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#underwing challenge
moth-with-a-pen · 3 days ago
Day 6 my friend! What moment in the story (or in their backstories) really defines your characters?
I must confess, I've done next to no writing/plotting for The Dawn Court as of yet. Rent-free WIP, anyone? I'll answer this for Ranthan Rot, which I've done a fair bit of work on. Minor spoilers below!
Metaphor choosing to go back to Azurite after they've fallen out is a big turning point for them. They've bitten off more than they can chew and they're panicking and they want their family by their side to support them, no matter what happens next.
Azurite's flight from the Thetanites pre-canon is the basis for how she views the world today. She values her freedom more than anything and never wants to put herself in a position where she might hurt others. She sticks to her values no matter what.
Lorcan. Lorcan my bby. I can't be specific bc it's major spoilers but! He helps Metaphor out when they're at their lowest, choosing them over the court. Bc at the end of the day he cares about them, he does, he just often doesn't know how to show it.
Harmony convincing Metaphor to try again after [REDACTED] rlly sums her character up. She's stubborn as hell and she's not gonna give up on her found family. She'll do whatever it takes to keep them together.
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artbyeloquent · 4 days ago
Underwing: Do you have a favourite time or place to write? And if you could create your perfect writing space, where would it be and what would it look like?
//hi don't mind me as I attempt to catch up on these
This is really hard! Probably a place with ample sunlight, perhaps with a large window or even skylight. And lots of plants!! I love writing around my Chinese evergreen and my succulent. I'm also a bit basic because I love fairy/string/lantern lights. And the desk would be nice and big, and made of quality oak or something. A lot of these images also tie into specific smells I like, such as greenery and fresh air.
Thank you for the ask!!
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faelanvance · 8 days ago
Are there any reoccuring themes in your story, and did you put them there intentionally, or did they form naturally as you've been writing?
I’m going to answer this, fashionably late, as always! Thank you so much for the question! <3
Now, I wish I could say I plan themes in my stories and are purposeful with them, but to be honest I just write a whole lot of what I personally am interested in/want to read and the themes just tend to crop up and repeat naturally because I’m including as much of what I love as I possibly can cram into my fantasy worlds.
There are a few that seem to occur consistently throughout my work and style:
GREY AND AMBIGUOUS MORALITY is probably the most common thread in all my wips. All of my characters seem to sway between “good” and “evil” deeds, depending on personal circumstance and personality. There are never any clean, definitive lines making characters wholly one thing, or another. They always have many, many facets of their person.
Eskvár for example, is arguably one of the worst villains of the story (seriously, I cannot wait to reach those parts in particular because fuck) but with his story told through the lens of his twin, Mávrik, and his human companion and Seiðsha Lyca, we see other sides that contradict this, “humanizing” him (for lack of a better word, since he’s a dwarf!) create a blurring effect between “wow, this guy is fucking terrible,” to “shit, I actually love him though?”
Same with Mávrik honestly, Eskvár’s entire posse - even Lyca herself. Often driven by what benefits them personally, their inner circles, family, as opposed to making huge choices for the grand scheme. That’s not to say their decisions don’t affect greater circles - they absolutely do - but their goals are often based on personal desires and ambitions. And not just characters, but the systems themselves, the cultures and world.
Naturally following along from the previous is CRIME / CRIMINALS. Often contrasting and comparing them with laws “lawful” acts enforced by the ruling classes. This is especially prominent in the Vilð Láta saga, and there are remnants of this in Black Dwarf too.
SPIRITUALITY ( entwined with sexuality and sexual expression ) is a big part of the Vilð Láta saga and other works. I like to explore the relationship between sex and spirituality, creating diverse religious structures alongside sexual ones. For example, Lyca is a Seiðsha and to put it simply, she is part of Old World menskr tradition and belief, she serves as a sex-worker, as well as priestess, both sexual expression and spirituality are tied. And the dwarfs of Brune? Well, their pantheon has poly-relationships, therefore in their culture, polyamory and same-sex partnerships and marriages are entirely commonplace.
Lastly, are DIFFERENT CULTURES. Both the clashing of and embracing differences depending on the character, but almost always, my cast are being exposed to other peoples, cultures, faiths and viewpoints that shape their understanding of the world, for better or for worse.
That got far longer than I expected it to! Thank you for letting me ramble about this.
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afoolandathief · 9 days ago
Okay, again, I've been an absolute nightmare with Underwing questions, I am so sorry. If you don't mind, I can just continue to shoot questions your way?
