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yourplayersaidwhat · 2 days ago
[Context: we were fighting a group of crablike Aberrations. At this point I was out of most of the things my character can do.]
Me: I start screaming crab cake recipes at them. In Infernal.
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safitechs · a year ago
Tumblr media
Damascus steel karambit knife with olive wood scales
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lionofcarthage · a year ago
Tumblr media
The battle of Cannae has went down in history and with good reason as a master piece on the part of my boy Hannibal. With a meager force of only 40,000 infantry and 10,000 calvary Hannibal was able to completely envelop and wipe out a Roman army of 86,000 thousands. Cannae gave way to a new phrase in military terminology, the battle of annihilation. The joint councilors army of Varro and Paullus weren’t simply routed off the field as was the case in most classical era battles. They were destroyed. Cannae would understandably leave a physiological scar on the collective Roman consciousness. The Roman historian Livy says that he would not try and explain the amount of fear that has griped the city of Rome itself when word of Cannae reached it as he could not adequately express it.
Tumblr media
According to LIvy This was followed by a set of unexplainable religious events
“To add to the general feeling of apprehension, information was received of portents having occurred simultaneously in several places. In Sicily several of the soldiers' darts were covered with flames; in Sardinia the same thing happened to the staff in the hand of an officer who was going his rounds to inspect the sentinels on the wall; the shores had been lit up by numerous fires; [9] a couple of shields had sweated blood; some soldiers had been struck by lightning; an eclipse of the sun had been observed; at Praeneste there had been a shower of red-hot stones; at Arpi shields had been seen in the sky and the sun had appeared to be fighting with the moon; [10] at Capena two moons were visible in the daytime; at Caere the waters ran mingled with blood, and even the spring of Hercules had bubbled up with drops of blood on the water; at Antium the ears of corn which fell into the reapers' basket were blood-stained; at Falerii the sky seemed to be cleft asunder as with an enormous rift and all over the opening there was a blazing light; [11] the oracular tablets shrank and shrivelled without being touched and one [12??] had fallen out with this inscription, "MARS IS SHAKING HIS SPEAR"
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opbackgrounds · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
“Every action must have an equal, but opposite reaction.”
--Some guy who spent too much time on his hair, probably
In any case, this solution feels very...Luffy. He bases his own fighting style on firearms and has personal experience of this effect in practice
Tumblr media
He’s just applying it on a much larger scale
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dungeonofdisasters · a year ago
So apparently our druid’s new favorite attack is just to throw himself ass first at enemies for bludgeoning damage
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glare0322 · a year ago
sooo i was rereading overlord protocol (cause of quarantine) and completely forgot about shelby’s nightmares of wing dying and how alone she felt. i thought, hey what if those nightmares never stopped and one thing led to another ending in this short story being created...
✇ ✇ ✇
length; 1,760 words
pairing; wingelby (but shing or unconventional tactics is the better ship name don’t at me)
✇ ✇ ✇
The darkness dripped into an all-too familiar scene. Slow crashing of the waves against their wooden boat, the night sky painted with deep blues swirled into blacks dotted with glimmering stars, the overbearing salty smell of the ocean, the nightlife making their unique sounds all around them. His dark eyes catching the light of the sky, a peaceful smile that only grew whenever he caught yet another glimpse towards her, the white amulet standing out against the otherwise dusky scene.
Shelby loathed it all. The terror had driven her to despise this picture perfect setting.
A sigh escaped into the air before the most unpleasant moment unrolled. On cue, he reached for her hand gazing out onto the skyline as he did. Shelby gripped onto his hand tight, trying to conjure all the strength she had to maintain a solid grip he could not break from. Maybe just maybe if she held on, the story would play out differently. Tears were already finding their way onto her redden checks as her cloudy sapphire eyes looked up to him.
He was so content which made her already torn state more apparent. She should be grinning just like him, but that was impossible under these circumstances. "My mother used to tell me stories of the sea," he started as Shelby silently mumbled the familiar sentence. "Simple Chinese folklore you could find in any children's book, yet the way she told them never ceased to bring the characters out of the pages and into life."
Her heart ached as she realized the final outcome would still be inevitable even if she had a grip of steel. The evidence was piling up by the second: past experiences never changing, the destination, and worse of all were his words. Shelby could site his calm-toned sentences from having heard them rattle in her head for days on end before. So when the final sentence was delivered, her blood ran cold. "She would have loved to meet you," she said in sync with him, matching every detail of his sentence expect for the tone. While he had spoke a sentence laced with love only allowing a small pane of sadness to shine through, her rendition was much more somber.
The warmth that came from his hands was gone almost as quick as she dove into the deep ocean to follow him. She kicked as hard as her legs willed her, making sure to never let him out of her sight. Her lungs burned with the need for air along with her muscles now screaming from exhaustion. She could not give up, not yet. However, no matter how much she willed, he was disappearing into the shadows far too quickly for her to catch up with him.
