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ereri-lost-and-found · 2 years ago
so in honor of tumblr's nsfw ban, would you guys happen to have any extremely smutty and filthy and kinky fics? like EXTREMELY..... i need that smut!
Hey Anon, here’s a list of some of the most smutty smut we’ve read. Hopefully you enjoy it!
Steel, Snark, and Stupid Eren by sciencefictioness(Rated E, words 7719, multichapter, complete, tumblr drabbles)
A collection of various drabbles and one-shots, many of them coming from my tumblr ask box. Some of them quite short. Warnings on individual chapters.
Wet With Want by sciencefictioness(Rated E, words 1074, oneshot)
Levi is in charge in the field, but not in the bedroom, and when he cannot hold back any longer things get messy.
Writer note: This is basically just Levi omorashi. If you don’t know what that is, it’s Eren consensually forcing our beloved captain to piss himself. You are warned.
Turbulence by TheSilverField (also as a podfic: [Podfic] Turbulence by attraversiamo19)(Rated E, words 3802, oneshot)
Levi is going through some minor turbulence.
Pissbaby by kiokushitaka(Rating E, words 446, oneshot)
Eren finds out Levi has a very… unexpected kink for a clean freak.
Writers note: super short thing i wrote dabbling in omorashi. if you don’t like piss stuff, don’t read this. it’s that simple.
You Can Bet On It by kiokushitaka(Rating E, words 3157, oneshot)
Eren loses a bet and has to do whatever Levi says, but he hadn’t been expecting this.
Big Ass Feet by DatWriterWannaBe(Rated E, words 2062, oneshot)
Eren watches his first foot fetish video and gets totally hooked, then by some miracle he meets the foot star in person.
Oh, He Wants Me by Corporal_Levi_cleans_my_house(Rating E, words 73482, multichapter, complete)
Eren Jaeger was fucked. Ironically in both the figurative and literal sense.On the one hand, there was the misfortune of having made a colossally stupid bet with one Jean Kirschtein involving the two of them racing to get laid ASAP. If he failed that, he would be figuratively fucked.
On the other hand, if he were to succeed in completing the bet, he would be well and truly fucked in the most literal sense of the word.
Summer, Sweat, and Sausages by momohime69(Rated E, words 42400, multichapter, complete) 
Eren lazes around during the summer after his first year of college, wondering what he is doing with his life, going to school for a major he doesn’t even enjoy and trying to outshine his perfect stepsister Mikasa. He’s also oddly turned on by his stepsister’s revisiting uncle Levi, who Eren doesn’t remember at all. They piss each other off a lot, then grow an odd bond of companionship—then Eren realizes Levi was shunned by his family some odd years back for coming out as gay, and for some reason, Eren’s budding curiosity gets the better of him. Tensions run high, pants slide off, and Eren sweats from more than just the summer heat when he gains an abnormal craving for Levi’s “sausage.” Humor and drama ensue and so does an absurd amount of smut. Outside of sex, feelings are also involved—and they soon crash hard into the ground.
Ousama Game by shiroyasha(Rating E, words 8679, multichapter, complete)
“I order number three to sit on number one’s lap for the rest of the game!"Levi & Co play a drinking game where the ‘King’ can order other players to do anything he wants.
It proves a little too stimulating for Eren.
Hallowed Be Thy Name by jaegersaint(Rating E, words 5926, one shot)
Almost a decade after trading guns for a rosary and drugs for a Bible, Father Levi faces his biggest temptation yet.
Ropes for Pancakes by shotgunsinlace(Rating E, words 9865, oneshot)
A night out after a rough work week finds Levi at an exclusive nightclub, where he picks up an attractive young man with a repertoire of debauched kinks. Luckily for him, Levi too has a taste for the more obscure and taboo kinds of fetishes.
Ereri Drabble Compilation by secretlywritessmut(Rating E, words 16834, multichapter, tumblr drabbles, incomplete)
A collection of ereri drabbles from my tumblr. Ratings and warnings will vary from chapter to chapter, read the notes.
Firefly by Arlene0401(Rating E, words 2601, one shot)
Levi comes home to find Eren exercising an interesting yoga asana, and … things ensue.
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sourwolfstories · a year ago
Real life isn’t a movie (life doesn’t make narrative sense) by dearericbittle (dutchmoxie)
Rating: Mature
Word Count: 11586
Somehow accidentally insulting a hot guy in a coffee shop leads to pretending to be his boyfriend in front of a house full of werewolves. Stiles Stilinski is living his best life and making the most of his Hallmark movie moment.
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getsterekt · 3 years ago
I Was Present While You Were Unconscious by CharWright5
Stiles had often thought about how he'd meet his soul mate, the literal muscular man of his dreams. He just didn't ever imagine finding him on Facebook where a friend had shared a news article about a werewolf John Doe in a coma after a car wreck four hours out of town. And he also didn't expect to bond and fall in love with the guy's family before ever saying two words to him out loud.
WORDS:  19,421
RATING: Mature
RELATIONSHIPS: Derek/Stiles, Minor Background relationships.
TAGS: AU Soulmates, AU Werewolves are known, Angst with a happy ending, Tattoo artist Derek, College student Stiles, 
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aziraphales-library · a year ago
Any fics where they are dumbasses? As in, Crowley goes on a date but doesnt realise its one, or the “you like me? As in friendly like or like like”, or “he gave me roses and held my hand as we stargase but im not sure if he likes me or not”, or one of them confesses their feelings only for the other to be like “but we’ve been on 10 dates already?”
One that jumps to mind for me is
Even Without Looking by maniacalmole
Aziraphale gets requested by the heavenly court to prove that romantic love is real, and makes a valiant effort. He's read about it so many times, in all the most romantic books. How hard could it be?
Aziraphale has to prove romantic love is real and struggles to find somebody to be his significant other (you’re figuratively screaming at him the whole time).
Do our readers have any other fics to suggest which fit this?
~ Mod B
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thetaekooklibrary · 3 years ago
You’re the Dynamite in my Chains
but sprayonpants (1/1 | M | 13,757)
In a world where Taehyung has decided that there is nothing left to live for, a stranger sweeps him away. Literally.
