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“Tout le bonheur du monde est dans l'inattendu.”

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el paraguas

It’s used to ‘stop’ ‘water’: parar agua
Like a ‘parasol’, but not against sol.

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Good morning world, let’s do this…

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Yoshio Markino :: Autumn. From: Posters; a critical study of the development of poster design in continental Europe, England and America by Charles Matlack Price (1913) New York: G.W. Bricka. | src Smithsonian Libraries @ internet archive

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“Under the Intramuros Rain”

My good friend and fellow geology student, Aj Sinnung, is my inspiration and subject for this difficult painting (literally hurt my back in the process). We were walking down the road in a very rainy day in Intramuros, Manila when something very dramatic happened and the moment has been stuck in my head since. It was like a scene from a drama and I couldn’t stop laughing every time I remember it. And so that moment gave birth to this piece. I dedicate this to her for giving me such a happy memory!

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Heyyyyyy, you don’t know me, or do you? Anyways this is a piece of art I did a while back for mi story. It’s called “The Umbrella That Brought Glee”. I kind of ignored it after I made some art and created the plot, but I’m thinking about getting back up on it. Well, I hope you like the art! 

Adios random person

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