"Wing!" she screamed allowing the water to entrap her lungs. Shelby reached for his hand and felt a small snap as he descended far beyond her reach, never to be seen again. She did not have any air and the water now clogging her airway only intensified the pain. Pushing through the overwhelming discomfort, Shelby made her way back to the surface and soon found herself back where their boat should have been.
As usual, the wooden boat was long gone and unable to comfort her crushing loneliness. This time, the loneliness came with an even more frightening moment. Sitting in her tightly closed hand was Wing's amulet from his mother. The white comma shaped charm stood out like a sore thumb against the pitch black water.
Why did she have it?
Shelby never got a hold of it. The scene usually went that he disappeared leaving her completely isolated, but this time differed. The amulet that sat in her hand spoke two messages to her. The first comforted her. Shelby's frantic mind jumbled together that maybe it was a sign of hope; that he would always be there for her. Yet as the thoughts arranged themselves the true meaning presented itself clear as day.
Wing would be gone and no matter what she did, it would stay that way. There was no saving him.
The tears returned as she slowly drifted with nothing but a reminder of her failure. Soon they turned from silent tears to full sobs as the loneliness set in like usual, only this time it was amplified by the amulet.
✇ ✇ ✇
Shelby woke with a start, immediately sitting up in her bed. Her irregular, quick breaths filled the room, over powering her roommates soft snores from across. Just as they were present in her nightmare, the hot, heavy tears were now tumbling onto her gray bed comforter making their arrival onto it present with small temporary stains. She swallowed hard as she tried to slow her rapid breathing, yet was unsuccessful.
'Just as I was in saving Wing' she thought trying to wipe away the tears before they overtook her bed sheets. Her eyes, still lingering with tears, drifted over to her Blackbox and slowly she reached for it. The time read 5:47 A.M. and she slumped into bed. There was way she was going back to sleep, so she was left there to wallow in her feelings of abandonment and failure. Shelby hastily thought of something to escape her feelings for a little longer. She knew that they were allowed to leave their rooms in a couple of minutes and Shelby already had a destination in mind.
As she got out of her bed, Laura's almost quite snores once again reigned over the room. Shelby gazed over to her roommate and a comforting smile found its way to her face.
A textbook for Advanced Villainy Studies sat open in her lap with one of her freckled hands rested on the pages along with her Blackbox, now with a black screen, sitting right beside it. As she made her way towards their bathroom, Shelby thought of Laura and Otto's most recent project: a secret channel just for them to talk on. It would take a genius to accomplish it, so it was a good thing there were two geniuses working on it. Both of them knew if they were successful, there was no possibility to keep it hidden for longer than a week.
The painful memories of her nightmares began to catch up with her as she quickly turned into the bathroom with her uniform in hand. When Shelby caught a glimpse at herself in their mirror, her gloomy feelings only worsened. Her messy blonde hair now being accompanied with puffy eyes and streaks along her cheeks where her tears were still carefully gliding down.
As if it were any morning, she got her uniform on and brushed out her bed head. Leaving the bathroom, she grabbed her Blackbox and headed straight for the door.
The sound of water from the waterfall in the accommodation area immediately sent her back to her previous terrors in the ocean. The strong emotions haunted her as she stepped out into the hallway to take her to the huge cavern that was accommodation area seven.
✇ ✇ ✇
The LED light in the room strained her eyes, just a little as Shelby stepped into the room full of equipment for training. Her hand traced the seem of the punching bag before she got into a ready stance. Just like she had done many times over, her fist collided with the bag swinging it back just a little.
The loneliness, sadness, and fear had finally reached her and there was no possible way of outrunning them now. She concentrated on her blows to the bag as if it was her nightmares that she was beating instead of the punching bag.
She wanted them to stop pestering her. The previous emotions swirled into anger as her punches became faster with more power behind them.
The peaceful look he gave her as he told his story and eventually his final line.
Another strong hit to the bag.
The chilling water engulfing the both of them and soon taking him away from her reach.
One more powerful swing at the equipment.
And that stupid amulet taunting her failure.
As she went to deliver another hit, a hand cut in front her causing her to punch that person's palm rather than her target. Her breath hitched as she prepared to tell off the person for getting in her way. However, once her fiery blue eyes met his she recoiled back a little.
"Your poor technique caused these," Wing told her mentioning her bloody, scraped knuckles that she had not even noticed. Shelby has been so focused on her nightmare that she had neglected the pain now coursing through her hands.
"Guess Ms. Leon is not going to be happy her best student is suffering an injury that will effect her results on the test today," she joked trying to distract him from her distant state, or her tear stained cheeks.
