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kittybitchezz · 2 days ago
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feltpoetry · 2 months ago
“you. it will always be you. don’t you get that? if i had the choice between you and a million things i’ve always wanted, i would choose you every single time.”
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shadoetry · a month ago
“What if I told you I’m incapable of tolerating my own heart?”
Virginia Woolf, Night and Day
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xskywalker21 · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Hoping I'll find
A glimpse of us
- Glimpse of Us // Joji
he loves her but from a distance.
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thatwriterwiththeblock · a year ago
This might be a bit of an unpopular take but it’s okay to be in love with someone who doesn’t like you back.
I don’t mean being in a relationship with someone who’s stringing you along or never getting over someone hoping they’ll eventually like you back, obviously, but like... the idea that if someone doesn’t return feelings for you then they were never worth your attention in the first place or that they should “look at what’s right beside them” or whatever is so bad but I also see it everywhere. Sometimes someone can be worthy of your love and also not like you back that way.
On top of that is the expectations of perfect love or that being in unrequited love is pathetic or sad, or that you can only be happy if someone you like a certain way likes you back the same way, and I fully blame societal amatonormativity for this. In movies and books unrequited love is always framed as either “they were never good enough for you (and usually there’s an undercurrent of about implication they were ‘using’ you)” or “by the end they realized what they were looking for was right beside them the entire time, they fall in love the end” and like
Yeah, it sucks when someone doesn’t like you back, but I’ve been in unrequited love a few times now and my general experience is that I don’t love them less because they love me differently. All my loves were close friends first, and they all remain close friends to this day, aware of my current or former feelings, and it’s... okay.
It’s okay to not be in storybook love. It’s okay to love someone differently than they love you. It’s okay to love someone who’s aroace or gay or straight and can’t be into you that way. It’s okay to be in love with someone and not want to start a relationship with them because you’re not ready or you’re happy single or you’re relationship types aren’t compatible, and it’s okay to fall in love with someone who loves someone else who isn’t the bad guy either.
Love is supposed to feel good. Loving being in love without it being requited is okay. Nobody has to be the villain or the bad guy or the one that’s missing out—sometimes, they just don’t fall in love with you, and that’s okay! If you fell in love with them for the right reasons, you should still love having them in your life, and love having them in your life while your feelings settle and you can both move forward.
Feelings are valid. Jealousy and pain and yearning are par for the course, but what you do with those feelings matters more than whether or not your feelings were returned. It’s okay to be in love with someone and happy to be their friend, because friendship isn’t a backburner to romantic or queerplatonic feelings or anything else. They can love you as a friend.
Stories can end without romantic or qp or other requited resolution—in my experience, sometimes it makes your relationship stronger, to be able to talk about those feelings and move forward without having them be requited. You can move forward, or move on, or stay in love or fall in love with someone else, and it’s okay. Sometimes it works out and sometimes it doesn’t and maybe we want different things from the people we love, but it’s not a waste of time or a waste of feeling or a waste of a friendship for something to not work out how you’d hoped.
I just don’t think enough people celebrate loving someone without it ending in wedding bells. Maybe it’s the aroace in me too—but the people I’ve loved in my life have taught me a lot, and I think that’s pretty good, too. I like loving, and I really think more people should.
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arrchangel · a year ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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coffee-scripts · 3 months ago
I drown in my own thoughts
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outstanding-quotes · a month ago
I am afraid I will love you forever and we will never be in the same room again.
Clementine von Radics, In a Dream You Saw a Way to Survive
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l0s3r95 · 7 months ago
lovesick/obsession writing prompts🌹💌
Trigger Warning!!!! Mentions of manipulation, g0re, bl00d, etc. (Potential yandere themes)
Sorry for posting this haha 😬
dialogue prompts:
"I'll be yours, no matter what."
"How did I ever get so lucky…?"
"I'm in such pain every second we're apart."
"Thinking about you is my favorite hobby..."
"I would hurt myself much more if it meant you would take care of me."
"I need you more than I need air to breathe."
"I will love you until the day I'm dead."
"After I'm done with you, your thoughts will be plagued by me."
"You deserve the entire world's attention!!"
