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love-wont-save-us-now · 3 months ago
"You can lean on my arm as you break my heart"
— Mitski, I Don't Smoke
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honeypleasejustkillme · 2 months ago
i want texts saying you couldnt sleep because you were thinking of me, is that so fucking hard
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Bitter longing/I'm sorry but I still love u
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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hvilsn · 8 months ago
the way I loved you wasn’t normal and the way you broke me wasn’t either
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coffee-scripts · 10 months ago
I’ve started to wonder
If there’s something broken in me
Maybe I’m made to love
Not to be loved
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Tumblr media
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darksideofmythougts · 2 months ago
I want you. I want you. I want you. Please let me have a chance with your heart I promise I’ll be gentle with it
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Tumblr media
i like you, you like her, she likes you back. you know how this story goes. | playlist
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generic-wattpad-badboy · 6 months ago
Wish I were heather
Tumblr media
Pairing : One-sided Jughead jone x Male reader , Jughead x betty
Tags: unrequited Love , Unhappy ending
Word count: 788
Day 3 Christmas Challenge
I still remember
Third of December
Me in your sweater
You said it looked better
On me, than it did you
Only if you knew
How much I liked you
Y/N and Jughead had always been good friends since the beginning of high school. They were always together; you wouldn’t see one without the other that was until Jughead started to hang out with Andrew and cooper more often. It wasn’t liked he didn’t invite Y/N to join them, He did and sometimes Y/N would join them. Most times he joined them it was because he couldn’t say No to jughead. Maybe it was because jones was his best friend or because he had pretty much fallen in love with him.
He couldn’t tell when it had happened maybe it was one of the nights, he had snuck jughead in so he could stay over for the night, and they would talk about leaving Riverdale one day together or it was when jughead had let Y/N read something he had written for the first time. It didn’t matter when it happened.
When he figured out he was in love with his best friend it didn’t surprise him. Who wouldn’t fall in love with jughead. For someone who was given a bad hand in life he was kind and sweet. So it was only a matter of time before someone else noticed.
After the first couple of times, he joined the group, he noticed how the relationship between jughead, and betty changed. How jughead slowly began to Favour her company instead of his. How instead of him and jughead being joint at the now betty had taken his place.
But I watch your eyes, as she
Walks by
What a sight for
Sore eyes
Brighter than a
Blue sky
She's got you
While I die
On weekends when jughead and him would spend all day in pop’s turned to vacant booth and being stood up because something came up and betty needed him. So Y/N stopped asking to hang out he slowly withdrew from the group and jughead didn’t notice or he didn’t care.
It hurt to see Jughead easily moving on without him but nothing hurt more than seeing him and betty together. He stayed away from the gangs usual hang out places so he wouldn’t run into them. There was times when seeing them was unavoidable, like class. jughead would try to talk to him but Y/N barely replied.
Y/N sat in a corner booth of Pop’s Chock 'lit shop stirring his drink with his straw idly. He had come to pop’s to avoid going home, he couldn’t deal with his controlling parents today. The door to the shop opens but Y/N doesn't bother looking up.
Watch as she stands with
Her holding your hand
Put your arm 'round her shoulder
Now I'm getting colder
Y/N looks up quickly to see jughead and betty standing Infront of him holding hands “oh hey guys, what are you doing here”
“ we’ve meeting Archie and Ronnie here”
“  you could join us” betty says with a kind smile
Y/N feels guilty about his dislike for her , she really is nice but the thought of having to fifth wheel all the happy couple makes him want to vomit and or stab something.
But , how could I hate her?
She's such an angel
But then again, kinda
Wish she were dead
“thanks but I have to get home”
Y/N thinks he see disappointment on jughead face but he could be imagining it
“maybe next time?” Betty asks
“yeah definitely ” Y/N lied packing his stuff up then he slides out of the booth. He walks toward the door to leave.
“ bye” , “see you” They both call after him.
Y/N began his walk home as he tried to stop the tears threaten to fall  he puts his ear phones in to drown out the noise . Home was something him a jughead related to since they were both from the southside. Y/N always hated walking home from pop’s especially if it was dark. If he learnt one thing from living on the southside was walking in the dark alone was a dangerous thing to do. Jughead never used to let him walk home alone.
It was another thing that had changed these past few months. Thinking about it made a few stray tears fall as wipes them away as he see his house. Jughead had moved on found new friends . Maybe its time he found some too
Why would you ever kiss me?
I'm not even half as pretty
You gave her your sweater
It's just polyester
But you like her better
Wish I were...
