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seulhyucks · a year ago
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Tumblr media
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respect ur ancestors
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nietp · 2 years ago
i wish some people would realise that *destroying the nuclear family* means the liberation of women as a class, the destruction of heterosexuality as the material base for the categories of gender, communal parenting, decentering romantic relationships as the only space for happiness, freedom, and spontaneity, etc... and not like....... being part of a fucking polycule and pressuring people who want to be monogamous into having sex they’re not comfortable with
EDIT: this post is talking about something very specific that 98% of the people in the notes obviously have no idea i’m talking about, PLEASE stop reblogging it if you think it’s a blanket statement against polyamory
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assyrianjalebi · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Monica Bellucci in Under Suspicion (2000)
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saverockanroll · 5 years ago
reblog if disloyal order of water buffaloes
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sourwolfstories · 2 years ago
Cause I Built A Home (For You, For Me) by nymphe
Rating: Teen and Up
Word Count: 6860
Erica is giggling somewhere in the background. “I think he’d like exactly what you’d like, mom.”
Or, a 5 Times fic wherein Stiles doesn’t realize he’s been accidentally co-parenting a gang of furry teenagers/displaying Perfect Mate Characteristics, + the 1 Time Derek enlightens him.
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ereri-lost-and-found · 2 years ago
so in honor of tumblr's nsfw ban, would you guys happen to have any extremely smutty and filthy and kinky fics? like EXTREMELY..... i need that smut!
Hey Anon, here’s a list of some of the most smutty smut we’ve read. Hopefully you enjoy it!
Steel, Snark, and Stupid Eren by sciencefictioness(Rated E, words 7719, multichapter, complete, tumblr drabbles)
A collection of various drabbles and one-shots, many of them coming from my tumblr ask box. Some of them quite short. Warnings on individual chapters.
Wet With Want by sciencefictioness(Rated E, words 1074, oneshot)
Levi is in charge in the field, but not in the bedroom, and when he cannot hold back any longer things get messy.
Writer note: This is basically just Levi omorashi. If you don’t know what that is, it’s Eren consensually forcing our beloved captain to piss himself. You are warned.
Turbulence by TheSilverField (also as a podfic: [Podfic] Turbulence by attraversiamo19)(Rated E, words 3802, oneshot)
Levi is going through some minor turbulence.
Pissbaby by kiokushitaka(Rating E, words 446, oneshot)
Eren finds out Levi has a very… unexpected kink for a clean freak.
Writers note: super short thing i wrote dabbling in omorashi. if you don’t like piss stuff, don’t read this. it’s that simple.
You Can Bet On It by kiokushitaka(Rating E, words 3157, oneshot)
Eren loses a bet and has to do whatever Levi says, but he hadn’t been expecting this.
Big Ass Feet by DatWriterWannaBe(Rated E, words 2062, oneshot)
Eren watches his first foot fetish video and gets totally hooked, then by some miracle he meets the foot star in person.
Oh, He Wants Me by Corporal_Levi_cleans_my_house(Rating E, words 73482, multichapter, complete)
Eren Jaeger was fucked. Ironically in both the figurative and literal sense.On the one hand, there was the misfortune of having made a colossally stupid bet with one Jean Kirschtein involving the two of them racing to get laid ASAP. If he failed that, he would be figuratively fucked.
On the other hand, if he were to succeed in completing the bet, he would be well and truly fucked in the most literal sense of the word.
Summer, Sweat, and Sausages by momohime69(Rated E, words 42400, multichapter, complete) 
Eren lazes around during the summer after his first year of college, wondering what he is doing with his life, going to school for a major he doesn’t even enjoy and trying to outshine his perfect stepsister Mikasa. He’s also oddly turned on by his stepsister’s revisiting uncle Levi, who Eren doesn’t remember at all. They piss each other off a lot, then grow an odd bond of companionship—then Eren realizes Levi was shunned by his family some odd years back for coming out as gay, and for some reason, Eren’s budding curiosity gets the better of him. Tensions run high, pants slide off, and Eren sweats from more than just the summer heat when he gains an abnormal craving for Levi’s “sausage.” Humor and drama ensue and so does an absurd amount of smut. Outside of sex, feelings are also involved—and they soon crash hard into the ground.
Ousama Game by shiroyasha(Rating E, words 8679, multichapter, complete)
“I order number three to sit on number one’s lap for the rest of the game!"Levi & Co play a drinking game where the ‘King’ can order other players to do anything he wants.
