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Furby, that creepy 1990's doll, has a tumblr page.

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#university of Texas

posting here on the off chance someone in the area sees this and can help out! dm me if u can!

[image description: on a two-tone orange background, large block letters in all caps are centered at the top of the image reading “South Austin Community Elder Seeking Support in the Form of…”. 4 animated leaves act as bullet points for the following list of needs, written in bold black letters: 1. Clothing 2. Non-Perishable Food Items 3. Cleaning Supplies for New Apartment 4. Coins for Laundry. the bottom of the image, in all lower case black lettering, reads: “currently only seeking supply donations and hard cash to give directly to this person, no venmo etc. dm to coordinate drop off!”]

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Concert Poster of the Day

This is a newer feature in the group.  Finding concert posters or ads for shows that Rush were on.  Here was the first one posted in the group.

It is a rare signed poster of Rush headlining a show on Saturday June 5, 1976.  It took place at the University of Texas Memorial Gym. in El Paso, Texas. Their special guest was Styx.  It is interesting to find out who were on shows with Rush and vice versa.  Never knew Styx played on a show with Rush.

This particular show, Styx canceled and were replaces by Iron Butterfly.  Not sure why Styx canceled.  I guess we’ll never know.

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