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improvidence318 · 2 days ago
A commission for @fatema-ls4-dreams as a gift to @megalommi / @mmishame based on a one-shot fic by Baggs, everyone’s favorite little hypnotist bastard, inspired by a post on Twitter by @mindlevelzero.
Who needs control when you can have pleasure?
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licollisa · a day ago
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smolspoopy · 15 hours ago
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Here’s another batch of finished commissions!!
Please do not use or repost unless you are the original commissioners!
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marlette-au · a day ago
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Nobody seems to be home right now, except...
Read it here!
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sagaverse · 2 days ago
So you want to make a story focused on things other than Sanses, when there’s more Sanses than anything else?
Tumblr media
Have we mentioned that the list is evergrowing and everchanging? Yes, we did.
Having more does not mean they'll all get the glorious screen time most series gave them.
And that there was originally going to be only 15 Sanses, all of them being popular characters made by other people. But then we decided to add our own AUs that so happens to have them being a side character in it, so that's only 10 OG side Sanses.
Tumblr media
This is how it'll look if we only have the 15 popular Sanses people love so much.
So yeah, that's the fact of it.
Honestly, the question is a bit barebone. I can kinda expect more questions coming from this alone and I can expect most of them to be skeptical. But it is what it is, we really don't care.
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ghosthoodie · 18 hours ago
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doodles inbetween reign pages
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m-chromatic · a month ago
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what would happen if the knight gets in contact with your oc and makes them a secret boss?
sooo context for the uninformed is I made a template for a little deltarune oc challenge for those who wanna participate! the hashtag is # gasterfyuroc
feel free use this template, translate it, go outside of it with extra stuff, or make your own! just use the hashtag/mention me so i can see it and reblog it!! It’s technically tumblr exclusive on my end, but feel free to post to other sites if you’d like! 
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fmsdraws · a month ago
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ChristmAUs 2021 is here!
(imgur version)
Brought to you by MTT enterprise, this Christmas promises to be more fabulous than ever before! With 339 guests from all over the UT and DR Multiverse, this ChristmAUs promises luxury dining, big and comfortable bedrooms, and more! (Additional fees may be taxed for reserving, breathing, walking in, glancing at Mettaton...)
Thank you to everyone that keeps making ChristmAUs such a big event every year! It really brings me much joy to see so many people invested so 5 years later. Here's to more ChristmAUs
... That said, due to the sheer amount of submissions I got, I've decided to take a different approach, which I plan on using from here onwards; I'll be posting a edited version of the google forms that omits the discord tags (due to privacy concerns, unless they submitted it as a social media), and omits submissions that were not accepted.
(Special thanks to superkirbylover, friskybrisky, and Sandjaar X for helping put it together)
There will also be a few repeats, due to people submitting multiple times across the submission period.
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yummydango · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Little gift for @itsxroxannex
Of her two baby's in pokemon pyjamas, sorry that been a long time since I didn't draw squeleton :) so sorry if that draw is a little bit messy sorry Roxy QvQ"
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val-varna · 3 months ago
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It’s not every day you meet a mean bisexual whose 8-10 feet tall
Big surprise, this post was inspired by: @jacketbones
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rainbowsans · 4 months ago
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finished august commissions 4.5/5
do not use or repost anywhere else unless you were the one who commissioned these pieces.
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addicted-2-the-fic · a month ago
Sorry guys I haven’t posted in a while. -_-‘
but I got sucked into the FNAF security breach fandom for a moment! soooooooooo I made a OC!
I know! I know! she isn’t a skeleton and I’m sorry, BUT LOOOKKK!
Tumblr media
Zappy Z-ebra!
She works in a 24 hour diner/bar at Freddy Fazz bears.
During the day it’s a family friendly establishment, with everything a tired parent and kid could ever want!
From the evenings to early in the morning it is a karaoke bar, with drinks, comedy, and the greasiest food you’d ever want!
Zappy is the only animatronic wait-staff in this section, and an entirely new build of animatronic.
She runs on an unseen track of magnets underneath the floor. She can only go to certain locations and that’s it, seeing as when a animatronic can wander it can get in trouble.
