necrophatic · 8 months ago
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[umbara arc deleted scene]
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symeona · 11 months ago
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[image Description: it's a drawing of Star Wars character, Clone Trooper Fives. It's that moment during the Umbara episodes where he calls out to his brothers before they execute him. End of i.d.]
The Umbara arc is fiction it can't hurt me. The Umbara arc is fiction it--
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sybisti · 7 months ago
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fives ♡ the clone wars 4.09 plan of dissent
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hootydoot · 18 days ago
More Umbara drawings? On MY blog? It's more likely than you think.
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501 follower celebration!! I know it's not the full 501st, but it has a lot of my favorites, and it's Umbara so... I couldn't resist.
Lineart below
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oonaluna-art · 9 months ago
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Anakin has priorities.
[My Ko-Fi] [Patreon] [RedBubble]
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chopper-base · a month ago
Jedi that would have killed Krell ON THE SPOT if they had the chance after Umbara:
Anakin Skywalker
Plo Koon
Ayla Secura
Plo Koon
Shaak Ti
I rest my case-
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kamino-coruscant · a year ago
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Rex checking on Tup
4.07 Darkness on Umbara
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literallyjustskywalkers · 17 days ago
I've started this little headcanon about anakin oh god-
so basically imagine it is right after umbara and the clones are ALL talking about it and whaddayaknow anakin walks in and is like uh what the fuck is wrong with you guys? and then basically the clones all have a nice little rant session involving crying and mental breakdowns to the literal definition of a mess himself anakin skywalker and everyone expects him to start breaking down too but instead of breaking down he breaks things.
He immediately storms the jedi council and no one is spared, "ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME YOU MOTHERFUCKERS DIDNT THINK TO TELL ME THIS EARLIER I HAD TO FIND OUT FROM MY OWN FUCKING MEN THAT THEY WERE TRICKED INTO KILLING EACH OTHER AND NOW YOURE KEEPING THIS FROM THE PUBLIC AND FROM ME SPECIFICALLY AND YOU THINK THAT THAT IS FUCKING OKAY? THINK AGAIN YOU BITCHES" and obi-wan is secretly on anakin's side in that respect but he cant just out himself to the council so he watches (proudly, might I add).
and the council doesnt want to do anything (an anonymous vote with only obi-wan and plo koon on the side of "release this information")
so obviously anakin takes this into his own hands and by the next morning there is a protest outside the jedi council because anakin stayed up all night writing a 15 page handwritten account of the event from all the clones and now everyone on coruscant is reading it as copy after copy is printed off by the 501st in the basement newsies-style
and what can the council do? They obviously make it more than public after that, releasing the most information that they can because god knows if they dont anakin will. this even prompts them to release information about other war endeavours, which satisfy the public for a while until anakin starts releasing more in depth articles and accounts because of how watered down the council makes it. and it just kind of goes on like this for a while (the only thing anakin doesnt write about is the events on mortis because fuck that shit bro)
and to top it all off, the jedi are woke up at 3 am because anakin committed arson and lit Pong Krell's old jedi room on fire in the middle of the night with fives
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clonewarsarchives · 10 months ago
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Umbara by Tara Rueping
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cacodaemonia · 4 months ago
Waxer. I have to get to Waxer, he thinks frantically, struggling to sit up. Scrambling back despite the stabbing agony in his gut, he runs up against the trunk of a tree—no, it's synthweave. He's still in their tent but... the purple gloom of Umbara is fading in and out around him, like the tent walls are translucent. The voices of brothers, muffled as if Boil is underwater, are saying something to him, but he can't understand. He chokes on a whimper, overwhelmed by the pain and shock-fear-guilt—
It vanishes abruptly, and he sucks in a ragged breath, slumping to the floor of the tent. But then something far worse, like a yawning void edged in wickedly sharp teeth, opens up inside him. He hears himself make an odd, broken sound, and then he's curling into a ball, the side of his face pressed to the hard, lumpy ground.
New fic! Umbara goes like in canon and there's lots of angst, but I could never actually do a Permanent Sad, so this is is a fix-it and has a happy ending!
Heed the tags.
Image for this chapter:
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Reminder: I don’t interact on Tumblr, so if you want me to see anything, please comment on AO3
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anstarwar · 6 months ago
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Couldn’t sleep, time for meme
This is what happened on Umbara right?
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captainkyee · 15 days ago
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the cinematography of the opening scene when the clones are landing on umbara is truly chilling. no music. all you can hear is the sound of the guns, bombs, hear the relayed orders and encouragement and yells and shouts that are brutally cut off with a scream. troopers running in deadly silence, fighting in the mist. haunting.
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foxincoruscant · 4 months ago
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To be fair, I wasn't sure if I was going to post this. I'm still a novice artist and learning every day. I tried a few new brushes on this one.
