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l0ve-bun · 2 years ago
i’m pretty sure at this point if someone held me tenderly id just black out
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atsumuahh · 9 months ago
Tumblr media
“ CRUSH ” sapnap
Tumblr media
characters !
sapnap, reader, sapnap’s girlfriend (mentioned)
summary !
reader is about to confess, but sapnap has something to announce
warnings !
angst, hurt without comfort, fluff/hurt, unrequited love, unrequited feelings.
notes !
this was supposed to be an angst but it’s so shitty that it should be called angshit istg
Tumblr media
you couldn’t really catch the moment when you fell in love with sapnap. looking back to the past was hard as you realized your feelings. contemplations about of an every dream you had with him as a main character and also your boyfriend, was making you cringe. he was your fucking best friend and you were falling for him?
your first meet had a place in the kindergarten. you were new and kids didn’t seem to like you, because of your shyness. before preschool you hadn’t got any interaction with other kids, so it was tough for you to make some friends. sapnap wasn’t new at all and he knew all the kids you were suffering with – tommy, a younger kid that wouldn’t let you alone, quackity making fun of your hair colour, your pronunciation of certain things, even because of your breakfast, wilbur, a boy you really wanted to get to know, but he pushed you away. and there was also… sapnap.
sapnap was a boy, you had never even tried to talk before. he seemed to be almost as shy as you were. but his shyness was left behind when quackity started mocking your accent. sapnap would punch him on the nose until it started bleeding. you were speechless when he hit quackity.
it was one of your first interactions you two had. but the thing between you disappeared until your birthday. your mom was thrilled to gills with throwing a party. it was your sixth birthday and well… you were excited as well. you invited your whole class, but… no one showed up. no one except sapnap who brought some snacks and obviously present, he chose with his mom.
well… he didn’t expect to see tears falling down your face and a soft smile growing on your mouth. “you came” you mumbled, wrapping your arms around his belly. this is exactly how your friendship started.
since your sixth birthday party, you and sap were inseparable. you had spent most of the time of your friendship at his house and well… you were slowly realizing that you can’t imagine your future without your best friend.
you couldn’t get him off your mind. his smile, his laugh and his attitude towards you rented free in your head. you began to discover that you’re falling for sapnap. the urge to be around him all the time was getting bigger and bigger.
and after making milions of pros and cons lists, manifesting and watching all these weird tiktoks that reassured you he’s deeply in love with you, you finally decided to confess. your plan didn’t contain any kind of “uh– yeah… i’m not in love with you” thing. everything will go as planned and by tomorrow he’ll be your boyfriend.
yeah… about that.
when you sneaked into his bedroom, he was talking to someone. you easily could say sapnap was enjoying the call so much that he didn’t notice you, standing near the window.
“no love, not yet” he spoke softly, big smile appearing on his face. “i gotta tell her soon, hope she won’t mind” sapnap added as he spinned around on the chair and now – you two are face to face. “oh- i gotta go, hun. byee”.
you felt like your heart sunk down as he open his mouth. you were so oblivious to think that he has fallen in love with you as well. you created all of those scenarios when you were a thing and now everything’s gone. he had feelings but not towards you. your imaginary world just fell apart like a house of cards.
“you remember when i told you that someone brought my attention?” you remembered. how couldn’t you? all the tiktoks you’ve seen told you it was you. it had to be you. “aand… ahaha it’s so awkward.” he chuckled as a nervous smile had formed on your face.
“i met this cute girl a few months ago, we have been talking everyday for hours. and we started dating some time ago” sapnap smiled as wide as he could and you felt even more guilty.
“i’m so happy for you!” soft mumble left your mouth as your heart broke in a half. true friends are sharing the happiness and you just couldn’t do that. it was breaking your heart, it’s been so long since you’ve fell in love with him and now, he chose someone else.
“besides, what are you doing here?”
“i just missed you!” you lied with a smile on your face, feeling the imaginary tears falling down your cheeks.
so… that’s how the broken heart really feel. if you knew how it will turn out, you would never try to give him signs. you wouldn’t believe in those stupid tiktoks telling you that he’d fall for you. he won’t do that anyways, so what’s the point in falling in love? you wish you knew.
Tumblr media
taglist: @wilczachannn @sen-nes @beepbopbee
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miscent · a month ago
Tumblr media
the 1 || edgar allan poe.
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ghoulgurl67 · 22 days ago
Tumblr media
Happy National Best Friends Day!
