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how do you people store your school notebooks and textbooks neatly?? I have so many and they drive me insane, because whenever I try and fit them into my bookshelves they’re either too big or they just flop over and bend and suck

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Thu. 5/6/20

Yesterday I took most of the day off to participate in a BLM solidarity march in my city. It was very peaceful and I’m so proud of the turn out! I wish that everyone in the US could say the same 🖤

Mostly worked on a material science assignment all day since it was due tonight, I also started a circuits lab but didn’t have time to finish it before it was due, oops!

Realizing that I’ve fully fallen behind now definitely drains my motivation. But I did a little journal entry to repump myself up: reminder to keep enjoying learning and making progress to move forwards (otherwise I’m just going to fall even more behind)

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06/05/20 | What if 2020 isn’t cancelled? What if 2020 is the year we’ve been waiting for? A year so uncomfortable, so painful, so scary so raw - that it finally forces us to grow. A year that screams so loud, finally awakening us from our ignorant slumber. A year we finally accept the need for change. Declare change. Work for change. Become the change. A year we finally band together, instead of pushing each other further apart.

2020 isn’t cancelled, but rather the most important year of them all. - Leslie Dwight

🎶 Song Recommendation:

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2/2 social interaction. I especially like making notes and learning to understand cool concepts (though a bit more practicality might be nice). Basically, school is my comfort zone. There isn’t really any other creative work I have a long-standing interest in, and I have hardly any practical skills. The only thing I really enjoy is school as it is now, regimentation and all (though my school’s a lot more lenient than most). Does that make me boring and unoriginal? I feel like it does, and that

I feel like I should be good at things that are more useful. But I just like studying a variety of subjects as it is now (including some I hate, school wouldn’t be the same without them). People say the education system has failed us, and I do believe that our test design is really stupid, but the stupid education system is all I’m good at. Then am I going to be a failure at life instead? (thanks if you read all this!)

Ok first off, I’m sooooo sorry that this took me so long to answer. I’ve been basically closed off to everything outside my house because I can’t handle it, including social media, and uh, that’s not a good move for me, apparently. Anyway!

I was thinking about what you said a lot and as a teacher it makes me soooo frustrated but also it’s intriguing?? 

First thought, everyone learns differently. If you learn best by just reading the material, that’s great! That means the school system, in a lot of ways, was made for you. I was the same way. Just let me read, don’t make me do group work, I didn’t need to study for tests because I either knew the material or I didn’t.

I know that the idea of school killing creativity is a popular one but I beg to differ. A whole lot. Exams kill creativity. The way that students are assessed kills creativity. Standardized testing that assumes students under vastly different circumstances with different resources and teachers should perform the exact same way? That kills creativity. So yeah, the test design is stupid.


Originally posted by kellymagovern

It probably differs a lot depending on what you study. When you get to university, chances are that if you are in a liberal arts field, you will be required to be creative. When you hit grad school (I know, very different circumstances), if you don’t have original ideas, you’re out. 

Education itself is not inherently anti-creativity. If you have good teachers, it’s the opposite. Every single semester I teach the same couple of classes and train students on the same job, and every single semester I sit down and spend hours upon hours trying to figure out how I can do better. How I can be more engaging. How I can meet students where they are, appeal to their interests, be more clear in my communication. Etc. I know that not all teachers do that and I’m NOT trying to toot my horn but!!! I also don’t want people to paint all teachers with the same broad “they don’t give a shit” brush. The system itself really constrains what teachers can and can’t do, which is why I cannot teach at the grade school level! I need to teach at a university where I don’t have to deal with any standardization. Eff that.

Being able to learn in different circumstances and *wanting* to learn will be super useful to you later. Degrees don’t fit jobs perfectly (at least not in my experience). You aren’t learning how to work so much as you are learning about concepts. The practical work always comes later, and as long as you like learning, you’ll pick it up quickly! Don’t worry about enjoying something that other people haven’t found use for. If you have, that’s all that matters. If you can make your education both enjoyable and use it to get you want you want? Perfect.

