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Aww that’s such a sweet idea, don’t apologise!! Here you go, hope you enjoy!



  • Alright people sit down and buckle up we start in the Victorian era
  • Undertaker is doing just that, lowkey experimenting on the dead and the like as well but we’re ignoring that for now
  • You’re absolutely not working as a servant in some lord’s house, equally you probably can’t quite get up into high society given Undertaker’s occupation, likely somewhere in the middle
  • To be honest, you probably ended up involved in the Phantomhives’ underground network and you are more than capable of working the system so you can be accepted equally by both London’s high society and the working classes
  • The mortician deals with people from all walks of life and you regularly interact with them so it’s hardly surprising
  • During this time, the two of you would eat out as much as possible , just to experience the class divide from both ends
  • The funeral parlour isn’t in the best part of London, so you went to the local pub one night for dinner and a drink
  • The atmosphere was positively alive, the people inside loud and buzzing with warm energy despite the winter cold trying to deep in through the windows
  • You had a basic meal of chicken and vegetable broth, sat at a table just off the corner of the bar
  • The place might have smelt of alcohol but the people sat at another table playing music more than made up for it
  • There was a violinist, a singer and a flute player, all producing jigs, country music and the best old songs, the kind the two of you hadn’t heard in a good few years
  • Alternately, Undertaker took you out to the fanciest, most expensive restaurant London had to offer
  • You didn’t even know where he got the money from
  • He wore a sleek black top hat and tails, hair drawn back and hidden away for once
  • A crisp white shirt and a red tie, polished black loafers and you wearing your finest
  • You lost track of how many courses you ate, lost in the small orchestra playing exquisite music from the front
  • Undertaker had reserved the best table they had to offer and ultimately spared no expense
  • Afterwards, you decided that whilst the experiences were polar opposites, you had enjoyed both for entirely different reasons
  • Moving on to the early 1900’s, the industrial revolution was a scream for you both
  • Picture the most ridiculous, steampunk-looking ‘automated vehicle’ you can, complete with the crazy lights on the front and the carriage wheels, chugging out black smoke
  • Undertaker had one
  • It was such a wild thing to invent that he just couldn’t resist
  • You were the talk of his part of London, specifically how the ‘unusual’ mortician has managed to afford one was of great debate among the gossips
  • Of course, you two sat on the sidelines and watched it all unfold, grinning like mad people and never giving out any information
  • You did make the occasional comment though, only to stir the pot and confuse everyone even further
  • Your favourite memory of that car had to be when you chugged over Westminster bridge in it, the mortician tipping his hat while you just nodded at the pavement full of top hats who halted what they were doing to watch you go by
  • You laughed for ages after that one
  • It couldn’t last forever though, and when the First World War came, it was as hard on the two of you as any
  • Undertaker seemed always to be working during those four years, the list of casualties endless
  • You helped him wherever you could, devoting the rest of your time to helping out at the local shelter, nursing when the hospitals were being overrun
  • You would both pass information along the underground as well, anything to end the death and destruction
  • The Second World War passed in much the same way, though now there seemed to be even less time to rest
  • You would stand and quietly hold each other on the long nights when it all seemed endless, listening to Churchill over the radio and trying to not get too down
  • The next little while passed by uneventfully really - everyone was trying to recover from the after effects of the fighting and the Cold War was in full flow
  • When it got to the 50’s and 60’s though, things started looking up once more
  • You lost count of the number of dances you went to with the mortician, each of which he invited you to in a most gentlemanly manner
  • Eventually you invited him to a few, though he jokingly complained each time that he should be the one to ask you
  • Undertaker’s slow dances went unrivalled, both at events and whilst you were alone in the parlour
  • Those were your favourites, gazing lovingly into his phosphorescent eyes, glowing softly in the half dark as he smiled back at you
  • He would hold your body to his as close as possible, keeping you flush together whilst still moving to the music
  • He would have an arm securely around your waist, far too much contact for the dance you were doing but you had no complaints
  • When it got late and dark and you were still stepping around each other, you would lay your head on his shoulder and his hand would move automatically to your hair, ever so softly combing back through it and nails caressing your scalp so masterfully that it took far more effort than it should have done to stay awake
  • He knew that of course and would grin, wasting no time in sitting down somewhere with you in his lap, whispering sweet nothings until your eyes did finally close, albeit against your will
  • You would smile in the morning when you woke up in bed, but still wrapped tightly in the mortician’s embrace
  • Moving swiftly onto the 70’s, I just want to say if you don’t think Undertaker could disco with the best of them, you are so wrong
  • He’s a fabulous dancer, no matter what the era or style and there wasn’t the move he didn’t know
  • You would often catch him dancing away to the pop songs over the radio or on the little TV you two had purchased
  • When he saw you, not only would he not stop but he would grab you and get you to start dancing with him
  • The reaper took full advantage of the fashion for flares and all things day glow, mismatching neon socks worn proudly
  • And of course if this wasn’t the era of the best comedy movies
  • You went to the movie theatre to see all of them, got them on DVD and ultimately there wasn’t a single reference that went over your head
  • It was also impossible to pick your favourite
  • From then on, the two of you really just watched fashions and trends progress into the ones we know now
  • He has a black hearse of course, but not your average one
  • It’s all sharp angles and gleaming chrome, a skull pendent hanging off the rear view
  • When it’s Halloween season, he puts a skeleton in the back so others can see it through the back window
  • The tech side of things is definitely a bonus, phones are just convenient and there’s so much media (films, music) you can never get bored
  • You’ve been to festivals together, fringe all the way
  • Undertaker teleported you to the front when your favourite band came on; it was the best thing
  • He even hoisted you up on his shoulders at one point and when you waved at the lead singer, they waved back
  • You have a collection of memorabilia from all of them, not to mention all the concerts you’ve been to together
  • You have literally hundreds of photo albums, dating right back to when cameras were first invented
  • At the time, nobody could work out how you got a camera either
  • Undertaking itself hasn’t changed that much over the years of course and the mortician still lives and works in the same place as he always has
  • You asked him about it once
  • He said he’d been there so long by now that he couldn’t imagine going anywhere else, wouldn’t even know where to start
  • He asked you to move in not too long ago and given how much time you already spent at his place, you agreed
  • You spent your first night there wrapped firmly in the mortician’s arms, laying on his chest rather than a pillow and held securely under his covers
  • You were curled around each other with as much contact as you could muster and got all the better night’s sleep for it
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Omg I have 500 (and 1) followers!!!


