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#unless you directly talk to me i will not talk
willowfolksong · 2 days ago
Hi, can I request Iwaizumi + falling for his next door neighbor with fem reader?
the wrong right door
- Iwaizumi Hajime x Reader
a/n: hi @xxsilverwingxx !!! I loved your request sooooo much and I had so much fun writing it too!!! I really hope you enjoy it, and that you have a lovely time reading it, but if you want anything changed, just let me know! thank you for requesting dear! ❤❤
Willow 🍂
Requests are open! 🍂
Tumblr media
In your defense, who has his door unlocked at 10 p.m?
Iwaizumi stares intently at you, arms crossed over his chest, while you slowly put your shoes on and slip your jacket over your shoulders. You try your best to avoid his eyes when you talk, embarrassment coating your every word.
"So... ahm... yeah" you stutter, scratching your neck "Listen, I'm really sorry..."
"It's fine"
"It's not" you sigh, because you're still tired and now you're also dying of shame "I came into your apartment in the middle of the night and went to sleep on your bed"
Iwaizumi gulps, and you try not to pay attention at how his throat goes up and down because this man, this man is kind of hot. "Yeah, I know"
"I'm sorry"
"It's fine"
"It won't... it won't happen again. I swear" you reasure him, and he nods curtly, trailing behind you as you exit the bedroom, your steps unsure.
You sharply turn around when you're at the door, trying to give him your best apologetically smile "Anyway... it was very nice to meet you!"
Iwaizumi blinks and then clears his throat "Well, yeah. Thanks"
"And... ahm... comfy bed!"
You wait until you're behind your appartment walls to muffle your embarrased squeals in your hands.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
You've lived in that appartment for a year already, and not once you had crossed paths with Iwaizumi Hajime. You knew some athlete lived in the appartment directly in front of yours— thanks to the typical nosy neighbor that is always around when you move in, making sure to give fill you on every detail you need and don't need about everyone else in the building—, but didn't knew his face or his voice or how hot he was.
And you certainly didn't had in your plans to return utterly broken from work one night, mind clouded and eyes heavy with sleep, only to end up opening his door instead of yours and going directly for his bed, not even bothering to take off your dirty clothes.
The next morning you wake up feeling even worst. He could call the police on you, if he wanted to. You did broke into his house. You open your balcony's door and take a peek at his. Where yours is filled to the brim with plants, his is totally empty.
His door opens all of the sudden, and you go back inside with a yelp, before deciding to steal yourself and take a step outside.
He seems genuinely surprised to see you.
"Good morning!" you chirp, waving at him "I just... really wanted to introduce myself properly"
"Oh" he eyes the cup of coffee he's holding for a moment, and then turns his gaze back towards you again. You kind of have the feeling he would rather drown himself in his coffee than to have a conversation about that "That's alright"
You tell him your name, pushing a lock of hair behind your ear "And you are?"
"Iwaizumi Hajime"
"Right! So yeah, nice to meet you! Again..." you trail off, chuckling "I usually do this first before jumping in bed with a guy, but I guess we're pass that"
Iwaizumi blushes, bringing his cup up to take a long gulp of his morning coffee "Yeah... I bet"
"Not that I'm thinking about jumping into bed with you! Again, that is"
You keep the 'Unless you ask me because you're definitely hot' for yourself, because you've already done enough to make you look bad.
"Anyway... I'm here if you need anything. Don't hesitate in knocking on my door"
"Yeah... you try and do that next time too"
His eyes widen for a slipt of a second, as if he wasn't really planning on making that joke, but you're soon laughing, and he joins with a raspy chuckle of his own.
Your scent lingers on his bed, and he feels like a pervert for burying his nose on the pillow and letting himself be lulled to sleep by your fragrance. He doesn't knows you. You've lived in front of him— and with a balcony literally so close to his that he could jump into yours if he wanted to— for who knows how long, and it's only thanks to discovering you in his bed by mistake that you come into his life.
He takes his pillowcase and his sheets off the bed the next morning, deciding to wash them and put some new ones.
You knock on his door when he's bringing them to the laundry basket.
"Hi!" you greet him, a small flowerpot in your hands "This is for you"
"Ahm... a plant?" he asks, and immediately curses himself for sounding so cold.
"Well, yeah. I just saw that you didn't had any on your balcony, and I think they're a really nice touch" you explain, eyeing the little plant with a smile.
