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I’ve lost many people to #Covid and before Covid I was losing people.😪😪 So I made this song to help those who’ve lost someone, is losing someone, for the person whos minutes away from committing suicide and more. God loves you and I love you. 🙏🏿🙏🏿 I’m just a vessel for christ sharing his message. Check out my new song/video #LordKnows Available everywhere! Link in my bio🔥💯.
#RestInPeace to @fredthegodsonmusic
My #AuntieFosu 🔥🙌🏿🙌🏿 ________________________________
Mon: New Music Mondays
Tues: Beat Tutorial Tuesdays
Wed: Flip Phone Wednesdays
Thurs: Throwback Thursdays
Fri: Freestyle Fridays
#NewMusic #Universe #quarantinelife #covid19
#nycrapper #crossroads #bonethugsnharmony #rapper #nycrapper #nyc #soundcloud #fredthegodson #RIP #suicide #god #relationshipgoals #michaeltodd #transformationchurch #sucideprevention #love #hate (at Crossroads)

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I admire the way flowers open their beauty up to whoever.

They don’t hide away, afraid.

They open their petals up every sunrise and allow people to see them for who they are no matter the color, the smell, the look, they open up to whomever may find beauty in themselves within them. & that’s how i want to be. Authentic. Myself. My TRUE self. I thrive for that grace.

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Don’t mind me experimenting with Spinel looks

Also guys just to let you know this is an art/rp blog. Feel free to drop asks for Steven Universe/Undertale rps, I don’t bite. Or just drop an ask to ask…y’know questions. 

I’m a third person/narrative/multi-para type of roleplayer. 

Please do not re-post, edit, trace, steal character design, steal anything, and please do report and ask the art thief to take down the picture. Please do enjoy, RE-BLOG, thank you~

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Check all your relationships. Some are not soul connections. They are attachments you created to fill a void in your soul left by low self-esteem, lust, fear and loneliness. Not all relationships in your life belong there. Some are just replacing the love that you have not been giving to yourself.

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