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#under the covers
weltenwellen · 6 months ago
You go ahead There's something I forgot Walk slow and I'll catch up Let's hear the stars do their talking
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euesworld · 19 days ago
"Being all warm and safely snuggled under the covers with you cuddling is like being tucked away in a soft little nook in heaven.."
Ahhhhhh, only thing I need is a good book and your legs wrapped around me and I'll be all set - eUë
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yantarnii · 11 months ago
Tumblr media
I blessed the rains down in Aaafricaaa
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authoressofdarkness · 23 days ago
Under the Covers (Chapter 2)
You are the one who gets to shut up and make me look pretty so I can do what I need to do.” He gives him a sugar sweet smile, putting a hand over his. “Will that be a problem for you, babe?” He finds himself thinking ouch but also fuck for the second time in almost as many minutes. “Well, if there’s one thing my file should have told you, sweetheart… it’s that I never shut up.” He smirks back at him. Two can play at this game.
No warnings for this chapter!
Jarvis hears all, and Tony is silently thanking himself for that as soon as he re-enters the house.
The car ride back had been awkward at best. It started to hit Tony fully what he’d agreed to and the fact that he knows basically nothing about this kid except that he’s a kid — okay, not a kid but a kid compared to him — and he’s pretty and he works for SHIELD and everything is fake and he needs to remember that. And anyway, long story short, he’d panicked and turned up the radio too loud for conversation to allow himself some time to process.
Thankfully Peter didn’t seem offended. He just looked out the window, clearly lost in thought himself.
“Welcome home, sir, Mr. Parker. I’ve taken the liberty of ordering in dinner for you. It should be here shortly. Would you like me to run the tour programming, or will you be showing Mr. Parker around yourself?”
“Thanks, J. Let me know when it arrives. I’ve got the tour, though.” Tony glances over at Peter, who’s looking around in something like awe. “What kind of boyfriend would I be if I didn’t, right?”
Peter turns his gaze back to him and smiles a little, quirking a shoulder. “Yeah. I guess so. That was your AI, right?” He falls into step with him again.
“Right. That’s Jarvis. He’s everywhere here. You can ask him for whatever you need, and he can either help you or can relay a message to me, if you need me. He’s quite handy. Now…” He launches into the tour, giving him the overview of the house that he needs. He shows him the whole main floor and then leads to the bedrooms, last. He does have two guest rooms, thankfully, though they rarely ever get used. One of them — the one closest to his — will be Peter’s, now.
What? They’re only supposed to be pretending to date, and he wasn’t going to keep it up in his own house. Not to such an extent that he wants Peter sleeping in his bed with him, that was for sure. He only has so much (questionable) self control; plus, well… PTSD things that he doesn’t want to address right now.
Anyway, he doubted Peter would be on board with it. This is fake, after all, and surely he needs his own space to do undercover-agent things.
“This will be your space. Feel free to settle in, get comfortable. Fury said you only have to stay a couple of nights a week, but if you want to be here full time, that’s fine as well. This is yours to use as you please. My room is just there-“ he points to the end of the hall, “-so I’ll be close by if you need me.”
Peter nods. “Thank you. I don’t actually, uh… have a place around here, so I’ll probably be around pretty often, if that’s okay with you. I’m from the city, so this is a ways out for me.”
Tony blinks. “Oh. Yeah, sure. Like I said, make yourself at home.” The city? He wants to ask what city, and probably should — a normal boyfriend would know those kinds of things, right? — but he hesitates. Peter hasn’t offered more info and it seems too soon to push. Maybe he should just let him get settled, first, and then they can talk. Establish backstories and all. Or did they already have backstories? Hadn’t Fury said something about ‘laying the groundwork’ earlier?
Shit. They really need to have a debrief.
Well, fortunately or unfortunately, Peter seems to have taken that conversation as a dismissal, which — yeah, makes sense since the tour is over and he told him to get comfortable. Still, he jumps a little when the door closing a few inches from his nose jolts him from his thoughts.
They’d debrief later, then.
Tony lets out a breath. “Jarvis, let me know when dinner arrives,” he says, and then heads to his lab to work out some of the remaining jitters before dinner time.
A half hour or so later, the food Jarvis had ordered for them arrives, and Tony starts setting up dinner in the kitchen, having the AI relay the message to Peter that the food is here. He wants to make sure he’s setting a good example — for both of them, admittedly — by not just bursting into the boy’s room, making sure he has his space and can come in and out on his own time. Surely that’s what Peter will need to do his job properly, and that’s what Tony wants for himself, at least.
