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Created on: 10/26/20

Requested by: @pigeons-just-pigeons, i feel really stressed out right now by school and im going to try calming my nerves with writing. also apparently she really likes FeralVerse-

(WARNING: hella longer than usual. maybe cuz its 4 people instead of 2-)


Classic didn’t know how to feel about the situation. About alternate versions of himself just suddenly getting mutated and now he has to work with more versions of himself to find a cure. Really, the whole thing sounds like one of those animes Alphys watches.

Unfortunately, it was real. And he was dealing with it. Of course, Paps didn’t know a thing and the kiddo was covering him while the player was inactive. Must be either a busy day or night for them probably.

The skeleton sighed, starting to feel himself drift off and slump against the couch in the lounge. Though he should probably be more concerned, he couldn’t help himself but to want to take another nap for the day. He’d already done a skeleton of work, taking Nightmare on a patrol to see if any more mutants have popped up. And yes.

That alone, was enough for him to last the day.

See, just dealing with Nightmare can be tiring. Though he definitely won’t speak to you nor act like a rabid animal the rest do. He’ll continuously sass and growl at you, occasionally tripping or slapping you with the tendrils that start above his paws. Then there’s patrols, where you actually have to walk around. And with Nightmare! Which means a LOT of tripping! Then there’s dealing with the situation if you DO run into another mutant and…

Well, at least it’s mostly Nightmare who has to tussle with em. After all, to fight a mutant you usually need another mutant.

Sometimes when Nightmare REALLY trips Ink, the colorful artist will complain and grumble that Nightmare’s lucky to be alive. But Classic always thought it was the other way around. If Nightmare hadn’t still been sane after the mutation, they all probably would’ve been bitten by now. Really, the only times they’ve ever had to help Nightmare hold down a mutant was with Cross and Dust.

Cross had been driven insane by the OVERWRITE soul, massive trauma from his AU, and weak condition from the aftermath of the fighting. Dust had been driven insane long before he killed everyone but hadn’t acted upon it and mutated until he’d reached his breaking point.

To think he could’ve ended up like that if he’d done the same as Dust. Well…

Technically he did, since Dust is him from an alternate timeline.

“ORIGINAL ME!” A chuckle escaped his teeth as he opened an eye socket to see the adorable version of him, Blue. Blue had always been one of his favorite alternates out of the bunch, seeing as he was basically a mix of himself and Paps. Still likes puns

(A/N so no one gets mixed up, Sans from UnderSwap canonically still likes puns. its a very popular headcanon that he doesn’t. carry on.)

but is just as sweet and thoughtful as his bro. Really, he could never get mad or tired of the little blueberry. “THERE YOU ARE! I WAS LOOKING FOR YOU!”

“Is there somethin’ ya need Berry?” The nickname had been out of his mouth before he could even think about what he’d said. And once he did, he could feel his skull tint with blue. Really? A nickname for a nickname? Jeez, what was with him now when he was around the little warrior?

“Actually Classic,” he cocked his skull to the side, becoming more curious when his normally energetic alternate began to fiddle with his hands. “I was actually hoping you’d come with me today to check on Red and Dust. That’s okay, right?”

Shit, he could feel the arrows striking his soul. First at the names “Red” and “Dust” before getting the final strike when Blue had looked up at him with those sky blue eyelights. As odd as it was, he couldn’t help but enjoy the company of the edgy jackal-fennec fox. And really, he could absolutely relate to the insane grey wolf-tasmanian devil too. After all, he would definitely go insane too if he had to deal with hundreds of consecutive genocides.


“Sure, I don’t mind.” With his signature lazy grin on his face, he began to follow Blue to the common enclosure room. This was the big room where multiple enclosures were put together. Though Ink was hesitant about the idea, Dream and Blue agreed that maybe it would help to have them all in the same room. Maybe being close to another in the same situation would make them feel more comfortable they had said.

Though some of them did enjoy each other’s company, Classic thought he was right to assume Fell really didn’t. While most of the others had big, terrifying animals, Fell was a mix of two animals that generally survived with their wits and willy physique.

Therefore, he really, really did not appreciate being shoved in the same room as a six-legged and two-tailed goop cat, a winged bengal tiger, and a bird clawed panther.

