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#uncle sokka
stardust948 · 4 days ago
[Sokka finding out he's an uncle]
Sokka: *unwraps a baby's onesie*
Sokka: Let's go!!! This is sick!
Sokka: Come here Momo *tries to put the onesie on him*
Zuko: Sokka it's not for Momo.
Sokka: Then who's it for?
Sokka: NO!
Sokka: *Spins Katara around laughing* LET'S GO!!!
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zutarawasrobbed · 5 months ago
Aunt Suki and Uncle Sokka
Zuko and Katara at an art exhibit
Katara: how do you think Sokka and Suki are handling the kids (Aang and Toph)?
Zuko, puts his arm over Katara’s shoulder: I’m sure they’re fine.
Sokka: *Panicking* is it one pound or two pounds of fire flakes?!
Suki, trying to stop Aang from flying around the house with silly string: Pounds?! It says ounces!
Sokka: Well, how was I supposed to know- oh, you’re right it does say ounces...
Suki: Toph! Stop creating sand mazes this instant! It’s almost dinner time, and you keep bending dead ends!
Toph: *Laughs maniacally* 😈
Based on this post.
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cherryblossombay · a month ago
A quick Bumi II and Sokka headcanon that.. may or may not be sweet! (depends on how you look at it…)
Bumi was always really close with Sokka. He was the type of Uncle that was at all his games, every morning before the first day of school to take a bunch of pictures, be there within the hour to pick him up from a party that he *accidentally forgot* to tell his parents about, take him on little outings on the weekends, always be there to talk about things, and know just what to say to make him feel better, without that overbearing presence that comes with parents. Especially because Aang wasn’t always there (and spirits know Sokka always got on him about it) he was there to fill the space. <3
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zelzenik · 6 months ago
what you want is what i want
my (newly completed) single parents zk au </3 aka the fic i wrote in three months but technically completed in five due to procrastination and anxiety
Katara isn't alone. She has Bumi and Kya. The three of them are family.
Zuko isn't alone either. He has Izumi. The two of them are family.
But maybe... just maybe, they can all be family together.
click here to read the completed fic on ao3!
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ya-so-im-here · 2 months ago
The Only Nonbender
Writer: Me, I have it published under my Wattpad account TheNinjaOfCake22
Fandom: Avatar the Last Airbender
Ship: none, just some uncle Sokka fluff
   The entire avatar family was out doors playing an adapted version of airball with Katara and Aang on either side with Bumi, Kya on Aang's team and Tenzin and Sokka on Katara's. Tenzin being nearly seven gave his best shot using his new found ability to airbend to make the goal just zooming past Bumi's hands.
   "You'll have to do better then that Bumi! you're gonna let Tenzin win!" exclaimed Kya as she attempted to make a goal herself but it was blocked by Katara.
  "I'm trying ok" snapped Bumi but it came more as a mumble and went unnoticed by the ruckus of the field.
   "Come on Katara, shouldn't you let Kya score?" cooed Aang as he went to block Katara as she attempted to score.
   "Why? just so that you win? I don"t think so" said Katara with a mischievous smirk as she used her waterbending to score a point making it past Aang.
   "Nice one Katara!" cheered Sokka as Aang made a shot towards the goal, "I got it! I got!" repeated Sokka as he went for the ball but instead it hit the top of his head and continued to make it in the goal. "Maybe I don't got it" said Sokka as he rubbed his head, all the kids laughed getting momentarily distracted from the game.
  "You okay Sokka?!" called out Aang from the other side of the field.
   "Yep doin good" replied Sokka still rubbing his head even though he was smiling because Tenzin was practically rolling on the ground laughing.
  "Well I hope so, because the game's not over yet" laughed Katara as she made another goal for her team once more making it's way past Aang. "YES another goal for the water tribe" jeered Katara at her husband.
  "Maybe I shouldn't play so easily on you" teased Aang.
   "Oh really, that's you playing easy? I doubt it" teased Katara "Come one Tenzin we got this" she patted her son's shoulder.
   "Ya dad! we can beat you easy!" shouted out Tenzin
   "Oh really?!" he exclaimed "Here Bumi, you got this" he said as he passed the ball to his oldest and winked. Bumi took a deep breath in and with all his might tossed the ball aiming towards the goal, he watched it go through the air then it stopped as Tenzin once more used his airbending and blocked the goal. All hope and fun had left Bumi as anger and annoyance kicked in.
