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Taglist: @soclonely

Summary: Teagan has her whole life turned around when she ends up on a soaking landing pad on Kamino, a year before the Clone Wars begins. She remembers her home, but nothing about how she got to the new planet. Or how to speak Basic. Or anything about what’s going on, really.

Warnings: Umbara, canon-typical violence, Krell

Words: 1,491

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Taglist: @soclonely

Summary: Teagan has her whole life turned around when she ends up on a soaking landing pad on Kamino, a year before the Clone Wars begins. She remembers her home, but nothing about how she got to the new planet. Or how to speak Basic. Or anything about what’s going on, really.

Warnings: Umbara, canon typical violence, Krell

Words: 1,063

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*returns the hug, a careful smile on his face, trying to believe the anon despite what his brain’s telling him* …that’s nice of you to say… don’t know if I fully believe it yet, but I’m getting there. 

Thank you 💙

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Rex’s face when Krell says “I find it very interesting, captain, that you can recognize the value of honor… for a clone”. GAH, I HATE THIS CHICKEN-FROG LOOKING BASTARD!


Fives’ face after Krell walks past him… there’s one of the reasons why this ARC is my fave. No fucks in sight.

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It Was…. You?

You have awakened something terrible. This idea is exquisitely torturous and Iove it.

─── ❖ ── ✦ ── ❖ ───

Rex hadn’t stopped shaking, for days, he’d been shaking non-stop. Even while Cody held him and rocked him in his arms, telling him everything wasn’t terrible anymore, he still shook. He still cried and he still wanted to die. The two sat in the barracks, Rex was holding himself as Cody did. The younger brother stared off as the memories flashed through his head, his stomach turning, “Cody, I, I think I know who shot Waxer.” He mumbled, eyes not meeting his brother’s.

Cody perked up, “What do you mean?” They know who shot Waxer, it was a brother, but it wasn’t on purpose and it wouldn’t have happened if Krell hadn’t been there. “Rex, what do you mean?” He asked again. For a long moment, Rex didn’t move, every part of him numb as a hot tear streamed down his face.

“I keep replaying everything in my head and I remember seeing a spot on a helmet, Waxer’s helmet.” Rex recalled, his voice monotone and broken, “Cody, I killed him,” his head at last turned to face Cody, who’s eyes narrowed. “He’s dead because of me.”

“Rex, it wasn’t your fault, if you had known-”

“But I didn’t!” Rex screamed, jumping to his feet, he stumbled a little as his knees almost gave out. “I didn’t know so I shot him!” He continued to scream, causing Cody’s throat to run dry as he desperately thought of what to say. “I don’t deserve to be a Captain, not when I lead good men to their deaths. I killed so many brothers, I was counting in my head, wanna know how many?” His voice was dry.

Cody stared at his brother, he was sleep deprived, shaky and still in shock. Cody couldn’t think of what to say to his poor brother, “Twentynine” Rex inturrupted Cody’s thoughts, “I killed twentynine brothers before I realized they were brothers.” Rex laughed, tears pouring from his eyes, “Twentynine brothers died by my hand, Waxer died by my hand before I realized, they were brothers.”

Cody stood up, reaching out his hand, but just as he was about to speak, a voice cut in. “What did you say?” Both brothers turned to them, Boil. He stood still, “What did you say?” He repeated, taking a step closer. “C-cause it sounded like you said you killed Waxer, d-did you Rex? Kill Waxer?” Boil fumbled over his words. He hadn’t been able to sleep, he hadn’t been able to breath.

Rex froze as he stared at Boil, he’d never seen him without Waxer by his side. “I did, I killed him.” Rex confirmed. Cody shook his head, and as he was about to speak, but found himself cut off yet again as Boil ran into Rex, forcing him against the wall, gripping his shirt collar tightly.

“It was you?!” He screamed, slamming Rex against the wall, “You killed him!?” He screamed, tears of pained rage falling from his eyes, “You killed my brother! My best friend!” He pulled Rex forward slightly before slamming him back yet again. Rex tried to break free, but part of him didn’t fight back, for he deserved this. “You killed Waxer, out of everyone it was you?!” He kept slamming Rex back until Cody broke them apart. “You bastard!” He yelled.