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generic-crush-blog · a year ago
i can't stop thinking about you
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onlyherstarlight · a year ago
why am i not enough for you? why don’t you love me the way you love them?
what could i do to be them?
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hannahhook7744 · a month ago
Chad and Audrey edits;
Tumblr media
Audrey's diary edit.
Tumblr media
Audrey aesthetic.
Tumblr media
Chad aesthetic.
Tumblr media
Chad to Chloe Charming.
Tumblr media
A question to Chad and Audrey.
Tumblr media
Chad and Audrey labels/titles.
Tumblr media
Chad about his relationship with Audrey.
Tumblr media
Random pre Bal + Audrey edit I came up with on the spot.
Tumblr media
Audrey with her pets. The bunny is named 'Zinnia' and the horse is named 'Solomon'.
Tumblr media
Chad with his pets. The mice are named 'Dagger, Starlight, and Cobalt', the cat is named 'Diamond', the dog is named 'swiggles', and the horse is named 'colonel' .
(Thanks for the help naming them all @cleverqueenchild )
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crocodileheart · a year ago
I don't care about romance, all i want is someone to love, hold then in my arms, tell then everything will be okay at the bad moments, cuddle while watching our favorites movies, laugh of your stupid jokes when i cook our favorite food, i want be loved and love someone. I don't need you to kiss me, or have me naked in your bed, i just need you to love for who i am
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spicyicyricy · 5 months ago
Why is there such a need to profess feelings
Why do I feel both starved and over fed
Hot and cold, breath held and suffocating
I feel it heavy and light
Buzzing with anxiety and calm in clarity
All over three small words
All because I want to say
I love you.
Just that, just to let you know
That I adore you, that your existence brings me joy
That I care about you so deeply
That I hope you had a good day
That I wish my arms were around you tonight
That I wish I could make you laugh
That I wish I could wipe your tears
That of course you’re special but more so
You are so special to me
I just want to say it in three words that say it all
I love you.
And all the feelings in the world attach themselves to me
As I feel these words and wish I could send them simply
Nothing more, nothing less
You don’t even need to respond
You don’t have to say it back or even feel it back
I need to say it just so you know
I just want to say
I love you.
And maybe add your name
And a little heart at the end
To make sure you know it’s you and only you
And that I feel it true in my heart
This simple truth that contains the world
Like some sort of Pandora’s box
I wish to say it, to scream it…
I just want to type it. And tap send.
I love you.
- rj (@flowoverflowing)
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ruinedbytc · 8 days ago
It's been 10 years
How long would I be tortured for?
Was it because I was young when I first fell
Fell for your words
Your charming laugh
The way you looked at me over your coffee mug
Your drunken stance and the way you called me "sweet heart"
Was it because I had been young?
I hadn't even known heart ache yet
And I had fallen for you
With no grace, because there was no grace in unrequited love was there?
With violent passion, with an open heart
Just looking at you in photographs is enough to send my heart racing
Why don't you think of me
Why don't you think of me
Why don't you think of me
Why was I the only one?
The only one to bear this burden?
Why don't you love me?
Why do I love you?
-for L, from H
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l0ve-bun · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
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dapandapod · a year ago
You try so loud to love me
I cannot seem to hear
Hi, hello, here I am again. It’s time to change things up a bit. Here have some Jaskier being too busy loving to actually love and Geralt yearning.
There is no denying it. There is no lying, hiding it, no pushing it down. Jaskier is a wonderful man, a fantastic friend. He is beautiful, he is kind, he is sharp wit and fast daggers, he is funny, oh how he makes Geralt laugh. He is a selfish bastard, he takes and he takes, he winks and leaves hearts brimming with feelings behind.
And Geralt is utterly, stupidly in love.
It started out small. Admiration has a sneaky way of hiding things, or possibly open doors to new feelings. Watching the bard push his friendship on him, no mercy, just selfishly pushing himself in and making room in Geralt's life. Admiration for how commoners and nobility alike are charmed. The wonderful contradiction of how nothing is good enough but how he still is satisfied with stale bread and a smile when it’s freely offered. Admiration for how he faces (and most of the time voices) every emotion. 
Then came the affection and the appreciation. The blunt honesty Jaskier treats him with, upfront with what he gives and what he expects in return. The transactions of friendship, as odd as it sounds. How Jaskier takes everything in his stride, hidden barbs and flirting and veiled threats and proposals. And when they are alone out in the middle of nowhere and his thoughts fall unfiltered through his mouth for only Geralt to enjoy. The trust he has invested in this witcher and expects Geralt to return. And he does, by all things holy Geralt trusts him.