Now, for the actual question! This one is kind of silly but, one) what would you consider to be your own personal writing quirks and two) what would you consider to be your "brand" as a writer? Whether that be tropes you love and cling to, a certain genre, reoccurring themes? Anything!
Hey, it's not a problem at all! As you can see, I'm answering a day (or two, actually) late anyway because, well, life. Also, you can definitely continue sending questions; I love yammering about my WIPs and writing (probably too much).
I've mentioned some tropes and quirks in my work before, but off the top of my head:
At least one, if not multiple people, are bi;
The m/f pairings are generally "man is completely in awe of this scary woman." Kind of the "Gomez-Morticia" factor, if you will;
Same-sex pairings tend to be varying flavors of "the grumpy one is soft for the sunshine one" (with the occasional, "two absolute bastards" pairing);
The morally gray character becoming domesticated by the group;
The overly-indulgent self-destructive character;
Nice suits;
A vegetarian (usually best friends with a character who regularly kills and/or eats people);
The monsters are the main characters;
Mutual pining (they're in love, but they're both idiots);
Tall folks, smol folks, and tol/smol pairings (either platonic or romantic; Vi and Caz are my favorite tol/smol besties);
I don't know if this is my brand, but I've been told I write humor decent enough, and I think I'd like the impression of my writing to be stories that seem on the surface to be much more darker and serious, but are actually filled with humor and heart.
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marimos · 10 days ago
Hi there! Final day of the Underwing Challenge, and I'm here to ask a very simple question: What are your writing plans for the near future? Participating in Camp NaNo? Gearing up for some sweet pride snippets for June? :O
Definitely prepping for nano next month! I took a bit of a break from actual writing to plan some new wips, so I'm looking forward to tackling those projects 😊 I’m also planning some stuff for @/pridewrites2021!!
Thank you again for organizing such a fun challenge btw!! 💗🥺
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talesfromgringolandia · 10 days ago
Underwing Challenge, final day(albeit a day late)
Tumblr media
Thanks for the final question, @drippingmoon! And thanks for compliments, too. You wouldn't believe how many things I just came up with specifically for the questions you asked. This has been so fun for me, and I'm glad you enjoyed it too!
Anwho, here's some things I've been dying to talk about some more: The Titans, and the moon.
So, here are some things I was dying to talk about: My Titans, and the moon
The titans are powerful beings of unknown origin. There are six, and each one has a specific domain, and also directly opposes one of the other titans. Essentially, each Titan poses a thesis about the truth of life, and their paladins live according to that thesis. Every titan also exists physically somewhere in the world, but I’ve only come up with the physical forms for two of them so far.
The first titan I came up with was Lralso. (You thought I’d say Felenor, didn’cha?) Lralso’s interesting in that he’s barely changed from the moment I conceived of him, not even his name. He’s always been the titan of trickery and dishonor, although originally he had fire as well but I got rid of that. Lralso embodies the idea that there is no such thing as honor, but rules that society puts up with because it's convenient. Meaning that every person who claims to be honorable is a liar and a fraud. (I came up with him before watching the Dark Knight, I swear. But the movie did help me refine him).
Lralso is directly opposed to Felenor, who I came up with second. Felenor embodies honor, justice, and protection. Everyone deserves a safe place to thrive, and Paladins of Felenor are supposed to provide that. Not necessarily because it helps others, but because it's the right thing to do. The ideology of Felenor is that there is an objective morality which exists whether or not it helps anybody, and every human knows this natural law instinctively. So when a person saves someone from being robbed in a dark alleyway, he shouldn’t expect payment or a thanks, but should do it because it's the right thing to do. This is why white lies are also very bad. The most valuable possession of a paladin of Felenor is his honor.
Next is Ildra, titan of pleasure and suffering. That seems contradictory, but bear with me. Ildra posits that the sole purpose of life is to enjoy yourself physically, with no consideration for morality or convenience at all. Do the standards of society get in the way of your material pleasure? Tear them down. Everything in the world, including other people, only exists for the sake of making you feel better. Nothing is sacred for a paladin of Ildra. Naturally, this kind of lifestyle does not actually lead to fulfillment, and every so often, you find yourself with two options - pull out of this life of misery and try to live in a way that can fulfill you, which is a daunting task, OR dive even deeper into this life of sin and pleasure to ignore the gaping whole inside. The most powerful paladins of Ildra are the most evil beings you will ever meet, because they do not only ignore their pull to good - they actively run from it.