Boil!” Cody screamed as he shoved him off Rex and back, “Take a walk!” He ordered, voice loud and sharp. Rex fell to the ground, sobbing loudly like a child, rocking slightly. “Go-” Cody ordered, watching Boil shake his head, a snarl on his face. He stared at Rex, still shaking his head before leaving the barracks in a rush. Once Boil had promptly exited, Cody turned to Rex and collapsed to the floor next to him, “Hey, Rex, it’s okay lil'un,” Cody reached his hand out, only to jump when Rex snapped away

Don’t touch me!” Rex wailed as he rocked, whimpering between staggered breaths, “I deserved it! I deserve this!” He continued to ball as Cody felt his own heart crumble at the sight of seeing his baby brother so indescribable hurt. “Leave me alone.” Rex whimpered, burying his face in his arms .

“N-no!” Cody blurted as his eyes watered, “I’m not leaving you.” He stated, catching Rex’s attention as he spoke, for his voice had cracked. Cody couldn’t meet the gaze of his little brother, for he was supposed to be strong, he wasn’t supposed to cry in front of him.

“Cody.” Rex whimpered, becoming more sad that he made his brother cry. “Cody please don’t cry, please.” Rex begged as he crawled towards his brother, he was frantically wiping his eyes, but the tears were too much. Rex reached his brother and tugged on Cody’s arms, but they wouldn’t budge “Cody, stop crying,” Rex continued to weakly pull his brother’s arm as he had when they were young, “Stop crying!

“I can’t!” Cody’s head shot up, “I know I’m supposed to be strong enough for us but dammit Rex, I can’t take it! I can’t take watching you sob and sob and I can’t handle the fact that I can’t help you or take away your pain!” Cody confessed, face red hot, “You’re suffering and I can’t help you!” Rex stared wide-eyed at Cody as he thought of what to say, but nothing came in mind. So Rex did the one thing he knew he could, he hugged his brother.

Pulling Cody to him and hugging him tightly. “I love you, Bubby.” Rex mumbled, hiding his head in Cody’s shoulder and neck. He felt Cody’s shoulders drop as his arms wrapped around him, tightly closing his eyes as he held Rex just as tight. “….I know I’m a mess sometimes, you’re always there for me, I never stopped to consider that you were a mess too.” Rex sighed, his tears finally stopping. Cody whimpered as he rocked the two of them, eyes shut tight.

“It’s okay.” Cody forced out in a clear tone, “That’s what big brothers are supposed to do,” Cody pulled away from the hug, he forced a soft smile as he reached out and wiped away the tears on Rex’s face, “I’m supposed to take care of you.” He stated. Rex reached out his hand to wipe away Cody’s tears, he then smiled,

Doesn’t mean I can’t take care of you too

─── ❖ ── ✦ ── ❖ ───

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Okay, I did write a fic similar to this. It’s not directly after, but it’s close enough. The link is below 👇 that fic is actually one my personal favorites in terms of heartbreak, right next to ’Aren’t you proud?

Anyway, here’s your direct reaction after. Okay well it’s really just Rex’s, I wanted to do a part two, but I think the fic above is the second part in a way.

Strong in The Real Way

The brain is the most mysterious organ in the human body, no one can’t say they truly understand how the human brain works. When the human brain is traumatized, oh, now that’s when things get strange.

─── ❖ ── ✦ ── ❖ ───

They won. They took Umbara, Krell was dead, Dogma was gone, now it was time to get the hell off this planet. Captain Rex had gotten his boys ready to depart. Kix and a squad were out searching for the bodies of their brothers, everytime a few troopers came back with dozens of bodies, Rex’s breath fell a little shorter. He couldn’t do this anymore. Fives had taken over sweeping the facilities one last time and wiping any critical information. Jesse had gathered all the shinies, they hadn’t left his side.

Rex stood in front of the cruisor, watching all his beaten boys board. He gave all of them hug, squeezing tightly and giving them a kiss on the head before they boarded. Every trooper, they all waited patiently in a line. If the brother was crying, Rex would wipe away their tears, caress their face in his hands and whisper, “It’s okay, it’s over now.” He’d comforted every man but no one had comforted him. He’d been the last one to board. After Jesse and his shinies had boarded while singing a broken lullaby. After Kix and his med-crew came with the last of the body bags. After Fives and his section finished packing the occasional resources. Only after every man was on the ship, safe inside, did Rex step on the ramp, looking to Umbara and cursing the fact Skywalker had left them with that- that-

Rex put on his helmet to hide his now reddening face. Unlike all his brothers, he boarded the cruisor alone. He walked down the halls and to the lift by himself. As he did, his mind kept him uncomfortable, making him relieve that moment over and over again. He started to shake, his knees suddenly so weak, Rex held himself as he walked, hunching down as he fought the urge to fall to his knees yet again. As he stood in the lift, he pressed the emergency stop button, taking off his helmet, throwing it. “DAMMIT!” He wailed as he scratched at his armor as it suffocated him, stumbling back to lean against the wall, “Dammit-” he whined, holding his head as he cried. He slammed his fist into the wall, then looked up. He didn’t want to move, he wanted to stay here and cry. But he couldn’t, a Captain has to care for his crew. So Rex wiped his eyes, took a deep breath, put his helmet back on and started the lift again. He had to be strong again.