Tony is still unpacking the boxes of food when Peter emerges. His curls are wet and sticking up wildly, and he’s changed into night pants and an oversized sweatshirt. He looks, frankly, delicate, and delicious, but he tries to push that thought away.
Fake. It’s all fake. No new conquests. Nothing too close to you. Remember how you survive.
He takes a breath. “Help yourself to whatever you’d like. I ordered a bit of everything, just in case. You want anything to drink?” He moves to the fridge.
“Just water is great, Mr. Stark. Thank you.” Peter slides onto one of the stools at the island, checking the labels on a few boxes before picking one he likes.
Tony slides him a water, mixing himself up something a bit stronger before joining him at the counter. “Suit yourself. I probably shouldn’t offer you alcohol anyway. I’m not entirely convinced you’re old enough to drink.”
Peter looks amused. “I’m 23, Mr. Stark. I know you know that.”
“First of all — stop with the ‘Mr. Stark’ thing. You do it too much in private, you'll do it in public, and then we’re going to be in trouble.” And he doesn’t want to admit how much he likes it, so that was best to be stopped in its tracks. “Second — I’m 38, kid. I’ve been doing this for a while. And you still don’t look old enough to drink to me. You barely pass for an adult.”
“Well, I’ve been doing this for a while too, Tony. And in my experience, looking younger works to my advantage. You might not remember that at your age, but-“
“ Hey!” Tony flicks a piece of chicken at him. “Rude!”
Peter dodges it almost before the piece comes flying at him, but any attention Tony might have paid to that is drawn to the giggle that comes out of Peter’s mouth as he does so. “I’m kidding, I’m kidding! You don’t look a day over 25, sir. But really, in all seriousness — it works to my advantage, so I don’t mind.”
Tony thinks about calling him out on the comment about his looks, but then decides he’d rather not find out whether Peter’s compliment is legitimate or not. He just uses the tail end of Peter’s statement to segway into the things they really need to talk about. “That so? And how long have you been doing this?”
“Long enough to know a few tricks.” Peter hums, tilting his head at him. “Why? Hoping to learn something?”
Tony snorts. “Ha-ha. Yeah, something about you. As your boyfriend, aren’t these things that I should know?”
“There are some things you need to know, sure, but I don’t think anyone is going to ask you about my background as a SHIELD agent — at least not if they’re good guys.”
Tony cocks his head, looking up at him with bemusement. It’s nice to see the boy has a little snark in him. It almost makes him feel a bit more sure that he can take care of himself. And yet… “What happened to the fanboy I talked to earlier? You’re sassy this evening.”
“I was never being a fanboy! Just because I said I was a fan doesn’t mean I have to worship the ground you walk on.”
Ouch. Maybe that hurt a little — because, yeah, now that he thinks about it, Peter had said he was a fan, and he’d been a bit flustered, but… he hadn’t really done much fanboy-esque. And no, he doesn’t have to worship him to be a fan — but most everyone else does.
This is gonna take some getting used to.
And the worst part is, he likes him all the more for it. Fuck. How is that fair?
“I see,” is all he says in response. “That’s… fair enough. But, in all seriousness — Fury said they laid the groundwork for this to work. What do you know? What do I need to know?”
Peter takes a bite of food, seeming to think about it for a minute. “Well, mostly, just my background is all you need to know. You’re not going to be doing any serious leg work as far as actively working on the case goes. You just... need to be a convincing boyfriend. Show me off enough to make Beck take an interest.”
“Showing you off is certainly something I can do. You might have noticed, or Fury and his case file might have told you this — but I’m good at showing off, and not much else.” He flashes him a grin.
Peter’s lips twitch up a little. “I don’t think that’s true, but yes, I’ve seen your case file. I know what it says about you.”
“Yet I haven’t seen yours. I got a headshot — and I had to beg for a name. How unfair.”
“I don’t seem to recall you begging,” Peter counters. “I could hear your conversation, you know. I was just on the other side of the glass. And anyway — you don’t need to see my file. It’s not relevant to the mission.”
“Why is my file relevant and yours isn’t when you’re the agent here?”
“Because I am the agent here. Thus I’m the one going in and I’m the one who needs to know everything. You are the one who gets to shut up and make me look pretty so I can do what I need to do.” He gives him a sugar sweet smile, putting a hand over his. “Will that be a problem for you, babe?”
He finds himself thinking ouch but also fuck for the second time in almost as many minutes. “Well, if there’s one thing my file should have told you, sweetheart… it’s that I never shut up.” He smirks back at him. Two can play at this game. “Now, tell me what you want me to know about you.”
