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#unfinished stuff

I had so many forever wip animations that i made a graveyard for them TvT


an example being this ^^^^
I started making it during quarantine. I got caught up with school and a chunk of the animation of the end just kind of dissapeared so I lost motivation on working on it any further (it was supposed to end by just kinda falling back)

there are more but the others only got as far as a few shapes moving ;-;

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Okay, fuck it. I’m going to talk about this story in my head, and I’m going to get it at least more than halfway done before losing motivation. Work here, brain.

So, I have this steampunk story that I’m planning out. Since the last time I tried to write it into a book it went to shit because it made no sense, I did some rethinking, I changed the story drastically, and I’ve decided that, even though it’s going to take way longer, I’m going to write the story out in song form, with each song being the story from a different character’s point of view and people who listen will have to piece the whole thing together, GHOST-style.

The prologue-prologue to the story is that there is a deranged doctor, who remains unnamed for now, who wanted to take out his anger and revenge on a bunch of strangers. He isolated himself trying to find ways to spread chaos, and in turn he went even more insane. His building talent never left him though, and he built a brass steam robot who had the same build as him, wearing a striped brown suit and a black bowtie. However, in place of the robot’s head was a large, square screen that sort of functioned like a projector, showing emotions, thoughts, and plans when needed, otherwise showing purely static and the occasional colorbars. It had knobs, a speaker, and antennae. The bot was programmed with the personality that the doctor saw himself with, hoping that his new creation would agree with his ideals and would be willing to be a minion to only him. This plan, however, backfired, as his creation soon began to believe that it would be better if it worked alone, and ended up killing the doctor. The robot went on to call himself Dr. Static.

The ACTUAL prologue starts when Dr. Static has built a mysterious yet large company from the ground up in a matter of 17 years. The company has roots deep within culture and has influence and control over many things, yet the identity of the company and those who run it is unknown to the public. Dr. Static, however, has noticed that his workers are beginning to dwindle in numbers. He needs workers that will last a long time and will have the energy to keep working for hours a day. He eventually concludes that children are the best option here (woohoo, child labor) and goes out in search of kids talented enough to be able to work the machinery. He soon discovers a young girl named Abilene MccLain. After doing his best to convince her parents, he takes her off to his company’s headquarters and brands her neck. He goes on to do this to many other children, and immediately puts them to work with a simple instruction manual and a schedule. The years of labor cause depression to form in the workers, especially Abilene, as her innocence from before had been shattered the moment she stepped foot into the HQ. She learns from an early age to shut out her emotions in order to deal with everything moving so quickly in front of her, and no matter how much her parents and little brother worry for her, the contract her parents signed meant that she would work there for life. Her little brother, Charlie, had no clue there was ever even a strange man with a screen for a head in their house making a deal about Abilene, but he stopped asking questions about it after their parents snapped and yelled.

A closer-to-the-story prologue is set when both Abilene and Charlie are old enough to move out, and they set off on a train ride together to get to their new home in Finland’s capital (they’re Finnish, btw). However, on that train there had been a hijacker with a personal grudge against the conductor, and near their destination their ride was blown off the tracks and skidded down a rocky hill for a split second before blowing to smithereens. Abilene had been able to get away and luckily only lost her left arm, however Charlie had lost his right arm, half his respiratory system,  his right leg, part of his cheek and an eye. They were lucky to be close enough to the train station that pedestrians noticed and called in doctors, the fire departments, anyone that was willing to help. The siblings made it out alive, however any parts that were lost were replaced with mechanical parts, and Charlie now suffers from PTSD.

The rest of the story is still a blur, however, but I have every character and their relationships planned out. I’ll explain them in a reblog, for now my brain wants more memes and water.

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I’ve read a lot of bl mangas now it’s time for me to resume reading “the sword of the immortal” cuz god i’m so far behind i’ve been reding it for ages ago and i’m stuck at chapter 32… even tho I’m enjoying it i find myself stop in mid-chapters and come to it a few days later, so… i dunno i like it but at the same time i get bored of it sometimes, but i have to finish it.

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Some stuff I can’t recall I ever uploaded. (I tend to remove things all the time out of embarassment because i’m not good enough, but I’m trying to overcome that so here I go) Along with some more unfinished things I’m sure I won’t finish, or maybe I will who knows  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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The first two pages are done and i have some of the general idea sketched out, I just never finished it to a certain point but if anyone is even reading this i’d like to tell you the story.


These first two show in a future setting, begging something of the Devil only to be laughed right at, getting on her hands and knee’s doesn’t help


Skipping to the casino, this was to show why she was pleading with the Devil.

An icecream head man appears, looking for Marie 


Marie is found, given a letter, and after these two pages was supposed to reveal a big breakdown Marie had, why she is wearing this disguise, leading up to the first two pages of her pleading with the Devil.

I wanted to get more into the reason Marie is at the casino, why she can’t stand the sight of the Devil, and more about her family since writing wouldn’t exactly grab anyone’s attention

For some context i’ve planned on making this comic ever since i made this blog, i’m not consistent and if I stop working on a personal project there is a good chance i wont finish it. That’s how it is with this comic 

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