Alternatively, Jeongguk is Spider-Man and Taehyung is his emotionally-troubled Gwen Stacy.
admin a: AAAAH YES FINALLY A GOOD SPIDER-MAN GUK FIC! i really really loved this and wow i’m just craving more ;u; tae was complicated but the poor babe was really trying, and guk was shy and had a good heart and he cared about tae so much :’)
i used the enemies to lover tag but it’s mostly just hate to love on tae’s end lol also, the suicide tag is for attempted suicide. tae obviously suffers from depression and has suicidal thoughts. but there is a happy ending!
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sourwolfstories · 2 years ago
Strike Me A Match by clotpolesonly
Rating: General
Word Count: 11573
Derek stared at the reporter on the campus lounge’s television screen, gleefully reporting on Ignition’s latest fight. Behind her floated a photograph of him mid-battle, zoomed in on where his bodysuit had been slashed open across his left shoulder blade. It was a little blurry, a little pixelated, but more than clear enough to get a good look at the black mark on the bare skin there.
“Oh shit,” came Erica’s delighted voice as she dropped down onto the couch beside Derek. “Let the circus begin!”
Derek’s his heart dropped; circus was right. He resisted the impulse to reach for the spot on his own shoulder blade that itched and burned. It wouldn’t do him any good. He could make all the calls, send in all the verifiably undoctored photos of identical marks, make all the noise and fuss he wanted. With the buzz and the confusion, it wouldn’t matter. No one would believe him.
True match-ups never made it through a circus like this.
In which Derek discovers his soulmate is a superhero too far out of his reach to ever actually be with. But it doesn't feel right to flirt back at Stiles now either, no matter how much Derek wants to. Amazing or not, he's not Derek's soulmate.
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ereri-lost-and-found · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
Hey, Anon!
Isn’t that absolutely adorable to read? Below are some of our favorite stories that hopefully you’ll enjoy as well!!
We are sorry to post your ask this way instead of answering regularly but tumblr wiped the entire text of the original post and then refused to update it and yes, I am still annoyed.
Don’t Reach For The Moon by SailorHeichou (Rated T, 57 985 words, complete)
Eren Jaeger is the young son of the Ackerman family’s chauffeur, Grisha, and he has been in love with Jean all his life. Jean is an idle playboy who has never noticed Eren, much to his and the household staff’s dismay. Eren then attends school in Germany, and he returns home as an attractive and sophisticated young man. Jean is quickly drawn to him despite his recent engagement.
Jean’s workaholic older brother, Levi, sees this and fears that Jean’s imminent engagement may be endangered. If the engagement is broken off, it would ruin a great corporate deal. Levi realizes he can only do one thing to save his merger. He must get Eren to fall in love with him instead.
Give the Dog a Bone( r ) by TheSpazzBot (Rated E, 16 029 words, complete)
Levi was just looking for man's best friend when he adopted the dog. What he got instead was man's best wingman.
(or the AU where Levi's dog tries to hump Eren every time it sees him)
The Trials and Tribulations of Dating Your Daughter's First Grade Teacher: The Levi Ackerman Story by seaofteeth (Rated T, 36 182+ words, ongoing/discontinued)
Levi tries really, really hard not to fall for his daughter's teacher. He fails. 
Luck of the Irish by teapotscandal & XanderB (Rated E, 83 899+ words, ongoing)
"You have five minutes; if I find what you have to say interesting enough, I may choose to give you more of my time. Your time starts," he paused, still completely still, black fedora still obscuring his face, the shifting of the toothpick in his mouth the only sign that he was speaking at all, "Now."
Slicking back his hair, and shaking out his grey suit, the young man took a moment to fix his appearance and throw the guards a smug look of victory. Most of the men left, shutting the door behind them, but two stayed, flanking the entry, all movements done without a word of command from the man seated behind the desk.
Walking to the center of the room, his feet graced the plush expensive carpet before the Irishman’s desk, the boy introduced himself, "My name is Eren Jaeger, and I have a proposition for you from the Bodt family."
Through the Kitchen Window by ReluctantHero (Rated E, 7 628 words, complete)
Levi doesn't lead the most exciting life. He has his best friend and his routines to keep him happy, though sometimes a change could be nice. It's unlikely he'll find excitement through his kitchen window, though there's something there he's never noticed before.
mybe third time isn’t the charm by murakamism (Rated T, 45 056 words, complete)
How could Levi have known that that dorky freshman he had rejected one year ago could turn into a ridiculously attractive soccer player? He wants those stupid big bright eyes and that wide smile that's sweeter than crystallized sugar and that glorious butt that he saw when the object of his affections decided to reject him and run away but hey, Levi Ackerman does not give up. He doesn't lose either.
An intimidating dorky senior chases a passionately dorky sophomore. It's high school.
The Captain’s Ransom by PinkAngel_101 (Rated M, 35 156 words, complete)
How far will a Captain go to get his pirates plunder? Royal balls, dresses, makeup? But what will happen when this tough feared Pirate meets the Prince of Shiganshina....Prince Eren Jaeger.
His hands chained to a wall. Prince Eren finds himself somehow on a Pirates ship. But not just any Pirates ship. He is a prisoner on the feared vessel known as the The Black Titan. This feared ship is under control of the most feared and ruthless Pirate ever to be known......Levi Ackerman.
Uroboros by Icecat45 (Rated E, 67 922 words, complete)
Eren, a young elven man, dwells in a village on the shore of a lake deep in the wilds that comprise the elves' domain. As a hunter and fisherman, he holds a great deal of knowledge about the beings and creatures that call the wilds their home. All except the dragons, the last of which died centuries ago, long before he was born. A tragic fact that Eren desperately wishes were not true, for all that he is powerless to change it.
Until the day he swims in a secluded cove, and Eren meets the last person he would ever expect. A meeting that turns out to be the first of many, as well as the start of an unlikely friendship. One that will lead to two beings growing closer than they ever dreamed possible, all while changing the world for the better.
Playing Favorites by Ketita (Rated T, 6 297 words, complete)
In which Levi seems determined to spoil Eren rotten, whether he likes it or not. (For the record, Eren hadn't expected his confession to lead to this sort of thing at all). 
