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#unless he's flying
ohmygodwerebackagain · 7 days ago
9-1-1verse Locations
Hi all! I wanted to compile what we know of the locations frequented in 9-1-1 in a visual manner to give us a better sense of where characters live in relation to each other and the firehouse (more on that later). 
First and foremost, I could not have done this without @monsterfuckerdiaz and @liesoverthec - their invaluable research made this possible.
Here is a visual snapshot of where Chim/Maddie, Eddie, Bobby/Athena, and Buck reside:
Tumblr media
Disclaimer: Some distances and times are approximations (~) based on neighborhood and traffic. This is LA so a mile can take 30 minutes depending on time of day or location (side eyeing Buck’s loft in Downtown LA).
Observations and analysis under the cut.
Hen/Karen - As you can see there is no discernable address for them, so using my powers of deduction, I’ve concluded that their house must be in the pink quadrant highlighted on the map. They obviously live in a residential area and more likely than not, near Athena. 
Station 118 - This address was another shot at my powers of deduction. Based on everyone’s locations + calls they take (typically residential, but also in downtown LA) it seems this location fits the bill. In real life, this is Station 26 - 2009 S Western Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90018 and when you look at pictures from the outside, could be Station 118 was modeled after it. 
Chimney/Maddie - Their address is: 2385 S Orlando Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90035, Apt. 2B. There is a North Orlando and a South, but based off what we saw of the outside in 5x04, South Orlando seems like the more plausible address. 
Madney live 20-25 minutes from the Firehouse [ 4.5 miles ]. There is another station closer to their apartment (about 10 minutes) but it makes sense it is not the 118, because in Breaking Point when considering a home birth, Chim mentions the closest firehouse but doesn’t address it as the 118. 
In relation to everyone else, Madney live:
8-10 minutes from Eddie [ 1.8 miles ]
~20-25 minutes from Bathena [ ~3.3 miles ]
~30-35 minutes from Buck [ ~6.1 miles ]
Bobby/Athena - Their neighborhood is on: Fallsgrove St, Los Angeles, CA 90016. This is in the middle of a residential neighborhood. What is interesting is that it’s just west of Crenshaw, which Athena has referenced as being familiar with in 2x01. 
Bobby lives 20-25 minutes from the Firehouse [ ~4.6 miles ]. We don’t really have an address of where he lived before, but since he moved in with Athena, my guess is that it put him further away. To put it in perspective, it seems like the Police Station Athena would work at is 6 minutes away, unless she works at the LAPD Headquarters which is in Downtown LA, about 30 minutes away. 
In relation to everyone else, Bathena live:
~10-15 minutes from Eddie [ ~2.2 miles ]
~15-20 minutes from Madney [ ~3.3 miles ]
~20-25 minutes from Buck [ ~7.4 miles]
Eddie - Based on the show his address is: 4995 S Bedford St, Los Angeles, CA 90034, Apt.403. I say based on the show, because when looking at street view on Google Maps, S Bedford makes sense, but not the house number. They probably just changed it for the show. Reyneir Park is right down the street from his house.
Eddie lives about 15-20 minutes from the Firehouse [ 5.2 miles ]. The same firehouse I referenced for Chimney is 10-15 minutes away from Eddie. Not sure if we can assume this would be the infamous Station 6 or, Station 126 since they are the closest to the Santa Monica Pier and would’ve responded to the emergency prior to the Tsunami in 3x02. 
In relation to everyone else, Eddie lives:
8-10 minutes from Madney [ 1.8 miles ]
~10-15 minutes from Bathena [ ~2.4 miles ]
~20-25 minutes from Buck [ ~7.2 miles ]
Buck - The neighborhood we have for Buck is on: W 7th St, Los Angeles, CA. This obviously puts Buck’s loft downtown in Westlake and based off the overview we saw in 5x04, the point on the map best represents that. A couple of observations specifically for Buck:
He lives the furthest away from everyone. It’s heartbreaking to think, when seen visually, that his distance is a representation of how he feels like he’s not a part of a family. Of course, he could’ve just picked a bachelor pad in Downtown for aesthetics sake, but considering when he rented it - midway through season 2 while with Ali - I think it best represents where he was mentally in relation to the rest of the Firefam. Or, he may have wanted to just be near the only family that he had, which is Maddie. 
