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meatluvrr · 3 months ago
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“i have loved you. i have had to deal with that.”
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love-wont-save-us-now · 3 months ago
"You can lean on my arm as you break my heart"
— Mitski, I Don't Smoke
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iamstrongallonmyown · 3 months ago
If you don’t love yourself you will always be chasing after people who don’t love you either.
Mandy Hale
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lavendercaffeine · 2 months ago
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— do you even know, that i love loving you?
credits : dodie / nayyirah waheed / taylor swift / ocean vuong / mitski
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darksideofmythougts · 2 months ago
I want you. I want you. I want you. Please let me have a chance with your heart I promise I’ll be gentle with it
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honeypleasejustkillme · 2 months ago
i just want him to love me, why can’t he just love me back
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rinzydingz · 4 months ago
the urge to straddle his lap and make out with him
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theycallmemomo · a year ago
Tumblr media
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thisistheheartspeaking · 4 months ago
Should I move forward or should I wait for a bit more? Well either way it's gonna be painful.
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iwishwewerepenpals · 5 months ago
how do you grieve a love that you never had
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earl-greytea · 5 months ago
Yet I lay here dreaming of you. When I probably never crossed your mind.
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5-puthyyy · 5 months ago
Crusher Series Masterlist
Series Link
Welcome! I've created a masterlist for my series following a Super-Soldier!Reader (aka Crusher) on her quest for love, redemption, and freedom. Hopefully this masterlist will make it easier to follow! I advise you start from the first instalment otherwise the second and the ones to come - that I'm planning to write, I promise - will not make sense. I'll be adding/updating it with every new instalment whenever I begin one! Everyone is welcome and I always try to respond to every comment on my AO3! If you decide to stay, enjoy the ride 😎
Natasha Romanoff x Super-Soldier!Reader
Wanda Maximoff x Super-Soldier!Reader
Love Triangle
HYDRA Captivity/Torture
Graphic Descriptions (Smut, Violence, Murder)
Heavy Angst
wanda soothing reader after her nightmares + reader and natasha watching shows during rainy nights
Instalment One - The Rushmans (Click Here For Link) - STATUS = COMPLETE
'The Rushmans' Summary
Life as a Super-Soldier hasn’t been easy to say the least; while living for over a century has its perks, overcoming the psychological torture you experienced was the hardest thing you’ve ever had to endure. That is, until you fell for Natasha Romanoff. Or Wanda Maximoff. Maybe both. Definitely both.
Your continuous pining over Natasha has you failing mission after mission, while your new-found feelings for Wanda has you questioning years of friendship. Beyond desperate for an escape, you seek out help, but Maria has other plans for you; six months of endless torture with the one woman you can’t have. Little did you know the adventures New Orleans has in store for you…
Instalment Two - Die For You (Click Here For Link) - STATUS = COMPLETE
'Die For You' Summary
Life as Super-Soldier hasn’t been easy to say the least. But life as Natasha Romanoff’s partner-on-the-run? It has its perks in the form of early runs, morning coffees, and nights spent with each other’s names on the other’s lips. That is, until a masked figure crashes into your car, into your life, forcing you out of your hidden home and back into heroism.
Is peace something you will ever have? Is it something you deserve? Will your moment of tranquility be just that; a fleeting, distance memory of a utopian time in your life? The choice is Natasha’s to make…will it be you, or war?
Instalment Three - Undying Love - STATUS = COMING SOON…
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love-wont-save-us-now · 9 months ago
Do you think about me when that song comes on, do you think about me in the dark, do you think about me on my birthday, do you think about me about all?
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iamstrongallonmyown · 3 months ago
If you have to speculate if someone loves you and wants to be with you, chances are they don’t. It’s not that complicated. Don’t waste moments waiting and wondering. Don’t throw away your time dreaming of someone who doesn’t want you. No one is that amazing, and certainly not someone who would pass you up.
Donna Lynn
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retreat-to-your-mood · 6 months ago
Hello! Could you please do a moodboard of a girl that have a crush to a boy but think that the boy doesn't love her back but he actually is? If you don't want to, you could just made an "unrequited love" moodboard ☺️💕 I'm very sorry if this is a bother, hope you have a great day/night! 💖
Hey,no it ain't a bother and sorry for the late response <33
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"I can turn you into poetry,but I cannot make you love me"
Tumblr media
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imsorryisucksomuch · a year ago
They asked what I would be if I could be anything so I said “good enough”.