Courting Troubles by Bird_of_Dreams (Rated T, 10 994 words, complete)
In which Eren is completely oblivious to Corporal Levi's attempts at courting him, said Corporal is frustrated by the absolute lack of progress he is making in wooing an aforementioned cadet, and Hanji Zoe has a field day with the entire thing. 
Condemned to You by ThugSeme (ShutUpMakoto) (Rated T, 27 193+ words, ongoing)
Eren Yeager, 18, travels to Germany to hunt down his missing father. His plans come to a screeching halt when he encounters some otherworldly creature on his journey. A creature that incidentally sets off his heat. And when said creature claims that they are true mates, well, Eren makes a run for it. 
Oceania by angel_baby (Rated M, 7 625+ words, ongoing)
On the brink of death, Eren, a Tropical Mermaid, suddenly finds himself in an unknown place meeting other sub-species of his kind and strange, looking creatures far different of his own. Needless to say, he never expected to be caught in such a predicament—much less the fact of a cold-hearted, ruthless Deep-Sea Merman to be his potential mate.  
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inevitably-johnlocked · a year ago
Hey! I was wondering if you could recommend me some johnlock fanfics, smut (better if there is one based on the scene of TSoT when Sherlock and John were drunk) but short, just to read like in and hour or kind of. I have never read one so waiting for you answer!
You’ve been waiting a long time and I LEGIT just found this post in my inbox. I’m so sorry!!!
AHHHHH okay, ah, you just reminded me that I need to do my “Johnlock for Newcomers” fic recs that I was asked for AGES ago, and because the previous asks were for non-smut, I’m going to use this opportunity to do the SMUT ONES. But I’ve a lot, so…. let’s go with shorter fics, since you want quick reads!!
Ah, this is exciting, and I hope that you are still around and I am SO SORRY for being a dick and missing this ask…. it’s giving me something for today’s Fic Rec Sunday because I didn’t have any other long lists ready so YAY.
Hope you enjoy, and let me know if you need anything else!!
These are just my suggestions for what a newcomer may enjoy :)
I also have these lists for you too if you’re looking for some other Short Reads:
Ten Fave Short Johnlock Fics (Easy Reads April 2018)
Fics Under 2000 w. 
Fics Under 2000 w. Pt. 2
Hurt / Comfort Pt. 1: Under 5K Words
Morning Sex (Short Fics)
Short Fluff and Pure Love (Masterpost)
Angry Sex Shorter Fics (Masterpost)
Quick Reads Before Bed (Alexx)
Short Porny Fics (Alexx)
Other People’s Faves 2018: Short Fics / Self Recs (swissmissficrecs)
Caught by Salambo06 (E, 1,859 w., 1 Ch. || Frottage, First Time / Kiss, Bed Sharing, Wet Dreams, POV John, Masturbation) – A hotel room. They’re here for a case, hadn’t planned to spend the night and ended up sharing a room. No, sharing a bed. Suddenly John is very much aware of his own hand closed around his hard cock and the ragged breathing next to him. Closing his eyes for the briefest second, John dares to turn his head just enough to confirm what he already knows. Sherlock, on his side, watching him.
A Study in Lace by KarlyAnne (E, 2,320 w., 1 Ch. || Est. Rel., Crafty Sherlock, Tiny Lace Panties / Lingerie, Domestics, Experiments, Oral, Masturbation) – “Why do you suppose he was doing that?” “Why do I suppose who was doing what?” “The room. The lace. The secrecy. He was playing with fire in everything he did, and didn’t care one bit. But he had a secret chamber, carefully concealed, solely for the purpose of making lace lingerie. Obviously for personal use. Why?“ Part 1 of The Unintentional Crafts of Sherlock Holmes
Where You Are by Mazarin221b (E, 2,478 w., 1 Ch. || Beach Sex, First Time, Fluff, Smut, Holidays, Pining) – He can admit he’s secretly a little glad Sherlock didn’t come with him. He needs a break. Sherlock is a handful at the best of times, and the near-constant apologizing, fixing, dealing-with, and following up on is exhausting. The near-constant unrequited attraction is a bit exhausting, too, to be honest, and John could really use a tiny bit of rest from the relentless hammering on his brain and heart.
What He’s Like by magikspell (E, 2,919 w., 1 Ch. || Love Confessions, Fluff, First Time, Inexperienced Sherlock) – Realistic first time. They love each other so much.
Pillow Talk by 221b_hound (E, 2,925 w., 1 Ch. || Post-HLV, Est. Rel., Preening Sherlock, Limpet Sherlock, Frottage, Hand Jobs, Sex on Furniture, Scent Kink, Masturbation, Fluff, Soft Sherlock) – John gets home late from work and Sherlock is nowhere to be seen. John walks through the flat, distracted by memories of all the excellent sex they’ve been having, and finally finds Sherlock asleep in the upstairs room - apparently having fallen asleep mid-wank while inhaling the scent of John’s pillow. Well, you should always finish what you start, John thinks… Part 3 of Lock and Key
Bathroom Accessories by Evenlodes_Friend (E, 3,324 w., 1 Ch. || Sex Toys, Butt Plug, First Kiss / Time, Romance, Horny Sherlock, John’s Patience Wears Thin, Humour, Bottomlock) – John discovers that Sherlock has been playing with some very adult toys in the bath.
Come home. by hudders-and-hiddles (huddersandhiddles) (E, 3,763 w., 1 Ch. || Texting / Sexting, Lonely Sherlock, Nude Photos, Pining, Fluff & Smut) – When John leaves for a medical conference, Sherlock tries to entice him back home.
Happy anniversary by Salambo06 (E, 3,772 w., 1 Ch. || Est. Rel., Vulnerable Sherlock, Wedding Anniversary, Anal, Texting, Lingerie) – John inhaled deeply, feeling his cock pulse under the silk gown, and he let his eyes travel on the lean body in front of him. Sherlock was kneeling on the bed, their bed, and the picture had been taken so John could perfectly see his bare chest and pelvis. But what mattered most, what made John harden rather quickly, was the pair of panties Sherlock was wearing in the picture. Black, string over each hip and laces that outlined Sherlock’s erect cock barely hidden under the soft underwear.
