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MightyTale Silver Papyrus (Offical Art)


Name: Papyrus

Height: 10ft

Gender: Male

Magic Type: Massive bones, their size makes them unusable in most environments so he resorts to hand to hand combat. The bones are also used for travel as multiple individuals can easily sit on the magic bones while they fly.

Soul powers: Papyrus’s soul caps his power to keep his experimental body stable. Unlike other monsters Papyrus’s soul and body have separate minds, as long as Papyrus’s soul is connected to his body the body’s combative instincts will be nullified. With great PATIENCE Papyrus can suspend himself in midair within a gravitational field.

Occupations: Co-Captain of the Royal Guard, Chef, defender of Snowdin.

Hobbies: Cooking, long walks, helping others, being praised.

Greeting Dialogue: Hello there little one, how can the Great Papyrus help you today?!

Battle Start Dialogue: Too many good people sacrificed too much to give us this future… I can’t let you take this away from us… SO I THE GREAT PAPYRUS SHALL SAVE US ALL. FOR EVERYONE WHO BELIEVES IN ME AND THOSE WHO HAVE GONE BEFORE ME I WILL END THIS POINTLESS CHRADE.

Battle Phase 2 Dialogue: What is love without those who love you… What are dreams without the dreamers… If I cannot protect everyone then who will sing the legends of THE GREAT PAPYRUS!!! BEGONE MY SOUL, FOR THOSE I WISH TO PROTECT WILL BECOME MY HEART AND MIND. I WILL BECOME MORE THAN THE GREAT PAPYRUS EVER COULD HAVE BEEN. I AM THE PROTECTOR OF LIFE, OF HOPES, OF DREAMS. AND AS THE WORLD WILLS IT. I THE MIGHTY PAPYRUS SHALL STRIKE YOU DOWN.

Battle End Dialogue (Spare): So it seems that you can learn, although you are far too late. There have been so many that have fallen by your hand. BUT FEAR NOT, NYEH HEH HEH!!! FOR I THE GREAT PAPYRUS SHALL BE YOUR GUIDE! With what is left of your life you must aid those who you have hurt, protect them from your crimes. But never forget what you have done… If I’m being honest you remind me of my brother… Don’t make the same mistakes he did.

Battle End Dialogue (Kill): If I, the Great Papyrus have fallen then we are truly doomed. Brother… Shall I pick us up some Grillbys?

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Also I am headcanoning on this blog that hybrid baby bones are born with tails and can chose to out grow them as they get older if they so wish.


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Grillby doodles (bonus eye hc)

I need to go to sleep–

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Not MCSM but I ship these two dorks (mostly because of the Handplates comic influence)

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I had free time, and a random thought cam to my head.

Then here he is, reaper living a partially normal life.

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Behold! Mama Shenz with one of her many little baby bones.

I’m not at my laptop and just had to get this sketched out on my IPad to remind myself to explore this avenue more.

More on this later when I get back to my laptop! The baby fever is sparking and about set a blaze to my soul!

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“What have we learned?”
“..that drawing when you’re supposed to rest is stupid”
“that falling into a hyperfixation while work is piling up is even stupidier”
“So, what are we gonna do?”
“WHAT are we gonna DO?”
“….oh look, another 3 new comics”

So, yeah, my project’s due date is a week later than estimated so I wanted to rest a day. Only that my brain doesn’t seem to understand that it is especially my hand that needs rest.

This started out all innocent and simpel but as usual, I got lost in the flow.

I really just wanted to draw the purple smoking Papy cos I kinda grew fond of the design, I dunno why.
To this day I’m still not sure what the difference between Swapfell and Fellswap is. If I got it correct, then Swapfell is the Fell version of Underswap and Fellswap is the Swap version of Underfell. That means purple smoke man is Swapfell, cos he just looks like a drugdealer version of carrot man. The one with the super shy Papy and the tall Wine Sans is Fellswap Gold or sth? I know that there’s the third one which is the one that rly confuses me. Cos you got Papy with literally ufSans jacket, so that’d make it Fellswap, but the Sans seems like an edgy version of usSans, which would make it Swapfell. 
If anyone can clear stuff up for me I’d really appreciate it, ngl.

I’ve also been replaying a bit of Deltarune, so I kinda wanted to draw the kfc trio together. Mostly for myself as a ref to visualize what the differences between the three are for me. I also really enjoy Chara being a cocky brat

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UPDATETALE: Discovery - MAJ!Frisk Ref Sheet

Name: Frisk
Age: 16 (pre comic) - 18 (Post comic)
Species: Human
Gender: Male - She/her
Soul: Red “Determination”

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sams和papy拟人 嗯大概有frans吧 😇也有fell……

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