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day 3 of @myhoneststudyblr​ ‘s studyblr community challenge: why did you create your studyblr?

well, i started following studyblrs when i got into college and i fell in love with them! it gave me a nice feeling inside, motivation to study and they are also very aesthetically pleasing (and i study design, so) however, i only decided to make one at the end of last month, it was an impulsive thought. like those thoughts that keep poking your arm and saying ‘’do it’’ and then your brain says ‘’should i or should i not’’ and i was studying marketing at the time, and i just stopped studying and was like? im gonna make one  🤡

i remember feeling kind of empty, like something was missing. creating a studyblr did not change my life, or made me a happier person whatsoever, it was just a tiny thing that i wanted to do, something to look forward to, a new platform to use, new friends to make, and i had nothing to lose! i didnt think about making pretty notes, or getting a lot of notes on my posts, i just wanted to attend my whims and thoughts! a lot of the times at the very bottom of our heart or souls or brain, we get a tiny action that we want to do, most of the time we completely shut it down because we have no reason to do that action, but what i think its that some of the whims that we have need to be realized, we need to listen to our mind when it wanders, and attend an impulsive need!

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the amount of notes that i took yesterday from a class that I had to rewatch were insane. ive never written this much before lol and I have 3 or 4 more classes to rewatch and take more notes so im definitely not looking forward to it 😭😭

this week has been rough for me, but ill get through it! yesterday i downloaded the sims and got to unwind after writing to the point my fingers were hurting, so today ill be doing more reviews and treat myself at the end of the day with more the sims gameplay!

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25.09, 2:20 PM BRT

the weather is so nice today, warm with a breeze and the sun is shining! i felt a huge need to go outside so I brought my laptop and notebook so i can work instead of just spending time in my room and I already feel great just by stepping outside my house to the backyard 😌🍃

pt/br: o tempo tá tão bom, quente com uma brisa e o sol tá brilhando!! eu senti uma necessidade enorme de sair pra fora então eu trouxe meu notebook e meu caderno pra eu poder trabalhar ao invés de só ficar no meu quarto e eu já me sinto muito melhor só de sair de dentro de casa pro quintal  😌🍃

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24.09, 11 AM BRT

woke up at 9:40 to the sound of my cat meowing crazily in my ear,,, not the best alarm  😞 😞

for breakfast i had a simple latte and some toasted bread while i watched some new nct 2020 content!

pt/br: acordei 9:40 com o som da minha gata miando igual louca no meu ouvido, não foi o melhor alarmekk

pro café da manhã eu tomei um café com leite com pão torrado enquanto eu assistia o conteúdo novo do nct 2020!!

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🖌23.09, 8:41 PM BRT

today’s class is media archaeology and I got caught up on this nct x hogwarts drawing I started this afternoon, so im not taking notes today, instead im just listening while i paint! 

pt/br: a aula de hoje é arqueologia das mídias e eu acabei ficando presa nesse desenho que eu comecei de tarde, então não vou anotar nada hoje, e sim ouvir a aula enquanto eu pinto!

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i dont know if thats a thing, but thats how my studyblr is ig???


english is not my first language so i apologize if theres any grammatic errors!

so let me introduce myself! 🎨

  • my name is ana, im 19 years old and im from brazil!
  • pronouns: she/her
  •  im a college student, majoring in multimedia production! im a senior tho, im in my last semester ): but im already thinking about majoring something else pretty soon
  •  i really enjoy studying stuff outside of my academic area, so i do a lot of independent studies
  • im a digital artist! so i will post my art studies and some of my art! you can also find out more about my art on my instagram!
  • i do a lot of fanarts for twitter and most of them are nct&itzy fanarts!
  • i decided to start a studyblr because seeing studyblr posts made me want to study more in the first place, i also didnt see much art study related posts so i wanted to do that so i could post some of my creative process with people who enjoy art as well!
  • some studyblrs i really enjoy: @philology-studies, @smalllhandwriting, @vamos-falar-sobre-estudos, @studyspiration-coffee, @pa-eonia and etc.

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I personally am not too familiar with the gaming culture as I do not really have an interest in it. However when I was younger I did enjoy playing some computer games and playing on the play station with my brother. You may question what defines a game “a game is to attempt to achieve a specific state of affairs, using only means permitted by rules, where the rules prohibit use of more efficient in favour of less efficient means, and where the rules are accepted just because they make possible such activity. I also offer the following simpler, and, so to speak, more portable version of the above: playing a game is the voluntary attempt to overcome unnecessary obstacles.” (Hardwick 2020).


Originally posted by scykedelic

Moreover, there are different types of games. There are arcade games, social media games, mobile games, local and online multiplayer, and online streaming platforms. The online streaming platforms are quite popular amongst society today as it allows for them to socialise with their friends online, while enjoying the game at the same time.


Originally posted by k-eke

Competitive gaming is a bug business and is heavily associated with online streaming platforms. For example, Esports which is electronic sports involves games such as FIFA and NBA2K. Both of which are very lucrative. On the Other hand is games like Fortnite. “It’s the biggest game in the West and en route to taking over the world at some point” (Sinha 2018). However, the content of Fortnite: Battle Royal  was and still is very controversial. The reason it is controversial is the addiction it can have for kids, and also the fact that it has had quite a delayed reply to hacked accounts.