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i need to buy a university shirt and maybe a hoodie From My University because i really am still going around wearing a goodwill uni tee of a university i had no intention of even applying to 

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2020/06/04 | 10/100 Days of Productivity

In times like these, it is about time that white people educate themselves. What better way to do this than to read books covering racism.

I just finished Born A Crime by Trevor Noah and I honestly am caught off guard by the situation in South Africa. Trevor’s life seems like it is a chain of events that wouldn’t just happen to <i>everybody</i> but this made me realize that it was this bad for everyone that wasn’t the ruling power.

Apartheid really was messed up and to be honest, I should’ve known more about how awful it was. My country partially did this to South Africa and that is NOT okay.

I am trying to do better. Because we have to do better. Don’t forget to (try to) do better too.

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This semester is officially over. Classes ended today and our exam schedule came out one week before they actually start. I managed to finish a good portion of our building on Revit after restarting it. We went to get our elevations checked. It’s going surprisingly well (pls don’t jinx it Sun) and we still have a few things to discuss. I took the rest of the day off and managed to start putting down a piece of art concerning the blm movement which has been on my mind quite a lot recently. I continued my Dutch on duolingo (if anyone of you who will see this is Dutch I can’t really understand where you use het and where de for now, negative forms are a whole different thing I need to look up) and I started an Italian one as well which has proven to be much easier since I already know French and some Italian too. Hoping to sleep well tonight and take some time off tomorrow too before I begin revising for my first test.

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Hi there!

The current state of The Weekly Academic has always been fluid as I’ve been writing and deleting these posts since my first day of University, all alone in my dorm room on Fresher’s week. I am hoping that with this long break I have before the next academic year starts that I can come leaps and bounds with my blog writing abilities and start providing you with the quality content you deserve. 

This will include a rebranding and reformatting of all of my future Weekly Academic posts (Not including my Year 1 Weekly Academics) and one more closing post for this academic year. 

I will likely make a post or two over the break to keep myself from going insane but other then that:

Thank you for reading & expect more Weekly Academics next October!

Asher - MusicAcademic

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Year 1 - Semester B - Week 5

February 24th - March 1st 2020

A Performer Prepares

Creating Visuals

[Reading: A Guide to Musical Analysis - Nicholas Cook]

When making Graphic Scores there are 5 pieces of advice to go through for building an argument through analysis:

1) The Simple Steps

  • Listen + Become Familiar
  • Make note of your Personal Reaction to the music
  • Follow the score along with the recording and make notes
  • Form a musical understanding (Note Important Key / Structural Points)
  • Apply your understanding to the whole piece
  • Write up the Analysis in the Appropriate Form
  • Start Again

2) Inductive Approach over Deductive Approach

When analysing music you should start with observing first instead of trying to fit the piece into a musical box and then work to propose a Theory around the works after.

3) Ask Questions of the Music

  • What is the most striking feature?
  • Does it create a sense of moving towards or away from some goal?
  • What + Where (Describe + Demonstrated)
  • How + Why (Analyse + Draw Conclusions)

4) Start with a Simple Representation

You don’t have to have all the details in the first draft of your analysis. It’s always best to start with the bigger more noticeable details and then dig down.

5) Levels of Detail

A - Background (Lots of Detail)

A = Movements, Tonal Shifts and Units.

B - Middleground (Medium Amount of Detail)

B = Tone / Texture and Instrument Shifts.

C - Foreground (Little Detail)

C = Melodies and Chord Progressions.

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I know there’s a lot of awful stuff going on in the world right now but something good happened to me recently and I want to tell you because sometimes we just need to hear something happy.

I just got accepted into the CSUN ASL Interpreter Training Program! It’s one of the best programs in the country and super hard to get into so I’m really excited! This was my dream!

That’s all. I hope everyone has a good day and stays safe.

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