Now they were in the room, lit with colorful lights from the color planed windows above the enclosures. Something Ink had put up so the room wouldn’t be as dull. The cracked glass of the cages were hit with more growls and roars as they walked to the quietest of the cages.

“Hey Fell.”

A rumble came from the cage, and soon taps against the metal ground as the red eyed beast came out to the glass. He glanced behind us, making eye contact with Error before growling. Blue frowned, turning around in time to see Error snarl back in response as he began to try and calm the canine down.

“Sorry pal, didn’t know that you weren’t red-y for us yet.” The canine stopped, staring back at him as he began to continue. Suddenly there was red everywhere, with a loud blare. Immediately, all of the mutants in the room except for Nightmare and Fell began to snarl and roar.

“Uhhhh… Guys?” Dream’s voice came onto the intercom as the two skeletons glanced at each other. Oh boy, this couldn’t be good. “Uh, I kind of went to Dust’s enclosure to clean when I accidentally… Let him out?”

Ok, that was not good.

“Dusty’s out of his enclosure?!” Blue jumped up, immediately running out the door.

“Wait, Blue!” Classic jumped up, starting to try and follow him before he heard a loud thud next to him. Turning, he saw Fell jumping at the glass, barking and howling at him. “Fell, what’s wrong?”

He didn’t stop. He just kept banging on the glass, barking and yelling. The original couldn’t understand why though. Fell’s never been as active as the other mutants. Like him, he tended to be lazy and just laid about in his enclosure unless provoked. But when someone came too close, he usually just pretended to threaten to bite them. Now here he was, just being nearly as loud as the others.

He didn’t know what to do. Was Fell trying to warn him of something? Was he trying to tell him something important? He didn’t know why he was suddenly so active, but he knew it had to be for a good reason if it was making him jump and bark like this.

“Heya pal, I want you to calm down,” he tried to smoothen his voice so he didn’t scare the canine, starting to move towards the enclosure controls. “I’m going to let you out. And I want you to stay calm. I’m sure the others know your mostly just bark and no bite, but I’m pretty sure they still won’t feel safe knowing you’re on the prowl unless you can prove you’re not hostile. Okay?”

Really, he was doing his best not to talk to him while he was teaching a 5 year old. If he remembered anything about Fell before the mutation, it was that he got offended and ticked easily. Finally getting Fell to look calm, he pressed the switch that opened the glass door.


Dust couldn’t find Blue.

He couldn’t find Fell or Classic either.

Who cares about that little blue mongrel and the toothy loser? His brother whispered to him. There are many caged, helpless, powerful monsters here Sans. We must find them. And we must kill them. We need more power brother. More LOVE.

He wanted to listen to his brother. He really did. He knew for a fact that Papyrus would never lie or misguide him. But he also knew that he wouldn’t be able to focus on the job unless he knew where the three were. If they truly were powerful, than even if caged he’d have to focus if he wanted to be able to harvest them for LOVE.

Very well brother, I will trust your judgement.

He began to prowl around, sniffing the air to pick up a scent. He knew he needed to pick up as many scents as possible to work fast. There was much to be done: differentiate Fell, Classic, and Blue’s scents from the others, locate the three as soon as possible, sneak off, kill the others, make sure Blue doesn’t give him the puppy eyes or croc tears for killing most of his friends…

On second though, maybe the last one is basically inevitable.


He could feel himself basically jump up, starting to immediately run towards where he heard his blueberry’s voice. Guess he didn’t need to pick up on his scent in the first place. That’ll make his job a little bit easier.

Don’t forget to kill everyone else brother. We need to become more powerful. We need more LOVE. Do not let anyone distract you from the mission.

I know Paps. I know.

He knew at some point he was going to have to kill them too. After all, he’d killed everyone else. But he definitely didn’t want to do it now. Someday, when he finds the will to give them the painless mercy of death.

But that day wasn’t today.

Making a sharp turn, he’d finally found the blue scarfed skeleton. He knew he’d have to act calm though, to not scare him. Though many of them probably didn’t know this, he wasn’t actually as gone as Cross was.

Yes, he knew Cross’s name. He picked it up from a conversation when they were trying to move him into his enclosure for the first time.

