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#umbrella academy meme

Can somebody please, PLEASE, write a short fic where the reader comes home injured and Diego has to give the reader a needle but he’s so afraid of them that he can hardly bring himself to give the reader a needle?? PLEASE I BEG THIS WOULD BE ADORABLE OK

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hey, let’s make a deal. around me, you don’t have to apologize just for existing

—  sentence starters  :  the umbrella academy,  episode 01.04,  the man on the moon.  



The quiet of Mystic Falls never seemed to last. They’d get rid of one threat only for five more to pop up in its place. Damon was gone, now they had Leo and some crazy witch cult to deal with. Then there was still the Mikaelson’s poisoning everything in their path. At the rate this was going, Bonnie would be lucky to find any semblance of a normal life before she died. 

Finishing up another particularly long session with Evie, Bonnie pops into the kitchen to prepare a pot of coffee for herself and Seph. While Evie was free for the rest of the night, they had more witch matters to attend to. 

Sighing, Bonnie pours them each a cup and shoves the second toward Seph. They were in this thing together, but truthfully, she didn’t understand why the other woman bothered. This wasn’t her war to fight, so why did she stay? Part of her wondered if it was because she felt she HAD to. This town was like a spider’s web, it had a way of trapping people like them.

“I’m sorry you’ve been dragged into all of this.” Bonnie apologizes after a moment; fingers curling around her mug. “Not just with Evie’s lessons, but everything. I remember you saying how you couldn’t get involved and that’s exactly what ended up happening. This should be my responsibility, it isn’t fair to you.”

hey, let’s make a deal. around me, you don’t have to apologize just for existing

Lifting her gaze to meet Seph’s, a small but sad smile forms at her words. She had been nothing but a friend to Bonnie, and she greatly appreciated her help as well as her friendship. Even if Seph was brushing it off like no big deal, she wished she didn’t have to be so mixed up in all the drama.

“I know this was your choice. I just feel bad you had to get involved is all.”

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i was fine. alright? i am fine. i don’t need any help.

—  sentence starters  :  the umbrella academy,  episode 01.04,  the man on the moon.  



Now that Kol was aware Quinn’s deal had become more of a team effort, it seemed avoiding the original wasn’t an option. That much was clear when he approached her booth at the Grill demanding a progress report. Unfortunately, Gray was with her and she could practically feel how tense she had become with his presence. The man had tortured her and her brother for seven whole hours, it wasn’t exactly an easy alliance.

Sensing her friend’s unease, Bonnie turns to him and aims to rid themselves of him quick. “If I had anything of worth to tell you, you’d have known by now. Now if you’re done pestering me, I’d like to enjoy the rest of my meal in peace.” She responds coldly, dismissing him.

Disappointment flashes briefly in those soulless eyes, before a playful smirk appears and he turns his attention to Gray. That was the absolute last thing she wanted from this exchange. “Ah, the prodigal sister has finally returned. Always a pleasure seeing you, darling. We’ll have to catch up real soon.” At that, he snickers before disappearing into the lunch crowd.

“Son of a bitch.” She mutters under her breath before shifting her attention to Gray. Concern etched on her features, she reaches across the table to place a comforting hand over hers; lightly squeezing. “Are you okay? We can leave if you want, eat somewhere else. Do you—”

i was fine. alright? i am fine. i don’t need any help. 

They were alike in so many ways, Bonnie thought. Always putting up a strong front to spare the people around them a burden. With Gray though, she wasn’t having it because she knew better. Having been tortured by her own psychopath (and later confronted with him again), she knew something like that never truly left you. To this day she still had nightmares of her time in the prison world.

“Listen, I know you’re strong and you can take care of yourself, but you don’t always have to be that person. You’ve been through a lot, it’s okay to not be okay. Trust me, I’ve been where you are.” Bonnie tries to assure her. “You’re not alone in this, Gray, and you don’t have to be. I can’t make you talk to me or anybody, but I just want you to know that you have people who care about you.”

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well, you start the car, then. ‘cause we’re going on a field trip. { mindpcwered }

—  sentence starters  :  the umbrella academy,  episode 01.04,  the man on the moon.  



It took some time, but Bonnie finally had a lead on their elusive coven. At least, that’s what she was hoping for since there was no guarantee it was actually them. Opening the door for Quinn, she ushers him inside and gestures for him to have a seat. 

“Thanks for coming.” She offers in way of greeting as she pours them both some tea and joins him at the table. “I’ll get straight to the point here. I think I have a lead on that coven we’ve been looking for. Apparently the sheriff’s department in Falls Church contacted Matt about a week ago for some help dealing with a werewolf problem. When he got back to them though, they said someone else had taken up the job. A group of witches. I’m guessing this coven your family knows probably hunt more than just sirens.”