"I've completely dedicated myself to you, why can't you do the same?"
"I actually went to see you last night… you didn't notice, but you looked so cute!"
"I don't want to hurt you, honey."
"If they ever become a problem, let me know. Okay, love?"
"The emotions you make me feel are too special, we must be destiny."
"The next time they touch you, I'll cut their wretched limbs off."
"I want to tell you how much I love you until my throat starts bleeding."
"All I want is to see that smile!"
"I would only hurt you if you really wanted me to."
"Take out all your anger on me; as long as I get your attention, I don't care!"
"I want to be yours, hold me tightly forever!"
"I'm always willing to go further with you..."
"Nobody needs to know."
"I'll gouge your eyes out myself so that the last thing you see is my face~!"
"Don't you dare leave me alone."
"Your blood looks so pretty…"
"Don't say such things about yourself, you angel-!"
"I know all there is to know about you, my love."
"I am jealous. I'm so horribly jealous."
"I will change into the person you desire… you deserve the best."
"I want to taste you, to breathe you, to be smothered by you…!"
"Please, make me bleed."
"Controlling all these emotions is just too hard."
"I can't lose this feeling, I can't lose you!"
"Isn't it romantic~?"
"Hit me. You'll feel better."
"I feel like I'm losing my mind-!"
"I can't calm down."
"My heart just won't stop p-pounding."
"I'm madly in love with you!!"
"I'm drowning in your scent…"
"Beautiful baby! So lovely, so breathtaking! Captivating! Alluring!"
Staring, watching, fantasizing
Confusion, denial, refusal
Worship, hopeless devotion, smothering
Endless praise, compliments, obsession, hyperfixation
Vulnerability, weakened senses
Choking, emotional manipulation
Decapitated body parts, explicit gore
Praise, idolization, drugging
Crying, struggling, infatuation
Stalking, hunting, trespassing
Erotomania; delusional disorder that causes a person to believe that their fate requires a certain relationship
Possessive, violent, clingy
Sobbing, begging, pleading, praying
Starving, craving, aching
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bebx · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
this hits different when it’s lowkey been confirmed how Will feels about Mike
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koriand · 24 days ago
when pearl said "and I'm not yours, but I make you so happy anyway", when frank ocean sang "I'm not him, but I'll mean something to you", when mitski sang "you're in the house and i'm in the car screaming how i love you", when richard wrote "i take off my hands but you don't want them", when frank ocean sang "I'd do anything for you (in the dark)", when [insert artist that made any piece of media alluding to unrequited love]
Tumblr media
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eviewritesoccasionally · 7 months ago
Please could you write something where y/n risks her own life to save Makkari because she wants Druig to be happy even though Druig is in love with y/n not Makkari? I hope that makes sense!
Anything for Love
TW// angst, decently graphic injury description, my shitty writing 
i hope you like it <3
   Unrequited love was painful, you’d admit. It hurt to watch Druig love Makkari instead of yourself. The strange thing about love, though, is that even when it hurts, you want the holder of your love to be happy.
   Your want for Druig to be happy was the biggest want you had in life. Your heart would ache as you watched him flirt with Makkari, his face close to hers as he bumped her shoulder or attempted to surprise her. Your stomach would drop when he called her his “beautiful, beautiful Makkkari”, but he was happy, and that is all that mattered to you.
   He deserved happy, after all the pain he’d experience.
   So now you’re sat here in the common area watching as they flirt and Phastos speaks something you’re not paying attention to.
   “(Y/N)!” There were fingers snapping in front of your face. Your eyes snapped up and you were grabbed Sprite’s fingers, stopping her annoying motion.
   “Were you even paying attention?” Kingo asked.
   “Uh, yeah?”
   “What did Phastos say, then?”
   There was a long pause before you shook your head, signaling you didn’t know.
   “I said,” Phastos began, “we’ve found another group of Deviants. It’s not a large enough group for everyone in the team to need to go. We’re sending you, Druig, Makkari, Kingo, and Ikaris.”
   “Okay,” you say softly, nodding your head as you take in the information.
