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adhddissertation · 5 hours ago
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Sitting down with a green smoothie and my beloved zz plant to start my data analysis
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feeslechant · 2 days ago
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Dia 11 de agosto de 2022
5 folhas, frente e verso. Tudo isso possuindo apenas em seu conteúdo a História do Cinema Brasileiro. Com anotações dês de 1898 até os anos 2000. Levei 4 dias para conseguir terminar, essas 5 folhas frente e verso.
A parte de chanchada e pornochanchada foi a mais difícil para mim encontrar. Mas no final de tudo a gente consegue.
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Essa primeira semana de estudo na minha faculdade foi muito bom, consegui consolidar algumas amizades e estou bastante animada com a continuação desses meus estudos.
Devo confessar que fiquei com medo de não conseguir ser o suficiente, fazer tudo ficar ruim e ser uma aluna pior que mediana, ruim mesmo. Mas não é isso que somos quando estamos começando? ruins? Até agora nunca peguei em uma câmera de cinema, nunca fui em um estúdio, e em toda a minha vida, nunca, fazia ideia de como era um programa de tv realmente ao vivo (eu estando ali, de corpo e alma).
Se eu nunca fiz como vou saber fazer? é necessário errar para poder aprender a acertar.
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Enquanto estamos aprendendo podemos errar da maneira mais maravilhosa possível.
— Luciana Ferraz de Sá. Universidade de Cinema.
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ohthehumanities · 2 days ago
11 August 2022
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[Image description: A book wrapped in plastic wrap and titled "Memento Mori" is on a gray bookshelf. The cover is navy. A border around the inside of the cover and the title are red. A drawing of a crown, a skull, a scepter, a necklace, an axe, and a pile of sticks on a table is also red. End ID.]
Currently reading: Brant Pitre, Jesus and the Jewish Roots of the Eucharist: Unlocking the Secrets of the Last Supper
Currently listening: "Everything Is Awesome" by Tegan and Sara
I start school in just over two weeks! So excited to nerd out in my theology classes. In the meantime, I have been kept busy with work, and some personal drama.
To Do
Finish Jesus and the Jewish Roots of the Eucharist
[X] Duolingo (Spanish -> Life -> Level 3 to Level 5)
[X] Theology (Augustine Institute Short Courses -> Eucharist in the Bible -> Session 4)
Universal Class Precalculus (Polynomials and Rational Functions II)
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aelstudies · 18 days ago
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I got a very bright study room for this afternoon. I have a meeting with my advisor later, so I booked a room in order to be able to talk and not disturb anyone.
We’ll be talking about my last paper of my BA Thesis. I kind of can’t believe I made it this far. I’m really proud of myself. I’m hoping to end on a strong note with the best mark yet.
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mossy-heart · a month ago
studyblr update
i spent most of the pandemic freaking out about the future (should i change fields? should i go to grad school? etc)
in march i got a temp job at a park system (which i didn’t think i was qualified for without getting a degree). this week i got my boss’ job after she left and they’re going to pay my tuition for grad school.
i’m so beyond relieved to have left the art field & i’m ready to have art just be a for-fun thing again.
it’s weird to have a “grown-up” job in an unfamiliar field, but i’m excited to be here!
so on that note, this blog may become a little more studyblr oriented soon as i pursue a grad degree in either biology or environmental studies!
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irinnelum · a month ago
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последний день конференции.
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mxflyairx · a month ago
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socioblogist · 2 months ago
| Summer 2022 Thesis Mayhem | Day 2
Catsitting and reading. Still sleepy but also filled with frustration and some sort of hope when delving deeper into history and current state of medicalization of transgender people
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raineinprogress · 2 months ago
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01/06/22 - Hello everyone~
I havent posted in a while (since dec?)
now that we're halfway through the year just thought I'd do a little update on what I've been up to~
I took a break after uni for around 2.5 months and just been loafing around -- I deserved it lol -- after that I went straight into job hunting, which was not fun, but I did receive an offer for a grad dev position but no contract yet so fingers crossed. (I'm still applying to everything I see while its not official yet.)
As of late, I'm trying to get into reading again. I've unearthed my kindle and since i havent opened it in so long all my books was just wiped :/
Also I've been eating my weight in food but that's not anything new
I've started baking as well~~
Thanks for all the well wishes and congratulations for my graduation!!