He accepts the flowerpot mainly because he thinks your smile is really cute "Thank you"
"Also, it's like an 'I'm sorry' kind of gift" you add "For... you know. The other day"
He places the plant in a spot where the sun always shines, and close enough to your balcony that you can perfectly see where it is.
You realize you never met him before because he almost doesn't leaves his appartment. You're paying attention now, and you know he's usually inside, except when he goes out to work and for what it looks like a morning jog.
He also puts the blankets and the pillowcase back in the bed.
Tumblr media
You're not spying on him.
You just want to know him better.
The balcony becomes your favorite place.
When he goes out— and you would like to think that he's doing it more thanks to you— you always try to engage in small talk. Of any kind.
"I work with the Japan's National Volleyball Team" he tells you one day, and you open your mouth in shock.
"That's huge"
He shrugs, leaning down against the handrail "It's what I always wanted to do"
"And that makes it even more huge"
He blushes, as easily as he always does, and gives you a sideway glance that only prompts you to ask him more stuff about his work, even if you don't know much about volleyball.
The plant dies.
Of course it does.
Iwaizumi hasn't cared for another human being that's not Oikawa in his life. He's so frustrated and angry with himself, because it was a gift and what will he do when you ask him about it?
You, with your easy smile and your bright eyes and that way you have of making him talk more than what he usually does.
He imagines your crestfallen look at the news, and it's actually surprised to find himself growing even more upset.
"It's definitely my fault" he says, after finally working up the courage to tell you. He's been waiting around his door for a while, for your footsteps on the other side that signal your return from work "I never looked after a plant before"
"It's alright! Really, it is" you say, trying to comfort him "Maybe I should have given you a cactus. They're much more easier to take care of"
"Yeah, probably"
You both fall quiet, and he soon finds himself wishing to spend more time with you. He searches your face. You look tired.
And you're still wearing that perfume.
"So, I guess..."
"Do you want to have some coffee?" he rushes to offer you "I can hand the cup to you over the balcony"
"You know what? I think I would love that"
It becomes a tradition. He waits for you after work, with a steaming cup of coffee that he hands you from his balcony, and you lean against the handrail and simply talk about your day, about the stuff that you did.
You learn that his bestfriend is abroad, playing for the Argentina's National Volleybal Team, and that he probably misses him more than what he lets on. You also discover that he blushes a lot, and that he always nods while listening to you, and that he scratches behind his neck and opts for not looking you in the eyes when he's embarrased.
"I think I admire you a lot" you say one day out of the blue, and he stops talking, his eyes snapping back to you.
"You do?"
"How could I not? You're on the right track to reach your dreams. You'll probably be in the Olympics very soon too"
"It hasn't been easy" he says, his cheeks flushed pink all the way up to his ears.
"Well, you know what they say. Good things never are"
You were wrong, because Iwaizumi thinks that falling for you is one of the easiest things he's done in his life. He has a special cup set aside for you and your coffee moments, and he comes out into the balcony more now, because it's summer and you've started to leave your door open. He changes the sheets only when the smell fades, but he can easily recognize your perfume down the hallway now anyway, when you leave for work only a few minutes after he returns from his morning jog.
He's late that night, and you almost think he wont come to offer you your usual cup of hot beverage when he sudenly bursts his door open, stepping outside with a frown.
Tumblr media
"Something wrong?" you ask, but he shakes his head.
"No, nothing wrong"
"Had a bad day?"
He pauses, outstretched arm in the air, steaming cup of coffee in it. You drop your hand down and go to speak again, but he beats you to it.
"I want to tell you something" he says, and bends down to leave both cups on the floor "It's important"
"Alright?" you arch an eyebrow at him "What is it?"
"I think I really like you" he blurts out, hands shooting forward to grab the handrail "No, I don't think so. I know I am"
"You... like me?"
"Yes" he confirms, eyes searching your face "I do. A lot"
"But I broke in your apartment and slept in your bed by mistake"
He chuckles, and it's such a delicious sound that you can't help but smile at him "Yeah, that's probably the reason why I started liking you in the first place"
You can see a handful of stars behind his head, now that the sun is down and the night is breaking through. It's rare, to see them so close to the city.
You take it as a good sign.
"I think I like you too, neighbor"
He sighs, visibly relieved, and passes a hand though his hair before putting all his weight in his arms "Step back" he commands you, and you have little time to think about what he's planning to do before he jumps to your balcony, both cups forgotten behind.