What you want me to know. Because that obviously was playing some part in this. Peter doesn’t want him to know everything about him. If he’s really a fan, though, he ought to realize Tony could probably find out everything with ease if he wants to. So… what does he think he’s accomplishing?
A question for later. For now, he needs to figure out what the kid wants him to know.
“I’m 23. I’m a SHIELD agent, and I know what I’m doing — you need to know that, though I don’t expect you to be repeating it. If anyone asks you, I’m just a student. We met at a seminar you gave in the city a few months ago-“
“The city?” Tony wracks his brain to figure out what seminar he’s talking about and only comes up with one recent one in a major city. “The one in New York City? Why would we have met there? Shouldn’t we pick a more realistic place for us to have met?”
“Because I live there, Tony. At least I did. And I was at the event — fan, remember?”
“Right. Fan, not fanboy.” And then— “Wait, you’re from New York? They really drug you across the country to be the perfect real-fake bait twink?”
“How eloquent,” Peter deadpans, lips twitching up at the corners in a hint of a bemused smile. “No one dragged me anywhere, but yes, they asked me to come to Cali specifically for this mission. I’m from Queens, actually.”
Huh. Wow. He’d said he was from the city and that he didn’t have a place around here, but he expected around here to mean in this city, not this state.  
“Okay…” Tony says, brain lagging a moment as he tries to process that information. “Great. Anything else? Drink of choice, any food allergies?”
“I’m allergic to shellfish. And I’m a college student — I can’t afford to be picky with my alcohol. That said — the lighter and fruitier the better. I don’t like being drunk. Anything that impairs my senses is a no-go for me.”
“Noted. Though, lucky for you, my events only have good alcohol.” He flashes him a grin. “But I’m sure you’ll find that out soon enough.”
Peter cocks a brow and leans back, empty food containers stacked neatly together in front of him. “I look forward to it. Now, I’m going to turn in early — unless you’ve got any objections…”
He has a whole list of objections — partially curious, partially obscene, and mostly borne out of a desire to keep the boy close to him, to keep talking. He’s enjoying their banter, if he’s honest. Enjoying the company , which he so rarely had these days.
But Peter’s here to do a job. And it’s not to please or entertain him, unfortunately.
“No objections. Sleep tight. Don’t let the bed bugs bite,” he responds, flippant and snarky in an attempt to cover up his hesitation.
“You have bed bugs?” Peter throws away his trash and turns back to him, raising an eyebrow, a little smirk toying with his lips as he tries to look mock-innocent and surprised.
Tony smiles despite himself. “Fair point. No bed bugs. Goodnight, kid.”
“Night, Mr. Stark.”
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doomspaniels · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
Is it secret? Is it safe?
[Image Description: an orange dog nose barely peeks out from under a burgundy blanket, like a snorkel.]
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youtuberswithalex · 8 months ago
I made a playlist for anyone who still wants to jam to the same songs from Under the Covers (1, 2, and 3), without having to think about Dan Avidan.
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socalledmixtapelife · 11 months ago
“Under The Covers” Playlist
Songs commonly mistaken to be the original
I Fought The Law - The Bobby Fuller Four
Blinded By The Light - Manfred Mann’s Earth Band
All Along The Watchtower - Jimi Hendrix
Tainted Love - Soft Cell
Valerie - Amy Winehouse
Respect - Aretha Franklin
Walk This Way - Run DMC
I Love Rock & Roll - Joan Jett & The Blackhearts
Girls Just Want To Have Fun - Cyndi Lauper
Red Red Wine - UB40
Try A Little Tenderness - Otis Redding
Nothing Compares 2 U - Sinead O’Connor
Make You Feel My Love - Adele
I Will Always Love You - Whitney Houston
Hallelujah - Jeff Buckley
Tumblr media
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I'm surprised that with their three cover song albums NSP has yet to cover the song "Detachable Penis" by King Missile. That song should of been a shoo-in.
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inrumford · 10 months ago
Under the covers - a superb cover of the sadly missed John Lennon presented here by the sadly missed  Chris  Cornell
In March, Universal Music will issue No One Sings Like You Anymore, a volume of cover versions recorded by Chris Cornell in 2016, the year before his death.
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bunnybokuto · 9 months ago
movie night.
Tumblr media
⤷ koutarou bokuto x gn! reader.
⤷ warnings: 18+, dry humping, cumming in pants, soft sex. (yes, again.)
