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#umbrella academy luther

So what The Umbrella Academy Twitter are saying is that Luther legit just can’t dance and we should make fun of that rather than his valid abuse and abusive relationship with Regibitch based on sucess that he could never achieve and standards that ended up destroying his body and self-worth beyond a number.


Boy just punches.

Someone help him he’s useless but I love him.

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The Umbrella Academy Season 2 Promo Pictures Part 1


(June 16th 2020)

Eeeee didn’t expect to see this today. 👏👏🖤

I’m dying over these photos, idk what to think it expect as they are all different vibes.

I’m loving for Vanyas smile, so prettyyyy 🥺🥺🥺

Diego just looks like a child sitting in that chair (waiting for grace probs) 🤣

Just a fyi, only some of the cast have uploaded pictures.(as of now it’s only been like a hour since they posted it on Instagram)

So I will posting the rest later on

The cast all are releasing the same pictures expect for having ½ bonus photos 🥳☺️☺️🖤

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3am Tua thoughts

Luther: I can’t wait to be ignorant tomorrow and enjoy it

Diego: what would a person look like if they had knives stabbed in them covering the whole body

Alison: One day I’ll breathe. Tonight I’m gonna see how long I can hold my breath till I pass out.

Klaus: If it snowed cocaine, no one could judge me for doing drugs. We would all be addicted.

Five: I wonder who I’m gonna slaughter while smiling tommorow. “What do you think Delores?” *silence*

Ben: I wonder what shenanigans will come up tomorrow

Vanya: Okay now I can finally cry. It’s my scheduled crying time.

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My somewhat failed attempt at making the hargreeves children (and mom)….

By the time i got to five and vanya I said fuck it and it SHOWS…

I couldn’t find good clothes for diego and I didnt have enough slots so I had to delete Reginald. And im kinda upset they didnt have accurate hair for allison.

I also made these outfits their pjs winter summer formal etc… until i got sick of it so some of them still have random attire in other categories.

I might do a comic version later

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