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#undertaker black butler

Semi-Realistic Portrait of Undertaker from the anime Black Butler. / software used: PaintTool Sai

Honestly, this could have came out so much better, but I started this at like 5:30am and I only worked on it up until 8:30am, so about 3 hours, I was tired and I had not slept yet since the previous day.

Originally posted on: ArtStation, Twitter, Instagram, DeviantArt and here

Please do not repost my work to other social media, you may reblog this post or share it, but please do not repost it. Do NOT edit, claim as yours, trace or attempt to sell it in anyway. Thank you.

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Never draw any shipping stuff but this has been on my mind for weeks

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please someone, request something… i need motivation

sfw or nsfw headcannons or fics for any characters from:

attack on titan (open)

haikyuu (open)

hunter x hunter (open)

SK8 the infinity (closed)

black butler (open)

my hero academia (open)

banana fish (open)

characters i won’t write for

  • ging or tonpa (hxh)
  • floch (aot)
  • nekoma or shiratorizawa coaches
  • ukai sr (haikyuu)
  • shadow (sk8)
  • one for all (mha)
  • papa dino or marvin 🤮 (bf)
  • that bird lookin bitch from haikyuu

underage characters will be aged up but seriously y’all i need some writing motivation

see the rules page for how to post

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Stay, Chapter II

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Chapter warnings; Honestly nothing I can think of 👌

Next chapter is up!!


The scythe shifted back from your throat and you released a breath you didn’t realise you had been holding. The man stepped back from you and began walking towards the alley which would eventually lead out into the dodgy residential area you had barrelled into in blind panic. He didn’t turn around but it was clear he was expecting you to follow.

“Hey-wait!” You called after him as you rushed over, stopping short at the sharp glance he threw over his shoulder. “I don’t even know who you are,” you whispered, second guessing your words when he didn’t react in any way. Then, he turned on his heel to face you.

“I’m a grim reaper, number 136649 in the Dispatch’s registry. There are branches all over the world and I work for the one in London, which is where we’re going. You will likely be questioned, but you must tell them nothing other than exactly what happened, and make sure you stay close to me. Do you understand?” Preoccupied with this newfound information, you nodded wordlessly. He inclined his head ever so slightly to stare at you through his glasses, eyes flashing as he silently warned you to do as he said. Then, he started walking once again, you right behind him and almost having to run to keep up with his long strides.

The reaper stopped suddenly in a wider portion of the alleyway, almost making you run straight into his back. He held out a black gloved hand towards you and you looked up at him cautiously, waiting to rest your hand in his until he specifically told you to. Without warning, the world around you spun sickeningly and you threw all of your concerns out of the window, opting instead to grab his arm and hold it to your chest in a bid not to fall over. You were still clutching on to him when the world finally stood still again. Your eyes were squeezed shut as well so you were entirely unaware of your surroundings, only brought back to the present by the sensation of an arm moving away from your shoulders. Your eyes flew open at that to find you had tucked yourself into the reaper’s chest and he had been holding you there. You released your death grip on him and stepped away hurriedly, full of apologies. He said nothing of it, simply telling you to follow him.

You looked around as you walked, taking in a sprawling, modern-looking complex of office buildings. Everything was pristine, blinding white, making the reaper look entirely out of place wearing all black and carrying his blade. Then again, you noticed there were hundreds of men walking around in business suits, all carrying weapons. Where was this anyway? And how had you gotten here so quickly? You asked him as much, but he just held up a hand to silence you. His higher ups were going to have a moment when they realised what he had done and no doubt some of them would try to use it against his perfect track record; the last thing he needed was them seeing you questioning everything you came across.

The reaper strode confidently through the main entrance to the largest building you had seen, you in tow and trotting to catch up. He gave a short nod to several secretaries behind the main desk in the foyer who smiled and nodded back. You frowned however, because as soon as they thought he was out of earshot they started whispering amongst themselves and glancing back at him. A quiet “Keep up,” was enough to bring you back to the present. You weren’t oblivious to the series of strange looks you were getting, but that was to a certain extent to be expected in a place you had never been to before. The reaper walked through the rabbit warren of corridors and stairwells at a speed demonstrating the fact that he knew the place like the back of his hand. You failed to keep up with all of the twists and turns after a while, meaning you had no clue how to get out of this place.