Next I’ll talk about Elara, the direct opponent of Ildra. She’s actually the last one I came up with, so she’s still a little fuzzy in my mind. She’s also the last titan who has anything to do directly with humans. Elara’s thesis is that every other person you meet exists so that you can help them. Many of her paladins live in convents together. (Yes, they’re nuns. Sue me)
Now I’ll get into my non-human involved titans. First is Caorr, who I’ve talked about before. He’s a massive dragon who lives in the abyss, at the surface of Venus. He commands the hordes of dragons who also inhabit the Eternal Storm down there. Caorr represents the idea of destruction and chaos, pure and simple. He doesn’t like the existence of the isles up above. He has only ever had one paladin, named Azor, who was one of the most powerful humans to walk the isles. He caused a massive war, with Azor and the dragons vs all the humans, resulting in the destruction of many cities. It was essentially a world war, for all the impact it had afterwards. The Order of Felenor picked up the pieces, creating a golden age of law and order, and setting the stage for their defeat by Galras and their fall at the hands of Ildra.
Yes, I named the titan of chaos, Caorr. I’m subtle like that.
Finally, the titan of nature, Elorath. His form is that of a massive whale or turtle(I’ve yet to decide) made of earth and stone, floating in the sky like another isle. He’s very far away at the moment, which is why nobody’s found him yet. But that doesn’t mean he doesn’t exert control over his domain. His Paladins aren’t well-known at all, because they don’t leave their forests, deserts, or whatever habitat they call home. They only care to protect their home, and are often called druids. Elorath is naturally opposed to Caorr, but it's not like their domains cross very often.
Yeah, those are my titans! All of them have a physical form somewhere in the world, but I’ve only figured out that form is for Caorr and Elorath so far.
And then there’s the moon!
So, as I mentioned in a previous post, Venus doesn’t have a moon. And according to the definition of moon(a satellite of a planet), it still doesn't have a moon in my setting. But there is a moon-looking thing, just a lot smaller, and floating in the atmosphere along with all the isles. It floats a lot higher though, making access to it difficult. You have to use powerful hot-air balloons in conjunction with propellers, and then you can’t be up there too long because there’s not much oxygen. It’s very far away from the other isles as well, about two week’s journey there and back. Why would anyone want to go there? Well, it’s made of a material called Aetherstone. Aetherstone has the ability to receive, hold, and conduct aether, meaning it can act as a battery and a jump starter. Humans can only use a little aether at a time, meaning that Tinkerers would be limited to machines that function with a slow burn. Aetherstone can release a lot of aether at once, but it requires a skilled tinkerer/alchemist/etc to control it. Otherwise it can wreak all sorts of havoc. Aether is energy, and if it's not directed, it's going to cause some kind of change.
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hellishhin · 10 days ago
I am so sorry for how behind I have gotten with the Underwing event, my brain is like a bloody sieve! I have a question for you though, again, about Sadie because I love her. What kind of goals or ambitions does she have, if any? Can be small-time, large-scale or both, even!
Hey it's totally fine I've been behind too so we're in the same boat!
Sadie wants to reinstate the Hinnish gods to their former power. I put this first because I just mentioned it in an ask I answered a little bit ago! Some really terrible stuff happened to Sadie's ancestors and it was so thoroughly erased that only the spirits of the dead were able to tell her what happened.
Sadie is kind of the "pitbull advocator" of the dragon world. She wants to show that not all dragons are evil just because of the color of their scales. This extends to fiends too. You should always take someone at face value rather than just assume what their alignment is.
She wants to overthrow the government. Who doesn't. The Imperial Church needs to go, man. They put Sadie in the stocks for fornication. Because they don't recognize her marriage so her sleeping with him is technically a crime. The church doesn't believe interracial marriages should happen if the couple can't conceive a child. For example, dwarves and elves can't have children together but a dwarf and a human could through genetics and stuff so the dwarf and the elf couldn't get legally married but the dwarf and the human could. Also sex outside of marriage is illegal. Say it with me "Down with the Imperial Church." Oops now the Inquisition is after you sorry! Bwahahahaha sorry I'm having too much fun with this it's been way too many days of stuff and not enough fun so I'm making up for it!
Goal: keep her three children alive. One child can teleport to different planes of existences so this is a lofty damn goal.
Run away with Skolfi the Beastlord into the mountains without her husband getting upset. Impossible.