Along with the magnets in the floor, she has magnets on her fore-hooves, forearms and even her head to balance trays, and with that she does not have any internal computer or sensitive computer parts.
Those important and sensitive computer parts are in a separate server in behind the staff counter.
There are some warning signs before entering this establishment that if one has a “Complaint’ or any “incorrect orders”, to bring it to one of the human staff!
The animatronic does not understand and will not help you with your problem.
Violence is completely prohibited from this place, if you decide violence you will be expedited off the property.
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licollisa · a month ago
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(...if you notice where Geno's frame got cropped from, then kudos to you.)
(No I'm not posting the whole thing)
Anyway. More undertale (and deltarune?) drawings. Two pics after the charas are my undertale OCs, and the last two is my sona.
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smolspoopy · 2 months ago
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It’s holiday detective au hours because I can uwu
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a-wild-windings-uwu · 2 months ago
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@muskka remember when i made some fanart for you? Well i redrew it and i like it a lot more now ._. hope you like it as well °v°
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satellite-starss · 22 days ago
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Meet Vermillion Aka Vermin!! :D
He tall and mean :)
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superkirbylover · 29 days ago
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i saw the chess part and went "papyrus would totally do this"
disclaimer: marlette is a baby here
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stealthnerd · a month ago
Idk if you use your boy Dingbats anymore but I’m SUPER curious to his reaction if he ever met his grandkids
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
they're more like surprise bonus sons than grandkids, but either way he's happy to be part of the family. and he came prepared!
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capnhanbers · a month ago
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welcome to the end of being alone inside your mind
(art for chapter 114, additional comments under the cut >:3)
yeah so that song "the mother" by brandi carlile, that's ur song for all the motherhood moments in this chapter.
but there's another song! for the TRAUMA. >83c 7 lunas by nicki nicole!!!!!! if you want a peek into mod's mental amv for the barrier formation, look no further lmao
i just wanna say! thanks for reading joat! ;u; this is another huuuge landmark chapter that i've waited 5 years to get to, and i really poured a lotta love into it. i think toriel can be such a misunderstood character. often ppl really dilute the mother archetype to its most surface level features, and that is a fucking shame because i think mother archetypes feature the coolest most complex most wrenching dynamics to explore. toriel and her portrayal of motherhood has always been such a huge part of joat's soul <3
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orbital-inclination · a month ago
Tumblr media
i’m a little nervous to share but here we go! this my boi Kalluno! he appears in a Dadster multiverse fic I’m writing. he’s a baby Blaster!Sans who was rescued from his AU and subsequent creator by a wandering outcode Gaster, who had just escaped from his own unfortunate circumstances.
You can read more about him below!
Name: Kalluno “Wolf”  Pronouns: They/them/he/him In-universe coded as 15% Swap!Sans, 55% Blaster and 30%Classic!Sans and 150% GOOD BOI Age: child Personality: Shy but not timid. Optimistic. Driven by curiosity. He just wants everyone around him to be happy! Straightforward thinker. Quiet and contemplative. Relies too heavily on his ability to sense intent from others and may misread their true feelings. Paradoxically oblivious to social cues (blaster instincts and natural skele instincts contradicting each other) and perceptive to what the people around him need in the moment. Trusting, despite his past as an experiment. He is somewhat aware that he was originally created to be a weapon, but his guardian has seen to it that his origins have no influence on his current life and his memory of that time is fuzzy. Kalluno knows he is loved!
Other notes:
Will chew on your shoes
As he grows older, he can shift between Blaster and Skele form at will
Blaster abilities include: hiccupping molten laser fire. the ability to split his bottom jaw. he can perceive the void/the space between AUs but he cannot interact with it on his own.
he doesn’t know how to use shortcuts!
His blaster form is as small as a large house cat, and grows proportional to his skele-form. until young adult-hood. at which point his blaster body will continue to grow until it reaches an equilibrium. (he will have the ability to look an African elephant in the eye that point. while crouching)
his tail is whip like, and sometimes seems to have a mind of its own. other blasters from his “litter” use their tails like xenomorphs and go stab-happy when threatened. Kalluno would never!
suffers from nightmares
loves learning and science but is wary of sterile-lab like environments
will have a full on panic attack if forced onto an examination table
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