Brings me to my next point, prior to Maddie moving in with Chim, she could’ve lived closer to Buck considering the Dispatch Center is in Glendale and about 20 minutes from that general area. At the moment, where she lives, she has the longest commute out of everyone, about 45 minutes. 
Buck lives about 10-15 minutes from the Firehouse [ ~3.4 miles ]
In relation to everyone else, Buck lives: 
~20-25 minutes from Eddie [ ~7.5 miles ]
~20-25 minutes from Bathena [ ~7.2 miles]
~30-35 minutes from Madney [ ~6.1 miles ]
So there you have it! If we ever find Hen and Karen’s house/neighborhood, I’ll come back and update this. For now though, I hope this proves helpful. 
@iamcatchingteardropsinmyhands @hmslusitania @kitkatpancakestack @evaneddie @evcndiaz @translucent-bisexual @eddiediaz-buckley @diazchristopher @ghostdiaz @werewolfdiaz @whattarush @ktinaj @monsterfuckerdiaz​ @liesoverthec​ @reallysmartladymariecurie​
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readinginthereadyroom · 7 months ago
it’s sympathy for the devil (spn 5x01) and cas carves enochian sigils onto sam and dean’s ribs. and it’s also good god, y’all (spn 5x02) and dean gets x-rays of them. glamour shots.  to hide them from the angels.
Tumblr media
and I think it’s only fair to assume that bobby gets them at some point as well.
but now that the winchesters are invisible to angel radar, cas has to start carrying a cell phone. and the angels have to resort to human informants to track and locate them.
but the thing that’s seems to escape everyone’s notice is baby. the impala is a very distinctive car—and would get them noticed just as easily.
so my headcanon is that when dean and cas are partnering together in free to be you and me (spn 5x03), dean pulls into a roadside park. or an abandoned gas station. or the side of a dirt road. and takes out his toolkit, the car jack, and the x-rays. pulls cas into the grass or gravel or asphalt and has him help angel-proof the car.
they spend the afternoon that way. shoulder to shoulder on the ground. dean shows cas some basic car maintenance, intersperses it with stories of his childhood—him and sam carving their initials in the impala’s floorboards. painting the devil trap on the lid of the trunk. and lining her frame with pvc-enclosed salt (so she doesn’t rust).
and of course how he got john to buy her back in 1976.
castiel listens. smiles at dean’s stories. carefully draws the angel sigils—monumentally aware of the privilege he is being granted.
because dean is showing him his home. his heart. his secrets.
and eventually, in the safe recess under baby’s chassis—cas a comforting presense beside him—dean talks about taking a crowbar to baby’s windows. his rage at being alive. his rage at john. at so-called destiny.
because hey, lookit that, sammy did go darkside after all. took a few decades in the pit and an apocalypse but he sees now that john was right.
cas staunchly disagrees. his gravelly voice is resonant in the small space between them. he emphasizes how dean chose the impala. how he convinced john to buy her instead of the vw bus. making the impala dean’s car. always his car. john was just borrowing it while he grew up.
and dean was the one who rebuilt her. he chose to do that. to invest the time and energy—his love and his hate, his grief and his happiness—to fix all the cracks in her chassis.
dean’s responding smile lights up something in cas. some feeling that is yet unnameable. it lodges in the center of his vessel’s chest, like grace. but it’s not cool blue harmony. it’s warmth. sunshine. bright and blinding like lightning.
so when the enochian sigils are complete. when baby is invisible to angel radar. cas adds a single symbol. paints it with a flourish and imbues it with his grace. it glows an ethereal blue.
it’s his capital N name. so he’ll always be able to find them. the winchesters. sam and dean. his family. dean grins and paints two little wings to each side of the sigil. guess this is your home now, too, cas.