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sybisti · 6 months ago
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All of this heavy action has been building on the loyalties of each clone: following foolhardy orders, protecting the lives of their fellow soldiers, and determining what it means to do the right thing. These ethical dilemmas, along with some beautifully eerie battles, make this the most memorable arc in the series. [x]
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caitibroon · a year ago
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The name is Fives
Edit: Flattered by how much attention my painting of this boy has gotten, thank you! *helmet nod*
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ggoob · 8 months ago
the face of a man dedicated to chaos
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and usurping shitty leaders
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carryingacoconutstarwars · 11 months ago
The Clone Wars Timeline
I don't know if this is super widely known information or not, but I recently found out a lot of the episodes in the clone wars are out of order, from some episodes, to arcs, to some seasons, and I thought it would be useful to post a list on here for anyone who needed the information.
1 2.16 Cat And Mouse
2 1.16 Hidden Enemy
3 3.01 Clone Cadets
4 3.03 Supply Lines
5 1.01 Ambush
6 1.02 Rising Malevolence
7 1.03 Shadow of Malevolence
8 1.04 Destroy Malevolence
9 1.05 Rookies
1 01.06 Downfall of a Droid
11 1.07 Duel of the Droids
12 1.08 Bombad Jedi
13 1.09 Cloak of Darkness
14 1.10 Lair of Grievous
15 1.11 Dooku Captured
16 1.12 The Gungan General
17 1.13 Jedi Crash
18 1.14 Defenders of Peace
19 1.15 Trespass
20 1.17 Blue Shadow Virus
21 1.18 Mystery of a Thousand Moons
22 1.19 Storm Over Ryloth
23 1.20 Innocents of Ryloth
24 1.21 Liberty on Ryloth
25 2.01 Holocron Heist
26 2.02 Cargo of Doom
27 2.03 Children of the Force
28 2.17 Bounty Hunters
29 2.18The Zillo Beast
30 2.19 The Zillo Beast Strikes Back
31 2.04 Senate Spy
32 2.05 Landing at Point Rain
33 2.06 Weapons Factory
34 2.07 Legacy of Terror
35 2.08 Brain Invaders
36 2.09 Grievous Intrigue
37 2.10 The Deserter
38 2.11 Lightsaber Lost
39 2.12 The Mandalore Plot
40 2.13 Voyage of Temptation
41 2.14 Duchess of Mandalore
42 2.20 Death Trap
43 2.21 R2 Come Home
44 2.22 Lethal Trackdown
45 3.05 Corruption
46 3.06 The Academy
47 3.07 Assassin
48 3.02 ARC Troopers
49 3.04 Sphere of Influence
50 3.08 Evil Plans
51 1.22 Hostage Crisis
52 3.09 Hunt for Ziro
53 3.10 Heroes on Both Sides
54 3.11 Pursuit of Peace
55 2.15 Senate Murders
56 3.12 Nightsisters
57 3.13 Monster
58 3.14 Witches of the Mist
59 3.15 Overlords
60 3.16 Altar of Mortis
61 3.17 Ghosts of Mortis
62 3.18 The Citadel
63 3.19 Counter Attack
64 3.20 Citadel Rescue
65 3.21 Padawan Lost
66 3.22 Wookie Hunt
67 4.01 Water War
68 4.02 Gungan Attack
69 4.03 Prisoners
70 4.04 Shadow Warrior
71 4.05 Mercy Mission
72 4.06 Nomad Droids
73 4.07 Darkness on Umbara
74 4.08 The General
75 4.09 Plan of Dissent
76 4.10 Carnage of Krell
77 4.11 Kidnapped
78 4.12 Slaves of the Republic
79 4.13 Escape from Kadavo
80 4.14 A Friend in Need
81 4.15 Deception
82 4.16 Friends and Enemies
83 4.17 The Box
84 4.18 Crisis on Naboo
85 4.19 Massacre
86 4.20 Bounty
87 4.21 Brothers
88 4.22 Revenge
89 5.02 A War on Two Fronts
90 5.03 Front Runners
91 5.04 The Soft War
92 5.05 Tipping Points
93 5.06 The Gathering
94 5.07 A Test of Strength
95 5.08 Bound for Rescue
96 5.09 A Necessary Bond
97 5.10 Secret Weapons
98 5.11 A Sunny Day in the Void
99 5.12 Missing in Action
100 5.13 Point of No Return
101 5.01 Revival
102 5.14 Eminence
103 5.15 Shades of Reason
104 5.16 The Lawless
105 5.17 Sabotage
106 5.18 The Jedi Who Knew Too Much
107 5.19 To Catch a Jedi
108 5.20 The Wrong Jedi
109 6.01 The Unknown
110 6.02 Conspiracy
111 6.03 Fugitive
112 6.04 Orders
113 6.05 An Old Friend
114 6.06 The Rise of Clovis
115 6.07 Crisis at the Heart
116 6.08 The Disappeared1
117 6.09 The Disappeared 2
118 6.10 The Lost One
119 6.11 Voices
120 6.12 Destiny
121 6.13 Sacrifice
122 7.05 Gone With A Trace
123 7.06 Deal No Deal
124 7.07 Dangerous Debt
125 7.08 Together Again
126 7.01 The Bad Batch
127 7.02 A Distant Echo
128 7.03 On the Wings of Keeradaks
129 7.04 Unfinished Business
130 7.09 Old Friends Not Forgotten
131 7.10 The Phantom Apprentice
132 7.11 Shattered
133 7.12 Victory and Death
Cool now revel in the fuckery that is the clone wars timeline with me.