When he stepped out of the lift, Vaughn ran up to him, “Sir, General Kenobi and the 212th are coming up in the larties as we speak.” His voice was weak and broken, just as every brother. “D-do I have to give my briefing?” He asked, as if he was scared of the answer.

“Okay,” Rex responded initially before looking at Vaughn’s patched up face, “N-no, Vaughn,” Rex shook his head, you go rest, I know what happened so I’ll cover it.“ He watched Vaughn’s face light up ever so slightly in relief. The trooper nodded before excusing himself. Rex watched as he scurried off, Rex wished he could do the same, hide away in the arms of his brothers. But alas, he couldn’t. He instead, was headed to the lift yet again to go to the loading docks, awaiting the arrival of the 212th. Back in the lift, he felt that suffocation flood over him all over again, it was so easy to fake it in front of his boys, but when he was all alone those demons came creeping in and he had no reason to hold himself together.

When the lift opened, Rex took another sharp breath, stepping out he saw the ships come in, a few already had landed. Rex didn’t feel his pace pick up as he saw General Kenobi and Cody step out together, they looked so battered and held no urge to hurry. "Captain, how are the men?” Kenobi asked in a softer voice, usually that question held light, but it was spoken with the solemn feeling of darkness.

“They’re doing alright, sir, all things considered.” Rex mustered out as he forced himself to attention. He didn’t know why, but he felt like covering his chest as he stood in the presence of the Jedi. Cody must’ve had the same feeling, for he’d moved to stand next to Rex. “I told my men that they didn’t have to give their briefing, they need the break, I hope you don’t mind, sir.” Rex explained.

Obi-Wan nodded, understanding Rex’s actions completely. “Of course, Captain, please, don’t force yourself, we don’t need it right away.” Obi-Wan offered as the three began walking and as they did, Rex had reached for his older brother’s hand, and when Cody took his, they gripped their hands tightly. “Anakin is en route from Coruscant, we’ll be dropping out of hyperspace once we reach the mid-rim so he may join us, until then, Captain.” Obi-Wan turned, offering his smile, “Get some rest, both of you.” Obi-Wan put his hand on Rex’s shoulder, who instantly snapped back into Cody. Obi-Wan stopped instantly, Obi-Wan’s sad eyes looked up to meet Cody’s, hidden behind his helmet. He- he wasn’t going to hurt him.

Cody caught Rex, looking up to Obi-Wan with the same thought. “Right.” Obi-Wan brought his hand back to his side and continued walking as if nothing had happened. He couldn’t help Rex, no matter how much he wanted too. That was Cody’s job, Obi-Wan knew, as well as the fact he couldn’t help Cody either. It had just been them in the gunship and as he thought of their conversation, of that moment, shaking his head, Obi-Wan brought himself back into the moment. “I will be on the bridge the entire time, if you two need anything, com me and I will see it through.”

“Thank you, sir.” Cody spoke, he was now holding his brother in a hug, close to him. Rex was shaking with every step and only Cody was holding him up. “I’ll check on all the men and check on you on the bridge as soon as I can.” Cody added as they entered the hall. Obi-Wan nodded, he had his arms crossed and kept a distance. As they walked down the hall, Obi-Wan could sense all the pain and agony broadcasting from his men. They were in so much pain.

“Alright, Cody, but don’t worry about me, worry about your brothers, they’ll need you.” He said as they reached the lift. Obi-Wan nodded to his Commander before the lift took him away. Cody held his brother tightly, they’d take the next lift, Obi-Wan knew that.

