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Sam: On a scale of one to ten, rate me.

Nadine: Start with zero.

Sam: Okay, a scale from zero to ten, rate me.

Nadine: Zero.

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Headmistress: Have you not listened to anything I’ve said?

Kid Nate: I certainly haven’t, but I didn’t think you’d noticed.

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my motivation returned, somewhat so I’m going to try this one more time! Click here if you would like to join an uncharted rp server on discord! Oc friendly!

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Sully, reading the news: Some idiot tried to fight a goose at the park.

Teen Sam, covered in bite marks and feathers: Maybe the goose was being a dick.

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Cracking out the old vinyl uncharted 4 album. Forgot how pretty it was!

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I’m definitely gullible and naive enough to hope for uncharted 5 every state of play

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When my nephew was a wee little thing he would ask to play “Nafan” (pronounced like Nathan but with an F) which was Uncharted, and one of the few not-M rated games I owned (his mom had a rule about no m rated games) and like, he couldn’t read, he was a little guy so he would just climb around and have fun shooting guys and any time he would die he would be like “Nafan!!! 🥺” and whenever he would get lost he would sing the “where do we go now” part of sweet child o mine because I sometimes did that and he was copying me and I just

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Nate: Well, remember when you told me not to burn the opera house down?

Sully: Did you burn the opera house down?

Nate: No I put it out immediately! This is a success story.

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