Ah yes, when that stupid oreo on legs nearly bit his blueberry.

He’ll be the first to go.

(A/N i love Cross guys. i really do. i swear-)

“Dusty,” he could hear the warning tone in his voice as he looked up at the skeleton before him. “I know that look on your face Dusty. No murder.”

He didn’t mean to let out a small whine. Probably his animal instincts. What did Sci say he was again? A “grey wolf” and “tasmanian devil”? What the hell even was a “tasmanian devil” anyway? It sounds like some sort of dog that failed to serve Satan.

“Dusty, no murder.” Blue had repeated himself, beginning to pet the hooded beast’s head as they both perked up to panting heard from behind Blue. Running into view were Classic, and Fell. How convenient, the three he was looking for came right to him.

Now onto “find a way to get away from the loves of his life and butcher everyone else in a totally non-yandere way”.

Oh boy Alphys’s anime ways are starting to get to him.

He could feel the rumbles in his non-existent throat, leaning his head more into Blue’s hand. God, he knew this was just his animal instincts acting up but god his gloved hand behind his ecto ears felt GREAT. Was it like this for all dogs? Lucky bastards. He was glad he’d killed all of the dogs first. (Minus the Annoying Dog. That thing is impossible to track down. Much less kill.)

“Huh, looks like you’ve got him wrapped around your finger. When’d you learn to even to make him even wag his tail like that?” Wait, wagging tail? He glanced behind him to see that his ecto tail was indeed wagging. Huh. It must’ve started while he was thinking about dogs and didn’t notice.

Brother, you’re getting off task and distracted. How will you kill the others before they put you back into your cage if you keep letting yourself be treated like this? His brother did not look too pleased that he had not gained any LOVE yet. Then again, it’d been Ink knows how long since he’d been out. Much less killed anyone.

As Classic approached Blue to talk, Fell had coiled himself around the original’s legs. Fell didn’t feel comfortable around him and it was obvious why. After all, he knew that the hooded figure was at LEAST LV20.

Dust couldn’t help but to respect the other. He survived abuse from his own brother, the monster around him, and had probably had his own fair share of Genocides too. He couldn’t imagine his own brother disowning and abusing him too.

But of course brother, I’d never do anything to harm you. And Dust knew his brother was telling the truth. After all, Paps would never lie to him either.

His brother wouldn’t.

He could feel his tail curl around the guard in training as the rubbing intensified, starting to lay down. After all, did he really need to kill them all now? It had already been established that he was absolutely capable of easily breaking out of his fortified cell. He could always just do it again. And if they set up guards, no problem. He’ll kill them too. Extra EXP. In fact, he should probably wait until they do add more guards for him to kill.

Plus, he felt like hanging around these three a bit more.

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Well, there are some general headcanons for him here, but I’ll give you a couple extra just cause! 😊

+ internally feels a lot of pressure to be great or really good at something, since his older brother is very particular on being as great as he can. though, he gets very stressed about this and tends to just ignore it

+ usually has packages of mini cupcakes in the fridge because he prefers them cold, right along side the other half of the fridge where his bro keeps his plethora of taco ingredients

+ hates seeing people upset for any reason whatsoever, but is really bad at cheering people up. he does his best, though, because he’d rather look like an idiot trying to help someone than not do anything at all

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A very funny thing that people seem to have forgotten in the Undertale AU fandom is that colored souls are a humans-only thing

Like you see it so much it’s kinda sad tbh

I mean sure you can bend the rules of the universe a bit if it’s for the plot (like I have) but it’s sad that in almost every smutfic where souls are involved REALLY just miss the point.

Like sure it’s hot or whatever but did you have to make it colored? Lemme answer for you; you didn’t. It’s the same amount of satisfaction to have the soul be a normal fucking color than to give a monster a bright blue soul and break the canon rules for basically no reason

So anyways it’s six am and I want to die

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(Please Click on image for better quality)

It looks like red and sans are both social distancing XD but unfortunately Edge gave red the task of cat sitting doomfanger, and it looks like red isn’t having a good time. Oh well at least his bonefriend is there for him XD

Again this prompt lost belings and was created by @serenade-bleue. Thank you for allowing me to use your prompt list. 💗

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