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youcancallmedumb · 4 months ago
you know when you're talking with someone and you just feel.. Warm. like not warmth temperature-wise but just this.. sense of overall coziness like on an emotional level speaking with them is the equivalent of whenever you step into a patch of sunlight... that's something.
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love-wont-save-us-now · 9 months ago
Do you think about me when that song comes on, do you think about me in the dark, do you think about me on my birthday, do you think about me about all?
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honeypleasejustkillme · 8 months ago
every time you send a dry text or you take 5 hours to respond it feels like your hand is being plunged into my bare chest and ripping my heart out, and if i were to say this out loud i would be being “manipulative” and “dramatic” but it actually feels like i’m dying. it feels like i’m being physically hurt, but of course i still run after you because who would i be without you? i would have nothing to live for, no one to obsessively think about and adore. i would have no one to be completely and whole heartedly in love with, and being absolutely infatuated with you is the worst pain i’ve felt in my life but i wouldn’t change it for a second. you are the worst and best thing that’s ever happened to me but goddamn it i wouldn’t be here without you. i owe everything to you, i fucking adore you my beloved.
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coldraviolis · 4 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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hvilsn · 7 months ago
Time to put on that sad playlist and cry myself to sleep
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coffee-scripts · a month ago
I drown in my own thoughts
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kawaii-dinogamer · 3 months ago
I'm in love with someone... - Tsukishima Kei
A/N: Ever since I heard that sound on tiktok my heart kind hurts because I know this feeling too well and its hurt so bad. So, I’m being a bit self-indulgent today. This is for everyone who’s ever had an unrequited love. Also I didn't proof read. I love all of you so much <3 ~ Sar-chan.
Warning: angst kinda, unrequited love and sadness.
Tumblr media
“Y/N-san … Y/N-san… Y/N-san!” you jump in surprise as Yachi calls your name.
“Ah! What is it Yachi-san?” You ask embarrassedly.
“Who are you looking for?”
“Just Kei-kun. He said he’d join me for lunch today but maybe he got kept back in class,” You look down at your lunch. You were getting hungry, but you were going to wait for him.
“umnumm… You… guys got pretty close huh? You even use his first name,” Yachi said while chewing.
“Us!?,” your cheeks instantly warmed up, “Maybe a little we’re just really good friends you know. He can be really … nice sometimes,” your voice softened down to the end.
“Hey, I’m sorry I’m late the teacher head to talk to me about something,” you jump as Tsukishima sits down next you, your cheeks heating up even more. “You can’t scare someone like that you idiot,” you shouted as Yamaguchi followed behind him snickering. “She’s right tsukki what if she was eating, you’d make her choke,” Yamaguchi stated. “Whatever… Didn’t I tell you to not wait for me to eat. Your stomach will hurt again. Such an idiot. Come on eat now…,” he ruffled your hair as you looked down embarrassedly.
Lunch carried on and you guys went off to your respective classes, Yachi was walking with you. “You like him, don’t you?” Yachi asked. “Is it that obvious?” You walked looking down at your shoes.
“A little bit. Why don’t you tell him? The worse that can happen is he rejects you,” Yachi shrugs her shoulders.
“I wanted to try today but he says he has to go out tonight…,” you fiddle with a thread on your sweater, anything to avoid looking up right now.
“Well, there’s always tomorrow Y/N-san. Let’s get to class,” you nod in agreement as Yachi tugs you by the sleeve to enter class.
…that evening
You were laying in bed reading a book when your phone lit up.
Kei-kun: I just got home
You: Hey. Where did you go? I hope it was ok.
Kei-kun: I went out with someone that’s all. It was good and I got some news.
Went out with someone does that mean…
Kei-kun: G/N and I are dating now.
A single tear slid down your face. You thought to yourself… There is not tomorrow Yachi-san.
You: That’s great. Congratulations.
You: I think I gotta go to bed now. I’m tired. I was just… waiting for you.
You: Good Night Tsukishima
Kei-kun: Oh ok. See you tomorrow.
You: Yeah… tomorrow
You laid down clutching your phone to your chest as you sobbed. You couldn’t think of much, even if you didn’t think you’d end up with him, this doesn’t mean it hurts any less. You put on your headphone to listen to some music, but it seems even that didn’t work out.
“I’m in love with someone. Who’s in love with someone. And that someone will never be me….”
Tumblr media
I hope you like it :)
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stxckinwonderland · 5 months ago
People pretend to care and when eventually you care more than their pretense, they hurt you beyond repair.
