#unrequited poem
fallintothefloor · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
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coffee-scripts · 11 months ago
I’ve started to wonder
If there���s something broken in me
Maybe I’m made to love
Not to be loved
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fatimaamerbilal · 5 months ago
and we didn’t talk after that.
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“falling in love is an eerie flame / and i'm burning to death.”
fatima aamer bilal, from we didn’t talk after that (28th january 2022).
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sweet-child-of-night · 2 months ago
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And like a colorful bloom of temporary lights in the sky, you will shine.
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dontcallmeidontexist · 7 months ago
I'm not saying I still think of you
But if something good happens
You're the one I would run to
If I am met with misery and pain
Only you could make it go away
And if there is a love song in the radio
Our past comes back like a tornado
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shes-not-mine · a year ago
you were never mine in the first place but the serpent of your name carved in someone else's heart has the same poison in its fangs as the serpent that would be if you belonged to me
its bite intoxicated me with jealousy, infecting my bloodstream, and every inch of my being but i have no right to be this way, for i am not yours, and you are not mine
yet, why do i present the same symptoms as someone who watched their lover fall for someone else doctor, oh doctor, can you cure me of this ailment may i mistake these feelings for something they are not
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kdnz-callisto · 4 months ago
I want to meet your girlfriend.
No, really, I do.
I understand that you love her in a way I can’t fathom.
I want to see what she’s like.
I want to know what she adores and what she doesn’t.
How she feels, and how she knows she loves you.
Because even though I want you, you’re hers.
And I want to see if I could love her the same way you do.
[💌 kdnz-callisto]
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yassgurlll · 7 months ago
He kissed me under the moonlight. It was soft, so tender and he held me close. I finally stopped shaking, I crumbled in his arms and he held me, he held all of me, firmly. I didn’t get butterflies like I used to, my heart didn’t race but I felt warm. I felt so warm. His kiss was like a calm afternoon when the sky was clear and the sun warmed each and every corner of your heart. His lips left me and he looked at me with those brown eyes, eyes I’d recognize anywhere. He smiled and scrunched his nose. He was so beautiful and I said, “I love you”. The smile left his face, his eyes mirrored the dim light of the kitchen. The wind brought in the cold night city air and he kissed me once again.
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earl-greytea · 5 months ago
The only time I'm with you is in my dreams, in my fantasies.
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haaainnako · 2 months ago
I’m not your person; and you are, 
beyond any doubt, not mine.
Yet my eyes scan the crowd for yours;
And I yearn for you in desperate times.
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fallintothefloor · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
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coffee-scripts · 3 months ago
I drown in my own thoughts
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ficklethoughtss · 18 days ago
I still couldn't find the answer why I loved him. What's only clear to me is that, he didn't respected nor appreciate me. It's unfair, but what can I do? It was my heart. My poor heart who has been rejected by him, but still keep on loving the man who is not a better person for her.
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fallenonadream · a year ago
Call me in the middle of the night and tell me you can’t sleep alone.
Tell me you want me.
Tell me something
Tell me anything
- C.J.
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dontcallmeidontexist · 2 months ago
I am truly sorry
Someone came into your life
And convinced you
Mistreatment means nice
That caring
Means you're weak
I wish I could
Heal your thoughts
Even if it means
My misery
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janesdeath · 9 months ago
every time I see my name, I hear it in your voice.
- Lang Leav
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tc-blossom · 9 months ago
I want to stop loving you.
But whenever you smile, my heart races.
Whenever you laugh, my knees get weak.
Whenever we meet eyes, my palms sweat.
Whenever we talk, I get nervous.
My mind tells me to stop, but my heart cries proceed.
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