Although a small smile found its way to his face, his eyes still were serious and full of concern. "Shelby, what happened?"
How could she answer? There would be no way to convey her hidden pain and concerns of her terrifying nightmares to him. The overbearing loneliness she felt after he disappeared or fears now surrounding that pendent hanging from his neck. Her nightmares have now ruined something she has to see every day; it's mockery from her night terrors carrying over to real life.
"Well..." she began as her eyes trailed down to the floor. While looking at the floor she noticed him still holding her scraped hand with the same determination she had in her nightmares. Along with this, she became aware of the warmth from his hands and remembered how in the boat it disappeared right before he left. Anticipation built up as she waited for it to leave, just like it always did.
But it didn't. He was still there, patiently waiting her response to his question.
She felt that loneliness lift off her shoulders along with all the worries she had been escaping from all night and this morning. Shelby felt able to breathe normally, felt her senses return, and more importantly felt trust in the fact Wing was going nowhere.
Well until some psychopathic villain with a most likely well deserved grudge against the school came again.
"Come on big guy, I'll tell you as you bandage up my knuckles." Shelby let a smile along with a giddy feeling overtake her as she held onto his hand and led them out of the room.
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sundered-thunder · a year ago
How to fuck with a legilimens:
Fill your mind with elevator music
Imagine the legilimens in a very embarrassing situation
Think of something that you know scares the legilimens
Think of something that you know disgusts the legilimens
Fill your head with a very catchy and very annoying tune
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sketchytoes · a year ago
While I've been stuck at home I took to a feeding stray cats. I started calling this cat Kumquat and one night he came up to the porch with a friend.
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smoothoperator17 · 2 years ago
Range day
Run your gun not your mouth 💪🏾✊🏾
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yourplayersaidwhat · 2 days ago
Party was tasked with finding out what happened to the previous adventuring party. Upon finding them dead in a swamp. Conversation between Lizardfolk Warlock and Warforge Cleric.
Warlock: Well we should bring their bodies home, right?
Cleric: Of course. Best to lay them to rest at home.
Warlock: We can't carry them all but they can carry themselves. Are you okay with that Cleric?
Cleric: What now?
Warlock: I can make them carry themselves back to town. Are you okay with that?
Cleric: *befuddled* I guess.
*Warlock casts Danse Macabre and party walks to town*
Town Guards: *cautious* Stop! What are you doing?
Warlock: Bringing back your adventurers.
Cleric: *claps hand on guards shoulder* some people handle death differently. *smiles*
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ask-runaan-anything · a year ago
Have you ever been captured before?
Unintentionally? No. 
On purpose? Different story.
Tumblr media
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safitechs · a year ago
Handmade knife
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heavymetalhexcode · 2 years ago
Morty did the laundry
The party was confronted by a room full of nasties, including a redcap. Morty (McBathrobe the warlock, you may recall) rolled very well on his check to see how much he knew about them.
Redcaps are fey creatures that arise from the place a murder occurred. They carry on rampantly murdering because they need to keep their hats soaked in blood to live.
Morty defeated the redcap in two cantrips: Mage Hand to steal the hat, and Prestidigitation to clean it.
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vedisandthebandit · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
Yeeting your problems away is a valid solution for the physically advantaged!
[img: Altmer lady in post-throw position in foreground, lower right. Crumpled body, mid-left, on ground. Flying body, upper left, in air. Beside the lady is the noble text reading: YEET]
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dndthedm · 2 years ago
When you have the kind of sesh when your cheering makes the table next to you go 'I don't know what just happened but I'm happy for you guys!'
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meme-mystique · 2 years ago
Allow me to introduce myself.  My name is Mystique. 
A certain technopath with the STRIKE team sent me a message saying you needed some help with some training, and getting some information about this universe. 
I also have an expertise working with enhanced individuals. Let me know when you’re available and I can help you.
Depending on how down to brass tacks you want to get, I also love working with knives, guns, bombs, improvised weapons, improvised explosives, espionage....the works.
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cap-coch-cosplay · 3 years ago
Tumblr media
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yourplayersaidwhat · 2 months ago
*The BBG turned out to be an NPC that we had jokingly established had just beaten lung cancer, because the DM had a coughing fit when speaking as said NPC*
(OOC) Necromancer: So… if he recently got over his lung cancer… it’s possible there’s remaining cancerous tissue that’s dead but has yet to leave his system… right?
DM: What? Wait. No. No I hate you so much, no.
(OOC) Necro: So if I were to hypothetically Create Undead 3 clumps of these dead cells….
DM: absolutely not
(OOC) Necro: Then I would be able to give him cancer again.
DM: Under no circumstances am I allowing you to defeat this villain by giving him cancer
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womanpodcast · a year ago
Tumblr media
Tactical Girl
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