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liberaljane · 11 hours ago
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No one should experience sexual harassment at work.
Today, McDonalds workers are making their voices heard by demanding an end to the rampant sexual harassment in their restaurants.
Since news broke that L.H., a 14-year-old McDonald’s worker in Pittsburgh, was assaulted by her manager. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) charged in a federal lawsuit that workers at 22 McDonald’s stores, some of them teenagers, were subjected to “constant groping,” offensive comments, and sexual intimidation, among other types of harassment.
Despite McDonalds promises, they have failed to adequately address sexual violence at their stores.
And so today, McDonald’s workers in over 10 cities across the country are walking out on STRIKE to demand McDonald’s address the pattern of sexual harassment in its stores across the U.S. and the world.
Sign the @fightfor15movement petition to tell McDonald's: It's time to put a stop to sexual harassment and violence in your restaurants.
Together we are stronger, together our voices can be heard, together we can win real changes for millions of McDonald’s workers and other low-wage workers in this country.
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wobblydev · 7 months ago
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Why do we say that capitalism must be “dismantled”?
You’ll hear phrases like “Smash the state!” “Eat the rich!” and “Smash capitalism!”
And, yes, of course, but... :)
However relevant those sayings are, our work must be careful, highly organized and above all planned.
Because capitalism and all of its associated systems are not discrete, abstracted entities we can attack independently.
It is a structure, like a complicated machine with many thousands of working parts…
And right now it is connected to absolutely everything.
If we do this… [picks up huge hammer and smashes the machine]
Then a lot of vulnerable people will die.
The machine was built and improved and redesigned and patched over the course of generations. It is very good at its intended purpose, which is ultimately to generate profit.
Every human being alive today relies on the byproducts of the machine to survive, without exception.
The machine’s engineers want it to keep working like it does. In fact, they want to optimise it.
That will kill all remaining life on Earth.
So, we must destroy the machine, quickly and carefully
We must examine its deadly programs and mechanics and replace them with alternatives we built together.
The engineers don’t want us tampering with the machine.
However, we make it run...
So we can make it STOP. Together.
How will YOU help us to safely dismantle the machine?
p.s. My computer is on its last legs. If you would like me to draw you a little cartoon and help me get a new computer, learn more at this post.
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totalspiffage · 9 days ago
Workers at Paizo games (pathfinder, starfinder) are asking to be recognized as a union. They would be first union in tabletop games. There is no strike at the moment and the freelancers the company relies on to produce content are standing with their employed co-workers! This comes after allegations of unfair hiring, transphobia, sexual harassment, and unclean working conditions. Let's show support to the workers!
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prole-log · 9 months ago
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durnesque-esque · 11 days ago
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A lone Kellogg’s worker, Jason Schultz, holding the line during a heavy downpour outside the factory gates in Omaha last night (Oct. 15, 2021) as a part of their 24/7 strike against the company. 
“I decided to stay out there because we had cars coming by, and that’s why we’re out there, to make sure everyone knows we’re not leaving,” Schultz told Motherboard. We are prepared to stay out one day longer than the company if that's what it takes.”
“Many will see one person [in the photo]. To me, that is over 1,400 brothers and sisters standing as one."
Read more about it here.  The article also has links to their strike fund. 
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acebreathesfire · a year ago
“I’m the Labor Day Fairy and I’m here to teach you the true meaning of collective bargaining.”
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wobblydev · a year ago
The 1-on-1
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The first in a short series about organizing.
If you enjoy these little comics, organize. Everyone has a crucial part to play in this work. Yes, it can be difficult, awkward, emotional and draining. It can also be empowering, exciting and elating! You will never have to organize alone.
Visit and scroll to the “Organize” banner to get in touch with us. Virtual organizer training will give you the tools you need to begin. We don’t have a lot of time. Join the One Big Union and ORGANIZE!