    "Aw come on!" exclaimed Kya putting her hands in the air which only upset Bumi more.
    "I need a break I'm thirsty" stated Bumi as he walked off the field.
    "Are you ok?" called Katara over the field
    "I just need a drink that's all" lied Bumi as he left the field. Pretending to go towards the temple for water, but when he thought no one was looking he diverged and went towards the front entrance where he sat.
   He stared out and could see other sky bison flying and when he listened he could hear his family having fun with their game, he wasn't trying to let it upset him but if he was being honest it was hard being the only non-bender in a family full of powerful and skilled benders even Tenzin was already amazing with his bending.
  Bumi breathed in sharply trying his best not to cry even if no one else was around he didn't want his mother to ask why his eyes were watery or puffy.
  "Oh hey kid" called out a voice from behind Bumi and he immediately turned to see his uncle Sokka with ice to his head. "What cha doin? I don't see any water" smirked Sokka as he walked over to his oldest nephew and sat beside him.
  "I... uh got the sky bison" said Bumi hoping his uncle would by it. "You don't need to check on me you know, I can get water on my own"stated Bumi mildly upset.
  "Oh I'm not here to check on you, I just needed a break the ball really did a number on me" laughed Sokka as he removed the ice to show Bumi the already forming bump on his head which also made him laugh a bit. "Let's just say when it comes to Airball I'm not the best player" laughed Sokka but this time Bumi didn't join in.
   "Neither am I" stated the kid as he looked out towards the sky bison again.
  "What are you talking about you did better then I did and I've been playing longer then you have" said Sokka as he placed a hand on Bumi shoulder and rocked him a bit.
   "You're just saying that, everyone knows I'm not good at Airball, that I'm not good at ANYTHING!" shouted Bumi as he knocked Sokka's hand from his shoulder.
  Sokka looked at his nephew with sadness evident on his face as Bumi tried once more to hold back him tears, but talking about what makes one sad only encourages the tears to flow.
  "It's not easy being the only non-bender when one is surrounded by benders, trust me I know." said Sokka sorrowfully. Bumi looked up at that with tears still rolling down his cheeks "I remember when I was younger, older then you, but still... I would practice trying to bend. If Katara could do it then why couldn't I?" Sokka exhaled softly.
   "I would try to bend water, and when that didn't work I try to bend earth, fire, heck I even tried air at a time.  Even if it didn't make sense for me to bend the other elements I tried anyway hoping that I could" Sokka's voice had lowered to a whisper as he spoke as he recalled all the many try-and-fails.
  "I've tried too" mumbled Bumi "If Kya could waterbend and Tenzin airbend then why couldn't I be a bender too? but nothing's worked no matter how many times I've tried." Bumi sniffed loudly as he tried to hold back more tears from coming but it didn't work "I hate being the only non-bender" he cried out as he reached out to Sokka and rested against his chest.
  Sokka wrapped his arms around Bumi holding him tight "I did too, but you're not the only non-bender, you got me" comforted Sokka "I used to hate being the only non-bender in my group it was hard and as they got better and better I just felt worse. but then..." Sokka turned his head to make eye contact with his nephew. "I realized, even though I'm not a bender I was still special but in my own way."
  "What way was that?" asked Bumi still holding onto his uncle.
   "Well for instance... while my sister is great with fighting with her bending I had to learn different forms of fighting which includes my sword and... my boomerang"  Sokka then reached towards his back and grabbed out his boomerang. "The thing is Bumi it may not look it, but this is a very powerful weapon that only some can master and I am the only one in my group who can wield it, not even Katara can."
  Bumi sat up and looked at the boomerang then back at his uncle "really? my mom can't use it?" asked Bumi his eyes wide with surprise.
  "That's correct even your dad can't" stated Sokka with a bit of triumph in his voice, now Bumi looked at his uncle with furrowed brows of doubt.
  "I've seen my dad do a lot, I don't think there's anything he can't do" stated Bumi.
