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Anya, the spaghetti belly, full of potatoes. My gray girl🤍🤍🤍

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movie night.


koutarou bokuto x gn! reader.

warnings: 18+, dry humping, cumming in pants, soft sex. (yes, again.)

note: this was intended to include several other characters, but i got carried away with another kou dry humping scenario and had to keep this by itself. don’t look at me.

if you’re a minor, don’t follow me.


as you lay together on the couch, your head resting in the crook of his neck, your thumb swipes gently across his chest. the movie isn’t that great, even though kou seems to be mildly interested, so you decide to change the pace. he won’t mind, he never does, so you don’t feel too bad about stealing his attention.

although it seems innocent enough, koutarou knows you’re not touching his nipple through his shirt on accident. you work him up so easily time and time again, and he’s honestly sorry for how quickly this always seems to progress.

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“in due time.”



⤷ fatgum x gn reader.

warnings: 18+, but this is just a thirst, not a full on smut. it’s about the yearning, it’s about the tension. there’s nothing explicit or taboo. also, tai is in his fit form, bc… yeah.


ah… to be a sweet little college intern at the fatgum agency that gets all the special attention from taishiro… and makes all the other employees jealous because the boss clearly likes you more than them and treats you to lunch all the time. he’s already eaten, because he always is, but that doesn’t mean you can’t accompany him to grab another bite to eat, right? even though you just did last week? even though he’s already provided you with any snack imaginable? and why would you refuse anyway? to be adored by a professional hero is a role many would die to fill.

at first, you were nervous about getting called into the boss’ office, seeing just his head poking out from the doorframe. with the way your name falls from his lips so easily, you quickly realize that there’s nothing to be afraid of. his wide smile and the eager bouncing of his muscular thigh put you at ease, cutting the tension and slathering it with honey. you’re safe with him, here in his office, away from it all.

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⤷ aphrodisiac quirk.


& gender neutral reader.

warnings: 18+, smut, sex pollen-ish (aphrodisiac quirk), sub! izuku midoriya, dom! reader, mommy/daddy kink, use of the following words [ baby, bunny, mommy, daddy ] , handjob, blowjob, cum swallowing, multiple rounds (?), gender neutral smut, stupid humor, mutual teasing, improper comma usage, , , , (kidding)

please let me know if i need to add anything else, i really didn’t know what to add.

word count: 4k (and i’m proud of that)

note: first of all, sorry for the incredibly long intro. second, this is NOT an md/lb or dd/lb relationship. this is just a mommy/daddy kink with the use of comfort items. third, i apologize if this is absolutely terrible and reads like a goddamn textbook, this was the second smut i ever wrote.

also, izuku uses a term i created which is “m/d/h”, which stands for mommy, daddy, or honey. this is so you have a fem, masc, and gender neutral term. i hope that makes sense, and everyone feels included!!



please read the description above before continuing, and don’t continue unless you’re 18 or older.


izuku?” you call nervously through the darkened apartment, “are you home?

he was supposed to have been home an hour and a half ago, and you knew that because he had told you that morning he’d be getting off early, saying that the agency was concerned that he was overworking himself. after the third healing-quirk nurse quit because of him, the agency knew that he had to have been to blame. nobody exhausted medical professionals quite like pro hero deku, your sweetheart, izuku midoriya.

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Hello, Dears!

Welcome to the official Tumblr page of an up-and-coming podcast Under the Covers!

Feel free to take a look around our blog. We invite you to give us a listen…if you dare…

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Finally put vol.2 with 1 and 3 in the shadowbox! Now I’ve just got to get another shadowbox for my copy of TWRP’s Return to Wherever(which was in the shadowbox beforehand).

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“Under The Covers” Playlist

Songs commonly mistaken to be the original

  1. I Fought The Law - The Bobby Fuller Four
  2. Blinded By The Light - Manfred Mann’s Earth Band
  3. All Along The Watchtower - Jimi Hendrix
  4. Tainted Love - Soft Cell
  5. Valerie - Amy Winehouse
  6. Respect - Aretha Franklin
  7. Walk This Way - Run DMC
  8. I Love Rock & Roll - Joan Jett & The Blackhearts
  9. Girls Just Want To Have Fun - Cyndi Lauper
  10. Red Red Wine - UB40
  11. Try A Little Tenderness - Otis Redding
  12. Nothing Compares 2 U - Sinead O’Connor
  13. Make You Feel My Love - Adele
  14. I Will Always Love You - Whitney Houston
  15. Hallelujah - Jeff Buckley

Originally posted by gifzem

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he’s talented with the piano,, i wonder what else he’s talented with

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don’t be shy,

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