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new fursona Mint,

he’s a unicorn/cat"dragonfly hybrid. as you can tell he’s based off of my favorite icecream flavor, chocolate chip mint. he has a bit of a overbite so his front teeth usually stick out. he’s still figureing himself out as a uh cat? what i mean is he’s unsure of his sexuality. his hair is just mint leaves, thought it’d be interesting. I’ve actually posted him before but an older design so i changed him up a bit (he used to be a butterfly hybrid instead of a dragon fly) his redesign has actually been in the works for a year or so, I’ve been to lazy/busy to finish it until now

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Junicorn has begun, I did a test to work out how long these would take me as I have my hands full working on comics and commissions. Sadly I don’t have the time to do full hatching as it takes a good 5hrs to do.

So future Junicorns will be clean line art for now. May revisit them when I have more time x

Junicorn Day 1 - Friendship

Using the prompt list from the Terratoft

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Illustration: Chris Hillus 

Faszination für Kinder und Erwachsene. Schwarze Tusche mit Feder auf Hahnemühle echt Bütten-Aquarellpapier.

Mehr Illustrationen auf Instagram:


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