Everyone you saw was wearing the same typical black three piece suit and a white shirt, all seemingly male apart from the secretaries downstairs. That was perhaps what drew your eye to a shorter man leaning his shoulder against the wall next to a coffee machine, clearly chatting away to himself while he waited. But the thing that made him interesting was not his unruly green hair or round rimmed glasses - the glasses being another thing that literally everybody here wore - but that he was wearing a lab coat. Regrettably, his gaze flicked up to meet yours almost as soon as you looked at him, leaving you embarrassed to be caught staring and about to glance away once more. Only you ended up continuing to watch as his entire demeanour changed when he saw who you were walking with. He seemed to be in awe of your companion, though you didn’t miss the tiniest spark of fear in his eyes before he smothered it, standing up straight and clearly intending to approach you both. Your reaper largely ignored him until they were level, at which point he slowed his pace just enough for the other one to speak.

“Hiya Fox! Who’s this?” Fox? Was that his name then? It was certainly more information than he had given you. Maybe it was a code name or something.

“They’re with me.” His short answer cut of the jovial tone of his co-worker, who then fumbled for something to say.

“Ah, okay um..” His foot tapped the linoleum floor as ‘Fox’ turned to face him fully, simply looking at him with an intensity that made the shorter reaper practically shrink back. “I - well, I’ll see you later then, yeah?”

Evidently satisfied, he started down the corridor once more, the briefest flick of his hand indicating to you to follow. You did so without hesitation, hardly daring to glance back. That interaction left you with even more questions than you already had, but you knew better than to voice them.

Eventually, you arrived at what looked like the biggest, more luxurious office you had ever seen. Rather than telling you anything helpful, the reaper just knocked three times on the door then waited outside it, standing shoulder to shoulder with you. He stepped in as soon as he was bade enter, holding the door open so you could come in after him. Whichever superior was behind the desk shot to his feet immediately, hands slamming down onto the wooden top.

“136649, what is the meaning of this?!” Fox paid the tone of voice no mind even as you flinched because of it, calmly taking hold of your sleeve and pulling you over to stand next to him.

“They could see me, even when they weren’t on any To Die list and I was cloaking myself; I didn’t think leaving them to expose our world to the rest of theirs was the best idea.” The manager paused, eyeing you up as you stood next to his best collections reaper, looking fragile and so very human.

“Explain. Now.”

Several hours of being taken through the same pattern of questions over and over again, you were dead on your feet. You hadn’t been given the luxury of a place to sit, as though you were a criminal at some sort of trial. Every time you were asked the same question, you just got more anxious. You were scared of accidentally changing your story and getting something wrong, of making any of this worse for you and indeed for the reaper whose job you had disrupted so completely. Unbeknownst to you though, he was fully aware of how panicked you were becoming. When one of another three reapers who had joined this interrogation session asked you for the fourth time what exactly you had seen when you arrived in that alley, he decided enough was enough. Reapers were meant to be impassive towards humans, and those doing the questioning were about as far from that as it was possible to get.

“I think you’ll find you’ve already asked that,” he said quietly, eyes locked with the man questioning you. His eyes then widened a little, shocked that he had been called out on his actions.

“And just who do you-”

“I do believe that is enough for today.” Your gaze was drawn to the reaper you had met first, who was giving Fox a sharp look as a warning not to say anything further. “Given the situation, I think it’s best that Y/N Y/L/N is kept under supervision. 136649, I’d say it’s fitting that they stay with you until we schedule a hearing to determine what exactly should be done about all this.” His expression didn’t change at all, but you felt the reaper next to you tense just a little.


“You’re the best we have, everyone knows that. But we will survive your loss for a few days, I’m sure. After all, it was you they saw. That will be all.”

His tone left no room for argument and Fox gave nothing more than a curt nod, just spinning on his heel and striding over to the door. You stepped out of the office when he held the door open and gestured for you to go ahead of him, following after him as he took off down the corridor in the direction you had come from. He said nothing once you got level with him, leaving you to silently worry about what exactly was going on.