It proves a little too stimulating for Eren.
Hallowed Be Thy Name by jaegersaint(Rating E, words 5926, one shot)
Almost a decade after trading guns for a rosary and drugs for a Bible, Father Levi faces his biggest temptation yet.
Ropes for Pancakes by shotgunsinlace(Rating E, words 9865, oneshot)
A night out after a rough work week finds Levi at an exclusive nightclub, where he picks up an attractive young man with a repertoire of debauched kinks. Luckily for him, Levi too has a taste for the more obscure and taboo kinds of fetishes.
Ereri Drabble Compilation by secretlywritessmut(Rating E, words 16834, multichapter, tumblr drabbles, incomplete)
A collection of ereri drabbles from my tumblr. Ratings and warnings will vary from chapter to chapter, read the notes.
Firefly by Arlene0401(Rating E, words 2601, one shot)
Levi comes home to find Eren exercising an interesting yoga asana, and … things ensue.
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turnyourankle · 3 years ago
Tumblr media
✎ breakfast of champions   ⚣ harry × louis   Ⓔ explicit   ⌘  humor, smut   ≟  6,400
An injury relegates Harry to the weight room; Louis wears a lot of interesting shirts. [ or, Harry and Louis are gym buddies.]
The first time they actually exchange words is two days later. Louis is standing by reception when Harry walks in. Louis’ dressed in his workout clothes, his regular tights and a white shirt that’s been knotted around his waist so that most of the text on it is obscured. His bellybutton is bared though, which gives Harry more pause than anything Louis’ shirt might say.
James is talking to him, face strained and red. “You can’t wear that. We have a no topless men policy.”
“I’m not topless!” Louis exclaims, and he sounds irritated, like he’s said it multiple times already. “I’m not showing any more skin than the women who wear cropped tops.”
James’ teeth are bared in an angry smile. He looks ready to attack, and Harry takes that as his cue to clear his throat.
breakfast of champions  →  ao3
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sourwolfstories · 2 years ago
You’re It For Me by Lehuitt
Rating: Mature
Word Count: 7960
Derek gets cursed by a witch so every time he's too far from Stiles he endures extreme amounts of pain, not that that's any different from usual. Stiles has to stay at Derek's loft and they get closer than Stiles ever though they'd be. Derek's forced to tell Stiles the secret he's been keeping from him since they met. He and Stiles are mates.
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aziraphales-library · a year ago
Any good amnesia/memory loss/memory alteration fics? I’ve read most of the ao3 search pages for each of these tags (I really like this trope), but do you have any recs with a premise sorta along those lines?
Well, if you’ve read most of the tags, we don’t know if you’ve read these or not, but here are some fics we recommend!
hearts and thoughts fade away (I swear I recognize your breath) by Melime
Due to a clerical error, Crowley is cursed by Hell, losing his memories of the past six thousand years. Now, Aziraphale has to regain his trust and find a way to cure him, but the only way to do this is by confronting his own prejudices regarding demons' capacity to love.
Forget Me, Forget Me Not by goodomensblog (just_quintessentially_me), just_quintessentially_me
The name is a whisper. Hardly more than a breath; and it slips out, a careful caress between split, bloody lips.
Aziraphale has him by the arm, and Crowley’s vision flares white as his broken wrist bends. They’ve passed Heaven’s gate. Beyond it is a white marble path, and beyond that, a ledge. Beneath, lies void space. Earth - and then Hell, lie an unfathomable distance below the emptiness.
He won’t survive the fall a second time. Not bound as he is, wings bent and broken at his back.
Aziraphale’s fingers are a brutal pressure around his skin.
And it’s not Aziraphale’s touch. It’s not. But Crowley knows those hands, is intimately familiar with the soft, barely there callus on the inside of his angel’s thumb, of the cool pressure of his rounded, manicured nails. This is not Aziraphale, but Crowley grounds himself in what he recognizes in his touch.
The edge is nearing, and reality is tightening like a rope round Crowley’s neck. Aziraphale’s grip is firm, and Crowley is spent. He can’t fight. Not even if he wanted to.
“Angel,” Crowley says, a hoarse whisper. “Remember yourself. Remember me.”