Thank you all so much!!!

In honour (eventually, when I have time) I’m going to write a multi chapter fic with Undertaker. I mentioned this a while ago and this is just another teaser. It takes place in modern times but simultaneously is set before the manga begins, whilst Undertaker is still working with Dispatch and before Grell, William and Co become reapers. Reader is gender neutral as usual and it’s something of a slow burn, irregular updates are a guarantee (it’s me. I’m incapable of posting regularly that wouldn’t be any fun). I’m also planning something for Halloween, so watch this space!

Hope everyone’s keeping safe and thanks again for 500!!

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Hello! Yes I am and thank you so much!! Here goes!



I match you with … Undertaker!

Ahh this is very exciting for me

So painting animal skulls is something I can see Undertaker being fascinated by. He collects skulls/other body parts (human and animal) himself so is thrilled that you do the same. Now I don’t know where you get your skulls from, but if you go out scavenging yourself you are definitely going to have a partner from now on. There is no way that Undertaker will let you go out looking for skulls and not take him with you. If you buy them, either from those little witchcraft-y looking places or online, he wants to join in with that too. He manages to get questionably good deals on these things, but he won’t tell you how he does it.

He also loves that you celebrate the dead. Obviously as a mortician and underworld informant they make up pretty much the largest part of his life and in general are very important to him, but at the same time death is a touchy subject for most humans and something they tend to shy away from. The fact that you don’t is fantastic. He doesn’t feel like he needs to keep a lid on what he says regarding death when he’s around you which him feel more comfortable/relaxed, though that does men he wont hold back his morbid sense of humour either. Not a bad thing if you find those types of jokes funny too.

I suspect horse riding is something he’s very good at given how long he’s been around so if you ever want some company you have most certainly got it in him. I wouldn’t exactly call him responsible though - he probably enjoys galloping bareback over the fields more than he does the disciplines (but he’s good at those too) so prepare for some interesting trips through the countryside. If you happen to want to branch out into carriage driving that’s something else he can do and he’s more than willing to teach you. As for animals in general, I don’t think he’s really one way or the other on them, but if you wanted a pet he’d definitely be up for it.

Undertaker’s fashion sense is dubious to say the least, though that does mean he would absolutely encourage you to wear whatever you want. Even if your proposed outfit was utterly crazy, he would accept it without question and tell you to wear anything at all as long as you felt comfortable in it. Also if anyone else had anything to say he’d give them the scare of their lives.

Undertaker probably finds it funny that others think you look scary. Let’s face it, no one’s as scary as him so others being frightened of you just gives him a massive laugh. It’s made all the funnier by how kind and thoughtful you actually are - even so he will poke fun and tell you to stop terrifying people; he’s only joking though.

 In case you haven’t noticed, Undertaker is my all time favourite so please get invested in him don’t feel pressured or anything I just love this reaper so much I -

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Undertaker & R!Ciel’s relationship (so far)

Does anyone else feel like Undertaker seems to act more distant towards to R!Ciel, like Tanaka? 

