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tuesday, 31 march (week 2): take a picture of the book you are currently reading

i’m (for once) not really reading anything, but here’s my favorite book (the one that got me interested in breton + french history!) and a book i purchased and started while in montpellier! the other two are my textbooks, which i’ve had to use for a few of my courses.

today’s plans: after falling off the treadmill yesterday (and completely wrecking my knees and shins. seriously–brush burns and bruises everywhere), i took it easy and didn’t do any more work. thankfully, the bulk of my work was done, so i just did my work for phonetic and (most of) my work for syntaxe this morning. so far, i’ve written half of my extra credit essay for production écrite, and after i shower, i’m going to finish that and then do my research for my institutions course. i’m also doing some watercolor painting when i need a break, and i’ll probably play the sims or write a little when i’m done :)

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31.03.20 // 15:20 // Quarantine Challenge day 2

Tuesday - How are you being taught your lessons?

Our lectures are all recorded and uploaded to the university’s digital learning system, so I have access to both past lectures and the ones in the future that have been cancelled! For society stuff, we’re using Teams and Skype to keep up to date with meetings, and I’m in a few discord servers for social interactions! 🌻

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What the fuck these idiots just increase the amount of limitations by a little and still lie that they think it’ll be all good by April 10 instead of closing universities and schools until at least summer and moving the stupid presidential election.

Like how selfish and dumb can they be? Let’s do the election, get our idiot candidate elected as long as the old people who vote for him still live, then let them spread the coronavirus during vote (because younger people will probably do the sensible thing and stay the fuck home at the cost of being left with that as a president) and die because the only thing we ever cared about was getting Duda to be a president again.

People lose jobs? Well, nobody cares that they have to keep paying for their student children’s dorms for the rest of the semester because they won’t officially say what everyone thinks will happen and we have to keep the place there just in case we’re coming back in two weeks, because what if they have us come back to normal school schedule anyway just to keep the fucking illusion that everything is better before their dumb election.

I’m so pissed right now, my mum earns barely enough money to live her life and support me during university so we could use keeping the money that otherwise goes for an empty place in the dorm that most likely won’t be used this year but thanks to the government pretending to have it under control I don’t have much choice.

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Self-isolation day No. 20

April is coming and our democracy is failed today. I wanted to scream all day. I can’t even cry anymore, I think it’s terrible. But I guess I have to focus on my business like my homeworks and stuffs like that bc I don’t know what to do right now

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March 30th 2020

48/100 days of productivity with @aunstudies

i’m really trying to stay motivated during this period

i’ll have to do lots of things uni-related this week: physiology and genetics revision, study microbiology and histology, try to write as many notes for medical research as i can and if i have time left i’ll study epidemiology

the only good thing is that i’m trying

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monday, 30 march (week 2): take a picture of your desk/study space.

this is my desk! i recently moved it to the other window in my room so that i could have a lamp on my desk (the lights in my room are not good lol), and i moved my typewriter onto the top of my bookshelf until i can find a little table for it. as you can see, i have a lot of things on my desk. (fun fact: the gold piggy bank is from that one semester that i was in a sorority–absolutely not something that i recommend).


today’s plans: i finished my summaries for my institutions course (finally!!) but now have another (which i am not doing today). i also planned my extra credit essay for production écrite (it’s on language education!) and might start it today. i’m going to do a bit of yoga to stretch out my legs, run for a bit, and then make lunch before i get back to work. this afternoon is going to be phonétique and syntaxe, and then i’m going to play the sims and raid: shadow legends for the rest of the day. (hopefully my mom and i can finish that puzzle tonight! it was mostly finished last night, but we had to go to bed).

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While we are quarantined our semantics teacher assigned us some extra work to do at home and we have to teach ourselves Wittgenstein’s philosophy of language. In English.

Never mind you, I’m in Spain. I’m learning Spanish philology.

Even though I am pretty much comfortable with English, not everyone in my class is and I can’t stop thinking that if I’m having some trouble (mostly because I’m terrible at philosophy), how are the people that don’t know English going to do this?? Because there are in out class, and he knows this.

Why hasn’t our teacher asked his students anything before sending an assignment in a language not studied or used in this degree?

Not only are we teaching ourselves something that’s NOT on the syllabus, but we have to do it on another language and on our own.

I don’t usually rant but I’m so angry right now I think I might explode

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30.03.20 // 11:04 // Quarantine challenge day 1

Monday - Have you made a study schedule to help you study at home?

I’m hoping to do lots of volunteering work over the next few weeks/months, and as my exams have been cancelled, I don’t have any kind of due date for revising! I’ve made lots of individual to do lists per module, so I can slowly start ticking things off as and when I do them. 

I am sticking to a regular daily routine:

8AM - Wake up, snooze or read

8:30AM - Get up, make coffee & breakfast

9AM - Read or meditate, then play some animal crossing or do other low focus activities, then get dressed & ready for the day

10AM - Start off making a daily to do list to focus energy, then be productive (normally admin or bullet journalling, emails ect)

12:30AM/1PM - Lunch!

2PM - Back to being productive, normally studying at this point.

5PM - Stop studying, listen to music and do something fun

6PM - Dinner, then either watching TV or a film to wind down

This works best for me, I can fit in meetings and other scheduled things around studying, while not burning myself out and taking plenty of breaks. I’m not getting a huge amount of studying done (only maybe 3 hours a day) but I am being very productive and taking care of myself! This is looking like a long-term situation, so I want to find a balance of not burning myself out while still being productive and preparing for next year. 🌻

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~ Quarantine Challenge ~


Monday | 30 March 2020

Soooo I missed yesterday’s question. The quarantine is really starting to mess with my head. I have no clue what day we are, literally have to look it up every time… Anyway, I’ll just answer yesterday’s question today 🙃

What are you doing to relax?

My ultimate relaxation is going for a walk with my dog! However, a bit of Netflix can also do the trick 😉

Take a picture of your desk/study space.

Today is essay-day! My deadline is on Friday and I still need to write an entire chapter. But we’re getting there 📝

(And yes, there’s a little box of coco pops behind my screen. I call it my motivation snack. I can eat it when I finish the part of my essay I’m currently working on 😜)

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30/3/2020 | My lecturer has decided to give us 20 minute episodes of his lectures instead of hour long ones so he has more time to fully explain things to us, and honestly I think it’s great. I can’t focus for more than an hour in a normal lecture, but I like these bite sized chunks.

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30/3/2020 | 10/60 Days of Productivity | 2020 Studyblr Quarantine Challenge

Mon: Take a picture of your study space

Here’s my half of the desk, I’m not showing my flatmate’s half because it is unbridled chaos. 

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29/3/2020 | 9/60 Days of Productivity

What do you do to relax?

Dance, but now that classes are cancelled til next semester I’ve started doing yoga instead (although I still dance about the house).

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