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honeypleasejustkillme · a month ago
whoever threw you away before my love, they were blind. you’re gorgeous inside and out. you’re kind, caring, accepting, supportive- so many things that i’ve never felt before. you’re like a breath of fresh air, i love being in your presence. you give me life darling, please never take it away.
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rinzydingz · 4 months ago
i feel like the kind of yearning i have isn’t pleasant to view. it’s probably ugly, desperate, and pathetic. i’m relying on a sinking ship to bring me somewhere knowing i’ll only go down with it.
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mochamei · 7 months ago
druig x eternal!reader
Tumblr media
hello i decided i wanted pain and angst but there aren’t nearly enough druig x readers where the love is unreciprocated. so i made an oc and decided to do it myself -- i haven’t figured out a name though, so it could be read as a reader insert LOL
eternals spoilers!! druig x reader/oc; uses she/they pronouns but i used only she for this tiny drabble :)
not edited at ALL i literally wrote it in a rush because it entered my head and decided to publish it LMAO. also i use the word castle but where was that one place with the blue/gold palace in the movie? babylon? idk imagine that; that’s what i mean by “castle” LMFAOOO okay have fun fellas!!
.   .   .
It didn’t strike her like lightning when she realized. 
It was slow, like a gentle wave, until it settled into her stomach with a sincere oh. 
She loved Druig. 
She loved Druig. 
A tentative smile crept onto her face, as her heart began to skip as it did whenever he was near her. Love -- that was a human emotion, and she felt it. She had seen how wonderful love had been for humans, and how happy they were because of it. And she loved her friend, her handsome, wonderful friend and warrior -- Druig. 
I’m going to tell him, she thought suddenly, sitting up from her seat. Phastos paid her no attention as he continued to tinker with his inventions, and she left the Domo in excitement. She was going to tell him, before she could get scared. 
Finally, she had a word for what she had been feeling for so long. They had grown close since they met aboard the Domo, on their way to fulfill their otherworldly mission. They were friends, close friends, and she remembered staring at him for a few lingering seconds when he smiled genuinely at her for the first time. 
Now, she knew why. 
Speak of the very man himself -- Druig was walking through the hallways of the vast castle, the sunlight washing him in a golden glow. Her heart squeezed; he was so beautiful. And hopefully, he would feel the same. 
She bounded down the stairs, nervous excitement coursing through her whole body. She had seen how Ikaris had looked at Sersi -- with love, and now, hopefully, she would do the same--
She stopped suddenly, and her heart squeezed again -- but more painfully, more… 
More heartbreakingly. 
Druig had slowed to pick a lovely, purple flower -- her favorite color -- and was extending it to someone as an offer. 
To Makkari. 
She watched, her breath stuck in her throat as Makkari accepted, and tucked it behind her ear. They laughed together, and the evening sun made them glow. They were beautiful, and they were perfect. 
She watched as Makkari broke away to crouch in front of a child who had wandered their way into the castle unknowingly, and she watched as Druig looked at Makkari with love. 
He watched her every move with adoration and love, a small, content smile on his face. How could he not? Makkari was good and perfect, as was he. And they were good and perfect together, and they were her best friends. 
So she swallowed all the nervous, hopeful things she had wished to say. She blinked back the very idea of tears, ignoring the painful stinging as her heart stuttered weakly. She did not dare interrupt something so perfect and wonderful, because then, she would be selfish. 
She decided that she would be perfectly content to watch, and to love him by herself. She would keep this love quiet, even during the nights it begged to be heard. To be known, to be reciprocated, to be held, to be--
She would keep it to herself. And she would smile, and love her dear friends as they loved each other. She did not matter if it meant that her friends kept on smiling. 
So she backed away quietly, back up those stairs, back to watching Phastos. That was where she belonged, and she was foolish to believe otherwise.
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cavityteef · 2 months ago
i feel it. i disgust them.
im so fucking drunk and i know they hate me
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