   "true, true your dad can do a lot, but he can't wield my magnificent boomerang" Sokka held the boomerang up so the light could glimmer off it. "What I'm getting at Bumi is this... just because you can't bend doesn't mean your anything less then the rest of your family. you have your own skills that are purely yours that neither of your siblings can do, you just got find out what they are" Sokka smiled down as he noticed Bumi's face brighten with his own smile as he thought of all the other skills he could have.
   "Can... can I try your boomerang?" he asked mildly nervous but his nerves vanished a proud smile appeared on Sokka's face.
  "Of course!" exclaimed Sokka as he practically jumped up from the ground with excitement and Bumi followed his lead he had seen his uncle use his boomerang and heard all the stories of him using it in fights and now he was gonna use it too.
  Sokka walked over the open area of stone with some trees then took his stance to throw his boomerang "when using a boomerang, it's not something you just throw, it's part of you... so when you throw it you put your whole body into it like this..." pulling back his arm then throwing it the boomerang went flying and like always his boomerang came back.
  "Wow, I wanna try!" exclaimed Bumi getting closer to his uncle, Sokka passed him the boomerang then helped him get into a good position.
  "Now when you throw it remember, the boomerang always comes back, so when it does don't be afraid to catch it" backing up Sokka watched as Bumi pulled back his arm trying to mimic his uncle then threw it with all his might and like Sokka the boomerang went flying... well sorta like Sokka. The boomerang didn't go as far nor did it travel as smoothly and when it turned back Bumi mildly panicked... okay he definitely panicked when a flying boomerang comes soaring towards you it's a little frightening which resulted in Bumi ducking at soon as it got close.
   With ease Sokka caught the boomerang and winked at Bumi "Told ya, boomerang always comes back" this made Bumi laugh as he stood back up. "Wanna try again?" asked Sokka handing it back over.
  This time when he threw the boomerang and it came flying back Bumi reached out to grab it instead of ducking from it. The two had talked about heading back to play Airball with the rest of their family, but neither of them wanted to stop their practice so they continued until the sun began to set and Kya called them in for dinner.
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sorryimabitanxious · 11 months ago
Headcannon: Zuko and Sokka are the cool uncles all the Gaang kids go to.
Zuko is the uncle the Gaang kids go to when they need advice or a place to calm down. He Uncle Iroh's all the kids. But if you need to be bailed out of jail, Uncle Sokka is where you at.
They eventually set up a phone number, where press one for Uncle Zuko's advice time or press two for get out of jail free with Uncle Sokka
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psychamaniac · a year ago
Whatever you do, don’t think about the fact that Bumi is so chaotically creative probably because of his Uncle Sokka, the only other non-bender in the family. Don’t think about Bumi as a kid, playing ‘invasion’ with Sokka, with the code names and the wildly improbable plans and the WAR PAINT. Don’t do it.
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zutarian85 · a year ago
Zuko and Katara trying to ground Kya:
Katara: We have to ground you. I am grounding you. 
Zuko: You are grounded.
Kya: What about school?
Zuko: Fine. Other than school. And no Turtle-ducks..
Kya: The Turtle-ducks are migrating.
Katara: Then no bending practices. 
Kya: I have a quiz on bending in school soon.
Zuko: Then no... uh...[Glances at Sokka]
Zuko: No Uncle Sokka..
Sokka: What? No Uncle Sokka?!
Zuko and Katara: NO UNCLE SOKKA!
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acsamirele · a year ago
Aang: Honey, Sokka will watch the kids for us tonight.
Katara: Are you sure he can do this?
Sokka: I totally can! It will be just fine.
Sokka: They won't even know I'm there.
Katara: They're supposed to know you're there. That's the whole idea!
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firelord-ozais-pants · a year ago
aHA Sokka discovering baby Kya’s waterbending tho
now there’s many ways this can go. but picture Uncle Sokka playing in the ocean with Bumi and Kya and he’s made them these life vests out of seaweed and determination. and they’re just bobbing around in the water with Sokka lifting them up into the air one at a time. and while Sokka’s holding Bumi, Kya reaches her arms out to towards her uncle and suddenly the water shifts and lifts her about 5 feet above Sokka’s head. and Sokka’s like OH CRAP THE OCEAN’S TRYING TO KIDNAP MY NEICE and then he’s like ohhhh she’s waterbending. but then he remembers all those times Katara slapped him around with waterbending when they were little and he’s cradling lil Bumi like OH CRAP again
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thatonemsft15 · a year ago
Sokka’s obviously heavy influence on Bumi makes me 🥰
But the reason why Sokka had to have that influence makes me 🥺 and wanna sob uncontrollably
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cheifsokka · a year ago
continued || @southsuns
“Of course, of course we’ll take them, Katara,” assured Sokka as he set his nephew and niece down on a soft chair before ruffling their heads and telling them it was going to be okay. Sokka came over and took tiny Tenzin from his sister’s arms and shushed the sleeping child. “There’s a spare home that Dad was fixing up over by the riverbank,” explained Sokka, bouncing the baby in his arms. 
