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eldritch-hall-asylum 5 months ago
Ong, the ticci toby redesign looks so good! 馃槱
Tumblr media
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eldritch-hall-after-dark a month ago
Now, listen, I may be gay, but the cardinal man from my dreams is the only man I will ever allow to hit it.
Purely for science.
No I will not explain further.
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sparxwrites 5 months ago
(Inspired by this post.)
Part of the Eldritch Boatem series.
The narrative is coming to get him.
Scar鈥檚 always been one for telling stories. It鈥檚 a remarkably effective way of getting what he wants. Not easy, no 鈥 though he makes it look easy. But it is effective.
Everyone loves a story! Hermits love a story, especially; there鈥檚 a reason he鈥檚 ended up with Hermitcraft as his home server. He鈥檚 yet to find a server where the players don鈥檛, though. You tell the right story, and people will give you anything. Anything. It鈥檚 like having a masterkey to every lock in the universe. You pick a story, and you set the seed of it, you nurture it, you tame and control it into an extension of your will 鈥 you shape it just for the listener, and then watch as their heart opens up soft and half-voluntary beneath your hands from the flattery of it all.
The danger of opening locked doors for fun and profit, of course, is that some doors are locked for a reason.
Which is why Scar is careful with his stories. He tells stories about people 鈥 that diamond chestplate for five hundred friendship points, they鈥檙e valuable, I promise 鈥 or things 鈥 you need to flatter the enchanter, or it won鈥檛 work, just whisper some sweet nothings 鈥 but not the universe. You don鈥檛 tell stories about the universe. The universe has enough stories of its own to be getting on with, thank you very much.
The respawn is one story, or rather many, hundreds of stories told about stories across thousands of worlds; as many tries at your story as you want, if you believe that, and you may only tell this story once, if you believe that, and between two and seven tries, apportioned to each according to what they deserve, and when the red descends at last life you will kill those whom you love, and everything in between. Admins are another, wordsmiths capable and crazy enough to whisper sweetly to the universe and beg of it a favour or two; make me a world, a server, a haven and let me decide who to share my story with and let me trail my fingers across the source code of creation, let me dip into it, let me tweak and twist and pull. Creative mode, another; give us your story, and we will give you everything and trust us, there is space for the whole of the universe inside your head, would we lie to you? and come be we and be free.
Those kinds of stories 鈥 the big ones, the enduring ones, the ones that stretch within servers and across servers and between servers 鈥 are dangerous. Those kinds of stories are slippery, wont to get out of control. They get large enough to start telling stories about themselves in the blink of an eye, and then they鈥檙e gone, off the leash and with a life of their own. Scar is careful with his stories. He doesn鈥檛 make narratives about the Universe.
Grian, by contrast, has never been careful with anything, ever.
Scar鈥檚 not even sure if Grian realises he鈥檚 making narratives, half the time. He鈥檚 definitely sure Grian鈥檚 not crafting them. He just does them, just opens his mouth and lets words fall out in any which order he pleases, and lets a story out into the world without a single care for what it is or what it might do.
He starts stories for the joy of it, Grian does, with no thought for the consequences 鈥 and they are things of beauty, half-wild and un-collared and dangerous with it.
So, of course, it鈥檚 a Grian narrative that鈥檚 coming to get him. Of course it is! It鈥檚 Grian who looks at their ridiculous stack of boats and assorted junk, their newly-christened Boatem Pole, and says, we鈥檙e going to dig a hole under it. It鈥檚 Grian who says, Impulse, you can get through bedrock, right? Grian who says, I think we should make this hole into the Void the centre of our town.
Grian who says, it鈥檚 called the Boatem Hole, and it demands sacrifices, and we鈥檙e going to feed it.
But, of course, it鈥檚 not Grian that feeds it.
It鈥檚 Scar that falls in all the time, is pushed in all the time, loses his life and his possessions to the void over and over. He doesn鈥檛 mind overly much 鈥 Hermitcraft has a forgiving respawn narrative, as many tries as you want, death means very little here, be nice to those who鈥檝e died, and there鈥檚 worse ways to go than the void. They make a joke of it, even, him and the rest of the Boatem crew 鈥 Scar the unlucky, Scar the klutz. Scar, who is the Boatem Hole鈥檚 favourite.
He should really have known better. A joke is a half-step away from a story, after all.
So what happens is, they make a narrative 鈥 him and Grian and Mumbo and Impulse and Pearl. A narrative about an improbably-balanced pile of boats, and a hole dug beneath it. A narrative about an impossible hole, hollowed out straight down and through the bottom of the world into the starving void below. A narrative about a void that picked a favourite, and pulled that favourite down into it over, and over, and over.
And the narrative is alive. The narrative is sentient. The narrative is hungry.
And Grian may have started it, Boatem Pole dig a hole build a town open the void make a sacrifice, but it鈥檚 Scar who finished it with it must like me. So, of course, the narrative is coming to get him.
Or rather鈥 the narrative is not coming to get him. Because, Scar realises, as he wakes to the void all around him and against him and within him鈥 as he wakes to perfect and absolute darkness, to stillness and silence and hunger that answers to the name of Boatem鈥 it already has him.
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corvuscrowned 4 months ago
Tumblr media
A certain whale shark that I know and love is celebrating their birthday today, and because the United Nations still hasn鈥檛 gotten back to me about making this an international holiday, I鈥檝e decided to celebrate by sharing some of my favorite @cavendishbutterfly fics to date.聽
Cav is a lovely, talented, and unendingly creative writer, which means there鈥檚 something here for everyone - angst, fluff, and all of the et ceteras in between.
Windy City聽|M, 1.6k| journalist!harry on a nebulous mission
The sunsets are early now. Fiery orange-pink, then darkness, and then there is just Harry and the dull white glow curling into existence beside him, wispy, ephemeral. He watches the water flicker and hiss in the dark until he can鈥檛 watch any longer.聽
This fic is such an artful study in atmosphere - it鈥檚 moody and dark, but glows around the edges with the promise of untapped mystery. It toes the lines of a multiple genres, navigating them with careful, flowing prose that鈥檚 impossible not to get lost in.聽
Haircut |T, 1.7k| haircuts, gender, and sweet drarry fluff
They feel Draco deftly section out their hair, hear the pause and the shuffle of motion as he reaches for the first ponytail. The hiss-snip of scissors, and then the tugging subsides and there is just air, sweet air on the side of their head.
I think you can always tell when writers put parts of themselves into their fics, and this is a part of Cav I am so grateful they decided to share with fandom. This short and sweet snapshot of gender exploration captures so much without losing sight of its bantering Drarry roots, and became one of my favorites the moment I read it.
Return聽|T, 272| the eldritch horror of magical machinations
When it found his dreams again, it said: Did you not wonder where the old magic came from, Saviour?聽
I personally cannot wait for FearFest 2022 so that I can bully politely request more horror from Cav. This fic was one of my favorite entries in last year鈥檚 fest, and I found myself thinking about it for days and days after I read it - in such a short fic, Cav manages to pack in novels worth of dread and existential horror. I don鈥檛 think I鈥檝e been able to read this a single time without getting goosebumps all over - which says a lot, because I鈥檝e read it so many times.聽
Just A Phone Call Away聽|M, 3.9k| hairwashing idiots to hairwashing lovers
Harry shrugged. Merlin, this was the thing that he did these days when he fancied someone, wasn鈥檛 it? Buried it deep, pretended it didn鈥檛 exist, decided it was easier if he simply chose to un-fancy them.聽
Harry can鈥檛 wash his hair. Draco has to do it for him. And because it鈥檚 Cav, you鈥檙e going to enjoy EVERY step along the way. Like so many of their fics, this short and fluffy treat flows easily through light humor and then slaps you upside the head with poignant prose. But more equally importantly, it offers mutual pining in droves as well as one of my favorite tropes: two idiots who are too stupid to see how utterly in love they are. Cav nails the banter throughout this fic, which means I have never wanted to punch Draco Malfoy more in my life (affectionate).
Bridges聽|E, 16k| draco and harry find themselves and each other in budapest
Harry can't get his thoughts in order. Had he truly never noticed the soft curve of Draco's shoulders, the sound of his laugh? Or had he?聽
Bridges. Oh, Bridges. What else can I say about Bridges? A queer discovery, a travel story, a comedy and a rom-com all rolled into one, Bridges is the perfect fic to pick up when you need a little break from it all. Cav paints such an immersive portrait of Budapest as seen through Harry and Draco鈥檚 eyes, but they don鈥檛聽shy away from exploring heavy elements while balancing them out with a sharp wit and a vibrant cast of characters. I still think Hungary鈥檚 tourism board owes Cav聽 for making so many of us want to visit there, like, ASAP.聽
Okay, now for the mushy part of the post...聽Cav was one of my first fandom friends, and I am constantly flooded with gratitude for the day they decided to slide into my DMs. On top of being a remarkable person to workshop stories and talk shop with, they are such a patient, caring friend with a heart of Hufflepuff gold. Cav has talked me up when I needed pep, talked me down when I was spiraling, and has always been there for me when I needed someone to listen. They are truly one of the coolest dudes I have ever met.
Cav, I hope you have a phenomenal birthday that鈥檚 full of all of the things you love most, including, but not limited to, the two idiotic gay wizards who brought us together. Everyone else, PLEASE check out these fics and then come to my DMs for book club. Happy birthday Cav!!
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lucky-sevens a year ago
carmilla basics
recently, there鈥檚 been a lot of discussion about mischaracterizations of dr carmilla, which has led to a lot of people asking how to understand her lore! being unsure about how to start with carmilla is a completely valid feeling, given that knowledge on her is far harder to gain than knowledge of the albums or the crew of the aurora. i鈥檝e compiled this meta due to discussion on maki鈥檚 discord about this, and it has been betaed by @stolen-stardust! in this post, i鈥檒l outline the basics; who dr carmilla is out-of-universe, a summary of who she is in-universe, and where to find the content centered on her.
more under cut!
out-of-universe, dr carmilla is played by maki yamazaki. maki鈥檚 website can be found here and her bandcamp can be found here (it includes the solo carmilla albums, as well as music unrelated to the mechanisms that i鈥檇 highly recommend).聽
all the lore about carmilla鈥檚 relationship to the mechanisms has parallels out-of-universe. (from here on, i鈥檒l use 鈥榯he mechanisms鈥 to refer to the band out of character, 鈥榯he crew of the aurora鈥 to refer to the band in-character, 鈥榤aki yamazaki鈥 to refer to her out of character, and 鈥榙r carmilla鈥 to refer to her in-character.) the mechanisms were maki yamazaki鈥檚 backing band, meaning dr carmilla had the crew of the aurora as her backing band. during this era, the band was technically a separate entity from the mechanisms or from the solo dr carmilla albums, and was known as dr carmilla and the mechanisms. this band began in 2010 and split up in august 2012. (see 鈥榓 brief mechanisms timeline鈥 by @wickedace, as well as further confirmation by maki on her server and on the mechanisms website.) due to the increase of mechanisms fans happening after dr carmilla and the mechanisms broke up, there are minimal records of this band.聽
when they broke up out-of-universe, in-universe lore about carmilla leaving was established. the crew of the aurora鈥檚 official statement is that she was pushed out an airlock (x), though we know from maki that was untrue; possibly because they lied on purpose, possibly since lore has been retconned and diverged between the groups since.聽
maki yamazaki then went on to create solo music as dr carmilla, much of which seems to be things that were written and performed in dr carmilla and the mechanisms but recorded as solo versions with changed instrumentals for the studio recordings. she currently has two albums and a single out as dr carmilla (as well as, again, unrelated solo music that i鈥檇 highly recommend), and is working on a trilogy of albums with a group of people as dr carmilla and the void quartet (official band name announcement here). due to this, as well as unrelated things like the death of byron von raum, talking about the mechanisms like they are completely over and have static lore isn鈥檛 really correct.
in-universe, dr carmilla is a lesbian vampire and the person who mechanized the crew of the aurora.聽
to understand her lore, analysis and extrapolation is required. i have gone further into this here, where i organize her album exhumed and {un}plugged into chronological order. for now, i鈥檒l write a basic summary.聽
at some point (when she was younger than 30), carmilla became a vampire. this could have been, but is not explicitly, what her song alive, i cried, is about. she is one of only two vampires. the assumption that many people have made and that all my theories are built on is that the other vampire was her lover, loreli. this is supported by maki saying 鈥榙ead needs further clarification鈥 when asked whether loreli was alive or not, suggesting that she was undead. however, there are other theories, the main one that i have seen being that the other vampire is rocket girl, the unnamed character carmilla is singing about in her song 鈥榬ocket girl鈥, who we know has more lore about her that is currently unknown. for simplicity, i鈥檒l write the rest of this meta with the assumption loreli is the other vampire. after she was turned, or potentially before, her relationship with carmilla turned toxic and abusive, which a few of carmilla鈥檚 songs are about, most notably pin cushion.聽
carmilla鈥檚 home planet, terra, was already heading towards destruction, but something she did changed it greatly. (i鈥檝e touched on one of my theories about it here). the main source we have on terra is here, which describes it as completely destroyed. this is likely after carmilla has already left. we know there were songs about the destruction of terra (see the tv tropes page) but they were not recorded and may have been retconned. carmilla destroyed one of terra鈥檚 moons, which is likely related. we know carmilla adopted aurora as an orphan and aurora was a moon of terra, which likely meant that the moon of terra that was destroyed was aurora鈥檚 parent and this was when aurora and carmilla first met. (more on this in my aurora meta.)聽聽聽
from here, her lore gets fuzzy for a while. we don鈥檛 know what happened between her and loreli to make her strike out on her own or what initially led her to make the crew of the aurora immortal. we do know she had some kind of involvement in the bifrost incident (see my eldritch mechanisms meta), which some people theorize was before she met the crew of the aurora. we also know there were failed mechanisms before the ones we know. i鈥檝e written about my theory that one was king cole, but the others are unknown.
we get more clarity when she meets the mechanisms. this is the lore most people know about and the lore with the most controversy. we know the mechanisms overall have very negative feelings towards her and that carmilla loved them and considered them her children. i won鈥檛 reiterate what has been said before on this subject; my older meta on carmilla鈥檚 relationship with the mechanisms is here and i feel that it analyzes canon thoroughly. there are a few discourse posts on tumblr about this; i was looking for one i had a memory of seeing that addressed and analyzed the situation and couldn鈥檛 seem to find it, but i鈥檒l use @stolen-stardust鈥檚, here, as an example. to summarize the actual lore for people who are very new and have no basis, she made them all immortal and lived with them on the aurora for a long time.聽
after leaving the mechanisms, she chased after them for a while- or at least, they believe she chased after them- and watched the events of once upon a time (in space) with the toy soldier (see: the song eleven). my personal theory is after that she went back in time and buried herself alive with loreli, which i鈥檝e talked about in my previously linked timeline meta. however, this is not canon. what is canon is that afterwards, her song exhumed happened, which mentioned her cloning herself; more on that here. she is currently travelling with the void quartet, her new (mortal-but-likely-eldritch) band, on the silvana (a spaceship that鈥檚 likely sentient and definitely has some strangeness going on with them), through the weird (an eldritch extradimensional space). more on this will likely come to light on the release of her new albums.聽
with her out-of-universe and in-universe lore summarized, i鈥檒l link some resources for finding out more!
studio albums
ageha (prototype edition)- bandcamp | youtube
exhumed and {un}plugged- bandcamp | youtube
the city {nex:type mix}- bandcamp | youtube
eleven- bandcamp | youtube
live recordings (dr carmilla and the mechanisms)
lashings- youtube (with subtitles) | transcript
homesick- lyrics video | youtube | transcript
unrelated work
made in a day- bandcamp
wouldn鈥檛 it be nice 2b human?- bandcamp
transmissions albums- 01 | 02 | 03
official in-character twitter
tv tropes page
photos- (x)(x)(x)(x)(x)(x)(x)(x) (note that she鈥檚 a lot less pale than commonly depicted; please do not whitewash carmilla in your art.)聽
as said on my about, there is a specific document with a lot of lore compiled that鈥檚 exclusive to the mechanisms discord and maki鈥檚 discord server; maki has said that she doesn't want it shared outside of the discord, as most of the lore is improvised and subject to retconnings, as well as having that ambiguous status that word of god always has. more on how to join the discord can be found here.