Sadie really wants to learn how to make a better cake than her husband. They had a bakeoff and despite him being the most manly man ever he still beat her and that made her annoyed while she ate his delicious cake and glared at his cute smug hot annoying stupid lovable face.
Oh yeah and she wants to become a goddess.
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afoolandathief · 10 days ago
Since today is the last challenge day, Day 31 is all yours: Tell me something you wish I'd asked you, and didn't cross my mind! Rubber duck it out or simply talk as much or as little as you want about something from your wip or your wip in general! I'd really love to hear your thoughts😊
(I said this from the first few days but ever since I've read you've included ottomans I've been sold 1000% on board and I'm very excited to hear more about the disaster leads. And goodness, Jade sounds exactly like my kind of character?? Your answers made this month much better)
Wishing you the best!
Hello, and sorry to get back to you a day late!
Also, thank you, that is really sweet to hear, and I've said it before, but I'm really glad you like Jade as a character!
You mentioning Caz's backstory within the Ottoman Empire made me think of even further into his backstory of growing up in Transylvania. So, may I indulge you in the family Mraz?
I'll preface this by saying, I wanted Caz to be from Transylvania because, well, I thought it would be funny to actually have a Transylvanian vampire, but also because I read about the mythology surrounding strigoi and how there were reported attacks in Romania in the 1400s (and also when we get Vlad Tepes). But, then I gave him a distinctly Slavic name, and it stuck, which is how we get the backstory that his father's family came over the Carpathians from southern Poland.
[He does have a "more Romanian" alias, Constantin Iosifescu, taken from both his parents' names. It's what he served in WWI under.]
[I'm going to add another preface that I'm still developing and doing research for this.]
Caz grew up the as one of the middle children in a family of nine children. His father raised sheep, and they did alright for themselves. Then they hit a bad year, a hard winter, and most of the "little ones," the youngest, didn't make it. That leaves us with Jozef (the oldest and responsible one), Augustin (a worse womanizer than his baby brother), Casimir and Constantina (his little sister and best friend).
Anyway, I mostly wrote all this to talk about how the brothers Mraz have developed a reputation for getting in trouble (even though as the oldest and his father's namesake, Jozef is trying to be the responsible one now, and has a wife and family to care for). But I thought of having Caz mention how Tina used to get in all sorts of misadventures with them until she had to become a wife and mother. It just makes me want to write something where the teenaged siblings Mraz go to the local inn or something with Tina wearing like a hat and part of her braid as a mustache so she can join them.
[Also, I have no idea if Tina was a nickname for Constantina in medieval Romania, but she is now Tina to me.]
[Also, also, the siblings Mraz are all named varying combinations of their parents' and grandparents' names (Jozef Constantin, Casimir Jozef); which is partly an in-joke about my own family doing just that, to an extent.]
I could go on about Caz being a reluctant shepherd, the boyar's daughter he courts, Tina's three daughters who adore their Uncle Caz, and the terrible fates that await this family, but this is probably enough of a word dump for now.
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hellishhin · 10 days ago
Since today is the last challenge day, Day 30 is all yours: Tell me something you wish I'd asked you, and didn't cross my mind! Rubber duck it out or simply talk as much or as little as you want about something from your wip or your wip in general! I'd really love to hear your thoughts😊
(You already know how much I love your three girls. And you've taught me so much lore about dnd?? I'm very very grateful. Your answers were always so rich and I loved reading them to the end, sometimes I was pulled right in that I even forgot it was my question that started the prompt)
Wishing you the best!
Ok so I had a whole post for this then my computer shut off and I lost it soooo take two! I am so sad underwing is ending but it's not like we are all disappearing. Let me tell you though, I have absolutely loved your questions and I have had so much fun diving into them! I needed to get back into the lore and you gave me the push I needed to do that <3
Gosh I have no freaking clue where to even start. You tell me to talk about anything but anything is a lot of things! lol! So I really think one of my favorite things is how Sadie interacts with the gods. There are so many different gods with different personalities and so many of them appreciate her for one reason or another. I'll just spoil this a bit, Sadie ended up literally in the heavens, standing in the middle of a table where the entire pantheon of deities were around the table all in their fifteen foot tall god-like forms. They had this meeting called because there were several gods vying to have Sadie bear their child and she had enough of being jumped by gods so she forced them all to a meeting and they surprisingly agreed.