There are reasons Geralt usually doesn't let people in. And Jaskier just didn’t care about it, didn’t listen or mind and settled nicely no matter what Geralt wanted.
It is too late now anyway. 
Jaskier loves. That’s who he is. His love is deep and rich and it burns his very essence. He loves life, colors, people, noise, bustling dirty streets and vast rich halls. He loves the stillness found at night, the unexpected gifts of nature, he loves sunshine and rain alike. Men and women, rich and poor, there is love for everybody.
And much as he did with Geralt he swipes in, ambushes with that fire of his, pours it down their throat without a thought, gives them a taste of fire, and he laps up their warmth like a starving man. And then he leaves.
Jaskier has left Geralt many times. 
There is always a warm embrace calling, a song to be sung, poems to be written and shared. Geralt can’t compete, and he would never try. That is probably why Jaskier comes back. As many friends and lovers Jaskier takes, he always finds time to travel the Path. Always finds a way to the one he calls ‘his witcher’, to the one that calls him ‘his bard’. 
It didn’t take long for that admiration to evolve. The affection and appreciation to grow. Geralt loves this man. Mutants don't love, they say. The truth is more complex. They love, probably deeper than most expect, but in other ways. 
It really is too late to do anything about it. Every now and then Jaskier sweeps in, pour his love into Geralt and leaves him aching for more. The moments under the stars, under the sun, on the road or in a run down cottage. Jaskeirs hand finds his, lips pressed against lips and makes that deep, still well inside Geralt stir. Jaskier makes room for his love, heedless of the cost. 
And Geralt accepts it. For he knows that the fleeting love, that flickering fire comes and goes. When their bodies come together, when Jaskier touches him like he is home, when Geralt has to bite his lip to keep the words in.
Jaskier is not his.
But he loves him all the same.
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miscent · a month ago
Tumblr media
i'm repeating your name to my reflection in the bathroom mirror but it doesn't seem any less real || m.k.
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inafuturewithyou · 6 months ago
“You told me you loved me that night on the phone because it was safe. Because I didn’t tell you it was me, but you knew. You knew from my laugh. Is that why you steal songs from my playlists? What are you so afraid of?”
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generic-crush-blog · a year ago
you make me feel like my heart is covered in sunshine 🌞
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onlyherstarlight · a year ago
how You love them over me.
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sweet-as-honey-sapphic · 12 months ago
They have no idea how much I care about them and there’s some strange beauty to that…
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truly-morgan · 20 days ago
Fandom: 逆転裁判 | Gyakuten Saiban | Ace Attorney Rating: Teen And Up Audiences Relationships: Naruhodou Ryuuichi | Phoenix Wright/Odoroki Housuke | Apollo Justice, Mitsurugi Reiji | Miles Edgeworth/Naruhodou Ryuuichi | Phoenix Wright, Mitsurugi Reiji | Miles Edgeworth/Odoroki Housuke | Apollo Justice, Garyuu Kyouya | Klavier Gavin & Odoroki Housuke | Apollo Justice Additional Tags: Self-Esteem Issues, Self-Worth Issues, Age Difference, Temporarily Unrequited Love, post aa4, Tags May Change, this should have a happy ending, Restricted POV, Slow Burn Chapters: 5/? [29k words]
“Seeing what the great Phoenix Wright had become sure had hit hard in the strong admiration Apollo had for the man. But he also knows that his admiration never fully went away. Sure, he was disappointed with how the man could act at times, but despite all that, his admiration survived somewhere deep in him, protected by the hope that, one day, Mr Wright would get back to what he used to be.
Yet, he would deny with his whole being that over his first months working at the Wright Anything Agency this admiration had grown into something more. Something stronger. Something he shouldn’t be feeling.”
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ruinedbytc · 8 days ago
Missing him a lot lately, debating whether to text him and ruin all the progress I've made (and probably just to get a generic reply with no sense of emotion anyway) or to not text him and just endure the pain.
I'm leaning toward not texting him. I saw someone on tik tok say "not every feeling has to have a meaning or action associated with it, you can just feel and let it pass through you," and that really resonated with me.
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lovers-of-tomorrow · a year ago
I know too many things about a stranger I’ll never talk to again..
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