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softcaktus 6 months ago
Esto s贸lo es un post de incorret quotes sobre mis OC's por aburrimiento, keep scrolling.
Matthew: Yo y Simon hemos notado que tu conducta empeor贸 estos meses.
Catherine: T煤 y el Simon me pelan toda la verga.
Carm铆n: 驴Por qu茅 la estatua no me est谩 sonriendo?
Ori贸n: No le est谩 sonriendo a nadie, Carm铆n.
Carm铆n: Tres de nosotros lo ha visto, 驴c贸mo lo explicas?
Ori贸n: -Se帽ala a Uriel- Falta de sue帽o. -se帽ala a Camil- Drogas. -Se帽ala a Saihara- Paranoia.
Shion: 驴Qu茅 va a hacer Cass como distracci贸n?
Cyan: Oh, a lo mejor tira una roca para hacer alg煤n ruid--
[Se ve una explosi贸n a lo lejos]
Cyan: S铆, eso tambi茅n.
Teddy Bear 馃 Catherine
[Tienen la misma tem谩tica con sus parejas]
Mizu: Vale, imagina que en esta caja hay algo que perdisteis hace mucho. 驴Qu茅 hay?
Mei: 隆Mis ganas de vivir! 隆Sab铆a que estaban por alg煤n lado!
Eldritch: Siento haber tardado tanto en sacarte de la c谩rcel.
Cass: Ah, no, es mi culpa, no deb铆 haber usado mi 煤nica llamada para gastarle una broma a la polic铆a.
Ni-Ni: [Clava un cuchillo en la pared]
Marion: Dijo que se sent铆a insegura.
Asara: Ahora YO me siento insegura.
Marion: 驴Quieres un cuchillo tambi茅n?
Marissa: Entiendo tu enfado... Pero c谩lmate...
Drenna: 驴Hab茅is venido hasta aqu铆 por m铆? 驴C贸mo lo habeis hecho?
Jacob: Hemos ignorado las leyes de tr谩fico.
Jake: Hemos tenido que huir de tres arrestos.
Belice: Trece latas de bebidas energ茅ticas.
Merry: Y ese no es nuestro coche.
Malika: 驴Artea est谩 dormida o muerta?
Akram: Espero que muerta. No la soportaba.
Artea: Vale, primero de todo, que te den-
Miranda: 驴Qu茅 haces en el suelo?
Bella: Estoy deprimida.
Bella: Y tambi茅n me han apu帽alado.
Asara: 驴Est谩s intentando ligar conmigo?
Bella: Hola buenas-
Bella: La muerte es un invento de la sociedad.
Teddy Bear: 驴Me he pasado?
Ragdoll: No, no... Te pasaste hace siete horas. Ahora vas a ir a prisi贸n.
Three: Mira, te entiendo... Est谩s estresada, han muerto tres personas-
Artea: Trece.
Three: Ese no es el punto. Ahora est谩n muertos, 驴y de qui茅n es la culpa?
Artea: TUYA.
Three: Exacto. De nadie.
Eleni: Soy un necromance, pero al rev茅s.
Akire: 驴Eso no es s贸lo matar gente?
Eleni: Algo as铆.
Miranda: Me gustar铆a ofrecerte apoyo moral. Pero mi moral es muy cuestionable.
Catherine: Yo no me veo tan bien diariamente como lo hago en mi cartel de "se busca".
Catherine: Estoy harta de que me llamen "mortal". No sabes si lo soy. Yo tampoco. No he muerto NI UNA SOLA VEZ. No est谩 demostrado. As铆 que deja de asumir cosas.
Seryozha: La gente me pregunta si soy una "persona de d铆a" o una "persona de noche". Amigo, ni siquiera soy una persona.
Teddy Bear: Resulta que las malas vibras que he estado sintiendo son problemas psicol贸gicos.
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mimicmew a year ago
Ok Imma ramble for a bit about the rough timeline for the聽鈥榚verything is a bit better au鈥
under the cut聽鈥榗ause this is super long
First I gotta introduce an oc, who鈥檚 name is Nil! They鈥檙e a young kid, I have a design i鈥檒l show in another post, but the most important thing is that they have an ability to kind of enter people鈥檚 memories and stuff and make them relive memories. They鈥檙e a coward who runs and hides at the first opportunity and think their magic is useless. They鈥檙e not super important until later :P
None of the monsters/adults or whatever actually end up dying in this AU. like The hunter still gets shot and so on, but most of them don鈥檛 die. (Roger gets his arms stuck for a while instead of chopped of, etc)
So at the nest, most of the timeline stays the same, except the fall doesn鈥檛 kill raincoat girl or pretender. They both are washed out to sea and end up in the pale city where they go on a little adventure of their own where Pretender learns about how it鈥檚 like for most kids and ends us meeting聽Nil around the school.
Anyway stuff stays the same for LN2 with Mono and Six,聽until the school, where they end up meeting Raincoat, Pretender and Nil. Six is thrilled to see raincoat alive but immediently is like聽鈥榳hy are you here????鈥 too聽pretender. Most of the game stays the same as well, but they end up gaining more members as they go. The kids from the comics, 3 of the bullies (More of my ocs :P ) and possibly some other characters as well. They end up working together a lot more, and its mostly about how they all interact. They do end up getting split up a fair bit and sometimes some of the kids leave for reasons. Raincoat girl lets six take her coat as they find more clothes but it鈥檚 all too big for Six.聽Mono and Six still stick together alot and Mono鈥檚 kinda their unofficial leader.聽
When they get to the part where Thin Man is released, He takes both Six and Raincoat girl, so Mono,聽Pretender聽and Nil all go to the signal tower while the other kids try and think of another plan. They let Mono fight Thin Man, but in the fight Mono doesn鈥檛 kill him, just basically leaves him like.. half dead on the floor. Eh he鈥檒l be fine. And then everything is mostly the same with the tower and they save them, but by this point Mono kinda figures out what鈥檚 happening and realises that the tower鈥檚 gonna collapse and the eye thing might escape and rampage so he pushes the others through the exit and jumps down himself.
Six is obviously distraught and so when they return to the other kids, Six is like聽鈥榝uck it. Im going to go to the maw and take over it and we鈥檒l all be safe and no one has to die鈥 And after some talk the other kids all agree to go and try and find the maw.聽
IDK how they get there but, they end up at the maw and most of the game goes the same, Six鈥檚 hunger and all. They meet the kids from the comics and they join the group, maybe some of the kids from the cages they free? The other kids (mainly raincoat) stop Six from eating Nome-RK and eventually The Lady is face-to-face with a small army of pissed off children.聽
After a long fight the kids win and Six is about to finish off the lady until Nil鈥檚 like聽鈥榳ait I wanna try something鈥 and enters The Lady鈥檚 memories. (I鈥檓 going with Six is the lady idea for the AU solely bc it makes it more interesting imo, its probably not canon but eh) Nil is obviously upset but tries to convince The Lady to listen to them and stuff.聽
So after a lot of talking and the magic of reliving memories she probably spent a while trying to forget and probably blackmail. The Lady agrees to listen. to the kids and stuff. Over time the Maw is changed into a safe place for kids and Six is allowed to go apeshit against the guests.
From there, Nil聽is like 鈥榃ait I can use this magic to save the adults holy shit this is huge鈥 and some of the other kids (Im thinking Raincoat, pretender, now un-nomed RK, Six and the maw comic kids) Decide that they should try and save Mono and possibly some of the adults.
From there they and up going around and finding all of the enemies from the games and Nil does their magic thing and tries to convince the adults to not murder kids and yeah. Mono is saved and after all the adults are聽鈥榮aved鈥 as well, they go to confront the eye monster thing. So a bunch of traumatised kids and -聽probably also traumatised - adults go and beat up a giant-flesh-eye-eldritch-monster-thing and win.
Its still a big WIP but I just wanted these kids to be happy man. I want a happy universe where the adults adopt all the kids and everything is fine and that stupid eye thing gets its ass handed to it.
also i need a name for this au huh
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eldritch-hall-asylum a month ago
I've been coming up with ideas for a pony au based off of this.
Anyone wanna hear my notes?
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eldritch-hall-after-dark 4 months ago
If you guys wanna send in your own imagines/drabbles, via ask I'd be cool with that.
Like, you write a couple paragraphs about Ciero and Patrick? Cool, send em in an ask.
Just remember, no non-con/dub-con. That is a limit for me. I will delete any asks that have any illusion to this in them.
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elsonambulo 6 months ago
I'm going to post all the concepts I had for the ckhalloween event but I want to write and post at least one more thing on ao3 so pls. Help me choose:
Incubus Bobby sucks off all the Cobras. Possible sequel where instead of destroying Daniel's knee, he tries to take him out of commission by feeding off him in the locker room by giving him head. He confesses this to Daniel afterwards and Daniel comes up with a sexy punishment for him (Demons prompt)
The Killing Eve inspired samtory au (Serial Killers prompt)
Daniel becomes intensely and fanatically religious after the events of kk3, looking to do penance for his sins. He runs into Bobby, who is studying to become a pastor. Basically: the un-doctrinating of Daniel Larusso by Bobby Brown. Possibly-almost-definitely Bobby/Daniel and Johnny/Dutch. Maybe also all 4 together idk (Religious Fervor prompt)
Terry and Kreese are forced to fight instead of Kreese and the captain guy. Kreese, rather than kill his friend, jumps into the snake pit. Terry, being a madman, jumps in straight after him and somehow neither of them get bitten. Kreese attributes this to a snake-charming power of Terry's - and who knows, maybe he really is that powerful - and after the war, he secretly starts a religion centered around Terry as a holy figure (Religious Fervor prompt)
The one where Amanda gets turned into a werewolf by Kreese and Carmen helps her out. Carmanda (Werewolves prompt)
There's something strange about the new kid. One of those things is that Johnny and the Cobras can't remember his name no matter how much they pay attention. They follow him home the night of the Halloween dance and things get creepier (This Place Is Evil prompt)
Outsider pov from someone who's just moved to the Valley and is absolutely convinced the warring dojos are warring cults (Cults prompt)
Kreese dies after the '85 AVT, seemingly by his own hand. Terry is the one who finds him, and finds consolation from an unlikely source - Daniel and Mr. Miyagi. (Cults prompt)
Fic inspired by a song where a woman waits on a dock for her lover to come home - he never does, and eventually she physically grows roots and stays on the dock forever, always looking out to sea. Past silverusso where Daniel has no intention of returning to his lover, lawrusso, carmanda (Ghosts prompt)
Johnny begins having dreams of a man with a ponytail. The dreams get more and more disturbing as the showdown with Kreese draws near (Don't Fall Asleep prompt)
Jon Hurwitz said, "Who do you think really owns Larusso Auto" and then he said, "Sometimes a cobra hides in plain sight," and I said, "Step aside amateur, I can take it from here." Or: The one where Amanda and her mom move in with her insanely rich bio dad and his creepy staff when she's twelve and she spends the rest of her life trying to get away from him. Three guesses who her father is :3 (Family prompt)
Billy has always been a devout follower of Christ. But even he has to take a step back when Ralph Macchio - who it turns out is an angel - tells him God wants him to be the male version of the Virgin Mary. Ralph also tells him he could avoid this by just not being a virgin anymore. Guess who helps Billy out with that ;) (Cosmic And Eldritch Terrors prompt)
Zabka Clown from HIMYM aka Zlown fucks Douchebag Ralph from HIMYM aka Dalph. Also Zlown is a wereclown, goes into heat during the full moon, and goes into rut on the new moon. He has a second dick that is actually a balloon. (Clowns prompt)
The Underworld inspired au. Johnny is obviously in a role like Selene's, while Daniel is the vampire/lycan hybrid. Maybe other monsters in there idk (Classic Monsters prompt)
The one where I make Carmen and Amanda the only survivors of a killer like the one in Criminal Minds Season 2 Episode 24 (killer type: House Cleaner); and then I make Sam, Miguel, and Tory the victims of a killer like the one in Psych Season 4 Episode 16 (riddles and horror movie motifs are involved, as is a choice: who do they save?) (Final Girls prompt)
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#my poor baby brain and heart love your kind words and keep them stored in the 鈥榠mportant drawer鈥 of memories <33
My Top Posts in 2021
I agree with Toby being ND mostly because of the way the fandom will write him . Like waffles could be his safe food . Also also of people will write him stimming a bit to
:0 yay!
we stan ND Toby here! ^w^
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Slenderman: Ladies-
Nina, an enby: i鈥檓 actually an un-lady, thank you v much
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Ticci toby headcannons? hell yeah he's back babey!!!! >:D
鉂 He鈥檚 from a completely German descent! His family only ever really spoke German (deutsch) in the house, so his English isn鈥檛 great.
鉂 ^ He has a very strong German accent!聽
鉂 His favourite nickname is聽鈥淭oe Bean鈥, accidentally given by Nina
鉂 He鈥檚 autistic, because I said so.聽
鉂 ^ He stims mainly by chewing (he has chewelry) and deep pressure.
鉂 He has mainly motor tics than vocal tics. His most prominent motor tic(s) is throwing his head back or cracking his neck, and his most prominent vocal tic is shouting [nonsense].
鉂 He likes some animes ^__^
鉂 He鈥檚 trans FTM!聽
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鈥渟ex is honestly overrated鈥
- a quote from my biology class (we鈥檙e learning about contraception n stuff)
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馃寽鉁↗eff x Reader headcanons鉁煂
cuz y鈥檃ll are simps-
(You guys can request stuff like this btw!! I also do character x character :3)
format inspired by @/intimidating-fettuccine
鉂 he saw u and audibly gasped- how tf can someone be So Hot??? why he be,, Emotion??
