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#umbrella academy five

Klaus: when you become famous you’re called a legend because your leg ends

Five: what

Klaus: your leg

Klaus: it ends

Diego: I’m not a linguist but I think that’s wrong

Klaus: are you saying your leg doesnt end?

Diego: well I mean, at some point it does. Yes.

Klaus: then what’s the problem

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So with Umbrella academy being adapted into tv the vibes are obviously going to be different. But I didn’t even take into account how different time travel would be for the tv adapted characters vs the comic book characters.


I mean look how different they are from the comic books. Almost all of them are bound to be horribly discriminated against!

  • Luther has a bodily abnormality
  • Diego is latinx
  • Allison’s a women of color
  • Klaus is queer
  • Ben is asian
  • Vanya appears to be queer

This season should be very interesting to say the least. I hope they tell the stories right🖤

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Protect You- Five Hargreeves x Reader

word count:765

warnings:none that I’m aware of. Maybe some bad grammar sorry about that. 


Originally posted by scottstiles

All of a sudden you hear a familiar whoosh and flash of blue lights sparks the dark room. You just stayed stretched across your bed, hearing shuffling before the light by your bed turned on. You winced “Five.. what are you doing here?.. it’s really late..” you asked. Your voice was groggy as you forced your heavy eyelids open. 

“It’s only 8 p.m. (y/n), now scoot over.” He said nudging you to the other side of the bed. You lazily looked over at him seeing that he sat against the headboard with a cup of coffee sitting safely in one hand. You could tell that he was tense and on edge beginning to worry you spoke. “Five.. are you ok? You seem really tense..” still he didn’t answer just kept his eyes on his surroundings. 

Sitting up you reached your hand up to the nape of his neck running your fingers through his hair. You could feel him slightly loosen up but still seemed alert. 

For a while you just stayed silent, knowing he would talk in his own time. 

“(Y/n), you should go back to sleep ok.” You heard Five’s voice cut through the thick silence. You lifted your head from his shoulder and looked at him. You had begun to worry seeing as he usually speaks to you for long time periods. He knows his voice calms you so he’ll talk about anything he can think of. Now he was staying silent and you were getting extremely nervous. 

“Five, you have to tell me what’s wrong. Please, you’re scaring me.” You whispered. You reached to grab his now empty hand seeing as his coffee was finished a while ago. He didn’t pull away, he grasped your hand tightly and squeezed it twice. 

He finally looked at you, his expression had softened. 

“Don’t be scared, I’m not going to let anything happen to you. I swear no one will lay a finger on you while I’m here.” He says. He leans over and places a kiss on your forehead. 

“What do you mean? Is someone trying to hurt me?” You ask. Your voice slightly wavered, your eyes were wide. 

Five just squeezed your hand again. 

“Five.. please just tell me what’s going on…” you practically begged. 

“I don’t want them to take you from me.” He said, still scanning your room. You let go of his hand and used it to turn his head so he was looking at you once again. 

“Who’s going to take me from you?” You ask rubbing your thumb over his cheek in a soothing manner. He sighed and leaned into your touch. 

“The Commission. They’ll do whatever it takes to get to me and they know that you’re the only thing I love most in this world. I won’t let them hurt you. I’m never going to let them hurt you.” His voice was strong as usual but you could feel the fear behind it. 

Your gaze softened and you sighed. 

“I know they won’t hurt me Five… but it’s not me I’m worried about. It’s you, you can’t let them do this to you. I’m ok.. I’m right here and I always will be. It’s time that you get some rest ok.. I can take care of myself too, give me a chance to take care of you. Now try and get some sleep.” He went to protest but you cut him off. “No, Five.. listen to me you get some sleep I won’t let them get me and I won’t let them get you. You always protect me and it’s my turn to protect you. So please trust me.” You said. This time your voice was strong and he looked at you with admiration and a soft worry. 