Forget Me Not by AlatusNora
This was all wrong. Aziraphale could feel it deep within his being. Somehow, all of this was wrong: A sudden shift to a desk job in Heaven, Gabriel’s unreadable looks and fake smiles... He’d been told the job change would be more suited to his style and Aziraphale was too scared to disagree. Besides, he never liked fighting, and who would want to battle demons like Crowley for eternity? Except… Aziraphale doesn’t recognize the name, yet cannot shake the nagging feeling that he should.
Memory Transferal Form by ElementarySaidHe (SupposedToBeWriting)
A short time after the Almost End Of The World, Aziraphale (if that is indeed his name) finds himself waking up (if he was indeed ever asleep at all) on the floor of his bookshop (if he is aware of what a bookshop and the concept of bookshop ownership is) with no memory of who or what he was. Although he is clearly a human, because certainly if something looks, acts, and quacks like a human, surely it is one -- who is he, and who is this strange man barging into his bookshop claiming that he's an angel, of all things?
Inevitable, unavoidable by Lilian
""Can I touch you?”“Please, go ahead,” Crowley croaks, wondering if this will be something he will have to provide an explanation to Aziraphale later when he remembers. Or if it will be something they’ll simply never, ever mention again. He might die, in that case. Although he might just die now, too, when the angel raises his index finger and follows the shape of Crowley’s eyebrows reverently."
Or: Aziraphale gets amnesia and thinks Crowley is his husband when he sees him.
Anyone else have any amnesia recs?
~ Mod B
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lemonsorbae · 3 years ago
Tumblr media
Thank You
Pairing: Dean/Castiel (brief mention of Jack/Alfie) Rating: Teen & Up Word Count: ~8.1k Summary: In which the students of Benjamin Edlund High School are very invested in the relationship of their English teacher Castiel and their Botany teacher Dean.
Written for the prompt High School AU given by @deancaswc  lemonsorbae vs. @envydean vs  @levicastho​
Beta’d by @literaryoblivion​ 
“Hey, Mr. W. Seen Mr. Novak yet? His eyes really pop in that navy blue sweater vest he’s rocking.” Krissy’s smiling at him as she crosses the room to her desk, dropping her bag next to her chair and settling in.
Dean doesn’t look up from his lesson plan – he doesn’t have to, really; Krissy Chambers has been one of his students since she was a freshman, and he’s long since grown familiar with the sound of her voice. “It’s only first period, Chambers, why would I have seen him?”
“Oh, you know,” and when Dean finally does look up he’s met with Krissy’s smirk and flashing brown eyes. “Coffee in the teacher’s lounge, strolling through the parking lot together, hall sweep…” She finishes the word with a pronounced “p” sound.
Dean shakes his head as he approaches her, hand out and waiting expectantly. “You got your homework done last night?”
Krissy huffs but reaches for her backpack. “Of course.”
“Good.” When Krissy hands him her stack of papers, he scans the pages absently. “And why do you keep bringing up Mr. Novak?” When he looks down, Krissy’s smirking again. 
“I don’t know,” she says, chewing on the cap of her pen. “Why do you?”
Feeling his face flush, Dean turns his back on her and returns to his desk. “Page 118, Chambers,” he says, because while he can appreciate Krissy’s banter on most days, he has no retort for her today.
Continue Reading at AO3
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spidaerman · a year ago
me: i feel like reading some light fics tonight, something under 10k
ao3: shows me the perfect tags, everything i wanted, everything i love
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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sourwolfstories · 2 years ago
love is war, but sometimes you win by Jmeelee
Rating: Teen and Up
Word Count: 5902
Only now does Stiles spare Derek a glance, pitying smile falling short of shrewd, contemplative eyes that sparkle when they catch the dappled sunlight. “The universe engraves a name on our skin, my friend. If it was meant to be private, we’d have the name on our ass.” Derek bristles. They are not friends—at least, not yet. At the rate they’re going, probably never “I’m trying to protect my best friend, dude. Questions aren’t illegal.”
“Has anyone ever told you, you catch more flies with honey than with vinegar?”
Warm brown eyes lock on his. “Do you want me to sugar you up, Derek?”
“Why are you such an asshole?” With Isaac, Boyd and Erica, Stiles doesn’t act like this. In fact, their two packs have meshed better than Derek could ever have hoped, but Stiles and Derek are still oil and water.
“Asshole’s my middle name,” Stiles snarks back.
“Then your soulmate is lucky it’s only your first name written on their palm,” Derek sneers.