Originally posted by cutec3


Hardwick, T 2020, ‘Lecture 10. Gaming Communities, social gaming and live streaming’, MDA20009 Digital communities, Modules via Canvas, Swinburne University of Technology, 20 May, viewed 20 May 2020.

Sinha, R 2018, ’15 biggest Fortnite Controversies That Shocked Players (Maybe)’, gamingbolt, 27 September

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Decisions decisions. One drink, two concept ideas…

One: The 70s retro style signifies fun, free, summertime adventures. I think this concept is really eye catching. Theres a lot you can do with the colours and fonts.  I believe it could be a good representative for my Kombucha brand Dr. Kombu because of its abnormality. Its bubbly and sweet and you can find it in all different types of flavours.

Two: The masculine style is clean and respectable. I believe a two or three colour design is very effective. With a simple colour pallete you can work on a clever design that can make people really think. This mature masculine concept respects the ancient art that is Kombucha.

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so , now this is a thing, Due to corona all people must remain indoors and now my school is giving me online classes, Which appears to be quite the experience at an artschool. 

Most classes now excist out of elaborate house tasks , others appear to think they can claim the whole day with their course.

this was just a lil update for yall

stay safe, wash ur hands and dont hoard the stores!

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• 12|02|2020•

it’s been FOREVER since i uploaded anything… uni has been stressful amongst other things, but hopefully i’m back on my feet now and am striving for an amazing semester!

my least favourite part of my degree is definitely statistics (i almost always lose sleep over all these random numbers and letters that have 0 meaning to me - existential crisis coming for sure).

here i am, the night before a stats seminar, stuffing my head into the holy bible of the module trying to get it all to go in…. which is not happening.

but hey, here’s to a better week next week!!

-current listen : see you again — jmsey ft hobo johnson-

- bee xx

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Blog post one, here we go.

This page is designed for those thinking of becoming a Midwife or Nurse, those currently studying to become a Midwife or Nurse or those who simply have an interest in what it would be like to be either of the above. Over the next 4 years, I will be documenting my personal experience studying a double degree in Midwifery/Nursing in Western Australia. Please do also keep in mind that there may be slight variances between institutions and countries on what is learnt and when, so I invite this to be an open space for all to discuss their opinions and feelings. 

My name is Emma and for all my life I have wanted to be within the healthcare field, I graduated with a Bachelor of Health Sciences in 2018 but very quickly realized that is not what I wanted to do as a career. Midwifery and Nursing has always been something that I have wanted to pursue and I am now fortunate enough to be able to follow my dream.

This blog will be a personal diary to me over the next 4 years of my double degree. I will try to adapt to being a ‘mature age’ student (rude, I’m 24), get myself back into the swing of assignments and all-nighters, and stumble through various practical shifts at hospitals. 

I’m looking forward to what my first semester brings and hope to have you along for the ride.

- Emma x 

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Hi y’all, 

So today was supposed to be my last day of Uni before Christmas but the business of life recently has caught up with me and I was advised to stay home and focus on my mental health. So far, today, I have: 

Watched a Christmas film with my Dad

Run an errand to our local shop

Watched another Christmas film 

Done some Laundry

Had lunch

Reviewed some material from my course 

It might not seem like a lot but at the moment I’m doing things one step at a time. I strongly recommend doing this, especially with the mad rush that commonly comes with the lead up to Christmas. Take the time out to do what helps you to feel better. Your grades and everything else matter but so does your mental health. 

That’s all for now, folks! 


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it was rainy today and i loved it. this weather is my favourite (not sure if you’ve guessed that already) although getting caught in 20 minute long hard showers with no umbrella on my way home was not my idea of fun. i had a research skills seminar today and it was stressful - i’m terrible at staying on task so finding journal articles on childhood trauma and cognitive development proved hard.

i remembered i have my first criminology seminar tomorrow and i am in no way prepared. it’s on last weeks lecture and i wasn’t there (i was very present in my bed with a high fever, wishing i was anywhere but feeling like death). i rushed through the lecture presentations we have access to (saved my life, honestly) and made quick notes using my trusted criminology textbook seen in these pics. one of our lecturers (Professor David Wilson - somewhat of a famous man may i add 💁🏼‍♀️) likes to pick on about 7 or 8 poor souls and gets them to tell everyone (200 people in our lectures - mental) what they’ve heard/read in the news in that week about crime and punishmeny. so every week all of us (i’m certain) rush around on the internet, scrolling through news sites after news sites digging up what’s been happening in the dark world of crime. it’s one heck of a dark path. i’m praying he doesn’t pick on me tomorrow but nothing seems to go in my favour when it comes to university so…

i hope you had a good wednesday and i hope it wasn’t as panicky and rushed as mine. if it was - take a breath and relax; it’ll all be fine. you’ve got this.

- bee xx

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messy notes vs re-done, pretty (still somewhat messy) notes and a grainy version of my view to university this morning for a 2-hour (extremely boring) lecture on academic writing and essay planning - i may or may not have almost fallen asleep halfway through.

it feels good to be back at uni after pretty much a week off, being out in the cold and rainy weather was somewhat refreshing! (can you tell i love the winter?)

as i’m writing this, i haven’t finishing writing up my notes from today’s lecture but it’s 10.10pm and Luther and GBBO are calling me to indulge in a binge session. i have tomorrow off so my day will be spent pulling my hair out trying to understand APA referencing (if anyone has any tips then please send them my way, i will be eternally thankful).

i hope your monday was a productive one but if not, i hope it was enjoyable nonetheless!

- bee xx

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