“It’s probably the coldest spot in the Southern Water Tribe, but I’m sure you’ll like it. You can bend to your heart’s content,” Sokka offered with a slight laugh. Seeing his little sister like this pained Sokka. He was a doer, a helper, a problem-solver. He wanted to fix this. Though, he knew these things weren’t so simple. 
Sokka also knew something was very awry with his sister’s marriage, but he was hesitant to ask. He didn’t want to open any fresh wounds, especially with Katara already so on edge. It was best to let her come out with it herself on her own terms, or to let their father do the prying. Dad was better at those things and it felt more justified. He was their father. 
Just as Sokka opened his mouth to offer Katara some dinner, Sokka’s daughter, Tanaraq, came running in and clung to her father’s legs. 
“Papa! Papa! Aunt Katara is here! And, Tenzin! Let me see him! He’s so cute! Why don’t I have a baby brother, Papa?” asked the eager little girl, tugging at her father’s parka before turning to her other cousins. “Hi, Bumi! Hi, Kya!” she greeted with a wide, toothy grin. She then turned to her aunt and ran over to hug her. “Aunt Katara! I missed you! Where’s Uncle Aang?”
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Have my poly ideas
I always get sad when people start arguing about who should have been with who in ATLA. So fuck it here is some poly to fill my only me niche. 
Aang and Zuko got together first. They bonded over the fact they loved their nations but had a lot of residing guilt on how they feel disconnected to them. Aang forces Zuko to lighten up by making him take care of himself and have fun. Zuko helps Aang explore his more negative emotions in healthy ways with positive outlets.
Katara is the next to enter. Aang and Zuko had like a two day angst fest before coming together to talk about the fact they both liked Katara. Neither realized this fact about the other and honestly it cleared a lot of tension. Katara is clear headed, brave, and empathetic. She balances them out and helps solve the group issue of needing kids. They all lead a nation and are expected to have heirs. Luckily they all like kids and want kids so this is a good moment. 
Unfortunately people take offence to the political statement that makes. The heads of three nations are married. Meaning all of the nations are united in marriage except the earth kingdom. Enter Toph Beifong treasure of the earth kingdom and strongest bender to ever live. 
Toph is in no way shape or form interested in the three romantically or sexually. Nor does she care about politics. The two things that are driving her currently are one: Spite, two:she’s marrying her best friends who she has really fucking missed. 
Sokka is the last to get on the group bandwagon. He comes up to Katara, Toph,and Aang admitting he has feelings for Zuko. Katara is immediately like how did I not see this. Aang gets in golden retriever mode and starts asking him his favorite things about Zuko because that is one of his favorite things to discuss. Toph acts blase about the whole thing but is very happy because now everybody will be here and she doesn’t have to hunt Sokka down every time she wants to see him. Sokka asks Zuko to go on a date and is very happy when it goes well. Embarrassed as well because it turns out the other three are not very subtle about asking questions.
This ends in big poly family with kids between Katara, Aang and Zuko who group raise kiddos with help from the cool aunt Toph and sorta embarrassing but very funny uncle Sokka.
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zelzenik · a year ago
my latest installment of “family portraits” is here! no prompts this time, but please feel free to keep sending them in if you have any ideas!
to read this on ao3/sub there/drop kudos, please click here :))
The waves crest and fall, and Sokka is restless, nearly frantic, by the time the boat finally reaches the harbor. Not wasting a single moment, he doesn’t even bother to gather his belongings before stumbling off the gangway and onto the dock. “Ty Lee - Is there any news?” he sounds breathless, as though he’s gotten the wind knocked out of him.