Coldness/Heat by agirlsname (E, 3,790 w., 1 Ch. || Cuddling & Snuggling, Body Heat, New Year’s Eve, PWP, Bedsharing, Frottage) – The inn is booked up on New Year’s Eve. The train home is cancelled because of the snow. The only option is to sleep in the non-heated guest room of a client, and John and Sherlock are freezing.You know where this is going. Part 1 of New Year’s Kiss
Upon Waking by joolabee (E, 3,901 w., 1 Ch. || Mild Dub Con, Magical Realism, Angst, Somnophilia) – It sets on slow: John can only be awake while Sherlock sleeps, and vice versa. Their lives are codependent, but never meeting. Like a set of scales.
Love and Hair Dye by WhimsicalEthnographies (E, 3,920 w., 1 Ch. || Est. Rel., Body Worship, Self Conscious John, Voyeurism, Idiots in Love, Smutty Smut) – Self conscious John decides to cover the greys on his head, and the colour isn’t what he thought it would be. Now he’s more self-conscious than ever.
Someone Else’s Heart by thisprettywren (E, 4,188 w., 1 Ch. || First Time, H/C, POV Sherlock, Caretaking John, Pining Idiots) – A crime scene, a rainstorm, and something they both should have known all along.
See Recipe for Details by pandoras_chaos (E, 4,981 w., 1 Ch. || Oral / Anal Sex, Food, PWP, Fingerfucking) – John knows Sherlock’s mouth will never water over the sweet smells of baking chocolate biscuits or a lovely roast chicken, but he’s watched Sherlock nick mince pies out of Mrs. Hudson’s fridge often enough to deduce that the man does have taste, albeit confusing and obscure. So John makes a list: Things Sherlock Likes
Every Little Thing by the_beekeeper_of_sussex (E, 5,066 w., 2 Ch. || First Time / Kiss, Fluff, Frottage, Come as Lube, Embarassed Sherlock, Porn With Feelings) – When Sherlock walks in on John making tea wearing nothing but a tight pair of boxer-briefs things get a little heated…physically and emotionally.
Nothing So Sweet by alexxphoenix42 (E, 5,275 w., 1 Ch. || Shopkeeper AU || Beekeeping, Sussex, Alternate First Meeting, Awkward First Time Sex, Self-Consciousness / Body Insecurity, Fluff, Hand Jobs) – In an alternate universe, Sherlock is busy keeping to himself, tending his bees, and selling lovely jars of honey when a soldier limps into his life quite unexpectedly. Part 1 of The Sweetest Things
a very soft epilogue (my love) by darcylindbergh (E, 5,395 w., 3 Ch. || Retirement, Domestic Fluff, Dancing, Dogs, Grumpy Old Men) – Across the pillows, Sherlock shifts and hums, the creases of his face deepening and then smoothing before settling. John watches him wake up, his chest swelling with affection and fondness, and thinks he’ll never get tired of Sherlock in the mornings, sleepy and soft. It’s been some forty-odd years, and John hasn’t gotten tired of it yet. Part 5 of things fairy tales are made of
Caffeine and Adaptive Programming by DemonicSymphony (E, 5,540 w., 1 Ch. || Androids AU / Bond Fusion || Android Sherlock, Coffee Shop AU, Pining John Hinted Bond / Q, Toplock) – Sherlock is a coffee shop android slowly falling for a regular customer. But he’s not supposed to be able to feel emotions.
Tease You Till You Come by phoenix089 (E, 6,090 w., 1 Ch. || First Time, Clueless Sherlock, Sexting/Texting) – Initially, Sherlock was rather put out by John’s lack of presence on the case. But then he starts to receive pictures, several of them, of an unexpected nature. The case is forgotten rather quickly after that.
My First, My Only, and My Forever by vintagelilacs (E, 6,220 w., 1 Ch. || Post-ASiB, Virgin Sherlock, Pining Sherlock, Sherlock’s Bum, John’s Scar, Sherlock POV, Body Worship, Fingering, Bottomlock, Promise of Forever / Proposals, Misunderstanding, First Kiss/Time, Loss of Virginity, Virginity Kink, Seduction) – Sherlock narrowed his eyes. He was missing a vital piece of data, he was sure. John had been looking at him oddly ever since they left Buckingham Palace, and the ensuing incident with Irene Adler had only exacerbated his erratic behaviour. What was it? Why would he care that Sherlock was a virgin? There was nothing reminiscent of mockery or pity in his gaze. And then it hit him. John Watson was aroused.
Just a Touch by MissDavis (E, 6,248 w., 4 Ch. || Bed Sharing, Masturbation, First Time/Kiss, Friends to Lovers, Sharing a Room) – John has trouble falling asleep these days. There’s one thing he can do that always seems to help, but he’s stuck in this hotel room with Sherlock and doesn’t think he’ll get the chance. How will he ever find relief and a good night’s sleep?
The Effect of Memory by testosterone_tea (E, 6,430 w., 1 Ch. || Praise Kink, First Kiss / Time, Fluff, Smut, Virgin Sherlock, Love Confessions, Confused Sherlock) – John has temporary amnesia coming off of anaesthesia after an operation and not only does he not recognize Sherlock, he starts flirting with him! After John recovers, he doesn’t remember the incident at all. But Sherlock does. Confusion ensues.
The Death of Doubt by Gingerhermit (E, 6,584 w., 1 Ch. || Alternate Canon, BAMF John, POV Sherlock, Sherlock’s Mind Palace, Hurt/Comfort, Angst/Drama, Meddling Mycroft) – Mycroft asks for John’s help in rescuing Sherlock from his Serbian captors.
An Interpretation of Viewing Habits by akitsuko (E, 6,653 w., 1 Ch. || Porn Watching, Masturbation, Anal, Friends to Lovers, First Kiss / Time, Declarations of Love, Jealous Sherlock, Fantasizing, John in Denial / Internalized Homophobia, Bottomlock, Pining Idiots, Sherlock Has No Boundaries, Cockblocking Sherlock) – John watches porn. It’s a perfectly normal thing to do. If every video he watches happens to feature actors with remarkable physical similarities to his flatmate, well, that’s no one’s business but his own. Or: John is in denial, until his infatuation with Sherlock is impossible to deny anymore.