Stiles shrugs, gathering up his supplies and moving along the property line. “I wouldn’t be too sure about that.”
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aziraphales-library · a year ago
Oh thank god I found it! I was looking for a story where Crowley is a snake across history and I finally found it again. It's "a sinuous story" by fmo and it's really great, totally recommend.
Oh, I absolutely adore this one! Glad to hear you found it :)
a sinuous story by fmo
"Oh, if Crowley could wear a human form to be with Aziraphale, what would he do then? To Crowley’s utter shame, he had spent many centuries’ warm afternoons fantasizing about what it would be like to simply sit in a chair across a table from Aziraphale in a restaurant and have dinner with him properly, as two equally participating people. He had imagined himself sitting next to Aziraphale on a park bench and feeding the ducks with him as two men having a conversation instead of one man with a large scarf. Crowley had even, in his deepest heart of snakey hearts, dreamed about holding Aziraphale’s hand with a human hand instead of with coils of snake."
Or: Due to personal problems with the demon in charge of issuing corporations, Crowley has always been a snake, and only a snake. Until the not-apocalypse happens, and Adam fixes everything.
~ Mod B
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sharkfish · 2 years ago
my favorite destiel fics under 10k
hello enjoy!! there’s a bunch so they’re under the cut. :) a couple are dcj which is noted after the title! 
don’t forget to kudos & comment!!! 
A Change of Scene by SurlyCat
Words: 7,606
When Dean goes over to see his Dom on Christmas Eve, he isn't expecting Cas to play naughty Santa, and neither of them is expecting how it turns out for them.
Aloft by VioletHaze 
Words: 5,271
Despite his bravado walking in, he can’t quite bring himself to sit on Cas’s actual bed, but he stands near the foot of it and takes a long pull of his beer. In silent satisfaction, he watches Cas watch him lick the beer off his upper lip.
From past experience, this should be when Cas strides forward and Dean pretends to let him take charge. For whatever reason, though, that’s not happening. If anything, Cas seems to have put a little extra space between them.
“Dean, about today,” Cas begins and Jesus Christ when he said he wanted to talk he actually wanted to talk.
Dean feels the embarrassment at being so far off base twist at his gut. The bottle he was holding loosely in his hand is now clenched in his fist as he makes for the door. “We are not doing this.”
He’s stopped in his tracks when his vision goes black, disorienting him. It takes a second or two to realize it isn’t the black of darkness or unconsciousness, but a deep iridescent black of feathers and wings.
A moving sea. by orange_crushed
Words: 3,356
It’s a pretty song but just too fucking sad, even if he doesn’t catch all the words, so Dean reaches out to change it. But Castiel’s hand meets his halfway, startles him into pulling back. He glances over and sees Castiel’s eyes watching him, glittering a little in the light from the dash. He wasn’t sleeping at all. “I like this one,” Castiel says. “Do you mind?”
"No," says Dean, and leaves it. Castiel twines their fingers together and they stay like that for the next dozen miles.
Angel-Mine by relucant @relucant​
Words: 4,274
Cas exhaled. "When an angel's wings are injured," he said to his feet, "the healing process can be augmented by… grooming, I suppose, would be the most accurate word. Removal of the maimed feathers to allow growth of healthy ones. Otherwise, they're left to fall out alone." He tilted his head towards the nightstand. "As you see."
Dean stared at him. "So… that's why I can't help?" he said slowly. "'Cause I can't, y'know… see 'em? Or touch 'em?"
"Yes," Cas said, slightly too quickly, and Dean snorted.
"You're still a shitty liar, Cas," he informed him. "What ain't you tellin' me?"
A Room of His Own (or not) by Valinde (Valyria)
Words: 3,036
Dean took a deep breath and reassessed the situation. He was in bed with a guy, sure, and technically they were snuggling, but it was Cas. The guy had absolutely no reference on what was appropriate physical contact between two dudes sharing a bed in the... normal, completely unsexy, no-funny-business, way.
A Simple Touch, A Single Look by jujubiest
Words: 2,334
Something is going on between Dean and Castiel, and Sam is determined to find out what it is. Meanwhile, Castiel puzzles over surprising aspects of his relationship with Dean.
As Long as you Like by artsyUnderstudy
Words: 6,626
A few months after Cas finally comes home to Dean, the two have settled in comfortably together. It's only after a botched date that Dean starts to worry he might not understand what Cas needs.