Ty Lee, head of the Royal Family’s contingent of Kyoshi warriors, twists her lips into an unusually worried frown. “She’s been struggling, Sokka. We need to get you to the palace as soon as possible.” Without further discussion, she motions for his luggage to be carried behind them, taking off as his escort to the palace.
The air is unsufferably hot and sticky, and Sokka’s already taken off his parka, draping it over his free arm. “How’s Zuko handling it all?”
“He’s worried,” Ty Lee replies shortly, glancing back at the Water Tribe chieftain. Her gray eyes, typically alight with laughter and life, are heavy with unshed tears. “He’s asked about your father and gran-gran. Will they be journeying here as well?”
“No,” Sokka shakes his head quickly. “Gran-Gran’s been feeling weak, and Dad decided it’d be best if he remained with Pakku to take care of her and look after the tribe in my absence. We’ve all been very concerned since receiving Zuko’s last message via Hawky.” He strides quickly up the palace steps where he and Ty Lee will part ways.
Twisting her torso and lifting her arms up in an elastic stretch, Ty Lee replies, “Katara’s very strong, Sokka. She’s already survived two pregnancies, and she won’t go down during her third.” She then extends her arm in a sweeping gesture. “Katara and Zuko should be in their chambers.”
Clunky boots thudding against the clean floors of the palace hallways, Sokka isn’t going to see Katara and Zuko. Not yet, at least. He reaches Ursa’s gardens in a matter of minutes, servants jolting out of his way as he tears down the corridors with the ferocity of a madman.
Under the cover of arching trees, by the calm of the turtleduck pond, his little nieces play. Izumi, recently five, and Kya, a robust two. Another figure sits beside them, but Sokka barely has time to register their presence as Izumi and Kya launch themselves at him. He drops his parka to the grass as his arms shoot out to catch them.
“Uncle Sokka!” Izumi exclaims, throwing her tiny arms around his torso.
Kya, with her gummy grin, beams up at him, repeating after her older sister, “Uncle! Uncle!”
Sokka can’t help it. His heart melts at the sight, and he scoops them both up in his arms as they let out identical squeals of delight. “My Zumi and Kya,” he nuzzles both their cheeks in turn as Kya giggles, tugging at his warrior’s wolftail and pawing away at his stubble. “I’ve missed you both so much.” His attention is drawn back to the figure sitting by the pond, fiddling idly with breadcrumbs. His voice gets caught at the back of his throat. “…Azula?”
“Auntie Zula’s feeding the turtleducks with us!” Izumi explains with a bright grin, beginning to squirm in his arms. He sets her down, and she makes her way back to Azula, throwing her arms around her aunt with a look of pure adoration.
“What’re you doing here?” he can’t help the edge that creeps into his voice. He bites back a harsh retort, acutely aware of Kya and Izumi’s presences.
In all honesty, he’d forgotten that Azula still lived at the palace. He’s seen her a few times since the end of the war, back when he visited the palace more often to be with his family and a certain Kyoshi warrior. After breaking things off with Suki, though, he hasn’t been back much since then. Suki was needed back on Kyoshi Island, and he was needed at the South Pole. Shortly after, Suki relinquished her position at the palace to Ty Lee, and Sokka succeeded his father as Chief of the Southern Water Tribe.
He visits on occasion, of course - He was present for Izumi’s birth, calming his anxious brother in law as Zuko wore down the carpet beneath them with his constant pacing. He was there for Kya’s birth too, taking care of Izumi as Katara and Zuko adjusted to life with a second baby in the family. Azula wasn’t present for either of those. What is she doing here now?
Azula, ever sharp and straightforward, replies, “I’m playing with my nieces.” Her pert chin is lifted, and her golden eyes follow him appraisingly. She’s twenty four now, the same age as Katara. It’s been ten years since the end of the war.  A mere decade ago, she was a broken fourteen year old girl, breathing blue fire and lashing out at all who dared to get close to her, screaming in anger, ever haunted by ghosts that didn’t exist to anyone but her.
“I think you mean my nieces,” Sokka cuts in smoothly, tickling Kya who shrieks in laughter.
