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She was asleep when Bucky walked into her room. He had came over for a few beers with Steve, and those few beers turned into opening a bottle of whiskey. Steve’s wife had beckoned for him to come to bed, leaving Bucky to crash on the couch for the night but as Bucky laid there in the dark he couldn’t help but think of the sweet girl just a few rooms away from him.

She stirred as she felt his hand slide over her thigh and her eyes snapped open. She went to scream but Bucky’s other hand clamped over her mouth.

“Shhh, Doll. Dont want Daddy to hear us. Dont make a sound”

Buckys voice was dark and threatening, and even though she couldn’t see his face in the dark she could imagine vividly what expression he had. He flicked on the bedside lamp and she was rifht about his expression. A warning look that turned soft once he saw the scared look in her eyes.

“Youre such a beautiful little doll aren’t you?”

She squirmed beneath him as he geapped her wrists, pinning them above her head with one hand. His other lifted her little tank top and his mouth latched onto one of her nipples, sucking it until it was a hard nub.

“Uncle Bucky, please, stop!” She whispered

“Hush, Doll. I’m gonna take care of you. Be a good girl for me and I’ll take you to get ice cream tomorrow.”

She whimpered and begged but Bucky continued his mission. She cried when he entered her, telling him that it hurt. Her pleas fell on dead ears as Bucky thrust into her roughly until he was satisfied.

“Good girl.” He said with a grunt as he pulled out of her, a trail of cum following with him “You’re my good girl. I bet your daddy doesnt fuck you like that, does he?”

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She wouldn’t understand why she couldn’t invite a friend over. If Steve had a friend why couldn’t she? Steve said maybe next time because Bucky would love to meet her friends, but he wanted to get to know her for now. She served them lemonade and let out a shocked gasp when Bucky swatted her ass when she placed the tray on the table. Steve didn’t say anything so she shrugged it off. Steve told her to go change so they could swim and both men nearly lost their minds when she came back wearing a tiny little pink bikini, the bottom had ruffles on the butt. They all got into the pool and began an innocent game of monkey in the middle, Steve and Bucky throwing a football back and forth. She caught it, and Bucky tackled her, sending her under the water. She squealed and splashed playfully as he wrestled her, and it didn’t go unnoticed by her that he grabbed her breasts while trying to get the football back. Steve swam up to them, pinning her between Bucky and himself and asked her if she was enjoying playing with Uncle Bucky. She nodded and Steve informed her that he and Bucky had a new game to play. Bucky’s hand slid into her bikini bottom and began circling her clit and she looked up at Steve who just brushed the matted hair from her face and smiled. She began to struggle and tried pushing Bucky’s hand away but he kept his hold on her. Quickly they began walking her back to the stairs of the pool and she struggled when he didn’t let go. She begged, pleaded with Steve but both men grabbed her and carried her over to one of the deck chairs. Steve held her down and kept a hand over her mouth as Bucky took her, then they switched places.

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Okay… I cried a lot writing this chapter…

Warnings:  Major fighting, being reunited with loved ones, Major Character death :( breaks my heart bring tissues, Morgan & Bucky Fluff, Uncle Bucky!

Pairings: Renee Parker X Bucky Barnes


The Protector

Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4, Chapter 5,

Chapter 6, Chapter 7, Chapter 8, Chapter 9, Chapter 10,

Chapter 11, Chapter 12, Chapter 13, Chapter 14, Chapter 15,

Chapter 16, Chapter 17, Chapter 18, Chapter 19, Chapter 20,

Chapter 21, Chapter 22, Chapter 23, Chapter 24, Chapter 25,

Chapter 26, Chapter 27, Chapter 28, Chapter 29, Chapter 30,


I rush to Peter and engulf in him in a big hug.

“Pete.” I hold him tight as he smiles.

“You wouldn’t believe what I’ve seen Renee!” I chuckle as he looks at me I take the gauntlet from him and hold it close.

“Come on.” I stand up as I eye the army in front of me. Peter shakes and looks at me.

“How are you going to make it through that?” I take a breath as I hold the gauntlet close to my chest. I was wondering the same thing too when I hear something.

“Don’t worry she’s got help.” I look and see Wanda and smile as Okoye, Nebula, Carol, Shuri, Hope, Pepper appear behind me. Peter just blends in with them as I chuckle.


“We’ve got this,” I smirk as we all stand ready.

“Let’s do this.” We charge at Thano’s army I throw the gauntlet up to Carol as I unleash everything. Wanda and I grab hands as we focus our powers together. I open my eyes and smile and hug her tight.

“I missed you.” Wanda smiles as I watch as Carol dives into the van. But not before Thanos blows it up. I take a breath as I rush over there.

“You have been nothing but a pain,” Thanos growls at me as He slams my body into the ground. I slip my way out of his hold and crawl to the gauntlet as he grabs me. He holds me up like I’m nothing but a rag doll. He throws me hard.

