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Thursday 12.03.2020 | 13:44 CST

In the midst of finals week. I have one final exam paper due tonight and then a paper + exam tomorrow before I’m finally done with this semester! Stressed, but also a bit depressed. It’s taking a toll on my productivity unfortunately.

What I’ve done so far today:
    - eat a chicken quesadilla
    - eat a mini chocolate bread thing
    - sold my turnips on acnh
    - open my final exam paper and just had it open in the background
    - cracked open a can of thai tea
    - changed my theme on tumblr after like an hour of searching
    - fed Boba

That’s honestly all I’ve done so far. Writing this out is helping me get into a productive mentality though. Procrastinating on this paper is part of that fear of failure, but I know I can do it.

It’s always been so weird for me to write papers in university. I think I expected for my writing to change somehow in the transition between high school and university, but it’s honestly not noticeable. At least to myself. I feel like college level writing should be more intense, but I feel like I’m just writing how I’ve always wrote. I don’t know if that makes any sense but that’s how I feel whenever I’m writing papers for classes now. I think I don’t write very well so imagine my shock whenever I get a good grade for a paper I wrote.

Speaking of which, that paper I wrote a while back, I think I wrote about it on here last month, finally got it’s grade last night. I got a 95 on it, which was surprising to me. It’s that “I don’t think I write well because my transition from high school to college doesn’t seem like much academically.” mindset that kicks in that shock and I’m just sitting here like “Wow, I actually did that.”

I’ve rambled more than usual, but I was honestly so relieved after I got that grade for that paper. Now, I just need to work on this final exam paper, and actually believe in my capabilities. I can do this! You can too. On whatever you’re working on, whether it’s for high school, college, or beyond.

Much love, good luck on finals for any students out there, stay safe, and remember to eat and hydrate! 

𝐿𝒶𝒹𝓎 𝑀𝒾𝓃𝓊𝒾𝓉 ˊˎ˗

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Day 72/100 days of productivity!


Can’t really say waking up to a suggestion of trying out differential diagnosis is my favorite but this might as well turn out to be pretty fun :))

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2020.12.02. 71/100 days of productivity

I woke up a bit late don’t know what made me so tired tho. Once I got out of bed I saw that it started snowing outside and in a few hours there was enough snow to cover everything, but not enough to stay there for days. Gotta say I wasn’t really delighted when I saw the snow, mostly because my docs are half broken and I only have my coat here so I wasn’t really sure if I was gonna freeze once I went out. 

I did stay in my room doing absolutely nothing productive apart from washing my hair until 6pm. I just watched some videos on youtube and listened to music. I did go out around 6pm to go to the cafeteria and then I took a short walk, primarily to buy some stuff at the store. I did enjoy walking outside as snowflakes flew around. 

When I got back to my room I posted on hellotalk, scrolled through some stuff for my lab that’s due Sunday and then watched GOT7 on Weekly Idol. I laughed and cried so much watching them, variety legendssss. 

Later I went on lingodeer to do some review quizzes on Korean and I’ll probably do a few more before going to sleep. I should have an 8am class tomorrow morning, but our professor hasn’t said anything about that. I’ll make sure to open our teams group around 8am just to check, he probably just forgot to schedule the meeting.

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2020.12.01. 70/100 days of productivity


I woke up around 8am this morning to attend my online class, it was a shorter one today so I was finished before 10am. I installed some stuff I need for my lab this week and I’m hoping everything works because I haven’t tested it out yet.

After that I just had my coffee with some cookies while watching more Kai and GOT7 reactions. Then I just listened to some music while trying out some makeup, before leaving to get lunch around 2.30pm.

After I finished my lunch I decided to go for a walk since I didn’t want to spend my whole day in the room and I had to be back for my 5pm class. I walked around for almost two hours, stopped by the store on my way back to the dorm and then got into my online class. Had another coffee while listening to the lesson and had my dinner once we finished around 7pm. 

I spent the rest of the evening watching some more videos, reading through my lab exercises and finding old photos of myself. I also cleaned my room a bit this morning. I have no classes tomorrow so I’ll probably start working on my lab, well at least look for useful materials before starting to work on the code. I might do a few quizzes on lingodeer before going to sleep an that’s about it for today.

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1/12/2020, 15:07

Day 30/100 of productivity

Plants, lectures and cats has been most of today. My to-do list is never ending and I need to work on essays for next week. Struggling a little with the workload and my MH, which has not been wonderful recently.

Only 11 days until I’m in the Christmas holiday though!

🎧- lectures

📚- Elantris (Brandon Sanderson) and Piransei (Susanna Clarke)

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2020.11.30. 69/100 days of productivity

I got results for two of my exams, both of them 80% which is pretty good. Honestly could’ve been at least 90% but I didn’t study much for either of those. 