A slender brow arches. “They’re my nieces, Sokka.” Gaze never dropping Sokka’s, she breaks off little pieces of bread for Izumi to feed to the turtleducks. Her limbs are folded delicately, and her light red robe hangs from her lithe body gently. Unlike the topknot she wore when she was younger, her long dark hair hangs loose, framing her face. Izumi bears a startling resemblance to her, he realizes.
He’s just about to protest again when Kya’s arms fling out from him, her tiny hands reaching for Azula. Instead of handing the wiggling toddler off, Sokka reluctantly sits down beside his former enemy, shifting Kya in his arms. Izumi’s tossing bread into the pond with reckless abandon, accidentally hitting herself on the head with her enthusiasm.
“That’s definitely your side of the family showing,” Azula notes dryly. The corner of her lips turn up ever so slightly, though, and Sokka bears it silently, forgoing retaliation as Kya pats his cheeks happily.
Izumi pops in between them, throwing an arm around their necks and tugging them into a warm embrace. “I’ve never played with you both before!” she exclaims in excitement, and Kya claps her hands in agreement. “I can’t wait to show you my fire, Uncle Sokka! Daddy and Auntie Zula’ve been helping me, and Daddy wants to take me to see dragons one day!” She lights up a small flame in the palm of her hand, and Kya reaches for it with a giggle.
Jerking Kya back quickly, Sokka can’t help the jolt of fear that courses through him at his tiny niece wielding such bright fire.
Thankfully, Izumi doesn’t seem to register his scared reaction, but Azula places a gentle hand on her shoulder. “I know you’re excited, Izumi, but we still have to be careful with your fire. Do you remember what we spoke about the other day?”
Izumi’s small face scrunches in thought before her golden eyes light up. “We protect people by protecting and being the boss of our flame. I remember, Auntie Zula. That’s what you and Daddy always tell me.”
“I’m proud of you for remembering,” Azula says, her voice cracking lightly. “My smart, kind Izumi.” Stiffly, she opens her arms to the little girl who returns her affection freely.
Sokka doesn’t quite know what to make of the situation. Ten years ago, he would’ve laughed if someone told him he’d be sharing such a tender family moment with the firebending prodigy who chased them around the world and constantly tried to kill them. Granted, he probably would’ve done the same if he were told that his little sister would one day be Fire Lady, bearing children of Fire Nation blood.
He opts, instead, for silence, threading his fingers through Kya’s dark curls. Together, they wait by the turtleduck pond for what seems like hours. He desperately wants to find his sister and make sure that she’s okay, but he knows that Katara needs him here more, looking after her children. Ty Lee was right - Katara has Zuko, countless physicians, and herself. She’s a master waterbender, more than capable of taking care of herself and her baby. If he went to visit her now, she’d likely grow tired of his fussing, knock him upside the head, and get Zuko to kick him out of the room. Or worse, she’d do it herself.
Shuddering at the thought, Sokka focuses his attention back toward his nieces. He’s still floored at the way Azula has mellowed over the years, patient and tender toward both Izumi and Kya. She never raises her voice, and she’s attentive and doting with them in a way that even Sokka isn’t.
As the sun slowly begins to creep its way beyond the horizon, they spend the afternoon feeding the turtleducks, reading picturebooks, and eating a meal that’s brought out to them by the servants. By dusk, there’s still no word from Zuko and Katara.
Just as an overly calm Azula’s suggesting to an overly anxious Sokka that they get the girls ready for bed, a servant comes bursting into the gardens. “Fire Lord Zuko and Fire Lady Katara have summoned you all to their chambers!”
Sokka’s so relieved that tears begin to course down his cheeks as he hoists a wide-eyed Kya onto his shoulders. Izumi, who typically tires by the time the sun sets, is bouncing on her heels excitedly. Even Azula appears more at ease as she holds Izumi’s hand, the heavy crease on her brow finally gone. They make quite the little caravan, Sokka decides, as they make their way through the palace to Zuko and Katara’s chambers.
Standing at the entrance, Zuko is haggard, sweat beading at his brow, fingers pressed to his temples. At the sight of his children, though, he breaks into a relieved smile, sweeping them into his arms and kissing the tops of both of their heads. “Sokka,” he greets, extending his arm and meeting Sokka in a strong Water Tribe grip. “Azula, thank you both for watching them.” He folds his little sister in a tight hug before turning his attention back to his children, “Are you ready to meet your baby brother now?” Grinning at their exuberant reactions, he leads them into the room. “I’ll be back out in just a second,” he promises, lightly closing the door behind them.
