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:0 what’s little horrors about?

Ah, Little Horrors….

Because I’m a cruel bastard. Another multiverse AU with UT, US, and UF. Things start off with everyone realizing they can use their machines to travel between ‘verses, their timelines are pretty close to being in sync, time-wise, so all their kids fall at the same time. Things are going well, Swap and Tale get to the surface, but when they go to check in on their counterparts realize…they can’t.

Underfell becomes Horrorfell, following the events of an abandoned neutral route like Horrortale. About 20 years after everything falls apart, Red manages to dredge up enough Core energy to start the machine, and uses blue magic to force Edge, on the brink of falling, through. The rest of the story is about recovery, survivors guilt, politics, and all of the monsters working together on both sides to save the dwindling population of Horrorfell. Eventually they find help in a few unlikely allies, and I don’t normally like giving away endings, but I promise it has a mostly happy one.

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Could I have another match-up please? Im sorry for spamming your inbox. My nickname is Grimlin, I am 5'' or 4'9, I have curly strawberry blonde hair that goes a little past my shoulders. My bangs are kinda overgrown, so they cover my eyes like almost 24/7. I have freckles, round metal glasses ( Which I forget to wear-). I am also dignosed with ADD ( but sometimes forgets to takes meds,) Depression, and GAD. I can be pretty sassy, and I playfully hit my friends ( although they don't hurt)

I call myself a Gremlin/Hermit, a Hermlin as my friends say. Yeah, you’re cool in my books. I also forget to take my meds, they’re hard to remember, am I right???

Boyfriend Match: Dread (Horrorswap Papyrus)

You’re precious, you know that? He absolutely can’t get enough of you, and he feels at home when you’re around. He’s most comfortable with you, and doesn’t mind when you playfully punch him in the arm when he tells you some dorky jokes. He’s going to be always reminding you about all your wonderful qualities, as well as some quirks you have that are pleasant. He’s the definition of loving both the good and bad in a person, so you do not need to worry about anything, if you’re self conscious or worries about anything in the relationship. 

Romantic Interest Match: Blue (Underswap Sans)

This cheerful, and kind skeleton digs you! He really loves how finally, he’s taller than someone (that’s a joke), but in all seriousness, he thinks you’re stunning. And adorable. And precious. There’s so many words he could use to describe how wonderful and kind you are, yet, he can go on and on. He tends to ensure that you’re okay, both emotionally, physically, and mentally, he truly does care for your wellbeing. 

Best Friend Match: Apathy (Horrorfell Sans)

This dark, terrifying skeleton and you make a strange pair for sure… At the beginning of your friendship, you seem to take the lead, and he doesn’t mind that. Though, after a while, he starts taking the lead, because, well, he finally learned that you are hanging out with him because you genuinely are friendly. You’re sweet, and you worry for the larger skeleton. That’s a rare trait in the world, one that he’s willing to protect, anything for his best friend. 

Sorry if this seems a bit random, but I honestly blanked so hard on this one, that I had to listen to a shit ton of different stuff to be like- brainstorm and get over this writer’s block. 

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By title, Daydreams interests me a lot too. What's that one about? (do you want me to dm you or should I keep sending asks? I have lots of questions lol but Idk it's up to you!)

Ooh hoo hoo, Daydreams is actually a new one!! It’s a fairly slow paced one I’m gunna try to work on in the background!

The premise is that, as children, the four usual Papyri develop a psychic connection through their dreams across dimensions! It follows all four of them, how they develop their relationships with each other while asleep, and how they deal with their waking worlds. It follows through childhood to teenhood to adulthood, and how knowing each other altered the outcomes of their futures, and even their worlds! Will they meet in real life? Do any of them tell their brothers? How do any of them know it’s more than just a dream?

Who would’ve guessed something as simple as a dream could alter the course of reality…

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Essy I took your quiz and got Berry, tell me a good date for this skeleboy so I may properly woo them!

Bless! Congrats on getting the Berry boy UwU ❤ and ohhh let’s see


Usually, he is the one who takes people out on dates, since he usually is the one who is more active in relationships overall. So he will be absolutely delighted and seriously happy that someone wants to take him out on a date for once.

There are many things Berry would seriously enjoy doing on a date, like going to an amusement park or a festival, go bungee jumping, go to an arcade. 

Or go and party all night long, he is a bit of a party animal who likes to dance and drink and have a great time around lots of people, but overall he loves to go and do exciting things that are cool and fun to do.

But what really makes his day will be any romantic stuff you can come up with, since he is in reality a pretty romantic guy, like not like classic romantic like fancy dinners and stuff, but just romantic stuff. 