Watched GOT7 - Last Piece MV as well as Kai’s solo debut ‘Mmmh’ MV as soon as I got out of bed (which was around noon but whatever). AND OH DEAR GOD HELP ME. I, I just, I don’t know what to say, masterpiece after masterpiece, it is both a blessing and a curse following so many artists. Later I watched the new GoSe(Going Seventeen) episode and YES WE GOT MAFIA BACK AND WE GOT DOCTOR JEON WONWOO AGAIN. I would trust that man with my life. 

I listened to some music before leaving to get lunch around 4pm. After that I went for a walk, walked around for almost 2 hours, listened to Corpse’s music for most of my walk, went to see the Christmas lights around the city center. 

When I got back I had something for dinner, watched a few youtube videos, did a quiz for my psychology class on Tuesday. Later I finally got back to revising the Korean lessons I went through and then before going to bed I went through a few quizzes on lingodeer.

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2020.11.27. 66/100 days of productivity

Had my last midterm on Friday on Organizational Psychology. I wrote down the questions for it the night before so I planned to just go through them over and over again throughout the day, since the exam was at 6.30pm. The cafes/restaurants were closing on Saturday so I had to pay a visit to my “home-like” cafe. I got there and the waiter that knows my order was working so I didn’t have to order, he just brought the coffee to my table. I had nothing else to do so I just went over the questions a few times. I left for the exam around 6pm so I’m not too early, the cute guy that’s a year older was also in this class which I didn’t know, but we were in the same classroom so it was nice to see him. The exam was only 15 minutes long, but I just filled out the answer sheet and left after 10 minutes. Didn’t really feel like sitting there, rethinking my answers. After that I met up with a friend and we went to our cafe near uni. We played darts and talked about life and stuff. Can’t believe I’m not gonna visit my two regular places until next year tho…   

2020.11.28. 67/100 days of productivity

I can’t say I was really productive on Saturday. I went to grab some lunch and then just went for a walk. I did walk around for an hour and a half before stopping by my friend’s place. We made plans to hang out with a few other friends from uni that night so we just chilled at her place for 5 hours watching visual kei and kpop videos. We got to our other friend’s dorm room around 10.30pm and we hung out there until almost 2am. 

2020.11.29. 68/100 days of productivity

On Sunday I once again went to grab some lunch and then went for a walk, I didn’t really know where I’m going, I just kept on walking. After an hour and half I got back to my dorm, I watched some videos for another 2 hours before leaving to do my laundry at a nearby place. I could’ve just sat there waiting for my laundry to be done but I didn’t feel like sitting for 40 minutes so I walked around the block, went to a store to buy some oat milk and cookies. Got back once the laundry was done so I put it in the dryer, and that thing took another 50 minutes so I walked around for another 20-30minutes before coming back. I grabbed a coffee from the coffee-machine/vending machine, idk, that they had there and I watched Sykkuno’s Among Us videos on youtube for another 20 minutes. When I finally got my clothes all warm and clean I went over to my friends place to take some of my stuff, well to take my GoT cup and a teaspoon so I can make coffee at my dorm. We talked for another 20 minutes before I left. All of those walks got me to 20k+ steps that day so that was pretty good. 

I wasn’t really in my dorm much these days, and when I was I didn’t feel like writing posts so I’m writing them now, well I combined them into one. My classes start again this week so I should get back into being more productive.

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30/11/2020, 08:12

Day 29/100 of productivity

Good morning! Here’s a photo with terrible, terrible lighting (thanks winter). Recently I’ve been getting up at 5am on Mondays and Tuesdays to get through work and honestly, I’m so much more productive then than I am the rest of the time! This morning I’ve written an essay plan and watched a lecture. The rest of today will be spent in seminars, prepping for seminars and researching for my next essay, which is due in on the 11th of December

I’m stressing a lot about my last essay, so I thought I’d list some fun things/things that have made me happy recently here to remind myself that the past week has actually been pretty good:
-I found and am wearing flowery dungarees.
-I finished season 2 of Stranger Things.
-I’ve been going on walks and writing poetry again.

📚- The Road to Oxiana (Robert Byron) and Elantris (Brandon Sanderson)
 🎧- Eurovision: The Story of Fire Saga

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guys! if you ever come to bali, make sure you visit this unique school! Green School Bali was built in 2008 by John and Cynthia Hardy in the middle of Balinese jungle, the school is 100% made of bamboos! they also use old automobile windshields as whiteboards, and their students grow and harvest their own foods from permaculture gardens next to every classroom, and send the harvest to school cafeteria to be processed.

they held a sustainability festival in 2019 and i was so lucky that i get the chance to be a part of their team for the event! learned so many great stuffs there about sustainable lifestyle 🌱

definitely the coolest school I’ve ever visited! honestly, if i can re-do my whole highschool here, i would!🌿✨

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Originally posted by kaepjjang2

I’m not a celebrity person. I don’t idolize people. But for some reason, Jimin transcends that. And oddly, he makes me hopeful. Maybe there are men out there I would date.