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mangopickled · 29 days ago
Why don’t you like Matt? I know literally nothing about him
created & starred in two shows where he and his costar (david walliams) did blackface and brownface and were also generally offensive in other ways (I haven’t watched them but I’ve heard they were also super offensive in their portrayal of disabled people). google matt lucas come fly with me (warning for blackface in the image results) & matt lucas little britain for more info. also on a personal note I remember being in like year 5 and having kids make jokes about taaj from CFWM and like imitating him and I literally didn’t even know what the show was or what was going on, I just had the vague idea I was being made fun of in some way only to find out years later it was bc of matt lucas in brownface. so yeah fuck that guy I hate him so much.
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invictarre · a month ago
Tumblr media
                     ❝  Perhaps if people never decided to side with such a heinous group of criminals, they wouldn’t have the issue of trying to run away or hide from them once they realised what a stupid mistake they’d made. An unfortunate situation, I’m sure, but one entirely of their own making.  ❞
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anxiousbabybirdb · 2 months ago
Tendou would ask Ushijima what he got me as a push present when I’m almost due with our first child and Ushijima is like, “What’s that?” And then Tendou would explain how some men buy their wives big presents before giving birth because it can be such a traumatic thing and while you’re both getting baby gifts, the push present is something that’s just for you from your husband. That’s how I end up with an Audi R8 at 8 1/2 months pregnant 🤣
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belladonnathyme · a year ago
...Starting to get the feeling that Oscar is gonna get kidnapped within the first two eps of the volume. There’s a shot in the trailer of that dragon grimm going after JOYR, and the shot with them on the bikes driving away from atlas doesn’t have Oscar in it. I have concerns.
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bakugotrashpanda · a month ago
I have come to the realization that Hawks is exactly one (1) inch taller than me.
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razputin · 29 days ago
wait this also means bob and helmuts wedding wasnt technically legal if pn2 takes place around 2005
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theyarebothgunshot · 3 months ago
Ok but what if Misha went to Denver w the rv stayed a few days and then flew to Canada to meet w Jensen so they could go back together and then they all will have a family trip (pls i would die) it’s plausible bc summer LET ME DREAM
good for them if thats the case <3
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communist-wilbur · 10 months ago
Tumblr media
[ID: A pen and marker drawing of the character Quackity drawn from the torso up. His body is faced away from the viewer and his face is turned to the left so that you can see the side of his face. He has a blank expression and his eye is obscured by his hair. He has a beanie on over his hair that hides most of it and is wearing a black jacket with white highlights. From his back there are two short wings that are extended out to either side of him. His wings are cut jaggedly at the ends of the primary and secondary feathers, blood dripping from some of the feathers. Surrounding him on all sides, there is solid red color with spiked edges facing towards him. / End ID]
so. quackity can't fly but it's not because his wings are too short
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theheadlessgroom · 3 months ago
“Y-You’re very welcome, E-Emily.”
Randall was very glad to see Emily eat-he could tell she lacked an appetite (and, in all honesty, he did too to some degree, still feeling disgusted by Nicholas’s rotten acting, both during filming and in front of the press), but was glad to see her get a little food down, just as he did. If there was one thing his mother had taught him, it was that while one’s work may be rotten, it’s even worse on an empty stomach, and so he pushed himself to eat his sandwich and drink a little Coke, the taste helping to combat the revulsion he still felt.
As they ate, he tried to take her mind off of things by telling her jokes and stories, whatever came to mind, really: Odd and memorable things he remembered seeing while growing up in New Orleans, funny things he’d seen around Hollywood since he arrived there, little interesting incidents that happened during his trip from Louisiana to California, all sorts of small stories that he hoped entertained her, hoped took her mind off her woes, at least for a little while.
He was just about to tell her the joke about the Irishman and the Englishman in the bakery when Emily laid her perfect head on his shoulder, flaxen locks spilling down his shoulder like a waterfall of gold. His heart skipped a beat, and he forgot all about the joke as he smiled softly, shyly taking her hand in his as they sat together, so close to one another. 
No words were needed now; everything they wanted to say was said simply by how they sat together, fingers laced together like two puzzle pieces that fit so perfectly. It was so simple, and yet it spoke volumes, speaking for him better than any sentence he could’ve strung together in that very moment. In that moment, he understand, and although it made his cheeks burn something fierce, he smiled nonetheless. 