⤷ note: this was intended to include several other characters, but i got carried away with another kou dry humping scenario and had to keep this by itself. don’t look at me.
⤷ minors dni.
Tumblr media
as you lay together on the couch, your head resting in the crook of his neck, your thumb swipes gently across his chest. the movie isn’t that great, even though kou seems to be mildly interested, so you decide to change the pace. he won’t mind, he never does, so you don’t feel too bad about stealing his attention.
although it seems innocent enough, koutarou knows you’re not touching his nipple through his shirt on accident. you work him up so easily time and time again, and he’s honestly sorry for how quickly this always seems to progress.
he hadn’t expected this tonight, he just planned to cuddle while watching a movie in his pjs with you, but he’s certainly not complaining. you’ve been in this position many times before, not sure how to proceed but always patient with each other nonetheless, never pressuring the other either way. if you were going to do anything, it was going to be done right.
he has you on his lap, kissing you while his thick fingers push into the fat of your hips, grinding your sex down against him. soft, desperate pants puff against your lips, because he insisted he wanted to taste you. he wants to taste what he had to wait so long to experience, wants it to grab him by the throat and shake him all up.
and you do, you do shake him all up. your hands cling to the sweaty back of his neck as you try to give him everything he wants, everything he desires, everything he deserves.
the bed creaks repeatedly with the rhythmic movement of your hips, the noise mere background noise to the main event that is koutarou’s whines in your ear. usually he’s good at holding off on cumming too soon, but with the way the sweat runs down your forehead, dripping hotly onto his stomach, he feels like putty melting in your hand.
when he finally feels his cum leak against the inside fabric of his plaid pajama pants, he keeps going, not caring if he’s overstimulated. it’s worth it for you, it all is. he wants, no, needs you to cum all over him, needs you to soak through the fabric of your shorts. he needs you to give it to him, give yourself to him, give it your all.
his thumb strokes you through your shorts, begging you to let go and release all your tension and let him catch you afterward. it only takes a few more strokes and you finally break, his smile so genuine as he presses his lips to yours eagerly. the heat of his cheeks from his smile radiates onto you, and you can feel his happiness at your shared pleasure.
sure, he’s proud of himself for making you feel so good, but he’s even happier that you trust him enough to be like this with him. he just can’t get enough of you, and makes a mental note to plan more movie nights and pick an even shittier movie next time, so that maybe you’ll interrupt it sooner.
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weltenwellen · 2 months ago
When it hits me that she's gone I think I'll be an astronaut Make the moon my home and leave the earth behind
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euesworld · 3 months ago
"Anyone else want to get warm and cozy, snuggling under the blankets all night?? That's what I need in my life, like get over here and curl up to me.. I want to put my arms around you and press right up against your back with my nose in your neck. Can. I. Get. Some. Sweet. Affection. Pleeeease?!?"
Press yourself against me and wiggle around and maybe the night could get sexy - eUë
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authoressofdarkness · 7 months ago
Under the Covers (Chapter 1)
“Do you really think there’s any way I’ll be able to be incognito for any amount of time? Aren’t you worried my ego will feel neglected from going unrecognized so long? Maybe I’ll blow my cover because I’m too desperate for attention.” “You’re not going to be going undercover. You’re going to be assisting our undercover agent.”
Someone tell me why I do these things. I swear. Blame @itfeelssogoodmrstark. Now I’ve gotta go work on finals goddamnit-
“We need your help, Stark.”
“And why would I help you?”
“Because we need you to. And you want these assholes off the street just as bad as we do. You’re the only one in the position to make this mission happen.”
“I’m the only person you consider expendable, you mean. I put myself in danger all the time, so it’s okay for you to do it, too, right?”
Doesn’t play well with others.
“That’s not what I said.”
“And yet that’s what you meant.”
A heavy sigh on the other end. “Hear whatever you’d like, I’m not going to argue with you. I need to know if you’re willing to do this or not, because you’ll need to meet your partner-“
“Partner? I thought I was too volatile to work with others. Besides, Iron Man doesn’t need a partner.”
“Well, we don’t need you as Iron Man. We need you as Tony Stark.”
“And yet I remember hearing the exact opposite a few months ago. Funny how that works,” he snarks.
“What you do in that tin can isn’t what I need right now. We need something more subtle.”
“Subtle? What about me is subtle? Agent Romanov is the epitome of subtle. Even fooled me. Try her.”