鉂 He suppressed his emotions for a long time. He didn鈥檛 want people to know that he鈥檇 gone mushy for some person he鈥檇 seen for a few seconds, it鈥檇 completely ruin his rep. and ego!
鉂 For every moment that wasn鈥檛 spent with you, he was spent on knowing everything there was to know about you. Your favourite colour, your favourite film, your favourite piece of clothing or outfit, he was prepared to know it all!
鉂 He didn't want to scare you, so he kept the stalking down to a minimum. He was so deeply afraid of the thought of you hating him or being scared of him, so he kept every aspect of life down to nothing but "I was a burn victim". Which admittedly made you a little skeptical of him.
(litol drabble under cut,, :))
He took his hand in yours as your eyes were trained on the TV that displayed a film that neither of you were really paying attention to, it was just background noise so you wouldn鈥檛 be left in the awkward silence that always occured in your shared conversations. But after a while, they became the silences in which you鈥檇 both lovingly study eachother, or stare into eachother鈥檚 eyes.
You always liked his eyes, the cobalt colour held but a strong fire, one that held power and warmth to those that dared to get closer to him. He cared for his close friends, and even more so for the people he鈥檇 get romantically mixed with. You included. Jeff was absolutely head over heels for you, downright obsessed, every waking hour was spent thinking about you, or gushing about you and your personality, your eyes, your sickeningly sweet voice that he just couldn鈥檛 get enough of. He鈥檇 recall times where he鈥檇 just beg you to talk for hours on end as he鈥檇 lay his head in your lap, listening tentatively as you鈥檇 ramble about anything and everything.聽
鈥淚 think... I think I鈥檓 in love with you,鈥 Jeff confessed, his cheeks a light shade of red.
You giggled,聽鈥淚 love you too, dork.鈥
Tumblr media
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Get your Tumblr 2021 Year in Review 鈫
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馃尭 Evelin鈥檚 First Fic Rec 馃尭
So @whatagreatproblemtohave鈥 just said that she鈥檚 out of fics to read and I鈥檝e never done a rec post before but here I am... I tried to stay fairly recent with these, but if you like this I might do an all-time favourites list in the future?聽
馃尭 You're Music To My Eyes by @fallinglikethis鈥 and @wait4ever鈥 (5k)
Louis' life is made so much easier when he finally starts using the amazing app for the visually impaired that Niall had him download months ago. Harry discovers a new way to treat people with kindness when his mother introduces him to the app as a sighted volunteer. Is it inevitable that their paths will cross?
For the fact that this was collab fic, you can鈥檛 tell that it was written by two people at all! It seems Tabby and Lynda were a match made in heaven. And since this is Lynda鈥檚 first fic I want everybody to give it all the love it deserves!
馃尭 dopamine by @beau-soleil-louis鈥 (8k)
Louis honestly doesn鈥檛 know how he gets himself into these types of situations.
Well, actually, that鈥檚 a lie. He鈥檚 doing this because he needs the money, and because he鈥檚 curious. And, okay, maybe because he might be a little bit lonely too. He has always had what his mother affectionately calls an 鈥渁dventurous spirit.鈥 Couple that with being a (tragically single) broke grad student and voila! here he is scrawling his signature on a release form provided by the university鈥檚 sociology department. Essentially, he is agreeing to snog a stranger on camera for the sake of science.
Shouldn鈥檛 be a problem, right? All he has to do is lock lips with a (hopefully) fit bloke, collect his money, and be on his way. Easy peasy. Little does he know, fate has other plans for him in the form of one adorably quirky art student who goes by the name of Harry Styles.
Honestly, I could鈥檝e recced any of Em鈥檚 fics... Even the ones I haven鈥檛 read yet. She just has such a way with words and I will forever yell at anybody (un-)willing to listen about how wonderful she is. This one has a special place in my heart.
馃尭With Love's Light Wings聽by @reminiscingintherain聽 and myself (12k)
Two households, both alike in dignity, / In fair London town, where we lay our scene...
鈥 Or something like that, anyway.
On either side of the River Thames live Louis Montague and Harry Capulet, their noble packs entangled in a feud so old, nobody even remembers what caused it. As fate will have it, against all odds, they fall in love. Harder than the bricks that make up their families鈥 estates and faster than a Duesenberg car.
The 1920s ABO Romeo & Juliet AU that we desperately wanted to write.
Listen. I know I鈥檓 cheating by putting my own stuff in here, but we worked really hard on this and I ended up loving what we came up with.聽
馃尭 Camboy on Lockdown by @reminiscingintherain鈥 (12k in total)
While Louis was working on the final draft of his thesis for his Master's, the world went into lockdown around him without him realising. Now he's trapped in student accommodation, and needs a way to earn some money...
When Roni continuously worked on this for wordplay I just kept getting more and more excited about where she was going to take it! 2020 may be an eldritch horror of a year, but it brought us this series and I, for one, am thankful for that. 聽
馃尭 The Garden by @hazzabeeforlou鈥 (13k & 44k)
Through many centuries and reincarnations, the same fate always binds Louis and Harry鈥檚 souls together鈥 an AU mirroring the parallel stories of David, Jesus, and Adam in the Bible, the three 鈥淐hrist-like鈥 figures in Biblical history. Harry plays these divine faces, and opposing him is Louis, the complication, the thwarter, the 5th century Jonathan who falls madly in love with his kingly father鈥檚 musician, the 1960s Judas whose loyalty to his carpenter best-friend-turned-energy-healer is sealed in a kiss, and in the present day, an Eve, who finds himself shipwrecked on a perfect island with a man known to the world as the twitter handle @sonofgod, a sad and bitter man who has lost all hope. As they grow to love each other, echos of their past lives haunt them, and Louis is faced with the ultimate temptation. A three part story spanning hundreds of years, dripping with sacrilege and doused with angst, dealing with questions of duty and fate and destiny and divinity and holiness, a re-telling of one of the oldest myths known to mankind centered around the bonds of love, a love so powerful that even death cannot touch it.
I know I just said it in my recent post, but it bears repeating. The themes of this are so deep and so poetically weaved into the story 鈥 it鈥檚 incredible, really. Toni鈥檚 writing just goes straight to the heart, man. The first part is already a favourite and I鈥檓 nearly finished with the second. It鈥檚 so good!聽
馃尭 pink like the paradise found by @disgruntledkittenface鈥 (18k)
鈥淪o what brings you all the way here on this fine Monday night, Harold?鈥
鈥淚t鈥檚 just Harry, actually,鈥 Harry replies, biting back a smile. 鈥淎nd we鈥檙e celebrating.鈥
鈥淐elebrating? Celebrating what?鈥
It takes Harry longer than it should to answer because Louis鈥 tongue darts out to wet her pale pink lips, which is just unfair honestly. She stares at Louis鈥 mouth until she realizes that a smile is tugging at the corners of Louis鈥 lips.
鈥淚鈥檓 gay,鈥 she blurts out, clapping a hand over her mouth as Louis鈥 face brightens. 鈥淚 mean, um, fuck, no鈥 well, yes, I am gay, like so gay, but that鈥檚 not鈥 I meant鈥撯
Harry's friends take her out to the local lesbian bar to celebrate after she comes out. They joke about getting her laid, but the way the hot bartender is looking at her makes her think it might actually happen.
Maggie writes Girl!Direction like no other! And she always manages to somehow teach you something within her writing, whether that鈥檚 lgbtq+ history or just something you鈥檝e never noticed about yourself before that you suddenly recognize in one of her characters... I don鈥檛 know how she does it, but it鈥檚 always so well-rounded and just nice!
馃尭 Sodalite & Aventurine by @forreveries鈥 (80k)
The one where, in his travels to find Swan鈥檚 elusive treasure, Captain Louis Tomlinson of the Black Dagger discovers he has a stowaway onboard - a stowaway who is rather tall and pretty and pouty and can spout off Shakespearean poetry as though he had written it. A stowaway who is also, unfortunately, secretly Louis鈥 biggest threat. Captain Harry Styles.
This fic has everything you could ever want! The drama! The suspense! The emotion! Pirates!!! Honestly, if you haven鈥檛 read this yet, do yourself a favour and get to it!
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quillyfied 11 months ago
Omenstuck Act 2 Bonus Content
Hello! Here鈥檚 just some extra bonus content from the pretty weighty upd8 I posted to my fanfic Omenstuck today (for Chapter 4: Act 2 specifically). A lot of background info went into it that I鈥檓 not going to get much occasion to use, so I鈥檓 doing what any self-respecting writer would do and dumping it here instead. Obviously has huge spoilers for Omenstuck so if you haven鈥檛 read the upd8s from today, don鈥檛 look. Hope the readmore holds on mobile, and there are some images below, too. Enjoy!
So for starters, I鈥檓 going to post the little cheat sheet that I had on hand for remembering all the characters鈥 assigned blood colors, Trollian handles, god tier titles, and quadrants (both filled and experimented with):
Tumblr media
In order, here鈥檚 what we鈥檝e got:
Crowley. Blood: burgundy. UN: anthomanicCaduceus. GT: Rogue of Life. Quadrants: Aziraphale (matesprit), Eric (auspistice, unwitting) and Hastur (other leaf of auspisticism quadrant, unwitting). Lusus: snake
Eric. Blood: brown. UN: coneyCloning. GT: Heir of Time. Quadrants: Auspistice to Crowley and Hastur (unwitting); Uriel (auspistice between arguing Erics, short-lived). Lusus: rabbit
Beelzebub. Blood: yellow. UN: carrionTyrant. GT: Prince of Rage. Quadrants: Dagon (moirail), Gabriel (kismesis). Lusus: giant fly
Ligur. Blood: lime/red (vacillating glitch). UN: guanineChameleon. GT: Sylph of Space. Quadrants: Hastur (moirail), Michael (kismesis). Lusus: chameleon
Hastur. Blood: olive. UN: amphibiousGrunt. GT: Knight of Breath. Quadrants: Ligur (moirail), Eric (auspistice, unwitting) and Crowley (other leaf of auspisticism quadrant, unwitting). Lusus: frog
Dagon. Blood: jade. UN: aquaticTaskmaster. GT: Witch of Mind. Quadrants: Beelzebub (moirail), Sandalphon (matesprit, short-lived), Metatron (kismesis, one-sided crush). Lusus: lungfish
Aziraphale. Blood: teal. UN: aetherialAntiquarian. GT: Thief of Doom. Quadrants: Crowley (matesprit), Michael (auspistice, coercing) and Sandalphon (other leaf of auspisticism quadrant, coercing). Lusus: ??? (dragon, owl?)
Michael. Blood: cerulean. UN: tenebrousAgent. GT: Seer of Void. Quadrants: Uriel (moirail), Aziraphale (one leaf of auspisticism quadrant, coerced) and Sandalphon (other leaf of auspisticism quadrant, co-conspirator), Ligur (kismesis). Lusus: ??? (tbh spider would still fit here)
Sandalphon. Blood: indigo. UN: toughenedCrusader. GT: Page of Blood. Quadrants: Michael (auspistice, co-conspirator) and Aziraphale (other leaf of auspisticism quadrant, coerced), Gabriel (moirail), Dagon (matesprit, short-lived). Lusus: ??? (Possibly musclebeast)
Uriel. Blood: purple. UN: celestialAureate. GT: Maid of Heart. Quadrants: Michael (moirail), Eric (mediated between two of his arguing selves, short-lived). Lusus: ??? (sea-goat still viable)
Gabriel. Blood: violet. UN: gregariousArchangel. GT: Bard of Hope. Quadrants: Sandalphon (moirail), Beelzebub (kismesis). Lusus: ??? (seahorse or shark)
Metatron. Blood: fuchsia. UN: communicantGodhead. GT: Mage of Light. Quadrants: object of one-sided pitch crush from Dagon. Lusus: Horrorterror from Beyond (Gl鈥檅gol鈥檡b, probably)
Here鈥檚 the shipping chart of what this madness looked like:
Tumblr media
Solid lines for established or longer-lasting relationships, dotted lines for either crushes or experiments that didn鈥檛 pan out. Crowley, Eric, and Hastur鈥檚 auspisticism is dotted because it鈥檚 not a consciously-thought out relationship that鈥檚 actually been defined so much as a convenient social contract that keeps Hastur from killing Crowley by distracting him with a multitude of Erics, which makes it a pretty functional auspisticism, actually.
Some notes:
- If you鈥檙e thinking that the blood colors and god tier titles don鈥檛 exactly fit, you鈥檙e right, but there鈥檚 a reason, and we鈥檒l get to it in future chapters of Omenstuck. Maybe one day I鈥檒l do the thing proper and give them all more accurate classpects and blood colors, but I think I did pretty well, given everything.
- This means that it was Hastur and Ligur鈥檚 jobs, as the Knight and Space players, to breed the Genesis Frog, which creates each new universe, and that tickles me to the bone.
- Ligur鈥檚 whole situation is a nod to both Good Omens and to Homestuck; for a bit I entertained making Crowley the hemo-mutant that Karkat is, but thought he fit best lower on the totem pole (on his belly he shall crawl and all that). Canonically, Karkat鈥檚 bright red human-like blood is a mutation off of an old hemospectrum caste, the limebloods, and it tickled me to think of Ligur occupying both the limebloods and the red mutation that spawned from it, as a nod to his color-changing in Good Omens and his affiliation with chameleons. Also, apparently it鈥檚 the guanine in their skin that makes chameleons change color, which is what the G in Homestuck pesterchum handles stands for (bc the chats are all supposed to represent DNA strands that make up each Genesis Frog that creates each new universe), so it came together kinda perfectly. If Ligur ever was in a pesterlog, I was going to code it so his lines would alternate colors, but it didn鈥檛 pan out that way.
- Was it overly simplistic to cast Hell as the lowbloods and Heaven as the highbloods? Yes. But there are two reasons for this, one of which I can鈥檛 say because spoilers, one of which I will freely admit, which is that I got tired and just simplified where I could because I was already putting more effort into backstory that turned out to be less relevant than I thought once I finally got the dang thing written.
- In the bowels of my Instagram there is a doodle of Gabriel with the traditional Bardic codpiece and an expression to match, but I didn鈥檛 keep it in canon. It is definitely there in spirit and more loving detail will be paid attention to it if I ever go back and do a proper Homestuck troll AU.
- There was a subplot I discarded when thinking of the quadrant entanglements that involved Dagon hooking up with both Sandalphon and Michael in a redrom way and that being one of the catalysts for the bloodbath at the end, because I adore Dagon/Michael and wanted to go there first but she was already appearing so much, and I remember reading about Dagon/Sandalphon once in a fic I wish I could remember off the top of my head and it was so bizarre I adored it. Ultimately I stuck with Dagon and Sandalphon having a redrom fling, because why not.