Boys On Film by LoversAntiquities 
Words: 8,540
But maybe that’s what it is—maybe Castiel’s finally realized something Dean is too chicken to admit, despite the fact he’s been jerking off to the idea of Castiel fucking him for the past few weeks. The idea warms him as much as it pains him to think about, his friend not being able to talk to him about something like that. That has to be it—it’s the only explanation. Castiel likes him.
“Or maybe he knows you do cam shows.”
Dean chokes on his burger.
Castiel's Angel by Valinde (Valyria)
Words: 5,073
The angel took a deep breath and looked down at his hands. He was fidgeting Cas noticed. Usually he was so bizarrely at ease in his human form, lounging around and tossing winks and smirks at anyone with a pulse. That more than anything had Cas straightening on his stool and wishing he was a little less tipsy.
“Ineedyoutogroommywings,” Dean muttered in one long, almost unintelligible, string. He was blushing.
Casturbatus Interruptus by smallhorizons
Words: 6,118
post-9.01, in a slight AU wherein Cas comes to live with the Winchesters at the Bunker. Written before 9.03. Crossposting from Tumblr. Written for a prompt from hightopsandsharpies: "Okay, so Cas is a virgin, and has no idea what pleasure is and Dean decides to show him and Cas gets all cuddly and needy afterwards."
Dean walks in on Cas masturbating. He’s doing it all wrong, but when you’re a bazillion-year-old virgin, that’s to be expected. Dean decides to lend him a hand in a totally platonic, non-romantic way. Things get a little out of control.
Curriculum vitae by cadignan
Words: 2,875
Curriculum vitae, n. A short account of one's career and qualifications. From Latin "course of (one's) life."
Dances With Bees by shiphitsthefan @shiphitsthefan​
Words: 1,402
There is no First Blade. No Mark of Cain. No Ezekiel or Metatron or Trials or Purgatory. There is Dean, and there is Baby, and there is Cas, and all three are worse for wear.
"In which Dean is not a bee, Cas is not a flower, and the image of Cas' left hand on a radio dial and a hole in the knee of his scrubs will haunt your every waking moment for eternity. YOU'RE WELCOME."―Thank you for helping write the summary, Betty.
Days With You by omgbubblesomg @omgbubblesomg​
Words: 3,212
Dean’s almost tragically offended when he moves into a new apartment and despite his absolute best efforts he can’t win more than a smile from his devastatingly handsome neighbour.
Every Last First by Areiton @areiton​
Words: 1,514
Somewhere along the way, Cas stopped being an ally, a friend.
Now, he was simply everything.
For Science by shiphitsthefan @shiphitsthefan​
Words: 6,105
“Think of it like an experiment," says Dean. "You’re testing a hypothesis as to whether or not a desirable response can be achieved through the stimulation of the anus via the application of a willing volunteer’s muscular hydrostat.”
Cas raises an eyebrow. “Are you actually trying to use the scientific method to talk me into letting you lick my asshole?”
Freeze Frame by surlybobbies
Words: 4,998
Dean's got about two minutes before Cas comes back, which is more than mildly inconvenient because Dean's just found out Cas is in love with him.
Friends Helping Friends (Telling Me What My Heart Meant) byAnnie D (scaramouche)
Words: 6,201
Dean and Cas have known each other for about a year now, and in that time, Cas has never gone into heat. So far.
He Came in Through the Bedroom Window by betts
Words: 4,725
Close to every day of every summer, Cas climbs into Dean’s room immediately after he wakes up.
He Woke Me Up Again by artsyUnderstudy
Words: 7,642
Castiel is injured at the studio, giving him and Dean time to work through their newly forming relationship.
If I Run by Anonymous
Words: 4,365
"Dean Winchester is a red-blooded American male. He lifts all the things. He aims for functional strength. He counts his macros and makes fun of curlbros. He is not a member of the Tarahumara tribe and he will not read Born to Run, no matter how many times Sam tells him to, because Starting Strength is the only book Dean will ever fucking need."
Wherein a friendly competition with the mysterious ThursdaysAngel turns into a sexy selfie-trading spree that motivates Dean Winchester to train for his first marathon.
Inhuman by Annie D (scaramouche)
Words: 2,098
Dean has learned that sex is different when there's an angel involved.