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kamino-coruscant · a year ago
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We can sneak in and be out before Krell knows anything.
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am-i-beast-or-beauty · 8 months ago
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*Spongebob Narrator Voice*  
Five minutes later:
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-For @mominousrex​
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legobiwan · 4 months ago
Alright, people. I want to talk Pong Krell.
This is not a Pong Krell support post. Fuck that guy.
But, in making my little "Kenobi" video, I did end up revisiting parts of the Umbara arc, and I kind of want to talk about it.
1) I think it's very interesting that Krell does end up being taken down by the clones working together. And, in a way, that whole scene kiiiinda foreshadows Order 66, in that the Jedi, powerful as they were, were extremely vulnerable when it came to the clone army. If the clones, working together, could take down a dark-sider wannabe, it's no surprise that they were able to eliminate the majority of the Jedi as they did. I guess what I'm saying, is that it sets precedent for what we see in ROTS.
2) Krell is such a try-hard, omg.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
I mean, he's just doing the whole, "If I do something really cool, all the popular kids will like me." Gods, Krell, grow a bloody spine. Dooku probably wants nothing to do with you. (Can you imagine Dooku with this guy? No way. Dooku, for all of his faults, has standards. Obi-wan standards).
BUT! This does lead me into another point.
3) While it's doubtful Dooku ever would have taken Krell into his confidence, it's likely Dooku may have encouraged this notion. And it's a smart move, from Dooku's point of view. Remember, the original Order 66 arc had the clones turning against the Jedi because they believed them to be traitors to the Republic, no chip involved. In egging Krell on, Dooku could have (may have) been setting the scene for this inevitable betrayal by a Jedi, which would chip away at the clones' confidence in the Jedi and thus allow them to be manipulated against the Jedi. Krell is an idiot, but a useful one for further undermining the legitimacy of the Jedi Order.
4) Speaking of the Order and the clones. I really want to know what the fallout was after Umbara went down. I'm assuming the clones reported this to the Jedi (and, oh gods, Obi-wan was on the other side of Umbara when this went down, he would have likely been the one to have arrived on scene first. He spoke with Krell, multiple times! You have to wonder how much Obi-wan's faith in himself and the Order was shaken due to this). Did the Jedi report this to the GAR and the Senate? Something tells me no. (Or maybe yes, which primed the government to eventually order Ahsoka's execution later on). What kinds of conversations were happening within the Council? In the clone barracks? Between Jedi and clones? How badly was that trust ruptured? Also, considering Barriss's defection not far after this, it's really not a good look for the Council and the Order as a whole.
5) I find it fascinating that so many bad decisions in Star Wars, specifically with the Jedi, stem from visions and prophecies which ultimately are methods of control if they are acted upon. Sifo-Diyas has a vision of the Jedi and the Republic falling and ends up helping to create the clone army. Qui-gon is so convinced of the Chosen One prophecy that he ends up bringing back a boy who is somewhat unsuited to the prevailing Jedi culture into the Order and them emotionally blackmailing his apprentice into raising him, despite his instincts. (And who would end up being a major catalyst in the downfall of the Republic and Jedi). Krell also has a vision about the end of the Republic and decides to try and get on top of things, triggering his own death and also pushing the Jedi further into an untenable political situation. Anakin falls for this twice, first with this mother on Tatooine and then with Padmé in RoTS, the consequences of which we are all familiar with. Moral of the story? You can't control the future. It's an interesting theme that deserves a longer, better-researched post.
6) Gods, poor Rex. First Umbara, then he gets dragged along on the Zygerrian adventure and placed in the Zygerrian slave pits with Obi-wan, and then, to top it all off, Obi-wan goes and fakes his own death, which must have caused some kind of uproar that again, we see little of on-screen, aside from the deteriorating relationship between Obi-wan and Anakin. But you have to think Rex's confidence in the Jedi has to be a little shaken at this point. No wonder he ended up choosing to go with Ahsoka during the battle of Mandalore.
Anyway, there's no real thesis to this post, aside from the fact there was some real Trouble in River City within the Jedi and due to the war and the Council's decisions before some of the more egregious incidents occurred, such as the bombing of the Jedi Temple. I haven't really thought about post-Umbara stories, but that would be a very interesting conversation between Obi-wan and Cody, especially in light of the Rako Hardeen arc.
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