Fa Subito by kim47 (E, 6,659 w., 1 Ch. || Suit Porn, Cockblocker Mycroft, Obsessed Sherlock, PWP) – John wears a suit. Sherlock finds it extremely distracting.
Inside by magikspell (E, 6,757 w., 1 Ch. || Loss of Virginity, Anal / Rimming, Fluff, Humour, Awkwardness, Shy Sherlock, Bottomlock) – "Being inside someone. Feeling someone inside you.”
Abatement by WhimsicalEthnographies (E, 6,816 w., 1 Ch. || Est. Rel., Retirementlock, Fluff, Sherlock’s Self Esteem, Grumpy Sherlock, Idiots in Love, PWP, Fluff and Smut, Bottomlock) – “What’s wrong with you? You love the cottage,” John glances over to the passenger seat, then quickly turns his eyes back to the road. Driving was still not his forte, but considering Sherlock still couldn’t properly bend and lift his new knee enough to press and release the clutch, he had to make do. Not that Sherlock hadn’t tried to argue his way into the driver’s seat. “I love the cottage for a week or two, John. Don’t be deliberately obstuse,” Sherlock grumbles, sinking further in his seat. Well, as best he can with a four-week-old knee replacement. “And that’s all we’re going for, love,” John says out loud. But what he’s thinking is, shit. He knows.
Full Disclosure by Itsallfine (E, 7,032 w., 1 Ch. || Bars & Pubs, Fake Relationship, First Kiss / Time, Love Confessions, John’s Army Mates, Three Continents Watson, Semi-Public Sex) – John’s army mates get together for the first time post-discharge and invite John “Three Continents” Watson to join them. If John shows up alone, he knows he’ll be the object of non-stop ridicule all night. Sherlock plays along. John tests the waters.
Of Razors, Pipes, Red Notebooks and Rugby Jerseys, Or: Sherlock Doesn’t Like His Doctors Clean Shaven by allonsys_girl (E, 7,313 w., 1 Ch. || Est. Rel., PWP / Porn With Feelings, John’s Beard / Beard Kink, Roleplay, Love Declarations, Banter, Rimming, Anal, Domestic Fluff / Bliss, Idiots in Love, Emotional Lovemaking, Pet Names, Obsessive Sherlock, Sherlock POV, Bottomlock, Cranky Sherlock) – John grows a beard. Sherlock really likes it. Part 1 of Consulting Husbands
I can’t pretend by Salambo06 (E, 7,692 w., 1 Ch. || Fake Relationship, Victor Trevor, Jealous John, Miscommunications, Bed Sharing, Love Confessions, First Kiss/Time, Anal, BJs) – They had arrived more than a hour ago, and the moment they had walked inside the hotel reception, John had understood why Sherlock hadn’t wanted to come. Two men, posh suits and expensive watches on their wrists, had come to greet them with sharp remarks and badly hidden mockery, and John had seen red. Sherlock hadn’t said anything, mostly ignoring the two men entirely, and without thinking twice about it, John had slid an arm around Sherlock’s waist and introduced himself as his husband.
My Life for His by QuinnAnderson (E, 8,816 w., 1 Ch. || Guardian/Protector, Greek Mythology || Growing Up, Sex, Religious Themes, Suicide, Minor Character Death) – It began when Sherlock was eight, and he attempted to climb all the way up to the highest branch in the old willow tree in his back garden. He’d thought he was still small enough that it could support him, but the second he’d grabbed hold of it to pull himself up, the branch snapped, and down he went, plummeting a solid twenty metres.The odd thing was, he never actually hit the ground.
With This Ring by Quesarasara (E, 9,121 w., 1 Ch. || Est. Rel., Marriage Proposal, Angst and Fluff and Smut, Idiots in Love, Embarrassing Hospital Visits) – Sometimes even the best of plans go wrong. And sometimes wrong turns out to be exactly right.
Inked in Memory by 221b_hound (E, 9,716 w., 2 Ch. || Post-HLV, Tattoos, First Kiss / Time, Anal, Cuddling, Scars, Captain John, Kissing, Switchlock) – John has been back at Baker Street for a year, following the debacle that ended in Mary’s death. Things are good. Back almost to what they used to be. Sherlock might wish they were something else, now, but he only has himself to blame, he thinks. It’s too late, now, for the things he first denied before he’d ruined any chances he might have had. Sherlock also thinks that people who get tattoos are idiots. But perhaps he’s about to learn a thing or two, not least of which might be it’s not as late as he thinks it is. Part 1 of Lock and Key
Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder by cypress_tree (E, 10,669 w., 1 Ch. || UST/RST, For an Experiment) – John helps Sherlock with an experiment: for an entire month, they are not allowed to touch each other and must remain at least one metre apart at all times.
Of Course I Forgive You by allonsys_girl (E, 10,735 w., 1 Ch. || Love Confessions, Canon Divergence, First Time, Frottage, Wall Sex, Infidelity) – What if things had gone differently on that train car?
Iris by slashscribe (E, 11,948 w., 1 Ch. || Parentlock, Pining Sherlock, Post-S3) – Sherlock does his best to make John happy when John comes back to 221B with his new baby after the events of Season 3, but Sherlock has a track record of getting things wrong in this area. This story is an exploration of their gradual shift from friends to lovers, told from Sherlock’s perspective, full of a lot of pining and lack of emotional awareness.
Take My Breath Away by Quesarasara (E, 14,240 w., 1 Ch. || Emotional H/C, Angst & Fluff, Toplock, Smut, Lingerie) – Sherlock opens his eyes and looks at his friend—his best friend—and slowly tips his chin down until his forehead rests softly against John’s. They stay that way for a long moment, lips just a whisper apart, warm puffs of air mingling as each of them struggles to breathe. It’s no wonder they ended up here, really, locked in this breathless moment balanced on the cusp of something new. They’ve spent years taking each other’s breath away…
Pattern Behaviour by SilentAuror (E, 14,835 w., 1 Ch. || POV First Person Sherlock, Jealous Sherlock, Pining Sherlock, Introspection, Stroppy Sherlock, Light Humour, Friendship, John Takes Care of Sherlock, First Kiss/Time, Wall Kisses, Fluffy Angst, Happy Ending) – Sherlock doesn’t even know why he resents John’s dates so much. Until the day he does know. Slight angst, unrequited feelings (but don’t let that scare you off!)
