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#unrequited thoughts
cripplingmind · 9 hours ago
it’s been two months and today I heard the words I knew were coming but didn’t want to believe.
let’s just be friends
it may be selfish of me but all I hear is I’m not enough.
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i don’t think i’ll ever love anyone else, you know..
i still look for you in every other guy and i can’t find you
even if i can though, they’re still not you.
the thing is:
i want you,
not anybody else.
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i’m not scared that i’ll never be able to get over you
on the contrary, i’m scared cause i know that one day, i will
that one day i will finally wake up and not missing you anymore
that one day i will finally be able to hear your name and see your picture without my heart aching
that one day i will finally be able to stop recalling the moments i spent with you
that one day i will finally be fully healed and recovered of the pain and heartbreak
that one day i will finally fall for someone new
that one day i will finally forget you and the feelings of loving you
i’m scared because i know that one day i will finally open up a new chapter,
and you’re no longer there,
cause you’ll remain as a memory of the past..
yet i don’t..
i don’t want to forget you,
i don’t want to forget us.
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ilivsol · 22 hours ago
On the San Franciscan II
I asked you why won't you kiss me. You told me it's complicated and asked me what I thought. I told you I don't know and you replied I was a smart girl and you don't believe me.
A silly rhetorical question and you were gone. I no longer find you beside me, I am alone. My bed is empty and cold. When no one sees, you no longer hold my hand. I knew better than to ask. I had to do what I did to protect myself, I had to shatter the fantasy I unwillingly formed.
I am sorry, I don't know why. I guess for just how things are and how they cannot be. It's not your fault, you never made me a promise. It's not my fault, I never formed an expectation. I am hurt now, again. It just gets more difficult as I get older. I'm afraid one day my heart shall shatter so hard, a lifetime won't be enough to fix it.
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exile69 · 22 hours ago
Think I will post some old writing again. Kinda like to look back and see where I was back then.
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dzupeter · a day ago
Even when I don't see your dark eyes for months,
they light up in my dreams.
june 24, 2021 | 1:51pm
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dzupeter · a day ago
Can we take the boat to your place
Through the misty land of Brittany
In a cold and foggy morning,
Birds are flying and singing
Let's fight, sweetly and gently
Through kisses and caresses
And understand through the manners
The message ;
That we need each other
Because I need you
And here I lay,
Begging you with my eyes
To give me a chance.
June 24, 2021 | 11:27am.
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unrequitedstudies · a day ago
hot take: nikolai lantsov is boring as a pov character. because hot sexy arrogant smart man whos a little a full of himself... fun to watch but HATE being in his brain lol... the mystique comes from not knowing the process behind it all 
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scarsofwords · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
How many times will I let you whisk away my heart? Only to be dashed upon the rocks and swept away in the storm. Hope is a terrible thing
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alwaysalosinggame · 2 days ago
Night 5.
I feel a little better about the prospect of the next few days. I mean.. we’re already around the half way point of not talking and we’ve managed little conversations here and there 🥺 even though I know the next few days will be way harder for you to talk…the effort you go to so that we can talk.. means everything to me. You have no idea. I love you so so so much ❤️ you are my everything. My reason. I adore you more than words could ever say. 🥲
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grasean-tc · 2 days ago
i loved you in deepest of heaven on earth.
my dear, if that’s not enough- i cannot offer more.
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grasean-tc · 2 days ago
and it’s hard cause i still think about you everyday.
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ilivsol · 2 days ago
On the San Franciscan
I tried, I really tried, but you took a life of your own in my dreams and thoughts. My feelings towards you took your form and now they haunt me; holding my hand when I'm alone and no one sees, warming me at night, and holding me in your embrace as I cry.
I won't dare saying this to you but I'm falling for you. I know our limitations, I know who you are and where you come from. Some words are left best unspoken. I take what you are willing to give me and I give you all you wish to take.
I minimized my wants to as little as possible. I am content with you just holding my hand. I already know there's no happy ending to our story. That's why I enjoy every moment with you as though it would be our last.
I know it would stupid of me to ask for more. So please, just hold my hand. It's been so long since anyone just held my hand.
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exile69 · 2 days ago
A smile pretty much does it for me every time.
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alwaysalosinggame · 3 days ago
Night 4.
Tonight was different.. good but different. I found myself thinking of you, missing you, longing for you. More than usual. But somehow I still felt content with what we have and what you are to be. Still.. I wish we had the chance to have more. To be more than just this. I want to give you the world.. you deserve the world and I wish I could be the one to give it to you ❤️ but your happiness will always be the most important thing to me. If you are happy and content with how we are then I am too. Almost..
Te amo my amor ❤️ forever.
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