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metfell · a day ago
wow i cant believe he came forward and said it
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cleanmydreams · 18 hours ago
For a request (if you'd like) something with paths that disappear into the distance, or into fog perhaps? ☺️💙
i tried, i don't know if this is what you had in mind but i really hope that you like it 💕
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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natalieironside · 9 hours ago
On the upside I do have a great excuse for getting out of social obligations. "Oh, there's a show this weekend? Man, I would love to, but I'm gonna be experiencing a break from reality and battling the demons of my subconscious that day. :( Y'all have fun tho."
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pirateflavor · 2 days ago
I made another weirdcore compilation. In this one I selected some classic images that have not received as much attention as some of the more popular ones seen elsewhere. Also including a couple edits from some friends.
If any creators of the images I credited as ‘unknown’ are here, free to step up and claim your pic.
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NASA: we're building a probe that can withstand the conditions inside Jupiter!
Me: cool
NASA: we're launching the probe now! Can't wait to explore the inside the biggest planet in the solar system!
Me: me too!
NASA: so we found a giant eye and mouth at the center of Jupiter and lost contact with the probe :)
Me: say sike right now
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post-appocalypse-tweets · 18 hours ago
Dni if you were an eye avatar. Nothing against y'all but I hate the idea of you knowing all the shit and keeping it for yourself. Share the knowledge with those of us who didn't get covered in eyes
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hivehoh · a day ago
Do fairies have, like, organised religion?
they’re weirdly invested in the park vending machines, does that count?
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apparently toby fox is making a real life sburb instead of making deltarune chapter three, hopefully preorders can happen soon
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I went to find my friend this morning to ask about the house.
She didn't speak, all day.
This must be a hella good haunted house. I'm gonna get a couple friends and we're checking it out tomorrow.
This is going to be so great, I can already tell. Stay tuned, I'm gonna post when I'm inside.
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amygdalan-arm · a day ago
I got too high this morning and I confused your blog for normal horoscopes and I was wondering what the fuck was going on
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