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The Pomodoro message has literally been the only thing helping me get anything remotely done lately.

Note to self: please please always use this method for when you’re stuck in a motivation rut xx

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27.11.20 I 13/46 days of productivity

i attended a math lecture, had a tutoring session, worked out and then i wrote down/studied some physical chem notes with doctor who in the background…. i in love with the series thanks for everyone who recommended them. Hope you are safe and healthy!!!

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An awful day but better than those of recent times. Sometimes a little cry on your own and a little laugh with the right people can make the load seem a little lighter.

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25.11.20 I 11/46 days of productivity

i woke up kinda early, did some chores, and cooked for lunch. then i had two classes, thermodynamics and statistics, - i love my stats prof, she is the best! - after that i reviewed some material for tommorow’s lucture/lab. the end.

Hope you are safe and healthy!!! <3

🎧 jerome by lizzo

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Gonna try and keep writing, maybe not every day but still enough that I stay motivated. If I dip I will kick start another 7 days of productivity again!

Today was a nice one, I pottered around the house in the morning, made some miso soup with tofu and buckwheat soba for lunch. A relaxed start.

I then had a study session with some people on my course and submitted a piece of seminar work on the values of cultural history. Unfortunately this took longer than anticipated due to my page refreshing midway through and loosing all of my responses! Still after that was done I went over to the library with my housemate and we sat and worked together for a bit. I got some more of my comparative essay done and hopefully that will be finished quickly do I can devote all of my time to a 2500 word primary source essay on Armenian migration in the late 1800s.

Gbbo final was tonight (and what a final it was!) so that was a nice end to a pretty good day.

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24.11.20 I 10/46 days of productivity

decided to study/attend class from my bed today just to spice things up, being in my desk all the time is getting a little boring… i worked out in the evening and then i went to bed at 10 like the grandma i am cause i felt exhausted. sorry for the bad photo quality.

Hope you are safe and healthy!!! <3

🎧 pov by ariana grande

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23.11.20 I 9/46 days of productivity

first thing in the morning i went for a walk. then i reviewed some matherial and attended my thermodynamics and my math classes. in the evening i did some light meal prep for the week and rewatched Broadchurch with a friend (virtually of course) that have never seen the show before, overall a very fun night. Hope you are safe and healthy!!!

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14/14 days of productivity

No picture today because I feel like I’m just taking the same photos over and over haha!

Today I got up early and after a few odd jobs in the house my housemate and I nipped into the city and went to the Chinese supermarket to get more spices and other things and then we came back home and had lunch together. We then sat together in the living room to study, both not wanting to walk back to the library!

During this time I got on with listening to and creating a rough transcript of a piece of oral history that I am using in one of my assessments. After that I put it to use and now I think I have the beghinings of a strong second argument in my comparative essay evaluating both newspapers and oral testimonials in response to the battle of cable street.

After that I did more reading (there’s always more reading in a history degree!) and also discussed a piece of seminar work both my housemate and I are working on.

All In all a productive afternoon! I may go more tonight but even if I don’t, I think I have done quite well today!

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