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outstanding-quotes · 2 days ago
I am afraid I will love you forever and we will never be in the same room again.
Clementine von Radics, In a Dream You Saw a Way to Survive
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love-wont-save-us-now · 3 months ago
"You can lean on my arm as you break my heart"
— Mitski, I Don't Smoke
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borderlinebubbles · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Please like me back 🥺
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imcuterthanu · 4 months ago
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hvilsn · 7 months ago
the way I loved you wasn’t normal and the way you broke me wasn’t either
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vvingless · 9 months ago
I cannot let go. This is my great flaw, i grip every thing i love with both hands and sink my teeth in for good measure.
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coffee-scripts · 10 months ago
I’ve started to wonder
If there’s something broken in me
Maybe I’m made to love
Not to be loved
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honeypleasejustkillme · 8 months ago
every time you send a dry text or you take 5 hours to respond it feels like your hand is being plunged into my bare chest and ripping my heart out, and if i were to say this out loud i would be being “manipulative” and “dramatic” but it actually feels like i’m dying. it feels like i’m being physically hurt, but of course i still run after you because who would i be without you? i would have nothing to live for, no one to obsessively think about and adore. i would have no one to be completely and whole heartedly in love with, and being absolutely infatuated with you is the worst pain i’ve felt in my life but i wouldn’t change it for a second. you are the worst and best thing that’s ever happened to me but goddamn it i wouldn’t be here without you. i owe everything to you, i fucking adore you my beloved.
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thisisntplatonic · 3 months ago
do you maybe want to walk together and talk about nothing
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wishing-for-deathx · 10 months ago
It’s not that I won’t fall in love again. I think I can. I’m silly and naive like that. I fall so damn easily. Even though I know I’ll never love someone the way I love him but I think I can love again. But I do know that, it’s not worth it because no one will ever fall for me. It’s always going to be the same story for me. Unrequited love. You see I fall too easily but I’m so fucking hard to love. So it’s better this way, being alone.
— I don’t think I’ll make it if I love someone without being loved again
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invalid-request · 26 days ago
Tumblr media
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feltpoetry · 12 days ago
“you. it will always be you. don’t you get that? if i had the choice between you and a million things i’ve always wanted, i would choose you every single time.”
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sickandinlove04 · 10 months ago
You know what sucks? Not only do I constantly want to see you and hug you and talk to you, I constantly want to talk about you to whoever will listen. I want to talk about how I miss you and want to see you. I want to ask people how you’re doing and what you’re up to. It sucks and I hate it.
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praycherry · 10 months ago
Tumblr media
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l0s3r95 · 5 months ago
lovesick/obsession writing prompts🌹💌
Trigger Warning!!!! Mentions of manipulation, g0re, bl00d, etc. (Potential yandere themes)
Sorry for posting this haha 😬
dialogue prompts:
"I'll be yours, no matter what."
"How did I ever get so lucky…?"
"I'm in such pain every second we're apart."
"Thinking about you is my favorite hobby..."
"I would hurt myself much more if it meant you would take care of me."
"I need you more than I need air to breathe."
"I will love you until the day I'm dead."
"After I'm done with you, your thoughts will be plagued by me."
"You deserve the entire world's attention!!"
"I've completely dedicated myself to you, why can't you do the same?"
"I actually went to see you last night… you didn't notice, but you looked so cute!"
"I don't want to hurt you, honey."
"If they ever become a problem, let me know. Okay, love?"
"The emotions you make me feel are too special, we must be destiny."
"The next time they touch you, I'll cut their wretched limbs off."
"I want to tell you how much I love you until my throat starts bleeding."
"All I want is to see that smile!"
"I would only hurt you if you really wanted me to."
"Take out all your anger on me; as long as I get your attention, I don't care!"
"I want to be yours, hold me tightly forever!"
"I'm always willing to go further with you..."
"Nobody needs to know."
"I'll gouge your eyes out myself so that the last thing you see is my face~!"
"Don't you dare leave me alone."
"Your blood looks so pretty…"
"Don't say such things about yourself, you angel-!"
"I know all there is to know about you, my love."
"I am jealous. I'm so horribly jealous."
"I will change into the person you desire… you deserve the best."
"I want to taste you, to breathe you, to be smothered by you…!"
"Please, make me bleed."
"Controlling all these emotions is just too hard."
"I can't lose this feeling, I can't lose you!"
"Isn't it romantic~?"
"Hit me. You'll feel better."
"I feel like I'm losing my mind-!"
"I can't calm down."
"My heart just won't stop p-pounding."
"I'm madly in love with you!!"
"I'm drowning in your scent…"
"Beautiful baby! So lovely, so breathtaking! Captivating! Alluring!"
Staring, watching, fantasizing
Confusion, denial, refusal
Worship, hopeless devotion, smothering
Endless praise, compliments, obsession, hyperfixation
Vulnerability, weakened senses
Choking, emotional manipulation
Decapitated body parts, explicit gore
Praise, idolization, drugging
Crying, struggling, infatuation
Stalking, hunting, trespassing
Erotomania; delusional disorder that causes a person to believe that their fate requires a certain relationship
Possessive, violent, clingy
Sobbing, begging, pleading, praying
Starving, craving, aching
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dreamingofmoonshadows · 22 days ago
I hope you fall in love, I hope it breaks your heart.
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darksideofmythougts · 2 months ago
I want you. I want you. I want you. Please let me have a chance with your heart I promise I’ll be gentle with it
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l0ve-bun · 2 years ago
i’m pretty sure at this point if someone held me tenderly id just black out
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honeypleasejustkillme · 2 months ago
i just want him to love me, why can’t he just love me back
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coffee-scripts · a month ago
I drown in my own thoughts
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