Another sigh, then: “Not that subtle. We need the built-in status and resources that you have as your… distinguished self. That’s key to this mission, as is the partner. Now if you’re gonna ask questions, can you at least come in and debrief in person so I’m not wasting more of all of our time?”
And he has more questions, so he agrees. He’s nothing if not nosy. And it’ll be fun to string Fury along just long enough to get on his nerves even if he decides not to consult on this particular mission.
Consult, of course. That’s his job. He’s too much of a mess to be an Avenger. And that’s fine with him. He likes flying solo, doing things on his own terms, most of the time.
But he has agreed to consult on some cases. Partially because he owes Fury, and he doesn’t like owing people. He’d worked hard to get out of the debt of owing people after everything that happened with Obie. But he couldn’t deny Fury had saved his ass with the whole pallidum poisoning thing. He’d likely have died if left on his own.
And, well, partially because… yeah, maybe he has a bit of a hero complex. But something bothers him too much now about standing off to the side in any serious situation.
And these mutant drugs going around were certainly a serious situation. But he didn’t understand why blasting the drug lord to hell wasn’t going to be enough to handle it.
“So what’s the big idea, Fury?” he asks, a few hours later, as the elder man finally enters the conference room -- where they’d left him waiting for way longer than strictly necessary, he’s sure. “I don’t understand what the big hoopla is. Do you really think there’s any way I’ll be able to be incognito for any amount of time? Aren’t you worried my ego will feel neglected from going unrecognized so long? Maybe I’ll blow my cover because I’m too desperate for attention.” He bats his eyes at him, pulling a mock-sad face.
Fury doesn’t look amused. He drops a file down on the table in front of him. “You’re not going to be going undercover. You’re going to be assisting our undercover agent.”
“I don’t recall agreeing to do anything yet, so careful with all those orders, cyclops.” Tony sits up, dropping the facade in favor of reaching for the file. “What is this?”
“Case overview. Read it.”
“I already know as much about it as you do.” It’s true; he’d already been looking into this particular problem on his own before Fury had contacted him to ask him about consulting. Course, the fact that their interests were overlapping was about the only thing he knew so far, aside from what he’d figured out on his own, but Fury didn’t need to know that.
“Just read it, Stark.”
Tony does. He skims the file, frowning a little as he reads. Maybe they knew a bit more than he did, then.
The head of the operation, from what they could tell, was one Quentin Beck. Or at least, he was the highest part of the food chain that they knew of for now.
He was the man that Tony had landed on, as well. But SHIELD had more on the inner workings than he did. Some of the stock houses, the loading areas, some of the runners involved in the operation. More information about where Beck stayed, what social circles he ran in. He used to be a special effects coordinator, apparently, before he was swept into the life of crime. He had a background in technology and biochemical engineering. Interesting.  
His profile was even more interesting. It looked oddly similar to his, in some ways. Narcissist. Compulsive. Playboy. Doesn’t play well with others. Likes to be the center of attention. Craves power.
“Interesting profile. Let me guess, Romanov wrote it too?” Tony deadpans.
Fury narrows his good eye at him, taking the file back. “Ha-ha. Believe it or not, the similarities in your personalities are part of why we need you.”
“Why? You want me to make friends with him?”
Fury shakes his head. “Beck likes power. He craves attention. He’s smart, he’s sly, and he’s worked years to get to where he is in the food chain. He sees our agents coming from a mile away every time we try to send someone in. He knows who the moles are as soon as they poke their heads out. Two weeks ago, one of our agents went in as a fake buyer and never returned. We can’t afford to keep going like this. We’re getting nothing. We’re losing our people and countless more are dying in the streets because of the shit he’s selling.”
“I still don’t understand what this has to do with me.” Tony tilts his head. “I can’t go undercover. You don’t want me to go undercover, you don’t want me to be friends with him. Am I supposed to be your next buyer? You think he’d buy that? Or do you want me to offer him something? Because I don’t sell weapons anymore, Fury. Not even for you.”
“No weapons. Nothing like that.” Fury pauses. “The long and short is, right now, Beck is untouchable. We can’t get anyone in to get any information and no one is rolling, even the few we’ve managed to get ahold of. He’s funneling his drug money through legitimate businesses, so there’s no proof. He’s covering his tracks well. But he does have one weakness.” Fury pulls a photo out of the file and slaps it on the desk in front of him.
Tony’s eyes drop to it instinctively, and he feels his mouth go dry. It’s a boy -- a pretty boy. Springy, messy curls, Bambi eyes, pouty lips, the whole nine yards. The photo is just a headshot, but he has a feeling that he’s just as lithe and pretty the rest of the way down as he is from the top.
