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Another day, another drawing I bought three cheap canvases the other day and I want to use them for anime characters, the first one is Itachi ❤️ Hope you like it!

P.S: I’ll post more study related posts from tomorrow 📔

Instagram & Tiktok: whoislales

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Hi all! 

Recently I have been buying things for university as I start next month! I am super excited and cannot wait to start studying medicine!

This is kind of a welcome back post as I haven’t been active for a while and so I thought I’d post to let you all know I am still here!

So far I have purchased bowls, plates, side plates and also a few cups and glasses. I also have bought a quilt, quilt cover, tea towels and a few utensils. Finally, and the most obvious for a medic, I have purchased a first aid kit.

I will post more regularly over the next few weeks as I start to pack more and also begin my studies so watch this space!

C :)

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  • Brainstorm first: 
    • This might sound like a lot of extra work, but brainstorming helps the decision. One way to do this is to make a mind map. In the middle, write the topic for the entire course. Then, write bubbles for every subcategory in that topic that you can think of. For every subcategory bubble, think of smaller categories that relate, until you have a web of topics that range from narrow to wide. 
  • Be original: 
    • Don’t pick something that has already been used as an example or a case study in class. If your teacher gives you a list of themes, then choose from there, but make sure it doesn’t seem like you’re just taking their ideas from class and regurgitating them on paper. 
  • Narrow it down by expanding further: 
    • The less generic your topic is, the better your paper will be. Try to find a deeper issue in the topic you want to do
  • Do some research before you settle: 
    • Sometimes you’ll find that you want to completely change your topic once you start doing some research. Often, writers do not end up writing the same paper they began writing. This could be because you realize that there are more scholarly sources out there for another topic, or because you’ve simply lost interest in the original one. Any of these reasons are valid and prove that doing some research right off the bat will help you.
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mod bee here and I just wanna let y’all know a bit about me!

- college sophomore at a large state school

- secondary ed (social studies 9-12) major w a minor in psych

- taking 5 full time classes and 2 one credit hour classes

- so far classes are supposed to be in person so I’ll be living off campus in an apartment

- this is my first time being on campus bc I transferred this summer from my old university!!

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📸 I took this picture on the 12th of August in 2018 so that’s 724 days ago.. I was entering my senior year of high school that’s so long ago 💓💓


9th of August 2020 // 44/100 days of productivity

I had my third geology exam… I think I did well but I still don’t know my exact grade :/ I also went babysitting so that’s good…

10th of August 2020 // 45/100 days of productivity

I studied calculus since I had a calculus exam the next day :)

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11th of august

Today I have to use my laptop… Yes I suck at this challenge thing. Anyway I have to do a few exercises from a class I dropped during quarantine as every class wanted me to do like too many projects that looking back it just felt like time fillers. Seriously this is only an exercise of four and I have to do a chart, a very detailed map, read a 52 pages long document… If I hadn’t dropped this class I wouldn’t have been able to finish the rest of the projects I had, I wish professors hadn’t sent so much stuff as I wasn’t the only one I know that had to drop classes in order to not fail everything because it was too much workload.

Summer studying challenge: What is your favorite meal to have on the beach?

Potato omelette sandwich!! It gives me so many memories of my childhood as my mom made them in the morning before going to the beach.

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In my first semester our professors told us to design a museum in Iceland, in the Myavtn region. It was quite difficult as we had no opportunity to go there haha.

In order to create this project I picked elements from traditional icelandic architecture (see turf houses) and modern local approaches such as the use of raw concrete and then I used them to design a museum that could embrace tradition but still incorporate a different way of doing things.

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I really really want to study abroad. I’m looking into getting my degree in Estonia and maybe from there opening up a coffee shop around there.

I know a little bit of Finnish, I’d just have to learn more.

I just know that I dont want to die in America. Do you think this is possible? Or am I too old? (25)

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It was my boyfriend’s birthday! So i didn’t get much work done today, but that’s ok. We were gonna make the vegan strawberry chiffon cake together but his dad ended up making it. Unfortunately the whipped cream failed :( you’re supposed to use coconut milk and i guess the ones we had didn’t separate well bc the cream just fell flat. Ah well, it was still plenty delicious (and extremely sweet) with the pastry cream!

I also drew him a lil card :) i drew inspiration from a card i saw on tumblr (the artist’s blog is sonialazo if you wanna check it out) and he loved it <33

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Fall classes have started and im already missing college. I miss my old routine. I want to be at my campus and chill in the lunch room while i watch the gaming nerds fight each other on what move to make next. I want to study in my favorite dim lit study room while other students take a nap on the large couches or just listen to music. I want to walk the science halls and read or observe the interesting projects/research of physics and chemistry classes. I want to walk into my engineering building and order chick fil a while i wait to start my class. I want to take my walks and sit on the benches under the autumn colors on a cool early afternoon conemplating if i should go home yet..

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it’s results day in two days! im really excited but im a bit scared for people from other schools - it seems like ofquals relying on a schools past performance to determine individual grades, i go to a really high achieving college so im not worried for us, in fact it might work out better , but im scared people wont get what they want using this system.

however, im excited to find out what my (almost) two years of a-levels will bring and i hope fate smiles on everyone

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