   When you all arrived at the location, Ikaris began rattling off instructions. “Druig, go make sure that any humans in the area are safe. Everyone else needs to circle the Deviants, make sure they can’t get away. Got it?”
   “Got it,” everyone echoed.
   Ikaris nodded, flying far away as he went to start the trap for the Deviants further away. Makkari followed not far after him.
   Then the fight began, Deviants fighting as hard as they could to fight everyone attacking them. They quickly began to dwindle in numbers as the team took them on, right as you killed one, you saw another sneaking up behind Makkari.
   You screamed in fear, your feet carrying you as fast as they could to place yourself between Makkari and the Deviant. The creature knocked you over, spearing you with it’s claws and causing red blood to pool around you.
   Your vision was blurred with black as you laid in the dirt. You were growing tired, and you just wanted to sleep, but sleep was impossible to achieve with a Deviant about to kill you.
   Then, it was gone. Ikaris had knocked the beast back and pushed it away from you as they continued to fight. There was a soft breeze as Makkari appeared by your side, her hands frantically trying to lift you from the ground to move you away from the battle.
   “Ah! Makkari that hurts! Stop, please, stop!”
   Her hands fell away and just as she lifted her hands to say something, a beautiful accented voice called out. “(Y/N)!“
   Druig was running towards you as fast as he could, his eyes filled with worry and fear as he knelt on the ground beside you. “Why? Why would you do that?”
   “For you. You deserve to be happy and I wasn’t going to let a Deviant ruin what you have with Makkari.”
   His eyes flickered to her and then back to you, shaking his head. “‘Kari and I are just friends. I love her, but only as a friend.”
   Tears filled your eyes as your mind begin to swim and your body begin to feel weak. Druig gathered you into his arms and positioned you in a comfortable place against him. “Ikaris!” There wasn’t a response. “Ikaris!“
   This time, Ikaris came forward. “What?” He spit the word like it was venom, his eyes meeting Druig’s and then flicking to you.
   “Go get Ajak.”
   Ikaris gave a curt nod before turning and flying away, leaving you and Druig alone.
   “Hey, m’darlin’, you’ve gotta stay with me. C’mon, don’t close your eyes.” His hand came towards your face, cradling your cheek. “(Y/N), I can’t lose you. Please, I can’t lose you, I love you.”
   Your lips curve just slightly as you cough, a bit of blood running from your lips. “Iloveyou, Druig.” It’s mumbled and slurred and he frowns as he tries his best to not cry.
   “‘M not gonna die, just need a good nap soon,” you mumble again.
   He sighs and lets out a teary laugh. “You can nap after Ajak as healed you.”
   Ikaris returned not long after with Ajak, and she began to use her powers, your wounds slowly closing and leaving you in torn and blood-stained armor.
   Druig pushes his face into the crook of your neck as you snuggle into him now that you’re not injured and can properly move.
   “I’m so glad you’re okay, gods, I am so glad.” His lips place soft kisses along your neck, causing you to hum a little.
   “You’re so warm, Dru. Can I nap on you? Just for a minute?”
   “Yes, as long as you never scare me like that again.”
   “I won’t.”
   He sighs, watching as you let your eyes close and your breath even out as you fall asleep in his arms. Love is a strange thing, powerful and confusing, but it brought the two of you together, so it must be good.
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iwishwewerepenpals · 6 months ago
if I knew that touch would be our last perhaps I would've held on to you a little longer
but in some ways the seconds I didnt touch you saved me
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thisistheheartspeaking · 6 months ago
Should I move forward or should I wait for a bit more? Well either way it's gonna be painful.
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onlyloversleftstanding · 4 days ago
Sweet Aphrodite teach me to love my loneliness and the long hours between smiles.
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kayleighwaileey · 22 days ago
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retreat-to-your-mood · 7 months ago
Hello! Could you please do a moodboard of a girl that have a crush to a boy but think that the boy doesn't love her back but he actually is? If you don't want to, you could just made an "unrequited love" moodboard ☺️💕 I'm very sorry if this is a bother, hope you have a great day/night! 💖
Hey,no it ain't a bother and sorry for the late response <33
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
"I can turn you into poetry,but I cannot make you love me"
Tumblr media
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