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magicklore · 3 months ago
Starting October 15th a national general strike is being held, our demands are
25% corporate tax rate (No loopholes)
Free Healthcare for all
12 weeks paid paternity and maternity leave
$20 minimum wage
4 day work week
Stricter Environmental Regulations on Corporations (Bans on single use and micro plastics, and limited emissions)
If you want to show your support then think about going on strike. You don't need to be unionized and you legally cannot be fired for going on strike. If you have to work then you can try to abstain from unnecessary economic activity. If you intend to participate then feel free to sign this petition, there are already thousands of signatures in a single day.
You can also contact your local representatives and make your support known, below is a link to help you find your representatives
You can also help by spreading the word, there is information and flyers at
There are also marches being organized in some major cities although I don't yet have information but will update when I do. Please think about going on strike or simply showing your support for striking workers. Change cannot be achieved unless we demand it.
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itistimetodisappear · 6 months ago
I know we’re all celebrating and I hate to harsh the vibe but.. amazon won the union vote in Alabama. 
I’m so fucking disappointed. To anyone out there who works for amazon, i’m so so sorry. The amount of anti-union propaganda, coercion and straight up threats from amazon during the voting period was fucking illegal. Yall didn’t have a free choice. We support you, we know you’re being abused by that company, and we won’t stop until you’re treated like human beings. 
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prole-log · 12 days ago
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John Deere workers are on strike in order to not screw over future workers and the UAW will soon vote to restructure the union in order to be a worker led union instead of a top down bureaucratic and corrupt mess.
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boffin-in-training · 6 months ago
If you’ve ever worked in the Gig economy, as a freelancer, delivery person, Air BnB host, or driver, you know the basic script. Company promises flexibility and potential to earn a good income doing something you “love,” yet shortly after starting your new gig, you discover the site’s algorithms and the abundance of other gig employees all waiting for the next bite seems to work against you.
Seems to, that is, unless you discover a way to join in solidarity with your Fellow Gig Workers to push back against the company’s structure. If enough people realize that competing with each other in a wage race to the bottom serves no one’s best interest except the company executives, strategic rejection of low priced gigs and a unified approach to insisting on a standard minimum wage can be leverage power to the workers.
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ghiblilover · 9 months ago
I’m really happy to see y’all taking more of an interest in ‘work songs’ and such! It’s been nice seeing more suggestions for good folk music and being able to learn more about the history behind where a lot of this music comes from. I think it’s also helpful in that many of us working class folks can relate to the lyrics and experiences that these songs came out of.
That being said, I only have one gripe and I’ve been talking about this in different contexts for a while:
I want working class white Americans on this site, who are really getting into the old union/work songs now, to be mindful of the way y’all react to working class poc (like myself and many others) giving nuanced critiques of why they may not like a certain song and the history behind it.
Like, I really need y’all to recognize that y’all working class white folks ain’t the only ones who are working class citizens with struggles in this country. I love the idea of absolute solidarity between all of us but if y’all can’t come to recognize that antiblack/indigenous racism has and continues to play a HUGE role in keeping us where we are in this country, then solidarity will never actually happen.
Y’all still have the privilege of being white, in a white dominated society, that is purposely built to uplift y’all. Just because it didn’t happen that way for you doesn’t mean that racism has suddenly disappeared and that your black/nonwhite coworkers don’t have an extra target on their back that they have to deal with, on top of being a working class citizen.
I’m not asking for y’all to feel ‘guilty’ about anything or to stop singing songs and I genuinely resent when that’s y’all’s immediate response to us when any of us share our feelings on topics like this. What I’m asking is for y’all to learn how to de-center your specific, white American experience as the ‘real working class experience’ and make room for working class poc to share our stories, feelings, ideas, and songs.
That’s all, man. Just remember that you’re not the only ‘underdog’ in this situation and that poc should be able to represent themselves without y’all immediately getting defensive and turning the whole conversation into a battle of ‘but I’m struggling, too, and I’m white uwu.’
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wobblydev · a year ago
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It is the job of the police to oppress the working class on behalf of the bosses. Do not believe the sanitized rhetoric of the powers that be—all positive social change was fought for, tooth and nail. They will never make concessions without mass action.
Take care of each other out there. Never act alone. Don’t talk to cops.
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