She had most of the table trying to convince her to pick them to be the father of her child and you freaking BET that her husband was there and was absolutely ready to blow his freaking lid. It was one of the most fun RP scenarios we've ever done, my DM and I. Because of that meeting, Sadie eyed a few different gods and even after she chose one the others were still very interested in being next in line. I will say that this is how Sadie and Skolfi the Beastlord became close with her. But other than that, Sadie also has such a close relationship with Chaldira, aka Lady Luck.
Ok so there's just so much stuff and telling this one part is not going to spoil much. History timeeeee! When Sadie learns about this it is really profound for her but it won't be worse knowing the information beforehand gosh I can't even type fast enough I'm so excited.
So the Hin is the official racial name for a halfling. Halflings are a "nickname" given by the humans that stuck and became the common term for that race of small people. But the Hin used to be an entire nation all on their own. They used to have such rich customs and history and they used to live completely separate from humans. They even had their own pantheon of gods.
That was until the humans decided that they couldn't have another set of gods within their realm so they attacked the Hin and said worship our gods or die. There were so many brave small Hin who stood up for their deities but unfortunately it was not enough. The Hin had to bow to the humans and their gods. Years and years went by and the Hin ended up becoming halflings who were forced to worship the human gods to such an extent that their pantheon was fully forgotten. Their culture fully destroyed. I can say pretty much nobody even knows this piece of history. Sadie only learned it from the spirits of the halflings who had died a long time ago but research into it found it to be true. This upset her so so much that she made a pledge she would restore her gods to their former glory. She would tell the Hin of their culture, their history, and get them to return to what their people used to be.
Chaldira is halfling goddess who is actually in the human pantheon. This happened because Tolaar the Mad God did what he does best. He went mad and killed the human goddess of luck many years ago. This had him banished to Pandemonium, no longer a part of the pantheon anymore. In order to have her place and domain filled, Chaldira was put in her place and sort of switched pantheons. Then the humans made the Hin forget the other Hinnish gods and when they lose worshippers they lose power, nearly fading away. But they all managed to continue existing and now they are gaining power because Sadie is raising awareness.
Seeing what she is doing, Chaldira blesses Sadie with Fatespinner, her artifact of luck. It's an amazing staff for Sadie that gives her more magic, it protects her, and she continues to unlock powers for it as she proves herself to Chaldira and prove her loyalty to the Hinnish gods. But if she upsets Chaldira, like she already did once, Chaldira will take powers away. Currently the rod is at about half power from what it was because she cursed the gods and threw it away when she had to watch her soldiers die on the battlefield and nobody she called on would help.
But I digress. Chaldira and Maelel are like her goddess mothers. They both come to her when she desperately needs them and they help steer her in the right direction. Sometimes she doesn't like that direction though. Her husband convinces her to do less than great things and so she basically has a devil and an angel on her shoulder but it's more like a hot devil she married and two goddesses which you can imagine the kind of pressure that puts her under. It's always a stairway to heaven and a highway to hell because its so much easier and more fun to go to hell.
So anyway that was kind of rambly but I really wanted to talk about the Hinnish gods. They are all so sweet and lovely and the Hin deserve so much more than what the stupid fucking humans did to them. Also, in order to be successful at all Sadie literally has to overthrow the church because you can bet your ass they will persecute any Hin they catch worshipping the wrong pantheon.
By this point all I ask is that you hate the Imperial Church as much as Sadie and I do <3
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Day 28! Which characters do you like writing together? Why? Is it your favorite dynamic to write?
Thanks for the question, Nikky!
Ooh, this is actually a difficult question. I really like writing Dewdrop & Helia together the most.
Their dynamic on surface-level is mentor/student, and both of them are quite chaotic, so every scene with them is so much fun.
Character arc-wise they're parent & child. They're at the stage where the child stops blindly idolising their parent and begins questioning them & realising that maybe their parent isn't as composed and dependable as they appear to be.
I've never really stopped to think about whether it's my favourite dynamic (because it's such a specific character dynamic trope). But I've always known I like writing familial bonds and found family so, it makes sense.
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wolfsong02 · 10 days ago
Underwing Challenge Adoption Question
For the last day of the Underwing challenge is there any advice you would like to share with your fellow writers/writblrs? Is there anything you would like to ask me? Thank you for being a wonderful adoptee. I hope to continue to hear and read your amazing writing.
Honestly? Write. Write, write and write some more.
