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#umbrella academy shitpost

Vanya: *is played by Ellen Page*

Vanya: *dresses like this in season 1*


Vanya: *dresses like this in season 2*


Vanya: *kills her first boyfriend*

Me: Okay, I’m sorry, but there is no way this girl is straight

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Right now Vanya is letting Klaus do her makeup while they listen to the Beetlejuice Musical soundtrack. After all those years of ignoring Vanya, Klaus is hellbent on making sure that his sister knows that she’s not alone anymore.

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  • Sargent Cheddar Reacts to Celebrity Sightings (bonus if the celebrities are the TUA cast) 
  • Cooking with Diego (half the time, he gets impatient and just says “Screw it. Raw eggs have protein” and eats one)
  • A live show where Grace takes phone calls and offers calm, cheerful advice to young adults struggling with adulting 
  • A miniseries where Reginald must go to the store by his damn self and all the little indignities that entails, from having his parking spot stolen to learning the store is out of his favorite cereal
  • Can You Wax Your Ass With This? With Klaus Hargreeves
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Five: *answering the phone: yes, hello?
Diego: you drank a lot
Five: that's why I took a taxi. If I had been sober, I would've spatial jumped.
Diego: where are you going?
Five: where do you think? I'm going home.
Diego: Hey, you were drinking at home.
Five: what?
Diego: Are you that drunk?
Five: ... Sir, where am I going?
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