“I trust you (y/n).. but I swear if I hear the slightest of movements or any sign of struggle I’m not letting you go at it alone.” He said, his voice was stern and so was his expression. 

You stared back at him in amusement. “I know you won’t. Now go to sleep before I get angry with you.” You said as he got under the covers next to you. He draped one arm tightly around your waist and nuzzled into your side before answering with a muffled “Yes Ma'am.” You smiled down at him and settled in to stay up for the rest of the night, promising yourself that you wouldn’t let anyone hurt him, and promising him that you wouldn’t be hurt. 

“I’ll be here when you wake up love, I swear.”

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Crosswords Five Hargreeves x reader


Hey guys! I have a wattpad book for rua imagines and preferences! I’ll link it in a nother post so check it out if you want to! No pressure! Love you all!

Summary: (y/n) solves a crosswors on her own and is very proud of herself. Now she wants to know if Five is proud also.

Warnings: Im Sorry it’s like super late and I’m half asleep but I thought it was cute. So let me know if there are anythings that should be warned about. Thanks💛


 A/N In this imagine you and Five are the same age as the show seeing as you bot got stuck in the future.  that’s how all of them will be unless stated otherwise! Thank  you guys so much for reading! 


Originally posted by umbrellaacademy-uk

Five was sitting at the desk in his room and you sat on his bed the scratch of two pencils echoed in the room. One from five doing equations and the other from you doing crossword puzzles. That’s right. Crossword puzzles.

All of a sudden Five speaks up “(y/n), are you OK? You’re quiet. That’s not like you, you’re always talking my ear off.” You didn’t answer as you were focusing on getting this one clue you couldn’t seem to remember. Not hearing a response, Five turned to look at you.

He saw you on his bed curled up in a blanket with a crossword book in your lap and pencil in your hand. Eyebrows scrunched up in concentration. “Hey five? What are those thingys that you play chess with? You know those like horse one and the queen one..” you asked trailing off. “They’re called pawns (y/n).” He answers straightforwardly. “Right it fits perfectly! It goes exactly with 24 across!” You said ,excited that you finally got it.

Five just shook his head and turned around smiling to himself. He heard you shuffle and your feet pad across the floor. Paying no mind until he felt you wrap your arms around his shoulders. You pressed a kiss to his cheek while showing him the finished crossword puzzle. “Look at that, I did it! I only asked you once for help, are you proud of how smart your girlfriend is?” You ask while pulling slightly away to look at him. “Did you really not ask for help with any of the others?” He asked, raising an inquiring eyebrow at you. You held his stare for a little bit before letting go of his shoulders and shyly looking down at your sock covered feet. “Ok.. maybe I asked Vanya once.. or twice…” you whispered. You played with your fingers shyly. You always got embarrassed when he called you out on needing help. He never did it to be mean, but it still sometimes made you feel like you maybe weren’t smart enough on your own.

Five looked at you and his smile vanished when you let go of him and looked away. It finally occurred to him what was wrong.

“Hey c'mere.” He said. He picked up your hands and pulled you closer to him. “Sorry I couldn’t do it on my own.” You mumbled.

He sighed before pulling you down to sit on his lap. This was a very rare occurrence, so it surprised you. His arms were wrapped around you so you wouldn’t fall. “It’s ok to ask for help, everyone needs it. Well maybe not me but everyone else does. I may not help everyone, but I’ll always be here to help you whether it’s with crossword puzzles or kicking someone’s ass. I’m always gonna be here.” He said.

You smiled and giggled softly. Wrapping your arms around his neck you said “thank you Five. I’ll do the same for you even if you say you don’t need it.” You laughed. He laughed lightly. “I am proud of you though. Really I am.” He whispered and leaned in to kiss your temple softly. You looked at him, your eyes wide and doe-like.