It could be merely a coincidence, but not many covens came through Virginia. At least to her knowledge. And given their interest in killing the last remaining siren, she figured they had to be close by waiting for an opportunity to arise. Even if it turned out to not be them, Bonnie figured it couldn’t hurt to go investigate. 

“We should make a trip to Falls Church soon. They probably won’t stay in one place for very long.”

well, you start the car, then. ‘cause we’re going on a field trip

Apparently Quinn was on the same page as her, though she could tell that he wasn’t entirely thrilled about it. It was easy to guess why. Because if this coven turned out to be the one they were looking for, he’d have to snitch them out to Kol. Even if it was all for Gray, that didn’t exactly sit very well on the conscience. 

“Are you sure you’re up to this?” She asks him before reaching across the table to place her hand over his. “Look, I know this isn’t easy for you. If you need me to be the bad guy here, I’ll be the one to hand them over to Kol. It wouldn’t exactly be the first time I sacrificed my morals to save someone I love.”

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Ship me please? Straight female. INFP Taurus. Dramatic. Lazy. Random. Sarcastic. Hard-headed. Stubborn. Dorky. Nerdy. Clingy. Moody. Temperamental. Guarded. Needy. Witty. Genuine. Dancer. Bookworm. Otaku. Movie lover (action, crime, thriller, fantasy, rom-com). Music lover (alternative rock, pop, country, and Broadway show tunes). Coffee fiend. Has a huge sweet tooth. Easy to annoy but hard to truly anger. Dog person. I also tend to get nervous and stressed easily. Thanks!

Hey!! Thanks for the ask thingy.

I assume you mean a ship for The Umbrella Academy, well, because that’s what my blog is about.

I ship you with Diego Hargreeves.


Originally posted by holtsprecinct

Not my GIF.

His soft side of him would stick by you and protect you from anything. He enjoys your witty comments and nerdy personality. Around you, Diego feels comfortable and he will show off his dancing skills. You guys get into fights sometimes, but they will always end at some point. They’re usually over something stupid. Cuddles + TV is his favourite passing activity to do with you. He’ll sometimes fan-girl over shows and really show off his dorky side.

I hope this is good because I’ve never done this before.


Ships I’ll do:

-The Umbrella Academy



-Stranger Things

-The Walking Dead

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because i’m the only one left.

—  sentence starters  :  the umbrella academy,  episode 01.04

Returning home sometime before dawn, Kol was quite surprised to find Anikaia still awake in their bed. Usually by now she was fast asleep under the covers, but as her gaze caught his, it became obvious there was something troubling her. Though, he had no idea what that could possibly be unless Rose had doused her with another wine glass. 

Breathing a sigh, Kol prepares for an earful of some drama or other. 

“Have another little spat with my witch, did you?” He inquires as he pulls his shirt up over his head and prepares for bed. “Because the key to dealing with Rose is to simply ignore her. Much like I do. The girl is in love with me and honestly, who can really blame her, but I suppose you’re due a bit of revenge. If you’re feeling particularly mischievous, feel free to hand her a helping of her own medicine.”

Smirking at the thought of their petty little war over him, the humor quickly disappears as Anikaia launches into the true reason for her mood. And it was a most troubling tale indeed. 


“What do you mean they’ve found you? That’s impossible!” He growls in anger. “I’ve planted numerous false trails and had you personally cloaked from them. There’s no way they’ve found you here.” If Bonnie Bennett was trying to stir up trouble by scaring Anikaia for those Rolland idiots, then he was going to personally string her up along with the rest of them. Some people just never learned.

“If there’s one thing in which my family excels, it’s disappearing off the map. I’ve had so much in place to keep you concealed, how could they possibly—” 

A realization dawns over him just then as he remembers a conversation he’d had with his brother. Henrik had told him Claire was cloaked, that there had to be a traitor somewhere feeding information to their enemies. His protections hadn’t failed at all, someone close by had thrown Anikaia under the bus same as Claire. 

“I’m going to kill the treacherous little snake whenever I find them.” He snarls as he reaches for the bottle of alcohol on his dresser; taking a swig before ranting some more. “Bloody witches. After all this time, why even bother with one singular siren? Certainly they’ve more productive uses for their time.” 

because i’m the only one left.

Looking to her, he ceases in her angered pacing and comes to sit down beside her on the bed. If he had thought about sleeping before, that was the farthest thing from his mind now. This needed to be dealt with ASAP. And though he hated the idea of it, Kol knew exactly the first step that needed to be made. 

“They’ll never even touch you.” He promises, pulling her face toward him and kissing her with a fierceness. If this coven stepped even one toe over the town limits, he was going to ensure them all a most painful death. “I’ll take care of it.”

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