Sokka’s left standing in the hallway with Azula. “A nephew,” he can’t help but grin. He adores his nieces, and they can easily bend him to their every whim, but he can’t help the thrill he feels at the prospect of having a nephew too.
Hugging herself tightly, Azula repeats in a whisper, “A nephew.”
Finally, after what seems like an eternity later, Zuko returns, poking his head out of the door. “Hey. I believe you both have a nephew to meet.”
Unable to contain his excitement, Sokka quickly strides forward to follow his brother in law, pausing when Azula reluctantly peels herself from where she’s leaned against the wall. There’s such an uncertainty in her eyes that, after a beat, Sokka extends a hand out to her, and she hesitantly slips her soft one into his rough one.
They follow Zuko into his chambers where Katara smiles tiredly, propped up against a mountain of pillows, a tiny bundle in her arms. Izumi and Kya are at either side, curiously peering over her to look at their baby brother. “Sokka. Azula. Come.”
Zuko gathers his little girls into his arms, falling into a plush armchair and pulling them both to sit on his lap. He tousles their curly hair and hugs them both to his chest, watching over his wife proudly from the bedside.
Azula’s feet seem to be rooted to the floor, and Sokka tugs her forward gently, fighting the instinctual urge to rush to his sister’s side. “Katara,” he grins at his little sister, kissing the top of her head lightly. “I’ve missed you.”
Wrinkling her nose, Katara shoots back easily, “I haven’t missed you.” She then gives a small laugh, glancing back down at the little bundle in her arms. “Here,” she offers it up to him. “His name is Iroh.” Her blue eyes are heavy, and there are dark circles beneath them. This pregnancy was very difficult for her, he knows.
“Uncle will be pleased,” Azula says, the words sounding choked and strangled in comparison to her normally elegant speech.
With his girls tucked in his arms, Zuko watches them softly, love shining in his eyes. “He will. He’s to arrive within the next week or so from Ba Sing Se.” At that, both his girls twist up to look at him, wearing mirrored expressions of delight.
“Grandpa’s coming?” the question bursts from Izumi’s lips, and Zuko hushes her gently, nodding his head. She climbs out of his lap, crawling back up to nestle into her mother’s side, and Kya remains in Zuko’s arms.
Peering down at the little face, Sokka cradles the bundle against his chest, noting the shock of black hair atop the baby’s head and the tiny curled fists. He leans down slightly so that Azula can peek too, and his blue eyes drift toward hers before he can stop them.
Tears have been freely trailing down Sokka’s cheeks this entire time; he’d been overwhelmed both with fear for his sister’s life and sheer joy at the thought of her baby son. Now he can see that Azula’s had a similar response, albeit a more subdued one.
Hesitantly, she lifts a finger, catching Katara’s gaze from where she lies on the bed. At Katara’s nod of encouragement, Azula strokes a gentle finger along baby Iroh’s face, from his forehead, down to his nose, and across his soft cheeks. Unconsciously, she grips Sokka’s arm, gazing at the baby with such an unbridled love that he’s almost content to watch her instead of little Iroh. Almost.
“He’s our little nephew,” Sokka finally says, his voice heavy with emotion.
Azula looks up at him, the sharp angles of her face softening. “Our little nephew.”
His lips curve up into a smile. Their little nephew.
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ash-and-starlight · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
“...uncle Aang and I met the most beautiful dragons” bedtime stories for Izumi ✨
Tumblr media
(click for better quality + image id under the cut!)
[ID: Two digital drawings of Sokka, Zuko and Izumi. Sokka and zuko are drawn as adults, while Izumi is a child.