- Dagon was also going to have a whole Thing against Metatron that boiled down to her having vestigial seadweller traits and being jealous of an actual seadweller that didn鈥檛 do his heritage credit, but Metatron was such a non-entity that it didn鈥檛 feel relevant to bring up, with so much already getting crammed into this upd8.
- Gabriel and Eridan have some eerie synergy and that鈥檚 a hill I鈥檒l die on.
- Uriel was supposed to have a bigger part, too, delving into how they fit into the whole purpleblood Mirthful Messiahs cult and how they use their paint to emphasize their vitiligo (inspired by their canonical pretty gold face markings), but once again...not enough room, not enough interaction with Crowley or Aziraphale. They were either going to be a huge part of it, or eschew it entirely in favor of worshipping Metatron and possibly Metatron鈥檚 eldritch lusus instead, but eh. Roads untraveled. I also didn鈥檛 doodle their facepaint while I was doing my concept sketches/brainstorming activities so I just let it be.
- The whole Michael and Sandalphon using a heavily manipulative auspisticism to blackmail and control Aziraphale was a concept I had from the beginning, but when I wrote the scene, it actually shook me up a lot; Auspisticism is one of the platonic and weirder quadrants in Homestuck, but it didn鈥檛 hit me until I had written it how that particular dynamic could be exploited and turned into something kinda borderline abusive, if not outright abusive (I鈥檓 trying to be more careful in how I apply the word so I don鈥檛 know for sure if what I wrote counts as fully abusive, or just a super bad time). To be honest, in all the Homestuck fics that ever were, I don鈥檛 think I ever read a single one that described what I did in this fic (and RAPE MENTION TW a part of me that is forever struck by my friend鈥檚 fic that described a brutal pale rape, as in forcing the usual nonsexual markers of the pale quadrant on an unwilling victim, was worried that I had written ashen rape, which was NOT where I wanted to go; after worrying about it to friends and sleeping on it, I don鈥檛 think I quite went there, but the implication that it COULD happen is going to haunt me for a while).
- I did want to get more detailed with a lot of things, like Crowley and Aziraphale鈥檚 influencing and talking with humans, and how it was affecting things like their vocabulary and how they saw the world, but it was just too much to tackle in any great detail.
- the whole thing where Crowley uses his god tier powers to steal Life energy from his fellow stranded trolls and makes plants that could potentially feed them one day? Totally unexpected. I did a LOT of refreshing myself on the classes and aspects of god tiers when I was doing the groundwork for this part of the fic, but it didn鈥檛 strike me that that was a thing Crowley could do until I was already writing it. And maybe Aziraphale should鈥檝e been a little more horrified by it, but Crowley鈥檚 right, they ARE immortal now. Also the whole 鈥渢aking Life energy and redistributing it among allies鈥 thing probably wasn鈥檛 meant to be interpreted as 鈥減uts the other trolls in the Mood for quadrant hookups鈥 but it was too hilarious a coincidence to ignore. Life needs things to live, as a wise internet dnd player once said, and when you鈥檙e the last of your species, you鈥檝e gotta do what you can to propagate (even if it鈥檚 functionally impossible to restore your species, since there鈥檚 no Mother Grub to donate slurry to and no ectobiological lab to make ectobabies from. God loves a trier). Does that make all the hookups dubious consent, since weird Life magic was involved? I don鈥檛 think so, I think it just accelerated what was already present, but I鈥檒l leave that to y鈥檃ll to judge.
- Crowley was actually supposed to be the one to die. It said so in my notes. It was a whole Thing, Crowley getting speared or shot or whatever and looking at Aziraphale like 鈥渉a I got this one better luck next time鈥. But then I made Aziraphale a Thief of Doom, which was originally a joke to myself about how he hoards books (Thief players are hoarders and Doom can represent rules or systems), and then he got all contemplative and hit ME back with 鈥渘o, no, sister, you made me a Thief of Doom, I鈥檓 gonna steal this death meant for Crowley and keep it all to myself, and there鈥檚 nothing you can do about it.鈥 And he was RIGHT. I can鈥檛 believe I鈥檝e killed Aziraphale THREE TIMES now. And I completely forgot about how god tier players are also immortal from being killed unless the death is Heroic or Just until, again Aziraphale reminded me by pushing Crowley out of the way--therefore making his death to sacrifice himself for his friend and beloved Heroic. I played myself in every possible way. Checkmate, brain. (As for what that means in future chapters, stick around, it鈥檚 only gonna get weirder, but Homestucks who are puzzled at the inclusion of Dream Shards rather than Dream Bubbles are encouraged to draw some conclusions of their own.)
I think that鈥檚 all I wanted to talk about, so have a doodle of Michael with her Seer hood drawn for funsies.
Tumblr media
See y鈥檃ll later! Feel free to send me an ask or a comment or whatever if you have any questions or just wanna talk about this madness I鈥檓 creating!
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lloydskywalkers a year ago
Tumblr media
*sweats* yeAH i know the one gbdfjgh. It鈥檚 very much a Halloween-centered piece so I was incredibly sad tumblr decided to end its life the one time i actually hit a deadline i鈥檇 set for myself, but it鈥檚 been kind of just...marinating in my docs folder since then. I might post it formally on FFN eventually, but in the meantime, i鈥檒l post it on here below the cut!
鈥淕uys, you will never guess what鈥檚 running around Ninjago City."
Jay鈥檚 announcement is met with a distinct lack of reaction, which is pretty disappointing, because it鈥檚 the kind you drop for a dramatic pause and reaction. And he did 鈥 try to, at least.
However, instead of reacting properly, like anyone in their right minds would, his team is woefully un-reactive. Nya continues to snore into the couch, her face pressed against the couch pillow in a way that鈥檚 gonna leave a spectacular mark later, and Cole鈥檚 too busy referee-ing Lloyd and Kai, who are in the middle of their sixth round of Dance Dance Ninja Revolution, which Jay can鈥檛 really blame him for, because they chose a Rihanna song this round and they鈥檙e getting a little too into it.
鈥淗ow did you get that bonus and I didn鈥檛!鈥
鈥淵ou gotta pop your hip on that last move, like this鈥"
鈥淲hat, and crack my spine in half?鈥
鈥淚 mean, your bones are pretty fragile.鈥
鈥淵eah, 鈥榗ause you鈥檙e so old.鈥
鈥淚鈥檒l crack your spine, you tiny brat鈥"
Zane is the only one to actually acknowledge him, even if it鈥檚 a slight cock of his head from where he鈥檚 video-chatting Pixal, making him the only one of these terrible people Jay actually likes right now, unless Kai manages to make a comeback and beat out Lloyd, in which case he鈥檒l celebrate with him.
But it鈥檚 looking unlikely.
鈥淎re you talking about the vampire rumors?鈥 Zane asks.
Jay鈥檚 expression sours. Never mind, he retracts his appreciation of Zane now. Way to steal his thunder.
Kai snorts from where he鈥檚 waving his arms in a butchered kind of Macarena. 鈥淪eriously, Jay? Those rumors crop up every year. There鈥檚 no vampire.鈥
Jay glares at him, mentally switching his loyalties to Lloyd, as it looks like he鈥檚 going to wipe the floor with Kai anyways, because he鈥檚 just snatched that one difficult bonus Kai usually wins where you hair-flip like a diva.
鈥淭his is for real, though,鈥 Jay argues. 鈥淚t was reported on the police scanner. Someone鈥檚 running around biting people!鈥
鈥淢aybe they鈥檙e just into that,鈥 Nya yawns, burrowing her face further into the couch pillows. 鈥淒on鈥檛 be so judgmental, Jay.鈥
Jay colors, and Kai chokes. Lloyd gives a triumphant crow of victory, doubling his score at the last minute, leaving Kai solidly in the dust. Kai makes a sour face, collapsing on the couch and crossing his arms.
鈥淵ou cheated.鈥
鈥淣ot my fault you got distracted,鈥 Lloyd shrugs. He turns to Jay, wiping the sheen of sweat from his forehead and looking curious. 鈥淲ait, they鈥檙e really reporting that someone鈥檚 out there biting people?鈥
鈥淥r something,鈥 Jay says, quickly seizing on the attention. 鈥淪omething bloodthirsty that goes around biting people鈥檚 necks, which obviously has to be a vampire.鈥
鈥淚t says here it steals their wallets, too,鈥 Zane remarks, scrolling through the news article.
鈥淎 wallet-stealing vampire,鈥 Jay amends.
The others look decidedly unimpressed, which is rather insulting and extremely disappointing. Geez, you fight one giant stone titan and a few mythical, apocalypse-bringing monsters and suddenly no one鈥檚 impressed by anything anymore.
鈥淪ounds like petty crime, not our thing,鈥 Kai yawns. 鈥淏esides, vampires don鈥檛 exist.鈥
Jay sputters. 鈥淎re you kidding me?鈥 he exclaims. 鈥淭hey totally exist!鈥
Cole raises an eyebrow at him. 鈥淵ou know those vampire books are fiction, right?鈥
Jay presses his lips together tightly. 鈥淎re you telling me,鈥 he says, stiffly. 鈥淭hat after everything 鈥 everything we鈥檝e seen 鈥 which includes and is not limited to warriors made up of tiny snakes, a walking eldritch horror that鈥檚 actually another realm, and living skeletons 鈥 you don鈥檛 believe vampires can exist?鈥
鈥淲ell, yeah,鈥 Kai says, simply. 鈥淏ecause those other things are real. Vampires aren鈥檛.鈥
鈥淵ou didn鈥檛 even think the Serpentine were real!鈥 Jay accuses, because Kai鈥檚 opinion is clearly trash here, and he obviously should鈥檝e started by attacking Cole, or Nya.
鈥淛ay, chill,鈥 Lloyd says, rolling his eyes. 鈥淲hatever it is, it鈥檚 not a vampire, unless someone stumbled off the set of a B-movie horror film. They don鈥檛 exist, Jay."
Jay opens his mouth, prepared to fire back, because of all the people to argue with him, Lloyd has no right at all, he鈥檚 a walking eldritch mutant himself 鈥 when Lloyd suddenly continues.
鈥淚t鈥檚 clearly a werewolf, if anything.鈥
Jay stops, his mouth half-open. He blinks. 鈥淲ait,鈥 he narrows his eyes at him. 鈥淵ou don鈥檛 believe in vampires, but you鈥檙e game for werewolves?鈥
鈥淵eah,鈥 Lloyd shrugs. 鈥淲erewolves make sense.鈥
鈥淎nd vampires don鈥檛?!鈥
Lloyd shrugs. 鈥淚 mean, after Akita and the Formlings, you know?鈥 He pauses, eyes widening as he contemplates something. 鈥淲ait. Is Akita technically a werewolf?鈥
Jay seizes the opportunity. 鈥淚f she counts as one, then Oni count as vampires,鈥 he argues.
Lloyd frowns at him. 鈥淲hat? No. That doesn鈥檛 even make any sense.鈥
鈥淥h yeah?鈥 Jay counters. 鈥淭hen explain why they both have fangs. And glowing eyes. And drink blood.鈥
鈥淚 don鈥檛 drink blood!鈥 Lloyd exclaims, indignantly. 鈥淎nd neither do Oni!鈥
鈥淗ow would you know?鈥 Jay challenges. 鈥淵ou鈥檙e just a tiny little quarter Oni.鈥
Lloyd glares at him. 鈥淎 quarter Oni with teeth that can bite you鈥"
鈥淥kay, okay!鈥 Cole says hastily, shouldering between them. 鈥淣o one鈥檚 biting anyone, geez. I鈥檓 taking this opportunity to declare it time for bed.鈥
鈥淎w, but I didn鈥檛 get to trash Kai yet,鈥 Nya yawns, waving absently at the still-scrolling game on the television. Zane quickly turns it off.
鈥淲e can trash each other tomorrow, after six a.m. practice,鈥 Cole huffs. Everyone groans in unison at the reminder.
鈥淲e should start getting skip days,鈥 Kai grumbles into the pillow. 鈥淟ike, mandated days we get to just sleep in instead.鈥
鈥淵ou would use that every day,鈥 Zane sighs, tugging him up. Jay watches as they slowly pack up, preparing to head off to bed.
鈥淲ait, so we鈥檙e just gonna let this thing run loose?鈥 he exclaims, waving his arms in the air. 鈥淚gnore our civic duty for sleep?鈥
Cole pinches the bridge of his nose between his fingers. 鈥淛ay, there鈥檚 one article about it, and these kinds of things crop up every year,鈥 he sighs. 鈥淚t鈥檚 just some Halloween pranksters using it as an excuse for petty crime. The police can handle it, okay?鈥
鈥淏ut a vampire,鈥 Jay bemoans. 鈥淲hat if it鈥檚 real?鈥
鈥淥r werewolf,鈥 Lloyd corrects. Jay would elbow him for that, but 鈥 aha. Lloyd has that spark in his eyes, the one that means trouble. Jay鈥檚 hooked at least one person then, even if it鈥檚 for the totally wrong reason.
鈥淲hatever it is, according to reports, it will still be here tomorrow,鈥 Zane says. 鈥淗alloween isn鈥檛 for another day, and it usually strikes then. If it means that much to you, we can look for it then.鈥
Jay squints skeptically at him. Kai and Cole are both wearing expressions that say they will not be helping with that particular excursion, and Nya鈥檚 already halfway into her room, clearly writing him off as well. Hmph.
鈥淏ut by then, we won鈥檛 have a sighting to follow,鈥 Lloyd says, hesitantly.
鈥淕ood,鈥 Kai grumbles, apparently done with the conversation. 鈥淭hen we can forget about make-believe monsters.鈥
Jay is pleased to find that he and Lloyd are still just as effective at giving people the stink-eye in perfect unison as they鈥檝e always been.
鈥淒rop it, guys,鈥 Cole warns, his dark eyes tired. 鈥淵ou can argue over this in the morning. When we鈥檙e all dead tired at dawn practice.鈥
Jay scowls, but he nods. He knows a lost cause when he sees one.
However, he also knows when a cause isn鈥檛 lost. He trades looks with Lloyd from the corner of his eyes, and Lloyd gives him a tiny, imperceptible nod. Halfway into their bedroom, Kai suddenly turns on them.
鈥淎nd you guys better not sneak out to hunt it down by yourselves,鈥 he says, his eyes narrowed. 鈥淭he police have it covered. There鈥檚 no such things as vampires or werewolves, but if I wake up at three a.m. tonight and find out you guys snuck out, you鈥檙e gonna wish one had already killed you.鈥
鈥淕eez, overreact much?鈥 Jay mutters.
Lloyd rolls his eyes. 鈥淲e鈥檙e not gonna sneak out just to chase down a few rumors, Kai,鈥 he scoffs. 鈥淲e鈥檙e not stupid.鈥
Kai eyes them both. Jay can almost see him mentally scrolling through Lloyd and Jay鈥檚 Best Hits, Screwing-Up Edition, in his brain, and he doesn鈥檛 like it. Like Kai has room to talk about dumb decisions.