Cody turned to face his brother, taking off his and Rex’s helmet, then lifting up his brothers head, frowning at the sight of Rex’s teary eyed face. Rex looked down in shame, taking a slow, steady breath before whispering, “I’m sorry I flinched, I know you love him which means I should trust him but-”

“Shhh,” Cody hushed, “It’s okay,” he told Rex, wiping away his little brother’s tears, “You don’t have to be strong all the time, especially not for me, I can be strong enough for the both of us.” Cody explained as the lift opened. “Okay, lil'un?” Cody asked, still speaking in that hushed tone. The two stepped into the lift, holding each other tightly.

“Okay, bubby.” Rex mumbled as watched the lift door close. Here he was, back again in the lift. But this time, he didn’t feel that demon lurk in. He had his big brother fighting it for him. Rex brought his head up and pressed his forehead against Cody’s. The two stood in silent, not moving, and as they stood there, for a minute, the world stopped crumbling, their hearts stopped bleeding, right there in the lift, even if for only a second,

They started to heal

─── ❖ ── ✦ ── ❖ ───

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Do you guys actually understand how traumatic this must’ve been?

Especially since Rex collapsed to his knees?


Do you know the amounf of pain it would take to bring Rex to his knees? To just completely fall apart right there? Really, do you know what it would actually take? Captain Rex had survived so much of this hellish war and he keeps out-living his brothers. But never does he break on screen. When Echo dies, Fives doesn’t fall and break right there, but we know he wanted to. Fives lost his best friend, but he can still stand, to continue to serve.

But this? This is so painfully different from all the deaths of their brothers before now. It wasn’t Fives who blown up Echo, but it was Rex who shot his brothers. Tup who killed a friend. Kix who shot trooper after trooper, brother after brother. Rex had thought he’d seen it all, that he could handle his pain and trauma, but not this. Never had this happened, the trauma was fresh. A new wound across his heart, a pain so deep he can’t process it. All he could do is fall to his knees. He doesn’t even have the strength to stand.

While he holds his head and sobs, the battle plays over and over in his head. That for every kill he added silently in his head were brothers, that every precise shot he took was aimed at someone he loved. The crippling truth hit Rex so suddenly that he nearly suffocates his brother trying to prove it, he’s in such shock over the fact that he killed his brothers that all he can do is fall to his knees, forever forced to remember: ’ This was my fault.

If he had listened to Fives when Krell was dangerous, if he had taken matters into his own hands, if he had just listened to his gut that this wouldn’t have happened. If Rex had just done something none of this wouldn’t have happened. But he didn’t and his brothers paid the price.

─── ❖ ── ✦ ── ❖ ───

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He doesn’t even care about himself, just his brothers


He doesn’t leave a brother to certain death, he rushes to them and saves them. Not caring about the fact he can get hurt because his brothers already are and they are all that matters to Kix. As his oath as a doctor and a trooper, he will never leave a brother behind. Kix will save them, oh, he is so desperately trying to save all his brothers.

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A Candle’s Dying Flame

Okay this is actually such a good idea I loved writing this.

─── ❖ ── ✦ ── ❖ ───

Clones, we shot clones, we shot brothers-” Kix was holding his breath as he ran from brother to brother, checking vitals, accessing injuries and marking the brother with the needed tag so the medics could check on. He was the doctor, chief of surgery. Right now, he was in charge of a massive trauma unit assigned to heal and find everyone on of their brothers that they hurt. He’d ran through the 501st side now he was running into the 212th. The medics knew him, the only doctor between the two battalions, they listened to him. He was jumping from brother to brother, access, tag, go. Nothing more.

“Sir! We need you!” A voice called, Kix looked up, he didn’t recognize the trooper right away, he’d later find out it was Crys. “It’s Waxer!” He called again, that got Kix up off his feet. He dashed to Crys’ side as he led him to Waxer. They went running through the forest, moving with such precision through the dark as they ran.

When they at last reached Waxer, Kix’s eyes went wide as he grew faster than fast only to fall to his knees as he reached Waxer’s side. “Waxer,” Kix breathed heavily, opening his bag and immediately started rummaging throughout it. He pulled out several things and as he went to take off his injured brother’s helmet off, he was stopped.

“Kix,” Waxer coughed out in a whisper, “It was me, I ordered them to shoot, I, I got us killed,” he cried, gripping Kix’s arm tightly. The medic had frozen, mouth still dropped in shock. “I’m going to die, let me die,” the amount of pain Waxer was in was one greater than the ache of war. Perhaps he’d become paralyzed, for he couldn’t feel his body. He’d been shot several times, and flew back, cracking his armor. “I’m going to suffer more if I live.”