All of a sudden he scooped you and walked over to his bed, placing you down. He walked across the room quickly changing into his pajamas just like you already did hours ago. He walked back over grabbed the crossword book and pulled you to his chest so your back was leaning against him. You grabbed the covers and the blanket from earlier pulling over both of you sighing in content at the warmth from your boyfriend and the blanket.

Five looked down at you as you smiled up at him. You gently placed a hand on his thigh and sweetly rubbed it. It was comforting to him.

He smiled. “Alright love, now let’s do a few of these together. I’ll admit I don’t know a few of these, so you might have to help me this time. If that’s ok with you.” He said looking at the page in front of him but seeing out of the corner of his eye you smiling softly. “Of course I’ll help you.” You gave his thigh a squeeze before he rested his chin on your shoulder so both of you could look at the page. 

“You’re so smart love.” Five whispered kissing your blushing cheek, with a cheesy smile. 

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word count: 653

warnings: fluffy fluff! 

summary: Five is in love with giving you kisses, he hadn’t had someone to give affection to or get affection from until he met you. 


Originally posted by ravenclairee

 Five was a sweetheart behind closed doors. He loved to kiss you whether it be the top of your head, your cheek or your lips. If you were reading, or even dancing around to music he would spacial jump in front of you just to kiss you. 

You were in his room. It was a typical Tuesday night (Taylor swift reference sort of) and you had just picked up (y/f/b) and settled in to read. You were in Fives room curled up in a blanket with a cup of tea/coffee on the nightstand, you also had a cup of black coffee for Five because you knew he would be there any second. 

You saw a flash of blue light out of the corner of your eye and smiled. You heard Five pick up then set down the cup of coffee, and giggled softly to yourself. 

“What are you laughing at my love?” He asked. You felt the bed dip and he took the blanket from you. You whined from being cold. “I’m not gonna tell you now. You took my blanket from me."you said before turning back to your book to pick up where you left off. 

He huffed before sitting behind you so he could wrap himself around you, placing the blanket back over you both. He rested his head in the crook of your neck, placing small kisses before looking over your shoulder to read along.  "I’m sorry, but now that the blanket is back will you tell me what you were laughing at?” he asked.  You huffed craning your neck to look at him. When you did this he took his chance to place a kiss on your lips. Your eyes fluttered shut, and you smiled as he pulled away. Eyes still closed, your smile lingered. It was his turn to laugh at how cute your expression was. 

“Hey what are you laughing at?” you asked. Opening your eyes, your brows furrowed as you looked at him. He gave you a smirk before reaching over to pick up the coffee. “That’s not fair five!” you whined. “Oh really? that’s not fair? You never answered me so I don’t have to answer you.” he said matter of factly. You sighed harshly. “Fine, I was just laughing because you’re always so cute when you have your coffee.” you said. His face flushed at your confession. “Al-Alright I’ll tell you why I laughed. I just thought you were adorable after we kissed, you looked so content and happy so it made me laugh."  he said smirking at the blush that dusted your cheeks. "It’s not my fault that your need
for kisses is so cute.

 You always make me feel loved and I really appreciate that..” you trailed off.  "I need coffee more than kisses though, I’m not sorry to say.“ he teases. Your eyes go wide and your hand covers your heart in mock shock.  "Well if that’s true then I guess you won’t be needing anymore kisses so I’ll go back to my own room.” you said. Beginning  to get up you were pulled back into his arms. “Oh no you don’t. ” he said before pressing kisses all around your face causing you to giggle. “I can’t live without your kisses, I can’t live without waking up and kissing your forehead. I can’t live without you annoying me while I’m doing work so you sit on my lap and I give you kisses on your neck.” he whispered.  He moved his hand from your thigh to your face. You smiled and leaned your head slightly to press a kiss to his palm.  He smiled lifting your face to kiss you. He sighed in content, you pulled away only to see his eyes still closed and his lips chasing yours. Sweetly you leaned in again to give him a light peck and  whispered “Your kisses are so cute." 

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