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The Golden Pheasant. An unfinished old illustration I was thinking of resuming. Whenever I have an art block, I like to draw random characters based on birds. 🦜 Since these paintings were mainly for stress relief, I wouldnt always finish them. But some of them actually turned out nice, so I think it would be nice to properly finish them at some point. 🙂👍

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Copying @blake-belladonna-defence-force with WIP Wednesday:

Both of them are from works I haven’t started posting anywhere yet.

First up is a Frosen Steel one from a prompt that @frosensteel reblogged:

Weiss was standing at the kitchen counter, brewing herself a strong cup of coffee for the first time that morning. She heard a clicking of keys in the front door before it opened. When it did, Weiss nearly dropped her coffee mug, and couldn’t stop her eyes from roaming up and down the body of the person who came through the doorway.

Ruby was breathing heavily and Weiss just stared as her chest heaved up and down, her red and black sports bra clung to her body tightly, dripping slightly with sweat, stomach and arms completely bare revealing the toned muscles. Her hair was sticking to her face slightly, drenched with sweat. The legs were covered with skintight active leggings, also in a red and black design that matched the sports bra, and Weiss was drawn to Ruby’s ass, the clothing framing it perfectly as Ruby lifted one leg up to take her trainer off.

And then the second is from a supernatural Bumbleby and WhiteRose fic:

Yang meanwhile, was just a little bit confused. She’d walked into Blake’s living room and was taking it all in, the coffee table with several large books on, a still steaming coffee mug, multiple bookcases filled with various books, and the slightly worn leather sofa sitting in the middle of it all. Then she saw a slightly short woman with pure white hair, animal ears to match, and three bushy tails walk in. Wearing only her underwear. She could understand embarrassment, but thought the woman’s reaction a little over the top.

Weiss’ reaction, once the thoughts had shot through her head, was to go on the offensive. She shot across the room in a single leap, grabbed the blonde by the throat, slammed her into the wall, and summoned a ball of magic and held it centimetres away from the blonde’s face. “What the fuck Blake?! You could have warned me you were bringing a human back!” Leaning closer to Yang’s face Weiss hissed at her, “You’ve seen absolutely nothing do you understand? You haven’t seen my ears, you haven’t seen my tails, and you haven’t seen me in just my fucking underwear. Do you understand?”

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For all the love I weighed in tons,

I placed a little of me to the side for the road to tend,

They might have served as bread crumbs,

If I knew the going would end,

Yet I placed me to the side,

So I could keep the right hand open,

All that walking against the tide, and

All of that not saying when,

Time buried me in the sand,

I was burdened by a thoughtless process,

And I was thinking of our right hand,

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While waiting for an order I need for a commission, I made a small sketchbook, here can you see some WiP. I want try something out and that happened. It is about A6 in size and still not finish, the perforation and binding are still missing. It will be ready tomorrow <3

I’m very happy about this book, I don’t know why. I look at this book and smile OwO

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