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In an interview with, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."

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Spent like literally all of the little money I had on a switch lite and animal crossing because I’m dying of boredom and lack of sun staying inside for this pandemic ✨🌿

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Hey world, how are you all doing? Hope you are well and safe at home. Corona virus crisis has changed our everyday habits and certainly has an impact on our productivity and motivation,but we need to keep going. If you need company during this difficult time, join us on our livestreams on youtube (, we’ll be so happy to study with you and have the chance to motivate each other day by day. We send virtual hugs, please stay safe and stay positive!💞👍

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Since the whole semester got postponed until the end of april, we students weren’t able to meet until now & started a big a s s group chat now? They all seem hella nice & we helped each other out with our schedules - we need to chose our classes at monday & didn’t know how many classes we need or which classes might be important etc.

Hella glad that I joined this chat - actually thought about not joining it due my social anxiety. I’m still hella scared to post something, but it’s getting better :))

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By now, you’re sick of hearing that you just need to apply yourself, or you aren’t trying hard enough. Nobody seems to believe that what you’re doing now is truly your best effort, and your below average grades aren’t enough for everyone around you.

Your friends think they “failed” a test when they got an 80% but your absolute best is a 75%, which they make fun of you for. Trying to keep your head above the water takes up all of the energy you have, and sometimes you want to give up.

I know this feeling so well.

My entire life I’ve struggled. I’ve always been the person who’s three steps behind everyone else, who just didn’t get it no matter how hard I tried. When my teachers, parents, and friends tried to help it just became more confusing for me.

I thought that I was dumb or broken, that I would never make it through school. I’ve had to repeat classes, have special education, and developed anxiety due to my teachers making me feel terrible about my grades. What my friends learn in a week I learn in a month, and what they learn in a month I learn in a year.

I was trying my hardest and no matter what, I still failed, but that’s okay.

It’s not about being smart or dumb, and your grades don’t define your worth as a person. The college you get into doesn’t make you worse than somebody else, and it’s okay if you need more help than others. You are putting in so much time, effort, and energy into doing your best and I wish everyone could see it.

You are intelligent, capable, and strong. You are going to succeed and find something that you’re good at; It’s okay if school isn’t something you’re good at. You are going to graduate on time with everyone else, go to college, and have a future that you’re happy with. You should be so, so proud of yourself for how far you’ve come.

I know the world is scary right now and the shift to online schooling might be taking a toll, but you got this. Wherever you are, I’m cheering for you!

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20.03.28 ||  Just translating a bit of the Odyssey, book eight, today to prepare for my final exam next month. I find it so difficult to stay on top of my languages now that I’m not in class anymore. Does anyone else feel the same way? Language classes just aren’t the same online.

On the bright side, I received a way better mark than I thought I would on my term paper for my Roman daily archaeology course! I celebrated by baking cookies. I hope quarantine is going okay for you all. Stay safe!

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03.28.20 Final exam grades came out and I got 99% on the animal physiology final. I ended up with a 3.9 this quarter which is great! I have not studied a whole lot over the break (which feels way shorter than last year), mostly because the only thing I have to work from is an old syllabus and a list of textbooks that were on reserve in the library which is obviously closed due to COVID. The genetics course I am taking in spring quarter (online) doesn’t have an assigned textbook, and canvas hasn’t been published yet. I start on Monday (9:00am), so hopefully the professor is tech literate and will publish canvas before then. Wish me luck!

[Picture featuring framed heart anatomy drawing labeled in Scottish Gaelic that my partner got me for V-day :D]

Instagram: physioblr

How to get a 4.0 with ADHD: here

Shop & Free Bujo Spreads: here

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~ studyblr 2020 quaratine challenge ~

week 1: saturday, march 28: where in your house is your favourite place to study?

i love studying in my room (first pic) because of the view and natural light that comes from my window! or if i need to be near a plant or some art, my living room (second pic). my mom has great taste in internal design so if i need a change of space, anywhere downstairs is great!

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day 008/100 of the productivity challenge ✨ studyblr 2020 quarantine challenge

WEEK I ~ questions

Wed ☁️ What’s your favourite study snack?

A red apple 🍎 or some chocolate 🍫 (or both)

Thu ☁️ How are you keeping active?

Family walks, tiktok dances, cycling (and at work I have to walk a lot ://)

Fri ☁️ What’s your favourite subject/topic to study at the moment?

Working on my literature essay (about the Great Gatsby) brings me joy because I love that book so much… 😊

Sat ☁️ Where in your house is your favourite place to study?

I always study at my desk in my room. Since it’s Spring now, the light comes in in the afternoon and my whole room turns gold, it’s lovely.

[i forgot a few days again lol. I’ve been very busy working & convincing myself not to buy a switch to play animal crossing]

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Guys, if you’re out walking or running and you cross paths with someone (at 2m or more, stay safe everyone), please call out a greeting or respond to one. For us living on our own, that is THE ONLY interaction with have with an actual human being and it’s nice to exchange pleasantries with someone 🐛

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