Just After, But Before by cymbalism
Words: 8,712
Just after Purgatory, but before whatever's next, Dean has a broken angel to put back together.
Just like honey. by orange_crushed
Words: 4,505
"Dean," Cas says. His hand is still flat against Dean's heart. "I've been- will you do something for me?"
"Sure," Dean says. He doesn't even have to think about it. Cas's eyes are starring over, gleaming at the edges with the faintest track of unshed tears, even though he's smiling again. Dean's never actually seen him cry: happy, stubborn, tireless Castiel and his bees and guacamole and perfect coffee and perpetually bare feet, Cas, Dean's hardy dandelion blooming in the middle of the sidewalk. Dean would do literally anything he asked right now, jump off a cliff or ford a river, hand to hand combat with a mountain lion, an eight-course dinner with all Cas's jerkoff fundamentalist relatives. Dean would learn Esperanto or become a bonds trader, whatever the fuck that is. Dean would die for him. Dean would do it smiling.
"Marry me," Cas says.
Kisses by Sunflower Beds by fanforfanatic @fanforfanatic​
Words: 3,299
Cas can’t bring Dean back. But he can’t be without him. So Cas leaves to meet versions of Dean he hasn’t come across before. Dean at three as a snotty toddler. At eight as a grubby child. At fifteen when he's already damaged. Cas travels through time to meet Dean throughout his life, different version of the man and Cas loves every single one.
La cucina. by orange_crushed
Words: 3,962
Dean turns around and Castiel is picking through the jars, turning them over carefully to read the labels, totally engrossed. Dean watches him.
"Is there," Dean says, "uh, anything in there you like?" Castiel looks up at him and then back at the apples, sitting in a basket on the counter in their golden skins, ripe and pretty. Castiel smiles up at Dean.
Like a Parched Land by Las
Words: 8,676
Written for the following prompt: "Reverse!verse: Castiel is the Righteous Man and Dean is the angel who drags his ass out of Hell." This is an AU version of episodes 5x01 through 5x03.
Long Nights in Cold Months by pyrebi
Words: 2,344
When you're an insomniac, you get used to the "what the hell are you doing up, man?" look. Dean just hopes the guy who's stocking the shelves will stop giving it to him long enough to help him find some damn pineapple.
Love, Take Your Toll by aileenrose
Words: 8,724
Cas sees hundreds of faces every day, but there's only one that he really cares about.
Movie Night by Annie D (scaramouche)
Words: 7,683
Dean invites his friends over so that they can gangbang Cas, and fun times were had by all.
Mysteries. by orange_crushed
Words: 2,542
But if God is not gone entirely, if God is not blind, then God knows about this, too. He might be the only one who can hear it: the inaudible rumbling in Castiel’s heart, restless and aching like an empty stomach.
Negotiating the Spot by shiphitsthefan @shiphitsthefan​
Words: 6,521
"They lie there in a comfortable silence for a while, Dean on his back with his eyes closed and Cas on his side curled around him. Eventually, Cas’ back starts to hurt, and his arm starts going numb beneath the pillow, squashed by the weight of his head and the odd angle. This is becoming a common problem when they cuddle after sex, and Cas doesn’t understand why."
The wet spot on the bed often poses a problem once the afterglow subsides, but rarely does it offer solutions.
okay, cupid. by orange_crushed
Words: 4,591
"The dating thing?" Dean frowns. "Online dating is for weirdos. Robots. Dudes hanging out in their basements."
"You hang out in your basement."
"I have an air hockey table down there,” Dean says, icily.
Once Upon A Dream by jujubiest
Words: 4,899
Everybody-Dean included-attributes Castiel's awkward staring and lack of appreciation for personal space to his lack of understanding when it comes to humans. Funny thing, though: Cas never invades Bobby's personal space, or Sam's. Why is Dean different? Maybe there's something everyone is missing.
Orange You Glad by shiphitsthefan @shiphitsthefan​
Words: 6,062
Dean hates farmers markets and everything that they stand for. However, following a conversation with a new friend, an aptly-timed epiphany, and some impromptu pie-sharing, Dean's definitely rethinking that opinion.
Perfect Symmetry by FPwoper (dcj) @fpwoper 
Words: 1,447
In which Dean gets drunk and gets lucky. With twins.
Petals by Morethancupcake
Words: 1,745
"He tells him about the bet, about how Ash had pointed Castiel out and had said "Fifty bucks none of you can't have him." Dean doesn't tell him the insults, but Castiel can guess them, all of them. They all probably laughed at how awkward he was, how out of place. How wrong."