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wellexecuted · 2 months ago
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A guide to thesis writing, from a master's student
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adhddissertation · a day ago
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It's Saturday and I'm back in the library trying to figure out what the next step for my dissertation is (and hiding from the heat - the library has air con!)
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jennyyyeeettt · 2 months ago
I have an exam tomorrow!!!
(ignore me, Its just a stupid/fun thing I'm doing)
I'm not prepared at all but, I think I could cram it today. so I'm posting about it just to see if I'm ACTUALLY capable of doing it or if Imma make a clown out of myself :>
so this is my motivation to work
I have 9 pdfs to study its 7:00 pm aaannnnddddd Imma start rn :)
I will use this to study (Imma add other links if I used something else /// I used the ones on the top and bottom too and they are a better choice for me than the one in the middle ngl specially at evening/night? )
Edit - finished 5 pdfs out of 9, not bad i think
UPDATE : It went better than I expected, I hope I'd pass.
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ohthehumanities · 22 days ago
22 July 2022
🎵 Currently Listening: "I Want the World to Stop" by Belle and Sebastian
📚 Currently Reading: Way too many books for my own good (among them Woolf's Orlando)
30 Days of Productivity
Day 13: Do you prefer the city or the country? Why?
If we're just talking preferences and not needs, I prefer the country because I need the fresh air and the slower pace.
Today's Tasks
[X] Exercise (morning yoga)
Exercise (lift)
[X] Duolingo (Spanish -> People -> Level 5 to Legendary)
[X] Read Orlando
Read at least one chapter of Jesus and the Jewish Roots of the Eucharist
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aelstudies · a month ago
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I got some hard news on Monday. I’ll have to take an extra year of my undergraduate degree. I am disappointed that things aren’t going to happen on the timeline I had envisioned, and sad that I won’t be applying to postgrad programs this coming year.
However, this gives me the opportunity to improve my (already kind of good) GPA, and to take an extra year of Classical Greek. My student loans and scholarships will also continue for my extra year - which is a blessing.
Overall, I know it’s not the end of the world. I am still giving myself space to grieve, but trying to focus on the positive. This delay should not impact my masters applications in any way, so I will continue to work hard and try my best.
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the-working-student · 3 months ago
Oh Boy
Hello! It's been awhile since I've posted, but let me get you caught up:
Survived my first semester of Uni, with my last final for my college math prep being today. Reviewing for it whilst at work to make myself look busy along with an 8 hour study with me.
Finished my Geology class with an 82% and got an 84% on the actual final. Did a paper for that class that received a 100%!
Finished my final for American History 1877 to present. Not sure how I did, have to complete a document reading before tomorrow night, will have to do it after dinner and that math final.
Enrolled in a summer math class, waiting to see when the cost of that is due so that I can email my grandmother about that.
Enrolled in my fall classes. Taking 12 credits instead of 7, so that by the end of the year I will be 22 credits into my degree and am super excited about that.
All in all, it's been a great start to Uni and I can't wait to see where this goes.
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ericalagu · 3 months ago
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"No need to hurry. No need to sparkle. No need to be anybody but oneself." - Virginia Woolf
02/05/2022, Monday.
Here I am, after 10 months... A lot has happened! I stopped posting last Summer, waiting the new academical year to start. The first semester has been tough! I was worried about my health, my grandmother died and my parked car got involved in a car accident and ended up completely destroyed. I developed an anxiety problem. Psychologically I was overwhelmed, I had burnout before Christmas! 🎄
University had the lowest priority, I took a break.
Recovery started slowly on January, the process is long. I am a work in progress! I still study, but I have to be careful on the work-fun balance. Sometimes I still have panic attacks 😱
I am currently studying for may last exam (can't wait to be done with it!), trying to be gentle with myself. I am supposed to begin my master traineeship in a few weeks in the same research group I was in for the undergrad thesis.
To be honest, I just want to do something other than study and I need to be out of the house. Be at home, day after day is just exhausting!
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julesstarot · 3 months ago
Uni students:
Quick reminder: you are not your grades. You are a whole person made up of all of your complexities, experiences, and memories, and more. Your grades are such a small part of that. For all of you studying for finals like me, study hard, I believe in you, remember to rest, remember to forgive yourself. Your best is all you can do. You are loved.
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