You laugh in disbelief "Well... hi"
Your arms go up to rest on his shoulders, and even tho he's so red he looks like he could explode, he stills brings his head down to bury his nose on your neck, inhaling deeply. You let fingers play between his hair.
"Does this mean I can sneak on your bed again?"
Your first kiss tastes like coffee.
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klassicallylyiah · 2 days ago
How I Increased My Confidence to the Point Where I Can’t Stop Looking at Myself in the Mirror!!
1. When I felt bad about myself, I would sit in front of a folded mirror in the dark for 5-10 minutes at a time. I felt so self conscious about my reflection staring at me from 3 angles that I felt exposed. I realized it’s not me who feels bad about myself, it’s the others who feel negatively about themselves to the point that they’re inflicting their self hatred on me!
My mood and self esteem level changed instantly! I couldn’t believe it. From middle school to my junior year in high school, I didn’t hate myself, it was other’s energy!
2. Don’t ever care about the negative comments or backhanded compliments others say to you directly/indirectly. Literally, ignore it unless you’re being threatened. I laugh at anything anyone says at me. At the same time, don’t allow anyone to talk about you and you take it.
“If they can dish it out, they can take it.”
You’re too pretty to insult yourself and pick out flaws about yourself. You’re too pretty to waste your energy and eyesight on picking out flaws on others. They’re them and you’re you.
3. Unlearn stage fright and the feeling of being cornered. For my graduation practice, I walked in the field in my favorite fitted dress, waist ⌛️⏳ (I had on a waist trainer but no one could tell) and the vintage Louis Vuitton bag I just bought. They people I had issues with kept staring at me to antagonize me or to get me to look down/away but I really, really didn’t care.
My waist captured everyone’s attention and I was going to go have fun afterwards while they rushed to work and gawked at me.
(My graduating class really thought I got my waist done 🤣)
I didn’t appear as and really wasn’t the same meek girl they saw before the pandemic shut everything down. Know that you’re better than whatever others are giving out.
You don’t have to prove anything or have a revenge “‘“glow up’”” on anyone.
4. Never stop learning about how to improve yourself. I discovered femininity when the change happened and it was a life transformation. Wake up earlier and have a healthy drink or meal. Watch makeup tutorials and hacks while walking on the treadmill. Find out your personal style and measurements.
5. Think about your confidence this way. Your self esteem levels are like a dimmer switch. The more you notice how attractive and lovable you are, the higher the switch goes up or more the knob turns. You see your inner & outer beauty even more as the brightness increases.
Now, I’m pretty euphoric and I keep a mirror on my nightstand. I’ve had to hide mirrors from myself and buy more to place in my surroundings!!
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hoshalicious · a day ago
every little touch ↬ choi jongho
even though physical touch isn't his love language, he can't help but feel some type of way every time he's in contact with you.
genre: fluff warnings: mild cursing; lowercase intended. word count: 1,024 part: 1
Tumblr media
"genuine question, so how you feel about y/n?" wooyoung asked jongho.
both of them were hanging out and wanted to have lunch together in the shopping center. jongho sighed and covered his face in embarrassment, he couldn't even help or even stand himself for not being able to function normally whenever you're around.
"well, i-"
as the both of them were having a conversation, you greeted the both of them out of the blue a bit far away and both widen their eyes at you.
"well speak of the devil." wooyoung told jongho before you came over to them. but jongho couldn't help but just stare at you.
"y/n, hey! what brings you here today, are you doing well?"
"hi, yeah, i'm doing fine, thank you! i'm just shopping here with my friend, i'm just waiting for them to finish paying for their things over that store-" you then started to point in which store you mentioned before you continued. "-and i happened to find you guys here. i hope i'm not disturbing your time!"
"oh uh, no you're okay! we were just talking about things that happened the previous week since we usually don't have the time to talk, but we have all day! don't worry!" jongho was internally panicking, but he wanted to really assure you that it was okay.
sometimes jongho wonders if him staring at you makes you uncomfortable but you never seem to have a problem with it. you don't even notice it most of the time unless you're talking to him directly. he genuinely just loves the way you speak to other people and how you're so sweet, especially to him.
"ah, jongho i forgot!" you reach for something in your pocket as you were struggling to get it out. you then grab his hand and guide him to open it as you place the item to his palm. just looking at your hand that's touching his made himself go mentally wild and nervous, he was slightly shaking and hoped that you wouldn't be able to tell. when he realizes that you placed a ring on his hand, he looked up at you as he's just sitting in his chair.
he hesitated for a split second thinking it was you giving a ring to him, but then realized it was his own once he saw the design.
