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#undertale spoilers

Undertale spoilers!

So I’m suuuuper close to finishing the pacifist route of undertale. I knew the player character’s name was Frisk and I knew of Chara. But I had no idea Chara was the character you named.

But like… don’t I introduce myself as whatever I put in throughout the game?

Other than that, v solid. If anyone has any suggestions for what to do before attempting genocide route let me know!

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📌 how did you find your hyperfixation? 

Through Youtube! I watched JackSepticEyes playthrough of the game and fell in love!! I convinced my mum to let me buy the game on my crappy old laptop and played it through, my first run took over three hours (over time, not all at once)

💕 tell us about one of your favorite characters and why you like them!

Chara Dreemurr!! A large percentage of the fandom portrays them as this evil child who’s hellbent on killing everyone, but a quick peek at dialogue from them and the other characters shows that *that* wasn’t the case at all! they were just a scared child who had a hatred for humanity thanks to an unknown reason, but they loved Asriel, Toriel, and Asgore like their own family. they’re influenced by the players decisions in the Genocide run, as is Frisk. Chara’s a rlly big comfort character to me, and it sucks that they’re often boiled down to “evil little monster’

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this is like,, genuinely the most wholesome aspd headcanon i’ve ever heard even if it wasn’t meant to be. asriel is aspd now and its ur fault anon

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October? Sorry, I think you meant Halloween Month.

Yeah… So I know I said I’d update in a week but while I can’t stop thinking about UNDERTALE, executive disfunction really got to me and I haven’t been able to start drawing the next update… Sowwy. Hopefully This little Halloween art makes up for it.


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