palm tree. Book. I’m tired? You’re a goddess? Please, for the love of everything, let me in-“
She laughed and patted the blanket beside her. He collapsed onto it, drinking in how cool the shade was. But when he reached for her hand, she nearly yanked her fingers away at his touch.
  “Emry, you’re entirely too warm-“
  “Because you didn’t let me in!”
She handed him some water. He drained it instantly and laid back down. Cal’s hand felt his forehead, then gently tousled his salt-softened curls. As Aspen closed their eyes on the far end of the blanket, a welcome breeze sifted through the palm grove. Emry smiled at the cool relief, but Cal shivered and reached for her shawl. 
  “No, no.” Emry reached up and tugged on the gauzy sleeve of her dress. “You said I’m too warm, now take advantage of it.”
She set the book aside and laid down next to him, taking his hand and kissing each knuckle with a contented hum. As she smiled and curled up around his arm, he dragged her closer and pressed his lips to hers. His body relaxed instantly- the scent of the pink flower still lingered around her hair, and the sweet taste of mango danced on her lips. He pulled away with a half-lidded gaze.
  “Oh, you did that on purpose,” he murmured, unable to take his eyes off her mouth. She grinned.
  “Maybe I did.”
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