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yumoirail · a year ago
(2) Revali/Mipha Au
"Can you believe? I gave him the greatest opportunity to see my amazing skills on display and nothing! Not even a clap! He didn't even batted an eye!"
Revali slumped against the rock Mipha was sitting, groaning in annoyance. The princess zora giggled at his dramatic antics, which worsened when she catched his glare, making her laugh louder. Mipha softened her gaze, her hand petting his feathered crest kindly; the rito stiffened at the contact, but soon after purred lowly at the affection.
"Revali, you have to understand you won't always gauge a reaction out of anyone you present yourself to." Her legs were swinging slightly, barely grazing the rito's shoulder. Even after her hand left his head he had no intention on moving away. Mipha hummed in thought. "Perhaps you should try and be more patient towards him next time."
He rolled his eyes at the suggestion and scoffed, straightening immediatly.
"How dare you believe he deserves my time spend on him!" He began pacing in front of her, his loud indignant voice lowering to non-stop muttering with his arms on his back.
Mipha didn't catch half of what he was saying, but she knew by then how dramatic he could get when his pride was hurt so she let him be.
It seemed since the first meeting, Revali had something against the hylian champion and she couldn't tell why. She knows the rito respects and speaks no ill about the princess since he recognizes her struggles and the will to do better, something that is well appreciatted among ritos. But the mystery remains on the despise he holds for Link.
'Link', she thought, her heart fluttering. 'I wonder how you're doing.’
It has been quite the time since she last saw him, and was missing him terribly. She knew he was coming the next month or so as the appointed knight of the princess since herself and the chief from Kakariko village were keeping track of the progress each of the champions had with their divine beasts.
The king allowed it with the possibility of his daughter to finally awaken her sealed powers with the magic the divine beasts possesed from the goddess herself.
'The king doesn't have to know is ancient technology, not magic.' she thought grimly. This was an escapade for princess Zelda from her tiring training and duties, and the champions silently agreed to keep it as a secret from the king so she could have a little freedom.
"Are you even listening?"
‘‘Oh! I’m sorry.’‘ Revali was glaring at her and huffed indignant. 
‘‘And here I am pouring my thoughts on you and you dare to ignore me!’‘ he gave a tight laugh. ‘‘After all the trouble of coming here I did not expect for you to turn away the helpless like this.’‘
Mipha stiffed a laugh of her own and covered up with a cough. 
‘‘Oh, forgive me, Master Revali.’‘ she bowed slightly, a hand on top of her heart. ‘‘ My fault for not taking advantage of this opportunity at your presence. Oh, master, what should I do to earn your forgiviness?"
Mipha knew she was on thin layer when she dared to mock the title earned by his village, but she couldn't help it. Pestering Revali was one of her highlights since meeting the rito, and she knew when to step off when her words get too far.
"Oh, now I'm master Revali?" He asked, raising a brow. His voice held no venom so that was a good sign. "Hmp, well deserved if you ask me." He hesistated a moment before continuing. "But if you insist on this...nonsense of apology, the only way I will accept is if you bring me that delicious gourmet food you gave me on my last visit."
Mipha blinked, puzzled, trying to remember what he was refering to.
"The Salmon Meunière?" She asked.
Revali nodded eagerly to her amusement.
"If you bring it for today's dinner, I'll gladly accept your apology."
"I don't think I can do that, though. As much as I would like to 'earn' your forgiviness, we can't afford to catch a Hearty Salmon because those fishes don't live in our waters. I'd need to arrange a trade with the nearby villages outside the domain."
The rito slumped again against the rock like minutes ago, sighing tragically. He covered half of his face with his right hand, watching the zora princess under the last rays of the sunset, casting a soft glow around her frame.
At the sudden thought he groaned, his feathers puffing in embarrasment. With his left hand he smoothened them before she could notice.
"I thought you had any kind of fish here in your kingdom." He grumbled, feeling his face slightly hot.
"Not everyone has everything that easily." She answered with a sigh. "Last time I had the knowledge you were coming to visit beforehand, so I had time to make preparations for your arrival."
His heart beated harder at the sudden question popping on his head. Gulping his nerves, he dared to ask.