“I’m so sorr-”

You were cut off effectively by the reaper raising his hand, telling you to keep quiet without so much as glancing at you. You bit your tongue after that, trying to be as little of a hindrance as possible. Fox offered his arm again once you got outside and you closed your eyes as you took it, not looking forward to the nausea that accompanied his peculiar way of travelling. It wasn’t as bad this time, you noted with some relief, and the sickness went off more quickly.

You looked around when you arrived to find your destination was an apartment, and an expensive looking one at that. You took in the colour palette of blacks, greys and creams, something you thought Fox fit into quite nicely. He walked away from you as soon as you were steady, twirling the heavy trench from his shoulders and placing it on the back of a chair in a single fluid movement that you couldn’t help but watch in awe of. Though nothing about his demeanour had changed exactly, he seemed far more comfortable in this setting than he had in the office building and you found yourself asking where you were.

“My apartment.”

The reaper watched in private amusement as your eyes widened and you fumbled for something to say, then apologised profusely for invading his personal space. A short huff made you snap your mouth shut.

“Can’t be helped,” he muttered neutrally, then told you to come with him. He quickly went through where everything was, leaving you able to take in the pressed black suit he wore without the obstruction of his coat. You noted how it defined his slim, strong figure, making him seem taller and as though his presence took up more space in the room. His eyes were intense when he turned to face you in response to your staring.


“I don’t even know what to call you.” The reaper sighed, wondering if you had paid attention to anything he’d said whilst taking you around his home. Typical mortal.

“I told you, I’m 1366-”

“I can’t just call you a number!” The look he was giving you sharpened to a cold stare at the interruption and you shifted back a little, uncomfortable and slightly concerned you had accidentally offended him. You’d said it now though, you supposed, so you might as well continue. “The man in the lab coat, he - he called you ‘Fox’. Is that a name you like?” You wondered if you might have caught a nerve with how long it took him to reply.

“He calls me ‘Silver Fox’. Apparently the number is too long to remember.” When you just kept looking at him like an expectant puppy, he had to fight the urge to run a hand over his face. “Call me that if you must.” It was almost comical how your features lit up and his gaze softened a little in spite of himself. “Now have you been listening to anything I’ve said?”

To Fox’s great surprise, you had managed to recite everything back to him in his own words. That in mind, he finished the tour by indicating the last room on your right, explaining that was the bedroom you would be staying in. You only found out it was his bedroom when you asked where he would be and he replied with an unemotional, “The sofa.”. The reaper knew you were going to argue the point even before you hotly refused and told him you would not take his bed.

“Yes, you will,” he returned, sounding bored if anything at all and promptly cut you off when you fought back again. “If you’re that concerned, why don’t we just share the bed.” It wasn’t really a question and he expected that ultimatum to be the end of it.

“Exactly, good idea.” Fox paused then raised an eyebrow at you, not having thought that would be your answer for even a moment.



The next few hours passed by relatively quickly. Fox went off to get changed out of his work clothes, returning a few minutes later wearing black skinny jeans and a high necked jumper. He had left you with the offer of making yourself tea, which you had ended up not doing for fear of messing up what was perhaps one of the most well organised kitchen cupboards you had ever seen. You were still standing there when he came back, looking more than a little awkward and unsure. The reaper simply huffed in response and saw to the drinks himself, telling you to make yourself comfortable instead.

You chose one end of the sofa that stretched along one wall of his living room, sitting stiffly with one leg crossed over the other and hoping you hadn’t picked the ‘wrong’ place. When Fox came in a few minutes later, he placed a cup of tea into your hands without a word, taking a seat in the armchair opposite that you thought was probably his specifically. Languidly, he leaned over to the coffee table positioned to the left of that chair and picked up a book, settling down to read it. With nothing better to do, you decided to try and analyse what you could about him.

The book seemed like a classic, and an old one at that, bound in leather with gold leafing over the spine. He held it delicately, fingers splayed over both covers to avoid damaging what must have been very fragile binding whilst also balancing his cup in one hand, sipping from it occasionally and turning the pages with the other. You couldn’t help then but let your gaze travel to the rest of the reaper. His silver-grey hair was still pushed back into a neat ponytail, reaching halfway down his back even when tied up. Fox’s shoulders were fairly broad but his figure was still relatively slim and whilst you could make out some defined muscle in the tight fitting clothes he wore, there was a distinct lack of it belying how strong he really was. Your inner eye flicked back to when you first ran into him some hours ago by now, the way he had driven the scythe into the concrete wall behind your pursuer like it was thin air.

