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🌨️ winter studying challenge 🌨️

5th December:

good morning everyone! today i woke up earlier than i usually do and started studying.

i did tests of old/new turkish literature lessons and i almost solved 160 questions.

now, i’m doing my british literature assignment: summarizing and analyzing “sir gawain and the green knight”. after finishing this, i’ll do my mid-term assignments.

are you usually busy during winter?

since i started college last year, i am busy in winter because we have our mid-terms and final exams during winter.

good luck and may it be easy to everyone who is reading this post! 🔹❄️

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Day 72/100 days of productivity!


Can’t really say waking up to a suggestion of trying out differential diagnosis is my favorite but this might as well turn out to be pretty fun :))

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Dic 2,

The class was interesting, what about responsibilities? Who made our goals?… well sometimes I don’t know the answer but help a lot who teach you and give you hints. Also I think I do a good job with my test of business law so… I am worried because many people can afford the cost of the semester and the university don’t help enough so students have to stop for a change and is frustrating. I don’t know if I class tomorrow but is something necessary for a change.

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Lights on vs lights off.

I’ve began to study in the evenings due to lack of time, and it’s actually been quite calming. Lighting a few candles makes opening a massive textbook somewhat easier (and more poetic).

Today I’ve started my third year lectures, which is a bit stressful since I’m still finishing the second year ones, but overall fun! This year is mainly focused on obstetrics and pediatric care, which is the path I’d like to follow as a nurse.

Current mood: excited about the future, yet still rather tired.

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30 November 2020. online classes hav been going on for months and yet i am still scrambling for some sense of stability. hope yall are adjusting well unlike me :^(

ill be takin my prelims on international law this wednesday! i lost track of all the all-nighters ive pulled for this class to prepare for recits every synch meeting waaahh i hope i do great on my exam ᕙ(⇀‸↼‶)ᕗ

study track: ikon ~ flower

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30/11/2020, 08:12

Day 29/100 of productivity

Good morning! Here’s a photo with terrible, terrible lighting (thanks winter). Recently I’ve been getting up at 5am on Mondays and Tuesdays to get through work and honestly, I’m so much more productive then than I am the rest of the time! This morning I’ve written an essay plan and watched a lecture. The rest of today will be spent in seminars, prepping for seminars and researching for my next essay, which is due in on the 11th of December

I’m stressing a lot about my last essay, so I thought I’d list some fun things/things that have made me happy recently here to remind myself that the past week has actually been pretty good:
-I found and am wearing flowery dungarees.
-I finished season 2 of Stranger Things.
-I’ve been going on walks and writing poetry again.

📚- The Road to Oxiana (Robert Byron) and Elantris (Brandon Sanderson)
 🎧- Eurovision: The Story of Fire Saga

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I found out about the cutest little desktop app to keep track of studying (and other activities) just a few days ago. Virtual Cottage is my new go-to when it comes to timing my study sessions, it’s a very simple and minimalistic desktop app and it absolutely warms my heart.

The last few days have been so cold (and I can’t stand the cold), so all I’ve been wanting to do is curl up in bed and rewatch Merlin, a show I used to like back in 2008 (where has time gone???). But today I’m forcing myself to get up and pick up the textbooks.

Wish me luck!

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fri, 27 nov.

i’m sorry i’m not uploading images of my studying, all of my work is on my laptop and it’s difficult to get a good picture of the screen. so here is a picture from my window instead.

i’m currently in self-isolation so that i can go home for christmas. to be honest, it’s like i’ve been in self-isolation the entire time i’ve been here, so i’m not finding it to be a huge struggle! i’m hoping to go home on the 6th of december. i’m looking forward to being able to eat properly again (we’ve already planned a kfc feast for when i go back). i’ll also be at home for my birthday, which i’m relieved about.

i have a busy next few weeks. i’ve been sorting out some personal issues and now things are moving forward. i’m stressed about the sudden load, but it will be beneficial in the future.

i’m planning on working on my ‘understanding crime’ article review tomorrow, let’s hope demotivation doesn’t creep in while i’m at it, clock’s-a tickin’!

as always, i hope you are all happy and safe.

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26.11.2020 // birthday countdown - 5 days

today was my first time using instagram stories and i can feel myself getting addicted to editing. i have a phone interview tomorrow so hopefully it’ll go well!

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25.11.2020 // birthday countdown - 6 days

asksjx i forgot to post yesterday… consistency not found. i was preparing for a student society instagram takeover and got carried away bc it’s my first time using stories loool.

i changed my language settings to japanese which is my main target language so while i can understand most of it, i was worried i’d press the wrong button. (side note: living alone has taught me how to make falafel w/o a deep fryer)

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