It doesn't matter if only you read it or if you don't finish it or if it's 'no good'- I'm telling you that's rubbish. If you enjoy writing; do it for that reason. And if it no longer gives you joy then by all means take a break! You're only human!! (I'm assuming, sorry if I'm wrong)
I initially started writing almost six years ago now and my first pieces make me cringe, it is so different from how I write now. And there was a time of 2-3 years where I didn't write at all! In fact I only began to really get back into it 18 months ago!
More than anything, trust your instincts and your skills. You will get better, you'll have good days and blah days and even 'oh no I'm terrible' days. Take any writing advice with a pinch of salt, follow the writing and please, whatever you do, no matter how frustrating it is.... don't yeet your laptop/writing device out the window.
Thank you to @avaeverstone for all the wonderful questions during the Underwing Challenge and to everyone who participated. Remember, you're all amazing!
Your friendly writerblogger, Wolf
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wolfsong02 · 10 days ago
Underwing Challenge Adoption Question
What is one thing as a writer that you have always wanted to do but didn't have the people, ideas, skills, time, etc to do it?
Ohhh I'm so going to regret this but here we go....
A few years ago I was learning about physics and an idea popped into my head- What if Universes were like 'Bubbles' and Black holes are places where these universes cross over because every universe is constantly expanding (red shift for you science lovers).
Now you might think this is a brilliant idea and if you feel the urge to explore this then by all means go for it, you have my full blessing. But for me it got really complex really really quickly. Different species in different planets in different universes and only a few people can travel through Black Holes lawfully. There's a collection of universes that 'govern' this kind of travel to prevent interference with other universes and guess what? There's a new Black Hole crossing over into our universe that just so happens to pop into existence as a bunch of space bandits are fleeing.
I could go further into this but for me this idea got too big too quickly and I just don't have the mental capacity to even begin to try and figure some of these things out. Hope this answers your question, sorry it took so long to get to it.
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vividly-creative · 10 days ago
Hi there! Final day of the Underwing Challenge, and I'm here to ask a very simple question: What are your writing plans for the near future? Participating in Camp NaNo? Gearing up for some sweet pride snippets for June? :O (P.S. It's been a delight to learn more about you and Ulvemanite through ... other people's asks, haha. :D Looking forward to hearing more, as always! <3)
Yes! I’m prepping for NaNo! :33 I go into more detail here.
I want to finish Ulvemanite’s first draft by summer, I’m currently outlining in general and prepping the scenes. I need to work on my characters too.
For June I plan to continue writing Eyon’s Legacy, my first fanfic, it's been really fun and I’ve been exploring different styles of writing.
And thank you! Thanks for creating this challenge it was really fun and it really inspired me to write and continue working on my wips despite all the plotholes.
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Day 27! Is there a line/scene that you’ve had to cut that you were attached to? Why did you like it? Why was it cut?
Hey Nikky, thanks for the question & I'm sorry this answer comes with a bit of delay!
Since I'm first drafting, I'm not really cutting any scenes or lines yet. I do already have plans to cut or change a lot of scenes.
I did have a short dialogue written between Dewdrop & Sunflare that I'm probably never going to use. I liked it because it's pure angst fuel, but the reason why I cut it is that I prefer to keep my flashbacks short and try to not show anything that happened personally between Dewdrop & Sunflare.
Dewdrop is trying their hardest to suppress their memories about him, so it wouldn't make sense to show memories/flashbacks of him during the story.
Here are a couple of lines:
"No!" Horror drains the colour from his face as he pulls himself away from me. "Please... just say you'll never do it again, promise me, please."
"I can't make that promise," I shake my head and try to reach out to him. He's distraught, but once I wrap my arms around him, everything will be fine again. However, every time I take a step forward, he takes two steps back, as if he's... afraid of me.
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ecwrenn · 11 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Hi, Hello! The Underwing Challenge by @blindthewind has come to an end. It was fun sending out questions, reading responses, and getting to know other writers, especially my lovely underwing adoptees. Thank you for indulging all my questions, you guys. I hope getting adopted by me reached more writers and readers for your WIPs.
ULVEMANITE by @vividly-creative
SACRIFICE by @witherednightmare
THE SIN EATER by @tiredlittleoldme
Check out our Q & As on my profile! #underwing adoptees
I was also adopted by these lovely writers: @mel-writes-with-her-dragons @drippingmoon @dontcrywrite @faelanvance​ @dragon-with-a-pen @author-a-holmes @tiredlittleoldme @garcamirigis​ and @vividly-creative​. I hope I didn't miss anyone. Thank you so much for interacting with my underwing posts and sending questions about me and my little stories. Thank you for all your interest. I appreciate it A LOT. I had a great time wracking my brain for answers. And more importantly, it was really helpful.