Dean tells him about the bet. In the morning, Castiel is gone.
Physics can wait by museaway @museaway​ 
Words: 1,654
Dean doesn’t want a tutor, especially not some kid his age in a tan sweater with a tie and a freaking button-down, but his mom insisted.
Pink by museaway @museaway​
Words: 7,651
After a chance encounter at Lawrence Laundromat (at 3am, no less), Castiel is enthralled with his memory of a man in dusty jeans and a plain t-shirt with a pair of panties in his laundry basket. So Charlie Bradbury (aka Castiel's Former Best Friend) places a "missed connections" ad on his behalf, because that's what friends are for.
Queer by SeashellDestihell
Words: 1,948
A collection of times Dean encounters the word queer.
Release by lovegonestale
Words: 2,504
"Dean refuses to acknowledge his affection/lust for Castiel which backfires horridly when an angel/monster/witch strips Dean of his control and leaves only the basic instincts. The animal inside Dean wants Castiel, wants him under him, submitting, his mate/bitch and he'll do whatever he needs to get that."
Sharing Hands by almaasi 
Dean feels something strange when he touches himself, and realises Cas has been using him as a vessel ever since he came back from Purgatory.
Shopping with Castiel by Anonymous
Words: 2,126
Dean takes Castiel shopping, and the tension is just too much to handle.
Show Me by relucant @relucant​
Words: 3,069
“Huh,” Dean said again. He paused for a moment, then blurted, “Do you think you could show me?” Cas’ eyes widened, but before he could respond, Dean continued in a rush, “Like, um, a porn or something? I mean, just to, like – oh, God, never mind.” He dropped his head into his hands, the tips of his ears bright red.
It wouldn’t be the first time their decade-long friendship had gone a little beyond PG-ratings, between curious middle-school jerkoffs over the pilfered Playboys from Dean’s hidden stash to some drunken high school party games that maybe got a little more handsy than necessary. But they were seniors in college now, and Cas’ attraction to Dean had acquired a weight it hadn’t had as teenagers, and he was pretty sure watching gay porn together was a bad way to fuel that fire.
“Okay,” he said, before his mouth caught up to his dick.
Dean jerked his head up. “What?” he said stupidly.
Something Like This by AlizarinDreams
Words: 2,891
PWP continuation of Missing the Point. Really. That's it.
Steal my Breath by Sincestiel
Words: 1,991
“Tighter, Dean, please,” Cas urges throwing his head back to rest on Dean’s shoulder. Dean squeezes. He doesn’t know why Cas wants this or even what the appeal is, but he always comes harder when he’s struggling to breathe.
Study Break by relucant @relucant​
Words: 3,544
“Stop whining,” Cas said. “Finish your outline and we’ll go. There’s beer at the apartment. We’ll put on Star Wars and pretend we never set foot in the library over break.”
“Castiel Novak,” Dean said, putting his hand to his heart, “you are the wind beneath my wings.”
“Idiot,” Cas said affectionately, hoping Dean didn’t notice the hot flush creeping up his neck. He snatched his pen back and returned to his paper.
They worked in silence for several minutes, punctuated only by Dean’s occasional groans of boredom. Finally he pushed his laptop away and opened his mouth to complain when another clap of thunder shook the walls, much louder than before, and the lights flickered briefly.
Stupid with a Flare Gun by remmyme @remmyme​
Words: 3,912
“Look,” Dean grits, pinching at the bridge of his nose, “You’ve got a body. Yourbody.” (Castiel, not long ago: “Jimmy…his soul was not returned to me.”) “You’re gonna damn well learn how to use it.” The hunter reaches under the seat to jerk at the lever, sliding back the whole of the front bench and badly startling Castiel with the unexpected jolt of movement. “And, hate to break it to you, but this town’s really not that big. You just got yourself kicked out of the only joint that’s got the professionals at work.”
Dean twists to lean against the car door, pulling up a leg to lay across the seat. The moment stretches, silent and tense.
“I ain’t gonna fuck you,” he says, voice gruff, “but I’ll talk you through it.”
Support Your Local Gay Beekeeper by Powerfulweak
Words: 3,976
It’s not like Dean goes on Grindr very often, just when he’s bored and alone. The blue-eyed guy's profile reads "Beekeeper, 29, 5'10, Single, I watch the bees." Dean is intrigued. He has to send a message.