But he’s also young. Obviously young. Mid-twenties, at the most, although he’s struggling to believe that he’s even that old.
He forces himself to swallow, lifting his eyes back to Fury. “Is that his kid?”
Fury barks out a laugh. “No. Not his kid.”
“Not yet.”
That’s enough to jolt him back to his senses. Tony refocuses, raising an eyebrow. “Yet?” He doesn’t like the sound of this already.
“This is where your similarities come in handy, Stark.” Fury picks up the photo. “Beck has a penchant for pretty young things. Particularly taken pretty young things.”
“That’s sick.”
“That feeds his ego. He likes seducing them. He likes to play sugar daddy for them -- drugs or clothes or money or whatever it is they want in exchange for them making him look good and feel powerful. It’s a game to him. But he only likes high-quality things. The more powerful the men he takes them from, the better.”
“So… we need to give him someone powerful to take him from.”
It hits him like a ton of bricks.
This is where your similarities come in handy.
“You can’t be serious. How old is he, twelve? I mean, really-”
“He’s twenty-three-”
“-he’s practically still in diapers. Probably still in school. Forcing him to play lap dog to someone like Beck is just… wrong.”
Fury sighs. “No one is forcing him to do anything, Stark. He knows what’s involved in the mission. I assure you no one will be making him do anything he doesn’t want to do. And he’s not still in diapers. He has a Bachelor’s in Biochemistry and is working on his Master’s.”
Tony blinks. “At twenty-three?”
“It happens. Look at you.”
Look at you.
Yeah, sure, but he’s never met anyone else near close to his level. And look at the amount of emotional damage he sustained from it.
“Fair,” is all he says aloud. “But he’s got so much potential. Surely he’s got better — less dangerous, less dehumanizing — offers. What’s he doing mixed up with SHIELD?”
“That’s for he and I to know and you to not worry about,” Fury says shortly. “All we need from you is to cohabitate and pretend to be together long enough to get Peter inside and for us to see this mission through. Are you going to do it or not?”
“Hold on, back up a sec. Cohabitate? You’re gonna make the poor kid move in with me, too?” Not that he has any qualms about giving the kid a place to live, per se — God knows he has more than enough for both of them. The space, the money, the resources. But that means he actually has to live with him.
He hasn’t had a partner in ages, one night stand or otherwise. Since his capture, he’s plagued by nightmares too much to sleep like a normal person, and letting anyone see the arc reactor or get that close to him, physically, in general is just one big no.
He and Pepper had tried, but there was just too much between them. She had a company to run. He was busy being Iron Man. They had barely seen each other. And when they had seen each other, it was always just… fighting about something or the other. That he was too reckless. That he was too isolated. That he didn’t trust her, that he needed therapy, that the way he lives is unhealthy, that he missed this or that meeting, that he drinks too much, that he just hid too much stuff.  
She wanted to change him, and he couldn’t let her do it. He wasn’t ready. And part of him knows it’s stupid, unsustainable, unhealthy. But he’s not ready to face it all either. He still cares about her, of course, and she’s still the CEO of Stark Industries, and doing a damn good job at it. But the likelihood there’ll ever be a future there is slim to none. He knows that now.
Fury’s voice snaps him back to the present. “It has to look serious, Stark. He can’t just be a fling. Beck won’t take interest in that. We’ve already laid the groundwork for making him move in and making the whole shebang look believable. Now you just need to do your part. Let him stay with you at least a few nights a week, make a few public appearances together, and let him do his job. No one is saying you actually have to sleep with him -- although I admit I hadn’t expected you to seem so turned off from the idea.”
Tony doesn’t dignify that with an answer. “Are you sure this is the only option? Why can’t I just blast him into next week? Or you send Romanov in with her sweet talking to… I don’t know, poison his drink or something?”
Fury sighs. “We need to know what he knows. We need to know more about where the drugs are coming from. How. Why. Who’s involved. Everything. We only get one chance at this, Stark. You know how it works. He’s the highest person we know of that we have a chance of reaching. If he slips away, we’ll have to start over. We lose all our leads. More people die. This could give us everything we need to know. But he has to come to us. And the only way to get him to do that is bait.” He sets the picture back down on the table, jamming his finger into the middle of the kid’s forehead. “He’s fully prepared to do whatever it takes to do so. Are you, hero?”
Hero. It’s not said scathingly, exactly, but it’s clearly a challenge, all the same. A muscle in Tony’s jaw jumps before he forcefully unclenches it, letting out a breath. “So do I get to get his name before he moves in with me, or…?”