All my underwing posts under #ucecwrenn. Check out my adopters' WIPs too! And if you've got some more spare time go through #underwing challenge to discover more.
@blindthewind​ Minty! Thank you so much for organizing this challenge! I got to read more WIPs and met more lovely writers! I would love to participate again next year, hopefully, with another WIP I haven't talked about yet. It's been really fun. You're really awesome for doing this. And I'll definitely miss my dash getting flooded by writers fondly talking about their stories, their characters, and themselves.
Thank you for reading! Be well, be safe. Have a great day/night.
Tumblr media
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ecwrenn · 11 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
From @tiredlittleoldme​: Day 31 Underwing Challenge ! Hi Aye ! Happy last day of Underwing Challenge ! Hope you've enjoyed it as much as I did !
For the last day, give yourself a compliment! What is the part of writing you're the most good at?
Hi, Agnes! I hope you’re doing well.
I am not good at giving myself compliments. But, I’m glad you’re able to power through your fears me! Hahaha I think I’m good at coming up with ideas/concepts? I’m not really sure. Maybe graphic editing too? Since it’s part of my writing process.
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From @drippingmoon​: Since today is the last challenge day, Day 31 is all yours: Tell me something you wish I'd asked you, and didn't cross my mind! Rubber duck it out or simply talk as much or as little as you want about something from your wip or your wip in general! I'd really love to hear your thoughts😊
(Three words: The Morose Cat. Books featuring animals as main characters are sadly few of number, and after seeing your writing, your ideas, your snippets, I'm very very very excited to see how it turns out because I have 1000% faith it's going to be beyond amazing and you'll do animal chars justice. Thanks for being a wonderful person too!)
Wishing you the best!
Hi, J! I hope you’re doing well.
Honestly? I’m just glad I was adopted by you lovely people. But there is one character that seemed to slip you. Hehehe. It’s Emelia, Winter’s mother (my fault, didn’t talk about her enough.) She’s not just a mother who is worried about her daughter; not just a nurse working irregular shifts, not just a widow. There are so many things I wanted to talk about her but it’ll open a path towards spoiler territory. I think if I did, even before the challenge, you probably would’ve asked about her. Let me just say mothers have secrets and they would do anything for their children. Anything.
[I am so happy that you’re interested in The Morose Cat! Thank you so much! I’ll do my best with Raven, Nadine, and the rest of the cast. *hugs and kisses*]
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From @dragon-with-a-pen​: So for the last underwing question, I want to ask, what are you most proud of? Like what do you think you do best or have worked the hardest to achieve with your writing?
Hi, Em! I hope you’re doing well.
I think I’m most proud of being able to share my stuff out here and powering through all my fears and anxiety. Sharing something such as one’s writing is a bit scary, you know. Besides some elements of writing, this is something I’m constantly working on.
Tumblr media
Thank you for all the asks, lovelies. And thank you for reading my answers. It’s been a lot of fun with all of you. Have a great day/night!
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avaeverstone · 11 days ago
Hey! For the last day, what's the fluffiest and/or saddest scene you have written/planned so far? Feel free to share a snippet if you'd like :)
Well for future scenes there are some great fluffy moments near the end but I can't say much because of spoilers. As for sad scenes I don't really have any planned. Mostly just gut-wrenching, sucker punches to the heart.
For scenes already written the fluffiest one was probably their Christmas gift exchange in Its Not Christmas Without Your Somewhat Friendly Superhero Acquaintances. It's just a pure chapter of them hanging out and enjoying each other's company. The saddest scene I have written was in my most recent chapter, My Bones May Be Hollow but My Heart is Filled With Your Love. It mostly a chapter that describes Cleo's life this far, her origin story if you will. Here is a particularly sad part:
As time went by Ryan found out that adoption agency was having a hard time adopting out the little girl. With so many health problems and poor prospects of living to adulthood no one wanted to take on the burden. After much discussion with his wife they decided to adopt her. They had been thinking about adopting before his wife had gotten sick and so they adopted her almost immediately. His wife named her Cleo because she had always wanted a daughter named Cleo.
For the next three months Cleo, Ryan and his wife spent time together in the hospital. Just as Cleo began to get better his wife got worse. A few days before Cleo's release from the hospital Ryan's wife passed away. And so one of Cleo's first outings was to go to her mother's funeral.
