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Just wanted to give a heads up on what requests I have, and while my requests are always open, I am also always working on past requests. That’s how I work, for some weird reason. 

Also, if you want to be added to a taglist for certain fics(series or oneshots), then let me know and I’ll be sure to add you! :)

* = not requested 

🍀 = in progress 

  • Stanley Barber x Reader - Coffee Shop! AU 🍀
  • Klaus Hargreeves x Reader - Reader does his makeup 🍀
  • Stanley Barber x Reader - Friends to Lovers
  • Clyde Donovan x Reader - Hurt/Comfort??
  • Eric Cartman x Reader
  • Five Hargreeves x Reader - Celebrating Reader’s B-Day
  • Bill Denbrough x Reader - Prom
  • Caliban x Reader - When they meet & First Date 
  • Chapter Four of Invisible Hearts 🍀
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based on the very little said about bens death we know he ‘died violently at a young age’

which. could mean anything really. a lot of people theorise the Horror killed him. some people think he was killed on a mission. or that he ended his own life.

personally, i go with one or two. from what we know about ben he doesnt seem to actually want to be dead, but whether thats bc hes changed his mind over the years or not is unknown

as for his age: i think it’s pretty much agreed he died some time around/before 2006? he stops showing up in the portraits when the others look to be in their late teens and vanyas book says he was the glue holding them together and not long after they turned 17 they started moving out

why ben is aged up as a ghost is anyones guess. i think its easier in terms of filming but ageing him up to match his siblings current ages was definitely a choice

i welcome any theories anyone has

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its easy to want to get better. its easy to think about getting better. but its not easy to actually do.

there are days when you think back on your worst mistakes. on what you should have done or could have done. when you are just so empty because what’s the point anymore, nothing’s going to change. you fucked up majorly and now heres the consequences.

theres more bad days than good. if there are, in fact, any good days. ‘good days’ tend to mean not being stuck in the empty feeling, or not thinking at all. its sad but its true.

you tell yourself it gets worse before it gets better every morning. you tell yourself that one day all this pain will be worth it and youll come out on the other side.

then again, you also tell yourself that its hopeless. that you deserve this guilt and this pain. you dont deserve to feel that happiness that was once promised.

you look back on the worst hours, and the worst rumours, and wish you could stop yourself every time. you wish you had fives ability to time travel. you wish you could rumour yourself into stopping before you fucked up royally.

theres a divide now. the new allison, the one haunted by guilt and the need to get better, and the old allison, who used her powers to get what she wanted and didnt give a damn about the consequences. you hate her. she probably hates you too.

you look in the mirror again, and the face that stares back, blinks back tears. again. your alarm clock rings. 

and like clockwork, the words are already out of your mouth, “it gets worse before it gets better.”

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Reginald: Why are you so rebellious Number Eight? 

Leonora: Why are you so obsessed with my rebellion?


Leonora: *trying to teach Allison Spanish* miércoles

Allison: Mierda-

Leonora: No- 


Leonora, to Klaus: Hey, got a lighter? 


Klaus: You- literally control fire- 


Leonora: *Watches Toph metelbend in 2005*

Leonora: Huh. I could do that. *eats popcorn*


Diego: Mierda! 

Vanya: Like the- 

Leonora: *slams hands over Vanya’s ears* nO-

Ben: Hey, what does Mierda mean? I heard Diego say it. 




Leonora and Klaus: DIEGO!

Vanya: Have you ever had a boyfriend? 

Allison: Yeah, have you? 

Leonora, thinking of Elissa and Diego: Huh? No.

Diego: I’m Pan. 

Leonora: Hi Pan, I’m Bi. 


Diego: did you just wrap coming out and a dad joke into one thing, because you could make a religion out of that-

Leonora: Hey, do you think you have siblings? 

Diego: Sweetheart, Inferno, Darling, it’s 3 am.


Klaus: YOU AREE 

Leonora: MY FIREEE 

Luther: MY ONEEE 





Vanya: *Sighs* 

Vanya: TELL ME WHY- 

Reginald: YOU, GO TO SLEEP. 

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Huh…. I’ve never thought about it….

  • Cuz he’s an old man and wanted to compliment but he’s bad at it?
  • Or he just thinks thats a dress because he knows nothing about women’s fashion
  • He didn’t look at it properly
  • Its one of Allison’s dresses from childhood that Allison or Klaus later cut or modified to be a skirt and he recognized it
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I haven’t seen the pictures so if anyone has a link to cut scenes from the show plz lemme know

I don’t think who is there when Klaus conjures Dave matters tho. I genuinely don’t think Five killed Dave because there’s 0 hint to this in the show. They would have to have some hint even if that’s just Five giving a look when he realizes where Klaus went or some sort of reference to the Vietnam mission between Five and the Handler.

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