Merlot by Itsallfine (E, 14,844 w., 17 Ch. || Christmas, Pining Sherlock, Wine, Slow Burn, First Kiss / Time, Love Confessions, Wine, Holmes Family) – Sherlock and John work toward becoming something more as they prepare to host the Holmes parents at 221B for the holidays. Part of 25 Days of Fic-Mas 2015.
A Silver Sixpence by _doodle (NC-17, 16,400 w., 2 Ch. || LJ Fic || For a Case / Case Fic, Fake Relationship, Humour, Romance, Marriage Proposal, Awkward Idiots, Cuddling, Touching, Kissing, Love Confessions, Bed Sharing, Friends to Lovers, Fake Until It’s Not, Schmoop and Fluff, Bottomlock) – “John, we need to get married. It’s for a case, not any romantic notions on my part pertaining to our partnership,” Sherlock said, with brutal honesty, and without even looking up.
A Hundred Thousand Ways to Say the Name John by Jberry (E, 16,825 w., 1 Ch. || Fake Relationship, Fake Marriage, POV John, Pining John, Cruise Ship, Angst & Fluff, Case Fic) –  John Watson and Sherlock Holmes must solve a case on a cruise ship. To get close to the crew and passengers, they must get married for the case on the Baetica. However, their relationship hits rocky seas both due to the case and internal conflicts. Part 1 of Baetica
About Sleep and Coffee and the Existence of Fate by Atiki (E, 17,426 w., 6 Ch. || Fluff, Marriage Proposal, Humour, 5+1) – Naturally, John was startled when suddenly the ultimate solution occurred to him: Marriage. This was, of course, a bit of a fundamental problem rather than an actual solution. One didn’t simply use the words “Sherlock” and “marriage” within the same sentence. Not even in a hypothetical context. Five times John kind of wanted to propose to Sherlock, and one time he didn’t have to.
John Watson doesn’t have a Boyfriend by naughtyspirit (E, 18,932 w., 7 Ch. || UST / URT, Fluff & Smut, Voyeurism, Masturbation) – John’s date has gone very well. Sherlock requires tea. John wishes he hadn’t resolved that their relationship was strictly hands off and isn’t about to address it. Unless he has to. Smut, fluff and shower time for a naked John Watson.
Through the Clouds by Mazarin221b (E, 20,004 w., 6 Ch. || Retirement, Sussex, Bees, Home Improvement, First Time, Romance) – Sherlock takes a remarkably early retirement at 47, and convinces John that a change of pace would do them both good. They buy an old cottage on the South Downs, and exchange their nonstop life in Baker Street for quiet contemplation, bee studies, and book writing. They might go completely insane, but sometimes it takes stepping outside of the life you’re living to find the life you want. Part 1 of Through The Clouds
A Life Well-Lived by Kate_Lear (E, 20,121 w., 1 Ch. || Original Male Character, Sherlock Woos John, Jealous Sherlock, Reluctant Bi-John, Past Abuse, Insecure John, Reassuring / Caring Sherlock, Protective Sherlock, Understanding Sherlock) – John got scared off men by an abusive past relationship. Sherlock has to try and woo him while not scaring him off with protective possessive rage.
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sourwolfstories · 3 years ago
That Escalated Quickly by literaryoblivion
Rating: Teen and Up
Word Count: 10078
Stiles is running late to work on the day he has to give a big presentation, but luckily he has an assigned parking spot waiting for him.
Except he doesn't.
Because some jerk in a nice suit with a sleek black Camaro has stolen it.
The douche.
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ereri-lost-and-found · a year ago
Hello! I apologize if this was asked before (I couldn't find anything) but i was wondering if you have any fics with post time skip eren. I'm dying to read some fics with my boy all grown up. Thank you guys for all your hard work :)
Hello @gokillthenoise!
Here’s a list we’ve complied of our fav post time skip ereri fics~
Cardinal by fluffymusketeer
(Rated E, 10 113 words, complete)
Not once, even in his most feverish fantasies, did Eren ever imagine he’d stumble across his Captain in a brothel.
Chasm by fluffymusketeer
(Rated T, 2461 words, complete)
Levi cannot let go. Not just yet.
Post-105 hurt/comfort drabble, originally posted on tumblr. Platonic, but intimate.
Aftermath by JaegerBombs 
(Rated E, 3972 words, complete)
After the Survey Corps arrive back on Paradis, Levi is once again left with the duty of watching over Eren. The two of them confront the pain that Eren has caused.
the walls between us by Arlene0401
(Rated M, 1699 words, complete)
After Hanji has unsuccessfully tried to talk to Eren, Levi decides to help - although he hardly recognises his former lover in the stranger downstairs.  
Unknown Quantities by thisgirlsays22
(Rated E, 2975 words, complete)
Levi realises that if he hasn’t already lost Eren, he will soon.
Abstract Impressions by tainted_ashes
(Rated M, 11 099 words, complete, Major Character Death)
Levi reminds Eren what it means to be human.
The Wait by Xenobia
(Rated E, 6317 words, complete, Mentions of Eruri)
Every sunrise and sunset, Eren stands like a sentinel at the shoreline, watching the ocean horizon. They all know it’s only a matter of time before a confrontation with Marley occurs, whether the Paradis military reaches enemy waters first or the other way around. Another storm is coming, and Eren wants to show Levi how he feels before his time runs out. Takes place some time after manga chapter 90 while the events of chapters 91 and 92 are happening on the other continent.
failsafe by jubileus
(Rated E, 1518 words, complete)
“I’m not changing my mind.”
Levi undoes a third button, then decides that should suffice as far as breathing room goes. It’s been a while since he’s done this, but he aims to give it his all.
“Who says I’m here to change your mind?”
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aziraphales-library · 11 months ago
Hi! There was a fic where the angels and demons had a convention every 100 years or something? And the demons make a bet to see who can bed an angel? And Crowley uses it as an opportunity to spend time with Aziraphale.
Almost positive that’s this one!
One Night In Bangor (And the World's Your Oyster) by Atalan
"All right, I know I'm going to regret asking this," Aziraphale says. "What exactly does this wager entail?"