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avaeverstone · 11 days ago
Hi there! Final day of the Underwing Challenge, and I'm here to ask a very simple question: What are your writing plans for the near future? Participating in Camp NaNo? Gearing up for some sweet pride snippets for June? :O
Well I don't really have many plans. I think I'm going take it easy. I did both the chazzawrites and underwing challenge and they were both great but I noticed I spent alot of time doing that instead of writing. I knew this would happen but now I am going to focus more on writing. I have come to an interesting mini arc in the story that has a few important reveals in it. I'm excited to see where that goes and hopefully making better progress with my story.
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blo0swing46 · 11 days ago
Hi there! Final day of the Underwing Challenge, and I'm here to ask a very simple question: What are your writing plans for the near future? Participating in Camp NaNo? Gearing up for some sweet pride snippets for June? :O
My plans for writing and pretty simple. I'm going to try to keep working on my chapters! (Hopefully so I can get a more consistent upload schedule-) With summer coming up, I'm hoping to get more time to do that... I also plan on developing a few of my others stories a bit more!
Thank you for all your questions over the course of this challenge! They've been really fun to answer and they made my day everytime I got one! :D
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Last Day! Is there something about your WIP you want to ramble about or a snippet you want to share? Go for it!
(Learning about your WIP was fun. I hope working on it continues to go well in the future and that you have a nice day/night).
You know what? For shits and giggles and because I maybe hate myself, I'm gonna do a quick snippet from... a lotta things, which means
Hey! Stars and RTS! Here's your tags! (Rip Stars still doesn't have a plot lmao but it Does have a Vampire AU)
(Warning: absolute rollercoaster of emotions under the cut)
“And then what?” Aiden asked, even as Jared pulled up the cloak’s hood to cover his face. “After we leave Ilasea?”
“Then we hope we can run into the resistance,” Jared answered. He paused by Finn to tug up Finn’s hood, and his fingers lingered on the cloth for a moment longer than necessary. “Or at least Ashe and the others.” He gave Finn’s hood one last tug before letting go.
Aydan was warm in his lap, and the sugar rush was doing nothing for the lethargy in Jay’s veins.
The next thing he knew, Aydan was kneeling in his lap. “Jay?”
Jay blinked. “I think I passed out for a second.” His voice sounded blurry to his ears.
Band AU:
“I’m still betting it’s Brian,” Nessa called.
“Vanessa Montgomery, for fuck’s sake—”
“Now now kiddos,” Brian cut in before Theo could finish. “We’ve been over this Ness. I’m not dating Theo. Hedgehog, cool it.”
Theo narrowed his eyes at Brian and chucked a pick at him. Brian just barely managed to catch it, and pocketed it. “Thanks kid.”
OG (From [Title Redacted], actually):
God, can we stop talking about this? Will asked with a shudder. It scares me. I almost lost you Jared.
(Will, do you even know how babby you are???)
Traitor Queen:
The pieces clicked then for Holli. “First race without her was rough, huh.”
Kairan scoffed. “What the hell do you think?” As he looked away, a flash of light from the bar illuminated the patch of road rash on his collar from earlier today.
Dumbass Immortals:
Alysia leaned against the doorframe, crossing her arms. “So are you two like, a thing?” she asked.
Jayy immediately broke away from Harmony, spinning to face Alysia. “No,” Harmony said, at the same time Jayy said, “Yes.”
Harmony gave Jayy a deadpan stare. Jayy smirked back.
“Kinda,” they amended their answer.
“It’s complicated,” Harmony added.
“Don’t.” Aiden scrubbed at his cheeks, dashing away the tears. “Don’t try to convince me he cares. I’m just a pawn in this stupid game. I’ve just been deluding myself into thinking either of them could actually love me.” His voice broke on the last words, and Aiden screwed his eyes shut, pressing the back of his hand against his mouth to muffle the sobs that were threatening to tear free of his throat.
“You know,” Antonio commented, watching Divo putter around his apartment, “you seem pretty chill with this vampire thing. Maybe because it’s been, how long did you say? But I wouldn’t think vampirism and Italian would mix well together.”
Divo froze mid-step, his back turned to Antonio. “Don’t remind me.” His voice was pained.
Racing the Sun:
Sapphire blinked after Chris’s retreating back, and Emmy let out a raspy laugh. “Don’t worry, that means he likes you,” she said.
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