In the first colored drawing Sokka is sitting cross legged on a bed, holding Izumi on his lap. He’s wearing loose comfortable clothes: blue pants and a sleeveless red tunic with dark blue water tribe patterns. His hair are down and have little blue beads in them, and he has a dark blue tattoo around his bicep. Next to him there is a big Appa plushie. Izumi is wearing a pink shirt with light blue water tribe patterns and maroon pants, and has a blue ribbon in her hair. She’s smiling excitedly and reaching towards Zuko with an outstretched hand. In front of them Zuko is kneeling and firebending two dragons of rainbow fire that curl around him in a circle. Zuko is speaking, telling a story to Izumi. His long hair are left down and he’s wearing maroon pants and a red sleeveless tunic with golden embroidery tied at the waist with a blue sash, he has a blue bethrotal necklace around his neck. The background is a light pink color block. The second drawing is in black lineart. Zuko, Sokka and Izumi are drawn from the waist up wearing southern water tribe clothing trimmed with fur. Zuko is holding Izumi, who is laughing, while he looks back at Sokka with an annoyed expression. Behind him Sokka is looking at Zuko with a wide mischievous grin, he has his fist on his open palm, as if to mimic something getting hit. Sokka is saying to Izumi “And then my boomerang whacked that stupid ponytail right off his head” while Zuko is replying “that’s not what happened! And it was a phoenix tail. Why am I still talking to you.” /END ID]
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Atla characters as memes in my phone:
Zuko trying to rejoin Team Avatar:
Tumblr media
Team avatar @ Zuko:
Tumblr media
Sokka and Katara:
Tumblr media
The cabbage man @ team avatar:
Tumblr media
Iroh when he got captured by the earth kingdom soldiers:
Tumblr media
Sokka after aang said he wasn’t gonna kill Ozai:
Tumblr media
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zutarian85 · a year ago
Sokka: I only draw things that are beautiful.
Aang: Is that why your entire scroll collection is filled with drawings of Suki?
Sokka: No. I have drawings of Kya too.
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non-plutonian-druid · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
have an atla centaur sketch dump! try and guess who my favorite character is lmao, i didn’t make it incredibly obvious or anything
my apologies to anyone who knows anything about horses bc im sure most of this is not actually how horses work, and even more apologies bc the ID describes them as “brown” and “dark brown” etc on account of I didn’t feel like googling horse coloration
[ID: four images with 2 to 3 sets of sketches on each, of various characters from Avatar the Last Airbender as centaurs, all wearing their canon outfits slightly modified to fit. The sketches are colored but not shaded and the sketch lines are very messy. End ID.]
Longer ID below the cut
[ID: In the first image, there are three sets of sketches; Katara and Sokka play-fighting, Yue standing facing mostly forward with her hands folded, and Aang trotting facing completely forward with a grin on his face. Katara and Sokka’s horse bodies are both dark brown with darker tails, while Yue’s is white at the torso but transitions with lots of small spots to dark brown on her legs. She has lots of feathering on her legs, much like a Clydesdale, and her tail is white. Aang still looks like a foal, and his fur is light gray with darker gray spots. His tattoos continue down his back and to all four of his hooves.
In the second image, there is a sketch each of Mai, Azula, and Ty Lee. Ty Lee is rolling delightedly on her back, all four hooves in the air. Her fur is white with large splotches of reddish brown, and her tail is the same brown as her hair. Mai is lying down while she leans her head on one first, elbow propped up by something not drawn. Her fur is a reddish black, with a white splotch on her chest, and her tail is slightly darker. Azula was lying down but is in the process of getting up, looking angry. Her fur is a bluish black, her tail slightly darker.
In the third image, there are three sets of sketches, two of Zuko and Iroh and one of Yue. In one, Zuko shouts at Iroh while Iroh smiles and sips his tea. In another, Iroh hugs a very disgruntled-looking Zuko. In the last, Yue lies down in profile. Zuko’s fur is a bluish black and his tail slightly darker, just like Azula, while Iroh’s fur is a dark gray with darker gray splotches. Yue’s design is the same as in the first image.
In the fourth image, there are two sets of sketches. In one, Toph attempts to elbow Zuko despite her human shoulder only reaching his horse shoulder and her head only reaching his waist. She is leaning into him as they both walk facing forward, and Zuko is looking at her and lifting his arm out of her way, amused. Toph’s fur is a light tan, and her legs are slightly lighter, while her tail is the same color as her hair. In the other, Zuko and Zhao are fighting their Agni Kai. Zhao is rearing on hind legs over Zuko, who is circling under him. Zhao’s fur is a lighter, redder brown than Sokka’s and Katara’s, and has white socks and a white underbelly. End ID.]
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