"you accidentally left your ring back in my desk during class today. i remembered you telling me that it was a very important item to you, so i kept it until i saw you again. i saw you looking for it earlier but i didn't have the confidence to give it to you. i should've came up to you-"
"y/n, it's okay! thank you so much!..i appreciate and love you so much." he widened his eyes of what he said and turned to wooyoung in surprise, who which he does the exact same reaction. his heart started pulsating so hard to the point that he could probably feel it on his chest. he couldn't breathe as he looked back at you, until he realized that you were looking in another way.
"ah okay!" you yelled, which jongho turned around and sees that you're talking to your friend who just got out. you turn around to see him, who for some reason looked anxious. "what was that, jongho? i'm so sorry, i didn't catch that-"
"OH, it was nothing, thank you so much for giving me the ring! i really thought i lost it." he slightly chuckles between his words and turned a bit red. wooyoung started chuckling at jongho, in which he started kicking his leg.
"oh my fucking god..." he silently says to himself as he covers his cheeks.
"well, i'll be on my way, so i'll see you guys at school monday, yeah?" you assured them before jongho and wooyoung greeted you goodbye. you turned around to your friend and walked alongside with them. shortly after they no longer see you, wooyoung started to snicker.
"stop laughing." jongho said half-seriously.
"you're a mess, you know that, right?" wooyoung told him.
"wooyoung, do me a big favor and shut up for like a minute. "i appreciate and love you so much" are you fucking kidding me, i really shout that out from my own thoughts, i hate myself."
"for now, just be glad that they didn't hear what you said. imagine if they did, oh my god." his friend assured before jongho covered his face once again and stayed that way for a couple of moments. wooyoung laid back on his chair as he drunk his soda as he just stares at him. he had witnessed jongho's movements for quite sometime, but it has been recently that he has been acting so nervous around you lately.
it was clear to wooyoung how he felt about you now, and he was willing to help you out. you're jongho's first love, and he was proud of him to finally tell him about him falling in love with someone. jongho genuinely didn't think he'd fall for anyone anytime soon, he was always focused on his college work and just never thought about anything else.
"so by observing your movements, you like them, is that right? when did you first realize it?" jongho was slightly looking away from wooyoung, and he didn't even know where to start the explanation. he covered his ears as he sighed.
"um..a couple of weeks? i'm not too sure how to explain it, but they're such a sweetheart to me. always assures me when they think i feel upset in the slightest. i don't even like anyone physically touching me but i feel like..every little touch when they're a bit close to me, i just want that feeling to last for a very long time, you know?"
"like when they touch your hand to give you the ring?"
"exactly. they were so gentle."
"i can't wait to explain this to seonghwa-"
"you better not say this to him i swear to god, you're going to see the light if you ever do because i never let him hug me."
abi; november 30, 2021
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youremykitten · a month ago
btw this is going to out me as a former lurker. but the reason we know george doesnt like the “youre a bad friend” joke is from Thee jimmy jacobs stream, which i hadnt realized. people previously cited it as being from the building mexican lmanberg stream but it is actually from that one. he says that he told q a day before that he didnt like that joke:) an addendum to.. the archives.. if you’ll allow
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mariamfrogless · 3 months ago
HELLO THANKYOU VERY VERY MUCH highkey i forget to actually uh. press buttons on things I enjoy viewing a lot but I am Already Aware You Exist By Instant Recognition Of Your Art Style and very much uno reverse card because! You have Absolutely Lovely and very shiny art that's particularly pleasing for the eye! it's always a delight to see it pop up in the tags
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werewolf4werewolf · 2 months ago
i guess i understand why some artists dont want people to recreate work similar to their own, but personally i really like when people are inspired by my art enough to want to incorporate my style into theirs. it just makes me happy when people want to draw like me
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hecking-cloud · 10 months ago