Kix shook his head, “Waxer, n-no, no this wasn’t your fault, you deserve to live, and you can.” Kix argued, looking down to Waxer’s hand, his grip wasn’t strong, but that didn’t mean he could make it. Right now, he wasn’t thinking like a doctor, so blinded by his emotions and the fact he was about to lose another brother. Kix could save him, he could save him! He had to. “Please let me save you.”

“Kix, get me Rex, I need to tell him.” Waxer ignored him. He’d been shot with the precise eye of a brother, he was going to die, Waxer had accepted it, even if Kix hadn’t. He understood what it meant to have to say goodbye to so many brothers all at once, he knew the pain and tears that would follow. He just hated he’d be the reason for that pain “I have to tell him,” his voice was falling quieter with every minute. “Kix-”

“No!” He cried, “I shot your men today, I need to save them-”

“Then go,” Waxer felt himself grow cold. The world was becoming darker, it was almost time to go. Reaching out his weakened hand, he caressed his brother’s face, “It wasn’t your fault, Kix, you’re so good, go save someone who will live.” Silently, Waxer plead. Kix looked down in defeat.

Go get the Captain.” He mumbled, mouthing the words of his oath. An oath he was about to set aside, to let his brother die. The oath of a doctor, except right now, Kix didn’t feel like a doctor, he felt like a fraud, a fraud who was about to let his brother die even though he could save him. He could save him, but he’d look up to Waxer, and he instantly understood.

Waxer didn’t want to die, he wanted to live another day with his brothers, live to see Numa and her planet free. He wanted to live. But this life wasn’t living. Everyday he fought a war and there was no escape, that wasn’t a life, it was a prison stay with a death sentence. One that had at last come to an end. Waxer would look to the sky and know he’d never see Numa grow up and he’d never see his brothers again, but he’d be with all the brothers lost in the stars, then he’d really be living. Out of silence, Waxer spoke, “The pain is gone, that’s a bad sign isn’t it?” Turning to look at his teary eyed brother.

“Yes, it is,” Kix spoke in a hushed whisper, “It means you’re going to die.” Both of their attention shifted as they heard a rustle. Rex. Waxer wanted to get up and hug him. But by now, his body was shutting down. This was it, Waxer knew. At least he would be surrounded by brothers when he went. Rex knelt down, grabbing Waxer’s hand. He asked but one thing ’who gave the order?’ Of course. Waxer knew, and as he recalled that moment, his heart broke all over again. He’d explained, and as a tear rolled down his cheek, Waxer’s last feeling of life was agony, “..It was.. you.

Kix held his breath, looking down at checking for the time. For Waxer’s time of death. Letting out a broken sigh, the man turned to the boys around them and gave them a nod ’he was gone’ Kix waited until Rex had pulled himself back to his feet and left. After he had, Kix took one last moment to remember Waxer, then he turned to his aid and ordered,

Get a body bag

─── ❖ ── ✦ ── ❖ ───

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Okay so I actually did write a fic about what happened to Dogma after Umbara, he stays in prison and just when he thinks he’s been completely forgotten, Vader recruits him and he goes back to serve under Vader’s Fist. BUT- Since then I thought it out and have a much better idea!


Dogma was still able to serve, he was still alive and he wasn’t a mutant. He’d killed a treasonous Jedi General, that was something to keep quiet. So they did. They kept it quiet. Jedi General Pong Krell died in an explosion on the Umbaran front. What really transpired on the shadow planet stayed there, lost in the dark.

But those who knew, oh they’d never forget. Dogma shot and killed Pong Krell. Every brother knew it was the right thing to do. But all the same, Dogma was transferred back to Kamino after his long trial with the orders: Erase his mind. He can still serve and we need the men.

He wasn’t dead, he could still think and fight. He was simply sick in the head. He’d become too heavy of a risk not to erase his mind. So that’s exactly what happened. They could get rid of his memories, his brothers, any thought of committing something against orders, everything. They could strip Dogma back down to a clean slate. The perfect soldier devoid of humanity. But one feature remained, the tattoos. They could not get rid of those. So they left them. With his frontal lobe reprogrammed and a quick physical evaluation, he was ready to return to the war.

But this man is not Dogma. He is a shiny to join the 112th in the next rotation of new soldiers. But then there is a request. General Skywalker requests that ’Dogma’ be returned to his battalion. So then he returned, the men running up to him with joy, but he was terribly confused. He didn’t know them and they didn’t know him. Not anymore.


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