Fury smirks. He turns back to face the door he’d come through, raising his voice. “Parker!”
A moment later, the door opens again. This time, it’s the kid from the picture who enters.
He looks even more baby-faced in person. And yeah, he’s definitely just as lithe and gorgeous as Tony had imagined he would be. Great. Good to know.
He approaches the table they’re sitting at with short, fast strides, hands gripping the strap of the duffel bag over his shoulder. He was already packed. They certainly banked on him saying yes, didn’t they?
He comes to a stop beside Fury, shifting his weight from foot to foot as he stands there. “Hi!” he chirrups. “I’m Peter. Peter Parker. Big fan, by the way.”
Aaaand he’s a fanboy too. This just gets better and better.
“Tony Stark. But you knew that, I suppose.” He looks pointedly at Fury. “You’re going to send him undercover? You sure about this?” He just seems so… pure. Happy and outgoing and young and probably way, way too naive to be mixed up with SHIELD’s shenanigans.
“As sure as I was the first three times you asked.” Fury fixes him with one of his looks. “Are you gonna take him home or not?”
Take him home. Like he’s a puppy or something. Jesus.
Though puppy certainly wasn’t what Peter is thinking, if the way his cheeks color slightly is any indication. This kid is going to be the death of him, isn’t he?
“Yeah, I suppose so.” He stands, pushing the thoughts away. “You ready, kid?”
“All set, Mr. Stark.” Peter starts to make his way around the table, and Tony turns towards the door.
“You can’t do that,” Fury says, stopping them both in their tracks. “You’re gonna blow cover before you even establish it.”
Tony turns back to face him, exasperated. “We haven’t even left yet!”
“And you’re calling each other by formalities, walking with six feet of space between you, and letting him carry his own bag. Really, you’re not off to a great start.”
“What do you want me to do, hold his hand and shower him with kisses? We literally just met.”
Fury rolls his eye. “I know this is going to be hard for you, but don’t be so dramatic. You have to act like a normal, healthy couple. You don’t have to make out on the street, but you could walk beside the kid, for God’s sake.”
“I’m not normal or healthy anything. You should know that -- isn’t that what your agent said?”
Fury ignores him, standing up. He looks at Peter. “Better control your boyfriend, kid, before he blows your cover. I’ll call you when we’ve got a place for you to start.” With that, he turns on his heel and leaves.
They both stare at him as he leaves. It’s silent for a long moment before Peter turns around to face him, color still lingering slightly in his cheeks. “So, uh… ready to go, Mr.- uh… Tony?”
“Yeah. Yeah, let’s go, kid.” Tony lets out a breath and heads for the door, but at a slower pace this time, letting Peter fall into step with him. He opens the door for him, then follows him out and leads the way back to his car. This… this is going to be something, but he isn’t sure if fun is the right word for it.
What had he just gotten himself into?
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jessefadenfbc · 3 months ago
1, 2, 12!
1. an album you can’t stop listening to lately
Poets of the Fall - Jealous Gods!! I’m so obsessed with all the songs aaaa
2. an album you wish you could hear again for the first time
It’s a bit weird but I wish I could listen to My Forever by He Is We for the first time again. That album really helped me when I first started getting super depressed oof. I can still sing the lyrics word for word even after not listening to the songs for a while. Rachel, the lead singer, is actually working on more music so I’m excited aaaaa!
12. if you could hear any album performed live in its entirety, which would it be?
Under the Covers, Vol. 2 by Ninja Sex Party!! As far as original songs go, I’m gonna go with Hollow Glow (the album) by Hannah Telle!
Thank you for asking!!
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inrumford · a year ago
under the covers warren, a forgotten genius
The phone don't ring And the sun refused to shine Never thought I'd have to pay so dearly For what was already mine For such a long, long time We made mad love Shadow love Random love And abandoned love Accidentally like a martyr The hurt gets worse and the heart gets harder The days slide by Should have done, should have done, we all sigh Never thought I'd ever be so lonely After such a long, long time Time out of mind We made mad love Shadow love Random love And abandoned love Accidentally like a martyr The hurt gets worse and the heart gets harder
Songwriters: Warren William Zevon Accidentally Like A Martyr lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group
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bunnybokuto · 9 months ago
Tumblr media
“in due time.”
Tumblr media
⤷ fatgum x gn reader.
⤷ warnings: 18+, but this is just a thirst, not a full on smut. it’s about the yearning, it’s about the tension. there’s nothing explicit or taboo. also, tai is in his fit form, bc... yeah.