By R!Ciel’s side, and in doing his duty by him as butler, Tanaka appears cold, as if he is just going through the motions, whereas he was a far more animated individual in O!Ciel’s service, often going above and beyond the call of duty and clearly doing what he did for O!Ciel out of care and respect as well as duty.

With R!Ciel, he appears to have checked out, and while he does his duty, there is none of the feeling. 

I think that Undertaker, to an extent, shares this disconnect. In Chapter 151, R!Ciel asks him for assistance with his Earl duties twice, but is flatly rejected both times. 

This struck me as a little odd. Whenever O!Ciel asked Undertaker to do something, though Undertaker was never willing to give his assistance without proper ‘payment’ (laughter), he at least offered O!Ciel the opportunity to get what he wanted (and O!Ciel did). Even when his true identity was revealed!

With R!Ciel, Undertaker completely snuffs the possibility of even trying to help. 

Yes, he really might not have a single clue about how to do what R!Ciel is asking of him, and I might be thinking too much into it. He would probably be a crap butler, but so was Sebastian when he started out. Undertaker knows this. Besides, wouldn’t Undertaker just find it hilarious, especially the reaction of his disgusted master when he shows him how terrible of a job he made of… well, everything!

I’d imagine Undertaker would much rather have that than sit in one place and read a book for two hours.

For Undertaker to make excuses, however true they might be, seems weird. He is speaking to ‘Earl Phantomhive’, whose predecessors he has assisted and cared for for at least two generations.

I wonder if this may tie in to the RCMT - Real Ciel Mastermind Theory, in which R!Ciel had involvement in or outright planned the Phantomhive massacre.

Undertaker would know this (as he rescued the boy and his ‘episodes’ from the fire… at least he claims to have anyway). If true, then Undertaker would have more than enough reason to only assist the boy insofar as it benefited his goal, but nothing more.

R!Ciel appears to respond in kind, by being curt and rude towards him, in spite of the fact that he owes Undertaker his ‘life’. 


Undertaker is literally the reason he is able to sit at a desk and look at paperwork. Hardly a ‘useless arse’. Then again, with his attitude towards Sebastian, R!Ciel is quite a different master than O!Ciel, so his attitude towards UT could be a product of that.

Alternatively, Undertaker’s response to R!Ciel’s requests may have to do with both his and Tanaka’s (seemingly) shared dislike of R!Ciel’s readiness to get stuck into his role as Earl (and, more importantly, Watchdog).


Very glum faces, both. I’m very interested to see their dynamic and relationship going forward, how much their shared long history as people close to the Phantomhive family informs their actions and connection.

Anyway, it seems clear that neither man is thrilled to see R!Ciel jump into O!Ciel’s shoes, most likely because they know what the role entails, possibly because of what it means for O!Ciel, or a mix of both. Maybe they fear what R!Ciel will do, what his newfound power could cause, for himself and O!Ciel.

Undertaker, as we know, hates the Queen, the Watchdog duty she places on the young Phantomhive heir, and now R!Ciel has returned, to see him willingly take that burden and that tragic fate on his shoulders must rankle Undertaker as much as it did with O!Ciel.

It’s difficult to know what Tanaka is thinking. Perhaps he is concerned for O!Ciel, or wary of R!Ciel’s intent, or perhaps he shares Undertaker’s desire for the boys to free themselves of their duty and heritage and find happiness.

In any case, Undertaker dragging his heels and rebuffing R!Ciel’s requests come in stark contrast to his attitude towards O!Ciel back when he was still ‘just the undertaker’, and I’d be willing to bet it’s more than just “I just can’t be arsed, kid!”.

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Spooktober 10: Coffin

TW: Implied stalking

“And right here, we have this specially made coffin. Just for you.” They said, turning around to face you.

Your smile faltered, laughing a bit as you looked back at them.

“You’re joking, right?” You quietly asked, fear slowly starting to climb up your throat as they smirked.

“Of course not, love… I’ve been watching you for a very long time.”

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I found out that the Crypt Keeper from the Tales From The Crypt had a very different appearance in the comics, and an even creepier appearance in his debut (pictured here). I saw it and I immediately thought ‘Oh my God, that’s Undertaker!!’.

I mean, we don’t know that Undertaker didn’t have a collection of spooky Victorian literature in his shop. We don’t know Undertaker didn’t tell scary tales to the Phantomhive twins and scare them stupid.

“‘He fell to the floor with a thud, and his brains were scattered all over the carpet…’ Hi-hi-hi, I wasn’t finished yet, come out from that cupboard, kiddies! You’ll miss the best part!”

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Earlier on I thought about how torturous the headmaster job must have been for Undertaker. Yeah, he got to see O!Ciel and other kids do crazy cricket nonsense, but he couldn’t laugh about it! He’d blow his cover in five seconds!

My bet is that Undertaker left the match because he had to find somewhere quiet to bust his ass laughing or else he’d hurt himself.

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