Kai finally shakes his head, sighing as he heads for his bed. 鈥淚 swear,鈥 he mutters to himself. 鈥淚f I have to fish you out of a river later鈥︹
鈥淵ou won鈥檛!鈥 Lloyd promises cheerfully. 鈥淲ord of honor.鈥
As it turns out, Lloyd鈥檚 word of honor is garbage. But so is Jay鈥檚, so he鈥檚 not gonna judge.
鈥淥kay, the reports said it was last sighted over in the east sector in the sewer tunnels, so I vote we start here,鈥 Jay tells him in a hushed voice, as they plot their path from one of the city rooftops, the dim streetlights blinking down below. 鈥淭here鈥檚 a bunch of bars and stuff around, so if I was looking to steal someone鈥檚 wallet by biting them, I鈥檇 go here. Down for a stakeout?鈥
鈥淚鈥檓 game,鈥 Lloyd says, slightly muffled through his mouth of鈥
Jay blinks at him incredulously. 鈥淎re you eating our garlic bread right now?鈥
Lloyd freezes, shifting guiltily and quickly swallowing. 鈥淣o-o?鈥
鈥淟loyd!鈥 Jay hisses. 鈥淲e need that for the vampire!鈥
鈥淭hen you should鈥檝e gotten actual garlic,鈥 Lloyd hisses back. 鈥淚 got hungry, and we鈥檙e carrying around garlic bread! Can you blame me?鈥
鈥淗mph.鈥 Jay glares at him, then snatches the bag Lloyd had been hiding behind him. Lloyd makes a face.
鈥淪鈥檔ot like we need it anyways,鈥 he mutters. 鈥淕arlic doesn鈥檛 work against werewolves.鈥
鈥淚t鈥檚 not a werewolf,鈥 Jay retorts. 鈥淎nd even if it was, it鈥檚 not like we have any silver.鈥 He frowns. 鈥淲ait, doesn鈥檛 silver work against vampires too? Maybe I should鈥檝e gotten us some鈥︹
鈥淕ot it covered,鈥 Lloyd says, pulling a small ziplock bag from his sweatshirt pocket. They鈥檝e opted to wear civilian clothes tonight, as one, they鈥檙e trying to be inconspicuous, and two, it鈥檒l make it a lot more difficult for Kai to claim that they were out breaking their promise if they aren鈥檛 in very distinctive, undeniable gis.
鈥淚 snatched a pair of Nya鈥檚 earrings earlier,鈥 Lloyd continues. 鈥淪terling silver counts, right? 鈥楥ause they even have these little bits on the back you can stab people with.鈥
Jay blinks rapidly. 鈥淵ou snatched her鈥"
Well, actually, on second thought, it鈥檚 not the worst thing they鈥檝e ever stolen from each other. And it鈥檚 definitely not the worst purpose for such a theft, either.
鈥淥kay, nice, we got silver,鈥 Jay says instead, trying not to think about what Nya鈥檚 reaction to finding out her earrings were used as lethal injections for a vampire is going to be.
鈥淭he better prepared, the lower the chances of dying horribly,鈥 Lloyd says, cheerfully.
鈥淧lease don鈥檛 phrase it that way.鈥
鈥淵ou literally said that exact same thing to me last week, on the Metallonia mission鈥"
鈥淵ou must鈥檝e had water in your ears,鈥 Jay waves him off, knowing full well he did say that but having zero intent of admitting it. 鈥淎nyways, it鈥檚 just one vampire. We can handle this, easy.鈥
鈥淥r one werewolf,鈥 Lloyd says, pointedly.
Jay takes a very long breath, then lets it out. If it were Kai or Cole, maybe he鈥檇 pick the fight. But it鈥檚 Lloyd, and he鈥檚 risking Unholy Big Brother Wrath as it is.
鈥淔ine,鈥 he half-surrenders. 鈥淚f it鈥檚 a werewolf, we can handle that too. But it鈥檚 not, because it鈥檚 clearly a vampire.鈥
鈥淭hat鈥檚 what it wants you to think,鈥 Lloyd grouses.
Jay rolls his eyes, shoving the rest of their supplies back in his ratty old backpack. He cranes his head over the edge of building rooftop, watching the evening crowds just beginning to flood into the bars.
鈥淣ow what?鈥 Lloyd whispers, materializing next to him.
Jay, with his reflexes as sharp and well-honed as they are, does not nearly jump off the roof at Lloyd鈥檚 sudden appearance. He doesn鈥檛 squeak, either, the look Lloyd is giving him is just 鈥 Lloyd being a terrible gremlin.
鈥淣ow,鈥 Jay clears his throat instead, taking on an air of expertise, because he is an expert. 鈥淲e wait.鈥
In the excitement, Jay has, tragically, forgotten how absolutely boring stakeouts are.
Really, he should鈥檝e brought a board game or something.
鈥溾攕omethin鈥 strange, in your neighborhood. Who you gonna call.鈥
Jay punches his hand in the air without enthusiasm where he lies on his back, yawning, 鈥淕hostbusters.鈥
鈥淒un dun, dun dun, du-du-dun鈥" Lloyd continues humming the bridge, staring up at the sky where he鈥檚 got his arms beneath his head, sprawled out next to Jay.
鈥淵ou know, I still swear I heard the ghosts playing this back at Styx,鈥 Jay murmurs.
Lloyd鈥檚 humming halts, and he snorts. 鈥淢aybe they had a sense of humor.鈥
鈥淗eh. Yeah.鈥 Jay frowns. 鈥淪o wait, this is your favorite holiday song? The song about ghosts? Really?鈥
Lloyd nods. 鈥淚 ain鈥檛 afraid of no ghost,鈥 he sings.
Jay makes a face at him, then shrugs. Well, he guesses he doesn鈥檛 have room to judge people鈥檚 coping mechanisms. He still deals with spiders by blowing the entire room up. 鈥淭hat鈥檚 one way to deal with it, I guess.鈥
鈥淚 like the irony,鈥 Lloyd continues, with a lopsided grin. 鈥淎lso, like, do any of us deal with our issues?鈥
鈥淵e鈥" Jay pauses, considering. Huh. He knows they鈥檝e all been putting off therapy, but sometimes they, like鈥ry all over each other? At three in the morning? That counts, right?
He supposes that doesn鈥檛 quite equate.
鈥淚 stress-baked eight batches of brownies with Cole one night and ate half of them after the Oni thing?鈥 he offers weakly.
Lloyd stuff a fist over his mouth, holding back a laugh. 鈥淚 ate a whole container of frosting with Nya after the SOG thing.鈥
鈥淭hat鈥檚 where it all went?鈥 Jay snaps his head up, his eyes accusing. 鈥淟loyd, that was our only cream cheese frosting! I was going to use that for a meltdown!鈥
鈥淥ops,鈥 Lloyd says, unapologetically. Jay digs his foot into his side, and Lloyd jerks away, giggling.
鈥淵ou, I鈥檇 expect, but Nya鈥︹ Jay grumbles, processing this betrayal. 鈥淭hat鈥檚 like, clich茅 teenage heartbreak coping there.鈥
鈥淲ell, I mean,鈥 Lloyd says, his smile suddenly painfully forced. 鈥淜inda鈥as. A bit.鈥
Jay frowns. 鈥淲ha 鈥 oh.鈥
Oops. Too late, Jay realizes that he has accidentally stumbled into a mine zone. He should know better, seriously 鈥 Lloyd probably does not want to talk about teenage heartbreak right now. Or any time鈥oon, considering his last and only romantic excursion kind of鈥tabbed him in the back and got crushed by a building. Amongst other things.
鈥淪o!鈥 Jay quickly says, trying to cut through the sudden awkwardness and turn the conversation to something better. 鈥淗ow is, uh, your life going, in that鈥rea鈥?鈥
Never mind, Jay鈥檚 mind screeches at him. Abort, abort, this is going somewhere worse鈥! Maybe if he鈥檚 lucky the vampire will just come attack them now. That would probably go better.
Lloyd鈥檚 expression screws up, like Jay鈥檚 forced him to eat a lemon, or a ghost pepper, or like, swallow pure Venomari venom. 鈥淵ou mean my love life?鈥 he spits, as if the word love is a personal insult.
鈥淣ot necessarily,鈥 Jay says quickly. 鈥淚 mean, no, but also鈥es?鈥
鈥淣onexistent as usual, which is probably the best I can hope for,鈥 Lloyd mutters, kicking at the ground.
Jay bites his cheek in sympathy. His poor baby brother. His voice finally stops cracking and he immediately decides to swear off love for life.
鈥淟ook,鈥 Jay says tentatively, feeling like he should at least try to impart some wisdom on his kid brother. 鈥淗ave you thought about like, I dunno, trying to meet new people? Just like, you know, being open to, uh, the idea of trusting someone鈥ike that?鈥
鈥淵eah,鈥 Lloyd grinds his teeth. 鈥淚鈥檝e also thought about getting 鈥榣ove is a joke鈥 tattooed on my wrist as a nice reminder because that鈥檚 about how well it tends to go for me.鈥
Jay cringes. 鈥淎ha,鈥 he breathes. That is 鈥 that is bad. Yikes, that鈥檚鈥ad bad, maybe they should book a therapist. One of these days. Probably sooner than later, going by that statement.
Lloyd sighs, suddenly deflating. 鈥淚 dunno, Jay. I just鈥aybe someday? I don鈥檛 really wanna think about it.鈥 The edge of his mouth twists wistfully. 鈥淚t鈥檇 be nice to just be a kid again, so I could stuff my face with candy instead.鈥
鈥淗ey,鈥 Jay says, elbowing him. 鈥淲ho says you can鈥檛 stuff your face with candy now? We can totally hit up the store on the way home, you know. Zane can鈥檛 stop us if he鈥檚 not here.鈥
Lloyd cracks a grin, and Jay is infinitely pleased with himself. 鈥淎fter we catch the werewolf?鈥 Lloyd asks.
Jay glares at him. 鈥淎fter we catch the vampire, and I prove all you heathens wrong,鈥 he grinds out. Lloyd snickers.
鈥淵ou鈥檙e fighting a losing鈥"
A piercing scream rings out from the streets below, and Lloyd and Jay jolt to their feet in well-experienced unison. Jay sweeps his eyes across the street below, his head whipping widely back and forth as he tries to spot鈥
鈥淭here!鈥 Lloyd calls, already sliding down the fire escape. Jay follows his arm, and spots a disheveled man now crumpled in the street, other partygoers crowding around him. Lloyd鈥檚 hand is pointing just beyond, though, locked on the shadowed, dark figure fleeing into the alleyway.
Jay grins viciously at him. Lloyd grins back.
Normally, they鈥檇 have Zane at their backs, insisting on safety and such nonsense, but tonight it鈥檚 just Lloyd and Jay, who gold-medal at being an awful combination of adrenaline junkies. So by the time they鈥檝e finished hurling themselves off the building and surfing down a couple of unfortunate clotheslines, they land in perfect synch just behind the fleeing figure. They immediately break into a sprint, following their quarry down the dark alleyways and gaining rapidly.
One of the few perks to being the smallest on the team 鈥 Jay and Lloyd are fast.
The figure jolts, finally realizing it鈥檚 being pursued, and suddenly takes a hard left. Jay yelps as he almost overbalances, his momentum nearly toppling him before Lloyd catches his arm, yanking him upright. They follow where the figure鈥檚 fled into an abandoned tunnel, one of the ones Jay recognizes leads to the sewer.
鈥淲hy in here?!鈥 he gasps between breathes, as their feet splash through dirty rainwater the deeper they go. Ugh, he hates these tunnels 鈥 they鈥檙e too small and close and dark.
Lloyd doesn鈥檛 grace him with a reply, simply lifting his hand up in an eerie, makeshift green flashlight that lights up the tunnels around them.
鈥淭hey went that way!鈥 He hurls the bright globe of energy down the tunnel, throwing green shadows up all around, and illuminating their prey far ahead.
Darn it, Jay curses to himself. He forgot vampires are supposed to be fast, too. They need a way better plan then just running after it.
鈥淭rap, we need a trap,鈥 Jay pants. 鈥淲hat do they do in Scooby-Doo to catch the vampire?鈥
Lloyd glances at him incredulously as he runs beside him, his hair dyed a white-green in the eerie light where it bounces around his head. 鈥淪cooby-Doo?!鈥 he exclaims. 鈥淭here aren鈥檛 any vampires in Scooby-Doo!鈥
鈥淯h, yeah there are,鈥 Jay argues, ducking under a rusted pipe. He almost has to pause to swipe his own hair out of the way before he gets blinded by falling curls. Mental note, book a haircut later. 鈥淩emember that movie with the bands and stuff?鈥
鈥淥h. Right,鈥 Lloyd huffs, sliding through a puddle of water. 鈥淔orgot about that. Don鈥檛 they die or something?鈥
鈥淚 don鈥檛 know, that鈥檚 why I鈥檓 asking you! Come up with a plan, you鈥檙e leader!鈥
鈥淣ot right now, I鈥檓 not!鈥
鈥淵ou can鈥檛 do that 鈥 you鈥檙e our designated team captain, live up to your role!鈥
鈥淥nly in big crisis situations!鈥
鈥淭his is a crisis!鈥
鈥淔ine! Here鈥檚 me leading 鈥 I order you to come up with a plan.鈥
鈥淥h for 鈥 what kind of Green Ninja even are you, huh?鈥
鈥淥h yeah, static for brai鈥攁gh!鈥
Their argument is cut short as the floor suddenly decides to take the day off, and drops neatly out from beneath their feet. Jay screams, Lloyd shrieking beside him as they both go tumbling down the sloping sewer tunnel, sliding through broken rock and upturned stone. The sharp slope finally evens out, leaving them to roll to a graceless stop in a heap of limbs and freezing rainwater.
鈥淓w,鈥 Jay scowls, swiping at his hair as he kneels, supporting himself on one hand. 鈥淪ewers are the worst.鈥
鈥淕e鈥檕ff me,鈥 Lloyd wheezes, hitting his shoulder. Jay belatedly realizes that he鈥檚 got one elbow and a knee digging into Lloyd鈥檚 middle, and pulls back quickly.
鈥淲hoops,鈥 he says, cheerfully. 鈥淗ey, no broken bones, at least!鈥
Lloyd just makes a face, straightening his hoodie. He pushes himself to his feet, offering a hand to Jay and hauling him up. Jay brings a crackle of lightning up in his fingers, squinting around the tunnel they鈥檝e fallen into. Lloyd finally remembers to pull out their actual flashlight, and shines it warily around the tunnel, lighting up the old, molding stone around them.
鈥淒鈥檡ou think they fell, too?鈥 Lloyd questions, taking a hesitant step forward as he brandishes the flashlight like a weapon.
