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I know I’m late but I?? Love?? The Umbrella?? Academy?? I knew I would bc Gerard but like?? Yes??

Klause. Klause is me if I had no filter and he reminds me of Norse Loki so I love him. Five? Adorable. 1,000% Done™ with everyone’s shit. Practically perfect in every way. Vanya? My wife. Allison? She’s the only adult and she deserves everything. Luther? Baby. Baby boy. Diego? Stabby and I love him. Ben? Totally the exhausted guardian angel who is sitting in the corner with his 5th cup of coffee watching all of his dumbass siblings do everything wrong. Ten outta ten.

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I was watching umbrella academy season 2 with my parents and my dad paused it to go get another slice of pizza or something and it was paused at quite possibly the funniest freeze-frame possible.

The sheet fucking energy in this photo. Diego, looking like he’s fucking hooting or something, vaulting the table. The guys behind him rushing to restrain him. Five kinda trying to back up. Beautiful.

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