“Thank you for this.” I will myself up as Carol fly’s down. She takes him and I smile.

“Kick his ass, Carol,” I smirk but Thanos smirks at me as he puts a stone in his hand and blasts Carol out of the way. I rush to him as he puts the stone back in.

“NO!” I scream as Tony shoves into Thanos. I rush there as Thanos throws Tony I watch in horror as Thanos goes to snap his fingers again. I close my eyes waiting for the pain.

My eyes look up when I hear metal hitting metal. I hear a sound as I look over at Tony.

“NO! TONY NO YOU CAN’T! NO!” I run to him as he takes in the power of the gauntlet I cry as I Tony looks at Thanos.

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Bucky Barnes would 100% be overprotective of Peter Parker because of how much Peter reminds him of Pre-Serum Steve.

Peter obviously doesn’t really need protection but if you try to mess with him while Bucky is around you better watch your back.

Peter starts calling him Uncle Bucky and it makes Bucky feel more human than he has in years.

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Sleeping Time
(Feat. Uncle Bucky Not Helping At All)

I have this headcanon in this verse that Bucky is his stoic but secretly loving uncle who he calls Uncle Bucky. And since Peter’s still a little totting toddler, he mixes up the words and it comes up as “Unkie” or “Uckie”

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Okay, but for a while now I’ve been thinking about writing a fic where Steve and Bucky were awake and unfrozen the entire time Tony was growing up, so they totally ended up being his godfathers, and one day after the Avengers timeline Tony gets turned into a toddler who doesn’t recognize anyone but Steve and Bucky and so Steve and Bucky have to relive their nightmares of babysitting baby Tony while his parents are out of town (you know that little bugger woulda been a nightmare sometimes but too cute to be upset with, he would walk all over them) and are the ones to take care of their darling baby nephew, but like, people find out that STEVE is the one that’s shit at taking care of kids and BUCKY is the natural, and Bucky is all *gives cuddles and kisses and makes lunch and gets tony dressed for the day* and Steve is all *holding tony up by one single ankle with one hand while drinking coffee with the other* ‘Bucky look what I found!’ and Tony is all *giggling* and Bucky is all *small heart attack* ‘STEVEN PUT HIM DOWN’

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Part 1: Imagine whenever someone (uncle!sam did it first, then uncle!Bucky) goes up to little!tony and does the "what're those!!!!!" thing, he'll look down at his shoes and whatever he's wearing he'll stutter out an answer. The first time it happened, the team was hanging out at a private beach, and Sam goes up to Tony and goes "what're thoooooose!!!"

Part 2: And point at his shoes and little!tony looks down then up and goes “th-they-theyre called my sandals” while holding the bottom of his shirt and everyone just coos and laughs at once and Bucky, Clint, and Sam all decide to do that to him whenever he’s wearing a different pear of shoes.

OMFG this is so damn cute, I’m dying. I love it, and I can see it, and he’s so little that he doesn’t understand they’re playing with him, it’s like, ‘silly adults, they forgets so much’ and answers them very seriously every time.

Also, guys, I’m so freaking sorry, I have a few asks backlogged on this blog, and I didn’t feel up to answering them till now because I rarely focus on more than a few fandoms at a time (guys, you don’t understand, I run over 15 blogs right now, and half of them are fandom blogs, and I actually need to make MORE fandom blogs because some of them are getting hella crowded, so it’s safe to say, that sometimes I’m simply not in the right mood to deal with a certain fandom’s stuff for a bit) but I honestly think I’m getting back in the swing of Marvel for now.

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Hi, I just wanna let you know that RDJ shared your Uncle Bucky artwork on his Facebook account, congrats! (Though I don't see any credit...? Maybe you should start putting watermarks or something so people can recognize your beautiful work!) :D

Omg you’re joking!? Wow wow wow I need to check that out! Thank you for letting me know!! ❤️

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WAIT YOURE THE ONE WHO MADE UNCLE BUCKY???? I LOVE YOU OH MY GOD. My friend sent it to me on Facebook the other day bc I'm a diehard Bucky fan. He has no idea how much I love that movie it's the greatest ever. You're amazing.

Yep, it’s mine. I didn’t know it had ended up on Facebook too 😬 gosh. Thanks for your message, I’m so glad you like it!

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I want to add to the congratulating and say oh my god you're wonderful! When I saw this pop up on my IG feed I actually made an audible "ahh!!" 😂 because my two favorite movies mashed together. I literally went around showing everyone I know. It is too brilliant! Whenever I'd see the original title I would always laugh to myself because I kept thinking Bucky. I'm so glad you brought it to life! Congrats again!

Aww, that’s wonderful! Thank you for taking the time to tell me this! Uncle Buck is one of my all-time favourites, and weaving in Bucky and the gang just seemed perfect to me. I’m so glad you like it 😊

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