Jay shrugs. 鈥淰ampires aren鈥檛 normally clumsy,鈥 he says, starting down the tunnel. 鈥淏ut who knows.鈥
Lloyd pauses for a moment, reluctant, then quickly hurries to catch up, falling into step beside him.
鈥淣inja aren鈥檛 normally clumsy either,鈥 he huffs.
Jay snorts. 鈥淗ave you seen us?鈥
Lloyd eyes him. 鈥淚 control your training schedule, you know.鈥
鈥淎 heinous abuse of power which never should have been given to you,鈥 Jay sniffs.
Lloyd鈥檚 eyes narrow. 鈥淚鈥檒l stick you on stair sprints. Endless. Stair sprints.鈥
鈥淵ou wouldn鈥檛 dare,鈥 Jay retorts. 鈥淵ou鈥檙e too chicken to do that. Too soft.鈥
鈥淚 am not!鈥 Lloyd says, offended. 鈥淚鈥檒l make you run a gazillion stair sprints, watch me.鈥
鈥淥h yeah? Whatcha gonna do when I start tearing up on you, Mr. Marshmallow Heart?鈥
鈥淢y heart is not a marshmallow,鈥 Lloyd grinds out. 鈥淚t鈥檚鈥"
鈥淢ore like cotton candy,鈥 Jay nods. 鈥溾楥ause you hit it with one tear and it melts all over the place.鈥
鈥淚 will trip you face-first into sewer water,鈥 Lloyd threatens. 鈥淎nd stop using candy metaphors. I鈥檓 starving, and you won鈥檛 let me eat the garlic bread.鈥
鈥淭hat鈥檚 鈥榗ause we need it for the vampire!鈥 Jay huffs.
Jay throws his hands up. 聽鈥淒o you need glasses or something? Because tell me, please, if that looked anything like a were鈥"
Jay cuts off abruptly as he and Lloyd freeze. Directly across from them, a mere ten feet away in the connecting tunnel, the hooded figure they鈥檝e been chasing freezes as well. For a beat, the three stare at each other, the only sound the steady drip-drip of the sewer tunnels around them.
鈥淚t鈥檚 the vampire! Grab it!鈥 Jay yells.
He and Lloyd dart forward just as the vampire makes to run, turning for the tunnel. Jay side-steps, using the wall to push himself up and flip neatly over the vampire鈥檚 head, landing in the tunnel before them and neatly cutting them off. 鈥淕otcha,鈥 he grins.
The vampire鈥檚 eyes widen from beneath their hood, and they backtrack, only to nearly run into Lloyd, who points the flashlight threateningly at them.
鈥淪tand down,鈥 he orders. Jay rolls his eyes. Oh, now he decides to sound like a leader.
The vampire makes a hissing noise of frustration, shaking their head. Lloyd goes to move forward, a familiar green glinting at the edges of his fingertips鈥
When the vampire suddenly snaps into action, rushing at Lloyd. Before Jay can blink, they snap a leg up to kick the flashlight from Lloyd鈥檚 grasp, snag him with their forearm, bare two glinting teeth, and鈥
Snap. Lloyd gasps sharply, his eyes going wide as the vampire bites right into the juncture of his neck and shoulder.
Jay shrieks. 鈥淟loy鈥!鈥
His scream cuts off, trailing into a gaping wheeze.
Jay is not entirely sure what 鈥 no, he鈥檚 not sure why what happen next happens. Maybe Lloyd panics. Maybe he forgets he鈥檚 a god-powered elemental with the capability of blasting people to heck with his hands for a second. Maybe both his Oni and dragon instincts decide to suddenly kick in and overpower the human. Or maybe he鈥檚 just so ticked at getting bit in the neck that his childish side comes out with a vengeance.
Either way, not even half a second after the vampire bites him, Lloyd snaps out his own too-sharp teeth and bites right back, firmly chomping down on the forearm pinning him in place.
The vampire gives a muffled scream, releasing Lloyd as they stumble backward, frantically clutching their arm. Jay takes this chance to send a bright bolt of lightning after them, just barely missing as they turn and flee, skittering away down the tunnels. Any other time Jay would give chase, but he鈥檚 got a slightly more pressing concern right now, and by that he means a big fat bad concern, because his brother is currently sporting a bleeding neck and trying to hack his own lung up.
鈥淥h god, the vampire bit you, Lloyd, the vampire bit you,鈥 Jay babbles frantically, dancing around Lloyd as he doubles over, coughing and spitting frantically.
鈥溾攆reaking 鈥 gross鈥"
鈥淏ut 鈥攂ut then you bit the vampire,鈥 Jay pauses, eyebrows furrowing. 鈥淪o does that like 鈥 negate it?鈥
鈥溾攏eed hand sanitizer in m鈥檃 mouth鈥"
鈥淥r does the vampire turn into an Oni?鈥 Jay rubs his head. 鈥淲ait, wait no 鈥 you both swap, because you bit each other, so鈥"
鈥溾攖astes like battery acid鈥"
鈥淓ither way your neck is bleeding and why didn鈥檛 you just use your powers!鈥 Jay shrieks at him.
鈥淚 panicked, okay?!鈥 Lloyd cries in defense, wiping his mouth as he sticks his tongue out, clearly trying to rid himself of the taste. 鈥淯gh 鈥 gimme that garlic bread, this is awful鈥"
鈥淣o way,鈥 Jay snatches his bag away. 鈥淲e definitely need it now.鈥 His eyes narrow down on the two sluggishly bleeding marks on Lloyd鈥檚 neck, that he should really be patching up, actually, but first鈥
鈥淏esides, garlic could be toxic for you right now! Since you might be turning into a鈥 vampire.鈥
Lloyd turns two smoldering, angry red eyes on him, and Jay swallows. Oh FSM, he鈥檚 already turning into a vampire, his eyes are red鈥
Oh wait, right, Lloyd鈥檚 eyes are red anyways.
鈥淚 am not turning into a vampire!鈥 Lloyd hisses. He winces, clapping a hand over his neck. 鈥淚 probably have like, rabies or something though,鈥 he says, half-panicked.
鈥淚 don鈥檛 think vampires have rabies,鈥 Jay tries to assure him, finally shaking himself into action, pulling his jacket off and pressing one of the sleeves against Lloyd鈥檚 bleeding neck. Lloyd jerks away on instinct, before letting Jay examine it.
鈥淚 can鈥檛 turn into a vampire,鈥 Lloyd says, an edge of fear in his voice. 鈥淜ai鈥檒l kill me if I turn into a vampire.鈥
鈥淭hat鈥檚 your main concern?鈥 Jay exclaims, swiping blood away 鈥 the bite doesn鈥檛 look too deep, and it seems like it won鈥檛 need stitches, or anything. He suddenly pauses, considering Lloyd鈥檚 words. 鈥淥kay, I will admit you have a valid point there,鈥 he concedes.
Lloyd nods tightly, then makes a face before spitting again.
鈥淪o gross.鈥
Jay watches him, then speaks up hesitantly. 鈥淚 mean鈥ou have to admit that it鈥檚 definitely a vampire now, right, haha? Like, not to say I told you so, but鈥斺
Lloyd turns his head, ever so slowly, his eyes narrowing into slits as he does.
鈥淚 will kill you.鈥
鈥淒uly noted.鈥
In a noble sacrifice of true brotherly love, Jay lets Lloyd get his weird mutant blood all over his hoodie as he uses it as a makeshift bandage.
鈥淩ude,鈥 Lloyd mutters, sounding wounded.
鈥淲eird mutant blood is cool,鈥 Jay assures him. 鈥淵ou Oni-dragon-hybrid, you.鈥
鈥淚 don鈥檛 even get any of the cool stuff, like shapeshifting or wings.鈥
鈥淵eah, that is a pretty lame tradeoff,鈥 Jay admits. He pats his hoodie where it鈥檚 wrapped around Lloyd鈥檚 neck once more, nodding. 鈥淭here. We鈥檒l just鈥ump an entire bottle of sanitizer on it when we get home.鈥
鈥淐an鈥檛 wait,鈥 Lloyd sighs. His eyebrows furrow into determination. 鈥淎fter we catch this thing, though. It鈥檚 personal now.鈥
鈥淎greed,鈥 Jay says. 鈥淏ut we definitely need a plan this time, 鈥榗ause like, the biting thing worked, but it worst-case-scenario worked, you know? We need something a little less primitive, like, say, um鈥︹
鈥淟ike this?鈥
Jay turns to Lloyd where he鈥檚 bent over one of the canal drains. He lifts the object he鈥檚 fished out, revealing a soaked but intact fishing net, likely abandoned from one of the boats.
A grin spreads across Jay鈥檚 face. 鈥淚 have a plan now,鈥 he says.
鈥淕ood,鈥 Lloyd breathes in relief.
鈥淵ou鈥檙e bait.鈥
Relief successfully obliterated. 鈥淲ait鈥"
Jay鈥檚 wristwatch glows a dim 3:30 in the morning by the time their vampire finally takes the bait.
Said bait is very put out at being bait, granted, and is doing a frankly awful job at it, if anyone asked him, but he supposes that鈥檚 the best he can ask out of Lloyd when he鈥檚 been denying him their garlic bread the whole night.
鈥淥h no,鈥 Lloyd intones dully, kicking through the tunnel water half-heartedly. 鈥淚鈥檝e lost my way, whatever am I going to do with all this money in my wallet.鈥
鈥淏oo,鈥 Jay hisses at him, where he鈥檚 perched atop of a broken sewer pipe. Lloyd pauses his melodramatics to glare at him.
鈥淚鈥檇 like to see you do better.鈥
鈥淥h no, you鈥檙e a much better damsel in distress than I am,鈥 Jay assures him.
Lloyd looks furious. 鈥淟isten鈥"
He might鈥檝e finished, but then the vampire jumps him from the shadows, and they both go tumbling as Lloyd鈥檚 voice turns to a shriek.
鈥淒on鈥檛 die!鈥 Jay hollers as he jumps down onto the vampire, startling a shriek out of them as he desperately tries to yank them off of Lloyd. 鈥淩oll, roll, get out of teeth range!鈥
鈥淚鈥檓 trying!鈥 Lloyd yelps, twisting himself free from the vampire鈥檚 grasp. The vampire makes to grab him, but Jay is already pouncing, tossing the net out so they run smack into it and go flailing to the floor, twisting themselves further and further into the rope webbing.
鈥淥h, thank FSM,鈥 Lloyd mutters into the ground, where he鈥檚 yet to move. Jay ignores him, giving a cheer of triumph as he finishes knotting off the net.
鈥淲e got it!鈥 he gasps, stepping back and surveying their struggling captive. 鈥淲e caught the vampire!鈥 He turns to Lloyd, grinning brightly in victory.
鈥淓veryone else is gonna eat their words.鈥 Lloyd nods, and Jay holds his hand out, slapping it against Lloyd鈥檚 before knocking their fists together.
Who鈥檚 stupid now, Kai? he thinks triumphantly.
Striding forward, he places his hands on his hips, smirking down at the vampire where it writhes against the net they鈥檝e caught it in. He bends over, yanking their hood down.
鈥淣o use struggling. We got you now, you malevolent creature of the ni 鈥 ight, wait.鈥 Jay blinks rapidly, staring at their quarry. 鈥淵ou鈥檙e鈥.not a vampire?鈥
鈥淣o, you ssstupid human.鈥
Oh. Oh. Jay is incredibly, massively, thoroughly disappointed to realize that the figure on the ground glaring daggers at him, is not, in fact, a vampire. Not unless vampires come in Serpentine flavors.
鈥淎 Serpentine?鈥 Lloyd blinks rapidly, looking as colossally disappointed as Jay is. 鈥淎w man, we both lose, then.鈥
鈥淎 weird Serpentine,鈥 Jay frowns, leaning closer. 鈥淭his one鈥檚 got hair. Why do you have hair?鈥
The Serpentine 鈥 who is a she, from the looks of it 鈥 rolls her eyes. 鈥淚鈥檓 part human,鈥 she hisses. 鈥淪sso I do not look like other Ssserpentine. You humansss are just ssstupid enough to think I am a vampire.鈥
Jay opens his mouth, then shuts it. 鈥淎h,鈥 he says. He then brightens, glancing at Lloyd. 聽鈥淥h hey, you have that in common, then! Lloyd鈥檚 a freaky mutant anomaly of nature, just like you.鈥
鈥淗ey!鈥 Lloyd exclaims, looking offended. 鈥淎 freaky mutant anomaly?鈥
鈥淚 mean it in love, Lloyd.鈥
鈥淲ould you let me out of thissss infuriating net.鈥
鈥淯h, yeah, no can do, pal,鈥 Jay replies to the furious Serpentine. 鈥淲e aren鈥檛 letting you off the hook just 鈥榗ause you told us what you were. You鈥檝e been running around and biting people in the neck and stealing their wallets.鈥
鈥淵ou bit me,鈥 Lloyd accuses, glaring hotly at her.
鈥淵ou bit me back,鈥 the Serpentine snarls at him.
鈥淵ou bit me first!鈥
鈥淕uys, guys, it鈥檚 not a contest,鈥 Jay laughs, a little nervously. 鈥淧lease. Calm your mutant anomaly selves.鈥
Lloyd looks as if he鈥檚 going to smack him 鈥 which he probably should, all honesty, Jay鈥檚 been pushing him 鈥 but the Serpentine just frowns.
鈥淗ow issss he one?鈥 she scoffs at Lloyd. 鈥淗e looksss like a normal human. Maybe with rabiesss.鈥
Lloyd looks incredibly offended. 鈥淟ike you can talk.鈥 He shakes his head, sighing. 鈥淚鈥檓鈥art Oni. And dragon. A bit.鈥
The Serpentine's mouth drops open, and the color leeches from her face. 鈥淥-Oni?鈥 She stammers. She looks at the hastily bandaged wound on her arm in alarm. 鈥淒id you poissson me?鈥
鈥淲ha鈥攏o!鈥 Lloyd exclaims. 鈥淥ni aren鈥檛 poisonous!鈥
He pauses. So do Jay and the Serpentine, leaving the tunnel in silence for a beat.
鈥淚 don鈥檛鈥.think?鈥 He turns to Jay, eyebrows furrowed in question.
Jay shrugs. He鈥檚 not the one with a bunch of inhuman relatives. 鈥淚 mean, she hasn鈥檛 gone all, y鈥檏now 鈥 grey-skinned, purple-eyed, turned-to-stone, so?鈥
This does nothing whatsoever to quell the look of fear on the face of鈥 Jay frowns. 鈥淗ey, what鈥檚 your name, by the way?鈥
鈥淲hat, ssso you can tell the copsss?鈥 their Serpentine hisses dully.
