chimo-ver2 · 17 hours ago
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Standby Motion
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Three versions of the fell sans picture that I drew because I couldn’t make up my mind of what stuff to put in the background lol. I just love underfell so much and any fell au, so I am an underfell gremlin >:^ ❤️🖤❤️🖤❤️
Here’s the first version. https://scatteredthoughtsandcoffee.tumblr.com/post/685295926263300096/some-more-fell-sans-because-im-a-gremlin-who
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lover-of-skellies · 22 hours ago
Y/N: Hey Siri, call Dad
Siri: Calling Daddy
Y/N: Wait, no
Red: Hello?
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shaacuti · a day ago
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krazykumiii · a day ago
Can you do like Soft Fell sans head cannons?? I really love your page! | (• ◡•)|
Thank you so much! I really appreciate the compliment. ❤️
Fell Sans Headcanons! (X Reader)
When you’re feeling down, be it because of work or people in general then go to Red because he is so ready to smother your face with affection!
He likes to act macho, doing his best to keep you on his ribcage and watch you peacefully sleep.
He’s corny like that
Because of the whole situation in the underground he isn’t experienced in showing or giving affection much, but he understands how he should do it
And ever since you’ve both met, you’ve been growing on him so much he has another personality just for you
He’s so in love, he gifts you roses and any object with a specific meaning
Whenever you talk, he just loves when your eyes lighten up at a certain topic.
He also very subtly screams into his pillow and flush like crazy when you first made physical contact
He acts like it doesn’t get to him, but it totally does
*touch* “oh, sorry”
He came running back home to gossip about it with Alphys (they totally love to gossip)
Alphys later tells Undyne by accident and she later tells Papyrus who THEN speaks about it to Mettaton
Mettaton continues to broadcast an ENTIRE SERIES on television about a human monster relationship while not so secretly pointing out the two characters it’s based off
He has even Toriel rooting for him, calling him a 🐱 and told him to get his 🍑 out there to ask you out
His first date was super cute, stargazing while having a romantic dinner (set up by yours truly, the chef Papyrus)
You then cuddled together as he babbled on about his day, his life for you, and the stars/constellation
It was so cute to watch him shift and blush under the blanket like crazy,m he couldn’t help himself
Your first kiss wasn’t bad nor good since he didn’t have experience to relationships.
So when you both had your “first kiss” with each other, he had friggin STARS in his EYE LIGHTS
You, sadly, didn’t take much notice to his adorable flustered expression. But he kept his focus on you and only you
He asked for another kiss to the lips- teeth?
The next kiss was even better than the last, so full of love and emotions. You felt like you never wanted to let go
After that was plenty of cuddling under the blankets on his sofa because you both need to cool off
(He got so addicted to the kisses he kept giving you little pecks on the lips)
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anovainspace · 2 days ago
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warm up with @astrokal !! :D
she gave me the random doodles and i had to get creative >:)
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capricioussun · a day ago
B3 - UnderFell Paps!
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Got more than a little carried away w/ this one but eh, you know how it is with underfell papyrus
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henry-plaksa · 2 days ago
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Myyyy giiiiiirll ~~~
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bittybones2 · 2 days ago
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Scary desk buddies 😨
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atenobear · 2 days ago
Mermay day 24: Trash
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scatteredthoughtsandcoffee · 21 hours ago
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Snuggles after a hard day of work :^
I don’t think Russell is gonna let go of Tessa for a while-
(Click for better quality)
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reyngacha · 2 days ago
Moments in Ponytown part 6
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halluci · a day ago
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youre such a handsome young man, can you give us a big smile!!
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sodarush · 8 months ago
Undertale is cool again and I’ve found this audio in my fan folder, wanted to do a little something.
Audio from crashboombanger (deactivated)
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rainbowsans · 5 months ago
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kiokodoodles · 12 hours ago
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Some new changes occurred while making my references that I must share with you all
Also @hearty-dose-of-ranch I found the meme you were talking about
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licollisa · 3 months ago
suggestive (?) joke incoming
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Sans was never heard from again
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theskeletongames · 2 months ago
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Big lady BIG I can’t decide between giving her red eyeshadow or not. (the red above the eyes)
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zwagyzonk · 2 months ago
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mmhinman · 2 months ago
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wanted a warmup before I do my hw and commissions soooooo did a bunch of nightmare versions of skellys XDXD The rest of the boys are mine or some sort of design mix of my own or BHC. The only BHC guys is Poplar and Ash XDXD
in terms of names tho - here they are:
Nightmare Hound = Drools 
Nightmare Boss = Chief
Nightmare Red = Stain
Nightmare Papyrus = Spree
Nightmare Blue = Nexus
Nightmare Stretch = Extract 
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