Tumblr media
ah... to be a sweet little college intern at the fatgum agency that gets all the special attention from taishiro... and makes all the other employees jealous because the boss clearly likes you more than them and treats you to lunch all the time. he’s already eaten, because he always is, but that doesn’t mean you can’t accompany him to grab another bite to eat, right? even though you just did last week? even though he’s already provided you with any snack imaginable? and why would you refuse anyway? to be adored by a professional hero is a role many would die to fill.
at first, you were nervous about getting called into the boss’ office, seeing just his head poking out from the doorframe. with the way your name falls from his lips so easily, you quickly realize that there’s nothing to be afraid of. his wide smile and the eager bouncing of his muscular thigh put you at ease, cutting the tension and slathering it with honey. you’re safe with him, here in his office, away from it all.
that first time, he invited you into his office for friendly conversation. really, it was just to get to know you, the prettiest little thing in the office. he just wanted to get a feel for you, no, that’s poor wording— he just wanted to see how well you were getting along. you were so new, and part of being a leader, being the boss, is making sure everyone has what they need.
by your third visit, you know to walk quickly, you know you’ll need to shut the door behind you. of course, it didn’t start immediately, but the implications did. it’s the brushing of hands when you hand him his coat from the hanger, his guiding hand on your lower back as you return to the office from lunch, and the way that he always insists that you take the first bite. it’s yours anyway, he can always buy another, so shouldn’t you enjoy what’s yours? shouldn’t you take the first step, so he doesn’t encroach upon you? he’ll always wait for you, and he hopes he won’t regret it. he hopes one day that you’ll enjoy him that way, but keeps that to himself for now.
he was only making sure you were being taken care of, and this sense of needing to protect you has nothing to do with how tight your shirt always seems to fit, or how your lips wrap around the cherry lollipops he provided (per your request.) it has nothing to do with how you always seem to find a way to flash him that pretty smile, or how you always express your adoration for a new food with a soft, pleasured moan of “mmmm,” one he wishes he could hear again and again and again. he wishes he could hear it in private, where nobody else got to enjoy your presence, but even that feels selfish, and fills him with guilt.
he knows that he shouldn’t be lusting after an intern, he’s a grown man and a hero after all, but he can’t help it. you’re just so fuckin’ pretty, you appear so wholesome and good, and he’s never been good at holding himself back. he just wants you so bad, that he’s not able to stop from spoiling you. he’s not able to stop thinking about you, and how good your much smaller hand would look wrapped around his— his finger. yes, that’s what he’s imagined.
it’s just nicer to have the door closed when you’re together, you both agree, pretending that the tension isn’t thick and that you haven’t been eyeing each other like wolves for months. at this point, you’re not sure if you can find a shirt tighter than this one, or a pair of dress slacks that fit any better. it’s like you’ve been wrapping yourself up in golden wrapping paper for him, and he’s refused your generous gift. you’ve been trying to tempt him into fucking you for months, but he’s just too polite. you know he’s not oblivious, he’s a grown man after all, and you haven’t missed how his eyes wander or how hard he tries not to let his hands do the same.
however, taishiro’s resolve started out weak, and has only been wearing thinner and thinner with every single day spent shamelessly flirting with you and offering you any delicacy you desire.
these long months of mutual longing end with him asking you to join him for dinner. it’s something you’ve done before, grabbing a quick bite together, but the tone of it all has shifted. the meal isn’t quick, it’s actually rather lavish, and taishiro makes sure you’re enjoying yourself. when the two of you have finished and enjoyed course after course, he asks the question he’s been dying ask since the moment he laid eyes on you.
“so.. want me to walk ‘ya home, or do ‘ya wanna come back to my place?”
it all happens so quickly, months of tension quickly pouring from your lips and pushing through hands, resolving with ease as if it was meant to be this way. nobody’s here to see you or stop you from sitting on taishiro’s lap, his large hands kneading at your hips, trying to find some relief from all this feeling trying to escape. you grind against each other shamelessly, needing to relieve this pressure that’s been building through mutual neglect for months.
no fuck with taishiro is fast, not even your first, and the tedious prep required to take him always seems to take far too long. you can’t complain about how he makes you cum twice before putting his cock anywhere close to you, but when you’ve been drooling over it from across the office for months, the greed is too much.
and tai would never complain about your desperate whines of “fuck, tai, please. want it, want you, so bad!”
he’ll give you everything you deserve—in due time.
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