鈥淲ell, you鈥檙e a criminal, so,鈥 Jay shrugs. 鈥淏ut look at it this way 鈥 I won鈥檛 call you Elvira Vampira, Terror of the Night, the whole way back instead.鈥
The Serpentine rolls her eyes, but she does look mildly threatened at being called Vampira for the rest of the evening.
鈥淢y name is Sssiri,鈥 she finally admits, looking put out.
鈥淪iri?鈥 Lloyd blinks. 鈥淟ike the phone voice?鈥
The Serpentine makes a face as if he鈥檚 called her the scum of the earth instead. 鈥淚 hate that ssstupid company,鈥 she hisses. 鈥淎nd their ssstupid phone voicesss. I hate them.鈥
鈥淭hat鈥檚 nice,鈥 Jay tells her. He exhales, placing his hands on his hips. He glances at Lloyd, who looks every bit as tired.
鈥淭ime to drag her to the police?鈥
鈥淭ime to drag her to the police,鈥 Lloyd sighs, sounding disappointed, if not a bit vindictive.
The cops are nice, at least, and the guy whose wallet got snatched thanks them profusely, so the night doesn鈥檛 end up being a total bust. Everyone looks pretty relieved that there isn鈥檛 an actual vampire running around, though, which Jay feels a little resentful at, because he鈥檚 losing a bet here.
鈥淗ey, cheer up,鈥 Lloyd tells him, elbowing him lightly. 鈥淎t least no one ever has to know about it.鈥
鈥淭rue,鈥 Jay admits. He gives a sigh of melancholy, watching as the cops lead a put-out Siri into the car. He glances at Lloyd, then grins wickedly.
鈥淗ey!鈥 he calls quickly, waving at Siri. He slaps a hand on Lloyd鈥檚 shoulder, shaking him. 鈥淵ou don鈥檛 have a boyfriend, do you? Because this guy here is a hundred percent single and looking to ack鈥"
Jay鈥檚 idea is immediately torpedoed by Lloyd viciously throttling him in front of the entire crime unit.
鈥淛ay what the heck!鈥 he whisper-shrieks, sounding on the verge of an aneurism.
鈥淚鈥檓 trying 鈥 to get you 鈥 back in the game鈥" Jay croaks out.
鈥淲ith a neck-biting criminal?!鈥
鈥淚 wouldn鈥檛 be oppossssed,鈥 Siri remarks, cocking her head as she studies Lloyd.
Lloyd goes an odd purple-scarlet color, then immediately turns on heel, marching away and looking not a little bit like his father storming off to destroy a village.
鈥淗e鈥檒l call you!鈥 Jay mouths at Siri, before hurrying after Lloyd. 鈥淲ell, I鈥檇 call that a mild success, at least.鈥
鈥淚 am not calling her,鈥 Lloyd grinds out, as he stomps down the street.
鈥淥h, obviously,鈥 Jay says. He snickers. 鈥淐an you imagine Kai鈥檚 reaction, though? He鈥檇 blow five blood vessels at once.鈥
Lloyd remains stubbornly stoic, glaring forward. Jay winces. Oops, crossed a line. Still too sensitive. Maybe he can try again in like鈥 year.
鈥淗ey, on the bright side,鈥 Jay tries. 鈥淲e can eat the rest of the garlic bread now?鈥
Lloyd鈥檚 pace slows. Jay holds out half of the buttery loaf they have left. Lloyd eyes him for a second, but Jay can see his resolve quickly dying. Lloyd finally snatches it, sighing.
鈥淭ha鈥 is a bright side,鈥 he says, through a mouthful.
鈥淕arlic bread solves half y鈥檈r problems,鈥 Jay nods through his own bite, pleased to find that it鈥檚 still good, even if cold.
They walk in silence for a minute, quietly chewing at the rest of the bread. Then Lloyd speaks up.
鈥淟ike鈥.can you imagine being a real vampire though? And you couldn鈥檛 eat garlic bread?鈥
鈥淥h yeah, that would suck.鈥
鈥淪eriously. I wonder if it鈥檚 maybe like, a lactose intolerance thing, where they can have a little bit before breaking into vampire hives or something?鈥
鈥淥r maybe it鈥檚 like a peanut allergy thing, where their throats swell up and they have to use like, vampire Epipens.鈥
鈥淚f I was a vampire, I鈥檇 risk it either way.鈥
鈥淥h yeah, same. Totally worth it.鈥
The thing people tend to overlook about Jay is that, despite how loud he can be 鈥 and yeah, he鈥檚 admitting it, he can be a big enough person to recognize that he can get a bit worked-up sometimes 鈥 anyways, despite how everyone seems to think Jay has one default mode, he is, in fact, one of the best people on the team at sneaking. It鈥檚 one of the perks of being small 鈥 he鈥檚 learned to be light enough on his feet that even Zane can鈥檛 pick him up. And everyone expects him to come in all excited and loud anyways, so Jay鈥檚 got that advantage. No one expects him to be quiet.
And it is, of course, a trait he鈥檚 dutifully passed on to his little brother, who already has experience from sneaking around Darkley鈥檚 and lurking in Serpentine tombs, so by the time the alarm is an hour away from going off, Lloyd and Jay are safely back in bed, snoring quietly with the others, who are none the wiser.
Granted, Jay鈥檚 got the worst eye-bags ever in the morning, and Lloyd鈥檚 running a record for how long he can get around without actually opening his eyes 鈥 but Cole doesn鈥檛 say anything, and Zane isn鈥檛 looking at them suspiciously, so voila! They are off the hook.
Jay supposes he has the usual array of night terrors to thank for that. Always a good cover for sleeplessness, those.
He does have to drag Lloyd to the bathroom first so they can fix his gi collar high enough to hide the rather incriminating bite marks. Jay doesn鈥檛 even want to think about explaining those, because any plausible excuses he can come up with for them are just more likely to make Kai barbecue Jay on the spot.
鈥淕ood to see you this morning,鈥 Cole tells him pointedly, as he joins the team around the breakfast table. Jay resists the urge to shoot him a gesture, and grabs for the coffee pot instead.
鈥淒id you sleep alright?鈥 Kai is asking Lloyd from across him, his eyebrows furrowed in concern. Jay can鈥檛 really blame him, seeing as Lloyd keeps falling asleep in his cereal, dark circles vivid beneath his eyes.
鈥淛us鈥 tired,鈥 Lloyd yawns. 鈥淒idn鈥檛 sleep that well."
Kai pats him lightly on the shoulder, looking sympathetic. 鈥淭ake a nap or something later,鈥 he tells him. 鈥淔or my sake.鈥
Lloyd nods, and Jay leans back in his seat, sipping contentedly at his coffee. As he said, no one suspects a thing. All鈥檚 well that ends well.
And then Zane turns the radio on.
鈥溾攖he neck-biting thief was caught early this morning by the Ninjago City Police, with the aid of two accomplices鈥斺
Jay goes pale.
鈥淗uh, isn鈥檛 that what you guys were talking about last night?鈥 Nya remarks.
Jay and Lloyd look at each other, their eyes wide. In a desperate grab for survival, Jay dives for the radio, fully prepared to hit it with a lightning bolt if it means turning it off before鈥
鈥溾攕pecial thanks, of course, to the green and blue ninja, looking out for us as always.鈥
Jay finally smacks the radio off, plunging the kitchen into silence. There is a long, ominous pause of utter dread. Kai slowly turns to look at Lloyd.
鈥淵ou went after them鈥"
鈥淲e didn鈥檛!鈥 Lloyd says quickly. 鈥淭hat鈥檚 not what we were doing!鈥
鈥淥h yeah?鈥 Kai says, and uh oh, that鈥檚 a scary look. 鈥淵ou鈥檇 better have a heck of an excuse, then.鈥
鈥淲e do, we have a really good excuse,鈥 Jay defends quickly. 鈥淲e were out there for something way more important.鈥
鈥淥h?鈥 Cole says, looking close to blowing a gasket. 鈥淎nd what was that, exactly?鈥
鈥淲ell,鈥 Jay says, looking Kai dead in the eye. 鈥淲e were trying to get Lloyd a hot date.鈥
Then, before anyone can react, Jay grabs a sputtering Lloyd by the hand and runs.
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1. 聽How many works do you have on AO3?
Just recently 74 total!
For just Fallout its 26
2. 聽What鈥檚 your total AO3 word count?
Total: 163,825
For Fallout: about 55k
...I wrote so goddamn much for Pnat years ago its unreal XD
3. What are you top 5 fics by kudos?
I鈥檓 ignoring the overall fics and just going by Fallout only HAHA
1- Wrong (Its Hancock/Nick Valentine so I鈥檓 not surprised)
2- Waking Up (for whumptober 2020; Deacon/Nick Valentine)
3- Sensors and Sensations (Mysterious Stranger/Nick Valentine....are yall seeing a pattern here?)
4- Take Me Out With the Crowds (Nick Valentine & Echo (oc) ;w; hell yea 1st fic where they interact haha!!)
5- On Top of Sanctuary Hills and Far Away (my chapter fic that introduces my psyker gal Echo!)
4. Do you respond to comments? 聽Why or why not?
Sometimes, so long as I can remember! If I鈥檓 on mobile...usually harder to respond haha but if I鈥檓 on my computer its much easier. I鈥檒l do it mostly cause I wanna let the commenter know I appreciate the kind words and having them take the time out of their day to tell me how they feel about my fics! Plus, its a way to build a bit of a community on ao3
5. What鈥檚 the fic you鈥檝e written with the angstiest ending?
In my personal opinion....either Lee鈥檚 Library (Walking Dead Telltale video game) oooor one of the many bad endings in Counterbalance (Paranatural) because ya gurl wrote a Choose Your Own Adventure fic and boy howdy. it depends on which end you get XD
6. What鈥檚 the fic you鈥檝e written with the happiest ending?
Hmmmm, honestly not sure? Hella subjective honestly.
7. Do you write crossovers? 聽If so, what鈥檚 the craziest one you鈥檝e written?
*SIIIIIGH* I used to. I鈥檓 not as obsessed with crossovers like I was as a kid. Technically, the craziest one I wrote when I was like 12 (damn preteen me had such a drive) was some wild and hella ambitious Camp au of sorts with a bunch of cartoon shows mixed with some ocs. There were...soooooo many characters to keep track of, easily like 30. Possibly more, maybe less.
I never published it cause it was for me to be super self indulgent and back then I also had to share a computer/laptop with my sisters and mom. I did not have access to flashdrive/usb yet, but damn did I fill like a notebook and half up with that goddamn wild au.
I wonder if its in one of the totes in the basement....hmmmm....
8. Have you ever received hate on a fic?
Yes. It was a long time ago and I don鈥檛 remember it nor do I care to remember that shit. Anyone who leaves hate on fics? Keep it to your damn self. Don鈥檛 hate read. That鈥檚 such a childish thing to do and you don鈥檛 like it? Why waste time on something you hate? It makes 0 sense! Go find something self indulgent and learn how to be nice.
9. 聽Do you write smut? 聽If so, what kind?
I...have... No I will not elaborate...
10. 聽Have you ever had a fic stolen?
No idea.
11. Have you ever had a fic translated?
Bold of you to think I鈥檓 that popular lol
12. 聽Have you ever co-written a fic before?
...Yes? I think so???? But it was a long while ago. I鈥檓 mostly a solo act lol
13. 聽What鈥檚 your all-time favourite ship?
PTH I鈥檓 a multishipper I cannot!!! Okay fine Nick Valentine x HAPPINESS LET HIM BE HAPPY I say while putting him through shit HAHA
(u_u I like to also ship him with my psyker oc Echo... why write fic if yaint being self indulgent?)
14. 聽What鈥檚 a WIP that you want to finish but don鈥檛 think you ever will?
That鈥檚 like all my WIPs tbh. The fact that I finish a wip is a goddamn miracle.
Though I鈥檇 LOVE to do my fallout haunted house fic with the END squad I鈥檝e called聽鈥淔ollow You Down鈥. However, dunno if or when I鈥檒l ever actually make it more than some massive chapter fic idea involving haunted mannequins, literature references, ghosts, and eldritch horrors.
15. What are your writing strengths?
My brain is a goddamn corkboard. I can slap down ideas like crazy and somehow create an elaborate way to make it work.
16. 聽What are you writing weaknesses?
... *leans against a closet door that won鈥檛 close* Haha funny thing. You know how I just said I have a fuck ton of ideas? >_>;
I鈥檓 also a slow writer, but mostly cause I think my words through.
17. 聽What are your thoughts on writing dialogue in other languages in a fic?
Nah. I don鈥檛 think I鈥檓 qualified. Now if its a bilingual joke? I鈥檓 aaaaall over that shit haha My personal fav:聽鈥淲hy do French people prefer to have small breakfasts? Because one egg is un oeuf!鈥澛
18. 聽What was the first fandom you wrote for?
Danny Phantom. It is also the first fandom I looked up fics for LOL
19. 聽What鈥檚 your favourite fic you鈥檝e written?
OOF that鈥檚 a hard one... It鈥檇 have to be between On Top of Sanctuary Hills and Far Away (fo4) aaaand my most recently posted fic The Crooked Tooth (fo4)
The former cause istg it felt like I unlocked something while writing that fic. Pre-Sanctuary Hills fic I STRUGGLED at getting a higher word count. 1-2k was my maximum. 3k was an achievement! Both of these fics I鈥檝e hit over 5k for!!! I鈥檓 still flabbergasted by this development! And... the latter is sooooo self indulgent hahahaha got that cute cute comfort, mutual pining (while both being idiots about it), while also slapping in that good good spooky shit >:3c
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feather-dancer a year ago
Trollhunters Fanfic Recommendations - Part 3
Somehow there is now a third one of these because I read far far too much fanfic and have no regrets about it. It鈥檚 with great pleasure I can also announce I鈥檝e been digging around for Trans Jim fics and found some gems while I was at it that have been included below.
You can find Part 1 of my fanfic recommendations here!
And Part 2 here!
Plus one shameless plug for my own current fics.
General Trollhunters
(And you're my Arcadia.) - All you need to know is it鈥檚 Jilaire post Season 3 and one line in particular made me burst out laughing.
Bitter[sweet] - Sometimes the thing you need most is just a really good friend when your body plain sucks. Contains Trans Jim and is delightful.
the red book - Far beyond the humble days of Season 3 and after living beyond his human family and friends, Jim has started to forget who he was and that he was ever just a human kid.
The Halls of Arcadia High - When Strickler disappeared in Season 1, his absence was felt in many ways even in the form of a humble piano left un-played.
Not - Not!Enrique isn鈥檛 his name yet it鈥檚 what they call him anyway. An albatross reminding him of what was taken before he even had a chance to start.
On the Radio聽 - The final telling of the Janus Order.
Gay stories for Tales of Arcadia - Yeah I鈥檓 pretty sure you can guess where this is going, LGBTQ+ rep!
Through the Fires - There was a before time, one where Gunmar still roamed free and Deya had yet to be chosen let alone felled. These are the words of the humble witnesses of that war, from the changelings to the trolls who would oppose them.
