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Interacting Galaxies: ARP142 & ARP194

ARP142 resembling a penguin(ngc2936) protecting its egg(ngc2937) and ARP194 called a cosmic question mark

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Must-Buy Comics This Week:

Last Dance GN
Asadora vol. 1

Tales From the Umbrella Academy: You Look Like Death #5

Stillwater #5

Universe! HC vol. 1 - The digital comic of the same name, in print! Sci-fi stories.

Abbot 1973 #1 - A journalist discovers a plot by a sinister group to destroy a black candidate for mayor. Will she embrace her true power as Lightbringer to save the city?

Beak & Ally vol. 1 TP - A cute book for young readers about a bird and an alligator who become friends.

I Breathed a Body #1 - A horror comic about an influencer who posts something irredeemably awful online, and how their social media manager rewrites the rules of banned content.

Last Dance GN - A prima ballerina whose injuries drive her from her craft discovers a pair of golden slippers. A mysterious voice promises her the power to dance again, in exchange for being allowed to join the ballerinas and dance with her.

Lemonade Code GN - Robbie Reynolds is a super genius. He starts a lemonade stand to fund his top secret project, but unfortunately, his neighbor across the street also starts one - and she’s outselling him?!

TMNT Jennika II #3

TMNT #113

To Drink & To Eat HC vol. 2

We Live #4

Asadora vol. 1 - Naoki Urasawa’s newest! Asa runs off to find a doctor when her mother goes into labor, but no one notices when she doesn’t return.

Beastars vol. 10

Dead Dead Demons Dededede Destruction vol. 9

Fly Me To the Moon vol. 3

Hinamatsuri vol. 12

Our Teachers Are Dating vol. 2

Splatoon vol. 11

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This is the Jewel Box! 💎💎💎

The most distinct part of this cluster is the “A” shape of stars (it is sort of sideways in this picture) that is made up of luminous giants and supergiants. This cluster is one of the youngest known, has the brightest stars in the Milky Way, and is actually visible without a telescope! ✨✨✨

Taken by me (Michelle Park) using the Slooh Chile Two telescope on January 18th, 2021 at 6:52 UTC.

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NGC 2175

Cúmulo abierto en la constelación de Orion rodeado de una nebulosa de emisión  a 6350 AL de casa, La brillante estrella a la derecha de la imagen es 68 Orionis, una estrella tipo espectral B de la secuencia principal ubicada a algo más de 800 AL.

Ya he comentado en alguna entrada anterior acerca de la astrofotografía desde la ciudad. Desde hace un tiempo es factible lograr imágenes muy aceptables que hace 20 años eran impensables en un ambiente tan contaminado como cualquier aglomeración urbana de nuestro entorno, gracias a las CCD y al software de procesamiento de imágenes. En este caso añado los parámetros principales con los que está tomada para quien tenga curiosidad:

Refractor TS Photoline 72mm a f6.

Montura SkyWatcher EQ5

Cámara imx 294 de Sony.

Filtros UV / IR Omegon y anticontaminación lumínica Baader.

15 tomas de 10 segundos cada una.

Apilado con Risingsky. 

Procesado con Startools.

El filtro anticontaminación lumínica deteriora un poco algunos colores, pero es el precio que hay que pagar, porque compensa.

Espero que os sirva. Gracias por leerme.

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Scientists Claim Evidence of Parallel Backward Universe - IGN Now

Scientists Claim Evidence of Parallel Backward Universe – IGN Now

Back in 2016, scientists conducting experiments in Antarctica detected particles rising FROM the earth. These particular particles are only ever observed coming from space, and one prominent theory suggests they came from a parallel universe where time runs backward.


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*Waxing Crescent Phase of Moon*

Date: 2020/12/18

The Sunlit area is overexposed to highlight the moon surface details on its Night Side.


Meade 70mm Refractor

iOptron MiniTower Mount


ZWO UV/IR Cut Filter

GSO 0.5x Reducer

Captured in SharpCap 3.2

Processed in RegiStax & PS.

*Other details:*

Color Space : Mono

Exposure : 3.2s

Gain : 20

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#green #foliage #nature #woods #hiking #mountains #peace #photography #human #wildlife #universe #stars–RhIGQ/?igshid=w2ktkxwro0ld

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[5 images. A man and a woman sitting at a table in a restaurant. A group of people in a kitchen. A person sitting at a table with a plate of food. A woman smiling for the camera. A group of people sitting at a table. Captions: Change can only begin with awareness. The Universe is alive, conscious, and aware. His eyes touched lightly, and passed on. Life follows a rhythm and we hold the drum. Awareness without action is worthless.]

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the third temple
mixed media painting, wax on wood panel.
© Yuko Ishii
special thanks to Assaf for sharing the amazing soundtrack with me!  
echad al echad
Please visit for more info about my healing magick series!  

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