Crowley grins like the cat that not only got the cream but has absconded with the entire cow. He grabs the bottle and swigs straight from it despite Aziraphale's tut of disapproval.
"The pot goes to whichever demon can get an angel into bed by the end of the evening."
AKA The Fic That Tumblr Made Me Write. Heaven and Hell share a corporate party once per millennium. This time someone's had the bright idea of issuing a challenge to the demons of Hell. Crowley has no intention of missing the opportunity; Aziraphale's just enough of a bastard to make him work for it.
~Mod P
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thetaekooklibrary · 3 years ago
Brace Face
by Sunflower2 (1/1 | NR | 12,971)
Taehyung desperately wants to be popular and Jungkook just wants to see Taehyung smile. 
admin a: this was pretty cliched but that was the whole point and i really loved it lol (i also appreciated that the stereotypes were pretty harmless, and guk wasn’t some asshole bully jock and tae didn’t need to get some kind of makeover to “get the guy”)
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sourwolfstories · a year ago
Forget Your Perfect Offering by yodasyoyo
Rating: Teen and Up
Word Count: 10367
They’re both so pale under the layers of ash and soot, that’s the first thing John notices, that, and the smell that clings to their hair, their skin, their clothes.
Years later, when he knows Derek better, when he knows the truth, he’ll recall this moment and it’ll make his heart break a little. He’ll remember how the scent was so acrid, so intense, and he’ll wonder: If it was like that for him— a human— then how much worse for them? What else could they smell as they sat on hard plastic chairs beneath the stark strip light in a paint-peeled hallway at the Sheriff’s station?
5 times the Sheriff called Derek 'son', and 1 time Derek called the Sheriff 'dad'.
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ereri-lost-and-found · 2 years ago
Heyy so first of all I wanted to tell you guys that your blog is so good ! Aaah it's nice to have so many people willing to dedicate themselves to help fans find ereri fics :') and your 100th follower giveaway !! You are just adorable
Why, hello there little Strawberry! Your kind words just put you on our ‘nice’ list! These ereri elves were determined to make you a list that makes it feel like the Holidays! Please take a peek below for an early Christmas gift from us to you; we won’t tell Santa!
While this is our first list of Christmas fics, please feel free to comment below and share with us some of your favorites! Tis the season to share ereri, fa la la la la fa la la la. 🎶🎄🦌⛄
This is going to be a long list because Mod B loves Christmas and has no self control; just wouldn’t stop adding more and more fics, oh my god. Seriously, I was just about to post when they were like ”WAIT CAN WE ADD ONE MORE??” IS THERE ANY END TO THIS SOMEBODY SAVE ME; JUST LET ME HATE CHRISTMAS IN PEACE!
A Christmas Carol by FraBee(Rated E, 22 456words, complete)
Levi Ackerman hated a lot of things: people, dirt, noise, crowded spaces, wasting his money on things like paying his employees, getting together with his relatives…But there came a time of they year in which all these things came together, a time he despised with a passion: Christmas.Which was, undoubtedly, the dumbest, most expensive and irritating holiday of them all.So, like every year, he refused to go spend time with his nephew (Farlan Church) and made his secretary (Eren Jaeger) stay in the office ‘till late on Christmas Eve, not caring if the younger had plans that night.He knew everyone hated him, avoided him, but that’s exactly what Levi wanted: to be left alone.But on that Christmas Eve the spirit of his dead colleague (Erwin Smith) and three others (Historia Reiss as the ghost of Christmas past, Sasha Brauss as the ghost of Christmas present, and I have no idea who the ghost of Christmas to Come is) will change his mind, but most importantly his heart.
a modern day christmas carol by acidtowns (Rated T,10 774 words, complete)
Three spirits visit Levi on Christmas Eve to tell him to get his life together.
Christmas at the Ackermans by zhedang (Rated T, 8 611words, complete)
An incredibly self-indulgent fic in which Mikasa asks Eren to do her a favor and go pick up her “sort of” cousin Levi from the airport and oh no, he’s hot.
Christmas Cleaning by raindrop_rouge (Rated G,2 361 words, complete)
Christmas has come and gone, and Levi only has one thing in mind: cleaning up. Eren, however, does not seem 100% devoted to cooperating.
Baby It’s Cold Outside! by ReluctantHero (Not Rated, 8 603words, complete)
Eren has been a huge fan of Actor Levi Ackerman since he was a child.Now he’s doing his first big roll on a TV Christmas movie and get to work with his long time idol.Will they hit it off?
sit it out by elliewritesthings (Rated T, 14 081words, complete)
However, when he steps out from between the shelves he freezes in place, brows furrowing as he stares at the chair, his chair, that’s currently being occupied by someone that is not him.Well, that’s unusual, he thinks. During the current semester, Eren has never seen anyone sitting in his chair. In fact, the seats by the window are rarely taken, and even now there are plenty of available ones just few feet away, but Eren wants this one. Annoyance bubbles up inside him as he glares at the person who’d so rudely stolen his chair. Though all he can see is the back of the guy’s head, Eren can tell that he’s a grade A asshole.
Sweeter Than Expected by inkshaming (Not Rated, 18 144words, complete)
Though he had the best of intentions, Levi finds himself out of his depth when it comes to expressing his new-found affection for a college student who’s a little down on his luck. He’s about to find out that, when it comes to Eren, there’s really no such thing as ‘too sweet.’An Accidental Sugar-Daddy AU.
home for christmas by elliewritesthings (Rated M,7 069words, complete)
He’s so not over it, Levi surmises, slumping down on the table as he keeps stealing glances in Eren’s direction. Damn it, the man has only gotten more handsome while he’s been gone, that bright, beaming smile and those lively eyes making Levi’s heart beat faster even though he’s all the way on the other side of the room. There are a couple of new gray hairs at his temples, and Levi figures it tells quite a lot about him that he’s able to spot something that minor from across the room. Coming back had been a terrible mistake because he can feel himself falling all over again and it’s even worse the second time around - he’s an adult now, for fuck’s sake, and it’s downright ridiculous that he’s still not over his little crush.