I always assumed I “outgrew” my attraction to femboys, but really they’re far and few. It’s not easy for a man to display any type of femininity without heavy judgment. And because I was picked on about my like of femboys, maybe I suppressed it.

While I don’t understand obsessing and idolizing, I can see how celebrities offer self realizations and how affection can be attached to them because of that. And, it doesn’t hurt when they’re beautiful.

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Hi! It’s Kopi here and I think it’s about time that I did a reintroduction ^^’. I’ve had this account for about three years, and I think I’ve changed a bit during this time period. 

Some personal info:

  • I am 18 years old
  • I use they/them pronouns
  • I am a first year in college
  • My major right now is undeclared, but I am working on switching to business economics
  • If you are curious, I am 5ft 2.5″ (~159 cm)
  • My home base is in California, USA
  • I was born in the Philippines and immigrated here when I was young. 


  • I have been studying French for four years. I started in 9th grade.
  • I have been studying Korean on/off for four years, I also started in 9th grade but am finally able to put my focus towards it this year. 
  • No, I was not taught how to speak Tagalog because my parents wanted me to have perfect English (no, my English is not perfect, I think it’s pretty bad) I do know some Tagalog where I can listen to a conversation but I can only respond in English.
  • I really like coffee for its taste, not the caffeine
  • I enjoy listening to Kpop, khip-hop, krnb, pop, etc. 
  • I have some experience subtitling videos on youtube (but stopped doing so because youtube removed the option for community captions :<)
  • I also enjoy anime. Some notable ones for me are One Piece (currently watching), Haikyuu, I hate being in pain so I maxed out my defense build, and kaguya-sama: love is war. 

I hope you enjoyed reading this updated introduction! I apologize for not being as active lately :< college exams and projects have all my attention at the moment. I am so thankful to those who’ve stuck around since the first year of this account, and I am also thankful to those who chose to join me along the way on my journey of being a langblr/studyblr. I plan to write up some updates about how quarantine college life is like for me and how I go about it, so please bear with me. 

Hoping for better days,

Kopi <3

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This is where I joke like “suprise, I live!!” but i truly don’t feel like so.

Here are some pictures from the missig time.

Also, I want to write down what is going on just to get it off my chest. If you are curious as to why I have been absent, here it is.

(Warning; this gonna be a little long.)

Keep reading

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For the past two week i haven’t been to any of my classes. Except my arabic course. Its the only one i’m curently passing. Depression amd Zoom University are not a good mix.

Next semester is online as well and has already been postponed by a week.

Everything is going great.

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2020.11.26. 65/100 days of productivity

Woke up quite early as I had to wash my hair before the exam, which was at 11.30am. I honestly didn’t study much, I spent a few hours the night before doing some work, I didn’t even read through all of the ppts once. I got to uni a bit earlier, stayed in the classroom for about an hour before finishing my exam. I could’ve left earlier, but I didn’t want to be the first one to leave. I’m not expecting much from that one, but the midterm is only 20% so I’m not stressing too much about it. 

I got home pretty late because I just hung out with friends throughout the afternoon, I finished reading The Process by Kafka and I have to admit I had no idea how the story ends so I was surprised when I got to it. When I got back to my dorm I wrote down questions for my last exam before going to bed.  

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fri, 27 nov.

i’m sorry i’m not uploading images of my studying, all of my work is on my laptop and it’s difficult to get a good picture of the screen. so here is a picture from my window instead.

i’m currently in self-isolation so that i can go home for christmas. to be honest, it’s like i’ve been in self-isolation the entire time i’ve been here, so i’m not finding it to be a huge struggle! i’m hoping to go home on the 6th of december. i’m looking forward to being able to eat properly again (we’ve already planned a kfc feast for when i go back). i’ll also be at home for my birthday, which i’m relieved about.

i have a busy next few weeks. i’ve been sorting out some personal issues and now things are moving forward. i’m stressed about the sudden load, but it will be beneficial in the future.

i’m planning on working on my ‘understanding crime’ article review tomorrow, let’s hope demotivation doesn’t creep in while i’m at it, clock’s-a tickin’!

as always, i hope you are all happy and safe.

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26.11.2020 // birthday countdown - 5 days

today was my first time using instagram stories and i can feel myself getting addicted to editing. i have a phone interview tomorrow so hopefully it’ll go well!

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