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21 OCTOBER 2020

Today I went to the library in my city since I can’t go to the one in the campus cause covid. I like changing the place where I study, I get less bored and more motivated like this.

This library is good, there are outlets under the desk so you can bring your pc and there is distance between the seats. It’s also near the old town and the sea, next time I’ll take photo of that too :))

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21.10.20// organized ish with my @mindelevator planner! I’ve got plenty of deadlines coming up so I’m trying to get all my ideas in one place!

I ordered myself some marble sticky notes and some cute little stickers to keep me motivated and organized!

IG: flatneedledistillery

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21.10.2020 // i finished “Agnes Grey” yesterday and it was a lovely read. when i came home yesterday i found another letter by my great-aunt and i wrote her back this morning (4 pages in total, i’m proud of myself).

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📸 low quality picture for a high quality person

(I’m joking)

Anyways, it’s been so long since I’ve last posted.. and it’s because I didn’t really feel like taking any pictures because I suck at taking pictures lol… I also thought that I’d just drop this blog all together but then one of my mutuals sent me a message and I decided not to ( so thank you💐)

It’s been a week since uni started and my stress levels are already at an all time peak,, I’m keeping up with my classes but it’s getting harder and harder…

So these are the classes I’m taking for this semester and my unnecessary opinion about them :)

General Biology, at first I registered this class with a professor who’s one of the best professors in the biology department and I was really excited abt it since I wanted to learn from him… but then he dropped my section and now I’m with a professor from mls so that was rude. It’s also quite hard to keep up with biology because we take so much in just one lecture. And I can’t even focus during the lecture because there’s so many distractions.

General Chemistry, so far I’m liking it… it’s like a breeze of fresh air or smth idk… I don’t like professor because he low key gives me misogynistic vibes so

Principles of statistics, until now everything is going good with this course but I’m worried that in the future it’s going to be harder

Learning and research skills, this is a mandatory uni class… so it’s easy,, but we need to do a research and papers always stress me out

Ethics and human values, this course is also mandatory… it’s a new course and it’s very annoying tbh… we get graded for participating and I’m very shy… but I’ve been participating because I need to get that A, also we need to do a self evaluation… I don’t know how that’s going to work when I have an inferiority complex.. like srsly how?

And that’s it! Hopefully I’ll post smth more original (?) idk in the next days… I need to go study byeeeeeeeeeeee!!

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Hi! A day without active acne cysts on my face has to be honored with a selfie (doesn’t happen that often, also #normalizeacne) ✨ aaaand how beautiful is this morning view from my boyfriend‘s appartement 😭

my third term is approaching! So you’re gonna get more study input in the future, don’t worry🥰 I’m kinda stoked and kinda sad about how everything turned out to be this year… sending a virtual hug to everyone out there! We’re all in this together (literally the whole world)❤️

day 10 - one thing I wished I could change about studyblr

I’d like to have more conversations, tbh. 😊and I‘d love to see more geography-blogs!! (If you know some, tag them!❤️😂)

hugs, Vera xx

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21.10. 2020 // doing some studying before tomorrow’s midterm. I also took up crocheting and I’m conquering the world one granny square at a time. I want to make a medium-sized blanket for my granny for christmas, we shall see if I’ll have enough time, persistence and yarn to finish it  :D

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motivation, or lack thereof.

motivation. I don’t think I know what that word means anymore. I have no motivation. For uni that is. Online classes aren’t what I expected. The use of breakout rooms, throwing you into small groups with people from your course you may not know. Then just when you start to become comfortable with one another you’re dragged back into the main room with your mic and camera still on 😬. The mad dash to turn it off as quickly as possible is quite the adrenaline rush.

However this isn’t the main problem. The lack of concentration is. The constant bombardment of information in a short time frame makes it more difficult to pay attention compared to that of physical lectures. Another concentration blocker is distractions. Everything is a distraction. I don’t know about everyone else but I sit in my room for online lectures. Quite often on my bed. Not a good idea I know. The temptation to lie down and nap while the lecture runs on in the background is real. My course requires students to turn both their mics and cameras off until group sessions. This gives me ample opportunity to flick through the same four apps on my phone while the lecture plays in the background. Or babble in online shopping. Not good.

The majority of the time I hadn’t the faintest idea what was happening. So I decided to make both the best and worst decision. Going back to week 1 lectures to make notes. It was great in that I’d have notes to go over and ensure I know all the material covered. The big mistake was that I didnt pay any attention during the actual lecture that I didn’t even recognise the topics covered.

Whilst I realised I didn’t have a clue about half of my course it made me realise something. I really really need to concentrate. I think if I start focusing on the material and engaging with the lecture, I’ll become more motivated. Well I’m hoping so anyways.

Ashleigh xo

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First week of my final semester, here’s how it’s going:

- Taking handwritten notes in English while the professor speaks in hebrew is NOT easy guys. My brain is about to explode.

- i missed one assignment that i didn’t know about already.

- i have three assignments for next week.

It’s only the third day of the first week. Wtf.

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