#vent#tw xenophobia#man I love when people pretend to defend minorities while also being xenophobic-#a dear friend of mine made a good point about a problem our country has#I go snoop around 'cause I'm a curious ass like that#and I see the usual person who just comments to go fuck ourselves because we aint a minority-#while also spewing the usual xenophobic mockings and stereotypes#w o w- what a great way to make a point#racism and xenophobia go hand in hand ya know?#Fuck wish I had the guts to go tell that person off but- agh is best to let them brew in their own dirt#the way they worded their thought tells me is the kind of person that doesnt care unless they're directly affected#arguing with a rock would have more progress than those people#I'm sorry I usually try to keep this stuff to myself but#god I'm sick to be seen as an ignorant stereotype- I'm sick of hating who I was born as because of people like that#And I'm sick of people thinking that the only problems that exist are the one they see trending that day#not saying that problem that trend don't matter! Just- there is more than our eyes see everywhere in the world#some groups- especially of color- have way more problems and hardships than who has pale skin but-#if someone tries to bring up a problem their country has and asks you to stop normalising or romanticing it#you don't tell them to fuck off and ignore them- you either listen or shut up about it if you're not from where they are from#it wasnt even talking about minorities in the first place- it was in general so?? Why would you?? hHHH-#...god I need to breathe..#Gotta step away from the keyboard for a bit#I'm so tired of being dissapointed in humans-#I feel like I could vomit rn oh my god-
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acrostic · a year ago
my mutuals: my dms are always open!!!! 😊😊😊😊😊
my brain: not you
me: not me
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dankusmcdonald · 6 months ago
i need 2 stop vagueing but. it sucks having been in discourse. i see well meaning ppl reblog stuff that i Know is talking about a Specific Instance and it's so wildly out of context and i Know the person who Made the post knows the context but of course the people reblogging it dont. and it doesn't matter at all it's all online the discourse literally does not matter and is not indicative of real outside life but. still hurts to see stuff that was taken out of an invasive line of questioning Years ago used against people today.
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rubberbandballqueen · 2 months ago
i feel like taking the anti-bias education in young children class was a good idea in theory, but now that we’re like a month in it’s kind of like. “oh. yeah. the diversity consideration i learned on tumblr and otherwise this is focused on a younger age group than i anticipated.”
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yoakkemae · 7 months ago
dick is good at forgiving; he’s good at putting things and bad events behind him, pretending like everything’s alright. sometimes, it’s even true -- everything is alright. but, still, when you do something that makes dick lose his trust in you, he never forgets it. it’s there, in the back of his mind, and, sometimes, it makes him a little bit more closed off, a little bit less likely to bend in front of you. if you do it enough times, you’ll still be his friend, you’ll still be his family, but he’ll never trust you with himself ever again. 
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agtmykabering · a year ago
i just think when you’re talking abt politics you have to think abt what your goals are. what’s the endgame. what are your values. and then evaluate what you’re doing and ask if those actions are working to promote those values or not. sitting out an election because neither candidate is ideologically pure (hint: no candidate is, sorry.) isn’t helping your values nearly as much as working to put the candidate in who does believe in your general values and then once they’re in trying to push them more in line with your values.
#what's most frustrating to me is people who seem to believe they're morally superior to me#when the truth is just that they refuse to acknowledge the political reality of this country#you are not better than me because i am working for an imperfect candidate while you work for no one#being upset is fine. being angry is fine. but at the end of the day it doesn't matter unless you put someone in office who WILL listen#if my end game is a green new deal and my choices are a candidate who doesn't believe in climate change#vs one who does but doesnt back the green new deal#i'm still further off getting the one who believes in climate change in office and then doing everything i can once they're in office#to push them to back the green new deal#sitting out is a position of privilege. actively working against candidates for being imperfect is a position of privilege.#in many ways i and people i love are directly impacted by the results of elections both federal and local#im happy for you if you're not! i would love to be in that position#but that is a position of privilege#and if you're really that miffed abt a candidate - find a different election!!#federal politics upsetting you?? volunteer for a state senate race#call your neighbors about your local school board race#but don't post 'these candidates all suck' on social media and think you're doing enough#also to the point on local elections - in my last midterm election's primary i found out only 15% of my county had voted#so that says a couple of things#number one: my vote fucking counted. so did the votes of everyone i talked to and rounded up to vote for my candidates#and number two: the vast majority of people complaining about the candidates are people who chose not to involve themselves in the selection#process#and yes that was a state race. federal elections are different. but the principle still stands.#anyways#vote locally#think about the impact of what you're doing#prioritize getting things accomplished. prioritize actually advancing your values#9 times out of 10 progress is slow and incremental and it is not fun. but it is worth it.#just because it doesn't happen as quickly or in the same ways as you want it to happen#does not mean that it is not worth it#life with sarah
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