Trollhunters: A Series of Disjointed Drabbles - This is so cute and fluffy I might just spontaneously combust.
Insomnolence - It is after the final battle and Jim has a lot of thoughts.
another tragedy - Anxiety is a bastard, it gives a lot of bad thoughts but sometimes there is a little bit of truth buried beneath it all and it whispers all about how you can keeping doing the wrong things for the right reasons. Season 2.
i will always hold you close (but i will learn to let you go) - Sometimes the hardest thing you can do is learning when to let go. Sometimes however, even when you want to they hold back even tighter. Season 2.
your eyes look like coming home - Toby has been the witness from the start of just how close Jim has been to death multiple times over and how Jim he is about the whole thing. It scares him how this time might be it, again and again. Season 2.
The Collected Tellings of Shigir and Other Changeling Folktales - I don鈥檛 actually know which category to put this under so I鈥檓 going the to heck with it route instead. Does exactly what it says on the tin for your Changeling lore needs, some of which will be off-hand mentioned or outright appear during the fantastic Terpsichore - The Comedy of the Danse Macabre - ACT I.
Please note: The main fic is Stricklake if that鈥檚 not your cup of tea, the folktales however can be enjoyed regardless.
all that dazzling dawn has put asunder - The sequel to in my sleep i dreamed of waking, this is filled with delightful fluff, internal panicking and the joys of trying to explain how you鈥檙e a not and how that does not change the fact Strickler is still a was. Being a changeling in these strange after times are difficult even before the other baggage involved but at least you're still here to start.
Two Pisces in Alto Mare - When in Rome as part of a study trip abroad, you meet the most curious people sometimes and聽 by fluke or nature you may even do so more than once.
Filling The Gaps - Possibly a bit of an unusual mention but! These are little pieces of Fallout that were going on while our eyes were following elsewhere and boy it can hurt.
Rehearsals and DvD Bonus Features - Another from the home of Terpsichore - The Comedy of the Danse Macabre - ACT I which is being listed here because it does have Stricklake in it. Some things don鈥檛 make the cut with writing fanfic, either because the plot wandered off, it doesn鈥檛 fit right or it鈥檚 some backstory you haven鈥檛 quite figured out where it can be naturally brought up yet and in this case they鈥檝e found themselves a home. Be warned, one particular chapter is explicit and has been marked as such in warnings in the chapter summary.
Alternate Universes
(Un)Becoming - Not technically an AU in the conventional sense but I鈥檓 putting it under here anyway. It鈥檚 Unbecoming, as ever the road to hell is paved with good intentions but as Jim threw in the towel the storm that鈥檚 coming will not be stopped. However, what if others caught glimpses of a world that still had a human Trollhunter to defend it?
Steve the Kind - Steve became the Trollhunter but how the adventure unfolds differently than when Jim was at the helm might just surprise you. Very slow burn Steve and Jim that in a rather refreshing change doesn鈥檛 throw Claire under the bus for it to happen. Praise be.
31 Days in the Darklands - Strickmar that somehow kinda works?? It helps with Gunmar having the space to breathe outside of getting Morgana out and be more of his own character. Storywise, in order to rescue Jim from the Darklands Strickler broke a deal that would cost his own freedom and now has to somehow maintain a treaty between three very different factions all the while keeping his own neck intact. The intense distrust in changelings continues on to boot but hey, nobody said politics was easy.
Building Bridges - So Gunmar is distinctly of the more Eldritch variety with dream powers, the ability to easily see through lies for the true emotions and thoughts, Bular has the Insight as well to a lesser extent and everyone has somehow managed to hop onto Stricklander鈥檚 bandwagon of we must protect Jim Lake Jr. at all costs. Now the race is on as both sides try to sway the young Trollhunter to their way of thinking and the Trollmarket has no idea how dangerously badly they鈥檙e doing so far.
Lost Souls - A fic written in variable snapshots. Jim was kidnapped and changed by Merlin far earlier to be his Champion to ensure he did the 鈥渞ight thing鈥 while Barbara in desperation to find her son falls into the hands of Morgana thus mother and son become enemies without even realising it.
Faithfully - Barbara died overseas and yet somehow Jim still managed to make his way back to Arcadia to become the next Trollhunter. This road is far harder for it as a seemingly homeless orphan though on the flipside he keeps on acquiring dads. Contains Trans Jim, timeline variable snapshots and I love it very much.
The Burning - There was a fire, it killed Barbara and Jim was thought dead as well. Nobody could have guessed the feral half changeling that is running around like a cryptid is the very much alive Jim.
Finding Daylight - Jim is a very low ranking changeling, terrified of Bular and his home amounts to little more than a spot in the woods. Things started to go pear shaped for him when he accidentally stumbled over Blinky and only more so when the amulet picks him after Kanjigar is felled. Tis not a kind world for a changeling child out there and he has nobody really to help watch his back until he stumbles on a potential maybe.
The bonus shoutout for an excellent MSA fic聽 聽
A Sleep Like Death - Who wouldn鈥檛 want to go visit a tower you鈥檝e inherited apparently and has haunted as all hell all over it? Not Vivi that鈥檚 for sure. Poor Arthur is just along for the ride and then things start to get really weird when they find it鈥檚 still occupied and thinks Arthur is his jailor.
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buckybarnesbingo 12 months ago
Tumblr media
What the Pic?
Participants: @ariasfandom, @rebelmeg, @wolfnprey, @ladydarkphoenix-blog, @bookdragon13, @liquidlightz, @jeminamoonnight, @caiti-creative-corner, @ribbonsflyingoutthewindow, @ibelieveinturtles
Tumblr media
@ariasfandom - Bucky started watching Oobi and wanted to make an OC of it
@rebelmeg -聽all sam wanted to do was sleep in.聽 that was it, that was all he wanted out of a saturday.聽 which, of course, was the first thing his annoying houseguest decided to ruin, with a fist in his face at the crack of dawn.聽 a fist wearing googly eyes.聽 "bucky, what the hell?"
@wolfnprey -聽This is the default picture Clint sends out when he's judging. Bucky retaliates by posting his own in the vents and hides Clint's arrows.
@ladydarkphoenix-blog -聽Bucky gets caught watching kids(Sam's nephews, Clint's kids, insert kids here} unaware but has no idea how to entertain them so somehow ends up telling stories with his hands playing characters that are surprisingly effective
@bookdragon13 - Bucky gets drunk on Asgardian mead and thinks it鈥檇 be hilarious to put googly eyes on his metal hand and make it talk for him the rest of the night
@liquidlightz - Being an Eldritch deity apparently wasn't as awe inspiring as he'd always assumed himself to be, given that his host was entirely un-phased and thought it was funny to make puppet hands out of him and make up silly stories.聽 The fact that he found this insult highly entertaining was even worse for his ego.
Keep reading for more!
Tumblr media
@bookdragon13 -聽Bucky buys that for Clint after staying with him for a couple days. Clint absolutely loves it Of course
@rebelmeg -聽"likl.聽 likl?!聽 who approved that?聽 how did that make it to store shelves!聽 this is a disgrace!" "bucky, you really need to calm down." "i'll calm down when that travesty is removed from my sight!" going shopping with bucky is never boring.
@ladydarkphoenix-blog -聽Bought as a gift for himself because Bucky found the misspelling聽hilarious and it would bug the most important of his guests by making them guess if he didn't notice that little detail or what was happening in his head. Watching them try to deal with it gives Bucky much joy
@wolfnprey -聽The group stares, unimpressed, as people in the gallery move around them. Nat and Tony insist that the artist is just fucking with people, while Sam and Clint argue over how deep the meaning is. Bucky takes one look at Steve and knows his friend is dying a bit inside at how low art has stooped in the modern age. Bucky's nice enough not to comment that it's made out of a damn shower rug.
@ariasfandom -聽"Bucky, we live together. I know for a fact you didn't "wake up like this"
@liquidlightz -聽In the morning, his boyfriend told him how beautiful he looked, and how amazing his hair was, despite having mussed it all up during their passionate evening before.聽 Apparently Bucky didn't suffer from bed hair but from magically self-smoothing hair.聽 Ok, so maybe he used his magiks a little to keep it looking so good, what was the harm in that.聽 So when Bucky saw this in a store he just had to get it and put it by the foot of his bed.
Tumblr media
@ladydarkphoenix-blog -聽Bucky never thought he'd be turned into a dog. He also never thought he'd be staying with Clint and his dog or that the kids in the building would try to disguise him like this
@rebelmeg -聽bucky wasn't sure to think when he opened his door one morning to find a dog on the step wearing graucho glasses.聽 he also wasn't sure if he should trust the note tied to the dog's collar that said, "pet me, i'm yours."聽 but either way, the spaniel was pretty cute, and it turned out to be a snuggler.聽 worst things could happen.
@ribbonsflyingoutthewindow -聽If you're going to name your dog Professor Diggory and you're going to ask Bucky to dogsit him, you should be prepared for the fact that Bucky鈥檚 going to accidentally make him an internet celebrity. Groucho glasses and the ability to pose very still for a picture while Bucky holds a pretzel between his lips is the easiest way to have a booming Instagram account in under a week. Bucky and Professor Diggory are practically professionals now. Don't be jealous.
Tumblr media
@rebelmeg -聽it has happened every time.聽 every single time he goes to the mcdonald's closest to his house, they manage to mess up his order somehow.聽 actually, he's starting to suspect it's on purpose.聽 there had definitely been a smirk on the guy's face when he handed bucky his order through the window.聽 that might explain why his request for a cheeseburger with just ketchup had nothing but ketchup between the buns.聽 hmm.聽 this might mean war.
@ibelieveinturtles -聽Sick of working long hours at minimum wage, dealing with shitty customers amd an even shittier manager, Bucky decides its time to try that malicious compliance thing.
@ladydarkphoenix-blog -聽What's happened to customer service?!?! Back in his day if you made a simple request for a burger with only ketchup the kitchen was smart enough to know what you meant. Were they messing with him? Can they not figure out what a simple order meant? Bucky sighed and shook his head. He'd had worse dinners
@ribbonsflyingoutthewindow -聽So Steve's got a fuckton of allergies and quite frankly, Bucky doesn't even know what they all are, so telling the person at the drive thru that Steve wanted "a McDouble with just ketchup" was a precautionary action. He thought because he knew Steve was allergic to onions and dairy and mustard that it was safer to ask for only ketchup (probably Steve's only known safe-listed condiment) and potentially not be the one to accidentally murder a man he cared deeply about. But seeing Steve later open the hamburger bun to reveal a bun with a single squirt of ketchup inside made Bucky literally faceplant into his car horn. That was not what he fucking meant.
Tumblr media
@rebelmeg -聽swaying gently in the tropical breeze that smelled like ocean and flowers, bucky smiled to himself.聽 he was staring up at the clouds and palm trees overhead, his hammock creaking just slightly.聽 off to his right, his favorite person in the world was sprawled on a towel on the sand, soaking in the sun and drinking some kind of fancy umbrella drink with a silly straw.聽 best vacation ever.
@ladydarkphoenix-blog鈥 -聽Steve made jumping out of planes seem so easy. He never needed a parachute, never seemed to have the aches and pains after. With a sigh, Bucky stared up at the sky. At least he had a good view.
@ribbonsflyingoutthewindow鈥 -聽Pic Summary:When Bucky, Sam, and Natasha agreed to share an AirBnB for their Hollywood vacation, they'd only planned to see some famous sights and maybe try to pose with someone as famous as the monkey from the Pirates of the Caribbean films. Then they'd discovered that arguably the two hottest actors in the entire film industry, Tony Stark and Steve Rogers, were sharing the house next door! Overnight it became a bet and then a high stakes fight to the (okay, not actual) death to see which of them could meet one of the two actors first. Bucky hadn't exactly been spying while he was standing hidden behind an open gate on their temporary neighbor's property, but he must have been well hidden anyway because the moment he went to run and hide, a sleek convertible pulled out of the drive and directly into a fleeing Bucky. He kind of hates that his first thought upon opening his eyes and looking up to see only trees and a cloudy blue sky above him was that at least he'd probably won the bet.
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meandmyechoes a year ago
For the send me a character thing....Ahsoka Tano :3
oh Anon, you can鈥檛 send me the mischievous face without expecting a three-hour long lecture...
First impression: Why does this girl sound so Disney? she鈥檚 not a pretty kid but whoo whoo go my favourite green laser sword.
Impression now:聽
She鈥檚 beauty, she鈥檚 grace, she will kick Maul in the鈥 face.
Slits Vader, Sheev鈥檚 a bitch, resurrected now eldritch.
Funny enough this has changed dramatically over the past year and not at all through the decade. She is and always will be my daughter, but I also feel a lot more aloof than before the first Clone Wars finale. Bendu鈥檚 knighting and the show鈥檚 proper send-off did helped to close a chapter on both of our lives so that I can properly grieve. So right now I鈥檓 more into loving her and creating for her slowly at my own pace. (a聽link聽鈥榗ause I summarised it pretty well over there)
Favorite moment: I won't leave you, not this time. (Usually I go for 322 finale but that speaks more of her relationship with Anakin than herself but this line. The forgiveness and determination wrapped up there, delivered so concisely. And of Ashley's voice, and the music. She is my bicuspid aortic valve.)
Idea for a story: To me, writing a fic is to let go of the sturdy candlestick of proof and explore those flames of ideas floating ghostly. So I'd really like to answer what happened in A World Between Worlds. But I haven't the vaguest idea what I'd write except it'd be a rather psychological thing.
sleep series (exploring 鈥榳ith Anakin鈥)
classmate au
maul ahsoka post-order 66 vigilante road trip
sith-raised ahsoka/dad Maul (that exists only in tags and dm so far...)
Unpopular opinion: What is even (un)popular with Ahsoka at this point? Everybody knew I despise live-action Ahsoka with a passion. I think my most controversial opinion on here, would be I don't really like the novel that much.
I鈥檓 not entirely opposed to the idea of her living post EP IX, in the same angst that captivates me with her watching her family die again as Force ghosts. I think it鈥檇 have been lonely, and prideful, for her to take on the mantle of a new Force guardian, however pretentious that sounds. But I鈥檓 not entirely opposed to the idea of her becoming a demigod.
Favorite relationship: Anakin and Ahsoka, duh
Favorite headcanon: I'd say Padawan Braid, but it's more of a headcanon that entrap the whole tcw fam. So, Peacetime Padawan. (nah I always say her chinese name is my proudest creation :3)
Send me a character :3
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eldritch-hall-asylum 5 months ago
Tumblr media
This is Tiddles.
He is my grandma's cat. He's three and he's babey.
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eldritch-hall-after-dark a month ago
(Ah, sorry! I tend to call everyone 鈥榤y love鈥, I didn鈥檛 mean to make you uncomfortable!)
It's okay.
Just remember for in future.
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