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invisiblebeesstuff · 8 months ago
'Love like that doesn't go away. It just sits in your chest and waits for you to die.'
Sirius Black, The Debt of Time
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ax0lotly · 9 days ago
A Guy Like Him.
angst bc I said so. no explanation whatsoever. just my thoughts, my unending brainrot. I'm expecting this one to wither and die in my drafts, but let's see how it goes I like Riddle Rosehearts and Rook Hunt a lot ok, but some Riddle content because I had a dream about him! It.. didn't end nice Writing under the cut, like usual! TW: Unrequinited love through the POV of my OC, Riddle choosing Yuu over them, rejection! Please do not read if these topics trigger you! :(
A dark Saturday night. As usual, Grim slept early, his puffy little ears occasionally flopping up and down. His little snores filled the silence of the lonely dark room as he curled into a tiny ball on the bed sheet. His ear flames, accompanied by a night light plugged somewhere nearby- prevented the room from being a complete black fortress. It was so peaceful. So peaceful and silent, perfect conditions for an energy-charging snooze. You weren't someone who needed a huge king-sized bed with cotton-candy soft pillows and extra fluffy blankets to sleep on, no, just a blanket and a pillow or two would do you fine. So why, are you up at this probably ungodly hour, staring at yourself in the mirror? ....You don't really know the answer to your question yourself. Scared of an upcoming test, maybe? You thought. ...No, they're coming next next month.
Then... are you thinking about your.. world? You pondered, scrunching your eyebrows. No, this wasn't about that, this time.
Are you worried that Riddle would collar you? That Jade and Floyd would corner you with deals? That Epel would make a run for escape from Vil again and get you messed up in it? That Ace and Deuce would... Cringing, you massaged your temple in an attempt to calm down. Let's not think about those things. After all, they're not the reason why you're like this.
Flicking your eyes back at the shiny mirror, you mused yourself with something that your friends used to tease you with all the time. Are you thinking of a guy? Smiling faintly, you shook your head. Never, I'm too tired for that. I'm too tired for romance, there is already too much stuff happening, anyway. It's not like you'd stay up this late just to think of... some guy who would probably not like you back. Some really talented boy who managed to awe you all the time. Some incredibly gorgeous and lovely boy who you'd never dare dream of being able to hold hands with, to be able to affectionately caress his cheeks with your hands, to be adoringly sketching lots of pictures of, to be able to drink tea and giggle with over nonessential topics with, to be able to bawl and cry your eyes out whilst feeling safe around...
Some guy, some unfairly beautiful, unearthly and divine gu-
Your elbow slipped and you smacked your head against the surface of the mirror.
"Ow..." you groaned quietly, your hands shielding your poor forehead from further pain. Standing back up from leaning on the sink, something clicked in your mind. Face turning pale and eyes going wide, you gasped.
Jesus Christ, I AM thinking about a guy.
And that guy... Is Riddle Rosehearts.
Unknowingly, you said his name. The words rolled off your tongue easily like you've said them over and over before. Riddle Rosehearts. The son of a tyrannical woman whose obsession with rules and obedience broke him. The little boy who suffered so much under layers of studying and perfection. The little boy grew up under the heavy influence of twisted beliefs and thinking, bending others the same way he was. The teen who expressed his emotions through punishment and pain, who was freed by acceptance and understanding. The student who achieved his well-deserved freedom.
He was pained. He was saved. He was now almost free.
But what about you? You're pained. You're not saved. And now, you're a prisoner of these problematic and unessential feelings. They held you encaged in a pretty little golden cage, they ripped off your wings. But you were too lovesick to care, because all hope was not lost.
Riddle had the key. He had the key to the enclosure, keeping you locked up and away. He had the cure to your seemingly incurable disease which slowly took away your ability to breathe. He had the water to fight off the extreme thirst you had after months of trudging heavily in the hot, burning sand. He had the antidote to the poisonous, lethal and excruciating venom that had sunk into your skin from a deadly snake bite. He had what you needed. He had his love. If he had given it to you- then you would be freed, you would be happy again-

But he didn't.

You saw how he longingly stared at Yuu. You saw how his eyes would trail from their eyes to their lips, you saw how he'd gaze at them with hearts in his eyes, how he'd sacrifice any work he had to do just for a second of talking with Yuu-
He had the key to your heart. He had your happiness in his dainty hands.
And he crushed that happiness with his flawless heels, and used the key on another.

As tears trickle down your chin, you smiled. Voice hoarse, throat dry from crying, you whispered. "Oh, how I'd die to never have loved a guy like him."
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