The reaper knew you were studying him and found it immensely amusing that you needed to stare so openly to do it. Were he to take his glasses off he wouldn’t be able to see his hand in front of his face, but he’d still be able to gather the same information about you that he had managed with his vision. Whilst he was still reading - the book was a first edition of Wuthering Heights - his mind was far from the words on the page in front of him. The situation with you would be classed as priority and sent straight to Dispatch’s high court, but what with how long they always spent deliberating things, what kind of time frame would he be looking at? It would likely take them a week or more to come to a decision, and he had no idea what he was meant to do during that time. He’d never left work so much as an hour early in over a century’s worth of collecting souls every day, and as a consequence had not much of a life outside of it. Married to your work, was that the human term for it?

He liked reading, found some amount of enjoyment in having a small collection of first edition books, most of which he had gotten in person when they came out. Each book represented one of the few times he’d deigned to do something other than collect souls while in the human world, but their age was testament to how he’d slowly but surely been separated from his personality, had decided for the sake of remaining impassive with regards to his work that carrying on with that hobby was pointless. Aside from that, what did he do with the time he had? He left for work long before the dawn encroached on the early morning darkness and came back far later than the sun set, and that was when he didn’t get stuck doing a nightshift or have to stay late after being told to pick up the shortfall for a younger, less experienced co-worker.

Reapers did need sleep, regrettably for his lack of a schedule for it. They could function properly with far less than the average human, but that didn’t mean the exhaustion wasn’t always there. Coffee, then, was something he had a particularly exquisite taste in. He put up with the canteen slop and the grainy, watery excuse of a liquid that was dispensed from the machines in the office hallways at work, but he’d developed quite the liking for the more expensive brands when at home. The gleaming black and chrome coffee maker he had bought was beyond designer and cost him an absolute fortune, but it remained one of his favourite possessions. He had a cupboard filled with capsules of the same brand, three different types which he had for different occasions.

So that was it, then. Outside of work, his two singular interests consisted of first edition classics and overly priced caffeinated drinks. That, he decided emphatically, by anyone’s standards, was utterly pathetic.

You jumped just a little when the reaper unexpectedly shut his book and quickly replaced it on the table next to him, turning in his chair to face you fully and staring you down intensely over the rim of his coffee cup. Your breath caught in your throat in anticipation of what he was going to say and after a tense moment of waiting, he finally spoke.

“What do you do with your free time?”

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ya know, most of the time my brain is like: ah yes,






and overall creeps

perfect for me to simp over

but then every once and a while my brain has some self preservation and goes: no don’t simp for the angry, expensive teenager who’s always yelling ‘die!’, no no no. simp for


tenya iida, class 1-A representative

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ok but why do anime villain’s have to be so damn hot? Like I know SOMETIMES they aren’t but most the time the make fire look cold🔥🔥🔥 look at this man:


Mom I can’t get married, I got pregnant from looking at a beautiful specimen 😌😳

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Modern AU Undertaker because I can and he’s my top kin

Excuse the little ass goblins, they are there to fill in empty space )))

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Guys…the Undertaker….could really be Ciel Phantomhive’s grandfather. Or at the very least have been in love with his grandmother. I cannot believe it.

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man this is gonna sound so stupid because i run a whole ass account for a black butler 2 character but i just finished kuroshitsuji 2 for the first time last night and im sOBBING HE GOT A HAPPY ENDING HE GOT A HAPPY ENDING HE GO-

also demon ciel is poggers af

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☠️🥀medic dance kick🥀☠️

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Omg I have 500 (and 1) followers!!!


Thank you all so much!!!

In honour (eventually, when I have time) I’m going to write a multi chapter fic with Undertaker. I mentioned this a while ago and this is just another teaser. It takes place in modern times but simultaneously is set before the manga begins, whilst Undertaker is still working with Dispatch and before Grell, William and Co become reapers. Reader is gender neutral as usual and it’s something of a slow burn, irregular updates are a guarantee (it’s me. I’m incapable of posting regularly that wouldn’t be any fun). I’m also planning something for Halloween, so watch this space!

Hope everyone’s keeping safe and thanks again for 500!!

It’s here!! 😁

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