"D-did, did you get the Hearty Salmon just because I was coming?"
Curse his stutter. He couldn't feel more embarrassed at his despair of finding an answer to give him hopes.
'Hopes to what?'
"Of course, Revali."
When his eyes met hers, he swore to the goddess above his heart was about to leap out of his chest. Her sweet and kind smile, and her eyes holding undescriptable affection overwhelemed him.
She opened her mouth to keep talking, but a sudden shout startled both of them, turning around to see a tiny zora running up to them.
The young zora almost tripped on his own tail before gaining balance again and waving his hand towards Mipha.
"Big sis! I did it!" the young one shouted, his smile bright and wide.
Although he stopped just before getting to her, noticing the presence of Revali standing there, watching him with surprise in his eyes.
Feeling intimidated, he took a step backwards, glancing back and forth between his big sister and the weird bird, silently asking for help in this situation.
Sensing the stress of her little brother, Mipha took her trident in hand and made a motion to step down the rock.
"Allow me."
Revali's wings wrapped gently around her waist, gripping her firmly yet with gentleness. His hands lingered on her form even after her feet touched the ground, but if Mipha noticed she didn't say a thing.
"Come here, Sidon. There's nothing to fear." She kneeled, opening her arms. Sidon hesitated for a moment, glanced at Revali one more time before taking a run towards the embrace of her sister.
"Who is he?" He asked once feeling safer between her arms.
Revali glared at the young zora, the prince, offended. Has Mipha never spoken about him before?
"Oh!" Sidon opened his eyes wide, escaning his from head to toe. Being under his stare was making him nervous. "Is he your fiancé?"
Revali zeroed at that, his eyes wide with surprise and mouth agape at the unexpected question. He watched Mipha froze too, her cheeks tinted in blue from the blush.
"No, Sidon. He is a trusted friend of mine." She replied calmly, rubbing his head lovingly.
Sidon hummed, his golden eyes never leaving Revali.
‘‘Can you fly?’‘ 
‘‘Well, obviously. I’m a rito after all, and the best there is!’‘ he boasted proudly, extending his wings. On a quick motion, he activated his gale, elevating him through the sky to show off his skills, twirling in the air gracefully.
Sidon woed at that, his eyes shining in wonder.
‘‘I like him!’‘ Sidon stated, jumping excitedly, watching him land in front of them. Mipha smiled at that. ‘‘Can he stay forever? I want to learn how to fly too!’‘
‘‘Dear, you need to learn how to swim up waters before that. Perhaps... flying could be another lesson for the future.’‘ She lied, petting his head. Sidon pouted at that.
‘’I’ll make sure you become the best flying zora out there, prince. No one will match your speed!’‘ Revali declared, crossing his arms on his back with a smirk on his face. ‘’Perhaps you will outdo me, but we will have to see.’’
Sidon inmediatly cheered, jumping onto Revali’s leg excitedly, giggling at the rito’s reaction of the sudden attachment. 
‘’Thank you.’‘ Mipha mouthed, smiling. Revali’s heart jumped, puffing out his chest proudly. 
‘‘Go on, prince, you were going to speak to your sister when you arrived. Please let go of my leg.’‘
To his relief, Sidon detached himself from the rito at the reminder and went to Mipha, speaking loudly about his improvement swimming up a waterfall.
The princess zora was listening to him carefully, her smile proud and wide for the accomplishments of her little brother.
Revali felt his heart warming, gazing softly at the way Mipha laughed at something Sidon had said. Their eyes meet briefly, and the rito champion realized with dread what was bothering him for so long. 
‘Love.’  was the only thing in mind when he thought of Mipha.
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wanderingchocolateeclair · 5 months ago
Edgeshot would be doing a stealth mission in a glitterly long black dress with that cut in the dress (I'll find a reference later) because Ryukyu blackmailed him into doing it or another thing before it and he didn't have time to change.
YES! Camila!! Definitely!!!
I have SO MANY headcanons and imagery for disguise missions and stealth missions and I have whole entire scenarios with specific pros as well!!!!
And aaaaaaaaaaaahhh I wanna ramble about them ohhhhh I really do- stealth and disguise mission headcanons yes yes.
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