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You ever just take selfie after selfie and you think “wow I’m fucking gorgeous” but than the longer you look you realize like you don’t even recognize who that is. Even without filters, you aren’t that pretty, that picture isn’t you. You don’t even know whose face is staring back at you.

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I saw a quote on Pinterest that said something about introverts always being the ones that are forced to speak up but extraverts can never shut up to make the air more comfortable. The comments revolved around people saying stuff like “That isn’t true” or “I used to be an extravert but people always told me to shut up and now I don’t talk at all.” or “Now people don’t even know my voice.” and some other stuff like that basically trying to get empathy for being an extravert as a little kid. 

I personally prefer everyone else talking and me just in the corner listening, I prefer that way more.

The way I took it was a little harsh just because that feeling really goes both ways. There are more extraverts than there are introverts and I think that’s why I felt kinda icky when people were commenting to comfort extraverts. Telling an extravert to shut up is just as rude as telling an introvert to speak up. I commented saying that humans didn’t get into the whole introvert/extravert thing until the 1920′s, so as a whole we are pretty ignorant and uneducated on our personalities and social standings and what not, which by the way is horrible. We should know more about ourselves than we do anything else.

But some people got kinda offended by it because they just thought that it wasn’t true and I could only see how I am with my family. My family doesn’t know much about that stuff and all of mine are extraverts, very close minded ones who see people as people and you should be a certain way because that’s what’s normal to them. I’ve heard my grandma talk about me in the other room with my uncle and say that I don’t know how to talk. It’s not that I don’t know how to talk, just that I’m not comfortable with doing it with just anyone. For me it’’s like being in a room full of extraverts who don’t think about how some people feel about talking to people that they don’t know and making it worse by trying to get them to talk. 

It’s a whole thing but it just kinda reminded me that as humans we really know nothing about ourselves and that right there is why there are so many problems in the world. It shouldn’t be a lifetime study to find who you are, we should pick that up early in life and only add to it and create from it from there.

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First of all trying to “report” someone’s post because you don’t like it is fucking dumb. If it makes you uncomfortable or upset just scroll or block tf don’t try to take away the only way i feel like I can actually express how I feel that’s fucking selfish. So if you feel uncomfortable with what I post move along. 🖕🏽

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baz skintone discourse is exhausting and makes my head hurt but one thing i will say that i don’t think i’ve seen anyone mention before: making him pale enough to be potentially white-passing is one thing but. uh. pointedly making him *paler than simon* kind of… feels like another…

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One of my Freind’s friends called me daddy when we hung out. I have never felt so uncomfortable in my life- I know they were playing around but ~~uuuh~~ no.

Can a word have a texture? Cause it felt like the sound of two pieces of styrofoam rubbing together.

Like I’m okay with “Daddy chill” like jokes and non ddl- what ever the fuck stuff but that was meant to be sexual when they did it cause how they said it and they were gripping my thigh.

I just went blank and laughed along cause eh. I don’t know.

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Word count: 2848 (the longest far..) 

Synopsis: She is a scriptwriter and had Henry Cavill in mind for a character she’s written. She never actually imagined meeting the man himself, let alone him saying yes to her casting suggestion. She had told Henry she needed a buddy and Henry didn’t hesitate with his response.

Written in third person. Y/N – your name. 

Warning: kissing. Playful (verbal) teasing banter, dom/sub - type of language (sir, good girl, and princess), oral (male giving/ female receiving), fingering (male giving/female receiving) and good ol’ fashion sex.  

A/N: Hey, Cavillry! I’m not really a henry cavill fan, I’m only familiar with him in superman and stardust but your posts have inspired to write this. Hopefully, I did your king justice.


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