So, getting some proper romantic attention while also having fun doing things he enjoys, and something you yourself enjoy too, will make his absolute day and he will be wooed off the floor.

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The New Caretaker of the Ruins

ES (working title)

Brothers (working title)




WDS (working title)

Sweet as Honey (working title)

CP (working title)

Tales of Divergence

Daydreams (working title)

Little Horrors (working title)


These are currently all the fics I’m working on. I’m dying squirtle

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hello there :3 S!O of ut!sans, us!Papy, auf!sans is stuck in the underground because S!o has fallen with frisk/chara. One day S!o says "You know... you can have my soul if it would Help to free you All." (sorry for my english and have a great day 鉂)

UT Sans:

  • Sans’ eyelights disappear for a second. He breaks out into a nervous sweat. “that’s… that’s real nice of you, (y/n), but everyone down here cares about you too much. plus, i-i promised i’d keep you safe, didn’t i? i can’t let you do somethin’ like that.”
  • He doesn’t think he’d be able to live with himself if he did.
  • His bones rattle quietly as he takes your hands in his, his mind filled with thoughts about you dying and leaving him behind. He wishes that he can be the cheesy goofball he usually is and say that he can’t imagine a life without you, but he can; he just really, really doesn’t want to. You make him happy. His smile is real when he’s with you. 
  • Are you okay? Y’know you can talk to him whenever you need to, right?
  • Please talk to him. He can’t afford to lose you.

UF Sans:

  • Sans grabs both your hands in a vice-like grip. His eye-sockets are completely empty. “n o . that’s stupid. you ain’t givin’ your soul away. i’m not lettin’ ya. what makes ya think— i don’t care if— i— yer too—”
  • His words start to slur together as his breathing becomes increasingly labored. Shakily, he lets go of your hands to pull you into a tight hug. You can feel something soaking into your shirt. It takes him a long while to calm down enough to speak clearly again.
  • It’s funny. Once upon a time, he would’ve taken that offer up in a heartbeat. One dumb human’s soul in exchange for a way out of this hellhole? Sign him the fuck up.
  • But now?
  • “no one’s takin’ yer soul, sweetheart,” he mumbles. “goin’ to the surface ain’t worth shit if ya won’t be there with me. yer too important.”

US Papyrus:

  • Papyrus chuckles nervously. “can’t believe i’m sayin’ this, hun, but i think i missed the punchline of that joke…”
  • You’re not joking…?
  • He cups your face with his trembling hands and presses his teeth to your forehead. He’s suddenly hyper-aware that whatever he says to you now may well determine whether you die today or not. It’s a terrifying truth. What should he say? What can he say? 
  • He can’t help but think that Sans would know exactly how to keep you from ever going down this train of thought again. He’s good at that kind of stuff. Papyrus has never handled something like this, and it’s not like he ever really thought he’d have to…
  • He’s afraid — so afraid — of messing up and saying something wrong; but he’s not about to let you throw your life away. You mean way too much to him.
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Back for more? Okay then, let’s do this. You ready for part:4?

Underswap Toriel and Super Sigma Toriel

  • Super Sigma Toriel would be shocked to find that Underswap Toriel is more ruthless and emotionless than herself.
  • Underswap Toriel on the other hand would not really care much about her other counterpart, except for the fact that she reminds her of herself, back when her children were still alive.
  • Underswap Toriel would offer her counterpart to some pie and Super Sigma Toriel would offer her some lemonade.

Underswap Monster Kid and Super Sigma Frisk

  • After taking enough human and monster souls and returning back to their original forms after a long period of being plush dolls for so long, the two are surprised to each other as completely different people and not the their own counterparts.
  • MK is surprised to see that his Bob was actually Frisk and not another MK. But importantly, he is happy to see his long lost adopted sibling once again. Frisk on the other other hand is confused to see that Temmie was actually MK and not a another Frisk. He however thinks that this monster is somehow related to Hana, the pink monster girl who lives in Desertside.
  • They both try to fight their Charas in their in their more powerful and godly forms, but as you may aspect, they lose and try to forgive their charas for trying to reset their respective worlds.

Underswap Frisk and Super Sigma Asriel

  • Both wish to live in a world full of peace and prosperity.
  • Both wish to live in a world full devoid of chaos and injustice.
  • Both wish … for REVENGE.

Part:3|Part:5 (coming soon…very soon)

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Dream? Putting stickers on everything including his friends faces? More likely than you think.

Blue? Joining him and starting a sticker war? More likely than youd ever imagine…

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