Take Me Home Tonight by Persephoneshadow
Words: 8,111
“Come on, we’re finding you someone to…engage with sexually or whatever,” Dean explains, chancing another swig of beer before going on. “Anyone in this bar, no limits, who would you would be your top choice to bang?”
“Well, you, ideally.”
Dean spits out some beer before collapsing in on himself, legitimately choking this time. “Excuse me?!”
Or the one where Cas wants to have sex and Dean is there to help.
Take Your Time by smallhorizons
Words: 2,532
Basically: Dean takes his time opening up Cas with his tongue and fingers before he finally slips inside and gives Cas what he wants.
The First Thing by Valinde (Valyria)
Words: 2,609
Dean figures out what he wants.
The Occasional Sentimentality by Annie D (scaramouche)
Words: 7,512
Dean has the Winchester business, Castiel is an independent contractor, their penchant for violence is something they have in common. For eight months they've been meeting off and on for brief yet intense encounters, but like all things, it can't stay that way forever.
The One Thing You Can't Lose by MajorEnglishEsquire
Words: 4,955
You know what I like a lot? The thought that Dean can just tug Cas anywhere at any time and Cas, who can lift tons without effort, who can demolish things with the light of his grace, who has battled and gone to war, has defended and broken, will just let Dean do it.
The Samhain Trials by jemariel @jemariel
Words 8,068
On Samhain night, the veil is thin, not only between the spirit world and our own, but between humankind and their inner natures.
Every year, the hunt is run. Alphas and omegas brave the woods in search of glory and passion. Every year, Dean Winchester comes out alone. The soulbrand on his neck means that he has a True Mate, and what should be a blessing has only been a curse.
He hopes, and he waits, and this year his soulbrand has been itching as if it were newly risen.
It's nearly sundown.
The Sweetest Taste by habitatfordeanwinchester @cineastette
Words: 1,938
“I assure you that I can feel and taste things just as well as you can, if not more so.”
“You’ve spent centuries as a, what do you call it, fucking celestial wavelength? You can’t possibly tell me that you think you’re a greater authority on hot chocolate.”
In which Dean and Castiel argue about hot chocolate.
through hardships to the stars by museaway @museaway 
Words: 4,554
Cas showed up at Dean’s apartment six minutes before midnight with a six-pack of Ad Astra under his arm and Interstellar on blu-ray.
Times Two by relucant (dcj) @relucant
Words: 5,416
[10:50] From: Charlie
So did you find Mr. Sex Hair?
[10:51] To: Charlie
actually yeah. and dude -- there's TWO of them
[10:51] From: Charlie
… How drunk are you?
[10:52] To: Charlie
im not!
[10:52] To: Charlie
ok im lying, i am a little
[10:53] To: Charlie
but srsly, they're twins. and ofc i accosted the wrong twin abt the pic
[10:55] From: Charlie
Oh my God. Your life is a fanfic.
[10:56] From: Charlie
So… Dean-sandwich on the menu then?
To be Alone with You by artsyUnderstudy
Words: 6,248
Castiel needs a model for his new sculpture project, and Dean Winchester sounds perfect for the job.
Tush by Sales Associate Steve (Stiney) @salesassociatesteve
Words: 5,359
Dean's still not exactly clear how he got here, but it's not so bad, actually, it's pretty awesome modeling panties on Tumblr.
Unfocused, Blissed Out by jemariel (dcj) @jemariel
Words: 1,818
“You’re both so beautiful,” Cas finds himself saying.
Jimmy laughs a high snort of a laugh. “Whatever you say, asshole.”
Dean slaps him lightly on the shoulder. “Way to ruin the moment, jerk.”
But Cas just settles deeper into the pillows and around his lovers, smiling and content.
We Will Touch Our Feet Together by cadignan
Words: 7,388
Go to one hour’s worth of paid cuddling—touch therapy, whatever—and end up with a pothead moping on your couch, talking about kinky sex.
Wordplay by Dangerousnotbroken @dangerousnotbroken
Words: 2,964
“I don’t understand why talking dirty is such a big deal for you humans,” Cas complains, apropos of nothing.
You Deserve This by beansprean
Words: 2,190
Sex with Cas was never supposed to be an emotional experience, and Dean doesn't deserve to be made love to.
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