Homebound by Gootbuttheichou (Rated E,6 546words, complete)
When Michigan is hit by a blizzard, Levi and Eren find that they are unable to fly back to their home state for Christmas- so they make do by celebrating it on their own.
Murphy Christmas by SimplyTsundere (Rated T, 5 739words, complete)
After adopting two unfortunately mischievous kittens, Veterinarian Eren Jaeger discovers his new neighbor isn’t the most friendly person when he gets awoken by kittens screaming in his face. The straight-laced, attractive man scoffs at his presence and goes on about his morning. Eren feels terrible for the first impression and decides that he should apologize properly: with some wine. He returns that afternoon to apologize only to wind up in a series of unfortunate events. Little did he know that his fateful meeting would lead to much more than a bloody nose, a glass of wine, and a proposition.
Check Me Out by Attack_On_Feelings (delsol) (Rated E, 6 219words, complete)
Itchy green polos, bailing coworkers, rude suburban moms, and one very attractive costumer.Based on the prompt: Some asshole customer is screaming at you for doing your job and I can tell that you really want to yell back but I’m assuming you can’t so excuse me I’ll do it for you
Wasabi, Or All the Things We Leave Behind by Silicu (silmil) (Rated M,4 916words, complete)
Levi hates Chriastmas, Eren loves hot chocolate, Hanji is going to suffer and Mikasa is creepy. Oh, and Erwin and Armin might take over the world.
Late Night Coffee by iStygianEmpress (iDarkEmpress) (Rated T,7 390words, complete)
For days, Levi has been receiving gifts from an anonymous sender.  He doesn’t have any idea about who the sender is, but whoever it is seems to know him very well.Levi also has a crush on Eren Yeager, his daily late night customer who seems to worm his way to his heart.Gifts, jealousy and couple sweaters ensues.Who knows? It may become his warmest Christmas.
Endearing Proposal by sweetkokoro (Rated M,3 151words, complete)
Levi and Eren spend their Christmas Eve in downtown Chicago. They’re in Navy Pier and do many fun activities. Towards the end of the day they head towards the big Christmas tree and there, Eren makes an endearing proposal.
Frozen Nipples by BreadHood (Rated G,902words, complete)
Winter is coldHange is annoyingLevi is pissedand his nipples are frozenso why not look for a boyfriend along the way?
Holiday Happenstance by slugworthingtonjr (Not Rated,3 551words, complete)
Eren always waits until the last minute to do his Christmas shopping, and it always sucks. This year however, he manages to collide with another shopper, sending the man’s coffee everywhere. It should’ve made the night worse, but somehow it made it better.
Titan Trees by sciencefictioness (Rated M,5 492 words, complete)
Eren found the perfect Christmas tree for the house. Or he thought he had, until Levi shot him down brutally. Now Levi needs to find a way to make it up to Eren.
C'est la vieby joouheika (Rated E, 11 641 words, complete)
Eren’s cousin Krista just had to come out on Christmas day.
Of Mistletoe and Shitty Fake Boyfriends by TheSpazzBot (Rated T, 13 819words, complete)
Eren wouldn’t say they were friends. Hell, he wouldn’t even say they were acquaintances. But he supposes that ‘Fake Boyfriend’ does have a ring to it.
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hlficlibrary · 11 months ago
Tumblr media
Stars Will Align For Us by @2tiedships2 I 15K
"The serial monogamist is single," Niall said by way of introduction when he sat down across from Harry in the canteen.
Harry sipped his chocolate milk. "What are you going on about?"
"Your alpha dream boat," Niall said. "That tiny little footie player? I heard from Hannah that he's broken it off with his boyfriend so he’s single and ready to flamingle. Now's the time to make your move."
Harry sipped his chocolate milk harder to keep himself from replying.
Or the one where Harry is an omega at a loss of how to get past his pining and gain the attention of Louis...especially considering the alpha is always in a relationship.
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thetaekooklibrary · 3 years ago
Two Wrongs Make A Right
by j_v_tae (1/1 | T | 14,346)
Loving Jeongguk has always been something that comes naturally to Taehyung, and because of that, he struggles to contain that love within his own heart. But as his affection for his bandmate grows stronger along with the group's fame, having a relationship with Jeongguk will come with the risk of ruining their career — and ending Jeongguk's dream is something Taehyung could never forgive himself for.
— Yet despite guilt and fear, young love prevails, as it so often does.
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sourwolfstories · 2 years ago
Risky Business by skoosiepants
Rating: Teen and Up
Word Count: 14698
Stiles stumbles back when Derek takes a step toward him, but still says, "Tell me, did you offer Isaac, Erica and Boyd 'the bite,' too?" He's not proud of the air quotes he uses, but it's too late to rethink them now—Derek lunges at him with a growl and Stiles trips over his own feet and falls on his ass on the rocky ground. "What the fuck, Derek?"
"You don't know what you're talking about," Derek says. He crouches over Stiles, insanely thick thighs bracketing Stiles's raised knees. His eyes flash red.
Stiles sucks in a breath, heart beating high and terrified in his throat. He barely has enough breath to rasp, "What the fuck?" again.
There's a growl low in Derek's chest. He says, "You can tell Scott that if he shows up with you, the deal's off."
or -
An AU where Scott was never bit by Peter Hale, Derek actually manages to be a good alpha, and Stiles gets kidnapped a lot.
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aziraphales-library · a year ago
Hi! I'm looking for a fic, it's a funny one with crowley convincing the demons to try and court the angles in an anual office party so he can be at ease talking with aziraphale. Thank you so much!
I think that’s this one, dear!
One Night In Bangor (And the World's Your Oyster) by Atalan
"All right, I know I'm going to regret asking this," Aziraphale says. "What exactly does this wager entail?"
Crowley grins like the cat that not only got the cream but has absconded with the entire cow. He grabs the bottle and swigs straight from it despite Aziraphale's tut of disapproval.
"The pot goes to whichever demon can get an angel into bed by the end of the evening."
AKA The Fic That Tumblr Made Me Write. Heaven and Hell share a corporate party once per millennium. This time someone's had the bright idea of issuing a challenge to the demons of Hell. Crowley has no intention of missing the opportunity; Aziraphale's just enough of a bastard to make him work for it.
~Mod P
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