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Hello guys! It’s me! = )

Today I wanna introduce you about my Au: BibleTale - The Story Never Tell.

Just a brief introduction but to point out the basics for you to know, to avoid being guessed by others or will strip away the plot and rewrite my work in other formats. ☢☢☢

Okay! Let’s get started:
- My Au was created by Gapasa, the unique entity.

- This Au don’t bear the same framework and has a very different storyline from the original story, which seems to be 100% off. Can be considered as a “Reboot” version.

- Background: Ground, scale: World.

- This Au is a spherical planet, with the Sun and Moon. (Explain in future).

- This Au has many species races: Angels, Demons, Detanion (Hybrid of Angels and Demons) Human, Monsters, even Void.

- Sans and Papyrus are replaced by two other characters. But there are some mechanisms will remain the same. (Name: Not published).

- Every character in this Au will be remade and changed a lot in terms of personality, appearance, gender, hobbies, even history will also have a clear antecedent.

- This is Friskriel Au. (well, Friskiel fans will be scream happily, lol = ))))

- This Au has the participation of Deltarune.

- This Au is very far away and it has nothing to do with the Doodle Sphere, free from the control of different entities.

- All the species races are all have the same souls.

- Level, Defend, Attack, Status, Act, Mercy, etc… are not effective in this Au. Cause this is not a game, it just a real world deal. And there is some reason else I don’t wanna spoils. Pardon me.

- Timeline Race: Neutral. Don’t misunderstanding me. This is the real world so there will be many conflicts, not in the Undertale you know. Everyone has their own way and let it be nature. And just to let you know, Neutral is more interesting than everything else.

Thank you for reading, love all you guys! Oh! And you too! ❤❤❤

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EOTM Schedule Change

I have been off my hiatus for a while now and I’m getting back to work as soon as I finish some commissions and voice work for some friends. However, I’ve noticed uploading weekly has been strenuous on me physically and mentally, and I don’t want to burn out like this again. So instead of uploading weekly, the comic will come whenever an update finishes, like, the split second the update is finished. There’s no designated day anymore, as I’m afraid of I go back to my weekly schedule I’ll burn myself out for a month again or get sick again

Once I finish my side work, I’ll be posting updates again. I greatly appreciate your patience and I hope to see y'all in the next update

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(*Sam stumbles around from whiplash for a minute.)

*What? Of course you’re alright! You were a bit nauseous from the flight but other than that, you’re fine!

*Although, that was very rude to interrupt a conversation like that…

Flowey: Oh Sam! I want to both hug you and strangle you at the same time!

*Aw that’s so sweet, Flowey!

Flowey: Don’t get used to it.

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Attempted a Papyrus. This is Borrower!Papyrus from my own HC au of Borrower skeletons, inspired by the bitty au and borrowers.

His name is Case (a part of a clock, nod to the Clock borrowers family), he wears a napkin cape, and bottle cap armor. Don’t ask where the gloves and boots came from. Tis magic.

Case is a spunky Borrower always getting into mischief. He loves the big humans and is the friendliest Borrower of the bunch. He is a gatherer and a hoarder of supplies, if you need it then Case is your go to skeleton. He gets lonely often so he tends to stick to his family group and keeps a pet dust bunnies.

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Okay I asked a while ago if I should share my headcanons, well guess what you should all prepare for the eventual flood now. This is your only warning ;)

And to start things off:

Storyshift Chara totally plays with fidgetspinners and fidgetcudes. Asriel doesn’t get it, and refuses to play with them because his fur got caught in them the one time he tried. They have at least two on their person at any time, and at least ten in their room.

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I’ve been playing a ton of Minecraft and Stardew Valley! I also really like Detroit:Become Human and FNAF! Undertale is an all time favorite, it’s so emotional! There’s also Clue, I love thinking really hard! And of course Uno! How can I forget the classic Monopoly? And there’s also Legend of Zelda and Animal Crossing and gosh there’s just so many!

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