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Day 10/100

i did more reviewing for polisci. for the most part i’m just reviewing to keep my brain stimulated since there’s no new material to learn over summer.

i also started moving all my villagers on animal crossing, here’s one of my favorite houses! i gave genji a lot of workout equipment because he’s my favorite jock.

song recommendation of the day: butterfly by umi

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Day 9/100 • 6/4/20

My summer classes start in 4 days, but I still want to read!

Black Lives Matter! Keep continuing to support each other by donating, signing petitions, and learning. Stay safe, COVID-19 is still very dangerous.

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03.05.20 I 10/100 days of productivity

in the morning, i had a very interesting lab in refractometry in food analycis and honestly this was the only ‘productive’ part of my day…then i had a four hour depression nap and tried to force myself to write my lab report…yah that didn’t work out…. eating snacks and of course some chocolate helped not to feel so bad…It is perfectly ok to have days like that, I know it!… I just need too accept it 

Hope you are safe and healthy! <3 

🎵 fucked up all the time - Cian Ducrot

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I know I should be doing uni work. It’s that time of the semester again, when assignments start piling up and your stress reaches such a level that you just want to tear at your hair and scream. I’ve got about a million assignments due soon and I’ve hardly worked on any all day. I know I’m behind on the singing assignment due at midday tomorrow and I can hardly get up before 10 these days and I have a class at 11 for an hour so… don’t know how I’ll manage to get that done. Because my phone died while I was in the middle of recording and even if it’s charged now, it’s too late to be singing.

I know it’s bad I haven’t worked on my essay for a few days. I know it’s bad I haven’t even STARTED my report or the two theory assignments due on Monday. I know it’s bad that I leave things until the last minute. But it’s so hard to stay motivated. It’s so hard to want to do work. It’s so hard to focus on work for five minutes.

Because there’s so many other things I could be doing. Useless, fun things.

Things like listening to a whole album (or three or four) on Spotify. Or watching YouTube until late. Or chatting with friends over Messenger. Or reading my old Facebook posts on my music page. Or discovering cool blogs on Tumblr. Or scrolling through Instagram. Or relaxing with a good book. Or walking to the beach. Or playing a song I wrote that I don’t have to practice for uni. Or uploading a video to YouTube of myself playing that song. Or learning a new cover. Or writing a whole new song for that matter.

Or writing this post.

With all these things to do, why would anyone want to do uni work?

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Day 8/100

More soci notes! Summer class is about to start soon and I just want to get a head start.

Black Lives Matter and pls donate, sign petitions, and support each other. Stay safe.

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It’s the countdown to my final assignment deadline. I’m excited to get to campus earlier and make the most of the time I’ll have up there before having to come back to my house with no WiFi. I’m excited to write the essay in a way because for once on this computing module I feel like I know what I’m doing.

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01.06.20 // 08:12 // Quarantine Challenge day 63

Mon - What is your native language?

English! Though I learnt Spanish and bits of French at school, and I want to start learning Italian! 

Happy June everyone! 🌻

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Day 7/100

i reviewed more gen chem material from last semester again today!

i didn’t do much today, but i’ve been signing petitions and watching videos on youtube where the creator is donating their revenue for the BLM cause. as a start please check out stephanie soo and zoe amira’s channels.

song recommendation of the day: 3:00 am by finding hope

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Week 7 - Questions

Mon 01/06 - What’s the most unusual thing you’ve ever eaten?

I can’t remember a specific unusual thing but I remember eating a lot of digestive chocolate bars without realizing they were digestive so… yeah.

Tue 02/06 - Are you an introvert or an extrovert?

I would say I’m an introvert even though sometimes if I’m in a comfortable environment meetingn new people I can come accross as an extrovert. It all depends on how comfortable I am.

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Day 6/100

i reviewed some gen chem 1 material from last semester to help me remember for when i start learning gen chem 2 stuff on my own.

song recommendation of the day: alright by keshi

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Week 6 - Pictures

Wed 27/05 - Take a picture of your bookshelf

Couldn’t take way with the 3 shelves so instead I took 3 pictures. There’s my Harry Potter shelf, my pastel colour shelf and the rest of the books I couldn’t feet in the other two. I also organize all the books from the same author together.

Deathly Hallows is not on the picture cause it’s on my bedside table and I also have The Book Thief, Jane Eyre, Frankenstein and Anne of Green Gables on another shelf that’s on top of my desk.

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